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VOL. XXI. NO. 29.


Co-eds Present ·Middlebury Falls Orchestra A\Vards .A.rmy Inspection Pleases Officers Charming May Keys to Members In Pitching Duel Day Pageant Draghetti Allows But Three First Annual Banquet Marked R. 0 . T. C. Inspection Fares Hits; Visitors Make Last Inning· :Rally; Infield Plays Stellar Game I R h ode



Well; Banquet Follows in EveMiss Doris Urquhart Chosen ning Queen of May; Many Visitors Tensh un ! Specsh un arms! The Present from High Schools of d a y cam e and passed before we the State; Dr. Edwards realized it was upon U'i'. The an nual Speaks

with 13uccess; Organization to Seek Faculty Aid The





t he


wo n Rhode I sland State College Orch estra , . . was held last Thursday evening in :its seventh game of the sea;;o n bJ ·-defeating ·Middlebm·y College of Aggie B uilding. .T he first speaker of inspect ion of the R . 0 . T. C . unit the e v e ning: was Pt·of. .Ra lph E. w as a c omplete succe~s . according ·-vermo nt by the score· o f 3 to 2. beThe gam e was f eature d by a Brown , the present di r ector o f the t o Capt. C. G. Hammond, no t :p retty p itching duel betwee n .lJraghetti and Bossert, with D ra :ghetti c'apturing the h onors by com -

orchestra . l\fr . B row n g ave a h isto r y of t h e o r chestra and work dur i ng t h e p ast y ear. Cecil B rown, org·anizer of the

s hort of it5· Prof. orch-

Th e Senior ~ecirls and fac u lty memb er s of the leading- •High Sc hoo ls

cause of an honor w h i ch w e may of R ho de I sland were the guests o:f h ave w on , but b ecause of t h e ~atis - tl)e w o me n stude n ts last Saturday, faction of a w or k d on e t o t h e b est i th e o ccasion being the third ann u a l of ou r a b i. lit y; and consequ e n tly it I May D ay. The fi .t ·st - ,arrivals ca•m e

.: ing through in th e p inches. :Fast an d s ensat i o na l fie lding by e s t ra, t hen spo k e of t h e p ur pose o f wa s we ll d o n e . ear ly in t h e morning and fro m t h en ·. both t ea m s cut d own many hits . the o r ch est ra i n th is c ollege. . The pa.rade and review was car - I on interested g r o ups of sub-freshmen 011 111 .E ri ckson , Hurwitz and S orenso n T he mai·n s-et- b ack the local organ - ned custom ary good form, wer e seen v iewing the many p oints :mad e bann e r cat ches, which drew ization h as co nten ded w ith in past and the c l ass r e c itat ions were fairly of interest . upon om· C'lmpus. c.appl a use from the audience. T h e yea r s h as b een t he inability to secure successfu l , considering the amo u nt At 2 o'clock t he · ai feat e of of work covered. Howe ver, the most 1 m n ur .:game s t a rted f ast , Rhode Island propet· r ehearsal a d e q u acies. T his was d bl f t f th d 1 t he progr a m , the May Fete, was pre0 :c:going o ut in or.der in the first three very m u ch noted t he past year. An commen a e ea ure e ay i · was the squad drill which Inio·htl se nted . President Edwards a ddr ess.ed :innings. e ff ort w ill b e made to p resent a plea have p ut to sh ame ' t he "crack:d" the crow d , outlining t he advantages , In th e fourt h in ni n g B la .k e s in - to . the faculty to s ecu re facilit ies fo r m arines. . I a im s a nd r equir ements of Rho de I S··



.::gled to centerfield, stole seco nd bas e · d D tt ' ' · can d W')n t· t 0 tlnr o n rag 11 e 1 s tn ·field hit and s c ored on S t eve n s' 11 ;'f'we ·fl Y - t o occen t e r f" . Ie t · ·- -

n ext y ear . F r om a ll re p o rts the r e was a . land Sta t e Co llege. D u ring t he c o u r s-e of t h e banque t , I T h. e r e was _a h u.s h of silence a s th.· e ,p leasant a b sence of "b on e s." a s one a mid laug h ter and gaiety, a se t of til d t f D 1 . I· e. e.,d· ~· ~n:tig~t_ ~' s ow pr ocess. ton __ _e · . o_u __ o av..1.9 !~ sk _ :M e .,'' c.:as ~tn·e.Pare d· .. b·J'r sugge s.tin·g· t h at a . n ose b ·· · ·be · s topped by-· t y-i ng ·· a tou r n iqu et on Hall across t h e ro ad t o t he Q ueen'·s Rhody t all ied one more r un in t he Davi d F ine, .wa.s pres e n t ed to 'the one's n eck, o r calling a spl in t a t h ro ne, which had been erected in Of t he t hirty:.fifth inning . . Erickson doubled over m embers at large . bro k en bon e . Nevertheless, accord - ~ t he midst of the s h r ubbery near the ·third base . R inaldo hit to shot·t. th ree qu estions submitted, P rof. Cecil. i n g t o the number· of fin gers we sun dial. The procession was headed ;;Sore n son, in a n endea vo r to get. Brown answer e d thi rty - one , a nd saw exte nded a t 'one time the re a r e by two pages, the 1\iisses Lenno n and 1 Erickson a t the third hassock, hit t herefore ear ned his r ight to on e of four stoppage positions. · L . Han l ey , who were fo llowed b'Y Erickson w ith· the ball w hic h sca m - the prizes. Rain was the feature of the day, the Q u een, D o ris Urquhart , and t rain


::pered off th e fie ld . "·o n this play. T h e third ru n ·eighth inni ng . first base o n an reached first on

Erickson sc o rea

was sc o re d in th e D raghetti r eached e r r or. S teve n s a ls o an error, Dra ghetti

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:Phi Delta Plays Well at Wakefield "Junior Week Comedy Rec.eives Another Great Hand; Miss Murray Again Stars; Twentytwo New Members Admitted

