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RHODE ISLAND :20, WO- RCESTER ·14 .........._,







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Rhode Island Fights to Regain Lead Stevens, Droitcour "Aggie" Bawl Set Against Worcester Tech to Win Fast And Osterlund Are For Armistice Nite; Tussle by 20-14 Count; Stevens Hero Girls to Decorate Elected Presidents .Athletes of Senior, Sophomore Yearly Even, First Major Dance, Great Protege of Coach Keaney Carries Pigskin Thrice for Touchdowns in !.Spectacular Battle; Draghetti and Townsend Cona nd Freshman Classes Respec- Promises to Be Huge Success sistent Gainers; ConJ'OY and Walker in Third Session Save tively, Honored - with·. Offiee.s; . The Ho•me Economics Cl u b w ill co.Rhody;"Yictory M'arks Second Consecutive on Foreign Fields Other Officers Also NamedAthl etes t ook o ff ·h.on ors at recent ..class el ections. R aymond "Curly" .Stevens, star football and baseball p layer for the past two yea rs, h as been e lected president of the Seni or ·Class. Howar d D r oitco ur , pr omising :pole vaul ter, - has · been hon_or~\.l with .a similar position a mong· the S opho"

operate w ith the Aggi e Club this year i.n ho lding the A g·gi.e Bawl. T he r e cent Rhode I s laJ1d smas h ed its way t o a b rill iant vic',ory over vVorcester P oly • announcement of the R. 0. T. C. pa- technical Institute at \Vorcest er last Satu rday afternoon. \Vhen the dust rade in Providence Armistice Day ne- raised by· Stevens' last p lunge had cleared, the Rhode Island s-tands went cessitates the changing of the date m ad a~ the discov e ry tha t we h ad beaten \ Vorce ster f or the s eco nd cons ecuto November 11 f1·om the tenth. t ive year . T he score was 20 - 14 . T h ose w ho wi ll h a ve charge o:C L ong· r uns by, Dt·a gh etti a nd Stevens, couple d w ith heavy p lunging of .flowers and prizes and ·will assist with ·· T.;wnsh end and Magoun, were ''PR\)Dnsi-ble for t h e v ictory. The triple and

dec orations and ref reshments are: .more Cl-ass officers, while Erie Os- the Misses Virginia Broome, Lois oterlund, 'a "Frosh " footbal list, is Eldredge, N(abel Peckham, Alice_Sims, ,_ -. . president of h is c lass . All el e ctio n s "' .,., ·1 B b .c.velyn Hopkins, and =ml Y · ar er. 1 --wer e held last week. . At a rece n t .m ·e.e ting of the Aggie Nc.w that the four classe s have Club , IJ lans were discussed and re~amed theit· officers, plans are under t h d f th . way to present a mo,st _'!_Uccessfu l :_i~__·t:es, e~-'~ub:.~U:o_ s_ t_ :_m_ ::n:r:s t~o~~

n·.r. H s. . h . k . enry out WIC es • I Lectures _ on -ASh ·_·akbl I peare Ill ssem y


year. The "Jl'rosh" are already planning for their · "Frosh " Ban quet, ·while th e S o phomores ar e to stage their Hop 'as early as the mi ddle part -of next month. The Seniors are .counting on putting o u t the best "Year Boo!{ ever p u b Ushed. The J uni o rs hq.d the h eadway upon ,all of the oth e r c lasses, their meeting· -.having been h eld a fort night ago . . 'l'he Stu de n t Council, it see m s, is _getting ready for a bu~y year. Fresh.m.en are ins isting up o n breaking ;...,:-ules and there is a stro n g that mas k wead tTg will be. quite ,a popu lar fad, a lt h o u g-h not as com:mon as coal pil e du ty . The classe s .nave a lready nam-e d their rep r esen .tatives. These are : Senior C la s s : F re derick Hammett , 'Benjami n Fi n e, J a m es Ric h ardson, :.George And er son, J am e s A lle nson , _·_ Edward Intas, Antonio Matarese. C onklin, J unior Class : Richard ·George Cook, Alec ·Hu r witz, H e-nry c.Armbrust. Soph omore C lass : Arthu r Gat udal. Fresh m an C lass: Robert Sher man. The b ody of of'ficers of each of the . ·.three classes are as follows : Senior ClassRaym ond Stevens , President. Mar g'aret M cCrae, Vice Presid ent. t Con.t l n u<'cl oro pag-e 61

BOARD NOT TO BE RAISED · D a me Rumor would have it that the b oard was to be raised. But the kind Madam e's com· posm.·e was somewhat disturbed when Miss .Tucker and "Chef" Stowell united in au emphatic denial of the old lady's whispering. Item: The board w ill no t b e raised !






basket o f







Great Bo'ston

flowers wi 'i l

--- .


-ritlc and E '' duca-

lateral passes which h ave proved so puzzling ',o our oppo n ents this year told heavily against Worcester. Kea rns, when substit uted in t he b a ckfield , fitted beau tifully in to the m ach ine by c omp leti ng a trip le pass for an e ight- yard gain to place the ball on t he one -yard line. One of Stevens'

1 tricky p lunges made the deciding b_e .present.ed to the b _e st. d. ressed lady!' tor F ascinat es Entire Student score. . h 1 b k f f t 11 t th w 1 e a a s et o ·Tul w1 go o e B. d - "th T lk 0 t f best dressed man . T he tickets are 0 Y WI a On ra ory 0 Tirne after t i me t h e Rhode I sland very reascnablP , being $ 2 _50 t:e i· cou - -~ Famous Eng·lish Playwright back "' got loose for lon g gai.n s . Every p ie. It is also anno u nced that do u gh - - - de p artme nt of t he g am e w as handled nuts and cider will be served free of A speaker who has undo u btedl y in the smooth fashio n t h at marks the charge. T h e arrange m ents f or an 01. _ s u rpassed any wh o have a pp eared. we ll bal a nced , we ll coach ed o u tfit. chestra are s till tentative, but it is 1 here, at least withi n the memory of C c·ach . Keah ey's favorite t l'ick, th-e exp ected that one fro m Bos to n will he the few _ who co mit their years at -1 shor t kick , worked to perfection o-n I' R. hode l s)an d State engage d _ . .. _ .upward _ __of. fou_ r, i1 tn.e ki.ekoff when Di'·aghetti recove red • .Th e patrons a n.d :Patronesses w ·i ll ecelvecl t he admu atlcn o'! the e n t i re I the 15 - yard kick and ra n 25 yards (Cont!n u l'd 011 Page 6) st udent body at las t wee k sAs~ emb ly . l bef ore th e surp rise_d 'V'Torcester m en ---- - - -- - Dr. f-I enry La':"\' L~e n_c e S o ut h w ick, t h e i grasp ed the general idea.. In tvvo



Dr. Edwards s·p·e·aks on JOining • • Frats ,;. ~

l I



ters were anoth er vital po int wh ich p layed an i m portant part i n the se lection of a frat. Fraternities, like individuals, have their sto c ks rise and fall yearly, clue to the l eadership evide nt in th e o r ganizat ion . It has bee n often d iscovered that t h e houses, ascending to heights unat_t a ined be f ore, occasionally fall a n d do not become very active unt il leaders once again a ppear in t he m achine.


!I I

f a mous Shakespearean c r itic. of Bos- ton, ·more familiarly conn ecte d w it h h i s ·presidency of the Emerso n Co llege of Orato ry of Bosto n, s p oke u po n t he , "Oratory of Shakespeare ." For prac Joining- an Organization ·Does i ti cally on e w h ole h o ur, D r. So u thwic k Not Embody Only Social !' lectured upo n the famous eloquence Hours . L~aders to Be Studied t o be found in the variou s comedies, ' .. ) ,t r agedies, a n d h.:storical plays of the 'l' h e Assembly of Oct. 17 was taken 1 rElnowned E n glish p laywrig h t , and by Dr. Edwar1s in e xp lai ning to th e wh en h e mad e known that his SJ3eec h stude n ts, -especia lly the Freshmen, h ad drawn to within seven mi nutes the tl'ue m eanin g of fr ater nities . It of its end, a ll wishe d that they might was a very timely sub j ect, for im m e - 1 hear him for at least seven times that diately fo llowing- that speech bids time . we r e give n to pr ospects by all m e m 'l'he great Bostonian, a tall, gTay bers of t h e Po lygon. I t h atched fig-ure w i th a n appearance Jo ining f raternities , in t he esti m a - t h at can eas ily c om mand attent io n, t ion of P r esident Edw'a r ds, does not q u oted passages w ith a n utterance embody only tl?e .t)1oug·ht of soc ial hours or assocmt10n of fellows, but also the financial and scholastic standi ng of the organizatio n. Th e topics of discussi o n among t h e mem-


/ that has yet to be" bettered. There were t l). ose from The M erchant of Ven ice," and "As You Lik e It," "King Henry V I," " Tam ing of t he Shrew," (Go titlnuecJ .on page i)


i plays

in as many m i nutes, Rhody scored. Stevens carried the ball bo t h times . •.Continued on page .,

I had

Rushing Season Has Ninety Turn Campus Greeks Freshmen Now Worried Over Coming· Winter Paddling Sea· son; List of Pledg ees T h e r ush ing- o f Freshmen ended recently with th e pledg-ing of n in ety pro spects. Th e campaign this fall consisted of twe n ty-six days, six l ess than that of last year. Freshmen were treated to a rush fee d at e ach of t he f'taternity houses. When the season . can'le to a cl ose, e ach w as offered at assemb ly nn envel ope wher e in were c ontai ned bids, (if the "Frosh" _ was f o r t unate to get any) , The Freshman had to accept one, or to refuse all before h e coul d l eave the hall . He then proceeded to his new a bode where the old handshake was spontaneously given by each and every upperclassman. The n ew Campus Greeks are: Rho Iota Kappa : Paul Cierzo, An-

