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After the Interscholastic Track Meet








Theta Chi .Rho Iota Kappa Zeta Pi.Alii&"a Beta N u Epsilon





Beta Phi Delta Alpha Psi Lambda Chi Alpha Delta ·s -igma"Epsflo'n · Cam]>Us Chrb '·,-~ Phi Sigma

Interscho!astics j R. 0. T. C. AU Set . IRhode Island Nille.D4l,WllS B. U. Tea'!!; . . . Tlus Saturday! For Inspectwn l Hammer George for 15 Hits; Wm 8-1 .LaSalle . and Rogers A~pear as I Monday and Tuesdar: Set Asi~e Boston Terriers Prove E~sy- Picking for Keaney's Men; Hurwitz Strong Teams to Fight for for Annual Review; Umt and Draghetti Tally ·T hree Bingles Each; Drag Allows But Posse.s sion of Cup Held by Seeks High Rating; Banquet Five Hits; Blake Hits Three-Bagger Tech~Barrington to Be Held All



;great jOlay this Sat urday.




1 .,()

_ _ __ Rhod e Island h a mmBred the of- j U . stagin g a rally, H urw itz ended t h e and 17 have been set as ferings of Ge orge, the B. U. pitcher, inning by making a spectacular catch


'l.'wenty-ime the days f or t he inspection of the R . for fift een hits and wo n an easy ball runmng from


base up



:schools in two classes ente.r in the O. T. C . u n it. M o nday, M ay 1 6 _, will g·ame, 8-1. E very man o n th e Rh ode , c lub house steps to ma!~e th e t h ird ca nnual Interscholastic F ield Day and . be devoted to outdoor field work , Is-land team made at leas t one hit. put out of the illning. 'Track Meet. wh ile Tuesday will set for theo r etical. Dragh etti a nd Hurwitz wet·e t h e big Rhode I sland scored two more t··uns sticker~ for Rh.od e Island, a_ nc_l Law_ - j i n t h. e se_ventll inn_ ing· on two hits, Jilleven sc hools are ente red in Cla s~ wor 1L less was best hitter B oston Unnrersity two errors and a walk. The inspecti n g offi cers are f rom had . :B , whil e ten are entered in Class A. "Sticl;;ey" Blake put up a good gam8 Washington, D. C . This is the last col 'Tbe following schools are entered in Rhod e I sland started to score in at t h e h ot c orner. lege in the co-area which they will •C lass A: Technical High, East Provth e first in ning. On the sec ond pitch ed inspect . Th e first a rmy area comprises Pyl-osz played exceptionally we ll fo r .idence, Hope , East Greenwic.h , Woon- the New Eng-land a nd Middle Atlantic ball "JYJarmi" George was greeted . ' · · · · -so cket, Pawtucket, Cranston, LaSalle, States as far as Virg inia. For the last with a sweet tri p l e from "Sticky" J his fi rst varsity gam e . "Pyk " scored: ,., I · I d C · I I Cl s B lake's bat. Hurwitz s ingled, scorin£" a run, got one hit, made a saet·itlce '-' ass>ea a n ommereta · n · as two years, Rhode Island has been a ~ 'V t I C Blake:_ Hurwitz t hen; stol e second. hit, worked t he. p itcher f or a walk, ·B th ere ar:e, Attl · e b oro, v ee er Y; um- I c olleg-e of ·disti nguished rating, and , I'' R W · I ·w t W Drag·hetti beat out an infield hit and s tole a b a se and made two banner v erland , ogers, · arww c, · es ar- w ith a little str ivin~ on the part of catch es in the outfield. ·wick, Burrillville Colt Memorial, h th .t ~ t . t t Hurwitz a dvance d t o t hird. Drag, eac man, . e un1 ts cer a 1n o ra ·e D'r agh etti was in goo d form, fa n North Kingstown, South Kingstown high again. hetti stole second base. Stevens dou:and· Barrington. b le d scoring Hurw itz and Draghetti. n ing eight m e n and allowing- only The inspec ting offic ers , J. T. McLane J five hits, three of w h ich were in o n e Tech rules a favorite to take the l.Y,[aj. Cav., and E. P. Parker, Maj. F. Not cv ntent with three runs the inning . T he Rho de Island rooterS: ·c up. Fifty-seve n athletes are entered A ., w ill anive Sunday night and will Rhode I s la nders tallied two more in ye lled and s upp orted theit· team with · :fr om that school, Commercia l a nd La i"nspect Monday m orni ng a t 8 : 00 a. t he second inning . Trumbull singled, cheers . ~Sa lle coming next with 35 . Of these m. Pykos wall;;ed and both men advanc ed Th e summary: on Blake's sacrifice hit. Hurwitz, ·two, La Salle will g ive Tech a hard The Officers' C lu b will give a bjtn- bro ught both men hom e by a lusty RHODE ISLAND !fight for first honors. Hop e High , quet in South H all next Monday eveab r h po a e ·w ith on_ ly 28 m_en entered, is__ abou_t the nin"" in ho nor of tbe inspectin"" offi- s ing le to left fie-ld. Bl 1 3"" 3 2 1 2 0 0 •<O_n!y other school in Class A that will cer:. It is the sec ond annual b:nquet Rhody c halked u p anothe r r un in H:r~ltz, "1b--::::::·::::: 4 ~ 3 8 o 0 ~ght har(J_ to t ake the ~on,ore away ) o.f the club. T h e toastmaster for tho · the foueth inning . Rinald o !Singled Drag·hetti, p _____ _____ 5 1 3 1 5 0 :from Tech. . . . . . , o.cca&ion will be w. Marcaccio, Cadet a nd tallie d on Hurwitz's third hit Stevens, ss ·---------·- 5 0 2 1 2 0 j of the day . McKe-n zie, c __ __ : ____ 3 0 1 8 1 0 Amongst the sure winners i n Class Major 1925-1926. The speakers will · A sh er, r f --------------·- 3 o 1· 2 o o .A are George W . Troy of Hope, the he· Dr. Hpwar d E\lwards,. President B o.ston U niversity s cored. her l one Trumbull, 2b ________ 2 1 1 2 0 1 -state 100 and 22 0 -yard champ: Grant :R; -LS. C.; Cl~udeG , Hamm!Jud, .Capt. tally .in the sixth i nning-. Singles bY Rinaldo,'cf ··---·-----·-- 3 2 2 2 0 0 1 1 .0 0, -of Tech will probably be .anothercdou- · Inf.i Pa,ul D . CaJ:te~;, _ C<J,p.t. lnf. ; James Georg·e , O 'Brien a n d Lawless p ro--. ·t Pykosz, If -------·--·-- 2 1 li:l l~ winner .• 'Pylot of HoJ)e , · tn , the, ~Q:Ist~a·n , Da\l;et ~te\1-t. ; .. and Henry V:;t,n dUC!\ld one ~un , At t h is · juQction. of Totals ___________ 30 8 1 5 27 8. ·1 ' (Conti n u e d on pag' 3 ) •;)ur•so, Cade tMiil-jor;. the game -. Wlth- me n on b_ases a nd .B,. . · {Continued on .P age 3) .






R. I.,


12; Hl27'


President Edwards, and on the day dents found out that there was a fire assigned , I visited the hig-h school <n on the campus. I think that if the stuTerms of Subscription question, but thru a co nfusion which dents had known there was a fire , theY . Offic ial Pub li cation of One year in advance ................. _______ ___... $2.00 had arisen in the dates set for my a d- would have h elped to extinguish it. Single copies................... 05 Signed statements prir;·t~.. - ~~;~;~.... ~p;ce dress I was unable at that time to t alk As it was, the fire had already d epermits:> Responsibility for same not as- to the Senior Class as a gro up , and the strayed the who le building, so t he stu·surned by the paper. Subscribers who do not receive th eir address was postponed. Upon rny re- dents helped to prevent the fire from paper regularly are requested t o notify turn to College, that same afternoon, spreading. the B usiness Manag·er. ! found a communication from Presi'l'he IH) W siren, purchased thr ough Notice of Entry 'dent Edwards awaiting m e, which in- the aid of Mr. Burdlcl;: , is now situa:t ed Acceptanc ~ fo r mailing at sp ecial rate postage provided for in Section 1103, Act formed me that owing to a "serious 1 on the roof of t he engine roo m . A~ of October 3, 1917, Authorized J anuary r emonstrance from a p erson in a re-1 soon as a better place is f ound , lt 1:;, 1919 . 1Published weekly by the students of Member of the Eastern Interco ll egiate sponsible position outside of our own wi ll be moved. . c ommunity" he h ad w.i thdrawn his For t h e present, the authorities a re· Newspaper Association R . I. State College a 1~proval of . my name as a speakor planning on blowing the siren . ev ery EDITOR-IN -CHIEF in the interests of Rhod e Island · Stat e day at noon . In this way, they will Benjamin Fine, ' 28 College. The "serious remonstrance" be sure that it is always in working Business Manager Managing F.Aitor was occasioned by the fact t hat some order. Antonio A. Matarese, '28 C harles T . Miller, '28 of my recent articles in the Beaco n , A. H. G., '3 0. 1 CON'l RIBU'l'ING EDITORS did not meet with the approval of this Ge orge H. Alexander, '27 Albert L . H iller, '27 individual, and t hat a m an who h>ed Mildre d L. Thompson, '27 W a lter T. Siuta, '27 SPEEDING AUTO Bernice Grieves, '2 7 Ethe l D . Hay ' 27 criticized some aspects of our systern here , in his opinion, was n ot a proper To the Editor of the Beacon. ASSOCIATE BOARD William G. M ok r ay, '2 9, Campus David :B'in e, '2 9, Athleti'}a person to r epresent t h e Colleg-e in Dear Sir: Mildred Wine, '2 9, Inte1·collegiate IDanieL A. O 'C onnor, '29 , Fea ture bring ing it to t h e a ttenti on of pros I wo u ld like to call t he a t t e ntion Ar thur Z. Smith, '29 Alumni Ed itor .Mary A. Kelly, '29, Co -ed pec tive s tucle11 ts . Presiden t Ed war d~ of the students t o t h e automobile driv_ NEWS S'.rAFF refused to reveal t h e id entity of the ers on Colleg e Roa d. Can no t someEdwin Olsso n , '2 9 Ab raham Goldstein, '30 person who had r eg-istered this pro - thing- be clone to curb the reckless BenJamin Mayhew, '30 JHorace C. Kreinick, '3 0 t est, and w ho possessed s uffici ent inc driving- that many of the students and Irvin H. B ornside, ' 30 Frances Wright, ' 30 .Jametl Armstrong, '30 Herbert A. Rosefield, '3 0 fluence to have h is w is)1es carried o ut. other car ow ners persist in? The s p eed :Margaret F . O'Conn or, '29 ¥atthew E. Kearns , '30 As I was unabl e to r each th is individ- that som e of these more fort u n ate Donald Bunce, ' 29 ual directly, my on ly r eco u r se has indivi duals who own cars drive, i t ls BUSINESS DF~P AR'.rMENT been to attempt it thru t he c olumns miracu lous that we have not had a n y Allan Haskins. '29 Circu lation Manag•Jr of the Beacon, with which th is person serio us accidents here . Let's remernA. DeJ.n Hunter, '29 Adverti sing Manager ber that Co llege road was mean t for H enry Arrnbu rst , '29 Subscription Manager is apparently acquainted. 'l'hecicl ore Ma rko l'f, '30 In every article which has ap peared pedestrians as well as auto m obiles; Martin P . Mc Cue, '30 in the Beacon I hav e attached my sig- let's have a little consideration f or nature , a nd I h ave b een w illing- to ac- others. The few seconds that s pee d, cept whatever criticis m t hey have oc- may save will b e dea rly bought ·Ll;


