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VOL. XXI. NO. 6.

KINGSTON, R. I., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1926 ===-====P=R=I---=C=E:-c-F=-I,--,V-=E=,-:c-C=E=N=T=S

.November Ushers in City College Hands Rhode Island Harry C~ White Stirs '"The Aggie Bawl" Its Severest Defeat in years, 29-0 Audience in Lecture Costume Dance First of Series of Famous Electrical Speaker Big Socials; a Goodly Mob White and Blue Yields to Fast Attack of New Yorkers, Who Score "Makes Host of Friends in Visit Expected at Outset of Play; Ward, Barber and Towns:.nd Star; Stevens Here; Traces Development of the Electrical Light Just a few n10re days, ladies and Boots Well cgentlemen . P lenty o f r o o n1 for a ll . Line forms to the r ear . We wo n 't ·h ave popcor n and p i nk lemonad e, by

The members of the Rhode Island '.rh e football re p rese n tatives of advn ntage o~ the g·aps their lin es Purch~1.sing Agentrl ' Association R. hode Island State co n tributed their men had rnade. l\i[an ' lor1g runs were rnade all afternoon, NO touchdo\<\rns sponsored a very interesting lecture b eck, but oh , those doughnuts, a n d, ·• ;har e to last week's foo tball upsets. Harry C. A f ter h avi n g p layed stellar garnes all being the result of th E:se dashes. The at Lippitt Hall Oct. 20. ·o h , them cider ! Wha t say'? W h a t 's vVhite, the peer of the nation's elecyear , \he ·white and Blue en co untered ga:n1C: \VaR fe"+ u.r ed by the fine playcall this ker m otion a b out? W a a l , la d ies trical lecturers, spoke before t he. a heavy , well d r illed eleven in the in,~· ol' the entire . \Vinning ere1v, \Vho •and gents, Nov. 1st is co m ing a n d o n most enthusiastic audierJ"ce that has City C'ollege of New Y or k, pre:;:wnting had the ball 1' r· practically the entire Nov. 1st c omes t h e Aggie B awl. Yes, ever assembled at Rhode Island b efm·e fi ve th ou sand admirers of both duration of t l1c garne. :sir, the o ne and on ly 14 - karat gen yState College. team s o n e of t h e b est exhibitions of IDlterich started 1.he vaRtinJe vvith wine Aggie B awl a t L ip pitt Hall, we' ll ''lVl::tn Po·wer,'' the topic which " i vory acts ." 'l'he metrop olitan fel- a kiek to Bro\;\'n, ·who \va.s · do\v n ed •see you a ll ! proved so lo ws rn a r ch ed to their eaRiest 1vin of on his 32-yard line. On~ •. the very Mr. vVhite >JJ)()ke upon, Yes, in a f ew m o r e days the b ig th e sc•a.son- a 29- 0 vict ory. "Rhocly" next play, the locals fumbltd, Rosner interesting that scores o:l' students ·event of the seaso n is co m ing o ff . The \V aR co n c e(~ ·i' ·1. \VintTeJ: ·by at least scooping- up the ball for the first remained to converse with Mr . Aggie Bawl i s vot e d as THE b ig dan ce, two t o u c h dc .. """• bt;t its defe n se fell, score of the game. 'rhe extn_t point White rtfter had finished h is he 'b ecause a ll who attend come happy, t: h e M a n h attan team e n joyed what was successfully made. '.rhe ball was speech. Neve1· has a. visito1· been ac·stay happy, and l eave h a p py. It's a pr o ve d lo lle litt le more than tt "Sat- ~··oon put into p lay, but the march corded such a n ovation. •costume affair : R u b es, hick s, f armer - unlay w o r k-- out." tha.t continued Jed to another easy 1 'l'he lecture marked the 47th a n ettes, cl owns . sheiks an d shebas ar e of R h o d e I s land a p p e a r ed very weak limchdow n for the New Yo rkers. Dur- , ni versary of T.<JcUson's inventi o n all there. In fa ct, there's n obo dy on d e f ense , be in g- unab le to halt the ing the Jirst half the winners made th~> electrk bulb. Among the various articles shown were the disc overies ·m issing· but the und ert a k er ; th e co m - f a st City Colleg-e b a cks, who took I (Ccnu n u e<l. on • l"'ag'e 3) ·m ittee in char ge fi.ll him up w ith . h ard ----~----~----~--~·--------~ that eventually led to the inventio n ccider befo r e th e b a l l. The Aggie B awl is i nfo rmal, n one ·o f your h igh h a t , so c iety stuff for t he .Aggies at R. I. State . T h at's• why everyone has such a good tim.e . y· ou ·d on 't have to w o rry w h e t her Don K in czie " is going to have your f our do llar -rented dress suit in time to meet yo u r 'best girl. And yo u r b est gir l doesn 't (Contim1ed on pag-e 4)

Annual Rope Pull Is Won bv.., Frosh So phs Hold Yearlings to Time Limit and then Wet Ankles in Waddle Through Underwood's Pond __ _ _ On l\ofonday, Oct . 18 , steps of the earnest stu den ts of Fl. I. State College were t ur n e d , not towrcrds L i p p itt H all as us u al, b u t i n t h e tHr eetio n of Under w o od 's P on d . l<Jven such an instit u tion as assem bly had to g'ive way to th e " F r o s h -·So ph" rope-pull. A l most the e ntire stu d e n t 'body anq fa c u lty w e r e p resent. At appr oxim a t e ly 3 : 3 0 . b o t h gripped the h eavy two-inch rope that hac1 been str etch ed a c r oss the pond . Coach I<::ean ey fi r e d his six-gu n i n th e air a co u p l e o f tim es to l e n d atmospher e t o t h e p r oc e e di n g and ev·erything b e ing r ead y, g a ve th e s ig nal f or the one -m i nute i n terval allo wed the contes t a ~ts t o dig hol es. T h is was su ppo sed to k eep t hem fro m ·slipping, Evidently t he · F r esh man t eam dug pre tty good ho l es. Coac h "'L'ootell co ul d be seen h i d i n g behin d a bush a n d watch i n g t he m i ddl e of the rope to mak e sur e t h at n o on e g·yp ped t h e m a n agem e nt, w h en Kea hey's gun wen t off. Bo t h teams s lid d own into t he p osi(Con t inu e d on page 4)

At the C~-E. Nleeting Chemists Outline Held Wednesday Plans for the Coming Season Engineering Feats, Nature's Interesting 1'alks on Chemistry; Experimental Work and Educational Movies on Temporary Program

about the origin of it, caused by hot Ince

ad d ressed




Si uta i n c h arge . liJlection of officers You heard of the perfectly awful a.nrl a p p oi n tme nt o f com m ittees con- Miami hurricane, didn't you? Yes, well stit ute d tlw prineipa l business of the Devine talked about that. He to l d P r of ess o r

i'rrea:T1~~",seent . -lP.~r:1p.