It has been made k no wn to the B eaco n t hat th e Aluh1ni Asso ciatio n deci ded not to present any Homecoming Day program Satu rday, Nov. 12, when Connecticut Aggie p lays here. Tltis is the first time s u ch has happened within the past drew Hjelm s t rom , Edward Dm1phy, few year s . (Continued on page 6)



THE BE.· A-CON Official Publl·cation of


The Open Forum

Terms of Subsc.ription

One y~at in advance ................................ $2.00 Single copies................................................... .05 Signed statements printed when space permits. Responsibility for same not as~ sumed by the paper. Subscribers who do not receive their paper regularly are req nested to notify the B usiness Manager. No.tlce of


Acceptance for mailing at special rate postage provided for ln Section 1103, Act of Oc tober 3, 1917, Authorized January Published weekly by the students of R. I. State College

13. 1919. Member

of the Easte:rn I ntercolleglate Newspaper Association

EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Benjamin Fine, ' .2 8 Managing Editor Business Manager Charles T. Miller, '.28 Antonio A. Matarese, '28 ASSOCIATE BOARD Arthur z. Smith, '29, Feature William G .. Mokray, '29, Campus Mildred Wine, '29, Intercollegiate Daniel A. O'Co nn or, '29, Athletics Donald A. Bunce,. '29, Alumni Mary A. Kelley, '29, Co-ed NEWS STAFF Edwi.n Olsson, '29 Abraham Goldstein; '30 Horace C . Kre.inick, '30 Frances Wright, '3 0 Irvin H .. Bornslde,. '30 Herbert A. Rosenfield, '30 James Armstrong, '30 Matthew E. Kearns, '30 Margaret F. O'Connor, '2 .9 Andrew J. McCarville, '29 BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Allan Haskins, '2 9------------------·-- Circulation Manager A. Dean Hunter, ·'29 ___________________ Advertising Manager Henry Armburst, '29--------Subscriptio.n Manager Theodore Markoff, '30. Martin P. McCu e, '30 Benjamin Mayhew, '3.0

At Assembly Every Monday afternoon the entire student body and faculty members meet together in Lippitt Hall for the weekly assembly ex-ercises. Usually an outside speaker is secured, very often a well known individual who is master of his subject. Now, if you are not interested in what he has to say, .'why not have a little consideration for the others who are? The marked discourtesy existing at the assembly exercises cannot be tolerated at Rhode Island State College. Of course, we realize that Lippitt is not the most comfortable place)n: th(fl world,_nor -do:es the hall the best of hearing fa.eHities, yet .this is an the more reason why it is nee.essary that every student do his part towards making the assembly hour as pleasant as possible. Being polite and courteous for one hour a week is not asking too much, even of Freshmen. The visitor who addresses us on Monday afternoons gains his impression of this college thru our behavior and actions at that time. Whistling, humll_1ing tunes, reading Colleg-e Humor, or gently reposing on our neighbor's shoulder, is not giving our guest a true picture of the students at this college.. At least, we sincerely hope that it is not. At a recent exercise, Dr. Edwards was forced several times to stop speaking and wait for the restlessness to abide. Is that showing the proper respect for our president? Not long ago, a famous speaker, giving what seemed to most of the students .as an extremely interesting lecture, concluded his discourse rather abruptly. Afterwards, in speaking of the matter, he oonfided to his friends that he had not finished his speech because he noticed that some of the students were beginning to get inattentive and restless. It is doubtful whether any of the students ever heard of this incident, but, nevertheless, it is altogether too true--and perhaps there has been more than one visitor who has not said anything, but has felt the same way towards his .Kingston audience of col'lege men and women. What oan he done to stop this poor example of college spirit? Fortunately, the cause of assembly discourtesies lies with a very small_ proportion of the students, and most of this number are amongst the two lower classes. It is easily discernable that most of the restlessness comes from the back of the hall, in the Freshman .and Sophomore sections. As a mere suggl!stion, The Beacon has this to offer: Why not have the newly elected Student Council act to better conditions? Some form of punishment could he devised for chronic offenders-such as writing a 2,000word theme on "How to Behave,'' or reading Emerson's "Conduct of Life." Let's see the Student Council show some real constructive powers and start right in making our assemblies more pleasant for both the speakers and audience. This will be no easy task -it will need the active co-operation of abl the students if we expect t:0 secure the best results. Let's try it, student; let's coope1"ate and make the one hour a week of assembly exercises worth attending.

t ent with meager explanalion offered h er by SyracUfo'B deans and assistantc deans, she tooR t he matter to court. 3aturday Dances and thereby starte d an interesting bit . To the Editor of the Beacono f litigation tha t is f«r fro'm ended. Dear Sir: 'l'he University, o r d ered by a Su-. Quite a large of th e stu- preme Court j u s ti ce's decision to redent body enjoy the weekly m o vies instate the banished student,. who and dance at Lippitt Hal l. T her e is i wasn't the "type," has made ready one comment which is almost unan- for extended combat. With no more imous and t o 'Which it seems th'at explimation than it offered when it. s•ome heed should be given. tbok its first s tep in the ouster epic, The floor of the hall is se ld om it hau entered an appeal from the· spotless, and .since the Y . \V. C . A. qecision in l\fiss A n tho n y's favor. Hoshas starte d to s-ell candy H is often ti!Hies, now adjourned, will re-comhidden under a film of candy and mence, probably in January. other debris when dancing begin s. It When Miss A nthony could get no-has been the cus-Lon1 in most of t h e past years that the :wresh men not more explanati on th a n the curt "not only remove the chairs 'after the p ic - the type" for her summary dismissal tures, but sweep the floor as wei.!. she appealed to t h e coruts.. The UniPerhaps it is up to thB stude n t Cou n- versity, however, was not inclined to. cil,. but some on e in authority shou ld expand on its o rig in a l statement, seek_ take the mattEr. in hand so that the ing refuge and authority in the pledge, dancers can dance on woo d instead acknowledging a ttendance to be a of candy wrappers. "privilege and n'ot a right," which aH It might be presumptuous to m en- Syraeus·e students must sign. tion it, but wax, when .a.,p plie d to. a .1 The · court thought otherwise, and dance floor, often facilitates. matter s I .Justice Edwar d N. Smith declared the when tripping the light fantast: c. :0. A. B ., 2 9 .


pl edge void a nd w itho ut legality, and

! the' University a s a semi-public institution, witho u t a u th ority in dismissing

More About Dances

w~thQut stating t he cause.

With one , judicial stroke gre at rejoicing wa!L 'To the Editor: • . . ]I brought to man y st u dents and great Why is it that the orchestra p 1ays, a whole dance before anyone c an get: sorrow to many cl ean s. up enough courage to get .on the noor! . But the Un ive rsity is• ~enaci~us .. at our Saturday dances? ,A. II th.e me n From Chancellor C h arles W, Fli.nt . must be bashful · or else t h ey do n ', d own to the merest official fhxnkey,



like the distinction of be. ing. the first! :S_nive. r~ity'g. right to • ? nqualified one on the floor. They shou ld all get d iErnissals IS s till a matter of firm. together, arrange signals, . and get on j faith, despite J u d ge Smitn to t.he con-. the floor in a body. It would save e:m- trary. So the fig h t g·o.e s on, and in. barrassment, and it would give each the meantime M iss · ~nthony, rudely .. dancer an extra dance. separated .from her educ:i l:tional carH. A. R. ' 30. . eer at the b egi n ning o f her senior

~. year,

Part of the Ga:me

l higb.


>th~ fi~l

word from on .


~New Student. . Mo. nito~·s ·have rep•o.rte.d \'lt~ite frequently ·w ithin the past days at Alibi Ike Bill P}lelan's shop for i11ore brooms, (The Daily I owan) p'ans., soap and practically every other E!id to the chasing of that p.est y You kJ!OW h im. H e lives in your" little thing called dust; and the fra- block. He is the man with the ever·"" ternity houses and dormitories a re pres.e nt excuse for his failures. glittering in cleanliness as has al"It Wasn't my fault," he says of·c ways been seen before, And there .is ..the "Fd" on his card. "The instructor.


some reason why this unprecedented : · is .down on me. I knew he woul.dt<'t . furor now prev'ails. let me through.'' Inquiry has. brought to light .s om e "I slipped," he hastens to explain 1 Interesting and humorous- (bu t sad to af'ter the race. "I was gaining on , some) facts. Last Friday afternoon, him wh.en my foot slid in the mud." one shy of being Friday, t h e 1 3th,. "lt was his fault," he s•houts as he, some audacious scholars. had tne· picks himself up from the wreck. "I colossal nerve of not properly mall:- s.i gnaled that. I was going to turn." ing their beds, sweeping the flo.o.r., or And so on, always ready with an,, le'aving the. room in order. Su ch lazi" alibi, never a.dmitti ng personal error,. ness is trhid but three times , a yea;r, constantly explaining t hat he is right . . and Captain Hammond catches the Don't you hate him? youths but thr.lce in his matty visits, How much better it would be if heand it so came about that .one of laziness came the s'ame tim e as the were to accept. his failures without 1 comment. The g r ade is .given. Nocaptain 's alertness. 1 one believes. his alibi. and if his work Investigation btings out t he f act were well done, his friendso probably that house demerits to . the a m ount s know it. ·whether he slipped or not,. of 55, 3'0, 17, .11,. etc., were . no u nusual occurrenee upon this "e p ocal " he lost the race. The other ·man had'.'. the same handicap. visit of the i nspector. Freshm e n , The Senate, re p resentatives of the, fearing the d ras.tic actions th'at f olcollege body at Williams, have prelow when thir ty ls '" earne-d," a r e sa id to be sweeping and washing w ith t h e sented a new set of rules governingdances for approval of the faculty. aid of even a microseope. This expla ins brooms, pans and used out!

the s-o1ap t w h y Among them is th e recommendation. h a ve be en that all Friday n ight dances shall end at three o'clock Saturday mornings . Students at Mount H o lyoke are wonW. G. M., '29. dering what they s h all do when they have dates. They frown at attending the movies• in H o ly o ke and ar e restricted in motoring. It has b een said An Ouster Epic that girls who don't pet a re force d· She was not the '':S yracu se type," into it for lack of something e lse to. and "there had bee.ll rumors," so Miss do.. And those who do cause t he rulesBeatrice Anthony, almcrst a year ago., to be made which p u t the res t in a was as.ked polite~y to withdra w frqm restricted condition. the University. She did, but not con(Contln u ed on Page 6 )