Th e best o f is e s o f on t he

g-et -together was one of t he and Maj or Pa rker' s re fusal of a t h e year a n d it s howed· prom- mincoat dam p ened Ca p tain Carte:- 's b ei n g one of t h e h ead - li ne rs n ew u n iform. o rc hestra program next year . T he Office rs' Cl u b ban q u e t M a n T h e election of manager and a ssis t - day evening- i n S ou th Hall was a ant manager t ook place. Ro be r t T a l s tra t eg-ical success. T h e mints were bot was elected man ager and W i lliam t astefu lly decorated in red, white Mokray assistant manager. and blue, and cand les of t he same Prof. Ralp h Brown t hen presen ted color . showed the young· Napoleon s keys to the following members: Prof. the way t o go ho~e . Cecil Brown, Be t! jamin Fine, David Fi ne , Russel \ 'Vir·ketis, Joseph Sack, Cha t·les Easterbr oo k s, Rober t 'l'a l b o t, M a ynard F os t er, ·william M o kt·ay and P r of. R al ph Brown.

Essay Contest for Collegiate Readers

T h e s e k eys wer e t h e fir st o ne given by t h e orchestra . All m e mbe rs of t he orch estra who h ave p layed fo r at least two years are e lig ible to rece ive keys.

----Phi Delta gave a m ost successf u l · pres e ntation of "Tilly o f Bloomsbury" ·-at the Wakefield Opera H o use last Friday evening. The audience of "-ov er 500 was l ond in its approval of ' t he collegiate pro duction. l\fiss Laura Murray was as u sual the out stand i n g '.character of the pl ay. The antics of Bids to Be Given June 6; Proposal to Have Orchestra Pit Ian W a lker a s the comical " Sti ll''bo ttle" called for th a great deal of in New Auditorium :applause fro m t he c r owd, and v ieing As ye f. no th ing defini te has been •with him in humor was James Dow .. as "Ryla nds, " the awkward coun try done i n conjunctio n with t h e p ro posed

Building Plans Moving Fast

--c u rate. Thomas W ,r ight, the leading ·man, gave a n exce llent interpret a tion ~-of th e part o f "Richard Mai nwarin g," w hile Miss Mildr ed Negus int erpreted -well the chara cter of "Lady Marion Mainwaring ," the aristocratically in' clined mother . Miss Helen E . P eck, c oac h o f P hi :.Delta, deserves .mu ch p raise fo r t h e

b uilding p rogram h ere a t K i n gsto n . Bids for the contracts will be decided upon .June 6. It might intet:est the st udents t o kno w t h at it is pla nned t o h a ve an o rchest r a p it fo r t h e library a n d a u d!tor i um b u ildi n g. T h is w as suggeste d b y P r of. Ralph Bro w n , c o n duc tor of the s chool orc h estr a. Plans f o r t h is

' fine work s he h a s acc om p lis h e d with s tructure have not b ee n ; the club. .for final cons i deration .,

d rawn


bearer , E lizab eth M unster . F our s t at e ly lad ies -i n -waiting follow ed who were t h e MJss e s D imond, A rno l d, H ear n and M a crae . T he Queen was s eat ed upon her th rone and waited for t he dancers to 'appear . Fir st . c ame the Spanish d ancers, the Misses (Continued on page 4 )

Honor Roll Lists Seventy-Seven

Lawrence McClusky and A. Harry Stenholm Lead All With "Springboard" to Receive CritHig-h Averages ICISm of Public ; Contest to Th e Honor Roll fo r t he third quarClose July First

ter, as an nounced by the office last

New Y Ol;k - In t he opinion of the week, places L awrence F. McCluskey New York T im es, "Spl'i ngboat·d," by and A. Han-y Stenholm, Sophom ores, Robert Wo lf, popular · writer, is "the at t h e h ead of the list. Both earned b E;St c ollege n ovel yet wri tte n by an u n u s ua lly hig h g r a d es for t he last A m erican." Rathe r than to acce pt .te rm . th is c r iticis m . as final, t h e p u blis h inghouse of A lb e r t & C h arles Bo ni, Inc. , T ,lie re is another tie fo r seco nd of 6 6 F ifth Ave nu e, N ew Y o rk , is [ p lace . An t o nio :Matar ese , a Junior, conduct ing- an essay co n test to receiv e ' and Fra n l<lin P. P otter, a Soph omor e, t h e criticis m of t h e American pub lic. earned the same g r ades . Ben j a min F ine, a Jun ior, came· next in li ne , All essays m u s t be in the h a nd s c l ose ly followed by David Fine of the of the p u blishers by July 1, 1927 . S oph omor e class. Opinions may be eithei· in favorable The list is smaller than the last one or unfavorable form . An unusually j and the frequency o f F reshman names large numbel' of le tters h ave bee n re - , is less m a rked tha n in the previ ous ceived a nd i nte res t is h ig h. T h e list. T he So p hs po~;;sessed the gre ater j u dge w ill be H ey wo o d B r own, w e ll numb er, 21;· t h e Seniors had 2 0 ; The ann o u ncement k n own a uthor . F resh m e n 19 , and the Juniors 1 7. of the $1 5 0 pr ize w ill b e m ade Sep t. As yet t here h as been no ann o u n ce 1 5, 1 927. The publis h ers reserve t he m ent co n c ern ing t he schola,stic sta nd ·· righ t t o u se t h e winning e ssay f o r ing o f the f raternit ies, b ut no doubt ) their o wn p urposes. (Contin ued on pag· 3

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THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. 1., THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1927 --------- - - - - - - - - ------:---- - -


