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VOL. XX. NO. 9

Sophs Beat "Frosb" R.I. Club Stirs Rhody Shows Form Election Held By In -Final Grid Fray Public Opinion In New England M. E. Society Nets On the Campus X'!'Country Meet Three New Officers Second Year Men Shove Over "Frosh" Also Do Some Good Presbrey, Ellstrom, Worrall Running; Locals Make Better ' Head Organizatio~ Marks Than Last Year The

Mechanical _Engineering

So -

On Nov. 16 at Franklin Park, Bos- ciety elected its officers for the pres~ ton, the cross-country season came to a climax with the 13th ann•u al N. E. I. C. A. G. cross-country r un. In this me et there were fiftee n varsity teams entered and nine freshman teams, comprising the entir-e New England district. . The varsity race was won by Bates College, followed by M . I. T. and University of Maine. The fre shman race was won by 1\{. I. T., with Maine and New Hampshire t_ ied for se·c ond and Rhode Island State coming next. There were 150 starters in th e varsity run whil~; over · ' ·· . _f 1 00


. T_h _: e : :_:t.

---~~~-~ of the R. I . Club was Anderson's room , LipWednesday, N ov. 18. b The So phomore team was composed The meeting was called to order Y entirely of var s ity players, so that President Bosworth at 8 p. m., and The meeting was called to order by th.ey had a g r eat advantage over t he the secretary's report was read a nd last year's vice president, w]w catled F1·eshmen. T his fact did not daunt approved. I fo_ r the_ e lectio_n of officers. _Nominath,e figh ting Freshmen, however, fo r The first pat·t of the meeting wa~ 1 tions for president were receiVed and they scrap p ed fro m whistle to w h is- g·iven over to an informal discussio n balloted upon, which resulted in Mr . . tie, many times "p utting it over" on of the ten-minute ruling with r eg'ard Presbrey's _election. Mr. EHstrom w_as Coach Keaney's vai·sity stars. Vinton to the awarding of lettets. There were then unammously selected .as .VIce · and Draghetti gained in the ru n s and no new r ules. in regard to this, how. (Co ntmued on page 3) the "Draghetti to B lake" combination ever, and it passed over to the next

ent year at a meeting held on Nov. 17 · Mr . Presbrey was elected as president, while Ellstrom and Worrall will fill the positions of vice . pres!dent and secretary-treasurer, respectively.


blowing, which made punting a lmo st an impossi bility and which c\1illed A meeting both players and spectators to the held in Prof. m~rrow. p itt Hall, on


e. :·a.-•~a_e___n._:_:.·_: . _~_.;;_. __a_;__J.,~e.e~_l_:. _.m_.a_n !Ll. l]lb.a..D.·. kSgl·_ ._uJ·n---~~"-' . .a:·--~V_' ~-,., :.~ r;to "· ,; ,P_r-t'•rtr.hl•::oo~~-· -'~dr·~:,s::.-~e-, ·fdo.:,.tehree. matter up on the table . . . ~ f'p.~I"1es n·.a~U> ~•<a •' 'l' fi e hElX.f fnaiter ' of fmp 6i•ta:ncre 'C~~j;j§' °

-:meet "Whwh sta.lte. d a_t 2 clock. T_he co urse was th i ee miles long and 111-

~:::::. ::sh:~us~hr::!: ~~~:~s 0::~

hurdle leapings . In this race there w ere over 10 0 freshmen who toed the line at the crack of the gun. The inside dope was: Take the lead, and th e R. I. State "Frosh" team pro ceeded to follow out instructions. For the first half mile the State yearlings set the pace a nd appeared in go od shape · to gather in the laurels. But this lead was lost w hen the Rhode Island boys too k the wrong r oad and lost their good start, and, a s every hill and daler k nows , it is next to i m possib le to regain a lost le ad . Even so the R. I. 1929 lads m a naged to co me thru with a fourth place. The positio ns. ,in which the yearlings of the State finished was as follows: S. :NJwcom~r, 4th; ' H. Miner, 12th; D. Fine, 18th; S. Szulik, 22nd; W. Fleming, 30th; E . Pykosz, 31st; J. Willard, 41st. This is a very good showing when we consid er that the fresh men h ad only one meet this year in which they could get some experience with competition. The t eams enter<Eld in t he freshman run wei·e as follows in order of points: M. I. T., U. of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island State, Bates, Williams, Holy •Cross, Tufts, Brown. Immediately after the Freshman •meet, the call came for the varsity to report and over 150 athletes, the -cream of New England's hill and dal ·ers, romped on the field. At the start, our good old "Bob" Strong took the lead and held it f or the first two m iles, but he was forced give up the pace-making. The . . . . vars ity course IS over ·five miles long ,and is much more difficult than our -own co-urse, so that the result of the R. I. · team is a cause for optimism. 'The varsity meet<was won by Bates (Continued on Page 3)


