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''.AnnualSophomore Hop to Be 'Varsity Overwhelms Newporters-by Colorful Affair".;..Dance Committee A 52-17 Score in;Curtain Opener :nee, 1Oth Is the Favore(r Day; Morey Pearl from Boston to Furnish the Music Through the hard efforts 'o f the ·-class. president an<l chairman of the -danc.e committee, the annual Soph Hop ..will take place this Friday eve·ning, When it became known a fort . night . ago that there were insufficient ·fund s to financ-e the event, the President .of the Sophomore Class request-.ed a mee ting to plea for support. Various suggestions had been offered -at this quorti·m ." but none appeated to -be feas ible. Howevel\ it was proposed

'that a pers on be named for ' '<ncj1. frai:ernity and sorority so that' the c lass ·dues a nd da m'le tax could be collected . This h a s seemed very practical, for a -considerable sum has since been :raised. Another meeting was called _a fe.w .. :day;- afierwa tCis . rCwas decided t h:at t h e Decoration Committee co uld cut its ex pen ses if h elp fr~m the &t ud e nts ·cou ld b e e xacted . It now a p pears that the Sop h Hop of t hi s y ear w ill result in as g reat a :success as any in the past. Acco r d ing to r ecent rep orts, there will be an ex -

·ceptiona lly larg e number of co uples pre~·ant . Th e dance promises to be a ·colorful affair, for a new style of d ec orating w ill b e .put t o a tEst. Th e f av ors for the yo ung ladies this year w ill be a s lave bracelet, h av ing a n imprint of R. I. 19 29 in blue. This was m ade possibl e throug h tl;le generosi<-y of t h e ·r ath er of one of the class memb ers, .AlVan And e rso11. _ ----- ---- ------

Liquid ·. Air·Marvels Shown by Keaney Many Weird Novelties Presented at Chern. Society Meeting Before the . la r gest crow d ev er as :semble d .in th e large chem ical a uditorium , J\II1' . K ea n ey gave a very in" i:eresting lecture accompanied by · many exp e riments , on th e won ,ders of "Liquid Air." The lecture proved most int eresting to th e c h em ists, w hile his many spectacular e~ ­ perim e nts drew the applause of the ·crowd . Mr. K ean ey ope ned the lecture by -.explaining that a ll gases whe n c ontracted by pressure are cooled and if ·c ontracted e nough they will be chan ged from the gaseous state into the liq uid. He· demonstrated this p rinciple my using carbon dioxide gas. He then proceeded to freeze rubber balls, grapes, oranges, lemons, -etc ., w hich when dropped on the ta(Conunuea on rage 3)

Prexy on.Modern College Dances Prexy mentioned

the expenses

of soon only the wea lthier students will

our major dances at ass'embly last be able to afford them. week. "Much money is wasted ev At the Sophomore meeting after the Assembly, Prexy said that his reeJ:Y year," he said, "in f urnis.h ing fa- marks had not been a imed at the vors which are unnecessary and inappr opriate." He also stated that he does not favor the imported orches'd tras and hired decorators. Presi ent

Sophomores specifically but that he wanted them to consider them when p>lanning for the forthcoming Hop. 1 He announced that money for dances can no longer be collected through Edwards gave as a reason for his , tne office by m ean s of the term bill views that Rhode Island State Col~ but that some oth e r m ethod must be lege is a Land Grant College. for the ., found to produce enough money to rich a nd poor alike a nd that the defray all expenses two days before da nces are getting so expensive that the dance.



R. I. Lecture Ass'n

Phi Kappa Has

~-To ~rr~~-~pn·a~-r~m.-~-e~n~~e-<!lr_,· "' - ---- ~_n~~~~-- ~~cial "·

Honor Students Entertained


Capt. Haire Leads Team Victory


Hurwitz Stars at Guard Wilcoxson -T akes ·Honors for U. S. N. H. Working· together


1926-1927 ed ition of Coach


Keaney '~;~

b asketbaJI ', earn triumphed to a splen.did v ictory over the Newport Naval Station last Friday evening, After 40 minutes of f ast , c lean play ing, the w earers of tbe . W hite . and Blue had earned a n otable -52 -17 win. The -e vening was mat~ k e d r ather auspiciously -the Soph Co - Eds cheering in unison which helped co nsiderably in the evening's proceedings. No sooner had the ball been tossed when both teams entered an interesting tussle . It w as. Hurwitz who sue~ c,~;~c( }~ ::.-; ga,g:rti!?: tne - dotiDle ·«e-6-iie-? "...,-