· "St op, Look and .L isten," conspicuously posted at every railroad!': crossing. Now, however, these signs are being removed, andf Terms of Subscr i ption Officoal Publication of One year in advance ................................ $2.00 replaced with t he single word "THINK!" Why? Because the· Sjngle copies................................................ .05 psychologists well know t he val ue of individual thought. "To act. Signed statements printed !When space is easy, to t hink is hard," said Goethe. Yes, but it is the man permits.- Responsibility for s.a;me not as- who· work s hard, has individual ideas, does not ·follow the wrong sumed by the paper. Subscribers who do not receive their road because it is easiest, that has the biggest chance for success. . paper regula-rly are requested to notify the Business Manager. We started to talk .about' final .exami.natio~s, and look .wher~­ Notice of Entry Acceptance for mailing a;t special rate our digression has lead us t o! But perhaps if we, as students,. provided for in Se.ction 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, Authorized .Janua.ry would learn to think, these examinations would hold no terror forus. We could confidently enter the examining room · associate13, 191'9. . Published weekly by the studentll of Member of the Eastern Intercollegiate past experience (faithfully acquired through long ~inter eve- Newspaper Association R. I. State College nings) with the present questions directly in front of us and EDITOR-IN -CHIEF write down our thoughts with little effort. Then perhap~ the· Benjamin Fine, ' 2 8 college authorities would take note of the excellent w'orkoperfo~med' . Managing Editor Business Manager by the students during examination week, deem them unneces--' Charles 'I'. M·iller, '28 Antoni-o A. Matarese, ' 2 8 sary, and pass an edict prohibiting final examinations! Just CONTRIBUTING EDITORS think of what might h appen if we would only learn how to think t Albert L. Hiller, '27 George H. Alexander, ' 27 B. F. Walter T. Siuta.· '27 Mildred L. Th ompson, ' 27 Ethel D. Hay ' 27 Bernice Gtieves, ' 27 ASSOCIATE BOARD I Ithe b~nquet of Tau . Kappa Alpha! . William G. 1\!(okray, '29 , Campus David Fine, ' 29 , Athleti-cs I 1 Here, mdef' d, 1s a fertile fie ld for fur- · Daniel A. O'Connor. ' 29. Feature Mildred Wine, ' 29, Intercollegiate · Mary A. Kelly, '2·9, Co-ed Arthur Z. Smith, ' 2Jl Alumni Editor I The Knocker Knocks Again 1 ther courageous action by the unf known friend of Rhode Island! - -- NEWS STAFF (Still Awaiting a Response) Once already he has acted thru the- · Edwin Olsson, ' 29 Abraham Goldstein_, '3 0 administration and convinced his sup-. Horace C. Kreinick, '30 Benjamin Mayhew, '30 To the Editor <>f The Beacon, Irvin H. Bornside, ' 30 Frances Wright, ' 30 porters that silence must be enforced -.Jarnefl Armstrong, '30 Herbert A. Rosefield , '30 Dear Sir: · Iupon th e "enemy" of the college. An.d,.. Margaret F. O'Connor., '29 Matthew E. Kearns, '30 , In the Junior Week issue of the 1 now, ~n the day of danger again, will. Donald Bunce, '2 9 B'USINESS DEPARTMENT Beacon I addressed :m open letter to I he not make another glorious and Allan Haskins, ' 2 9 ---··· ···----·--- Circulation Manag•;r an _unknown person of influ ence whose Iresplendent onslaught, and convince· A. Dean Hunter, '29 . ... ·-· ---·--·--· Advertising Manager obJectiOn to my appearance before the Senior·Class and our student body Henry Atmburst, '2 9 ··--------------- Subscription Manager student bodies in our High Schools of their fo lly in courting the fall of Theo dore Markoff, .' 3 0 carried weight enough with our pres- Rhode Island by granting me the· Martin P. McCue, ' 30 ide nt, to bring about the withdrawal privilege of addressing them? But of his approval of my appearance in his weapon must be Inore than a mud-the capacity of a representative of ball; his vantage point more worthy About this time of the y ear a young college man's fancy R. I. st~I te College. This issu e waR of honor than behind a tree in the turns to thoughts of final examinat ions. Within three or four distributed to .the Sub-Freshman pres- dark ; the battl e m"ust be open and weeks, grim, silent, t ense students, pen in h and, will march f ear- ent on that day. In my letter I re- fair . Let him use "the columns of" fully towards their judgment hour- in some cases, the first of I quest:d the identity of this person the Beaco n, thrust and parry here.. several such "hours." And when t he last bell has r ung, what I"outside of our own community," and with me in the op en; and then, if · will it all m ean ? asked that his objectio n, based upo n he emerge victorio us after a cleaa . . · I critical articles of mine which had S'truggle, no one, and least of all, Ir Many people, both inside of college and out, have entire y d appeared in the Beacon from time will refuse him the .respect and hon. wrong ideas of the t rue meaning of a college education. We o not come here to assimilate and swallow books of statistics and to ti me, be presented to the student or which few can accord him for hig,. body thru these columns in the in- fi · facts , as is commonly believed. Nor do we primarily foster a terest of all concerned, and in order rst victory. . G. H. ALEXANDER. . course in the art of memorizing. Yet this is the kind of training that I might make reply to the per. that many of the students irt colleges t oday are receiving. Often- son who seemed to feel that I was t imes one h ears the remark, "Well, now that I've passed the final d;-mgerous to the welfare of our colInterfraternity Track Meet exam I can throw my book . away and forg et all about English lege. Two weeks have elapsed, and Essayists." Meaning that the mere passing of a course is the sole the unknown friend of our college To the Editor of the Beacon, object of importance, t he only thing that matters. But, should has t hus far failed _ to rise to the Dear Sir: "get ting by" be the principal aim of our college education? Is occasion and unmask me to the stuIn the near future the fraternities:: the learning we receive of no greater val ue than merely the fact dent body as a man unworthy, and too Will clash in th eir final athletic conthat we have registered a passing grade? One week, one month, dang-erous to be intrusted to speak test of the year-the interfraternityor ·one year after the course has been taken, depending upon the to prospective students of R. I. in track meet. Now, this meet can be·· . st. udent, the subject matter. becomes vague, misty, foreign, and th e interest of the college. Mean- made bv fa th t t f t all the detailed symmetrical information becomes a mass of jumr e grea es ra ernitywhile, I wait patiently, but with wan- event of the season, I"f on1y one change-· ,. bled knowledge. . ing hope, that my friend who throws i s made in its regulation; namely, the, · · t·wn of track letter men fro =. This being true, what then, is t he value of a college educa- mud at t.he ind i'vi"dual fro· 1n behi" nd a e1l'mma t ion? College, primarily, should not teach facts, but should tree, under the fond delusion that competition. teach the students how to think. That is the big point, the main he is casting a rich offering upon the 1-. • ' 1 sys t em; th e s t u d en t w h o goes altars of R I., will awaken to the For the past two years this has not OuJ eC t of our presen t e d· ucat wna "th t 1 · h t th" k h t been done, and consequently the f .th · roug h our years Wl ou earnmg ow o 1n as no · re- thought that possibly he could do a · af- · · d a .t rue CO1'1ege e d ucat"IOn, fair has turned out to be merely a.. C~nve more noble •service by waging his post season practice meet for the var-Unfortunately, t here are many such students in our colleges; battle in the open, and before us all. sity men. students, who, parrot-fashion, recite their lines when given the The damage done by his first blow A repetition of this would not beproper cue, but· do. not broaden their intellect or mental -capacity in the dark was complete- the pos. by so doing. Whose fault is it-the student's or that ·of the ii¥- sibt!ity of my ad dressing the High very pleasing to the majority of stu·structor ? Perhaps the blame can be divided equally among both School grou ps is now past- to him ~~::\~ on the campus, and a change' sides. But it unquestionably is true that we have at present, belongs the gl orious victory; his fpebe heartily endorsed. Th~ . our co11·eges . 1n . w h' . d"Ivl"d· ua l an d· or1gma . . 1 th' courses 1n · Jch lh · m k"mg man has been splendidly vanquished ; coaches are to be thanked fo r t heiris <:urbed. The professor in charge conceives an ideal scholar to Rhode Island State College is safe efforts in the past, and their willi.ngbe the one WhO Can most accurately memorize his lecture notes. once more! To him belong the laur- ness to run it off this year; but, asThus, in this way, the student is penalized for thinking, and all els of the victor- but, ah!-we know it .is a fraternity affair, it seem.s very , individuality is suppress.ed. Perhaps this is one · reason why . not upon whose brow to place them !. reasonable to expect that this burden, w e hear so much about the present standardized mass production How mOd-<Jstly he has crept away should be removed from the coach's in colleges. One writer has compared our modern universities to from the plaudits of th<t admiring shoulaers and placed on those o•f the. a large factory: no matter in what condition the raw material throngs! As sil ently as .he came and fraternities. may be when it fin~t enters, the finished product is all alike. Of . fought, he has slipped away again Three years ago was the last time· 'course, .this is highly exaggerated, especially in the case of our into silent obscurity-and security ! t.hat non-track lettter men were alown college. But, nevertheless, there is more than a grain of We may only hope that he may some- lowed to compete, and the entire af-· t rut h in t he subject. No matter where the fault lies, the present- how learn, however, that the blow fak was a huge success. Let's rep.eatr day student does not put the proper emphasis UIJOn thinking that which felled his foeman was not To he cons.istent, the letter men s•hould! he should. It is a condition that the colleges and universities of f<l.tal ;. that t:he vanquished "enemy" be eliminated, for suc'h are th.e conthis country must correct, if t hey are to serve their true purpose. of R.h ode Island still lives; that he ditio-ns in -the :inter-fraternity basketThe man who l earns to t hink while at college has succeeded in has ·been selected to speak (and on hall tournament. attaining a valuable, life-long asset. No matter though he forgets a subject oi' his own. choosing) at the As long as it is a fraternity affair, the function of the angular cosine, or the date of Epictetus' birth, Senior Banquet; that he hag the hon- let the P.olygon, the Interfraternity if ,he has acquired the ability to t hink, to reason, to correlate or of beirrg selected to deliver the Council, run it and so please the rna. ,::;tuse and effect, he has secured a highly sufficient and satisfac- ad dress to the undergraduates at jority of students. tory f oundation. We are all familiar with the glaring signs, co mmenc~ment; that lie wm speak at D. R., '~7' ~ --~