casioned ; I have not concealed my one of ~he students gets hurt. ide ntity, nor hav e I been content to Wll p r obably do not realize that we allow another to shield m e . The "shot- should be grateful for the purpose of in-the-dark" m ethod of attacking a using our ·a utomobiles on the cam p us·. perso n or princip le h as a lWays seemed A number of larg-e colleg-es-notab ly to me the most despicable of all means among them b eing the Universities •Jf of gaining an end. 'l'he present situa- Princeton, Illinois and Oreg-on, h ave tion, against which I a m protesting;, placed a ban on all student cars. TJm s resolves itself into an attack up\)n me. fa r w e a r e f ortunate in . not being for w hich I am stripped of a ny means ! placed under this ruling; let's not of defenoe . Approved by t he s tudent abuse OU!' peivil ege by our deli berate_ co mmittee and th e Pt~esident of the actions. )'">()U r-s f or···· a . saf~r--:' Co llege, in th e first place, . as one to r oad . F . B., '28 . What will this expansionmeari? 'How will Rhode Island State represent the school, a VOi f)e of pro.:. College be affected by the change? :Et does not take a great prophet test is raised by one "outside of OUt' to foresee the future development that will take place. This bond own community" against my appear- ! BEACON NEWS ing in that capacity, and the a p prov,tl - - -issue granted b y the state i s but an opening wedge, the firing gun. of my name is withdrawn. A definite : To the Edi tor of the Beacon. With the completion of this programme, further advancements will fl t · h t • ' Dear Sir · ' 1 f ll W · · · t"t t " · t b . , t re ec 1011 upon my c arac er as '" 1 · :sure Y .. 0 OW. e are a growing ll1S 1 U ·IOn, JU~ , e?·tnntng 0 Rhode Island m an is made, despite At a r ecent meeting- of t h ,r Beac on .advance upwards. We have far to go before our hmtt IS reached. t he fact tl at I h av devoted ,'de-- Board Staff, the discouraging inf orma·Soon we will no longer be known as the "State College," but as able effor: to act7vities wh;cohns~OI~e tion was b rought out that practica lly the. "U~iversity of. Rh?de lslandY This is ~ot an idle dre~m_; we ! :nay deny a r e in t h e inter ests of the all of the writing in the magazine 'beh~~e It to be 3;11 mevttable occurrence. With our new bmldmgs, CoHege during the time I have been was bein g- done by a small minot·ity additiOnal capacity for students and faculty, and larger state sup- h ere, and my a cc user rema i~s con- of th e students. Th e s ame men were port, this CQllege will grow by leaps and bounds. cealed a nd secure. It is h a rdly p roba- writing- t'he e ditorials, th e us But a short time ago-not more than :five or six years-New bl e that an individua l in a position news , the a thle tic news, the jokes, Hampshire had a small State College, comp?-rable to our own. Agi- of such influenc e as to have anything and what not. Why should such c ontation started at Durham for a Liberal Arts course, and N e w to fear from the a ccused, who is mere- ditions exist -at an institution like Hampshire was transformed into a University. With what result'? ly a student of the CoUeg·e and , as I Rhode Island State? There are~ num That college has now tripled in size, and tends to become the lead- many of the student body as well :•.s 1 ber of students he1;e who could, tf t h ey ing New England University. What has been done before can be myself would b e inter es te d t o know I would only take the time t o do so , done again. If the small New Hampshire College can become a the identity of th e individual con- I help the Beacon Board in puttin g out University and grow, why can't we? Why can't this college cerned, I am resp ec tfully requesting ~ an even more interesting pap er. broaden its field of learning by including the arts as well as the that he utilize the colum ns of the The Beac on is published once a sciences, and thUS opening its doors to larger numbers of students? Beacon to r eveal himself , i n order [week. It is only 4 pages long--or s hor.t. Of course there will be some objections among different groups in that t h e affair may be open ly p resent- Occasionally, w hen .e nough material i-s the state, but should that hinder us from the true line of progress? ed h~ these col umns to a ll interested. collected, a six pag-e paper is sent out. We believe that the best interests of the entire state will be furNow, if th e students want a larg~r thered if a Liberal ,Arts course is inaug-urated here. It cannot be THE FIRE SIREN ' paper, it is up to each and every •()therwise; SOCiety iS repaid tenfold for the money it invests in - - -! one t o help out. They can do t his by <education. · To the Editor of th e Beaco n . [rooking around , gathering- "dope" t oDirectly in back of East Hall can be seen four holes, freshly dug . These corner stones (for such th~y are), arranged in the :form of a large rectangle, are meaninglei\s in themselves at present. To a casual observer it might appear that a garden plot was being formed or some amateur golfers had practiced there. But to us students what do these lone signs mean? What hopeful anticipation do we derive from the sight of this rough rectangle? us it m .eans that at last our long cherished dreams are to become an actual reality. ' Within a few months our campus will xesound with the clatter and hum of workers, busily engaged in eons.truc.ting a bigger and better college. Our four-fold building :prbgra.mnie Will be unde1~ way and rie\V places of learnfng; ·' will .a rise.




When this college becomes a university, we need not apolo.gize for the term "Little Rhody"; in fact, this expression will be but a reminder of f ormer, bygone days. And not only in size of scope, but in depth also must we develop. The students must look upon their ~olle_ge as a growing, live, educational institution, aiding the expansiOn Ill every possible way. When, in future years, we refer to our Alma Mater, we will proudly say, "The University of Rhode Island-long may she reign!" -B. F.

Dear Sir : At last, our c ollege , h as purchased one of the greatest n ecessities to our fire department-that of a siren. During the past yeat·s, a small bell, similar t to the one that tolls out every hour, was used to notify the students of a fire. The bell was large enough to serve its purpose during· those years b ut it became in effective owing to the t he ·stud-ent c ommittee i n charg·e of fact that the f r aternity ·houses wer e bringing the Annual Inter scholastic built away f rom the cam pus. Meet and , more particular ly, Rhode J u st a ·f ew months ago, we h a d t h e "Booster" or "Knocker" Isla n d St a t e Colleg-e itself, to the at- m isfortune of losing- the old tower. t ention of prospective . sub-F r eshmen T h e fire bell was rung, but not man y ·To the Edit or of t h e Beacon. of a certain high school in ou r State-. [ h eard it, and it wasn 't unt il after the JDear Sir: .A few weeks a go I w as selected by My name r eceived the approval of· ·nre ·got·a:· good headw-ay, tha.t thE!..stu-

The Open Forum

gether, writ in g original articles, edt -

I to rials, n ews a nd anything of i nter est to the- student body. Other colleges of even smaller size than Rhode Isla n d have larg.e r weekly publicationswho? They. have the spirit and we have not. We can do the same, providing we have . the students' support. Therefore, s tudents, don't criticise the Beacon unless you are helping t o mak e it a better paper. D. F ., '29.


Pad r e: "Do you tak e this wo m an fo r 'b u tter' or fo r 'wurst' ?"' , Hadr e : " Oh 'liver' a lone;' I never 'sausag:~'

n erve.' '-Ex.

THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1927 - - - - - ·· --··

- ---·-- ----- -·· ;----...,---~


Holy Cross Upsets Rhody on Track; Nine Records Broken; World's Record Equalled - - - - - ·· · - - - - - -

-----------d 'd F or th e firs t time in t wo years I n the fie ld even ts, Rhody 1 not 1 11h ode Ish nd State was defea-t ed in I f are s o bad . Talbot t ook firs t in : . . . . a d u al track m eet. Little Rhody w a s 1 the broad j u mp, H e nd nck and Swe.e.·forced to t a k e off her h at to one ney lo ok fi rst and third in the sho t <Jf t h e best teams in the East-Holy put, w h ile Bruce h ad a n easy time Cross College of \V'orcester. T h e lo. in th e h:-t mmer with a. h eave of 147 aal squ ad wer e tripped up b y the feet 1·0 1 - 2 inches. I n th e pole vault,


_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _.........c_ _

B . ; 3d, Bean , R. I. Tim e 4

54 second s . 440 -yard dash-"\Vo n by Kruse. B.; 2d , Ch aplin, B.; 3d, Good, B. Ti me . 53 2-5 seconds.

_ __ _ ( Con•i nuerl from page 1) 440, a nd Chabot of La .Sall e in the


Holy Cross All Star Squad Outruns Local Boys; Dring Sets New Record in Mile; Quinn of Holy Cross Clocked in 9 3-5 for 100Yard Dash

_ __ _ _ _ _ __

mile a re likely winners.

'I' wo -mil e

ru n-wo n

by Shotten.

In Class hit by th e who were !last year.