f rom o n e -third of t he distance of the co u rt. The " T a rs. of Uncle Sam" were Dramatic Stars to Give Plays L ast F r iday night, t h e a nnual Phi no~ , 0 bt o utplayed , a nd t hey soo n K a ppa Phi socia l was h e ld in th e ea r n e d a basket, quickly adding to on Thursday bo a.rd r oom in th e Agricultural Build- .h e ir t:Jta l and forging ahead to lea d a t quarter-tim e, 6-5. 'l'hur~day, Dec. 9, the Lecture As- lng . About fifty honor . students and 'l'h e comb ina tion of Epstein-Flemt;Ocia·.ion will present the Lyceum's professors w e r e pr ese nt. Miss Peck . _ . . . . was in charo·e of the arra ngements. mmg-M ag;o un w a s then lilJected, the greateut dramatic stars, Mr. and Mrs. b . I , . . ! Professor Anderson preside d and in- . eam wol''long to greater advantage. Lew is E. Parmenter, m the ir famous , , . . trod uced the speakers . The hnode I sla nd qumtet s~em e d to p r og ram. " Great Moments from : Grea t Plays." i Dr. Edwar ds was the first speaker work bet ter as- the game ensued, f or t he Newport invaders were unable to Mr. and ;\Irs. Parme nter, w ho h ave ;and told how important hon o r stu de n 1s . are to a co ll ege. So m e p eo ple judg·e pe n etra te --their stellar defense. It was 1 · en j oy ed p h eno mena l s u ccess ll1 New · b f · t · d urin g the la tter half of the p astime Mr. Par - a ·colleg-e by the num er o VIC on es York , are co lleg e grad u ates. the football team h as won , ·but a com- t ha~ the V:Ictors s howed their superiormenter has been lead ing man °11 pany wo uld not emp loy an e ngineer tty . No t only did they score from all Br oadway ' and has toured the Unfte.d b-ecause h e was a good h a lf back and angles, brit a lso cUd they display team Sta t es w ith such stars• as Doug las F a ir - could throw forward passes, accur- work wh~ch h as seldom seemed to banks , Lawrence D'Orsay a nd May ately. The company wo uld want work to such perfection. Capt. " Red " Robson. He has acted in ev ery type of someone who was acc ura t e In · eng1n-[ - · r·r · sc-o-red many a basket that -- a1re play, fro m comedy to tragedy. Mrs. eering work_ In closing, Dr. Edwards proved tlle f a ll of the visitors. One Parmenter , also, ·has an excell ent rec - said that high seho larship adds more wbo seemed to h ave a great eye for ord of successful tours throughout to the prestige of th e coll ege than the net w;a,s "Firp" Asher, play ing tbe Amer ica. many realize as th e futur e of the co1- positio~ a~ a center and scor ing from On Thur.soday they will present three lege depends up on th e qua lity of men long dist ance. The m a in o n e, " Th e t urn ed out. s hort plays . Many m e mbe r s of lasi year's inv inS erva n·t in t h e Ho u se," w hic h was Mr. George Youn g, a Ph i Kappa c ible "Fros h " unit entered this co nwritten by Char les Rann Kennedy, was ' Ph i member who gra duate d from test . Among t ho se w ho played a rtotd 'l'h · successfully playe d on Broa way . IS Rhode Island a few years ag o, w as abl e part was the popular Epstein, bl th t p lay is one of the most nota · e a the main sp eaker . His topic W<.LS whose wo~'k stood o ut creditably. Even t 1 h a ve recently been written , no· on Y "Intelligence." He sa'id tha,t college I though "E'p" found time to earn seven • (Continued 011 page 4) graduate~> are the product of colleges points during his s hort stay in the ------------the same as canned goods are the game, h e · managed to direct pas•ses FOUR SOPHOMORES CHOp roducts of canneries. Both are grad- that were six times turned into basSEN TO BEACON BOARD ed according to their merits. An k ets. Trumbull a nd Hurwitz, w ho ho.nor student is sent o ut of the col- started, played a stellar floor gam e, Manag ing Editor Suita call ed the lege labelled "first class goods." w hile . both Magoun a nd Flemming Beaco n Board m eeting to order a t A n emplo_yer knows that this m a n were equ a lly as go od. 7:2 5:3 6 p. m., Decemb er 1, 1 9 2 6. The came to him as first class goods ; so The playing of Captain Frank of the o_ nly business up was t he elections to he off e. I:'S him . more c h ances and op- Hospital team was outstanding h e, th e Beac-o n Board news staff. Four portunities than th e· others who are w it h vVilcoxso n, doing the bulk of and five J]andidates, a s1t1,m- not so labelled . their t eam 's scoring. Both attempted tion which was solved by the election Dr. Browning was the next speak- many a long shot, and succeeded to of fo~1r ; Miss Mary Kelly, Daniel A. er and showed the trend of scholar·- some advantage. The Newport t eam O'Connor, Donald Bunce_, a nd John ship in the fraternities a nd sororities appeared to b e lo st during the second Olson, a ll of the Sophomore class. (Continued on page 3) (ClontlnuP.d on page 4)







Lady Luck

THE BEACON official publication of

Not a Hugh Wiley Saturday Evening Post story, thoUgh . , If you had been "Sparks" ' on one of the Cheatem & Gypem Oil Co. tank. ers last July 7, at 3 p. m., you would I have been leaning on the rail, idly 1 picking· fro m your teeth the shreds of mango purchased from one of the Panama Canal crew, and perhaps ·. :not Published weekly by the students of so idly, gazing at the varied assortR. I. State College ment - of wo men, Canal a uthorities' Terms of Subscription



The efforts of these co-eds at last:_ · Friday's basketball game have in uo. way gone for naught. They have• what.. we believe planted the seed of spirit which may eventually grow into the>· tree of a rd ent school love. Not 'onlymight the other classes join in on this: .. Z:one three weeks ago, works at Pedro 11 And unless we are willing to d e- spirit drive, but even the boys may· Miguel locks as junior electrician, Yes- ! c eive ourselves, which will n ot brin g take in a hand to support the Schooll . terday, his wife drew the winning' us far in after life, we ought to face creditably. number. in the Republic of Panama the questions squarely. '.rhe outstanding co -educationat lot Lery, $20 ,000 on a five-doll ar ticket. We came to this co ll ege primarily! schools of . the co untry have always:.. Luck, I call it." to get a thorough, f ull-sided training had a feml)lme cheer-leader. Sucho.

wives, playing golf on the gro unds near Miraflores Locks. You, w hile th e ship· was lo cking through, wo uld have heard the Mirafiores Supervisior telling the captain of the current Carta! Zone gossip . "Yeh, he came to the

about g·etting what he wants . vVe, students of this co llege, don't seem to belong to either of those c lasses. With a few exceptions, we . a1'e not the dashing co ll egiate nor the sturdy student.