The Open Forum

I 1






-------------------------------------------MIDDLEBURY. FALLs .· . .l''Frosh" Drop Tilt IN CLOSE BATTLE . T A . y I. o ·. ggte ear 1ngs (Continued from

going to t hird o n the play . McKe n z1e r eac h e d f ir st o n a f ie ld er's .ch o ice. D r a ghetti b ei ng p ic k e d off at t h ir d. Steve n s attempt ed' t o steal h om e, b u t was nipped at the plat e by Collins . Bill T r u m b u ll came . f' f h' b d' thr o u g h m me as IO I1 Y sen m g McK enzie h o m e with his ri ngi n g s i ngle to c en t er f i e ld .

turn to t h e game. B ut D r a g h etti n u t some sm o ke on th e ball a nd force d WiJ!is t o r oll o u t f o r t h e last p u tout of t h e g a me .

Rhode ][sland Blake lf __ Hurwitz l. b D ragh e tti p Stevens s.s M cKen zi e c .. . . Tru m b u ll 2b E r ic l{son 3b Townsend rf Rina ld o c f (a) Si u t a c f (b) Asher r f . 'l)ofals



3 4 2

0 0 0


4 2 2


0 0

0 0 0 0




Mi{l{il,elmcy ·

EJ . H a sseltine 1 b Sorens on ss . KeJly 2b Ande r s o n c f ... W . iHasse lt in e rf M a r c h If Collins 3b -· W ill is c . __ Bassert p -· Whittem ore p (c) P a lmer (d) R anzon i

ab 3 3 3 3 2 3 2 4

r 0

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

h pd a e 1 1 0 0 0 12 0 0 2 1 3 0 0 0 5 1 1 2 .1 1 5 2 0 1 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

0 0

0 0

0 0

To the Editor of The Beacon for t he T a kin g the m e m ber ship c oll ege g r oup s w ith in the stud e n t b ody , th e c oll ege office h<<S figu r e d sch o larsh ip a n d give a comparative t ab le b e lo w. T he period is that of t h e f b t M third q u a r t e r , r om. Fe ruary o ay, 1 927 .