' Three Touchdowns; "Frosh" R. I. Club Rules Letters and Nu· Unable to Withhold Attack merals Off Junior Caps, for The annual Fres h man-Sophomor e Those Not Entitled, and in f~otball game was played at S tu dent Doing So Arouse · the Ire of Field on Nov. 17. A high wind was Some Juniors



Da es House ance t D Of Delta s· I·gma .:f'

Collegians Provide Syncopation; Festivities Last Until Turkey Day Morn Thanksgiving eve was the scene of the ·firs t dance o f the year at the Delta Sigma Epsilon .Fraternity whi c h began at 8 and lasted until 1 o'clock th e next m orning. The house was decorat ed in blue and w hite and corn stalks and au tumn leaves to give the seasonal touch. The Collegians, w.ith . Canfield at the fidd le and Otis before t he keyboard, furnished the necessary syncopa tion to which the dancers initiated a newly laid h a rdwood fl oor. Punch was served throughout the dance and fruit salad was t he refreshment prop er.






the big· e:round gair1ers fo r· the F~·esh- the Junior class hat. Mr. Boswort h ~ men . . T he defenst·ve wor·k of Rodri· . said that many members of the class


.Pi(kCeonatni·ndule<:deaotningpangiep~e)d ~


w h o h ad never p articipated in ath letics or won letters or num erals (Co ntinued on page 2)

women's Student ICo-eds Start Work Council Gives An At Basketball Entertainment Practice Hours Every Tuesday, Women Faculty and Students Have Tea; First Function of the Kind Ever Undertaken by the Organization

Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons; Game Scheduled with Conn. Co-eds on Feb. 29 B asketball practice this afternoon ! · And so the word goes around among· all the co-eds, for practice has start- ~ ed . Every T uesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3 to 4 o'clock the girls ap.pear a t th e gym in their middies a nd bloo mers ready to fight their best in order that they may " make" theft• class team, or, p ossibly the varsity.

On Monday a ftern oon, Nov. 23, th e Women's St u de n t Council entertained the wom e n faculty a nd stud ents at ,t tea in Davis Hall. This w a s the first social affa i r of t h e kind ever u n der taken by th e organization and it proved t o b e a pronounced s u ccess. U p to th is tim e the co u ncil has act ed merely a s a judicial board, but it is New interest has been manifested Capt. and 1\frs. Claude G. Hamthe desire of the present me m bers to in basketball amo ng the g·irls this mond a~d Mr. and Mrs. W illiam .J. broade n its fu ncti on s. season. It is expected that an excel\Vhelan were the .patrons and pa decorated lent team will appear to meet the The s ocial room was tronesses. The various committees were R . E. with spruce b oug- h s and flowers. Connecticut gir ls, for the first inter Borden, .J. M. D roitcou r, A. H. Pel- Candles were u sed on the · t ea t ab l e colleg iat e game is scheduled for Feb . ling, C. F. Wilcox and W . S. Gray. and In the win~ows, while the re- 29, to be p layed at home. The secThe following guests of the · frater-~ m a irting part of ·the room was ligh ted ond, last, a return game, will be nity were present: Miss Ellen Gilmore · by floor la mp s. p la yed 'March 6. of Boston; Misses Sybil Hughgill , HaIn the receiving line were Dean Before this, however, the classes Edwards, Mrs. Peppard, t he Misses will e nter into a competition for the zel Cook, Carry Roberts, Marga,ret Borden, Hope Gilbert and Alice Birch, Hazen and Taylor, a n d Martha s ilver c up which will be p resented to 'Preston of Provt'den·c e · M·1·ss Lot's Sayles, president of the Women's the winning team. These games will , · ' Wilcox of East Providence; Miss Student Governm ent Association. Ha- begin directly after Christmas vaca_Louise Hamilton of Wickford ·, M isses zei Kimb er, '26, poured, a nd the tio n. Come out, girls, and show yo u r Valeria Johnson, Dorothy Hampson .and Helen Bowerma n . of_ Edgewood,·