Luck it was. Many are the wors hipp ers of Luck at this college. .rightly do groups gather to what some gen ius called "conduct experiments· in Business Manager the laws of probability and chance." Russe'll A. Eckloff, '27 We do n't preach against gambling, News Staft' though, for our r'oom-mate once Benjamin Fine, '28--Campus bought us a breakfast w it h his w inCharles T. Miller, '2 8-Athletlcs Bernice Grieves, '27--Intercollegia.te nings. George H. Alexander, '27-Feature But luck is like a co-ed--it is fickle, Mildred L . T:twmpson, '27-Co-ed deceiving, enticing. We go to a c lass unprepared a nd are not called up o n . News Board Ethel D. Hay, ' 27 A second time ditto. A third time, we Maurice H. Conn, '28 a re ca ll ed upon-no soap. Arid we Ian M. Walker, '28 someames call the bird who gets an Lillian Blanding, '28 David Flue, '29 "A" lucky . He isn 't. He merely disWilliam Mokray, '29 regarded the siren Jure of both co -ed Mildred Wine, '29 and luck. Arthur z. Smith, '29 The forward pass of a footba ll game sometimes seems to be completed by lu ck. Lady, Luck perhaps did a id, but . .. . . . _ . the hours and hour~. of training of the --<· WJn)le.. .. p.e'I'USJ-ng;, a magaZil'!-e.;> · team. was t heT:eal cau~. - - ---~ ·

in the- sciences and secondarily to supplement it ·with the humanitarian courses. And here we are, a horde of young people, taking and dropping courses, grinding and flunking, and, as t he turtie in danger, obstinately refusing to face the question, How am I going to set about acquiring a mastery of the

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Editor-in-Chief Albert L . Hiller, '27

' ·


in Harper' s, T came across- t he phrase: "I kno. w the Carolin e Islands as well as you lo1 ow the back of your hand." I don't know whether I am abnormal in any r espect, but the only way that I could ever recognize my hand if it was severed from my wrist would be by the signet rino< encircling one of ~ the fingers.. Frankly, the only time that I notice my hand at all is when I am washing it, in order to see whether or not it is clean. B ut with what are we really familiar ? It shou ld be o ne's own self. W e have spent more time in our own comp(tny than w ith anyone else. How well d o we know ourselves? We cannot study ourse lves. vVe are too fickle, to-o changeable. We are always differ ent. O ur thoughts are affected by what we eat, the existing environment,- how long we have s_lept the

I doubt

On the whole we realize t hat t he facts and data supplied t h e professors and the text-bo oks do not sat- / isfy that quest. And as supp lementary I we set up the various $Cientific so:-_1 :- . · , · .· . .t c1etles proposed to supply us an up-to-~ . You can' t depend on luck. An East, date, full-sided , varied and complete. Ha ll ~aHer_ once guessed correctly v iew of the particular ·sc ience. · three times 1n successiOn as to wheth- ~ B u t a t th ese soc 1e t'1es .t"_ n e· earnes t er the eggs he distributed were hard student is prodigiously ·~tbse nt. A or soft, but the fourth time proved I d reary d'ISCUSSion . o f· h o w· t o get a h1s Waterloo. The good wa1ter knows .j speaker and defray expenses besets the his eggs-by using a soystem. . i meager attendanc e. Such a procedure, The engineer. does not trust to luck· I besides being disgusting, is also immathat his bridge will stand. He so terial. proportions it that he knows it will Let's endure . get the money by hook or croo k , invite the most prominent per-~ A suitable prize should be (but so nalities of the state active in fields wo n 't be) awarded to the astute read- related to those sci.ences, m a ke them er w ho finds any point or c-o herence aware that here we are, clamoring for in thi.s article. knowledge and power a nd q,waiting the moment to take our place beside yo ur mouth when you speak ? No one them.

I · I •










I i

can understand what you say." How many times when you have thoug h yo_ urself p'erfec_ t'ly, someone Will ask you 1f you re s10k. The density of the air, noise, stillness, a ll will preced ing nig ht or nights, the p eople c h ange the q u ality of our voice, due we h ave talk ed to during the day. to two reas ons; t heir effect on our Our appear a nce is always changing, voc,a l chords, and their effect on one A different way of .combing our hair, of our receptor organs, our ears. a tie, _h at, sh irt, suit, will change our Our unfamiliarity with our voice is app eal·ance. The reflecting surface of best brought out in the pronunciation the mirror will make us look fat, thin, of a foreign language--French, for inshort or long. How can we know what stance. We say a word, the teacher we rea lly look like. Personally I am corrects us. Very often it will seem never satisfied with a photograph of t o us that we s•aid' it exactly the same myself. It doesn't seem to look like as the teacher. We may repea t the me. And yet everyone may remark, word several times after the teacher. "What a perfect resemblance." It Is Finally the teacher will exclaim, "Ah, very evide nt that we do not know our t h ere's the correct pronunciation. I externa l c h a r acteristics. don' t see why you couldn't get it the What t l:len, do we know? Our voice. We hea r it a ll day long. We should recogniz e it anywhere. But do we? Sometimes our voice is hoarse and guttural, at other times it may be a pitched falsetto. To .u s our voice may seem perfectly distinct, when someone will pipe up , "Why don't you open

1we have not seen her·e.