wus the vessel of the peop le who lived 600 B. C.; the next was that o f the Humans, who burned fat to secure their light; the whale oil lamp of our ltevolutionary fathers was also shown. Following the kerosene Freaks, Were So Explained lamv, J\'fr. \Vhite showed his audiThat a Co-ed Could Underence one of the first ten incandesstand cent bulbs. 'J'lve topic of Mr. White j)l"OVed .tny dear, you should have been (Continu ed on page 4) The C. TG. meeting, I mean. I ------~----------------~ was last vVednesday afternoon, i

'l'h e Chemica l Society of Rhode Is tan d 8 Ute Co ll ege h eld its l'irst meetthink . It was a purely speech meet .. ing o n Oeto be r· 19 th with P r esideni ing, bui. it was simply tremendous .

0ven ing.

vf tJH·--

tlw and cold air currents rushing together

m eeting a nd gave an histor ical resum e o f t h e p ast y e a r 's work. Fo.llowi n g th e p r ofesso r'<" tal k, Mur p hy, Ma t arese a n cl M cClea n were elect ed to t he Hp ea kers· committee. They will arra n g-e a s eries of lect u res to be g iven during th e year b y men well k n ow n in t h e ,: h emica l w o r l d . 'l'he mem b ersh i p c o m m ittee, co.rnposed of A lb r o , Blac kman, a n d Ha l -'

near some islancl. No, I can't think of it, but it reminded me of sugar. Oh yes, Porto Rico. vVell anyhow, this hurricane moved toward Miami and did such queer thin gs. ·why, honey, the vacuum at its center . lifted thee water of o n e end of a lake six feet. And it twisted the top of a building six inches. ' rhe bottom was t russed o r reinforced, or something, and re-

p i n , wil l e nd e a vo r t o h avE' ever y st u den t w h o is interes t ed in c h emistry, a men1b er o f t h e soc ie t y. In, th e n e a r f utur e a "get - to get her," i n c h a rge of lYlarch a n d a n d 'Vilcox, w i ll be h eld fo r t he purp ose of b ringing toget her a ll p ro s p ect ive memb ers a nd o utli n i ng t he p lans for the year. T h e s o c i e t y i n t<>nds to mak e this y e a r th e m o s t successful o f any since it s f o r m atio n . I n a ddition to l ectur E's upon u p -to - t h e-minute s ubjects, m ovi n g pictur es, s h ow ing some of t he mo st inte r esting processes, w i ll be presente c1. Th es e lectures and p ictur es w ill be f o r th e benefit o f ever yone in th e co mmunity,. and this opp ortunity is t a k en for th e i nvit ation of all .

mained firm. And then Howiesen spoke of his suminer c . E. V\rork , a n d he h at;.l learned the cutest little short cuts for doing things. P rof . \ Vebster told of a perfectly scrumptious bridge out west somewhere. It is susp e n ded by t hr ee feet cables fro rn two towers, which were b u ilt to sway 6 i n c h es in a wind stor m. And, my dear, I don't want you to re peat it, but h e said that the road b e d was cem e n t a n d as pha lt and was two feet thick. A n d the engin eers were so p a tient i n foun d ation work , s i n k ing those p erf ectly awfu l p ile th i ngs to gr-eat d e p ths. (Continu ed on Page 3 )


Mulcahey Elected President of the Phi Delta Society

Schedule of Plays Adopted; Suecessful Year Anticipated; Plenty of Material; Expe:rienced Actors in Cast --.-~-

The Phi Delta Dramatic Society met T uesday , Oct. 19, to arran g e several important matters. The main one was the election of a president. Miss Laura Murray, the vice p resident of the society, rapped th e gavel gently upo n the desk to c a ll the meeting to order. Since she is inexperienced at gavel banging·, it was not until after three attemp ts that she woke up smne of the P hi D e lta's dormant members . She explained th e business to be carried on and asl{ed t h e executive committee for nominees. To n< Mvlcahy w a s nominated and elected for the com " ing year 's p r esi dent . Last year's president-elect fa iled to return an.d his failure cau sed the new electi o n . A number of committees wer e e l ected for var io u s reasons . One was e l ected to arran ge a date for fu ture m eetings. T h is co mmittee was c o m (Continued on Page 3)


THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, OCT. 28, 1922 - - · - --- --- -



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the near future, f.·or he is undoubtedly .a ve ry interesting lecturer. . '.rh e l ecture of Mr. White may illus- ,

cff icial pub li cat :on of

·n. U. Opposes R.I.


'.rh e Junior A g gies, u n der the superviswn of Profe;;sor Marsh, t ook t r a te a' timely subject. Th e assemb ly t . "h , h d t w t • • a np to , . a se s o r e ar a es 1 last year had speakers from a ll sec- I:C 1 t 'l'h b h ngs o n. e oy s: w ere s own w h a t 'tions of New England and New Y. ork . 1 a rea 1 pomo 1ogy · p 1an t was . l'1k e,. as





They were well educated men fr om this farm eontains over 1 !1,0 00 apple walks of life- mi n ist ers , profes - trees so r s, ed ucators, and l aymen. Yet, .it