Intercollegiate ·~



Forty-eight Students ' In R. I. Glee Club I

Maurice · Conn, Manager of Organizaiion, Anticipates Successful Year; List of Members :Th e Glee Club, u nder the manage ·me n t of Maurice H. Conn, pla ns to ·give concerts in Westerly, W akefield , Providence, Pawtuc ket, Newpo rt f'n d ,East Greenw ich in addit ion to pa r ticipating in t h e New Englan d In ter ·<;:olle g ia te Contest in Boston. Th e i nterBst 's ho w·n in the Glee Club has been" ·m u ch greatet· than in form e r ·years. This ls shown b y the la r g·e numb'er students rep orting at r e hear~'a ls. Mau r ice Conn is assisted ·,by H e rbert Rose field and Howard .Droitcour. Members of the Glee Club are ·presented with shingles at the end of ·their fi r s t year of participation a nd :golcl keys at the e nd of the second ::yea!'·. The members of the Glee C lub are: ) F irst Tenor-Reuben Wolfe, s ·oJ·omon Smo le n sky, Winthrop Farns·wotth, Alphonse R'avenelle, Joh~1 Hammo nd, Raymo n d Draghetti, .Ame.r ico Lavistano , Andrew McCar vil le, Howard D roitcour and Richard ·<::onklin. Second T ~Jnor-Be njamin Fin e, Al -bert Powell, George Cook, Herbert :Rose f ield , M ich ael Littiere, Oswald Lynn, Norman LeCla ir , · Ch es t e r ::Mai n e·;•. Il:Y ri'iq n C o kin , Robert Stap les, ~ra nk Intas a ncl Alde·n Peters on. F .irst Bass-George R. Sulkin, Alec ·Hurwitz, Wallace McClean, Anthony 'Th ach er, Maurice Almfeldt, ViTe nd€11 ·Tabor, vVenclell H enry, David Reid, .Elwin Co ombs , Cli nton Ray, Ch arles ..Heaton, Richard Cole, Willia m ..Moody, Ern est Silver, Edwa rd In tas, ·.Robe rt · Bruc€ ancl Milton · Irorts. Second Bass- Maurice H. C onn , :Frederic k S ulle way, Leste r J . Rop ljnson , C'arl Fdtz, ViTil!iam Fenis, Fred vVe bbe1·, Geo rge HainBs, Leroy ..Knowl es a nd Sa mu e l Epstein , Jr. Last yea r "Rhody" attaine d a very "high r atingat th e Intercolleg iate ·Co nt ests' a ncl if f irst showings are to <!O unt, th ere JS no d oubt that a higher rating will be a ttained this winter .

. . . Ch~ietd.r·


~~lr~ '




· · · . · ~, ,

~oken tlon~t dt:i'hge ......

.,.[With the fashions :.~~~


••• "t·'Watc~htiw other smokers are clumging lO Clwsterjield! .. . . .


Bet a PhI• H0 }d"s· . .. ' ..' Mass M . eet•Ing House Dance, First,vl~rt~s~: :::n;:l~ni~:~el~~e~he i Attracts Throng Of Coll~ge year ; Coil~~~-To Lippitt Hall Very Succes-fu_l_A_t:: unln ' Dance Campus Club Coon's Team Entertains BeEntertains Seventy-five Coutween Cheers, Led by Heaton Dance Draws Orchestra Benefit and Murphy pies. Many Couples Dance Is a Joyous EVent f Or SCOreS I · . p rov1·d ence 0 rch estra E ntertains ·w· k. te' E' ht p· "S . t Score Couples in Pre-Vacation eel · by vVillia m Flem ing ancl include d' . P hilip Wi rgenh a.u ser , W illiam lYiur" 1I Rhode



Saturday, Oct. 22 nd , m arked tlie ope nin g of the social season at th·e C oll eg·e, when Beta P hi Fraternity Ir e S Ig . - Ieee . OCie Y h eld t h e first house dance of th sea irenes" Make Hit With Dan - son. The fraternity house was etas tecers; A not h er Dance to Be f ully decorated in a harvest motif.


Sponsored Soon

A group of footba ll • enthusiast s assembl ed in Lippit t Hall at a mass

Event·, L·I'st of. At·t.e ndants



Th e f irst be n e fit dane€ of th e co l-I ·lege orchestra proved a dBcided hit '()n the even ing of Friday, Oct. 21. Early that night scores of c ouples appeared to hear Russell Wirketis' .."So c iety Sirenes" make their d e but .a t Lippitt H~ll. What a great affair •it was was e vident by the fact that the a tte ndance w'as on€ of the great-est ever to appear at any of the ben..efit. dances held in past years . The mortey .derive d from these fea~tures goes into t h e orga niza ti on ·treasury to help buy gold keys pre-~1 .cSented to m embe1·s w ho h ave p l ayed for two years . Mernbe r ship this year . :is o n e of the greatest in the history ·o f t h e club, and no doubt a bright ..future faces the y oung musjcians. Prof.essor R a l ph B 1·own is very optimistic over t h e prospects for the ·coming win t e r season and he p lans on presenting· a few concerts. M an 'age r Robe r t Thibet is endeavoring to secure a radio p rogram some time :in February.

Scattered here and there amongst the co rn shocks , hug€ pumpki'ns smiled a benignant greeting. Smiling clown a t the or~h estra were two of the largest pumpkms procu rable, wh1ch h ad the fraternity emblems carefully car·ved into their broad faces. T h e scholarship c up, won by th e fraternity for the second consecutive year, was th e center of the Hallowe e n streamer decoration ancl was guard e d on e it h er s ide by witc hes armed with the tracl itio n al broo·ms. . . . .. As 1f m keep1flg w1th the cl ecoration scheme man.Y o f the yo une: ladl'es came dressed in harvest co lors and

the effect was heighte ned by the red , . . go 1d g 1ow of Lhe llghtmg scheme. The dance was the most successful in the history of the fraternity, over 7 5 hapPY coup les being entertained. The patronesses who cont r ibuted so much t o the success of the even ing were, Miss B irc h , Mrs. Lillian P eppard, and Mr . and Mrs . John Barlow. The committee in charge was h ead-

meet ing he ld Thursday evening, Oct. 20 • in p r eparations for the game b etween <C. C. N . Y. and Rhod e Island

State. C h eers and songs were practiceew' by those present under t h e capable leaclerships of our two cheer lead ers, ''Vince'' Murphy and Charlie He01ton. To m ake th e m eeting mo1·e interesting, C.o.o~.s te~m, consisting o f Alton Coon a t the Hawaiian guitar, \Villiam Cook and Joseph Naihegian at the ban j oes a nd George S ulkin at t he xylap hon e. Many interesting num bers were p laye d. Mr. N aih egia n offe r ed a solo on the Hawaiian guitar, accompanied by Mr. Cook o n the The patrons and pah•onesses were guitar and Mr. Coon on t he banjo. Mr. and M rs. C L ester Co~g·ins and "' ' George Sulkitj a nd Mr. Naiheg ian 1 Mr. a nd Mrs. A· n s'On B l oom e r . T he p layed a xylap hone-Hawaii an gu it a r g uests w ere: The M isses .Evelyn Rob- duet. e r tshaw, Genevieve Foga1·t y, Kathr yn T h ese mass meetings h ave pt·o ved Taft, Rose Cannon, Ethel Murphy, vet·y succe ssfu l in recent years, and Bert L ee, Marion Barker, F lora San - it h as bee n a nnounced that a no ther toro, Hazel Price a nd Jenny N e ls on one w ill b e held nex t week f or the of Providence; Eleanor B rown, Oliv e purp ose of m a king a great s h owin g . P armelee and Helen Freeclemann of d u r i ng the Homecoming game With Pawtucket; Mary Smith a nd Barbara C onnecticut. Cheering has particip Nicho ls of Cranstori, Ellen N ybloom of ated unusually str011g in past R h ode vVakefield , and Olive vVe bster of See - Isla nd victories and will undoub t edly in this im p ortant b attle. 1 konk. The R. I. Campus C lub held its fall ; house dance last Wednesday eve ning. The house was decorated. with J branches and leaves, g iving the ap1 pearanc·e of a woodland glen. Music was· furnish e d b y "Eat'! a nd His Budd ies," a Providence team, wh ich p roved to be one of th e best. orchestras that have ever p la yed on this campus. A sp ecialty d ance by Antonio Pau lino , the banj oist, was the sensation of the evening.


PAGE FOUR - ·· ··--


---- -

THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, NOV. 3, 1927 --.-- -. - - - --

- -----

. R · T ' · . · S P0

FRIDAY Spril1gfield College, '31 vs. R . I., '31 at J{ingston










- N,~---



,- • . ._.

----- - - - - - -- - ---,---- - - - - - - - -

·~s · .........-.. .

. •'

I . . "..


l:J." s.