There is nO•· that the Rhode Island girls wiU~ be only too w illin g toname a leadn,r,. joining in cheers· with the fellows ~ There are certain things which thee fair sex cou ld do, and have done, and!. this recent deed of theirs cannot pass,. unnoticed. Their c heers last Week: were unusually good, and with th& · help of the rest of the school, they· sciences? should reap h eavily. Their efforts, at. Because it is this that we want. We fii·st seemin g rather venturesome ~. do not wish to become mere too ls or have proven dreadful! servants of the ''no,vledges, but rather, prompted by the eternal q uest for THOUGHTS dominance, we strive to find in it t he toe! or means through which we shall by H. A. R conquer, win, dominate. Thoughts, Thoughts,

Managing Editor Walter T. Siuta, '27


movement is beginning to respond! The fair members of the Sopho-m ore Class h ave besought upon them- selves the task of bringing back that.. "old pep of yore." They have even... gone to the extre me-attiring them-selves in white middies and a blue· tie , appearing in a colorful body, andl cheering with results that put many a .. "handsome youth to shame."

The time when a student was repI resented as a dreamy youth with lofty, far-away ideas of life a nd beauty, has finally left us. At present he is either a pleasure-seek ing, dashing youth, ' eager for what he can get out of life, seemingly light-mind ed and careless, or, on i he other hand, a serious, de ter:r:nined student, bent on his studies, w ho kno ws what he is after and sees

first time." But to us the sound may s•eem no different. Have a re.cord of your voice made sometime and see whether you recognize it. I'll guarantee that you won't. What are we familiar with? Nothing. M. H . C.


T hru my mind. Fantastic shapes, Grotesque figures, Whirling, swir ling ' Drive, mad. Though ts of Present, Past and Future. Will this torture never end? Cymbals crashing, Drums resounding, All within my tortured bra in, Never endin g, nev er ceasing, Crush me down into the depths... D ar k ness, black ness , Pierced with lightning. Thoughts! T houghts! Thoughts! Thoughts! My God! vVhy must I suffer so?




Not only the prestige of the college You've governe d me by whimper will be. r;:tised as a direct consequence And yo u 've gover ned yourself b y:--of it, but the r elation of the industrial whim. units toward th e individual stud ent Your only t ext is a b a nkbook , w ill become more compact, more conA nd yo ur home a roadS'ide inn. siderate. The engineer or a dmini stra- My cash you've s pent relentlessly,



tor will learn to see in us sympathetic My wall et yo u 've bled to death. co-workers, interested in his problems It' s your running expenses, my Anna- .. belle, and worries and eager in lending a hand to staighten or simplify them. That h a ve k ept me out 'of breath. But kid. methinks I ' m 'wearied now The development of those societies. vVith jazz, yo m· classic sin; is entirely up to ourselves. If we do Too oft' you've cannonaded me not turn in to a ssist in promu lgating ·with shots of synthetic gin. those various activities, there is n o So farewe ll my flaming Annabelle one but ourselves to bla m e. And yo ur red -hot modern codes, Lordly Soph, "I wish I h a d a nickel \ Vhere onc.e we p a rted company Here' s a parting of the roads. -D. A. O' C. "Frosh": "What would you do, buy The livid, glowing c:oals creJ?t slow- -yourself a package of gum?" ly on, gutting the oi:J,ce smoothly sym- .. metr ical column. Behind, in its re- . Future Chemist : "Prof. Keaney just le n tless-path of destruction, a burning passed me." m a ss qu ivered, died, and became dull •. Future Taxi Driver: " That's good." gray ashes, suggestive of ruin and desFuture Chemist: "Yes, he j ust o lation. ~nother great cataclysm had passed me on the campus, and said, been precipltateg-the cigarette on the ·'Hello.' " tra y' h ad bu rned Itself out.

for each girl I kissed."



Debating Activities Started by Co-eds 1 PI. ans f or I n t er·CiaSS an d I R t ercollegiate Combats Are Formed

Boston Contest Aim IEuropean Highway Of R.I. Glee Club Systems Discussed


PHI KAPPA PHI ( Contin ued fro m Page 1) o n the campus. He followed the course of every fr:aternit y· for the last twelve years be%inning with Beta Phi which ' was then and is now on


bl "Rhody'' to Enter Her War . ers C. E. Society Get -toget her Also Hears of ·New Arc Welding in New England Match ; Club Idea to Be Increased to Thirty Members noa d s w it h a b s o l u tely n o s p ee d lim i~. a n d a ll r oad s on e w a y , w ith no i n-

have t·op 0 f · th e rIS t · E very f ra t erm·tY that won the cup for 'scholarship one year taken a noth er stri d e fo r w ard. This fell d.own the next. Some fell only time i t is in conn ection with debates. a . fraction of a point while others a!Big doings are sched u led for th e t e r sec t i n g h igh w a ys . If o ne has t o A Debate C o unQil h a s been o r ganized, most w 'e nt through th e bottom. Thi;;, Glee Club this year. S omethi n g new cr oss a n oth e r, it d iv es u n d er by tun consisting of a m e mb er elect ed from Dr. Browning pointed out, showed that is b eing arranged by the man a g er, t h a t n e l , or l eap s over b y bridge . R ath er each cla ss a n d M ild re d Negus, the T h e wom e n

of t h e

c ollege

Islan d S t ate Co lle g e t o e n g age in intercollegiat e a t h le tics. " T h e try - outs will' be held W e d n es da.y , D ec ember 8. The· w i n n in g t ea m s w ill t h eu debate eacli oth er on t h e q u es tio n that is to be take n fo r t h e wo m e n 's vars ity debate with N ew H am p sh ire. T h e tea m

est standing in scholal'Ship. Prof. Sweeting next administered psychological tests, one for the professors and one for the students. T h e questions dealt with the identifiea tion of professors., excuses for cutti ng