B, Barrington w ill be hard B.; 2d' Glover . R. I. T ime 10 minloss of the l!~ogg brothers , u tes 50 seconds . th e mainstay of th e tean1 880 -yarcl run --Vvon by Kearns. Th e only other teams like- B.; 2d , Shotten, B.; 3d, Kruse, B. 1Y for firs•t .honors are Rogers, War- 'l'ime ·2 m inutes 1 1 - 5 second-s. 220-yard d'ash - Won by Read, R . wick, A ttle b<Oro a nd Westerly. · The only certain w inner in C lass B I. ; 2d, D imond, B. ; 3d, Gobile , R. I. 'l'imc 23 2-5 seconds. is Meikle , of W est e rly, in t h e javelin. 220-<:Yar d hurdl e s-Won by LEl!Meilde has b ee n throwing we ll over 15 ·5 and VIle InterS!cholasti c rec ord lancl., B.; 2d, P.ow e ll, R. I.; 3d, Lin~ only stands a t 140. cl e m an, 13. Ti m e 28 4 - 5 seconds.

s co re o f 9 4- 41 last Satu rday at the a triple tie resul ted , Co ach and Rich I The t wo -mile run, th e h am1ner ' 1 2-pound, sho t p u t- Won by Long. Ki n gston Athletic Field. ardso n of Rhode I sland and Amoro throw and th e jav elin a r e a ll new R. I.; 2d, Sl av i-tsk~' . R. I.; 3d , SitThe Holy Cross co mbin atio n was of Holy C ross tied for fi rst place. eve nts this year and, w it h g ooa ler, 13 . Distance 42 f e et 11 inches. a s: ellar group a nd is r a ted in the R olston's n ew rec ord of 165 feet 10';6 High jump--"\Von by Russell, B.; same c lass as Harvar d a n d Yale in inch es in t lHi javelin went for naught, weathe r, m a ny r ecords will fa ll. 2d, tie between L e nz and Johnson the t rack field. Rho d e I sla nd h a s , as Ca rrin ;ton's lhr ow of 166 fee t 3 of R. I. Height 5 feet 10 inches. no alib is to offer for t h e defeat. Holy inch es to o k fir s t place . The hig h Discus--\V'on b y Phillips, B .; 2<1. Cro ss s u r e h as the real stuff. No i j u mp -..vas all H oly Cross, the W ar Long, 1~. I.; 3d, Settle, B. Dista nce less t h a n ei g·h t of Rhorty's co ll ege i cester leape rs re achi ng· .a height of J .o hn Fowler (Bud) Tenna nt, 10 3 feet 8 inch e s. r ecords fell by t he wayside in the G feet. Br u ce to o k third in the d is Jr., has been named basketball Pole vault-\V'on by Droitcour, S aturday 111eet. Ho ly Cr oss broke cus. ;nanager of the 192 7-19 2 8 basketR. I.; 2d, Lee, R. I. ; 3d, Benne tt, B. s even o f the recor d s , w h ile L arry Bob T a lb o t w:ls high scorer for ball team of Rhode Island Stat0 H e ight 10 feet .9 inch e s. D r in g in the mile run was t he l one Rh ode Isla nd , w it h a total of \l points, College. It will be remembered recor d br eaH:er for th e R hode I slan d w h ile Br u ce was second h io·h takin ~ J avelin-Won b y Droitcour, R. I. ; tha t Bud r ece ived the AA vote la,;t s q u a d. six points. ·" ' "' 2d, Suter, R. I. ; 3d, Sitler, B. Dismonth and likewise he was later O n e event cau sed qui,te a bit of A summary : tan ce 141 feet 3 inches .. given the vote of the Faculty. Tense r io u s speculatio n as vv-eii as news On e - mile run-\Von by Dring of nant performed his m a nagerial Broad jump- ·vvon by Bosquet . p aper publicity. In the 100 -yard Rhod e I s la nd; second , M c Namara of duties the past two seasons in utB.; 2d, A nclerso n , R. I.; 3d, Fried. ! Holy Cross; third , Bean e o f Holy mgst fashion a nd there is no doubt dash, Quinn, star sp r mter of the ! Cress . Time 4 m inu t es 33 4-5 sec m a n , B. Distan ce 1 9 feet 11 1-2 Worcester club, was c lock ed by t h e onds. New college record. t h at he will prove -himse lf o n e of inche>' . t'imers in 9 3-5 seco n ds . T his t im e l 4 40 -yarc] d ash- \Von by Burns of the best pilots ever to gain tha t Hammer throw-Won by L~ng, R . e qu a ls the world record tim e for th e: Holy Cross; second, Hi gg ins of Holy position. I.; 2d, Davidson, R . I.; 3d,· Sitler. I Cross: third, Dur!{ e n of H oly Cross. ce n tury and h a s been e q u alle d by I Tim e 50 4 -5 seconds. New co llege r ec B . Distan ce 12 6 feet 9 inches. only th ree sprin ters t hus f ar, C h a rley 1 ord. . Pad dock being the last to do so. ~100-yard dash-Won by Qmnn of RHODY OVERCOMES . . . . Ho ly Cross; seco nd, Talbot of Rhod e W~e.ther_ tlus time w ill go dow n as I Island ; t h ir d , D owl ing of Holy Cross. STRONG B. U. TEAM offlc lal 1s undec1ded, as there were l Time 10 seco nds. no A. A . timers present. T he fact I 12 0 -yard high hurdles-vVon by - - -- (C o ntinued from page 1) r_ em a ins th at_ the Holy Cro ss flas h Donne ll of Holy Cross; secon d, BOSTON UNIVERSITY · Cle" a of Rhode Isla nd· t hh·d Buck- Defeat Brown Yearlings by 3 ab r h po a e cert a inly coul d stejJ o ut so me to beat l ley _,.~f Hol~r Cross. Tt~e 16 l -5 sec.Points; Hammer Throw DecidAlden, -ss ____ ____________ 4 o o 1 4 2 B o b T al bot by y a rds. [ onds. New c ollege recor d. ing Event; Read Stars in O'Brien , 2b -------····· 4 1 1 4 4 1 The pu r ple clad w arriors showed 1 Two-m il e r un- Won by Fitzpatrick Dashes M cDonald , 1b ........ 3 o 1 11 1 0 of H o ly C1·oss ; second , Gallant of Ho ly ____ _ L~wl ess, If __ ......... 3 0 2 o. 0 0 their mettle right from the start. Cross; t hird, Fine of Rhode Isl and . ---------------- 3 0 0 2 1 1 The fir st event W<lS t he m il e run . Time 10 minutes, 32 seco nds. 1 Kill ey , rf The I''reshmen add ed ano ther 1Kincade, cf ------- ---·-- 3 0 0 0 0 0 McN am ara forc e d Dr ing all t he way, 880-y ard dash-vVon b y Birdsall of 1 v icto ry to t h <?i r string w h en they 1 Bartlett, 3b ___ .......... 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 an d Larry h ad t o break h is old r ec - ~lro~~s; C~l~~~~~. s~~~;~~s 1-~~r :Jo ~f C~~osl:. defeated the Br o wn C lass of '30 on Ar ion, 3b ---·-········· 2 0 0 2 0 1 ord of 4 :3 5 in order to t a k e t his Time 2 m inutes 4 2- 5 seco nds. New t h e cind er p ath by the score of 69 - P icard, c ------------- --- 3 0 0 3 0 ~ 3 0 ra c e . T he n ew time is 4 minutes 33 college reco rd. 66. It was t h e sec ond vi ctory this ~:r~ltc~e-ll _________ ~ ~ ~ 0 0 4 -5 seco nds, wh ich p u t s D ri ng in the 2 20 -yard \V'on by Quinn of Rhode Island tra ck (b) JE\nldns 1 0· 0 0 0 0 H o ly Cross ; second , Maher of Holy yeal' of the f or e a s one of N ew England 's star Cross; third, Talbot of Rhode Islan d . tea ms aver t hose r ep r ese nting I - - m il ers. Beane of Holy Cross proved Tim e 21. 7 seconds. N ew co llege reco rd. Brown, the Varsity having tnmmed T otals ------- ······· 30 1 c5 23 1 4 5 I . -1 S co re by innings : t oo fle et for Hammett , and gar nere d 220 l ow. b.urdles- \ V'on by MacDon- the B r o wn Varsity by th e sco r e Of 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 R. thi rd place in t his event. nell of Bo1y Cross; second, Bulkely of 68 2- 3 to 66 1- 3 . Th e m eet was in- B. U . ____ __ __ __ ____ 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-1 Holy Cross ; third , Foster of Rhode T h e 440 cl a sh was a clea n-up for Islan d . Time 25.7 seconds . New col- te resting t h roug h o u t , th e lead c on- R. I. S . C. --· - 3 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 x~& st antly s h ifting f rom on e te'am to Th ree base hit : B lake; two base t he Massach use1ts fly ers. "Speed" lege reco r d . h its: Stevens, Draghetti; stolen bases: R a n dall, Rhody's ho pe in t his eve nt, B road jump-\V'on .b y Talbot of anoth er. Hurwitz , Draghettl, Rinaldo, Pykosz,. was boxed from t11e start by the Rh ode Islan d; sectmd , Gauthier of T he feat u res of the me<e.t were Blake; sacrifice hits: Pylwsz, McKenHo ly C r oss; third, Dowling of Ho ly t h e 100 and 22 0-yard dash es. R ead zie, Blak e, Asher , Trumbull , McDonHo ly C ross sprinters a n d as a result Cross. Dista n ce 21 feet 6 3- 4 in. a l d; umpires; Devron and Finnell. failed to place . Th e new record es Shot put-Won by Hendr ie!' of of R . L · t o o k f irs ts in ooth th ese ( a) Batted for L awless in 9th. t ablish .e d was 50· 4- 5 s ec onds, the fast - Rhod e Islan d; second , Healey of H oly eve n ts , but was hard pr essed (b) Batted fo1· Kincade in 9th, est quarter -mil e ever witnessed on the Cross ; third, Sweeney of Rhode Is- thr oughout, In the half mile Kearns (c) McKenzie out, hit by batted ball ~ local track. Th e next event w a s the land . Distance 38 feet 10 1 · 8 inches. of Brown made very fast tim(), bePole v au lt-Triple tie between RichDid yo u ever: now fa mous 100-ya rcl d ash, in which .ing c l ocke d a t 2 minutes 1 second . a rdson o f Rhode Isl a nd , Amoro of A w ake with 'a start Quinn was clocked in 9 3-5 seconds. Holy Cross, Cook of Rhode Island. B rown also h ad several g o o d quarAn d see that it was Talbo t took second p lace. Height 1 0 f e et 6 inches. ter milers who could run th e disTwo minutes to e ight The high hurdles was w on b y MacH amm er thro w- \V'o n b y Bruce of Vance in about 54 seconds . And tuinble out of bed Donnell of Holy Cross in the record Rhode Island; second , Coffey of Holy The Frosh comp letely o utclassed Cross ; third, Jenovers e of Holy Cross. W it h the realiza tion that time of 16 1-5 seconds. Cleg); of the Brown Cubs in the field ,events, Distance 147 feet 10 1-2 inches. Another cut Rhode Island came a close second. High j ump-MacDonne ll of Boly taking first a nd second in th e shotWould end your co llege career ?'· The t wo -mile run w as all Holy Cross, Cross and Feeney of Holy Cross tied p ut , hamm er throw, javelin and An d as y ou half rigged Fitzpatrick a n d G a llant gath ering in for first pl ace ; Amoro of Ho ly Cross, p ole vault. Long was high scorer Your socks in putting them on, fi rst a nd second places. Benny Fine ~~~~~·d . Height 6 feet. New college w ith two fir s ts a nd a second for a As you swore while was third m a n to cross the finish. Discus-Won by D a ley of Holy tota l of 13 points. Read a nd DroitCom bing your dry hair, The 880 was easily won by Birdsall Cross; s econd, Dove o f Ho ly Cross; cour were tie d for second high scorAnd you rushed out of the house. of Holy Cross, who broke the college third, B ruce of Rhode Isl a nd. Dis- ing honor s , with ten points eac h. A nd d own the path record-with a time of 2 minutes 4 2-5 , tance 10~ fee t 2 inches. Droitcour got his ten points in With y our coat h a lf on J a velin- \V'on by Carringt on of Holy seconds. Holy Cross took a ll - t hree Cross· second Rolston of Rhode Is- the pole vault and th e j a velin. And your shoes untied, places in the' half-mile, a lt houg h Ran- land ; ' third, Patridge of Rhode Is - Lenz met stiff opposition from RusAnd you thought it was funny· dall and Monroe of Rhode Isl a nd gave land . Di.stance 166 ·f eet 3 inches. New s ell in the high jump·, being conThat you saw nobody around, them a . fight. co llege rec o rd. tented with a tie for second place A'nd t hen it sudd e nly dawned o:m. In the 220 , Quinn a gain b r oke the Th e Sophomore corner a t Assem - with Johnson at 5 feet 9 in c h e s . you that it was 12 0-yard h urdl€s-Won 'by Powrecord, running t h e fu rlong in 21.7 bly r esem bles the "Babble-on-i n" SUNDAY? e ll, R. I. ; 2d, M cFarland, R . I.; 3d, seconds. T a lbot was third. Th e low captiv ity the Bible t e lls about. Did you ever? hurdles was easy f or W orcester , M a cLeland, B . 'I'ime 16 2-3 seco n ds. D o nn e ll again t a king t he l ocal boy~· "A g ood chef gets mo r e th a n a 1 00 -y a r d da sh--W on by Re ad . R. That Freshman, Droitcour, has bee~~r measu r e. His time of 25 .7 seco nds 1 co ll ege p r ofessor." I.; 2d, D im o nd, B. ; 3d. Ande rson , vau l ting lately-h e did 11 f eet, 3 estab lished a new college record . Fos -~ " vVhy s hould n 't he? A lot m o re R . I. T im e 1 0 3- 5 seconds. inches in the W est erly meet. The ca-lter g a there d in a third p lace. peopl e take . his courses. " - Ex. 1\Iile r u n-"\Von by Sitle1·, B.; 2d , lege r ecord is 11 f eet.