In a Country Meet A

I a ll

is safe to say that but one or two l eft Although the "Sop h s" went t h r u us with cheers and applause that has the water, th e y ·were hero es eno ugh been only acco rded ·to a national hero. in t he eyes of th eir f air damsels. W(T ldy hy t h e studen ts Of W h at co nst itutes a wonderful speech At supper last 'l'uesday ·the joyful R. I. S ta te College today? Is it the choi~;e of words? Or announeement w as r ead t h at each Te1~ m s of S ubs cr tption member of ·t h e Sophomore rope - p u ll O n<· yc•ar in arl va n ('<' .................................$2 .00 ;is it the know ledge or ·Wit imparted? Single eopi es ...... ··· · ··· .,..... ....... .............. .05 We have list ened to speakers of a ll wer e to be given a b o x o f h ome - made S !g r•e l ~La t en:e nts ]r-mtecl when space · choc olates . And better still . the perm it s . i'l (•sponsthHity for sam e not ela sse s . They have told u's words of a ssumPd by the naner. t • "So ph" Co-eds w ere A'Oi ng to do le :-: ulls <' r·ibr· r~ who <lo not rece ive their ;,w isd om that have seem e d endless. Othout the sweets in per son. What a p aper .t· eg u arl.y ar c• re~1 uesteJ to n otify 1 • • . • th" fhrs ' nc•s s 1\<Tana.c;•·r. 1 ers have told us JOkes tha.t have nvhappy bunch c o ll ected in fro n t o f aled an y. \;ve have but one conc lus~J o tice of Entry Davis Hall directly a f ter the s up per! Ar• r· c·ptnn t·r• for nuL ilin ~· at special rate ion. A ssembly has proved an Weal B ut noll e wer e disapp ointed- an d p os ta;.. e 1n·ov i dv<l for in Section no :J, A c t 1 place to make u p f .o r lost sleep of dc t oJ)er ;:, 19 17, Au t hori z ed January · . · each lad was seen walking acr o ss 1 .. , 1.!1 \D . . We do not profess to be a judge on t he c.a mpus w it h a .la rge sm ile on · !Yl em bc r of th e Eastern lntercollegrate · Ne ws pap e r A s ~ociation spea kers. No r do we intend on c lass - his face and a box of sweets under ing our lecturers . Howev er, if it is his arm. J<:<tiltir-in-Chief humor a nd w i t w hic h th e stu dents A l b et' t L. Hiller, '2 7 want,. t h e n let them have it . As Mr. "Rho clly's" football s q u ad were J' t a uag·ing; Editor \\ ' h ite to ld u s, "Work m u st be mix ed given quite a s e nd- o ff Friday evening \\'a lte r" T. ·siuta, '27 with p lay, and tha t is why I have t hus o n t he advent o f t h e i r dep a r t u re to Bu,;incss Manager s p o ken this· evening." It seems that New York. This constitu ted an open Jl uss·e ll A. J:Dck loff, '2 7 th e speakers of the morrow will be rtir mass m eeti n g a ncl l e d b y C h arlie thos e who can address their audiences Hc•aton , the ehe ers " 11 il cl a ss songs ::\'e ws S taff intima tely. The public w ishes its l ee- were gi ven with ple nt y o f pep . B F' in e~ '28-Campus Ch a rles 'l'. Mill e r. ':!8-Ath letics tures to be lacking those flowery ex. · Have nnv o f yo u st u de nt s notie e d B e rn ice Gt·ieves , '2 7-I ntercollegia te p r esswns that seem to bel ong to V ir· · G eo rge H. A lexand e r , '27-Featu re t h e new e ommunity lawnm ower purg il , Socra tes an d ·shak espeare! l\Iiltlr e d L. Th o rn p s on, '2 7-Co-ed eh nRe<l b y om· f acu lty? Well, it's a - W . G. M . b r o w n colo.r e tl one wit h a wh it e N ews Board s trip e d shade. For the past week it l<Jth e l D. Hay , '27 M auric e H . Conn, ' 28 has conscientio usly nibbled the grass "WHAT PRICE GLORY" Ian J\l. \ V;tlker, '28 i n front of Pr o f e sso r T yl e r 's house . L illia n Blanding, '28 Th e co llege student's automob ile , T h e n this original A"ra s ;;-e utter moved Dav i d Fine , '2 9 William Mo luay, '29 a rl<. chari ot, or what hav e you, is over to Professors Ch u r c hill, ,;vildon M.ildr e d Wine, '2 9 r:r p idly becoming a problem of vital :rnd Marsh. in t h e ord er n am ed . ·wh e n Arthur :t.. S mith, '29, impo r·t:rnce at Rhod e Island State !ast seen il was h ea<led t oward s t he . Inn! C1ingTatulations . p ro f s .. we are R. I. CONGRATULATES C oll ege , J<Jvery hou se o n th e c amp us . ·; lad to se e th at o l'iginality is not

• F'


d' •

rem . on Ihon After The Brown Run - - - -v ic torio u s R h ode



state ('ross t' o u 11 t ry squad are out tQo t aekl e the s t r ong B ost o n University squ a d n ext Fr iday, O c t. 29. , Their v ic ton · over B rown to the tune of 1 8 -4 5 givt'H C o aeh T o otell a good d eal o f faith as to the outcome or


the race . ( \ t pt. Dring and Benny F ine t h e t w o veteran s, are o ut to b r ea;r t h e r· e t'(J!'(t o f 24 : 3 for the cours e a n d f r o m a ll indications th.e m ark shou ld f a ll.


T he n•st of thP s q uad will c ons ist Py k <, ~Z >tJ1(l [>' i ne . w ho finishe.d four t h a n d fift h i n t h P Brown b attl e ; M o ra.lly, w ho gav e lln ve l<'in e a t o u gh fi ght f o r fift h p lace ; Szulick <tnd Pillin~-:·. 'rh e add itio n of P i lling to th e Rt)uarl <'o nHlH' as a r esult of the t r·iaiH held <tfter the 13 r own m eet. in whi f'l1. l 'illi n g beat Kinney's time, a n rl s o is e ligible fot· the squ:u1. T h e la st tlual meet com es on Nov. 5th. w hen thP \V orcest e r Polytech t earn is tack l ed. O n Nov. 15



'l'h e Ht ud e n t s at Hho'de Island State h a s ~e ve•:a i vehicl Ps whic'h th~ ~tate D'> Hl'tl has mor e o r heRS unw rttlngly

h a ye bee n loud in thei r prai_ses of Har -

r<';.dsU•red as motor vPhides.

ry C. White , electrical expert, w h o lec-

V\Th e n


the s q u at! will le a ve fo r the N . I nterc o llegiate>< a.t 1\ o s t o n .


'vV ith fo ur le t t('!' men a lread y on the t E'am . Dr ing, B. l•'i ne. l' y koo.;z a nd D. J!'ine, t h t> o u tlo ok f o r th is sea ,wn e ert ainly tool'" >rr·omising- :LI1 d H.hody ea.n <'XJ r<'l't muc h f t·om l he luea l harr iP l' ~ .