Kinzie have completed n eg otiations with the Boston offic ials, which means that Rhode Island will be r e presented by her Glee Club. Several other concerts are on the schedule t h is year . These will take place at Wakefield, East Greenwich, and other · cities as well. Mr. G. W. Anthony, of Providence, is director of the Glee Club d again this year . He is wen please with the showing already at

classes and: several other such prac· tical subjects. The students corrected for ·the v a r s ity d e bat e w ill be com- the professors papers and vice versa. ·h P osed o f t he bes t d ebat e r s a mong the Low grades were preval ent. Refres class• team s : Plans hav e als o b e e n sta rted for a ments were served and a. social hour the rehearsals, which are held every women's deb atin g s oci ety t o w h ich all followed. Monday evening in Lippitt Hall. who take a n activ e in terest in d ebating The management plans t o enlarge will be e lig ibl e . T his is t o be quite the Glee Club to thirty men . This is separate fr o m t h e men's s ociety. ten more than last year, so t h e differThe memb e rs of t h e C o uncil are : ence should. noticeable. -J n Mildred Negu s , t h e h ead o f th e Coun· tion several mstrumental g r oups Will cil; Eth e l H ay , S e n ior ; J ean R obert- S . ock a• nd· B· uskin· Head of Brown be 'I.ncluded a't the co11cer'ts. ':rhe · s-on, Junio r ; M a r g a ret O' C o n n or , S o phto Talk H awaiian Ukelele Three, w h ich made omore , an d R u t h L ee, F resh m an. such a hit at ' a · h lcent assemb ly, has Phi Delta is planning a very at- been booked for th e concerts-. Kenneth 'I t r active open meeting for Wednes. . t f th . Keach is p1ams or e C lub. day evening, Dec . 15. Some of the _______ _ 1students who heard Mr. J. Baxter-

Phi Delta Planning •• . An 0•p_en Meet Ing I

Triple Tie in Triangular Debat e -

All Negative Teams Uphold L. iQ. ilor Amen dment; M mne Breaks R. I. Run of Victories

I Collins, Pre:>id e nt of the__::;ock



a~dl Marksmen

Buskin Society of Brown University, talk at the village dramatic gathering a few weeks ago can tell us o f th e

unexpected opportunity in having him ·- - - - appear at Phi Delta. He has a keen WHh a 3- 0 v ictory, R h o d e Island I, ap preda ti cn of c ollege dl'amatics, and State elin c i1ede.o n e d e b a t e of che sixth ! it will b e well worth our time to hear annu:d tdang ula r d e b a te wit h th e· from our closest rival coll ege drama-

Forced Into Indoor Range

h ig hly d evelo p e d r oad syste m . Franc e is r a,th e r e n r e t ard . E n g la n d and pra·o t ica lly .a ll other Euro pean c ountries u s e co ncr et e r oa d s w it h a ca,r~ pets. 'l:'h e Swe d e s a r e e xperim enting w ith a m a chin e ' t o m e a s u r e w ear and t ear -o n r oad R. Casim ir R og u s t ol d of t h e new style· i n w el d in g , wher e i n th e j o ints a r e , in e ff e ct, sol d er e d t og et h e r. w ith a ro(l. o f s of.t jron , whic h is h ea ted by an e l e ct r ic .a r c a t t h e p oi nt of c ontact w it h _t he j o int. T he iron fi ows over t h e j o int a,nd h a r d e n s , ~aki ng a joint wh icl;l , in . t e sts was a .s s t ro n g as the unwel d e d p arts, T h is m e t h od. o f . weld~, i n g Is. m ore e conomica l b ec a u se it t a k e.s le ss e lec t r ical e n ergy t h a n t he f

1 ·

u sual meth od o we d m g the t w o p iece _b y h a ving an a r c b etw een t he sec t i o n s . Henr y Negus, presi de n t of t h e q ,. E , S oc i et y , u r ged those pre sen t t o e ntice t h e So p h C . E . stud ent s into t h ese W e d n esday m eetin 15_Ec. _The tim e, o ntO)_ o ' clo c k, w a s ch osen so that t h ey ca n

c ome . P r of. W ebst er is t o g iv 12 a l ec ture I Decem b er Snows t orm St ops 0 u.t - o n t h e L e w is a .n d Cla r k \. r a il a t some J dorn· Work; Seas on to Open 11\l ,·u;.c r'e da~e. H e has s li d es m4 :! e fr c:n i J a'Juary; Large Squad Out for p lc l u n ;s he has taken d u r i n g h is trav~ Team e lu al o n g t h is histor ic rout e.