M id d leb u ry t hre w the R h ode I sland c amp in to co n s t·ern a t ion in the nin t h innin g. W ith two o ut, D raghetti fa nne d Pal mer, p i nch hitter, but M c Ke n zie f ail ed to h o ld t h e b a ll and P a l mer reache d first b ase saf ely, M cKe n zi e ·m aking a p oor throw. Mid d le b u r y sent 'an o the r . p inc h hitter to bat f o r Ma r ch . Ranzon i , pinch h i tter, w o rked D raghetti fo r a wal k . C ollin s crash ed a r oari n g double d eep in to ce n ter fi e l d , scori ng both m en an d m a king mo st o f the f ans w ho w ere go i n g l\om e r e-

C~mpus Chuckles

•reacher (shaking George b y the arm): I believe the devil has ho ld Connecticut Wins 8-3; "Frosh" of you. Play 'Erratic BaH; Both T'e ams George: S-s--so-d-do L Ball Hard -Ex. ----Th e Connecticut f r eshman team One of our ardent campvs g<olfers o u t p laye d t he R . I. f reshmen in all says he turns his ball up side down to keep from topping it. -Ex. d epa r t m ents of t h e g 'l me and won easily by the score of 8 to 3. Theatre Chi: Did you know Mary M oo r e, R yan, S l ossberg and Goebel had the grippe? h it t h e ball savagely. The defensive Piker: You don't say. Did she get p layin g of the Connecticut freshmen the passwor d? st oo d o u t well. -Ex. Co nn e cticvt starte d the scoring in

page l)


t h e t hird fn n ing. Osterling reached fir st base o n an error. Mc~affery walk ed. A doub le steal was worked, b o t h m e n a d vancing. Tombari walked, fi llin g t he baees. Goebel singled, searin g Osterling. McCaffery score d on R yan's sa c ri fi ce h it. Rh o d e I s land came back with one r u n i n the last half of the third in-

An exam ination never shows how much you know. It always reveals how little you have learned. -Ex. Father ( sternly)~ what dO"' on, e~ this 60 mean on . your report card ? Son. (hr inno.cent tones): Don't k now Dad, unless that was the temper-

P ercentage Percent a ge of Failures of Memberin N u mber ship of the of Credits Group Car Carrie d by rying Con d i G r o up . tions acquired in Third Quar ter 1926-27. B e ta Nu E p si lo n 0 0 .8 1 4. 7 6 B eta P h i 2.87 16 ..6 6 j C amp u s Club 1 3.7 4 50 .0 0 7.83 36. 00 D e lt a A lpha P si 1 Delta Sigm a Epsilo n 9 .48 3 6 . 00 g .4 0 3 9. 28 I L a mbd a C hi Alp ha ~ P h i Sigrn a 7.63 37.5 0 1 Rh o I ota Kap pa 9.2 6 28. 0 0 8. 11 29.7 2 ;heta ,Ch i 10 .75 4 0 .00 Zeta I I Alpha So r orities 1 C hi O m ega 1. 6 8 8. 00 . Si.g ma Kappa 3.33 11. 7 6 T h eta D e lta Omicro n 2.24 6.• 25 2.70 Non-S orority 10.34 N o n- F' r ater nity M e n E ast H all 1 2.0 9 39.21 P r ivate Roo ms 7.02 25.71 T e fft H o u s e 6.5 0 3 3.33 F'rat e r nit ie s




ning. Kear ns singled, went to second ature of the room. o n a p assed ball, to third. on Lazer-Ex. ic k's sac r ifice an d scored on McCue'S' Now that spring is up.on us, a word I single t o left fi eld. I Co n nectic u t tallied a run in the of w.arning. Tho' love is blind, the ne.i ghbors are not. , fo urth < Sl ossberg tripled and Oster-Williamette Collegiate. lin g sen t hi m in on his sacrifice fly t o r ig h t fie l d. L u cy C. Tucker, Two e r r ors an d three hits were Regist rar . co nve rte d into two runs .in the fifth f o r C onnecticut.. Not satisfied with A survey made at Syracuse Univer fiv e r u n s, Connectic ut adde d three s ity s howe d that in "college bull ses~ m o r e t a l lies in the seventh on two I sions" t h e favorite discussion topics Kenneth Wright Named Secre-1 for men were "Women in General , · er ror s , t w o hits, two sacrifices and a tary-Treasurer; Four Mem- iI "Pr. o.h ib. iti-on p asse d b all. . ' " and "Choice of Careers'' I while those of women were ' 'The UnR ho d e Island freshmen .went on a hers Initiated i reliabilit y a n d Inconsistency of Men," b a tting r a m page in the ninth inning. Tau Kappa Alpha helCI its annual! "Moder ni s m ," an d "The Value of Col B ob er and Savage singled . Bober 1 Barney, .j l ege T raini ng ." sco red o n F laherty's single to left elections recently. Henry

Harney President Of Tau Kappa Alpha


6 27 1 5 1 --· __ ._JJ__e ld . Le ~~-se nt Savage "()Y_<?r_the plate w ith a n ift y s i ngl e t o center, and two h po a e r un s were ad d e d to Rhode Island's 0 1 0 0 0 s cor e . 1 1 4 1 0 2 2 2 0 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 Chi O mega held its annual birth0 1 0 0 2 1 d ay par t y at the chapter room on last 1

vars-it, _d ebater for ~he P_ast !'\YO y~a~-r-------.· - - - - - - - - - · was elected president; Kenneth Wright. also a star upon this year's tea·n1, was named secretary-treasurer. i