Misses Allebo ugh and Negus, Junior class spirit! members of t h e Student Council, were At a recent meeb.' ng of the d. iffer-

,Miss Marion .Hudson of Arctic; the u shers . T he serving was done b y ent ciasses the following were chosen Misses Katherine and Florence Me- Sophomores and Freshmen. captains for their classes: Senior, Gee of rrovi!lencfl; Miss Doris Hall of T h e co mmittee in charge of the t ea "Kay;' Holley; . Junior, Olive Aile~ . ~fl'Y·.;Y.?r!< , and M iss Arline Dyer of was composed of Hazel. K im ber, '26, baug h ; Sophomore, Virginia Broom e ; . Auburn . and Henri e t ta Eastwood,' '27. Ft·eshmen, "Bobby" Smith.


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THE BEACON ollicial publication of

THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R. I, THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 1925 way a obstacle.s wb ich if not overcome, m ean d isaster. "The kind of philosophy n eeded is made of the old Anglo -Saxon llrincip les of morals. But t he y outh of today responds to that wbich is lowest -:"t he experiment al p hil osophy of the

~,___c_A_M_P_u_s.,..,....----'\IIL..._I_nt_e_rc_oi_Ie_g_ia_te___.l Ottaw a , K an sas University and B aker University, which a re situated very n.e ar each other, have a rather The Y. \V. C. U. held its an n u al p,eculiar custom. This custom is in Thanksgiving meeting Thursday evec ,t he f orm of a contest w hich lasts• from fo u r to five days and nights. ning in Davis Hall Socia l Room . The pr.e sident, Florence 8traight, The school spreading the most paint led the op enin g .devotion a l service~ on t h e cam p us of the other, considers.