.. :,SM1UlUlAY. , ., .. OJast<·Guards · · vs. R. I. State at Kingston



c. c.-N. Y. Beats.

rwesterly Loses As sTEVENs HERo . . To "Frosh", 28-0

Hig:l Schoo..----Lads Unable to Empire

IConttnuea trom Pac• 1) 1

w·:v~i~:d:h;sl:~ ~ a fau lt.less game Walker, Stevens, t~am

di ~,J i ayed



]R.I. c. c. Team

Rhody, 20-19 ! Defeats.Brown 7tb Staters .~ort~n.~t;e . to I .· . . . Straight Year

Cope with First Team; ·..Second Br~·n.g. Hom~..t··-.~~i,~~.·.·cEiH · ;· ~::~~Jil. ne,I:. L?~al ·.Hin"and.-Daler~ Prove . Too•. Team Held Scoreless · ~omt Margm;.:~.· ·': _· .· · ··_•·.· .·:· ;'_ Much for College of "Iro.n· . · ..· . · ·•· · · - · • · • . .. , . . Men.'' Fame~ 30-25 Score Clos-Westerly High proved of little worth Saturda,y,, Oct. 22 , marked the third est m Years 'i

against the star Freshman elevenl defeat of the Rhode Island football .· last Thursday afternoon here ·a.t · squad by a . heav.J'4t' • tea"D·f;: City.' Co l-





when c _o ac·h· _To·o·t.ell'. ... s lege of 'New Yorlr em. er~ed the vicroy showed up c·harges earned a ne.a,t . . ZS-O "Victory, tor by a 20-19 score, from one of e,xc e1H i 6'n 11-·l -l y , . · · ' ; · ..... 1· the .·.riwst hectic b :tttles ever ·,seen '· .R~·celvi'ng the. pigskil1 on th e kick-~ -on t .h e·- h orne · ·. d well. Ste';e ns was ''. . gn'd'1ron. "'h "" o d y s t e· ppe th e most off , the local gndders shot thr()_ugh_ out in front . in the first quarter bv .... 1 the. s'chool boy~' line for five con - 1 a . v al uable 'm a n on 12 _0 scor e . j secutive first downs-hence a score DrafiBl d, the by :~fessere. On th e kick-off by 1· -In .the secon d quarter, how ever, ghetti the n~ost \Vesteri~ , Ormiston accepted · the yunt, C. C. N. Y. ran up twen~y points, (>pet.cacular.. ·l the imfuecl.i a tely ' next 'play, .a . .pass; 'i : t~e.. !?om ts wh1ch were to wm . After Cenverse ancl Huds on . t .o Roberts, resulting in an- a puntin.g battle b_etw~~n Ste~ens a nd Giuti starred for other to:u.c hdown. Barckman, m wh1ch Stev1e beated .Worcester. . . · · his opponen t by t wen t y yards on · . The . entire'··· second te J. m , fol lowed ..1 . . I · • . . . every kick, Rhody aga.m scored, but Th~ lineups: -~· Capt. Conroy I by §lome q§:. the third, represented ·. . RHODY :WO.RCE.STER _, tl;l,e.' "Frosrti· , in tite second half'. Bo th · failed to m a ke the point after go 1!. Galvin, le .. . --l e, Query I · ' : . . , . Rhody lost .to: a tea m which they 1 -1.t, Anderson teams. . battled ·~·eck - and -n eck wlth ·D avid s'On , It -----· s urpassed in ~ve'r:y phase of the game, ·W a lker, lg . ________________.. __ 1g; Sl:),ea.'kour large and small _g:ains g(ii. p~ for: . · . . .. Lazareck, c •c, Aiken naught. . ·~~{ ..... -~..... but ·su_ch'· is the fortune of war.


I j


Conroy, rg ---·----·-------- · rg, tT.a,-£.elea!1 Gannon, rt r , ~' 1nney Proy, re ___ ___ __ _____ re. Gralian Magoun, lhb ___ lhb , Conver~e Draghetti., rhb ~-~~~ · ---- r h b, G1ll ' Townshend, qb fb v~~ik~,~~:>~ Stevens, fb , Score by periods: 7 - 20 R . I. State 13 0 Worcester Tech . 0 0 0 14-14 "'<l'Uiohd owne · Rhode •Island-Ste-





Capt.. Fiiie

y.ear •. hill sueand-dalers ceeded in de featinr;:-· the strong Brown. combination b y a. score of 30-2 5. Th1s . meet is the c~osest Brown has como . to defeating Rho dy but as in the otb.e r · years, the· .six Island me11.. hav:e managed to pu;U. -. thr.Q.Ugh hi . -c ... . · • the vital places :·- .. At the ..stal't oftherace it appea red

placeme~b kick¥(~ of _ Cierzo·j

Th. e lineups: i that Brown might co me through · · '~>~ · R. I. STA'J.'E C. C. N. Y. . h . was a gre :tt pe1·~ rmance, his four . Ga lvin, L e . __ ,___ J.. e . , Tubridy w1t 1ts long -sought victory. vVith_ 1 punts goin g . betweii,l..J2 the upi~ights (il,a nnon, 1. t. . L t.; Puleo K oarp.s. th e Sophomore star, H a nd ,thewithout the least do\;l. b,ts of the ir Conroy, L g. -----~----- ·----- t: g ., Elterich marathon ace, and Capt. Hall, Brow'l. scoi' es. > LW·az akrec k, c. ·:__ -----.. - --· -- c., Gannon ·h ad' ltooi'H'ixp ecta:Ub'hs 6~'<1'ttnnli'>g a way· a 1 ~er, r. g. -- ---·- ·-· -· 1·. g., Schlac hter with the m eet B . t ft th . Tomonow afternoon · '<the ·· star ,. MCC ue, f. t... ... --.-- _ ................. _ 1._ t., Clark . · u a ~r · e ru~ners Springfield College "Fl:o'sh " .. invade Pray, r . e . ---· - ___ __ _ ___ __ _ r. e. , Bolmt ~ Jyi4· P<L..§.s e.lkth.e.•-fix,sL . ru.!le .. a _figl!.t t~r:~ · Townshend, q . b. _______ q. b ., Bienstock th e first five places commenced. Kingston in anticipat\ion of a dding l\K b b .. " . · ·>-' · · • •.· .. . nagQ'un, 1· 11. . -- -- 1. h. · ., Cohe n Kearns was fighting hard to tak e first vens 3; \Vot•cester 'li.ech~\~TPkinso n, Coach Tootell's prot!3. "~*, to ,. !~e.i~· long Praghetti l'. _h. b. Goldhammer: :place away from Capt. Fine, who lead. Graham. Points af.tet; touchdowns: I list of victims. .- ,,, Stevens, f~ b. · : f. b., B a 1·ckman • . . Score b:y' periods: the pack over 100 yards all a long thsR h od e . I s land--stevens ·. (drop kick) , i ' o..rcester. _'l'ech offsid. e _; vVO·r cester The Jm,,e up: C. C. N. Y.. · (J : 20 0 0-20 North Road. Fine managed to keen. Tec.h-Converse (drop kick ) . 2. · FRO.SH \VESTERLY R. I. 12. 0 0-19 the lead u ntil the Campus Club Pat~: Substitutiol;l....S: Rh "de Island State--,- j Orrniston, l.e , Le. ; .'iDotolo Touchdmvns : c. c N y,~Barc kCragan fo·r Proy, McCue for Da vid~n. : Cierzo, Lt. ----------- _______ Lt. , Leonetti man, Bienstock, Gold.ha~mer; Rhode Where Kearns sprinted right past to. M;agouh for Cragan, Kearns for Ma- Impera.tore, Lg . ............. Lg. , Novogroski I s land State: Stevens 2, Townsend; keep the lea d until the finish . In back goun, Howes for McCue. ·worcester Hjelstrom, c. -------- -------·-- -- c., Cam:P~Il points after touch down: c. c. N . Y.of Fine and Kearns, Dring and H a n,rit TeCh-Carlson for T a pd<o'an, O'Grady Comery , r.g. ··----- ----------- r.g., Hogan Elterich 2. (p!..acement kicks); Rhode ti h for Gill, Gill f. or O' Grady, Hubb a rd for Dug:lll, r.t. .. . ---· r.t., McFarland were · g ting hard for tb,ird P l11.ce. ·erv. · Tateosian, r.e. ------· ________ r.e., S . pel! man Island State. : Stevens (drop kick) · · Dring, with more experience in t heQu ' Substitutions: C. C. N. Y.: Rosner Referee H a.ddleton, Springfield. Messere, q.b. -------------------- q.b., Green ·for Tubridy, Bienstock for Elterich, shorter r u_n s kept third place, H and< Umplre-Mellican, Holy Cross. Lines_ Bowers, l.h.\l. --Lh.b.; Gentile (} fo·r Cohen, Targurn for finished a few yards behind him. Th;eman~McNaughton, Massachuseas Ag- Roberts, r.h.b. r.h.b ., Deutsch Clark; Rh ode Island State: Cra.gan·e 0 f th · d s~15 · t es. H u d son, f ·b · · h for Pt:ay, Johnson fo r Draghetti, In - ~ood e race was 2 4: 19 , a very j;le-. Time' of peno. · mmu ·--------- f · b ·· Itc hk · ·awJC Score by periods ; tas for Cragan, Howes for Conroy, "' . mark consider ing· the strong'.'Frosh" 14 14 0 0-28 Draghetti for Magoun, Conroy for wmd the r unn ers had to buck against 1 W~s;~~~downs·. O''Fro~h" O O- O . Johns-on, Cragan for Intas, Pray for all alo ng ,the No.!:'th _;ap,ad•. R ob erts, Cr:1gan, Davidso n for :Walker Me- 11 H · 1 · t· •· F Messere Bauers· p·oints after touch- · C f D 'd . . ' ersey, as . years resh man star · ' ' · • • · 1 ue . or av1 son, Capalbo for Pray · .l down: ~~e~zo (P},acerrie.~t kicks) . . 11.eferee: M. D . Williarus;" umpire: s'. ' and one of the best men on the varsity Subs.tltutwns: Frosh ---: Fra dkm .\ Ybite (Princeton); .fie ld ' :fudge: T . · came through . to help. ;Rh.Q,dy win by placing fifth, a bout .e i .ht •a rds 1 Last Thursday the Freshman Club for HJelstrom, Co)llson for Comery, Scanlon. Knowles for Im peratore, Peterson for .. g Y ll ~rav eled to Kingsley Park, only to Dugal!, Barr f or Cierzo, Bumpus for back of Hand. "Pickles" H a mmet•. The