Tennant Manager



"Frosh" Tracksters Pounce on Cubs









:'I\11HS.,¥0UR ,


Worcester PolytechFaUsEasy . Prey to Draghetti's Curves

:- Officials f or·.-nt!erscholastics Manager Doctor Referee Prof. Leslie A. Keegan Dr. Benry B. Potter Prof. Claude Beardslee

0 2 0 0 Coaoh Keaney's Varsity registered 1 Luit a. cf 1 0 0 0 0 0 it s sixth victory of t he season last ' Harringto n , rf Ernst If 1 0 o, 0 •J Saturday at Kingsto n >yhen it de - Fitzn~t rick rf 0 0 0 0 0 feated ViTorceste r Te ch 13 to ·3. Rin~ldo, cf , 0 . 0 0 0 0 Coach Keaney h as gathered tog ether M archanl, If .... 0 0 0 0 t) a hitting club a s evidenced by the Totals 38 15 27 10 4 f ifte en hits which resulted in sev.en 'Von~ester Tec h r ws in th.e first inn ing and t hree ab l b po a e r uns in both the fourth and sixt h Brackett, 2b 3 1 1 2 1 innings . H arris, rt .... --- ~------- ------- 4 0 "2 0 ;) Worcester Tech's only scores came Leamy, 1 b ____ __ _________ .. __ _ 4. 0 5 0 0 in the first and nint h inni.ngs, scoring J. J\.tcCarth y, If ... ...... 3 1 2 0 () a 1 4 3 0 one in the first a nd two in the n inth. Guidi , c 0 .4 1 3 Touter , 3b ........... "·---Wor c.e.ster opened with B rackett work O'Grc<d y, ss . .. ."....... 4 0 4 1 3 iilg brag hetti for a pass, Han-is F. McCarthy, cf ........ 3 0 2 0 1 fa nn ed , Leamy was safe on an infield Graham , p .. ... 0 0 0 0 0 e'iror, B rackett taki ng t hird. J. Mc- Ro"bl nso.n, p ......... .............. 3 · o () 2 0 Caithy lifted a hig h fly to l eft field Morino , 2b ............ ...... 1. 0 0 0 0 Horga n , If .... ... .. .......... 2 0 0 0 0 which scored Brackett. Worcester d the bases a t this point b ut Totals . 34 3 24 9 8 Draghetti fann ed the- next batter for RI1ode lsl<tnd, 7 0 0 3 0 3 0 0. x-1 ;~ 'Worsecster, 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 {) 2 - 3 t h.e f inal out. Ru ns-Bia({e 2 , H u r witz, Drag h etti . B la!;:e led off for Rhody with <1. 2, Stevens · 3, J\.IcKenzie 2, Ash-e r· T l' um single to right field -, he then proceed - bull, SzuHk~- 13; Bracket, Leamy, ed to steal second and scor e d on Horg a.n- 3., Two b as_e hits-Blak <?-, Hurwitz's single to left. Hutwit z w a s Draghetti, Mackenzie. Stolen bases-,

Blake, Szulik,

Progratn Committee Field Marshal Walt Gr,atton, Capt. Claude Ham!X\ond Chris. Brown .

Ass't Manager H u g J1 O rr Clet·k ri'r Course Coach Keaney

J udges at Finish Prof. Samue.l webster Head Prof. Carrick Wildon Serg. Jesse Prime Serg . Augustus F riel Pro f. John L a dd

Head Field ,J,}dge

Prof. Marshall 'l'yler Hea<l Mp,a:;urer Prof. Cra wford Hart Field Judges R.U.Jump- Rohrhurst Hamm e r--'Cra-nclall Discus-Carter Pole-vault- Christo pher High Jump-Bloom Javelin-Ba1·low 8hot-Halre

J . B. Smith

Stevens . 2:,

Asher . Sact•ifices--Tl'umbull, ·Hur w it.>:, Dragbetti. Dou·l:l!e pla y--Touter to O'Grady . :B'irst base on balls- Off Dra ghetti 6, Hur w itz 2; off Hobinson 1, Graham 2 . Struck out-By D r aghetti 8, Hurwitz 2, Robinson 3. H .i t by p.itch.Gd b a ll-Draghet ti 1.P,a ssecl ball -MacKe nzie, Guidi. W ild pitc h -Robinson. U mpires- Finne ll a n d Fo ley . Tirri e--2 hrs. _29_ m in.

Timers Prof . Royal W a les Head Dr. H arol\:1 B1·owning Pro,f . Wm. Anderson Ass't Managers Ernst Allison Halpin Long Engdahl 'W ansker Droitco ur F'r eidman 1\..Jo•hns on i\.rmstrong Voi1Demboskie Suter Slavitsky Bunce Inspectors Serg . Lindsey

\V. L . Anderson


Hurwitz Bean

Pykosz H ersey



Assistant 'C lerks \V . Johnson Stevens AnnoutlCCl"S Heaton

:v~~z :dt:~1-:e:g~~~ t:o l;~:,.:i~~-a r~~:~


Vatsity baseball h all won 5 out of 7 -Maine, B. U., Nortl::l easte.rn, Lowell and W o rcester, all falling before th e 1

New Method Selected Through Long Study of Other College

was out on a squeeze play . Stevens got his second h it" a nd stole third to sc or e when M.ciCe nzie rapp ed out a dp,uble . He w e nt to third on a wide b a ll Which pull ed t he catcher off balance. l\'IeKenzie scored the third run of the inning on a bad throw to the p lat e hy the shortstop .



and vVesterly,_Warwick 9 nd Brown in track.. Nice work, Toot! ·Draghetti is proving to be the orig-


morous incident occurred-humor ous to the spectators, at least. Tarbe1l of Worcester disputed one of Umpire Fo ley 's d ecisions. The ump ordere.d T 'a .rbell off the field . The "disgruntled Worcesterian S!"emed reluctant to go first, but the umpire refused to allow the game to, co.n tinue until he left the field, Tarbell gave in-he left the field-and sat down jusi over the border line on the trac.k ! If looks could but kill! The spectators were given quite a few thrills in the Holy Cro:;~s meet. It's a . lo"ng time since suc,h a group of all stars as Holy Cross brought down has been in Kingston . Eight recor ds b r oken and a w-o rld's reco rd equa lled!



starter· . Coach Keaney



Ass't Head Field .ludge J. W. Stanton Head Scorer William W h alen

ASS't Scorers W. Anderson Do n a ld Ma tarese Markoff Lerlz B ur nett. Kevot· kian Prof. Gilbert E.p.stein Szulick V. Murphy

at Supper; Class Helps Missis-sippi Flood Victims The targest Freshman banquet everheld at thi& college took place last. Satur:day night. 'l'he "Frosh'' thronged''. East Hall almost one hundred per · cent strong: A very tempting me nu was put up .

by Che.f Stowell a nd was enjoyed by · all, to the tune of' the snappy n1Usic · be made up :of the managers and. cap - rendere d by the "Harmony Boys." tains .of track,_ baseball, basketball, After the feast :President George· football and ·c ross-country. Davill spoke on w h a t he consid_ered Professoi's Sweetings and Goggins "The Cl:;aracteristics• of a Successfu l ' p resented by le tter a· plan for the co- Class,'' operation of the students of the colDr. Edwards spoke. next, expr-e ssing lege and the members of the Chipaux- his pleasure at getting a chance t o· et Boat a n d Ganoe Club. 'f'he plant look the class over once more. He is to build ba th houses and a new also gave a bit. of warning ab o ut the· ftoat at Thirty Acres and to create danger of letting spring fever a nd new interest i n the club and its fa- ·.d ayJig·, tile· best of anyo-ne-. • .h ", sav.. 1·nfitget ~

ina! kon ·'man. Drag has pitched sev en games for a total of 60 innings in three weel{S, Besides, h e h a s a batting average. of over . 650 to date. We hope Again: in the sixth it was the hitting the big leaguers will allow Drag to finish his education before he il:l called. power of the State aggregation that A committee of Fred Hammett, resulted in the three tallles. Hurw itz It must have been a shock to the started w ith a bingle to center and Boston ·p apers to learn that the mu·c h- chairman, H enry Armbrust,_ E. Erick. d on D rag h· e tt'' went to t h 1r 1 s d ou bl e tooted B. u. teaxn was easy for Rhode son a nd D an . O'Connor was elected to meet Professors J. Coggins and Sweett o left . Hurwitz scored when the Island. ing and a. c o-ed representative to act shortstop made· a n error on Stevens' In the Worcester T ech game, a hu - on the prop osition. hard hit roller. Stevens went to second a nd McKenzie scored both braghetti a nd Stevens on solid smash, to rig h t center. L a te in the game Coach Keaney switched his lineup. Hurwitz. replaced !>l~agh etti, pitching the last four in nings and allowing only 2 hits a nd walking only two. He a lso gave his substitute outfielders a chance. to show their wares. Scote: n. J. State ab lb PO a e 5 2 3 2 2 B lake, 3b 4 2 6 2 1 H urwitz , 1 p D r aghetti, p I .......... . 3 2 1 0 0 Stevens, ss ... "....... ,. ......... 5 1 2 3 1 'M ~:kenzie, c -·-------------- 5 ;.1 11 2 0 .A:sh el', rf ............... .. J 2 0 0 0 Trumbull , :;b .. .... 4 1 2 1 I) Su\ta, of .. ..... ............... .... 1 0 2 0 0 Pykoz, cf 3 1 0 :0 0



Lo ok's like Rhody' s . t eams h ave eeached theh· s t ride--11 v icto-ries out of 14 Starts in the past three Wee]>S!