Y. W. C. U. Meeting

ness of the long night vigil, Freshmen Terms of Subscription gir ls ser ve hamburgers, hot dogs and -One year in advance ...................... $2.00 coffee t o the men on guard duty. This copies .................................... .()5 Turkey taken from Tales of Old Nar year t he c ontest was won by Ottawa. Signed statements printed when space ragansett, by Alice Earle. permits. Responsibility for not self-realization , A group of Ottawa st udents invaded self - determ ination, After Miss H azen's story the p res- the sacred precincts of their rivals, assumed •b y the paper. self everything-in .other words-sel' . . f th Sub.scr>i'bers who do not receive their !dent gave a bnef summary o e and suc ce eded in attr a cting the at-· paper regularly are requested to. notiftshness. Red Cross work in the U ni ted States. fy th e Business Manager. tention of the guardsm.e n, w ho im"I cannot understan ~ w hy so. many ·\ T he mE)etin g closed by singing t);J.e mediately gave chase. I n t he meanof us have b ee n so b lm d to t h is age . : National Y. W . bymn· witb a zest that time some Ottawa co -eds slipped onto Notice of Entry G. K. Chesterton, one of those to see h. gn· . 1 .... tru e ua d caug ht · the ' Acceptance for ma.i)jng at s:pecial it from its inception h as said, 'The provec1 eac t he campus a nd spread the sidewalks: . . .. t rate postage provided for in Section . . . . . Than ksglVmg spin . of their rivals with several coats ,of 11!)3, .Act of October 3, 1917, Author- philo.sophy of expenment ends with red paint. ·lzed Januttry 13, 191'9. exhaustion:· - Th e B a tes Student. :Mem.b er ,of the ' Eastern lnt~reoll.e:g.iate o ur youngsters hav e "And yet .Ne111fl!Pa..pc.r Assoc i.ation higher ideals for us than we some_ ____ I n the ballottug ai . Yale, under t h e Th A · · CJ b h Jd meetina t imes g ive them .cr edit fo r . If their . e ggie u e a "' auspices of the Yale Daily News, on · Editor-in~chief mothers were only on the .iob a num- Th urs d ay ev e nmg, · N ov. 17 ' 111 · A gn· - t he subject of com·pulsory chap.ei, tile Donald R. Kinzie, '26 ber of young wom.e n told members cu It ura•• H· a 11 WI'th t en mem b ers pr e s- opponents of t he trad itio nal servic.e· Managing Editor 1of a fraternity, whose g u ests they ent. B. M. Peckham, C. Lamo nt a nd won a decisive victory. The returns, Albert L. Hiller. '27 were at a . dance, the presence of fiv.e E. Ch r istoph .er, w . ho composed th e which included m ore than 80 per e ent Business Manager pol icemen and strict exclusio n of li- J'udging te.a m· sent by the club to the of the student body, snowed that 147'2 Russei A . Eckloff, '27 quor fro m the part y wou ld no t have N E 1 d F ·t J d · c on t es t men had voted a g ainst . compuls.or.y ew . ~ng a n rui u g i ng Coptributipg Editor held In Boston on Oct. 30, 1925, rec chapel and 204 for it . The Yale Cor~ b een n ecessary." Willis J. Spow. '25 T his inc id ent as r elated by Dr. ported to the club . They won fir st poration, the university's administraStea.rns referred to a reformatory ac- place in the contest and t h e club feels tive body, has appo inted a comm itNEWS STAFF t ion ta ke n by a college or ganization justly proud of the team. Reports tee to meet Jointly with a comrnitte.e Walter Suita, '2 7...,..--Athleti cs Bernice E. Grieves, ' 2 7 Intercollegiate tbat, in a dva nce of t\le times, was of the Aggie Bawl are not yet com - of the Yale fa culty to r each a ·perGeorge H. Alexander, '27-Feature beginning to feel a disgust with i~- pleted, but w ill be r.eady for the next manent solution of tb e problem. Walter S. Gratton, '26'' --Ca.mpus Martha 0 . Sayles, '26~Co-ed properly c haperoned and othenv1se meeting. It was voted that letters of [ -The Bates Student. misconducted college a ffairs. appreciation be sent to all those wbo I NEWS BOARD "If youth is m ad e to see th e beau - a cted as patrons, patronesses a n d Every graduate of the U niversity of Katherine V. Clark, '26 Mildred L. Thompson, ' 27 ties of the wholesome tbings of life judges at tbe Bawl. At the en d of the Kansas must be able t o swim at least Ethel D. Hay, '27 it will J1 0t desire the !hiugs that are me eting a sn ort sociaL . pm:iQ(L was 100 teet bef9,re he is givei~ hil?_ !1,egree. Charles F .. W il cox, '27 George H. Glines, '27 low," said Dr. Stearns. held and r efr eshm en t s were served . Other colleges ma~ing s wimming a Maurice Conn, '28 " The re-estab lishment of religion requisite for graduation are Cornell, Henjamin Fine, '28 in home life and i n nati on al life is Iowa Sta te , Rochford, Radcliffe, SyraLillian Blanding, '28 Charles T. M iller, '28 responsible for the pligbt of youth, cuse, Cinc in nati, Wisconsin, Wells, Louis J. Spekin, '28 t he cure fo r the lawless co n ditions vVes.tern Reserve and Wooster. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT and t hrough this the pr om ise of youth Tbe annual Red Cross Roll Call is -The American Campus. m ay b e ful fill ed. We must bring bacl>: j being conducted at th e present time Russell A. l<Jckoff, '27, Advertising religio n to th em a nd make it mor e and the college is taking an active Texas University led all other colKennetb Earle, •28-Suoscription Robert M. Asdikian, '28-Circ.u lation vital." part in the drive. The facul ty, soror i- leges in Texas in enrollment last year Samuel Engdal;ll, 1'28 - Ex. ties, f raterniti es a n d dor mitories are w ith a total of 11;50 8, counting Jon~ Joseph Ayre, '2 8 all included in the movem ent. session, summer s cho ol, special corOn the bu lletin board in Agri'cul - respon dence, and medical a nd mine RHODY SHOWS FORM I tural Hall is a cha rt showing t he branch st udent s. A. and M . was se.cIN N~W ENGLAND. percentage · of enrollment of each ond in enrollm ent with a regular X-COUNTRY MEET organization. Th e red lines on the term of 2,389, a s u mmer session at(Conti nuefi from P ag.e l) chart are steadily creeping toward tendance of 2,739. a total of 5,12& "This is a lawless age and this is Coll ege, which had five men out of 100 per cent enrollment. Give your stud ents. - Ex. a jawlellS ,country. Tbere has ):)een a the firs t 20 to score. Individual hon-~ a id in achieving t~e goal. stea.d y breal!:in,g down of high ideals ors were carried off by Fred Peasley The Red Cross IS a cause worthy t):l,a t be recognized if the home of New Hampshire State, who Jed of the support of every one. All that R. I. CLUB STIRS is t o continue to be the foundation t he pack to the tape in the remark-~ the Red Cross asks is that every perPUBLIC OPINION of the n ation. The h ome is u n - a b le time of 28 minutes 14 seconds. son, if possible, contribute one dollar. ON THE CAMPUS qpestionably br.e akirig down. ln this An interesti ng sidelight of t he meet F or t h is each co ntributor receives a sp-c.a l!e P, modern age, we must loo)): was the running of Peck, captain of membership for the following year. (Contin'(J.ed from Page 1) ffl,r~~er than ever. be~ore to . find truly the Bates team , whose running gave Let all who can subscribe t o this were wear!.ng the letters R. I. S. C . rfl)Igious homes. It IS the lack of re - the meet to his Alma Mater by com- movement. In past years the Red or the class numerals '27 on their ligio~s u~br. that d· yo ~th i ng i n th ird, thus scoring the ~eces- Cross h a s meant a great deal to hu- hats. He said that t his greatly cheapof h is birthnght of rellg10us feelmg sary points to defeat M. I. T. About maJ1ity as a whple- remern]:Jer the ened the prestige of R . I. and was an ai].d m oral principles. Inst ead of •:the a m ile fr om the finish, one. of the World war, the volcanic eruptions insult to the athl!lt!ls whp hav!l be!ln training of his par!lnts, hll has the shoes of this p luc ky lad became en- abroad, the disaster of the Mackinac awarded letter :;; or num erals. It was guidance of a wild, extravagant, so- tangled and was stripped from his and hundreds of ilke instances of the shown that in other colleges students · cial life, sees pn every ~ ~d e .tl].fil Cfjp.- fo o t. To sto p and put it on meant . BIG things t!Iat the Red Cross does. were not allowed. to wear insignia op sta;nt pursuit of materia) ends, and the the givin!!f up of bis hard earned Then remember that every day, tbe tbeir bats unless tbey had ]:Jeen quest after su:pE)rficial :pleasure. place, s o he kicked off h is otber sho e country over, tbe Red Cross is doing awarded. The motion was made an!'! "It has been adva nced for the a nd continued the race in his bare thousands of +.-ITT+.-El th ing'! in com- s econded by the olub t h at all nurneryo unger men and women that they feet . Athough h is feet w ere brui!led · parison to the. BIG services. :Botb als, letters, etc., should be removed kn ow more, have more self-co ntrol I an d b leeding he mlj.nage d to come take mon ey. It's tb e little services as f rom the ciass hat exc!lptin,g in cases an<} can 'hapdle themselves' better in third ll-nd thus win the meet for well as the ]:Jig ones that make· life where such insign~a had been right~ than their parents of the earlier gen- Bates. bearable. Both take dollars; give th e fully awarded to the wearer. Notices eration. They are not tbat qifferept. The R')'lod!l Island men finisbed in Red Cross yours. are t o be placed in Tne Beacon and They are only unlik!l us ip mpdj!ica- the following positions : R. Strong, on the bulletin boards to tbis effect, · tion. They nave t lleir tro]J.J:ll!ls and 12th; l-· Pring, 22nd; C. Udell, 30t h; NOTICE TO JUNIORS and it is hoped that all members ot their temptations. H. W~Ibourn!), 34th; T. M ulcaby, 28 th ; OJ;IIY men who bave earned t h eir the class, inoludnig the co-eds, will ·