V _ \


.Freshman Club Lose in Providence

Rh 0 d. ..o t · U ·fUDS on u . 21 38

·drew first blood when their plucky Ol·miston, 'Sherman · · for Tateosian, suffer defeat at the hands of Provi.: Rie·c io tor M esse{"e_, R eid .for Hudson, ~ .dence Tech . 'l'he Freshmen, however, Mai-tin for Roberts, Sirois fo·r Bauers, Ross for Collison, Davis for Reid . _ . .. •? ·.. .• .. · ••. ·. quar terb!Lc\l:, Messere, skirte d the end Westel'ly : Edmond for Dotolo, Vital on a fake pass to score a to uchdown . for Leonetti, Nardone for Novogroski, 'l'he point after the touchdown was Galluccio for · Campbell, Dolan for Lockhart Wins, But Then Four R. I_. Men Breast Tape in Order awar ded because .Tech was offside. Spellman, B. Stenhouse for Green, Bower for Gentile... Ademari for R. . That the Freshmen still app ear to be Deutsch, J. Stenhouse for Itchka wich. Referee·: Townsend ; umpire : ConIn its sec ond start of the season, a trifile weak on the offens~ve is sh own roy; field judge: Magoun; time ·: two the Rhode Island cross country team .by the f act that they were held for downs on Tec h' s 5-yar d line in ihe ten and two eight,minute quar ters. I· defeated Boston -u. niversity·, 1_ ast F 1-1• _ · ·daY a t F r a n kl'm p ar k , B os t on. 'l'he third quarter. · · The second period was ce rtainly a Dunphy, lhb ---------·--------- Yarworsky score was 21-38; L oc khar·t o f · B · u - P 1aced. fi rst m · pitiful one for the "Frosh" for . the Robert· ('l, l ·hb · --- --- -- ---- ------------- ·s eym our Tech team to r e right t hrough their line, incid ently scoring two t ouchdowns . "Dixie" Matthews of Tech gave the spect11,tors a thrill for, after inter· cepting a Freshman forward on his own 45-yard line, he ran 55 yards through a b r oken fi'eld, scoring the last touchdown of the g ame. The lineup : "Frosh" Tech Sherman, le ---------------------------- Komische Cieurzo, (Capt.), It ----------------- ·Tatro T ate osian, Jg ---,---------------------- Gard ner Hjelstrum , c -- -------------- (Capt. ) , Mo ss Comery, rg ---------------------- Hodgkinson Murgo, rt ----------------·------------- -- So u t hers Bumpus , re .. , ..------------------------- DeRita Messere, qb -----------· ------------------- Woo d

Hudson, fb ~-----~------------------- M a tthews Score "y per1 1 2 3 4 " · " ods Fl·eshman · -------------------- 7 0 0 0- 7 Teeh ---------- ---,-------------- 6 13 0 6- 25 Touchd ~wns: Freshman-Messere. 'l'ech-Wood 2, Seymour, Matth ews. Points after t ouchdown: FreshmenPoint ·awarded, Tech offside. 'l'ech- Matthews (placement kick). Substftution: Freshmen-O r minston for Bumppus, Dougal fo r Murgo. Tech-Allen for Yarworsky, Smith for Southers, Underwood f or Gard ner, Hensen for Komische, Ne lson for Hensen, Peacock for Matthews. Referee-Schuster. Umpire- Riley. Linesman-Curtin. Time of quartersten minutes.

running his . first race in two years, ca me through in sixth place about, fifty yard's in back of Hei:ae'ir. The restfinished thus: Hall, (B), ,seve nth~ Maker, (B) eighth;.· Bean, (R. I.), ninth and Stotton, (B) , tenth.

-- - --

Bas.ket·ball. Basketb:1ll in the offing, boys! AI~ .. 1·eady the coach has called out the . ball passing co ntingent to lo ok them. over and get them into shape. L.ight wqrk (cross- cou ntry co ut·se and bal. l

somewhat over thirty m.Jnutes. He was h a ndling) is the ord e r of th e da:y. closeJy· "' D nng, · F"me FI amsprightly ~zroup has rerJorte'''-'. "'l't . · followed · ·U>Y " .h met and .P yko-s y all of who. m. ra·n ex- Capt11,in I-lurwitz, "Red" H aire and cellent races. Superior team work won Epstein in. the van, clos ely pressed the day, as the Boston group found to by Magoun , Trumbull·, F leming, Johntheir cost. Boston had only one man son, Murphy, Plykosy and Szulick. good enough to match breasts with From the "Frosh" squad of last year o ur boys and t11at was Lockhart. we have Turla, Keat·ns, Lindstrom, This is the second victory of tb,e Weige nhauser an d Ackroyd. season and t he team. is ~ooking fo rProspective games include those . ward with keen anticipation to the. w ith Upsala, Coast Guard Ac ade my, . Worcester meet at Worcester on Maine, New Ha.mpshire, Bro w n, ConNovember 5. Following 'this comes the n ectic ut, Drexel Institute, Su b Base, N e w England Intercollegiate at Bos- Harvard, Yale , Northeastern and ton on Nove m b er 14. P resent indica.. Sp r ingfield Tra in ing Schoo l, th e only tions point to . t~e und ef eated season 1team t~ b~at _New H~mpshire in 1926, th at Captain Fme so fondly hopes All md1catwns pomt to a b ig and f or. prosp erous season. Play ball!




"Frosh" X-C Win Meet, 21~44

College of Ora.tory and w a s made Professor of Literature I n terpretation, Principl es of Oratory a i1d Dramatic Art, until the spring of 1897_, when h e trave led in Europe pursuing special The " Frosh" cross country tea•m dramatic studies as a member of the got o ff to an auspicious start Friday, Augustin baly's Co . During the winOctober 21, at our own course, when ter of the same. year·, he retur n ed to theY defeated the Brown fledgling har- this country, becomi ng master of


r iers., 21-44. _ English a t the vvm:am Penn Charter Hathaway, by a brilliant and thrill- i House School for the n e xt two Years. ing sprint, nosed out the exhausted i The purch ases of th e Emerson ColHolmes of Brown for _fi rst place. Dtck- lege. was by Dr. Southwick soon , et·sgitl,'; a<'rui-mer ani'! '·Tuttle -f inished in after, ap.d he' has since been dean a nd rapid successi on, piling up the Rhode president. 'l 'he tall N ew Englander Island score and settling the issue de- gives r egular lectures and class inc isiv e ly . struction in oratory, extemperaneous 'Great credit is .-cl.ue t o two of the• speak:ng, de<l<la;t;i:rtg' and ---dl::amatic art. Rhode Island boys , Tuttle and FarmBesides being connecte d with the e r, who were continually hampered . Martha's Vineyard Summer Institu-

"Frosh" Bible Statement The l:<'res hm an ·Bibles h ad •a ·record sale this y·ear. A very Jarge numher was sold, the profit from which goes to the "Beacon." Below is the s tatement of Antonio Matarese, b usiness manager : Advertising -------------------------------------------------------------- $321.50 164 Cop ies @ $1.75 ---------------------------------------------- $287.00 10 Cop i es (Special Rate) _______ : _____ ___________________ $ 9.10 59 Copies t o Advertisers ----------------------------30 Copies Complimentary --------------------------------12 Copies on hand --------------------------------------------2 7 5 Total Copies Tot al Cash rec eived ----------------- -------- -------------- $617 .60 Snow & F'arnham (printing 275 copies) -------- -B. Fine (expenses) ------------------------------"----------------A. Matarese (expenses) -----------------------"--------------M a iling Expens e -------------------"------------------------:-------

by lo&•t shoes. Tuttle. stopped 1,cpeat- tion , h e is also a membet of the staff ed ly to relace his lost f ootgear, while of the University of Virginia.

r.rotal Amount E*pended ____ _ ______ _

the diminutiv e Farm er gave his up An eady visit of .Dr. Southwick is in disguest and trotted h ome in fourth being hop e d by the en tir e und erplace with one bar e foo t. Tuttle fln- graduate body.

Credited for Beacon (Signed)

ished immediately after. Good work, boys! R umor h a s it . that the boys will run in the New England Inte r c oL legiates at Boston. Here's hoping!



All Styles /_~; Leathers All One rrice



' \-:lliT;z1{J'" . ' ' '

. ;:,.;.~



TO-DAY in a m odern office you will find these electrical aids: Addressing Machines; Dictating Machines; Adding Machine~; Multigraphs; Check-writers; Cdculating Machines; Cash Rerris ~ ters; Interior Tel ephones; Card Recor:lers; Card S;)rters; Time Recorders;Account!ngMachines; Time Stamps; Cloc!;s; Mailing Machines; Typewr:rers; Fans; MAZ"!:>A Lamps, and many ocher electric devices.

of Exclusive English and American Custom. BootmaT,ers' Models

like this, of course · Y ct you will 11nd in it a dozen jobs that can be done more quickly and effectively by electricity---ar:d done so quietly as to be prac~ically ucnoticed. In fact, electricity has ,complc:cly revolutionized many office ___ . -... med~ods. ·

Look at the


A. A.

Business :Manage-ii-.



Lou J . Balatow



How will your office look?