UniverRities of M e and N e w Ham p- tic association. E veryone is cordialRat-tat-ta t! Bull at t e n~miss at fir e c r acker s. He th en placed a re d shir e . Th e l ocal t e am w o n a u n an i - ly asked to attend lhe meeting o n six-score: 39 9 out of .a possible 40~. i hot c arb on ro d in a beak e r ,o f t h e mous decisi o n over t h e N e w Hamp- that evening, at seven o'clock (7 o'- That's Capt. Ole H artmgto n a nd h1s Jiq uified a ir and much t o t h e dis may r ifle team r-quad <i:ling t h eir d •lily ' ' ·· • · ' ·· s-h ire sq u a d in one of t h e m ost r emark- cl o c k) in 21 Aggie. dozen. The boys are sho oting their of t h e au dience it c o n tinUIJd ~o burn able d ebates Ever held in L ip p itt H all. w it h t h e generatio n o f s o m u c h he:;tt 'l'he s 'ate tea m that went t o O r ono best every afternoon under the direcHerman Churchill, , tion of Serg. Friel. U n t il the cold tha t a h ole was )::J urnt in t h e glass at l()s·t ·t <J Maine by the sam e d ecisi o n, coacdhed· thby E'Prof. hea of . e 'ng 1·IS h d epar t men t a t th e ! weather and snow. came a l ong, the th . e sam e t'Im e that. s no w·y "Vhi ' ' t e. , whil e Maine d e feate d New H amp s lrire c oJleae The members of the Rhode i fialces of carbon d iox ide c on dem1e d on at Du•"ha m . As a r esu lt, t he final , " · . , men trying out for the team used the ' Island grou p that went to Mame were ' open air range for prac t ice. At th e glass. His. next feat ure was the sta.nding of the t r iang u lar debate is : J h Cl Th w · ht a n d b 0 il ' of e gs in t h e liquid a ir a nd: · egg, · omas ng present, the East Hall range is being mg g ' . osep R. I. St ate-won 1, lost 1 ; New Hamp- H enry Ba.rney. The alternates at each ; d a ls o the feez ing of the tin con taine r , 1

shire-wo n 1, lost 1; M ai n e-won 1, d ebate, wer e : Hyman Hochm.a n, C~ n - 1 em;lt~oeu~h the team lost h eavily be- which r en d ered it so lost l. T his r es•ults in a th re e~cor- n e c a c ut: David Fine, New Hampshire, : cause of graduating members , there sligh t tap shattered it. neeed tie. T he s u bJect for the ·debate was t h e same in all cases: "Hesolved, That the IDig hteenth Amendment should b e modir-i.Ed t o legalize the manufac ture

and John D. Orr, Maine. The time-lat e quite a few sharpshooters left on k eepers at the New Hampshire debate i the squad. Besides Capt. H a rrington, were : Orr, Hochman, Fine and Mill er.: the veterans consist of Leigh, Creas'l:'h e judges were: Hon . Roy Rawlings er, Marchand, Gould and Armbrust. , p o.f """· "~ oming; ro f . H . A. s h e I Davis ' i With these men as a nu c leus, the

and sale of light wines and beer." In the lo c al debate, Rhode Island took the negative side of the argument with New Hampshit'e upholding the afCirmat ive. 'l'he new Oxford rnethod of argumentation was employ ed by all the teams, in accordance with a ruling of the New England Debating Conference. This metho d allows each speaker a fifteen-minute speech, the speaker dividing up his time in order to rebut the preceding opponent. 'L'he speeches of the local boys. were d elivered in an exceptionally fine man · ner. The team consisted of R. H .

'Wickford ; John Murdock, Esq., Usquep augh . Prof. Churchill officiated as chairman. Music was furnished by Nicholas Abbenante, pianist. Prior to the debate ballots were distributed among the audience, w h o voted on the question. The results s howed' that the great majority were not in favor of prohibtion modification. Immediately following the s.peechee,· the audience. was asked to r·econsider the question in light of the

arguments brought forward by the debaters. A recount showed that the New Hampshire argum.e nts had won Christopher, Benjamin Fine and very few converts to their cause, Ge orge Alexander. A ll of the State speakers were in receipt of m1c1eh The Universal Reader notes that praise from the audience and the judges. The New H a mpshire squad showed some real talent . The debating teams- have been

! team should make out well in the i scheduled matches this year. The first ; match will take place some time in ! January. Manager Leigh and Assisti ant Manager Creaser are busy completing the schedule, and h a ve a l ready sig,ned up some strong teams. The squad will con s ist . of .t he t e n · high men; a s picked by Sergt. Friel. d Some good scores have bee n ma e i D b:y Chase, Anderson, Rob nson, . Fine, McCullough, Mokray, Hochman and Miller. Any student t aking ·Military Science is eligible to try 1 out for the rifie team, _______


the Conn. Co-eds are getting critical (Continued from Page 1) lately-well, the R. L "Coos" have 'b!e broke like very brittle glass. He been rather harsh u pon the boys who then lighted frozen cigars a n d cigarnee d spike shoes on the dance floors. et tes which upon ignition burne d like

cold t h a t a E ven c a rna-

tions w h en dipped in the liqu id were bl ea ch ed a nd c r umb led· a t t h e slight est touc h . M uch to the amusem ent of the audienc e a t e akettle c ont a ining: of .liquid a ir· a n dJ a sma ll amount . ..

chunks of ice conti n u ed t~ b o il w hen set on a large cake o f ice. P lacing a. frying pan on the cake of ic e, M r . Keaney demonstrated th e r apidit y with whi ch eggs coul d be f r i e d by this miraculous liquid . Mer c u ry was frozen so hard tha t it c ould b e u sed as a hammer capab le o f drivin g a nail clea.r through a p ine boa r d . The lecture ended w h en Mr. Keaney took some m yst eriou s b lank sheets of paper w hich u p on dipping in NaOH bore the fo llowin g i ll'Scr iption, "I tha.nk y ou. Goo d nig h t." This was the first of a .series o f lee tur es to be given by the Chemica l Society of Rhode Isla.n d St a t e C ollege. The Society extend s jts thanks to Mr. F. S. Keyes of M. I , T ., w ho furnished the liquid air, a.s wen a s t o Mr. Keaney, w h ose services render ed the lecture pos s ible .