Pl:::ns for the banquet of this evening were completed at this sess1on. ! '£'hose who have been initiated into i Tau Kappa Alpha for debating this past year were: Kenneth Wright, Raymond Christopher, Benjamin Fine 0 6 1 0 T u esd ay evening. The entertainment and How(lrd Miller . 0 0 0 3 o pro v id e d prove d most enjoyable. The 1 0 0 2 o Sen i ors gave' an~using sketches on 1 0 0 0 o c o ll ege life, Virginia B roome recite d , HONOR ROLL ANNOUNCED 0 1 0 0 0 o I a n d t he u n d e r elassmen performed (Continued from page 1) stunts. th e interest is keen and a close standMa ny b eautif u l gif ts were r e.Tota ls ... 2 3 24 1 4 4 ing marks the first :few ·places. c e ived. M iss E·sther 'Sco re by innin gs: Worthington The list of honored students folw as in c h arge of t he party. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 lows: M id dle b u r y 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2-2 H. \'Vise Th e Home Economics Seniors were L. F. McCluskey R . I. St ate 0 0 0 1 0 0 x-3 A. H. Stenholm DiSano enter t aine d at a tea given in their A. A . Matarese T he s u m n 1a ry : R . H. Lee B. E. Nicho ls Tw o b a s e h it s-E r ickso n , C ollins. hono r by the members of the East F. P. 0. Potter C. E .. Maci{ay .stol'e n b a se-B lake. Sa c r i fic e hits- Gre·e n w ic h C ommunity Club last Fri-1 B. Fine . D. Fine 8'. Wright s o re n s o n, S t evenson 2, Kelly, Blake, d a y. T h is was given to show the ap-1· M . .J . O'Brie n c:t. Kingsley M e Ke.n zie. D o uble 'ip la ys--T rumb ull preciatlo n f e lt by the members for W. G. Johnson ED. Lucitte J. Robertson to St e ven s to Hury<dtz ; E r ickso n to the work aecom.plished by the girls, J. •J. Devine H. J. Northup · R. I. Depner Trumb ull to H urwitz, B a ses on balls un d e r th e supervision of Mrs. PepG. H. Alexander H. A . Droitcour -Dr agh etti 8, B pssert .2.. Str ike o uts p a rd , in t h e r efurnishings and re- H. M. Barney R. H. Leigh -Dragh etti 2, B ossert 3-. P assed dec o rati ng of t he Community House. V. Lennon B. C. Mayhew M. E. Peckham E. C. Ramsbo-ttom bali-McKe n zie . U mpires F innell N. W. Smith T h e m embers of Chi Omiga were J. B. Walker and. D evr o n . S. S. Epstein M. L. Thompson h oste sses a t a tea given for the subL. La Rock ( a) R a n f or T ownse nd in 7th. E. s. Williamson l'reshmen. a nd other May Day visitors I· II. J. Per ry R. A.. Eckloff (b) Ran fo r R inald o i n 7t h. L. M. Eldredge on Sat urd ay afternoon. Miss Annette G. A. Eddy ( c) Batted fo r W. Hasse lt ine E . in Hen sh a w was in charge of the tea. IV. S. Gratton '.9 th. M. O'Connor G. E. ArnoW (d) Batte d f or March in 9th .. J. W. Armstrong C hi O m ega held a very pleasing D. E .. Dyson M. Negus .M. E. Dimond dance last Saturd ay evening in L ip- C. J. Cloudman G. M. Dodge T h e latest Scot ch s t ory is of t h e p itt H a l l. T h e affair was nm in con- A. E. Peterson EJ. P. Grover R. M. Mokray fe llow w ho p urchased a b ox of candy junction with the movie, "You Never B. F . Turla H. E. Pearson for h is moth e r on M o thers' Day and Kno w Women," and d anci:ng was 'en- V. Broome L. E ..Murr ay W. SP'a detti .eharged it t o h e r accou nt at the s t or e j oyed u ntil l1: 30 o'c.lock. The Orig- M. Conn H. E. Willis in. w h ich he nta de the purchase. in a ! Collegians furnished the ·music. L. H. H e r sey S. Beardinelli I. E. \Valling G. H. Bowerman -Ex. T he p atr on s a n d patronesses consistC. Rogers J. M . Proitcour ed of P r-of. a n d M r s. !nee· and Miss C. K. Brown H. E. Gage "Look her e waiter, this cho:p i"· T uck e r . H . J. Eastwood A. Hopkins b u rned b lack !" S. Gluckman H. W . Magoon "Yes, sir, that's a m a r k of r e spect; E v en hls best friends wouldn't tell T. A. Halpin M. Mayhew .our h ead waiter d i e d yest e. r elay." . .I him, s o he flunked the examination. J . W. Heyherger W. G. Mokray 0. Lowe M. Scott -Escondido, ( Calif. ) T i mes-Advocate -Yellow Crab. W. J . Callaha n

With the Co ..eds.




The Graduating Seniors Are facing the question


NEXT" Some &j you are well fixed; you bave a family business to wor:c with. It will be to· your interest to think about the new develop· ment, Group Insurance, which will be a factor of increasing jmpor· tance in the relations of your business to its employees.

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~E~P:~ or·

80STOI'ol, M.t,55ACHUSI.TT5

197 Cla~endon St., Boston, Mass. If your policy bears the name John Hancock, it is safe and secure in every way •



Talbot and Bruce Score at Bowdoin

Alumni Notes

."Frosh" Runners Mississippi Relief Trip Conn. Aggies Fund Aided

Clesson H. Feild , '08 , is vice pre si den t . of the L . A. Hardin g Co nst r u c ti on Corp oratio n of B uffalo.