E l eetio n time has eo m e o n ce more

· :~eldng . ;rt Hhr.H1 P l sla.J1(l State Col S o, breth ren, l et us sally leg e . . But, b y t he w ay , who t a kes I<'orth from c~m pus antl e la ssrooms q_JI .· ar!l of t hi s h o r·se w h en t he

>g t'H.RS


To h ear eaeh mig-h ty rally.

a.ppeoac h ed by a easua1 inquirer sev-! g·on e'? tured so wonderfully here in Kingston e l' al pro ud possessm·~ r•ow·..rle <l th:r : I I - · --·--l'la n s are bei ng arran g e d to ha;ve lab't week. Never in y ears have t h e t h e methq d of lo eomotion often con- ; of man ])()Wet'. At sever·h ! tb i ~ <"ollege broa.d cas t next Friday students bestowed such honors unto a sist.s s c• .hoo ls in this coun t r y co lleg iat'e from \Y.J A H reA"a rd i ng o u r Stat e visitor. Althoug h the speech of Mr. White "cans" have been ruled off the eol- Hontl iss u e. '!'h e• sp e a.l<PI' h a s not :vet was in no way in a class ';vith those t eg e gro unds. rrhis rathet·· Reve r e re- be e n c.hose n , but pr·o bab ly Dr. F::dof distinguished orators, it neverthe- . st rictive m eas ure was adopted whe n w.ards w ill rlo so rne ol' t h (' broa.d Jess possessed so much wit and orig- : th e flivve.r'R waxed my r iad in n u m- casting- . ( 'r r> dit f or· t h i~ PV Pnl m uHt inality that he drew t he repea t ed ap I>la use of .e ,·ery one Pl·esent.

T arry n<' W but a mo me nt and hear T h e Ho n orabl e D olittle Butt Shout, As in ra u cous voiee. h e bellows cleat· The fac t that again be's out. He's ou t for Congress, d o he's said :-(A n d apparently out of l u ck-and his' head !) An<l th o we list e n, H.H he r aves and ran ts, be g iven to M a uri C'E'. C orm, who haH done a ll th e a r: r·a ngi ng a.nd wo rk in To g et !tu ~· vo t e he h a sn't a chance.

b e r . N o t on ly did th<• appearance of th e ca mpus s u ffe r by t he i r presence

Ellectricity, as a rule, a ppeals to boys but the traffic sit u a.tion b e came this matter. Thru nuiio. a much al a rming. R a t h er than to , d iscr i m - la t·ge t· a udi ence \~• ill b e r each ed , and only- a nct ntH l o every one · of them. the eause of· Hhod c- 1sl anti S t a t e Col But last wee k 's lec ture was the one inate again st t he Lincolnett e owner , lege will b e n~ a d e l<ntJ'Wll th r u o 1Jt Repeated address that i;1 ter~est ed boys, profes- a ll cars we re prohi bjted. the entire eountr:v. sor.s , and co-·e ds. '.rhe entire assembly pr·otests on th e part of the student li/')tened l)ltt entively with zeal hereto - owners were of no A.nd don't forget t h e. Ag·gh' Bawl fore u ·n.l;:nown. T he s ituation at H.hode I sland is twxt Nl ond a:v ' It's goi n g t o he a s eae h b 'ig a.s ever, ·w ith a.'ll thP genui ne aJ.,As a 13peaker , Mr. 'White stands o ut b ee om ing rnore acute yearly, class see m ing ly being mosp here. '!'h e doughnu t s an d eid e r a s one of the foremo st in the electri- J.i'reshm ~1. n cal industry today . He possesses such mor e prosperous t han its predecE)s- are a lr eady on th e w ay . A ls o th anks k nowledge of h is trade that he is a sor , and the . fli vvers " increas ing a nd to Dr. lDd war·ds . t h e a~;se m bly for Monday will be calle d ofT. I m a gin e l e a ding fig ure w herever h e appears . mu ltip ly ing " i n eo n sequenee .

Ten listen a wh ile to I d ont G iva D amn , A s wit h t hund e rous voice he holds s w ay . He's a s i ndepend e nt a s any man O f po litical bo s s e s ( a n d bra i ns-w e 'll s a y !). But h e 's no t fltrm h -he's s imp ly dum.b er , In e veryday lif e he 's a, damn poor p lumber ! A n d tho we'll listen to him tal k, To vo t e for h i m is wh e r e we balk.

Sin ce he is end owed w ith k e e n wit , In v ie w of the isol a tion of our t h at , fellows ! N ow :vo u ean leave that makes him an ap pealin g· s p eak er, · co ll ege and the virtual impossibili- ea l'ly i n the afternoon an d bri ng your An d nex t w e h ear th e R e v erent Slirnm, h e is in great deman d to address a u - ties of t r avel withou t g r·ea t inciden- tootsie over with pl en t.:v o !' t'i m e to W h o want s t o s a ve u s f r om per dlcliences in a l i parts o f the country. We

t a l e xpense, unless th e stu dent pos -

s pare .

~~re'Jl b e the r·e ~


h ave liked his experiments with the s esses a car, it would b e exceedingly Th e "I<'rosh;;-~:;;;-~;:cou n try team A n d day and n ig ht h e'll work with vi m o f took a lacing from B row n y earlin gs, I<'o r laws to enfo r c e P r ohibitio n, e'l ectrie light, and we have equally ad - unJust to deprive the s tud e nts mir ed his "felt h a t act." But, topp ing I their only m e ans of rap id tr a nsit to Oet. 22, while the Vars it y ran awa y Th at. we no m or e t o camp u s and dorm all, was his vivid a n d clear description 1 a nd from their ho mes . w ith the Bears. Can eo rn e stagg-er ing- horne at early o f the s a d lif e of the late Charles St e i n· d rnentz. Long in the minds of Rho e Isl and stu dents will remain t h e story of t he pathetic arrival o f the young

In or der t h at sueh restrictive ' ! m easur es· b e f or estalled , it is insuch 1 e umb e nt upon the o w ners of ; ch ari ots that they c omply w i t h all


· · THOU SHALT NOT ·-- - - · (G. H. AA . )


German immigra nt . Never will they reoby the co ll ege, " uiatio. ns irnnosed "" forget tha t clear P icture of th e con- and a bove all, that the cars they use v e rsation between Mr. Steinmentz and·[ 'are properly equipped with lights, Mr. White. Both have been the best b rakes and warning signa ls . These po l'trayals we h ave ever heard: The bein g provided and with proper care members o:f th e Rhode Island Pur- o n t he part of t he driver s, the colcha sing Agents' Association is to be l eg e flivver may l ong contin u e to co m plimented for securing for u s such o sei ll a te a long Hur r icane Boulevard. a g reat speak er a s Mr. vVhite. ·we L o n g m ay they wave! -D. A. O' C . h o pe to have M r. White revisit us in

'":fh o \1 shalt not envy thy neigh bor' s w ife. " Oh, boy! I don't! "Thou shalt not envy ·t hy n e ig hb o r 's ox." Ye Gods! I won't! I envy not h is wife or his o x, But I do his assembly seat. l sit in fro nt, awa k e , awake-·while h e 's ' way b a ck, asleep !


dawn ; Oh S limm , y o ur s peech

does listen

well, But will we vot e f or y ou?-like Hell !


T he g_ C . S ocie t y w'as t reated to t alk on t h e Cons umption of Coal by G . A. Eddy , its presid ent. C u rrent to p i c s wer e di s e ussed aft e r t he presid en t' s talk. .