"Frosh" hav; a clean record t hus far- Classical High i n baseball,


"Frosh" Hold A. A. Board Now Big Banquet Replaced by a · New Committee Forty-three Numerals Awarded

- ---Last Wednesd a y evening the Ath]etic Assoeiat;on l~el~ its last meetil~g puzzling offerings. of Drag hetti. It was 1 of the y ear 111 L1pp1tt · Hall. wield ed their b a ts- t o sco re three runs T w o varsity t rack m eets out of l-vo te d that a board of managers take jn each inning . three. Brown and Connecticut took i over the dut ies of the Athl etic Asso A,ga.i n in th e fourt h it '.Vas B;ake the co unt. H ats off t o t h e invincibl e iciatio n in appointing managers of fuw ho started the scoring by knocking .Holy Cr oss runners! : t ure .a thleti c teams'. The bom·d is to rifice and h e sco r ed w hen Draghetti



Kingston Team Hits Heavily; Hurwitz Twirls Well for Three Innings; Draghetti Now Batting for .625 '

caug ht attempttng to stretch the hit to a double . Draghetti started a h a crage of hit s and was pushed a r o und tq third by Steve ns' single. Draghetti s cored on a w ild p itch and St evens f o llowed him h ome on a .11assed ball. McKenzie and Asher kept Up the good work by si ngling· and bo th s c.ored .o n Tr u m bu ll 's h ot liner t'he ough short . 8zulik singl ed when Pykoz hit to centerfi,,lcl , m aking the t otal f o r t he inning, seven. Th e next twu batters flied o ut to end the inning, . Graham, , who started pitching for vVorcester Tech, was repla.ced by Rob inson at the beginning of the second. Robinson held the Kingstonians well in c he ck with the exception of the fourth and sixth innings when they


ATHEIST (G. H . A.) I lean upon no staff of faith divine. My lips are mute-no prayer I raise. The god that .once I knew

Belongs to otner days.

l falter thru Life;s barbed maze~

Coach Keaney related a few of. hif§· very inte1•esting coaching experiences a nd t hen awarded nu•merals to those. th e vanous. w h o h a d won th em 111 sports. Those winning their numerals were: Football-Orrin, Kedulis, O'Haire, G . Davis, Ho-xie, Davenpo·rt, Savage.,. Laza reck, Cragan, Lindstrom, David-· son, Holland, W. Smith, and Kearns ; basketball-A ckroyd, Wigge n house•J:',. Davis, Kearns•, Turla and, Bober ; track ~Lenz, Droitcour, K. Read, W. W . Ande rson, W insor, M:acFar'lane; l' oWell, Glover, Kopple·man, Hersey, Suter,. Slavitsky, Price, Davidson, Long and

Godless and goai-lessYet, with strength to still with:;~tah!J, Howes; Mi:sses Lee, MacKay, Dodge, Undaunted, a ll the horror met on Pierce, Wood, Wright and Nyblo•om. won their nu:merals in c o-ed b asketevery hand ;ball. T o face, unfilnc!:Jing, all I cannot u.nIt was voted that twenty-five do llars derstand ! be sent to the Mississippi Reli ef Fund The Holy C'ross athletes were dolled Committee. After the singing of the up in bt·ight purple · training clothes . Alma Mater the class ad journed t~ They sure m ad-e us fee l. blue before Lippitt Hall to round out the evening the ·meet was over. with a n hour of dancing .





ME NO O · T ·H ER·

. ~ ~-----..;......__,l:' • • B·.. eacon w'·.·ri•ter Expresses H. . IS lo· PilliOns on i.-NO PRIZES .Latest ..A'merican . \.;raze ~ . Att k. c · II I - -. ac ,tng 0 ' •egCeo·n,s·_I, .


Results of World War Now Showing Effects Upon American thtlen.t; Advent of Cross Word Puzzle and Mah Jong Craze . Followed by ~'Ask Me Another" Game; Latest Sport Very Unfair; College ' Students Over-Estimated in Their Knowl-edge; What Will the Nex(Craze Be? Ask me no other. And then you mig ht be to ld ;1 few ! 'l'h ere is a n old saw w hi.c h grinds : " H ist ory r epe~J, ts." Many have bee n the wars of Caesar, · Bisma r ck a n d other bellig -

It. was the original plan to award prizes :f or the best answers to the te ll questiolls listed

below. Since tlre s. s. Ryndam is not goi11,g to take co -eds 011 its 11ext world c ruise, the proposition had to be drOIJped. When

it came to take that tnove, tllC prize for the Ed was also dropped for it was intended that he be tbe co-e d's 1nate 011 the trip!

i jorie gave a Mah Jongg par ty last 'Wednesday evening ." But under the test of time, bridge r eturned to its fo rmet popularity an d th e fam iliar expressions of "bo oli, " ''tricks" a,nd ''honors" once again rang in the e,ars that an a uk is not a r eptile, plant of the deb utaJ,tes . or animal, but a wing -f o ot bird!


erent leader3 vvho have retuened f r om ·the fie lds of battle amid joys



c ·redi"t DI"sputed·

The a d ven t of th e cross word Even tho u g h grea t praise h as a nd cheers of their subtle nation. puzzle immediately fo llowe d , m eeting been acco rd e d these _Bay State They, under the b laze of g lo r y of wi th the approval- and, sad to say, y ouths, an una uth or itative report of t he victorious , have seen thell' peo - the· disap p roval--of m any. Tiho{t - a fa mous pastime of our a ntediluviple become w il d, unselfish a nd gay. san ds of books were sold; n ews pa- an ancestors seems to disprove their The fruits of vi.~to ry ha d made these p.ers fea tured contests an d mag-a - credit. It is said that a handsome, p eople lead a life t h at was con'lplete zines flourished. 'l'h e d iffi c u lty of aged cavem an wascontinu ously w ith m irth and festivity. "emu" and "n\1bob,'' one rous a t the pestered with .. brunettes even though T)J.e fiasco between the militarists E.'ar!y st>tg es o f t h e game, ptoved an of Europe had hardly received the easy score even for the yo u ngt> r c omp l ete criticism of th e American fo l ks. press wh en t h e u nh ardy gener ation i And agai n th e style fore casters of this nation set out to greet a j azz I broke into t he I:me!lght ! \Vh at era that is certain to bring m ore cou ld have b een greate r than a revelry than the followers of :Ma ri e cross wo r d puzzle dress· for ·a gi rl An toinette had ever se-e n. The gun, five feet two and w ith eyes of blue ? t he grenade, the com·age, was put o 1• m ore attrac tive for a handsome away for the great joys of life. sheik than a hat with a chec ked H is to ry repeated. T he American b and ? 'l'he craze m~t with t h e wi ld hatio n , fo llow ing this p e r·i o d of appro\•a l of millions. But th e craze , mar kE' d concentration for a ca us e lH:e the pr evious one, finally · met an u nan swered, greeted an e nt ignoble death , appealing today only t nat has prove d l ess wo-rthy to the t o · tho~e of t he"' 1ower ·· se11se · ·of fort hcoming generations than any thought. oth er P l'evious epoch. The goo d There live t wo \Vorcester co lworks of the intellectual wr iters 1epam' · "' · 1· t m ' e t wn ' w 110 cun c 1aun a cIS h ave been put aside. oper'as have been n eglected, for jazz and mirth n ow command. 'I!h e American na ti. on sings, p lays a n d reads, but:-n o good is. der ive d . It is an unam b.i.tious class of p eop l e , g t·asping ideas hurriedly and d iscard ing them

that ·hasn' t been paralleled in h is tor y . The.v c1·eated this "Ask Me Anoth er" feve r wh ic h h as prepared a g-reate r numbe r f or the i11sane asy lum, a bigger and b etter business for t he u ndertak e r 'a.nd a larger · ' t Y s t u d e n t s Wl'th num b e r o f un JversJ

in· an eani est desire to 'accept newer ·grad u ati on aspirations shatter ed ones of less merit . the South ·winds.

New Fad Prevails


This c r aze is not proving how much you know, but how litt le. T h ere· is no f u n in tryin g to id e ntify such n ames as Silas Mitc h e ll and vVilliam Eller); w h en yo u learn Ol' remain convinced that the other fe ll ow d usted e n cyc lopedias ,and lit ery g uides to choose a n ame that has little, if any, significance in this [ crazed world of ours. N or is it go in~ ~o make an:' difference :n y our mati 1momal tr1a !s whe th e r you I !mow t h at geodesy h as to do w ith 'l the surveyin g of the !worl d and

Today this nation is bu:>ilY occupied in a q uestion game, n ew and odd, appear ing in m any features sim ilar to the fa m ous cross word p uzz le craze of a f ew years ago. This co n test has reached th e p innacle of its popularity and h ow lon g it will continue to remain only tim e can t el L \ Vhat w ill t h e n follow is unknown, but there i~ no do ubt that t he next sport will ·be more fasCinating a nd less id1 d,tic. With th e pro f its of 'the war well established in th e forces of the ir father, the daughters o f the "no u- .,


he p;•eferred . blondes. Questioned concerning hi s love an d heroism, he only c hise led upo n his slate t h e words "Ask Me Another,'' trans lat-

hone-stly. Lil( e the favorite soli - · taire card game,. every one scoreS; his b est result "when nobody is; around." Many new discoveries ar& daily record e d. Kipling wrote "Maim Street and Wall .Street;" John Bas-sett Moor e is a Scottish General an(i\: 'a· f b b 1 1 G ndhi a orm er ase a I p aye r. Furtherm ore, i t isn't f a ir to test & person's in telligen ce upon t h e scor-eo b t ain ed. Questio ns, Well picke d and: o f practically li ttle valu e in daily usage, prove poor basis to test . a . student's inte lli gence. Efforts put more wisely upon good Iiteratur.e:· present better' and d iscourse will r esults.