Maine Wins Meet with 24 ~ Points; Bruce F ouls with Throw of 157 Feet, 8 Inches,


Dr. Frederick s. ' Hamme tt, '11 , o f the W is t ar Institute of Anato my a n d i ~ ~::::r-: ::1 2 2' Biol og y, of P h ila de l p hia , h a s p u b li s hed - -- "Thyroi d A pp aratu s" a r ticl e s i n the Rho d e Islan d's prem ier athlet es J o ur n a l o f Bio l ogical Chemist r y f or "Came t hrou gh in good s hape a t the Apri L New E n g·land Int et'collegiat es last H · B · A lbro ' ' 11 ' P ·alm er A ve Sa t urday . Bob T.alb ot toolt first place · ., Fal . . . . . mo u t h, Mass., is ed itor and publishln t he b r oad .J ump With a magnificent . . er of th e. "Falm o u t h Enterprise ." He leap of 23 feet 1 'h inches. Th is is is chairman of t he C omm ittee o n M il1 Bob's b es t j ump and he dese1·v es muc h . itary Affa ir s in t he M a ssac hus etts


c r e d it for h is rem arkably fine s ho w ing in t h e face o f t h e stiff competitio n of t h e I n tercolleg ia t es. Bob Bruce, C oach T oo te li's pr o t eg e, garne red a thil'd place in th e hammer t h row. Bob's toss of 1 52 feet establis hed a n.ew co lle ge r e co rd. In his last throw Bt·uce let th e ir o n ba ll sail for a dis tance of 1 57 f e et 8 i nches, wh i~h wq u ld have tak en firs t place, but Bob ·overst e-pped out .

th e

lin e,


was ruled

M a i ne wo n t he meet w ith a tot a l

of 2 4 ~ p oints, j ust b eating out Bow-

doin w h o had 21 %, poin ts.

The rest

.pf t he teams i n order of ran k are: .M. I . T. , 21; Bos t o n C o llege, 20; Bates,

15 ; H:oly Cro ss, 13%; B rown, 8 ; N ew H ampshire, 8; Colby, 7 ; R. I. State, '7; Vermon t , 5; Vi'illia m s , 4; Bos.toh U niver sity , 3; M idd leb u ry, 3; Wes[eyan, 1%; M a ss. Aggies, 1. Bo·b T a lbo t p laced s econd in the i~Hl -yard s emi -fi nals, h ut did n ot ru n all ·h is: stre n gth f o r the broad j u mp. Lar r y Dring made a fi ne s ho w i ng i n

the mile ru n , b u t th e tim e of,.4: 2.2 was a little too f ast fo r t h e K i n gston star. W ith the sh o w i ng: t,h at the boys m ade at Bo wd o in, muc h can be expected Both f rom th em i n fu t u re m eets. T a.Ibot a n d Br uce are s la ted for the n ex t Olymp ic s, if they keep up their :fin e ·showing. P r o f~"W hy wer e you tar dy?" Cla u de- "Class began before I got there. "

The R I S C A lumni Bulletin ·came out t his week . A ll sen iors will h ear ab out t h is p a pe r-, w h ich c omes ·o u t every q u arte r , a n d will be u r ged to take it. I t always h as a good re ·v iew of events a t K i n gs to n a nd is ·w e ll illu str ated.

Good Food - Well Served

·wakefield Diner Main St.


Collegiate Clothes Browning King & Co. Providenee, R. I.

Cinder Stars Take Fourth Vict ory of Season; Slow Track Halts Fast Times ; Long Sets New "Frosh" Record in Discus

S tu dents here a t Sta t e C ollege co n ti'ib uted lib erally to t he M ississippi Flood Relie f Fund , as recen tly con-. d ucte d un der t he su pervisi on of Prof. I nc e of the faculty. As yet it is unknown exactly how Mindful of the s ev e ral defeats which the f r esh m e n hav e been handed b y m uc h h a s been r e ce ive d. the Connectic u t Aggie Class of '30, It is I'emembe r e d that t he F resh the " Frosh " track t eam went out man C lass donated $25 t o t his wort hy Thu rs day to d efeat th e Agg ie runners cause, a nd t his, to gether with dona ·tio n s by the v ariou's fraternities, by the score o f 79 - 56. I n spite of the s h o uld ri1ake an appr opria t e total. rain, a larg e crowd t urned out to wit -

Ho u se of Representativ es a n d cler lt ness t he m eeting of t h ese t w o r iy als.. L it tle B oy (j ust f inis hing p r aye rs) : of. t h e C o mmittee on 'l'ow n s. T h e wet track, caused by the rain, h ad And , Lor d , p lease m a.k e N a p o leon a _ __ _ / m11ch ,to do with preventing sever al . Russian. Be njamin Cohen, '13, is emp loy - reco r ds from being br oken .. It w as Moth er ( w hen h e bad f in ls.hed): 1 m ent m a n ag·e r of the Nationa l Sp un the fo u rth sti·aight victory for t h e Why did y o u say t hat, Son ? Silk Co mpan y , Inc ., o f N ew· Bedford . "F1'osh" trac ksters. L . B.: C a u s e that' s w h at I p u t on I n th e running eve nts R h ode I slan d my examination p a p er. 1 h ad a s lig·h t lead, b u t in the fi el d - selected .. events t hey inc r eased t h e ir lead t o The Texan lad h a d j u s t depo s ited such an exte nt t hat t here was no Eben G. · T o wn es, , 17 , is prac ticing doubt left i n the m i n d s of the spec- a nick el in a pub lic t e lep h one. t Op erator : "Nu m b er, please." la w in B roc k t on . H e is a gra duate of . ators as t o whic h was the su p e r i or T ex an : " N u m b e r , n othi n ', I wa n t the Boston U niv e r s ity Law Scho ol. team. Read was h ig h scorer for th e He is m a rried a h d has a fo u r -y ear - '·'Frosh" wit h fi1·s ts i n the 100 and by c h ewing gum ." - Exchan ge. old son. 220 -yard d ashes, and t hird in t h e N orman H . Borden , ' 1 5·, is c h e m ist w ith the King C hemical C ompany a nd liv es a t B o und B r o olr, N. J .