A t the University o f Bosto n one of the F r esh me n is 76 y e ars o ld . H e stat es he is not s ure jus t what car e er he wil l follow when he g rad u a tes .


THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, OCT. 28, 1922 -- - - - - - --

- - - ---------

- - - - --- ---- ---- - -- ----- --------

C. C. N.Y.-R.I.

Women's Athletic R. I. Defeats Brown Teams Picked for Association Holds · In X-Country Meet Varsity Debates First Meeting Locals Score Sixth Straight Hill Connecticut, Maine, and New General Plans for Year Discuss~ d

and Dale Victory Over Bears

At a reC' e n t meeting- of the Wom en' s ·J\ :thl.;,tic Association, Mrs. Keaney, h t ·w o was ·he speaker for the eve 'nin g, Olltlined the work which should he done . by t he organization during

Rhode Island's c ross-country team onened the season's program with a

(Co ntinued frorn P age l) no Jess than e l even first (]owns to H ho de Island's n one. From the very outset the "Whit e and Jllu p usually .il:i.c ked the pigsk in on their lirRt down. Th e half proved ;-1 repitition of the agony of the p r~viou s ses -

Hampshire on Schedule; Girls' Team Likely

The Var.s ity deb:tting teams are t0 sion. Eve n tho ugh Coach f'arker, have a very early season. All the de- of the winnel'Si l(ept sending in his sw eep i-n g victory over B rown whRn se condary foroes, the KingRt on tribe th ey outran their rivals on the home bates planned so far w i ll be over be f Cl · t o N b w as unab le to solve thPir t r o ub les_ cour~e last l<'ricl ay. The score of o re HI S mas. n ovem er 18 the Connecticut team, compos_e d of End runs featl,p:>ed. ·the year. One of the poin ts of great- 1 8-4!5 m ar ks the sixth straight v ic:Messrs. Barney, Cleg·g and Miller, wi ll 'l'h e p laying of Coach Keaney's esl interest to every one was her t ory that l:,ittle llhodv \'l as snatched 1 debate at Storrs. Th e regular trian - ! e larges was -t:he mo st discouraging s tatement that th e r e would be no Co - from the G ia nt Bears. The Kingston ·· gular debate wi ll be held on Decem- : m yea_rs. Having had wha.t proved etl bas ketlntll game with Co nnectic ut lads completely o utclass ed the Brown bel' 2. One Rhode Island t eam goes · to be ·an u nfortunat e cwa.Aon, Little· Aggie~ thiR year, A. decision which harriers, taking four out of the five to Main e to <lebu.te th ere on the ques - • '·'Hhody" ha.'l eneount<ered h eavy e l e had been reached be.eauRe of th e fact places po ssi l>l.e. Larry Dring , captain vens w hich have played <ex ceptiona.ll y lh at i· he a Rs odation of that college of the State team, was first to finish tion, "Reso lved, lhat the Constituticm well a JJ year. The surprise. of last b 'does not hf>long· to the large organ i - with Benny li'in e pressing him for a e amended to legaliz e the manu-, facture an d 15ale of li'-'·ht w ines a n•l t:aturday has c ulminated Home. yeo zatio n of the Athletic' AsRociation of c lose second. Dring's tim e of 24 rnin~ · r ~~ beer," (affir m ative sid e) , w hil e an- man work on the part of the entire N '- e w <, n g lanrl Coll eges, a s does that ut es, 7 seconds, for the 4 5-8 mile t w of Hl1cHle I sla nd. M co urse is within 3 second . s of the rec- oth er stays at home to debate New I . earn. it h the exc epti on of Captain · rs. Keaney parDick Ba,rber , "Bee n ey" 'vVa rde and 1 t ic:u i:H"l:V Rt-r essed t h e point t hat their ord by Bob Strong. Stephen Hall of 1 H a mpshire o n the negative side. 'l'l:l .e Kelly 'l'ownsen d, th e locals f ared n ot ruleR " n cl ,-e.g-nh1tions wer E' different Brown was t hi rd with Pykosz and D. i Ma ine in vading team is compos e d of so well. T hey were unabl e to so lve fr·nm ours. and we could not, th ere- li'ine of R. l. elos e on his heels. With :Messrs. Barney, C legg and Olss on . T he lhe ofren se of the New Yorke rs. fore. C'O mp ete 'With t hem , QlJt if Pos- only D r ing an d Benny l<'ine as a nu- : New Hampshire team is Messrs. AlexThe gam e a l l east showed up a sibl e w P w ill h:Jve <' onteRtR w ith other c leus, th e wearet·s of the -White an•l ; a nd er, Christopher and B. Fin e. Th e c.on1ing star , who ha.H don e \Vell all co lle,g-es whkh belong- to the asso- _- [ ~ ! ue te,"'rn- gave th e B r o\vn t·earn tl· :1eu· . ii alternates are Messrs. D . l'' ine an d seas on. Stevens, the pl ucky back , <1 ti o n. worst set-back of a ll . their other five l luckman. .l' t·uf C1lHu r Churchill is th e coac h. kicke d well dur·ing thi:,; <·un test . His A eonHid e rab le po rt ion of her talk encounters. I<Jvery one was in ho)ws been J."'uts ave r a..ged 4-G yard;-;, go ing i n was devoted to t he expla nation of ' of seeing· a elos e race, but no Brown This year a. new s.Ystem htJ.::; [ many 1nstan . ces more tha n half the \vba t good sportsmansh ip · means to . m a n exce][lt Hall s howed any running a dopted w hic-h is q uite different f r om l eng·th of th e fie ld . Steven>; has not tho se w ho b e long to t h e National ,- a bility. It was a c lean walk-away for tha t u sed b efo r e . For merly, each been o u tb o oted by any op po n ent ancl 1 A mat0 ur Athletic Federation of Am- Rh ody. s.peaker spoke t1-v ice, on c e in his m ain ._ . . , at·gum en t for e ig ht minutes, and once he bt dc Lau· to dev e lop into one of · ' enca. ThiR. organiza tion oullines the ! W it h a cold b reeze at their b ack s , t he b est - sl · h .,,h 0 d I ·e genera l pi:Jns Fm· Rl hl etiC'.R For co l- ! , in rebutta.! for tive. Now, each man plg _\.ill e as<e r H _-, .s · · Lh e t· unn ers wer e off. Capt. Dring -c>f . •. . I land h<J.s ever {1acL leg·e wom e n and favors intra-rhural H d. s peaks only un ce for frfteen m1n u t es, co nteRts, rat h e r th a n extra- mura l '_- · 1· · l ea In.g- on th e E x eter.R. oad. The part of w hich is in rebuttal at the pr•"'I'h e local elev en is h ard h it by Tl . · ·_ ' Mile Hill saw Benny Fine af'sume first m inor injuri es reeeive<l in p ast gam e s 1e c1eRirf' wa;; expre,-.;sed t h at t he p lace with five R . I. men followin•~- vious spea ker. and practices . Almost the enti re girls ~ l1oulrl be really interested in to s·et a r·a~. ·t This style is more d iO'ic ult as there aJI i'o rm s n f a th l etic,-.; rather than Dri ng an d l<'ine beg-an '" is no extra tim e "tllo wed to organize b .a ckfield is o ut. No game is being have mer e ly a p ass ive inte rest for pace nn th e North Road, a nd H a ll of Lh e rebuttal material, but it h as been boul;:ed for this week, Rince Coach Brow n was n ow in third place At th ° Kea ney is prepa rin g· to wind up everything but bas l>etba!I. as has been · '· · · - ·· used successfully in many of th e larg t he y ear with · wins over t h e e o ming th e prev:Ji!ing· sentim e nt in p a st years. brook, F'in e was still leading, but her'" N c olleges . r ivals, Worcester and Connecticut. It Next s pring· we llt'e to h ave a new D ring- developed a cle ver sprint to w\n .V\Tith the Varsity debates -o ut of is expected t hat all the inj ur ed f el· th e race in 24 minutes, 7 sec onds. ho clzey- field and l e t us Rh ow ou r the way so early, Prof. Ch urc h i ll has npprec-i:Jtion b~- l'lr·.tive enth usiasm. · 1 Both team s fini shed in the ,following signifi ed his w illingness to have a lows will h ave rec up erate d in time t o .,