The "As k .M e Another" is h ere •. T he war was fought only ten. Years. ago . \7\Te've h a d three cr'azes thusI far. \ Vi ii s ome one please step for-ward and g ive th e American nation., l ano ther m e ntal disorder? j


·s·0 It·. ,w·, .·as

A•n· o·.·Id .·Sp.-an.·.s.h·. 1

Cust.o.m.' Bo.y·S Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, But

ed into our mod e rn la n guage to This Pair Likes a Brunette mean "You can 't foo l a n o'l d horse fly." It is unkno wn how true this (W. G. M.) re po rt is, but ce rta in ly, if it is t o be You can never trust men! taken w i th as m u ch worth as the It is seldom known what bas eb all word of the m o dern wo man, it is pitch ers and catchers have to say wher ev er they commence to indulge practically worthless!


The pr.e sent . craze. ha . s· attac ked·· h1 . a. it~l e\on. during s. ome every one. Thousands of books are tight pomt of a contest. There have being published , chem co ntests are b een stories of mainstays making .· a befng rim alo'iig ·the ' same lin e, and date whe-n- t h e opponents considered! t!Ye in gen ious ed itor f ind s it profit- [th em t r y i ng to solve th e ir offensiveab l e to ask ten q u esti on s and to attack. Ma j or leaguers claim that: print t h e a n swers among his ad - such secret c onversations, a ppearing vertiseme nts so . t h at h is ads might rath·er unimpor tant in co ntents, h avebe re'ad. A professor hurls an oc - proven very beneficiaL casi ona l set t o break the monotony When the Bosto n University nineof his le cture . p 1·eviously, it was app eared at the l ocal field last weelc the custom among old good friends th ey attem pt e d to raise the ire of.: to greet each other with a remark Draghetti with some tall shoutin g •. 1 .

on the weather, th<e family, and, With t J'le ir co lors low ~but spl.rits high,. aye, maybe one of those ''honest" t h ey opene d a n a ttack at the start baseh qJI sc'andals, Pencil in 'l'oday it i s different. one hand , paper in anoth er, yo u ask a questi o n. "Wh ere is the wheat pit?" "\7\Th at was Epinard ?' ' "\Vho is Uncle Shylock?" But what diff<erence does it make? Critic.ised heavily, t he college youth states that h e is not bent upon knowing everything . It is his du t y to· preten d to b e cleve r, The lo nger he can fool t h e wotld, the g re'ater he r e joices. But the games a ren ' t being played

How_Many Can You Answer?

veau riche" decided t hat they must attain the social st an ding of the ' neighhol'ing bootlegg:r. Althou g h [ had failed· to pr·onounce t h eY (Answers on Page 7) Thames as ' 'Tems" a nd Bordeau x as The following questions h ave b e en picke d with no effort to pnt " Bordo," th ey realize d that it w as • one over on the rea.dc t•s. They appear eas y and 110 doubt. they should m oney t h at cou n t ed an d p arti es prove a good test of eYcryone's intelligence. If yon CIUl't answer were the th ing. But bridge ·was too eigh t of the t e n , the f aculty should ask for your dismissaL old a g'ame; t h e re was Mah J ongg! 1. What d oes every golf~r sa.y when h e swlngs at the ball? So, in t h e cour-s e of social events, 2; Identify in ten words: Eliot. • Mah Jongg triumphed. 3. '-\That flower do co-eds usually wear alld' wha:t docs i t · signify? Sets of the great Chi n ese game 4. What does A . B. sta.nd for? wer·e so ld in huge quantities . News 5 . Off what isl a nd is the best rnm obtainable? p apers awarded games to th ose who 6. Wbo l)ai11te d 111e Triumph of Venus"? so lict ted subscriptions, · met~·opfOli ­ '7 . Identify in ten words: Rudy. t an. merch ants reapetl heaviiy on 8. Who was Phidlppidcs? p u r e ivory se ts, a nd t h !l de N ichols 9. "Fifty-seven Varieties" is the slogan of who? an d the Lamber t s were never hesi 1 0. Define graft. t ant in sub mitting to th e town Herald that " their daughter Mar -

of th e sev enth inning which seemedl to bother t h e l ocal s outhpaw. E'e.rsmilin,g a nd co nfid e nt of winning,. Draghetti s ig n a l ed his battery m ate, MacKenzie, to talk things· over. What developed in that sbort talk,. few know. "Say, Mac, a re you having yOU!r" eyes o pen?" ''S ure, a in't I working yah right?,. "We ll, ther e is a cute kid in thebteachers t h ere wh o is a keen number." They both s mil e d . I " Yes, I know i t. Do you know .that :r ve. been watching her fo r tqe" last f ew innings , Drag, and she seems. to be stuck on you?' ' "She is ? Eh . Well, do you knowher name? They say she's Gladys. " "Gladys what' I'm told slile's fron:~~. East Providence." ( €co ntirttl€d on Page. ~)

Kingston Inn Open the Year Round TRANSIENT ANl) PJJJRMANEN'r






The reading public is enor·l ea st that's wh a t t h ey d o of All.Amer- ·I· he had informed us all that he had land. !can ~tars today! replaced the Listerine with some yel· mous. Many high school graduates, ... But the sea soii carne and went, low paint and water, all but Jimmy who are unded'ded as. to which col-and all \Vhitey o r I ever did was to Krueger ,had thought it was a great lege they wish to attend, refer to col-scrimmage all week and to warm the joke. Jimmy still owes "Whitey thir- ·lege annuals and note the type of " (W. G. M.) bench, for some 1star end who would ty-five cents for the arnount he had writing in them. Therefore, the 1nore;· I a lways had the great desire to representative of our college we make ·· soo n be replaced·;. an d then we were used up: 0 w tite the true confes3ions of what the Q l\list, the bigger drawing· card it:. force d to y ield our comfortable seats I Yes, and this is co ll ege .: c oll ege did for me-or, better sai d , is for the college. for a pla ce upon the cold, cold ground. Wh at I did for college. I had begl)n There was, h owever, one good thing ---,~ t h at story in my junior year, but it about th is bench-warming game-we w a s \Vbitey who pestered me in were never b awl e d out for losing a ________Jri; _c_AM_ · Pus cHucKLEs o ne way or another, thus f o rc ing 1ne contest! t o postpone my writing until n ow. ''Laconics'' My a mb iti o n s to beco1ne an editor Wh itey and I wel'E' cade d the "Gol d Year Book Out Early This Year The Ford mis-trial is over. An-1 of the "Beacon" were great, by far D ust Twins' of o ur fraternity, for, other one for the "Ford joke" book.,, who only The nineteen twe nty~seven Grist has w h erever he was seen, I w a s there, greater t h a n \Vh itey's, \Ve've noticed that the Secretary·a n d. Vice v.ersus. But \Yhitey is not hope d to write jokes, a nd nothing been undoubtedly the best class book w it h t 11 e <tl1Y more; no, he has dis•- else. It was one day that I was as- that has ever been turned out in the of the Treasury mam1ges to get a... g r aced his diploma. H e is only work- signed to cover an engineers' 1neeting history of t h e c o llege. One of the cut from every J\i ellon. i:n g on a celery farm; I arn at least a.t L ipp itt. an Aggie I knew most remarkable features is that it g lad that I am better oi'f since I draw as much o f a prismoid, or a polaris, is the first book of its ki,nd that has Another of the great tenets of om" · Prom faith has, befn exploded. There are· or a clin om eter, as 'my fathe1·, and been on the campus before m y pay as a butcher. only 29.321 acres in Thirty-Acre~ he c oul d on ly speak on cows and let- \Veek in many years. K ingston has alwa ys ap pea l ed t o Pond! tuc e . So when I had ha1:ute c1 in my E d itor P e rro n and .his Grist staff m e as a, quiet town-yes, only the article o n t he meeting, the deserv e a great deal of credit for the c h urch yard is rnissing. If it wasn't It's an ill win d that blows no-· Editor a d vised rne t o submit the ar- superior year book which theY have W h itey or I who was raising sorne produced. One of the n ew ideas b ody good. Ask the high school Pl.!-· ticle to "Jud ge" or "Life." That was tro u ble, the townspeop le had nothing pils of Fall River . which they have introduced is espeto t all{ about. If we w er en't running t he o nly article I ever wrote! ab o u t at half past eleven in our track 'Twas o n e bright Decen1ber day c ialy noticable. It is the incorporaSon (writing vVest.. home front that our lnilitar y class went do·wn to tion into the book of a definite thenw Point) .: "MOther, I'1n coming )1011'le" s uits , we were tieing ol d · tomato cans which is followed throughout. A on a fur l ough-/' o n the tails of whatever dog or cat we East Hall to vist the rifle range. J,: 'cture of a ship is on the frontpiece. Answer: "Don't risk any of those .. could catch. "S hoot at th e hull's eye, boys," came On every page is found a drawing of new fangled inventions. Come home.. · "Tl1r'tey · 1 I t a lsthe cornman diw:: orders. of the officer 11 '' · · anc · w e r e grea ~ a compass and on the last page there on a train.---,Ex. friends for· four long years. T he only who connTienced to recor d our shots. is shown a ship with all sails furled time he had refused to s p eak to me i \Vhitey he ld up the gun, the on;y o~e an d moored into doc!L This scheme It has been estimated that an av-fo r o ne whole week was w h en he fe ll I in h is life, save the water-gun his simplified the work of the art editor erage of 2 0 0 eds make 6 5 to and fro,. in l ove with his present wife-and aunt gav,e to h iln when he was• but in putting out an issue where the most motions of the spoon each morning" h a d told him to have his eyes exam- ·seven y ears o ld. An d then he shot. attractive features is its beauty. A at breakfast in consuming a bowl of"' i ned! If I shoulrl mention this to "\Vhere ar e you shooting?'' asked system similar to this. if followed out, cereal a p iece. This entails t he col-· h im today, he'll surely point his dou- the officer , w h o faile d to place the will make it much easier for future lective expenditure of more than

What College · Did For Me?