<Conttnu e<l trpm page ll " "King Ri~hard 'and others of the more impo r tant ·p l ay s . The life and educatiJn of · Dt' . Southwick is as interesting as any we have read . He w a s born in Roxbury, Mass., the twenty-first of June, 1863.• At the age of 24, h e grad uated with ·the 'degree of U. M_ from the Munroe ·College of Oratory, of Boston, at which institution he was a special instructot in literature, art and la n g -u ages two years later. It was during his membership on the staff of the "Boston Herald," from 1880-87, that he won the Old South Prize for his essay on the "Policy of the Massachusetts Colonies T oward Quakers, etc." He soon accepted a p osition as head of the Department of Ot•atory and Art at the Martha's V ineyard Summer Institution, whence h e became Master of Elocution and Ora t ory a t the William Penn Charter House, Philadelph ia, during' the years of 1888-89 . Dr. Southwick becarne partne r with Dr. C . W. Emerson in the Emerson


$430.10 24.M 61.00 1.50

• This f>miliar mark appears on many eJeccrical products, including motors that drive timeand labor"saving office machines.

youR fATHER pr()bably will . motor-driven sorters and tabulators. recall the days of high stools, Key cards are punched with lighteyeshades, and eve~ings overtime. ning fingers. Electric sorters devoui24,000 cards an hour. Tabulators ; acd quantities and amounts ip, jjg But vi"it a modern office! A thoutime, and print the totals. sand k:ters to go out by four o'clock. A new price list to all customers ia to-nicht' s mail, without Go to almost any bank today. Hand f::til. E-:.tcr electricity. Two or three in your account book. Click, dkk, people turn switches, and thefinisbed click, goes the electric book-keeping letters cone CL:t cf an intjenioes machine and back comes the book machi_ne. Anc<:ber motion and they to you. Five operations performed are sealed and s:ar:1ped. Only elec- in that brief moment. Everybody tricity could get job done. ~aves time, ~ycu, the clerk, . ~h~ Here' ~



job. The reports are in; thousands of figures to analyze. Looks like overtime for fifty clerks. "Certainly not, " answers electricity, as a button starts the

bank,-when electricity is the bookkeeper. In th e of-fice of to-morrow you will find " electrical fingers" doing more work than even to-day.









iD M I Cl b I'I AGGIE" BAWL SET B. A. Course Has Army to March I e O ay . U FOR ARMBTICE NITE; Instr. E. W. Hood Armistice Day , Elects D. Bunce GIRLs To DEcoRATE

- - -Honored New Accounting Professot~ Fills Members of R. 0. T. C. Headed Local . Student with by Band, to Parade in ProviVacancy Left by Leave of lVIr. dence on Nov. 11th Presidency ; PrQf. HetheringIreland - - -· ·--· - -· ton Speaks

11 11 'l:'' "

u "rl,

r'""' ""~<: .

1 '

be: P mf. and Mrs. George E. AqA!1l s, D r. a nd Mrs . H oward E d wai:ds) 'ih;of. ·: .J. Everett Ladd, Mr . a nd Mrs. Les l i·~ Keegan and ,:O r. and Mrs. J:'Iar·ol d B 1·o wning. It is expec ted th e ba ll \vW · b e we ll attended by an unusually la r ge student body a nd a lu mni , as this is t he firs t m a j o r dance of t h e year . T h e p r oceed s will be us ed ··to supp o rt t h <! A g gie Club in fina ncing judgi n g teams_., The committees in charge are a s fo.Jlows: General chairman, Benjamin F i ne; Decoration, Hd.r ac e Knowles, Albert Word ell, Fred Smith ; Patron~;···· , 11 t ' Geral d F a unce; M usic, .Charles H ear#;" . · ·· •ox~. on; F loor, Duncan McCulloch; Ligh~~.···v M i nard Price, E. E. Hoxie; Progrart{~, . . :· 1: A . H opkins, I. Walk er; Refresh me n'ts, · ' '·! James Armstrong, LeRoy Her sey; P ublicit y,. Miss· Muriel Fletcher ; Flow'( e rs and Prizes, Ho me Econo m ic's Cl u b . ' ·

lt has b ee n announced th at the lo-.j , 'T he Bus iness Administratio n Co urse p erson ne l h a s been co mpleted b y t h e ca l unit of the R. 0 . T. C . wlll take 1 'l'he \'h em Lecture Room harbored c oming of Instru ctor Eve eett \V. pa rt in th e Arm ist.i ce Da;~i Parade to, Lh e lln;t meeting of the De Molay Cl u b :Hood. Mr . Hood w ill fill the ·place be helc1 a t Provid ence N o vemb e r 11. · o f Hhod e I s la nd St ate College , which left vacant b y Mr. Ireland, wh o did • A t th is writing, it h a s not been de fin- was a tt f'ncled by a ~urp risingly large not ret u.rn th is year. He . 1.·8 a gra du-~ i ~ely kno\\'.n j.ust what in~ans >~i ll be numoc:,. Intere st in 'this frat erna l or'ate of Mt . H ermo n Academy, School ta ken to tr a nsport th e ent!re umt .. buJ ganiza t Lm was demonstrated by the Of Comme1·cia! Sciences, and Clark Dr. Edwards a nd Ca ptain H a mmond l•'re sh m ~ n . w h o tu'rned out more to Univer sity, Cla ss of 192 4. M r. H o o d a re working hard to sec ure the New th e meE<ing tha 11 an y other class . has a n ex c ell ent b>~;c kgr o•u n d fo r Y ork , New Haven a nd Hartford railProf. Stanley H etheringto n, Secreteaching, having worke d 11 y ear s 01,· r oad fpr this purp ose. ta ry of the Mas onic C lub , greeted the v a l'ious form s of acco unti n g . He i s It is expe cted that the uni t . w ill n ew members of the c lub. He also t each i ng classes i n Advertising, A u d- lea ve Kingston at eig·ht o 'clock a nd gave a talk, w hich carried exc e llent itl~g.· an d Accou nting. r etu rn by two i.n the a fternoon. d . a vice to both underc lassmen. an d up This parade necessitates th e shifting p e eclassm en . P r o f. .Hetherington co nof the "Frosh " -Connecticut "Frosh" 'th tl d.' .d d STEVE~S, DROITCOUR 1 t ilt fo r th e day be for e , a nd the Ag·gie c u e Wl le rea mg of three po AND OSTERLAND ARE ems, which brought. o u t looks of sor ' Ba wl Frid ay night. ELECTED PRESIDENTS The R. 0 T .. C. rifle t eam is making row a nd bursts of hearty laughter from th e listen ing group. p r-e par-atio n s .fo r its co ming winter I Con tinu ed trotn JJage I I Immediately following this adcll'ess, progTam. D ue to t h e fac t that o nly H enr y B arn ey, Secretary. three members are· re maining fr on< a bu siness meeting was held. It was W illiam G annon , Treasurer. lasi;year's s u ccessfu l squad, not much d e cided ]Jy vote that Freshmen we re P rof . B eardslee, .Adviser . h a s been done in the way M re- ineligble to vote or h old office , as has Sophomot•e Class LIBRARY NOTES bee n the c u sto m in previous y e ars . e le cti n g a new man age r and captain. H oward D roitcour, Preside nt . The foll owing offi ce rs were e l ected <Cath e r in e MacKay, Vice Presi d en t. It has been s t a ted th a t t he season will "\Vo rds are things, and a be c urtailed f r-om a s eason of a few a n d instaHed: 1\<I:artin M c Cue, Treasm•er. of ink Don ald B unce, President; mo nth s to only one. ---"'.,,!E,JcHth: W o rmelle, Secretal:y .. up on Fallin g li ke dew Howard Dro itcou r, Vice President; Tex'as M c Andrews, Asst. ' >rreas u_re\1'~. p1·oduces 1 Leo nar-d Russe ll, Secretary; That which makes tho usands , \Jer ,_ ·.:· , "Fro~'\~'- ' ,.- <?lass .;,:~{J.;;·i:i .. ~:r ·~,-·f·· T .:~·C larence Hoxie, Treasurer; .hc{ps 1nillions, ' l~._ft . ··,;_.' ·t J;]ric Os terl un,d.(·!"resiqe'nt. Ke nne t h vVright, C h airman of So'i n which o ne way Trave l is on e Alice shaw,, ..y~8 e hesident.1,,.~·~;~· · ·.:~..•..•• cia l Co!lur-.I ttee; B e n jam i n Martii; : 'l'reasur·e r . · ' s<:es a g1'·ea t many n eW and il1terest~ Alla n Hasl;:ins, Chairman of InitiaSarah B arker, ASst. Treasur e r . ing things. It is an education in itof Year tion Co mmittee. <C h .ester Tu ttle, SecJ:etary. ] i• : s e l f . Due to lac!< of fin'andal · m ean,s,, ., ,Given {)ut·by Prof.; Comedies m a ny of u s canno t d o this, but now '• ·Big Hit This Year 1 on e can simply go to th e library a n d FRATS TAKE 90 ,.;] . ---r ea d about stran ge places in m a ga~Con tin ued rr ono .,Pli!lf' I I · Pr·'o'. f·.e.s~or:·· T .•.t ' ms . , mo tion • . ,,,''it 1\·c ~ .-es er c ogg z i n es. w h !ch are found on shel ves in R a l p h Farrow , Michael:' ·~rJ:g as, C l1'e,~?:'. i>.lc t ut·e· man'H:~,e r e x t r:aord inary ' has the lib rary . Sorne ve1·y good r ea di ng ter Lynn, W . Thay e r l" hase, I<>;a n'l"!l' wpl'lced ·l1atd to secure the best s h ows m atte r an.d c o lore d illustrations m a ke lin P. 0. Potter . '}~/·.•: ' · · · · · , . P08sible fo'r the Saturd iw night movies . th e s ubject an inte r estii<g o ne to . . !he !:a C h i : Rich~rd 1:1: .' Cole, H . .'1'11e • inno vatio n of having comedies r ead. An hou r or more spent i n this .-~~;vi~ R ob e rts, George H .:: ormiston, /t his y ear h jts . p r ovg ¢1 very successful. " ' ay is not l ost, but· further knowl~~lham G . Bradshaw, E-dward ,.,. L . · 'l'he sc he d uje · fo r the r .e m a!nd er of the


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1\i:l;.. : ~h''0; • ....;•.:. · ogglfiS