_ .\<


---,- _

~o, __


. _ J_or~e~- : DriJ~~ (Cap t. ) 1-L I.; B. Fine: g irlsc debating- . teq,m, providing- they play in t hese t w o final g:J.mes.

PHI DELTA (Continued :from Page 1) posed of Miss Negu s and -Miss Perry.

: H. I.; Hall, Brown; P y kosz, R. I.; Tl. s how int e rest. All I ; M orally, H. I. ; S zulick , .l{. forming a d e bating F'ine, R. ... . I. ; Kinney, R. I. ; Maker, Litterick a ll ' see Prof. Chm·chill Drisco ll , Parson, Gauthier, ':f Brown. ; _________ _ ___ . SORORITIES ANNOUNCE ·- -

Ano ther eommittE'P r.on s is tingof Miss Murray. Miss steve ns, Miss Urquhart a nd "Bud" Perron was elected to investigate the National Dramatic Society in Ot'der that Phi t Delta might join the national or- : g'anization. !


~irls inter ested in "' team are aske d to

'l'he lineJ,IP: (J. N. l'. (211) R. Turb idy, le ____ __ ____ __ _______ _ C.

1- State

( 0)

le, Do nald Cl ark , It It, .\'Vard e l{os enb luth , lg l. g:, BarberDrieband, c. _____ c, conroy Halpern, 1·g rg:, _W alker ericn , rt rt, Ralston -ft<:>l3!1er, re r e, Blake R.a!lkin, qb qb, Reid .Barck man, Ill ___ ____ __ _____ _____ lh, Brown

at a n early date.

B'UI"ldi·ng Program -· · -_ · PLEDGEES I Outlined by I AIumni B-u et•Ill 11 0

Sigma Kap<pa pledgees: R uth Bishop, '30; Barba.r a Brand,

T w o topics. aeting and make- up, : ·ao; T<Jdith Littlefie ld , '3 0 ; Texas M- ac-~ Grads! Newssheet Gives Detail- Josephberg , rl1 __ r h , Stevens were discussed. The girls seemed Andrews, ' 30; Edith Parkinson, '30; ed List of Proposed Buildings Long·o, fb -- ----- .f b, Townsend esp ecially .int e rested in the latter. In Marion Pi c kney, '30; Hope Potter, '30; 1 - -· · -Heore by p eriods : reaehed s uch Chris tina Schmid t, '30; Gertrude The Alumni Bulletin of R l1ode Is- C. C. N. Y. 13 0' 1 3 3-29 f act,. tl)eir inter est great heightR that it bec ame c on- Sou l e, '30; Barbara Thompson, ' 30; land State College has published re- R. I. StEtte o · o 0 o~ 0 tagious, and when a vote ·was tal{en Mary Eliza beth ·waorl, '30; Doris Wor-1 cent!~ t~e P_roposed bu~lding p r ogram 'l'ou clldowns: Raskin 2 Hosner, concerning t he adoption of these m e ll, '30. : of _thls mstltutwn, whlCh may .prove' J osephber g; Po ints after touc hdown : two forms of dr\unatics it was una n- l Chi Omog-a pled g ees: of m~erest to the stude~ts. It glVes a Rasll:in 2; goal from field: G-olc1berg imously accepted. In the future these, Hope Merrill, ' 29; Kat herine Mac- I defimte idea of what IS to be done. (placement k ick). two co urses will b e pursuer! b :v t he , K ay, '30; Margery Mayhew, '30; Bar-[ 'l'he buildings proposed .are: , Sub s t _itutions : c. c. N. Y.-Goldberg clan of impers onators. bara Nichols, '3 0; Harri et V iall , ' 30; ~ Iilngineering building , stone f or Rosn er, Moder for Barckman, -MeDiscussions of a ll kinds flowed Esther ·worthington, '29. I front, brick rear _ ----$200,00:0 Aden for Cl ark, Lips tlz for Tctrbicly, fre ely and finally the topic of plays ~r11eta Delta Omicron pl e dgees: Furni~hing, apparatus and Pacl<er for Elt erich, Cohen for Lonfor the coming year was arrived a t. Gep(llla :Podge, '30; Doris Kenyon, /. equipment for same___ _____ ____ 45,000 go, Ca,ll for Drieband, Longo for It was decided to pick a temporary '30; Gertru-de Ki ngsl ey, '30; Alice ~rew, i:Library and auditorium ._____ _ 14 0,000 Co hen , Turbidy for Go ldbe r g, Iillterprogram of p lays . It is : Two Assem- '30 ; Alke Todd, '30; Irene Walling-, !'Gymnasium and drill h a lL __ ___ _ 100,000 ieh fo1 · Packer, Clark for McAden, hly pl'ays, one May pl!'l.Y Rnd o n e '30 . f Addition to pow er plan t.___ ___ 10, 000 Rosner for Li p sitz, Bo )mt for . Longer, .Tti n ior Week play. - - - -- - - ---i Remodeling Lippitt H a ll for Pacl<er for l);ltex•ieh, Barl>ma n for