~AGE . FOUR ... '


TH~ - - - - - ,-


Hayden Lectures ,..,.t:Q E. • E• s·OCiety •



R. I. 52·U. S. N.H. 17

ExpJana tio n; Pfi'- per s onal f on)s; , sh ots t aken; SS.Tr-short shots taken; LSM- Iong shot&. majle; 3-Newport Naval Hospital (CopUlJI.ued from pa,ge. 1) at Kingston half, a ll their points being earned via SSM-shot·t shots mad(l; A-aS,Si!lts; FM-fouls missed; FG- ft eld goals; the fqul shots. Unable to score from 8-NEivt Be~ford Textile F-fouls mad~; T~-o-:-tQta i no!nts. the fiel\'1. they were fo rced to try hawkat Kingston ers, none being cageg. Score by per iods : 11-Yale at New Haven In an effort to present to the Beac.on Rhode Island -·----·--·---- 5 19 32 52 l G-U. S. Coast Guard Naval Ho5•pita1 ............ 6 11 1 3 17 at Kingston rea<1ers a more vivid record of the Re,fer e.e- Howard ( R . I. } ; tim e of 17- Bridgewater Norma l game, two of the staff members,,, Walq uarters-ten m inu(es.; scorer.s-Siuta at Kingston 1· ter Siuta a nd William Mol<ray, kept a · a nd Mol;;ray. 14- Submarine Base, N·. London , close tabulation of the evening' s af-




Talk OJ} U:nde;;:r ound Cable and · Dec . Conduit Construction Very Dec. Exceptional J)ec. At the meeting of the E. E. Society


h eld Dec. 1, Mr. George Ha.yd-en s poke Jan. at Kingston . fair . Th ey have list.ed below the results ·On "UndergTOU!ld Ca,b.Ie and Co nduit [ Jan. 21-U. of Maine at Orono · .[ in code fashion, wh ich undoubtedly ·C onsttuc tim1." The summary of h is .Jan . 2 2-u. of New Hampshire .1w ill prov e rather interesting. This new s peech is as follow&: at Durha.m. ·1system has been used for only a . few The cons~ructi.on c ost s are cut as I•'eb. 4--'St. Michael's at Kingston .1 years, mQre or less in New York City , much as possible by sta n dar dization I•'eb . 17- Northeastern at Kingston w here the res'lllts of championship Ji' eb. 24 -Nor~ h eastern at Bos~ton games have been closely follo wed. The 1 G: parts w h ere possible.. In cities such Mar. 1-Brown at Kingston j figures ov.ght to pTesent a clear acas Boston, however, this is limited Mar. 5-Conn. Agg!es at Kingston I count of everyone's playing. gr eatly. by t h \Ol . cl·ooke<;i. st reets, but , M:ar. 9-Brown at Providence Rhode lsland even here it can: be fol lowed to some 12-Conn. Aggies a.t Storrs extent. ·wh1Jre feasible the pond ujts ar e l~jd. ip paralle l, lm t i n t h €1 older d istriqts t;hi»• is. i mp o.?sible. In. order quarter inoh hoops placed on 24-inch The shells WeF.- e towed by r~ E-1 E-1 :S :S __,. rk to gf\4!\ . ac(fe.:;>s t Q. thE\· cab!!)$ f or repair centers ~~~s~~~~k~ l.ighte!'S. a nd h <:t l d 011 S?-pports until t-1 v• ,.. >"< >"< "' wor,k, ma,nhole.~;; ar.e PJ.!J; di)wn evety Haire,. rf 3 5 15 1 8 0 2 9 3 21 five l:}pn.dr,ed fee t , Th e . sU~ndarc! , con- dry. Th e supports were knocked out Trumq 'll, 1f 0 1 2 () 0 2 0 0 3 3 .duit1 se,ctipn , is a fibre . dJ,lct · tl:ve to and dropped into the. river. After the, !f 3 3 3 0 3 6 1 3 1 7 e ight feet in length, the dil;l;meter stru.;:tur.e. was pumped dry,. the fi.ber Connoliy, If 0 0 0 0 () 2 0 0 0 () varYlrtg ac<;QI'd~ng to t he size of the ducts were _P_u_t_in,... -·-.._..-Johnson , rf 0 o 1 0 o o 0 o o o

LEC. TU·. n P. ASS · . '.· N •.· wn (Co:ntinued . from pag.e

·on account O·f its m o t·al a nd s ocial purpose, but a lso beca u se of its sustain ed interest and i ts swift, com p~qt and logical action. The. opening ll\H);lber w ill b e "Un der Sailing Order s,'' a comedy by Helen P. Kane.. This play will sQrely aro us.e even t he m ost l ugu brio us to peals of laughter. "Roses" wiU be t h e closing number. This one-act p ~a:y, writl.en by Mr. Parmenter.. was founjled on a tr_ue story aud 1 ten especiallY for this . Pl.'ogr,am.