Grist Meets With Approval




b le barrel gun a t me, a nd let 'er go sh ot. G rist b oards to continue to improve 3 _5 horsepower daily, At 2 0 0 daygc. a t t h at! "At the bull 's eye ," returned Whit- the college year book. in the year this has totaled 720· I c an still remem b er t h e d ay when, ey, unk now ing ly hitting the bull''s A nother novelty which is included ho rsepower per year for o ver 15· I had left my homB town to enter eye o f another fe lloW's. H e was asked 'in this voiume is a section ent itled years. \Vha t a huge economic waste .. "Beauty,'' in which likenesses of a of unutilized natur\ll resources! c o lleg e . There came t he puffing train to s ho o t aga in. fe w of our prettiest co-eels are sp lenNo s o on e r had the noi se of the bulin the d istance, the mai l cart Was a ldid ly dep icted, a vast improvement in r ea d y on the platform, t h e regula r let soun d e d _when a t errible ci'y went SO IT WAS AN OLD -pa sse ng ers were waiting to enter the up. \Vh itey ha d shot the officer and the beauty scheme of the Grist. SPANISH CUSTOM, BOY$ P u llma ns. The engine wa'l heard he was n ow running fo r the first train Raymond P erron, the present editor , cl,ntinuerl fron1 page 5 ) l o u der; it had now stopped . I had for ho m e- not to r eturn until after of tlJe Grist, has offered a few suggesjumped from the buggy , when, whi le New Year's . I tions which should be helpful to the "Yes, and they say she dances with> 1 He says that t he only a few." P.lanti n g· the last kiss U])On my c!1eeks, V\Thitey o n ce said that I w as 11,, 8 next Grist board. "\Nell, are you going to the P rom?" . I don't athletic book should be expanded in m y dear mother was g iving her last laziest f ell ow i n c reation. "Yes, are you, Mac?" "And, Jo hn , please be a k110W why h e h eld t hat beli ef when order to keep in step ·with the progr e q uest: "No, it costs money to go, and :C: good boy and bring home a good re- n e it h er he n or I ever arose until five ress of athlet ics at our college. Photop o rt." I was o i}lY too w ild to enter minutes bef o re class, whether it was graphs o f individua l athletes and also wouldn't want this one." of sonre o f our exciting home games "Why not?" t h e train and 1 still don' t know if I at eight o r e leven o 'cl ock! In fact, I would help to enlarge this depart"Gentlemep prefer blondes." s a id yes, or nothing at all. s t ill think that he was the lazi<:)r, for m e n t. T he Grist photographer is a!~ By this time Brown UniversityCo lleg e had appeared funny to me, h e wash e d his f a ce w ith only two ways wiling to take these ph oto- surely thought that Draghetti had the.. I t hought the boys and girls had their 1



remaining three innings all mappedi Nevertheless, when it came to ideas , A n ot h e r idea is t hat as soon as the out and their cheering continued with > w a s, though, the very seco nd clay tha t \Vhitey was right there. It 1 t he big fat coach was asking vVhitey who inaugura ted the i d ea ;v:ssi~= new boai·d is elected, the editors,· in great zeal. The Umps had repeated and me if we were g oing to choose Listerine at om· fraternity house. It accordance with the art department, t heir crys of "play ball," but it made.. P , T . or football. our hope of be- m u st have proved very 'popular with s ho uld choose son\:e definite theme f or no difference to Drag or Mac k . coming a "Red" G r ange, or "Jack" the Grist which would be symbolic of "Do you want me to m ake thiS'· some •: fe ll ow, fo r Whitey soon foun d the nature of the Grist. This theme batter pop up toward her direction • . Slagle were very bright-how all the that his bottle was fast losing its conshoul d be in evi d ence on each page. Mac? " wo'men magazin-e s would print o u r tents. A n idea struck \Vhitey. It This year, the theme of the Grist is of ?'' p ic tures, and Mary :Pickford will offer "Why ~ u s a movie contract, and the A l bee was long a ft er the bottle had contin- a marine nature. This was chosen By now the cries of the Kingsto n" uecl to b e used that he decided to because of the nearness of the college coach were heard by the pair and! ' C ir cuit would book us for appearances to Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic they decided that it would be better· in Providence, Pawtucket , Woonsock- make me n t ion of it at the close of ,o ne of o ur fraternity meetings. When coast. In order to carry out this to play than to keep a thousa nd peo~· e t , New York, and even B oston! At theme, the drawings have been made ple guessing. nautical. A new theme shOuld be chosen each year, for examp le, 1\l[exi - Lives of Seniors all remind us c a n, Egyptian, o r Swiss themes migh t We should always do om· b est, Ladies' Hair Cutting a Specialty be use d . And departing, leave behind us d o rms right next to e a c h other!



Wakefield Branch Co.

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Building Material · Bardww·e .Paint

WAKEFIELD We Do Penna;nent Waving



Grain - Coal Wakefield, R. I.

The Grist a s a true type of college annual should keep as f ar as possible

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Notebooks that will help the rest •. -Ex.







. i .:_,.. ,._.,.,.,,.,;,ll:llll.,~llll li iiiii· IUI·IIIIII'•I!IIll!ll11'dl!ll'll'n·•··llll!lllllfllll'll l,lll:~;l>ll:tll'>llll'll ll·all2111'.11, ·1!'a:•:ll•llei:•IIIJlii·Jl •••••••III•Jlallllllllll.lllll~·•·ll•ll•aaa.s••••••••••ll•lli!•I•IJiiiJIJIJIIl liJIJIJI!'


:Senior May Fete .Day a Success .


Dance Held; Jimmy Donald Starts Riot in Milk Contest·

Well, they shed the pompous robes

~of senio rity on May second, and gosh,

KINGSTO;l''~\ .R.

I., THURSDAY, MAY 12; 1'927





The answers to the ten questions The pet of DeBeck's Bat·ney Goo. F ifty percent of the youth of the found on page 5 are listed below. The gle. list seems to be unusual in that two 8. He ran in the Boston Marathon. nation who plan to enter college this fall will do better if they go directly I sets .are given. If you indulge in read- I 9. Of any Sheik . into business, declares Dr. William H. I ing.· the tablo id newspapers and feel i 10 . Graft is a bribe. P. Faunce, President of Brown U ni, lazy while studying , you belong to the versity, in a recently published ai·ticle. class on the left. If you are a typical l. Fore. college student, your answers are on 2. l!'ormer President o f Harvard. Statistics for nearly half a cent ury, the right. ! 3. China Aster; means variety . Dr. Faunce asserts, indicate that m os t 14. . Bachelor of Arts . of t he boys who go to college do not 1. ewe can't print the answer w ith Cuba. graduate. "The figures," he says, "doout being punished by · law.) 6. Adolphe Bouguereau . not in c lude the uncounted thousands 2. Eliot is the tallest player in rna- 7 . A famous American movie sheik , w h o, though they may have been gradjor league baseball. . I now dead. uated, have s imply wasted four pre·cious y.e ars, and received no benefit 3. Rose, yellow; means jealousy. He ran the first Marathon. 4. A bachelor. 9. Of Heinz. commensurate with the time and mon5. Elock Island . Graft is the shoot inserted into a ey spent." 6 . Earl Carro11. ,tree to grow as a p art of it. "The common belief that college training is suited to every boy, a n d that every boy is suited f01: college, is one of the great trag·edies of A m·erican .life today," he says . "The trouble is not so much that we are sending too many boys to col lege, but that we are sending too many J of the wrong kind of boys." 1

:it felt- great to be natural again. At -9;15 A . · M. sharp, with the crack of .,the pistol, the reds and blues dashed ·from their rendezvous to the middle •Of the campus for a general mix-up "around th e colorful maypole. The - ·blamed thing broke just in time, how•ever, to make them all roar in genuine :lau ghter. After this' promising start, ..,they piled into trucks for lVIatunick .Beach. Gosh all fish-hooks, but things went •O ff as fast as a three ring circus. Here's .a few of the rnany that are being rec·{)llected today. A hundred yard dash .and fifty yard dash were staged between the reds a nd blues, won by the ::form ers. A fifty yard dash for the g irls ·was captured by Miss Marion Steven8. ' The head -liner on the bill was a spe- I ,.' •· -cia! race between the men of both •teams. A nursing bottle full of milK, •Capped with a nipple was presented to ·each contestant of the reds. \Vith bot-ties raised and lips anxiously awaiting -u,E, r e turn to a long missed indulg ence, ·t he race began with the shot of the ;gun. The tlrst foul was scored on the 'blues w h en Jimmie Donald grew too :anxious a nd bit off the nipple. .The :sec.ond to be disqualified had referred ·to a trick commonly practiced among cthe younger element, removing the For First Time in History of In- Big Outing Will . Be Held on :impediment to flow. \~Then th is 'excitement was con c luc1 June 11 terclass Debates, Sophs Re·ed, the hum;:ih flies demon's trated their main Unbeaten The Sophomore class met in Lippitt ·talents quite' profieient1:¢'··"6ri the near_- ~-~ ;!JJy buildings; ··· .. · · ;·L··\; .. c ... ·• . ; The annual Freshma n-Sophomore Hall ·we-di<esday evenirig to i:nake final ·· · ' ... .-.... 1 plans for the Soph outing. · At three-thil·t~,-;' ·· t1J.e ,i senlors eft th e debate was held last Thursday evePresident Jo e Reid presided . T he nin -e: i~ the lar2:e chem lecture 1:oom affair will take place Saturday, June ;Seeming ·to realize the close ·o f the in Science l;[all. The question was "Re- eleventh. Since th e co mmittee was un· festivitie ~':it~.~pa rted behind the dark solved, that t he present Republican able to get permission · from t)::le col·doudif~and te'quested the mai.n drops ·t· h th 1 ·to cover the scene of the day's enter- Administration .s q_ould receive the sup- lege aut h on 1es to ave e c ass ex-tainment:· port of the American people in its cused from worl< that n-iornlng, the foreig-n policy." The Freshrnen looR party will not start until noon. The negatiV.e side while the Sopho- excursion will b e to Charleston Beach and will last until evening. A man mm:es up)J.e.ld . th.e affirmative. has been ap p ointed in each frater nity AdditioHs to the Library since Feb. The Sophomore team was com~1. 1927. •'' posed of Dan O'Connor, Dick Conklin to determine the number of students

'1 5.




High Lights of College Life-The Prom

Plans Completed Sophs Win For Soph Party Debating Laurels

Library Notes

Art t)lr0ugh the -<~.ges , Helen Gard·ner ; Joint stock land bank bo nd s, ·Cald well , Mosser and \Villiam ; This ·.believing world, Lewis Browne; The ·world Almanac and Book of Facts, ·1927 ; Rhinelanders handbook of re-frigeration ; Who's who and why i.n ;after -war education ; Window glass in ·the Making, W. L . Monro; Main Stre<lt :and \;v"all Street, vVrn. Z. Ripl ey; The .analys is of art, Hewitt H. Parker; ..Scouting for girls; The Story of Philosophy, ·wm Jfuvant; The Arct urus _Adventure, Wm. Beebe; On the Trail ·of Ancient Man , Roy Chapman An·-drews; Relation in Art.