A.JinoUnces Movies

~tttures. £eriflR~~;inder

F. Hammett Gives Wonderful l.~ecture -On Coolidge 'fube


Pinkie F. Intas, Stal)Jey. F . Jyear has been annqunce d, and It can .r i sk, Pau l J . Dugall,, C harles A .· H ud., 1 b e noticed . that n;<U1 Y g·o od . pictures 1 _'\s on, D a n iel P . Reid, William · H . Tat e', .h a ve been .sMured . ·p l\ferrill E. Ri chardson . ·; Nov . 12.2.. 1.'T;he College Hero," com " B e ta P hi: Willirtm lcl or s e man, octy, "Good , s;co uts .,'' Fra n ci s Pat rick, 0. need L.eClair , Nov. '1 9,. ,.-" 'l'he 'l'igress, " comedy, f!,oy H e nderso!i ;'"·. Thomas M urp h y, " Animal d ·a bk e r s .;, Mich ael L etterie , F 'orbes , ·Denn o n , Nov:· 2.!i·~ " Stage ' Ki sses," comed.y, Kenneth L eigh ton, A.lwin ~ o om be s, 1 "T,ost in a Ptlllm<'j.h. " Hen r y F a rm e r, F'rank Davies. Dec. 3-"0pc>n:I)g Nig·ht," com e dy, D elta A lpha Psi : Be l'n ,.,rd 'l'. M:es- " Lig hts," ·•" . sere , Everett Smit h , Haro ld E . R oss, Charles A . B urrows, Jr., li'red erick V . Water m a n , Jr., Freder ic k Gin n e ll, 'A lfred S t r aight, Earl M. Du clc w or t h . Lambda Ch i Alpha: J oh n R . Christen s e n , B urto n P . Batty, Ja m e s A . F r aser, Nelson c. Tomp)dns , J ohn M. Taylo r , L e R oy \V. Knowles, Jr ., William Kelleher, George .F .• ieldin. g , Joh)J. R . M oseley, E. Gilbert S il van, George H . Hain es, Regi nal d H. P er -

Intercollegiate ( Contl n u•HT rrom pagt- 2) Corne l I recently installe d on two of foot b a ll fields flood lights which l.1 .a ve an illumination tota.lling .76 ,0.00 watts. Due to late c la sses practice starts aft e r five o 'c lock every day. A gym n asium costing $ 20 0 · 000 is b · t d t h U · i e mg erec e a t e mvers ty of Hed l an ds, California. The gymnasiu•m is to be equipped with swimming poo l, showers, tumbling room s , locker r·ootns and large kitc h ens. Th ere w ill also be ampl e r oom tor s pectato r s.


ry, S,tuart S . Collin s. Zeta Pi A l pha: Robert Sh e r m a n , Raym o n d Im perato r e , Hilton V a ug h n , Ga·r'dner J a m eson, Henry Piclc ers gill, Fred . S u llaway , John Hammon d, Gordon 'D ummer . Beta N u Eps i lon : Be rnard Mac k , Jack G. Anhault, Ernest J . Berger, Hyman Co ki n , I:i:yman Fradkin, R e u llnprovmnent Princeton has the g ood fortun e to b en L . .Wo lfe, S imon E. S u lk in, Geo rge S u lk in, Fred Tannenb a um . have . an unusua lly intelligent fresh:Delta Sigma E psilon : Arno ld Co l- man class this year; In tact the "most 'liso n , William Moody , ·william Fer- intelligent cla ss" since 1 9 22 accord ing to the Director of Admission and ·r is , Eldridge M artin , Carl F r i tz , Ch est er T u t tle, Cli n ton Ra.y, Alden C l a r k e , Dean of Freshmen. Th e co nclusion is b ased on school records and enC lyde Munroe, Donald \ Villard . t r ance examinations . He a lso reports Camp u s 'Cl~b : Robert R. Stap le s, that competition fo r e ntrance was the Mau r ice W. Arnfelt, Haro ld Bar r , J r ., k e enest it ever has been. .Ra.lp;h G. B u mpus. JPihi Sig ma: John Daniels, Wes ley The entering class at Dartmouth Knight, Louis P e ndleton, Jos eph n umbers 611 in spite of the fact that Cam pan e lii, · Russell Andrew, R i ch - last A p ril a ruling was made limitard Dic k e rman. ing t h e number to 580.

E, E. Students Hear of New Product of General Electric Co.; Miner Performs Mercury Experiment

'l'h e Coolidge tub e , a s up er- p o\~' eT X-ray produ ce r , was described by l<'re d eric M. Hamm ett, senio r e l e c tri" cal engine er , at the October 20 meeting of t h e !D. E. Society. This tub e was .d e veloped by the General El ectr ic Com p a ny, and is being used in ex per:me nts with animals to dete rmine its effects on living or ganisms. On one oc c a sio n th e rays cau s e d the h air on a rabbit's ear to chang e from gray t o white. T he radiation of the device cau s es some crystals t o g l ow as if hot, ancl makes changes in the physical appear a nc e of many substances. Mr . Hamm ett gave a history of the d eve lopment of the X-ray tube from the pl'i mitive g lobe of Crookes to it s practical app li catio n by Ro entgen. 'l'h e spe ec h was unusua lly well d elivered as a r esult of careful p r eparat!on. Thomas B. M iner perfor med an experiment with a wi·re . sliding on mercury which showed co nclusively that the lines. of force around a con du c t o r are crowd ed together and e x pamd when they can. The expan sion causes t h e wir e to slide a long t he m e rcury canal. A so c ial meeting with sm okes a n d eats is to b e held some time "in t h e sweet b ye - and - bye ." Industrial movies a r e a lso definitely promised the asso ciation and will be shown at an ea r ly date . The Freshmen Co - eds presented a H a ll oween p arty to the upp erclassm en Monday afternoon.

edg e is gain ed.

ara : magazines Some of these " Asia, " " Ne\v Near East ," " Natio rral Ge ographic," "Cou1'ltr y G e n tlen1a n ," "Providence Mag·lazine," 11 B o.livia ," "Illustrate d London N e ws." " Yugoslav " and "vVorld 's \Vork ." The Illustrated Lond on ·

News cif

Lon don has many g·ood illust r ations' The Asia espec.ially h a s som e v ery ei1te rtaining artic1es concerning countri es on that continent. .Also m a ny illustrations ar e to be f o und b et we e n its covers. T h e · National Geographic , which is a n other that .i s published m onth ly , has so me ve ry g ood illustr a tions . The rea ding matter ' is of a very ente rtaini n g and education al type. Pat was taking !Professor down the river in a rowboat.


" Pat," said the profe&.30r, " have you ev e r stu died zoolog-y ." "No," said Pat, "I don't k no w nothing abo ut it." " Why, y ou' ve missed half you r life,'' was the reply. Then, a lit tle la ter, " D o y ou . kno w any thi ng a bout b i ology ?" "N op e, "· gru n t e d · p a t · "We ll, y o'u've missed hal f yo u r life:•• r eplied the professor. Just t hen the boat hit a snag a nd u pset. " He lp ," muttere d the p r ofessor, "Hey, professor;" y e lled P at, "do y o u k now anything ab o u t swimmino l ogy ?" nNo',' ' gasped the. professor. "Then in a few moments y o u' r e gonna miss you r whole life," cried Pat , as h e struck out fo r the shore. - Deniso n F lamingo .



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Alumni Notes



T ho fo ll owing girl s have been The Class of •2 7 .seems to h e w ell pled ged t o sororiti es fr om t h e Cla ss scatter e d a round now . ·we h ave heard B oston U n :versity h as the largest ! depe ndt'nce a nd those mor e d esirab le of ' 3' 1 : from quite a few this w eek. The r e is regi stratio n of any coll ege or univers i- i on es (inte r es t a nd v alue) wh:ch on e Chi Om ega-Fr ances Scott, Berth a. a large n u mber of Rh ode I s land grad - ty in N ew E ngland. It a lso ):las t he ' WQ Uid exp ec t to find pre d o min a n t in Lee, Grace B r ownell , Eleanor Mayuates in New · Yorlc sma llest endowm e nt per s tudent. the ad ult s cho la r. " na td , Lciu.ise Fowler ia A lle n , Ida D odge , Margaret Howes, 'W ilma. Ja m e s B. Dow, e;x -'29, is att en d ing t h e N e w Be dford · T·e xtile School. I n Ch ina the wom en in the. schools Four senior ca dets at vV est P oi n t K imber, Lois M u r tau g h a nd A lice Edward A . ( Swede ) Eric ks on , is are in many plac e s hid den from th eir h ave r e c e n t ly b ee n susp e n de d fo r 8 haw . h azing fr eshm e n . '!'his is t h e first e nSigma K a pp a Virginia Mellor , in m e chani ca l engi neering wo rk with professors by c urtains. force ment o f disci pline in ten years Madeleine Babc oc k, R uth Goff, Mary ·t he B row n & Shar pe Co . in Provi for this offe n se. Chase, H . Alli da Birch, Barbara dence . Robert F rost, f a mo us American Ke nd ric k, Mar,j.ory B u rton a n d E s A lb e rt L. Hiller, ' 2 7, is travell ing poet , b eliev e s in mor e individualistic. Cage Co m pleted at Harvard te ll e D a vies. f or t h e P r ovi de n c e D rysalters Co . ed u eation f or the c o ll ege s. Speaking Th e B r iggs Base ball Cage a t H ar Theta Delta O micron- Ella White, tSephen Bera rd ine lli , ' 27, is stu dy- • b e fore co ll ege m e n r ecently , h e tol d var d w a s fini s h e d t his s u m m e r a n d. was Sarah Bar !H~ r . V irginia May, .Kaye · in g m e dicin e at Vanderbilt U niver sit y. the follow ing s tory ab out C onrad Ai- b e ing u sed t his fall for ind o or f o ot - Price, F lorence Kavanaugh, D orothy \Varr e n L . Gray, ex- '27, is w ith the ll:en , anoth er poet. A ike n assigned to R h ode I sla nd S u pply & Spri n kl e r Co. inte rp ret so mething f r om a Fr ench b a ll practi ce. It is na~ ~~ ~ 1~~~er, l):a~ Carr:, ~nd G~acy Brightman. •LeBaron Br :ggs , l on g kn own to · l-Iar~ ------- ---·-- ' a t Pr ovidenc e. · , - . ,",_,·' · · . o-' •, . ·• A )1.n ouncemei.1 t h a s b e e n r ece.ived· d ram, w ent hom e a nd became s o . vard men as t h e "Beloveu· Dean:" · · 1 • E lwin G. Hendricks, •27 , is str u c- m uch int er e sted in d o ing 1t that h e of ~J?.e, ma rriag e of . Miss E lsie Cole tural ene:i neer· with t h e H a rtfo rd did n ot r eturn to class for t hree man , ex - '2 9, and Mr. C. K e ~ The b a n o n . da n c ing is again b e ing , , . . _· : . N .. -.' Co n str u c tion Co . at Hartior d, ·C on n. ,I ''l!ee. ks . B y t ha. t tim e, h. owever , he h a d -,U ' · ·,.~ . · .Bl'OW !'t, '2 7, whi,c h took place October e nforced at 0 h10 ori h ern m ve r s 1ty Joseph E. Clegg, '2 7' is t a k ing t he I' d o ne the E' n t lre play m verse . Com- wh ic h prohihlt's :·, an~· st~d ~ nt ' f rom ; l h'7: at the . rec tory of St. SebaRtia n's. W. T. Grant T l·a in!' ng c ourse a t Roc·h - m e nLng o n t he fact that t he man w as , Provide n ce , Rho de Xsla n d . . da ncir,g or a ny organ:zat ion or per'· • ,• ' · N , p e nali zed in the matter of cutt'l, Fro st '.rhe e ouple were attend e d h:~t Miss: ester, ·" . x . s a id, "Jf a man did th a t for me, I' d s ons from giving a dapce un d!? r pe n .. ., .; , RRa ' Bergin, '30, a n d ¥r . Ted King. a lty of e x puls i,on. Ric h a rd B a r ber, '2 7, is w ith th e C o - g ive him 'A ' in every c ourse ."