-8:30 slowly approaenecl, and the E. MEETING I classrooms ------- ---- -------------ao,ooo Mpd e:r, Lipsi t z fo r 'l'urbidy, Moder for cha ir1nan noticed the s l eepy lo oks - -- - Men's dormitorY---··75 ,000 Josephberg; R. I. Sta te; Gannon for 1 op the faces of th e eo-eels, who are· (Co ntinued from pag e 1 l Quite an inspiring outlin e, is it not? Ralsto n , Ham mett for Donald, Donald used to being in bed at 8 o'clock. 'l'he me eting r an over a n hour, a nd- What an improvement it will make to fo r Stevens, Ste vens for Brown, HurSpe c heerf ully adjourned t h e meet- the CUflning l ittle Soph E. E. section, I' Rhode Island State College ! Well, . w~tz fo r Reid, Ralston for Gannon, · surveying, ·then, s.t udeilts, let's- get h"'~ Ck o.f 1.t wr'th- Doy ]e for R a lston. ing ; far be it fro111 her to keep her sch(ld u l ed for camp us ' which th ey knew w oul d be postponed J . . Referee W. T. 'l'ewhill Brown · · ·. v1m. -Are y ou working your h ardest . ' ' f qllowers from their beauty sleep. because of the ram , waited outside the ,. _ . . ump1re . E. Craig, Col umbia · hea d ' 1or th e bona 1ssue? Now 1s the tlme after the . llmesman Ralph R. White Ru tgers · 'l'he Senior Hom e Ees entertained door until seven minute,s . to put 111 extra hard work to s h ove . . ' ' Well, I I . . t nn e of p eriods. 15 minutes. the new faculty members at the h our, and then cl1spersed 'th th h i d _ 1 over _ th e 1ssues at election day vote e a r resser, HO - - - -- - - -Home M'.an agemen t House l< ~o t a d a t e Wl FOOTBALL SCORES 'l'hursd ay. On the fo llowing day the g ood luck An d s ay, if yo u see any big for Rhode Isla nd. We want an . end ors-ement from yo u people of t his women stu dents w e re fe aste d at the of t h e ".Frosh, " tell them they are we!·· · · ·· · Rhode Island 0, C. C. N . Y. 29 . "H. M. H ." come to all c. E. meetings . state that w ill settle definitely the fu' tu re of th is colleg-e. Th at f uture must :Brown 7, ·Yale o. is '',be one of progress, not d ecadence. The College Class y Orch estra A writer in Columbia's "Spectat or" N ew Hampshire 14, Sprin g fi eld 2 4 . dec lares that only the Freshman who p lanning f or 'anqt her bePefit d a nce !Once again, men and w omen of Rhode _- Worcester Tech 0, Mass. Aggies 7.





up for his rights \Nh e n a Soph- to be held in the near futur e. At As- v-Island Sta te College, l~;t's m ake a o rp.ore hazes, is worth whil e, and t hat sem blies it has be.en cl oing exce p" 1united e1'1'ort and. change " Little Rhohe is the salt of the earth. tl o n ally well . J ely" into "Growning Rhody." st~ncls


Maine 33, Bates 0. C onn. Aggies 3 4, Trinity 0. Lowell Textile 1 3, M. I. T. 0.




At the end of eig·ht minutes there w ere four "Sophs" in the water a n d at ten minu tes, when the last g un w a s fi red, t here were six of t he team wet. This constituted a d efeat according to the traditions and du stoms of Rhode I sland and the " Sophs" romped gayly through th e "Slough · of Des pond ." lVI.em bers of the "S oph" team were : Captain L e clward , Thomas Halpi n , ·william Caulfield, Norton Van Dembro ws k i , 'William ]!'leming, Clarenc E' Graham, I•'rank lyn Pott er, Gl a dding Jo hnso n, C layton Jones, Arth ur Ke v orkian, A r t hur Smit h, Fred vVe bber , Henry A rmbrust , Jo h n Chapman, \•VilUarn 'I'rumbu ll, .Tam es J ohns ton, Lau r e nce Dunn, Haro ld Gu rla ck , A l len E rnst and Ka rl And e rberg. rr h e u}l-,rosh" tean1 vvas composed of: Capta in .Jo h n L a zerare k, P hil ip Lenz, Martin McC lue, \ Villiam S rnith, Eel ward Long, Cla r e nc e Hoxie, J·ose ph M ucc in o, N icho las Famig hetti ,

Men's Student Council Elects Officers Positions on Governing Body Filled by Men from Four Classes; Various Committees Chosen The Men's Student Council con v ened for the first ti me this year a t seven o ' c l ock last Thursday. The p u r post was to e lect office rs f o r the ens u ing year. The meeting was op e ned w it h Ray mond Perron, president for the past y ear, in th e c hair. The f oll owin g officers were e lect ed: James Do nald , president; Kenneth C . Brown, vice preside n t; Harry Ormhur st, trea s urer. The freshman who is elected to the Council wi ll ho ld the office of secl'f• tary . Committee c h a ir m en were e l ected as f o llows: Activities commltt ee, Elvi n Hendricks; a thletic committee, Jo hn D roitcour; c o llege im provement committee, Samuel EJng-

Jo seph C iccone, Victor· Lindstrom, Donald D avids on , IDrnes t Kane lakos, El lmer Daven po r t , F'ran k Lee, Joseph Davis, Jack Doy le, George Davis, J O'H L t R · dahl; j udiciary c om m ittee, Jam<>s ames · are . es er o bm><o n and Do nald; s ocial activ ities comm ittee, John H e n ders on . Raymond Perron. _________

Jack Tennant w a s secretary pro "THE AGGIE BAWL" t em f or t h e m eeting . ( C ont!r"ued from page 1) The constitutio n was read to the C ouncil a nd t he president was given \have t o worry whether that soft ci der power t o appoint a p ermanent c om mittee of three to c on sider revisions in it. One .of t he most impor tant changes nec essary at pres ent is t h e

s tain is goin g to be permane n t or not, because at t he Aggie Bawl, the idea is t o come dresood as H yo u were a rube or "ar ub e tte -rio, that' s not the

article naming fifteen as a q u orum I word- a rube or a rub ino -no, that's f or a me et ing . T his r ule was made ['not right, either . Well, a n yway, just wh en th ere were co -e el re pr es ent a - :come, never mind the cloth e s. 'J:he tives on t he Coun c il. As there are main thing is to be there a nd enjoy only fifteen members at present t his yourselves .. will have to be am ended . • '1~ hi s y ear t he Ag gie Bawl Cornmit Mr. Perron suggested that the com-,1t ee has arranged a mean progra1n. m it tee be mor. e . active. th is year than :They have secured Hardy's Orchestra they hav e been m the p ast. of Worcester to furnish the music . .