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;end David Fine. Fninkland, Robinson and Droitcour were the Ft.eshman dec baters. Both teams . were evenly matched, the decision of the judges ...vas two to one in favor or' the· affirmative. The judges were Dr. Browning, M!'. Fire Call to Serve as Dinner Bell Hobart Spring a n d P 1·o f . George Phil A siren, a new addition to the collips. Mr. Benjamin Fine was chairman . The p resent Soph debaters won last lege fire department, was recently inyear also, the first time a c lass has stalled . A temporary place was made on the top of engine room . The college remained undefeated. purchased the siren through t he aid A group of Yale students have and advise of Mr. Burdick, fire com-

College Uses New Fire Siren

formed an aviation cl ub, b ut they missioner of Nort h Kingston, at the have not as yet bought an a irplane. cost of $150. The first time the siren An · effort is to be made to buy one was tried out :was last Monday noon ; ·a nd make f requ ent flights . the authorities are planning to use it daily . This will test the app aratus One may o r m ay no t agree with a every day a n d see that it is a lways ln recent statement m ade by a professor condition. The siren, which repl ac"ls in an eastern co llege that lemonade the old bell in Davis Hall can be heard htl.s become the natio n al drink of c ol- fo r n1iles and should therefore prove lege students an d. that Coco - Cola .is Now that th e m oral character of gaining in sales every day. We might here add that the editor of the Colo- George 'Washington has again been pedestal rado Aggies newspaper declared in firmly established on the a speech, "I'd rather have prohibition of righteousness, ,;,-e can sit back with relief and . say . " T here; I knew than no drinks at all." it' all the t ime."

+M-IM-~II-M M- e.i-:lllll-li-M it-JI II -III- WU -r.IM- MII-III-•~-~~~~-~~~~ -liU-1111 -llll- lt - ~1-111- Wti - ·II - MII-+



ii j




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Free text books are supplied to aJ} students at Stanford University who are worki ng their way thro ugh scho ol. A loan library estab lished by the alum ni, supply the boo ks on which t here is no time limitStudents at the University of Michigan who persist in parking- theil· cars on the campus without a pet·mit will find them ~ock ed· by chains and .immovable. l\1en a nd women of Pomona· College at Claremont, Cal., have been ap pearing- on their campus minus sh oes and stockings. It was necessary t o re-. sort to this expedient because of ~. rainfatl of 6.11 inches. Students of the University of Or~t gon are .a ls o skating to classes, o town, and even to dances. Approximately 70'0. ·pairs of skates were . s.olil to· them in one week.-Another result of the campaign against the college automobile. College Hiimor and First Nation<tl Pictures are cond ucting a search f or movie heroes am ong the collegian s. D' ectors and camera men are being s:I~i t~ the leading colleges and uni:.. versities to make screen tests of the most promising. Student government officials are determined that the honor system b e extended to cover the tests. As we write this we do not remember having been bothered by anyone wanting t o take us in actio n . Because h e permitted his classes to read "What I Believe" by Bertr a nd R ussell, H . J. Chambers, instructor i n English at the University of Washington, h as been placed on probation. Enrollmei1t in the University of Nevada has nea1·1y trebled in ten years. This year there are 1,000 students, and a class of 107 will graduate. The c h arge of the Four Hundre.d has noth i n g on the " le ague r s" in this co llege. T he l~our Hun dre d had only " ha lf a l eague, half a league."

JAMES A. WRIGHT Th.e Druggist Who Tries to Please

CHAPMAN & BANNISTER ElectriCians 106 Main Street, · Wakefield




Alumni Notes L e onard Bennett, '2 4, was recently Jmarried . He is assistant manager of two telephone exchanges in Provi -dence . William Snow, '!35, is Co_ty.p.ussioner •of P ublic Health at H artford, Conn.


Phi Delta Play Bowdoin College Tomorrow Night Visited by Board

When in South County Stop at

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Unusually 'Large Number of Trip Made by College Board to Study Buildings of Maine In- $o.u th Coltnty's Leading Store Tickets Sold;. Miss Laura Murstitution ray and Ken Wrig·ht in Leading Roles L ast Mond ay Dr. Edwar ds and

With the Co-.eds

C harles P id{e, '24, is a stati'onary <en g in eei· w ith the Natntgansrtt Elec Tomorrow evening at Li ppitt Hall m em b ers of the Co ll ege Board vis ited On Frid ay afte rnoo n Mrs. James .tric Lighting ·comiJany . · H e was a.lso [ Phi Delta will present "'l'illy of Bo wdoin College, Bru nswick, Main e, I-Ieap ent t;>rt ained the patronesses a n d 1 Bloomsbury,"

.rece ntly m a n ' ied. .4\.lexand er Patterson, '26,. is teac h-

a come d y in three aets, where t h ey

by Ian Bay.




various memb ers of Sigma Kappa at her h ome at a tea. Mrs. French poured. Among bu ildings of th e Pine State institution , tl1e g uests p resent . were Mrs. E d especial'ly th e ir magnificent library. war ds, Mrs., Mrs. Peck, Mrs . It is reported t h at w hile t h e vis it ors Coombs, Miss Carg.j].] a nd Miss Coyne.. did rec e ive mu ch knowl edge concern_ _ __ TJ1eta Del ta on11·c 1. 011 FresP,m en ing the up-Staters' buildings, an unusually interesting t r i p was had . It gave a novel affair in the form of a


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i ng a nd eoaching in ·west erly Hig h pr ese nted w ith muc h success by the .:School. And he w. as married on last New H hire State College Dra maWashington 's .Birthday . . .1 tic Society a nd at the R epertory The--~John Har vey, '2.6, a.nd Walter Lit- atr e in Boston. 'With such stars as tie, '24, at'e with the City of Pawtuck - Miss Laura Murray, Kenneth Wright, it inte res ting t o note t h a t Bowdoin's pirate p ic nic to the other mem bers et Highway Department. R ichard Cord in and Miss Mildred wonderful swimming poo l, o r iginally I of th e group on J<~rid ay aft erno on at Negus in the c ast and Miss Hele n E. planned to cost a bout $1 00.000, <'Le- Onion Poi n t. Albert E . Holburn, '22, is working Peck as director, t he pl ay is certain 'for the Spaulding F ibre Company of manded thrice the sum f rom the c olS.igm u Ka ppa. J uni ors went on t h e ir to be an ove rwh elming success. lege building fund before it w as fi nalBoston. a mnia! pic nic t o Sigma T a u Delta The story of "Tilly of Bloomsbury" ly completed. Point on Thursday a ft ernoon. Frederick Titchener, '2 1 , is t eac her centers around Richard Mainwaring, .and coach at East Pr ovidence H igh the son of Lord and Lady MainChi O mega held .its annu al May BATTING AVERAGES .Scbool. waring, and Tilli e Welwyn, the d a ughbreakfast at B iscuit City on last Satter of common people . The c omThe batting· averages includ ing the urday morning. The committee in Albert Worrall, '25, is testing- t ur- p lete cast inclttdes: game w .l th liVorcester Tech are a s fol- c h:;wge were Annette Henshaw , ch>J,irl>ine13 for the General Elec tr ic Com- Abel Mainwaring, M. P . lows : man; Lo is Wilco x, Hop.e Griffith and ~a ny at· Lynn, Ma~;>s . · Richard Condil1, '2 7 · Thelma Carpenter. Name .Games AB Irving L. Chur-chill, '22, who has Milroy (Mainwaring·'s butler) PC Th e Co-Eds, under the direc tion Raymond Perron , ' 27 Dragnetti ·--------·--- 7 24 15 ·,f!)!5 .been at the Yale Graduate Sc hool, will . of Mrs. Keaney, are practising-,. fQr Trumbull ----------·--- 3 9 4 ltelJ,.ch Jlll.bltc sneaking next y ear at the Sylvia (Mainwaring's daughter) 444 _ Marion Stevens, '2 7 Hurwitz -------------· 7 26 11 .423 ' their annual l\'~ ay p.ageant to be g-iven Upiveq;ity of Rochester. Lady lli.Iarion Mainwaring Asher ------------------·- 6 18 7 . 388 9n May 21.


Atttnore Wl' ight, '25, was m arr ied Mild.r ed Negus, '27 McKenzie ------------ 7 on M a y 7. Rev. Adrian Rylands _ . Pykosz ------------------, 3




And we must chroHicle o n e dle<, that , of Elizabeth S.kedd Bt:<t' nes, . 23 , Constance Da rner

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who passed away o n January 19.

Ric hard

James Dow, , 29 I Stevens ---------------Townsend __________ _, Mabe l Peckhom, '28 Szulick _ ...... _c_. _____ _,, (Mn.inwaring's .son) Blake ____.______________

Leona, '24, Is with Kenneth Wdght, '29 .Schrafft's T ea Rooll)., New York. TiJly ( We!wyn's daughter) Herbert Rosefield, '30 Vera .Swlj.n, ' 25, is engaged to A bner Am elia ( W e lwyn's yom)ger· dallghter) :IBfi.iley, '23. Kitty M<tckay, '30 'O aro[fne Fr·ances Tab or, '23, is e n- Grfl, ndm(l. ~anks AHce Tew, '30 gaged to Mr. Charles Dewey Koech- 1\ir. Mehta R<t m ( a l<tw student) .un.g. ' Do na;l <,t Bunce, ' 29 Mt·s. W e lwy n Hope Perry, '27 Russell 'Walsh, '19, Is 1'\1;;\-nag-·er of ,J:.,.u cina W !Oll wyn the Sales Department of t he Genera:! Alvan Anderson, .J.I[ators CornP'l.l:nY in .1\.Ustr,.)il\, S,,l.el Stillbattle '28 Ian Walker, :E) P. Arnold, '26, is with t he Wel3tern Union Telegraph Co m pany Mr . .Ioh n P umkherston Raymond Perron, .' 27 ~t Dalla,li, Texas.

Svita · --------- --------i Rinaldo ---------------Ernst --- ---------------M>wohand ------------



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On w ard! Onwa rd! 0 t.Ime in yo ur flight. May that bell ring Before I recite.-Ex.




"Diplomacy," with Bl~.Qcl•e ~weet and ArlettP. Marchal. 11

a. L

Good Food • Well Served

Wltll 'Qoq.g.

Wakefield Diner




Browning King A: Co.

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CQUegiate Clothes


May 21-'-"You Never Know Women," Florence Vidor. .t~ne

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The Worcester and B. U. games 'helped to fatten out the boy13' batting .averag-es. Every m a n on t h e team nit S!Lfel,y at least once.


.347 Out· neig_h_b_o-,r-,-B-·-ro_w_n_,_i_s not fari ng .3 3 S.I so, ~el~ - O·f la~e o~ the track. Three . 3 20 consecutive defeats i s Brown 's recor d · 272 thus far this y ear.


Main St.





PHOTOGRAPHERS 256 Westminster St., Providence

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Beacon v21 is27 05121927