', "

l u m bus G as Co ., Columbus, 0 . ,'---The tobacc~ fo rtun e -- o·f : · th e •' la t e Rand o lph C. Holt, 27, is l ocated ~Vhy Vas sar· S tudies Ja m es B. Duk e is to be .ulle<.'l .. in. c onwith t h e Pr ov idence Y. M. C . A . as assis',a nt dir ect or of e ducation. Why s tu d y? V a ssa r g irls are in - 1s tructing n e w b u ildings for D uk e U n iM iss Bar bara Smith, ex - '2 9, is fiue n ced m a inly by " inte rest in th e 1v e rsity, Ove r $20,000,000 Will b e ex· studying ,a t R a ndolph -M acon W omen's sub j ect a n d the amount of work ex -- p e nded on th e p r oject wh.fch w ill t :ikc! College, L y n chb urg, .Va. pec t ed or necessary , w it h sense of year s to c ompl e t e . The builqings wi!J fut ure valu e and m a rks n e xt but of c over ov er. 100 a cres, vyi~)J. ,the m ain 'H. B r•uce Grij'fith , '2 6, is w it h t h e c onside r a . b. !y l.ess impo r t a nc. e ." ' Thi.s g roup the . sch. ool . of medic ine which Detroit-Edison Co. at Detroit, Mich . c onc l u sion is drawn by Katherine H . w :ll cost $4,000,00'0. ·. ' W it h him is Harry Eckloff, also of '2 6. P ollak w r iting in School and Society, . ·. Walter Si uta, '2 6, f ormer m a n agin g f r om e x planations of divisio n of tim e Harvard's f irst day of regis tration . , ed Jt o r of t h e "Bea. con,' is ch em ist .at made by 8~ seniors , one-third of th e s h owed a tota. l of 7,414, au inc rease t.he Genera l Fabncs. Corp. , a subsl.d- class. f or the second.. se mes ter, 19 24- I over the first enrollment l'ast ear ra r·y c o mpany of t he General Silk " According to the s tudents them- which was 7,305. The. Law School 11


·.. ·


Tll'e . C lhss of '29 expresses its. sincerest -sympathy t o · Miss Doro.thy 'Champla in upOJl t h e rec e n t death. oJE he r fa t h e r. T he (~ O· e d m e mb e r s ·of the C lass of ,'3 1 were t he gu e sts' a,t ,a tea g iven b y the Trian g le Club at. th e h ome o f M rs. How.a rd Edwards on F r iday 'af te.rn oon, Oct. 21.



TJ:ie Chi Omeg a C hapter H ouse is fast nearing its comp letion. It is u n known how early the · structure w ill be fi n ished, but th e . members .are plann ing to occupy it d u rin g t he midI mp or ting Co., of New York City . s.elve s ," wr:tes Miss Pollak .-•. "t·h· ere is ' 1 h a s the la.rg.e st. incre:;t}le in regis.. tr·~. -·. ,. · . . . . , • ,., , , R' h d • ·· ·b f year v,wa t1o11. C l'f 1 1c ar s, 1 7 , 1s a mem er o a f a ir ly ev e n balance b e tween those·:1 tion; 1,353 last year compar~«'f, l ilo

I 125.

t h.e f a eulty of th e R o selle H1gh School. -·• · -



Park_ (~: ~}_ j in c: nti:es. {reql.II~~:O_!~~~II_~ n:_ar~~~ ,_1, 5 ~ 8.

Y .

c:one~e- of

Th_e lwhJCh md w a te lack of mte llectual m - · r o llment of 3.201.


arts has an e!t..

$ig]'11a Kappa holds .a dJance at .its Chapter· House this Saturday evening.

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~~il~~ ''BILL" CASEY

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Few custom tailors make clothes as fine as these. By special arrangements with, .. Lt d., we ar~ able, to offer them ready to wear. Special showing of h-eavy overcoats.


I = ~




See our display of wool hose, neckwea,r , sweaters, gloves, shirts an<;! leather jackets.



= 'h


'h ~ 'h ~

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.;.!¥t "-~ ~



m ~ . Kennedy's ~. m.~~ilf~l'~ilf~::lf~Sl' ~Hl'~l'~Hilf~ilf~ it Westminster and Dorrance Streets-Providence







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A Senior's Assembly Hour

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D. A. O'C. E,nter Senio r, who takes seat after many wisecracl{s with fellow class- Blasting of dynamite, bursting o! rock men, a nd close perusing of rows. Clangor of iron, screech of the "Well , thanks be to goodness, this block. is my last year-maybe. Thunder and roar, thunder and roar, I "vVow! Look at 'all the violins in Song of cement mixer, gasping for 1 the orchestra-everything but music. more . Btill, they're young· yet; they'll learn." Men sweating and damning t o keep Looks over Freshman co-eds. "Ah! up the pace, Some baby, second in from the end. Laboring painfully, each stone into How about it, Bill? Not so hot? pl::i.'ce. Applesauce .. You're no judge any- Thud of the hammer and s ound o.f way. "Ya p-otta know how! the saw, "\Vhat's he talking about, anyway? Hurrying, worrying, tired and .sore, Gosh! 'l'h e contract again! I'll hear The engineer's voice sings out o'er th!l roar; that in my sleep ! "Progress" "'l'hose F r eshmen back there ought to be put on the coal pile for making •.rhe bazaar was in full swing when so much noise. They don't seem to a young man strolled 'round the know there's a door rule, either. stalls. He had no intention of buying Then if you -put them up you're sup- anything. As he passed 'a tastefully posed to be a crab. Somel:!ody's got decorated stall, the pretty saleswomto keep them in their place. Gee! an detained h im. But I'd like to have the gang back "Woh't you buy a cigarette holdhome see all these birds tipping er?" she asked. their lids to me." "No, thank y ou. I don't smoke," Looks arouu~ . - "Wish I'd brOught a . was the curt · reply. magazine like lots . of the other guys . "Or a pen wiper worked by my do . It's probably just as well, though . 1 own hands?" These profs keep staring at a fellow "I don't write." so; they m ight get a wrong opinion " Then do have this nice box of chocolates." of one! "Boy! I can hardly stay awake. No "I don't eat sweets.': more week-ending for nae. lt'.li> lucky The young woman 's patience was exfor me I'm back of a big fellow . Oh! . hausted . ' Hum!." ,;sir.'' sh~ said grimly , "will you buy this box of soap?" Slumps down an d doze,s off. Th e Y()Ung man paid _up .-London --. -.· __. ..,_ Tit-Btts. Art Is Long Epitaphs Caller---'"ls yo ur husband a fast "Here lies th e body of Eliza Young. 'vTiter?" At last, t h ank Hellven Poet's Wife-"l<'ast? WhC\', .. the She'll hold her tongue." . other day I got out seven lines of "Hex:e lies my wifewashing while he was g·etting · out Let her lie.. four of poet ry." She's at peace, So am I."





in black and white, by any undergraduate artist, submitted to College Humor before January 15, 1928. $250 GRUEN PRECISION WATCH, the latest Paladin model, for second best drawing.


:$1,000 IN EUGENE DJETZGEN DRAW ING INSTRUMENTS, drawing sets, tables and othE:r artists' supplies, the finest manufactured, and 76 other prizes. COMPLETE DETAILS of this nation.. ·wide searchfor new artists in the Decem.. .ber College Humor on sale November2nd .. ·


.A brilliant article .on Princeton, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, appears in this number; and anqther feature is .a complete novelette, "The Retutn of Andy ·· Protheroe, 'by Lois Montross.


Address letters and entries to


No. La Salle Street


$1 INITIAL $1 Christmas Cards

Browmng & Co.

Something Really Different

Don't Forget Westminster & Eddy Streets

.· Wakefield Diner

P1•ovidence, R. I.


Oot•rect Styles for· College Men Clothing



1 5 AsS'orted Cards, Envelop es tissue lined . Christmas designs in colors. Se n timent and YOUR INITIAL on each card, all Steel Die Work . Space for name. Send $1 for trial box. Pilgr im Studios, 11 E. Otis St., Boston.

. /,."·.•


"Here lies poor HenryWhat a shame! His wife caught him kissing -Ex. Another dame ."

Habei'Iittsllery - Hats


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192:1--· R. 1. sTA.TEr -~' FoOTBALL TE:I\1\f· ··

Large pbt>ctos ma-y be PI:ocured in an~ number. Unmounted, 7 :5c Mounted,. $1.10 ~ Wm. Geo. Mokray ~,








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RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE HOWARD EDW.ARDS, President Agriculture, !pplied Science, Business ~dministration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work Expenses for Year, estimated at $400 For further information, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

Beacon v22 is05 11031927  
Beacon v22 is05 11031927