b r oad j ump for a t otal of e l eve n P rof.- "Can y o u give me the deripoin t s . The only · event i n which a vatio n of Auditoriu m?" l\'IA Y QUEEN CROWN E D clean up was made was in the s h ot P up il- " F r om A u d io , t o hear; a n d (Co n tinued fro m page 1) p u t . L ong, S uter a n d Slavitsky took T a u r u s, b u ll; a place w here- " 1\'l. 'l' h om pso n , F r iery, C u rtis a n d G ri t first, second and thir d in t h is event P r of- "Th a t w ill do , t hat will do." fit h , i n t h e g ay a ttire of t heir native for Rhode I sland . L ong als o took fi r s t 1 Y ou c a n c ut clas ses. i n c o rrespo ndc ou ntry . 'l'hey dan ced , and th en r e in t h e d isc us w ith a record - b reaking / e n ce s chool by m a ilin g e m pty envetired to giv e p lace t o th e Fren c h throw o f 1 06 feet, 7 inches. S ut er lopes. dancers: t he Misses L ewis, - Exc han ge. of 13 4 feet, 8 'h inc h es. dal.l, Wilc ox a nd Bowe 1·m a n , who were · Groat of Co n nectic ut was the h ig h vidson, R: I. D ista nee- 118, 4%, i n t urn rep la c e d by t h e f oUI' Dut c h · h s co r e r of t h e m ee t w ith a firs t in the m e es. d ancers, the Misses E. Vi' o od , K elly, l ow h u rd les, second in t h e and D iscus--Won by L ong , R. I. ; sec 100 Ram sbo tto m a nd G r a m e ls b ac h . Next . 0-yard dash es an d b d . f o nd , H awki ns, C .; third , Johnson, R. 22 roa JUmp, or I. Distan ce- 1 06 fe et , 7 i n c he s . upon . t h e s tage a ppeared t h e Ma.y a total of l 4 p oints. J avelin-Won b y Suter , R . r. ; secPole d a n cer s , attired as Scottish la s ond, H awkins, c.; t hird,. Strong c. Dissies: t h .e Mi sse.s B. Th o mps_o n , M a y· The sum m nxy: ta nce-134 feet, 8 'h inc hes. h e w , N ich ols , Ebhltt, B ishop, Ca!I a nd, Mile ru n - Won b y Bottomley, C.; H igh jum p-Won b y LenZc, R. I. ; s eco n d , Bean, H. I. ;. th ir d , Vibber , C . a nd Johnson,. R . I., tied f or fir st;, N yb l o m, K enyon , Snell, P in cjmey, Ti me, 4:52. 1. t h ird , Strong c. Five f.e et, 2 i nche s . W ill iam so n , H. Willis, J . W illis, Me 44 0-yar d r un- Won by GobeiUe, R. Pole vau lt -Won by D roi tcour, R. A ndre w s , W a lling, L ittle fiel d , Schmidt I. ; s econd, K elsey, C .; t h i rd , Ko p p el · L; s e c o nd , Lee , R. I.; B u c k n e r, C.; man, R . I. T ime 55 .1s . tied fo r sec ond. Heigb t- 1 0 fee t. and V iwll. 100 -yar d d a s h - Won by Read, R . B road dJ=Gt}- W on b yh ' A'dnderson, Lastly came th e American d a n cers, R d R. R !. ; second, Go r<tt . C.; third, And erson, I. ; sec on • roat · ; t rr , ·ea , · . each carryi J1g scarf::J of diff eren t c o l - R. I. T im e 10 .5s. I. Djstan c e- 19 feet , 7 %, inches. ors to repre s ent d iffere n t c o ll eges: 120 -y a r d high h urdles-:-Won by ·Miss Hu m es, Vassar ; M iss Hop e, Flo Howes, ·R. I . ; secon d , MacF a rlane , R. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - r ida Woma n's Co llege ; M iss M.errill, 1. ; th ird , G eissle r , C . Tirqe 1 7 .5s. T w o - m ile ru n-Won by B ottomley, University of Il lino is ; M iss 1\ll. W oo d, C . ; second, G lover, R. I.; thil:d, Vib Well esl ey; M iss We ll ~ . P em b r oke; ber, C . T ime 11.32 s. M iss H e ns h a w , Mic higan State Col880 -ya r d -W o n b y E mm ons, C.; lege; M iss I:.ucette, \ ¥ il so n C ollege; seco n d, Kelsey, C.; third, H e rsey, R. Miss B l a ndi ng , E l m ir a; M iss Ha<Y, I. Time-2 : 10 .9. 220 -yard-W on b y, R . I.; sec Svvee t Briar , a n d M iss Bro o me , Rh o de ond. G r oa t , C.; third , Gob e ille , R . I. Island Stat e C oll ege. T he latter at Tim e -24 .1s. 220 l ow hu rd les- Won by Gorat, C.; th e c lose of t h e dance did a s ol o be fqre th e Quee n , wlio cro wned her a second , Geissl er , C. ; third , Powe ll, R. I. T hn e-29 .2s . Ptincess of t h e May . T h e n t h e w h o le Shot put-Won by Long, R. I., secprocessio n filed o ut once more. nnd, S u t er, R. I.; thir<'l, Slavitsky, R . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - · • • • • • • • .1 Zf=Ffff f=Ff =Ff =F=F=F=F=F=F=F=F=Ff=Ff f =Ff=i' The May .Da y p age ant w a s in c harge 1. D ist ance~4 0 fee t , 11 %, i n c hes. Ham m er t h r ow-Won by P hillip s , J of Mts. K ean y and t he co s tuming was C.: second, Capucilli, R. I.; ~hird, D adone by Mrs. P e ppard. T h ey are Established 1.84 7 b o th t o be c o ngratulated u p on t h e MOVIES




In the Spring

A Y oung Man's Fancy Turns to

Bower 's Short Cakes


h u ge s ucces-s of t h e w h o le affair . Music June 4- "Let It Rain," witb Doug · for the pagea nt · was f urnished by las M acLean . M iss G a g e at the p lano a .n d 1\!Ir. M ar - [·· ·.J un ···e 11 " D i p lm n acy," :w:it b. caccio, v io linist. B la n che S w e et a n d A r lette Marchal.

Hanafacturers ot SASH, DOOM, BLINDS, AND BUILDERS' FINISH lUI-1166 Westm1n8ter Street

RHOD.E ISLAND STATE COLLEGE HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agrieultur:e, Applied Science, Business AdmirJstration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) , Home Economics

Entrance Requirements : Fifteen Units of High Scho ol Work

Expenses fi~r Year, estimated at $400

For further informatiou, address The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode ISlancl

Beacon v21 is29 05261927