.c abl~.· ·

Of aJl g,r eat word;> of tongue and pen, In laying the ducts, a tr'encl1 is first The saddeat o! thes.e is, ' 'I've flunked dug ·a.ud. a pla·sotic·ial po1;1red in; ag;ain!" t he dUcts are. Uten p ut in, separated o ne quarter inch by partitions. T heY Now that the. Hall-.Milis murder ar e then a ligne,<L by us.e ot p la¢er s and trial is over we can study our books, t he whole is covE!re.d. with the before- and fire the newsboy, mentioned. plastic material. A crosssection ·of th.e · duct s would look like a Established 1847 honey-comb.. 'rhe joint s between sep -

Asher" c Magot;n, c Hayden, c Barber, lg Hurwitz, rg Flemm'g,!g ·Pykosz, g


L. VAUGHN CO. Manuf~turers

arate s<ections a1·.e of the sleeve type w ith t a tler.ed: enus ; ball and socket joints were used b ut wer':: found to be

2 2 2 2 1 Q 6 0 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 7 3 1 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0

16 2 0 3 2 5 17 17

You ran your fi ngers through one's Io·cks,

4 0 8




You whispered i n his ear; "Now.. re.a lly r. d.on't u... nder;;ta.. fl d 0 Just w.hy YOl! thfq k I'm d~~'~-t ·"



0 0 0


0 0 0 3 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0


1 2

I am thr.o ugh wJtb women. understand them.

9 22 8 52


tony's with M.. --. M.. - is a nice girl. All h er friends tell her so. We got confidential . "Tell m~ ," she sai d,

Naval Hospital


"my faults. " I thought it best to use ta.ct. ;Flowery aj:ter t!pyv_e ry p~nta~e .~cowe]i· fr·o:m my· ltps,, Hhe "sto-pped Me<--- · · in the mid!ile. ' 'Y:ou're lying,-t() , m!l.'' sh e said. "You':re . trying. to be nice~ I hate you." And . she paid for ber own ice cream. Last night 1 went on a date with i..r----". We got confidentilfl. ''Tell mEJ," she, "my fau lts. "




Cqllegiate Clothes


lo n gitudina lly, a n d three-

ner Baxter.


I remembered M - -. I told her. "I "You n asty thing," she said, h ate you." And she walked, on. Whoneell called 'em t.h e fair' sex?

Toads and toadstools are t oadally

I-· -~~i-.~~~~!--~-~-~---~~~!-~·-~-~-~-~-~!-~d~i~ff!.:_!r~e~ii-!t~f!-~!o~m~~!o!~~e~~a-~!~~th!~~r-.!_!-~_!-~---


Intelligence Tes.t ._,

·The Collegiate Shoppe

Instructor·- "Life Insurance? " The Class (11s one man, -without hesitation). "John Hancock" Instructor (beami!lg TVith joy)~ "Class dismissed. Your I. Q. is 130."

"Mal" Bowers, Prop. "When it's cold and bleak Come to the Colleg·iate Shoppe to eat." Delicious Waffles

I ca,n't

Last Monday I was walking uP to


too fr,agjle. 1158-115!'. WesJ.:mJ.n.ster S.t reet Th e man-holes, as a rule, are circuli< .~ 8 :S :S "' 0 Jar in cross-section, t he dimensions MOVJ.E~ p.. H ~ ~ ~ ~- ~ r;:. r;:. ~ .fi:VJil .hy .eight f'e&t~ lVJar'. 1:2'-"'"F''Ol'lbi''fi Efv.~,<>=z,~re\)r :''.F'pl:eto-n 1 'ff· 2 9 l .1) 0 ~Q -- 1 - IT - ·cO After the c onduit is completed, the story. . Ericson, H 1 2 o o o 2 0 0 0 cement which has g o ne th roug~ the Mar. 19 ~"Bo ' s Your Old Man,'' w. H'Ug'th,c-rf 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 join~s into the ducts is clea.n ed out by C. Fields in story by Julia n Street. · FI'ank, rg 4 7 4 0 1 1 5 1 5 7 l> Ullmg a shuttle t h rough th e passage ;. Mar. 26 _"The Ca.n adian." Wilc'son, lg 3 9 3 3 0 1 4 3 3 9 t he shuttle being about a quarter inch April 9-"The Eagle of the Sea." Shuster, c 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 in diameter less t han the passage. InApril 16 _"Diplomacy,'' Sweet, Ar- · Rice, lf 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .s ulatio n co nsist s of cambric taps a lter- lette, Marchal. - - ~ ------nating layers w ith p a p ered t aps, which ' 15 2 8 12 3 1 2 14 4 10 17 April 23-"The Cam pus Flirt," Bebe ---~--" - - --..·---·-.rnak~s, allowan ce for a g reater p u ll. Daniels. The Neponset Rive1· submarine cable April 30-"Pa.tadise for Two," , c rossing consists. of a U-shaped steel Richard Dix. shell in which are twelve four -i nch May 7-"Man of the Forest," A. Browning King & Co. fiber ducts. '!'he sh ell is imbedded in z. Gr ey picture. c oncr:e te, re-euf orced with one-i nch May 14-"The Great Gadsby," war~ Providence, R. I. :ods·•



Homemade Pies and Cake




.,.., .tt.4®A' ~,·t..:.> · . ---,· :~


'I;el. 467J-2

....... ···-•:•-. .. •.··.· - -· .



Students' Sundries





~g;dc~lture, ApJ.llied Science,, Busi:ness, .Adi»;atio.n, E.ngin~ering. (C~emical,

Civil, Electt7ical, Me.chani~al), H:ome Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Uni,t s of ~Ugh Schoool Work

For further


Expenses. f~r Ye~~, esti.mated: at $400




The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island'

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