Anyone who was present a t the festivities last year w ill whisper gently, "'Nuf s ed , I'll b e there ." Har dy's ten-

about cutting classes. Furthermore, the office announces that there will be no assembly Monday afternoon of the Bawl. ThiS' g ives everyone a ch ance to travel after his oeloved o n e, if such a th ing is necessary. Besides; the Aggies have a few surprises in store for t h e g uests, and .want to fix the hall up in tip -top shape. l'rograms can be secured from Ole Harrington or Rube Brightman. Tickets w ill be two doilars and fifty cents

of a lead pencil, was exhib ited; this bulb is now used in surgical opera tiona. 'l' here wer e d emonstrat ed a few experiments with the violet ray . Ho l ding to a stream of this light, Mr . ''Thite was a bl e to present many unique . stu nts. He lit a b ulb upon his nose, head and back. !-Ie also ha d a t r ou p e of boys c onn ect ed with . their hands, a bulb being p laced in ' between: every other fellow. All lamps lit when t he f irst stu n t was per couple Fair enough, by h eck! · · allowed to have electricity pass The committee in charge consists , through his body. These lamps were of Noe l Smith , chairman and presid ent I of all sorts of co l ors~b lu e, red , purof the Agg-ie C lub; Decorations, "Ike" ple a n d gray. " Ta lk er, "Harry" Knowles, " Al" Wore 'l'o cap the eveni ng 's tre'at, Mr . dell ; Music, " Chas." H eaton : Refres h\\Thite presented t ricks with a cir 1n e nts, Be n F i ne anp._ ~ave Fine; F,ic u lar f e lt cloth that sent the audi n a nces, "Ole" Harringto n and "Rube" e nce into an uproar . Besi des being B rig htman ; Patrons and Patroness es, a ble to s t yle his impr ovised "hat " C. Faunce; Floor, Ed Erickso n; Lights, into that of a Salvation A rmy lassie "AI " Hopkins. he i m itated th e c'ap s of Georg e vVashingto11, N apoleon , t h e Roman s, HARRY C. WHITE TALKS firem en and a host of others. This ___ _ trick illustrat ed the th em e of M r. (Contin ued fro m Pag;e 1) very inte resting . Durin g· the c ourse White 's addt'ess. Th e felt, a mer e b it of a c loth, proved nothing unusual of his Ion.c;, educationa l address h e to the audience . However, when s tressed the f act that "th e inirenti ons mo l d ed int o shap es by t he ligh t of today a re the r esult of years of 'touch of the hand, it resembl ed all ex]J eriments to im prove ou r social kinds of he'adgear. Our electrical life . The e lectri c bu lb c•.ontains some wonders today, likewise , a re th e rewo ocl, meta l and sand--w hi c h , when suit of exper iments, proving of litcarefully mold e d tog ether , g ives. us tie worth u ntil it has been devel this wond erful light ." 'rh e audience opecl to ren der service . s ho wed k een int eres t in seeing bulbs '!'his remarkable lecture was of a ll sizes and m akes . T he world's c l oserl w ith a m ost d e s cr ip tive s to ry hu·gest la mp, ove r 20 inch es in of hi s intimate c onversations w ith h e igh t, wus pr e:o;ented bef o ee al L the w orld's greatest e lectrical This huge bulb eunsu m es 3 0,000 ge nius , the late Charle s Steinmentz. watts, requir·in g n p ote nt ial of 110 Des c ribing vividly t he ear ly life of vo lts at 270 a mp ere><. thus g·iv ing this great invent or-his pathetic ara light equivalent tu 'I 25,0 00 can-~ rival in Am erica a nd la ter hard dies . A pie ce of rmp er he l d two J'eet ships at his lab oratory- Mr . W hite <eway fro m tl1is lam p w hE'n lig hted mentioned his var ious meetings with will burn imm e di ately . A contrast Mr . Steinrnen tz at h is r o om in the .was th en sh ow n . T he wu rld 's sm all - General EJlect r!c Company, Sch e nec est lamp , mere ly t h E' size u f the tip tady, N. Y .

(Continu ed from Page 1) tion , repu ted to be best b y a ll ex- piece jazz band is one s nappy tea m ponents of th e a r t of r ope p ulling . 'and they're putting on quite a few The rope rose s l owly and dripp ing 'novelt y s urprises next l\1onday night . from the muck of t he pond . Coach Then ·there w ill be prizes awar ded Duckwor t h, t he :B'resh man mellltor, 'for the best costum es at the Bawl. raised a fl ag t o give h is charg·es the ·O ne p r ize ·to the best costumed male , s ignal to pulL The Sophomore coach, and one prize to the best costumed DeBu cci, d id likewise-and th e n the girl. C ompetition is bound to be keen, ' rope br ok e There was a wilcl con- ladies a nd gentle m en , so if you want to fus ion fo r a mome nt, but 1t becam e l,walk off with the Brown Derby, wear q u ieter a fter awhil e ,. a nd a c ouncil of ,a s n a ppy outfit . war was h eld . B oth t eams decid ed · The Baw l c o m m e nces at 8 o'clock t o stop pullin g . until the rope was ~ and lasts 'till one, b u t •ruesday is a :>plice_d. The Freshmen were op.posed 1 - -. , to tlus a t fir st, but s oo·n gave m . .r 1 The rope was tied and the coach' s six-shooter went off again . The J<'resh rne n b egan to move t oward th e Browning King & Co. water but soon rallied und"'r the frantic exhortatio n s of D uckworth . De Providence, R. I. Bucci's sta lwarts had t h eir bes t c h ance at t his stage o f the " pull," b ut were u n abl e t o take advantage of it. A f t e r that, th e "Sophs" began EJ stablished 1847 to give in s lowly and uncertainly. Manufacturers· of It h as been r u more d that this was SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, on a cc ount of h avin g so m u c h t o p u ll AND B UILDERS' FINISH on t he other end o f the rope. . 1153-1155 Westminster Street


Life Insurance-john Hancock John Hancock -Life Insurance That connection works either "'"Y in good heads.

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Collegiate Clothes




to Mothers-Ours Is Best"

Tel. 467J-2

Students' Sundries


""='"""===="'-"'""'"==,~ - =-"====·-====""""""'="""========""""""'==,;,,-=="""=-,-=m"'-"'""'"IIG..

HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High Schoool Work

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400

For further information, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

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