·Aggie Meeting



Red Cross Drive


Says ~~This Is

A Lawless Ag.e"




"Everybody knows the !lome of the S. :Beq(linelli, 40t')1.; N. Smith,' 45th. well-to-do and cultured js rott!)n, toThe .teams !ip.ishe!l in tne following order: Ea . tes, M.. I. T. . , M<>ine, New day, The . cq~ditiops al;lo.ljt HS <~ore ..,. Ham ., Bost.on Colleg. e, Rb. od. e Isperilous in the extrem!). These ; · . ms,. W!lsle.yan, :fl. o. ly Cro. ss, days In ~ns~~bility, ~lpt-M;~oqe~ il].ll\U~- .lan.d,. - Willia siveness, w yout]1 is fighting it~ M. A. C., '.fvfts, B. U. and Colby.

R . I. or numerals may wear insignia The R . I. s ~ C. is upon their hats. not to be worn. ~ Per order, . R. r. Club. ·

lend their supp prt in carrying it through .. As th!)re was no further business· of irp.pprtance, the m!leting was adjourned at 8 o'clock.


P.1 K. Holds tast

' T hey failed t o gain through the line; heir fonvard was intercepted by ItCleary. V in t on fumbled on the ne'<t

Dance Ifi Old House I.

p lay, t h e loose b all being re•cl;vereci by Ro d r iq u ez. After one stab at the li n e A ll en .kicked , the ·;vind whippin;; 1h e ball back over the line of scr!mmage. V in ton an d Draghetti triE·d ';he li n e, but were stoppe d every time with b u t a small gain. F i nally Vinton f ou nd a hole and went through for a to u c h d own. D r aghetti kicked tho goal. Allen b ooted a short kick, Henb er ger recovering it. T he Freshmen

New Chapter House to Be Scene of Next Dance _____ The last ho u se dance in t heir o l d c hapter hou se was held b y R h o I o t a K a ppa o n Sa t u r day evening, N ov. 21 , 1 925. T h e affair pr oved t o be a huge success, t he members and g u ests t ho roughly enjoy ing every min u t e of it. The Collegiate F ive, p l aying in a bower o f ever g re en b ou ghs, offere d h igh class d an ce m u si c. T hose pr ese n t mad e g ood u se o f it. T h e s oc ia l r ooms were ver y c loev•er ly d e c orat eB i n r ed, orang·e and :go ld, the fra t er nity co lors. D a n cin g was from 8 t o 1 2 o 'clock with refreshm ents s erv e d during intermi:s.s iron . The odan c•e c o m m ittee con sist e d of A. "'\V. Gro:k>.er , chair m an; G. K e a tin g

s tarted u p the fi eld until Conroy int erc ept e d a fo r ward. The· Sophs were held a n d lost t he ball on downs. Eps t ein, w h o. had replaced Johnson. ·pl u gged t h e line several times, finaliy m aking fir st down.

venge following this, when Johnson intercepted a forward pass an d mad e 15 yards before being tac kled. The Freshmen made good yardage through the line, but their forwards were knocked down repeatedly. In addition to this the " 11'rosh" team W<ls given an offside penalty which belonged to the Sophs. ·while the b all 1 was in the Sop h s' p ossession Johnson again intercepted an enemy p ass. Following this D raghetti got off a fine 70-yard kick with the w ind. Again the "l<~rosh" started up the field, b u t were finally · hel d , though and Reid did some good ground gaining .

J o hnson work in

I Swift

It lt Carlson Ro d r iq u ez lg lg Knowl~<s Pik e c c Conroy Cau lfi e ld rg rg W alker, Keati n g r t rt Cleary O 'Co n n o r re r e H amrnetf I Jo,h n s o n rh r h Stevens A r c h ambault lh lh Vinto n A ll en f b fb D raghetti Reid qb qb Blake Sco re-Sophomores 19, F reshmen _ P oints O. T o uchdowns-Vinton 3 I

after touch down-D rag h e tti 1 (di·op S ophomores, ten k icl<) . P enalties: y ard s; F reshmen, f ive.

S u b s tit utio ns: I~ r eshn1e n-R i na ldo· In the last half three forwar d for H en b erger, E p s tein for A r cham,.., passes from Draghetti to Blake put b a u lt , H oar for J oh n s on , L imerick, the Sophs in a s c oring position. V in- for Cau lfield, Epste in f o r J ohnson,-· ton carried the ball over, but D rag- D u n n fo r Keating, H ind ley for· Second Half: I n t h e thir d qua.rter Vi.nt on ·:aught hetti failed to kick the goal. 'l'here Swif t, Mastrangelo fo r Eod riquez, ~ Hac h mamn for Rinaldo , Vo n Dem~ . a forwa rd pass from Dragghetti and was no further scoring. bo wsk i f or Fitz pat r ic k , D eer y fo r race cl 50 yards for a touchdown. The ·summary: R eid. S oph omor es: G alvi n fo r Ham ~ . and C . Chapman . T h e patro ns a nd D raghetti failed to l{ick the goal. Fresh1nen Sophomores m ett, Carroll fo r Carlso n ,. Br u c e for, I patl'onesses .of t he a ffair wer e Mr . 'l' h e F reshmen made a bid for reHeuberger l e l e Inta~;~ Cl e ar y. a nd Mrs. vV. J . W h e lan an d M .r. and Mrs. A. J. M in er.

ELECTION HELD BY N. :ENG. SOCIETY ( Continue d f rom page 1 ) president a n d M r . Worrall was e lect e d <!s §ecret(!,ry -t rea s lJr er . Followin g t he election of officers· a n inv itation was rea.d, 'e xtend e d to th e society by th e local branch of t he A. S. I. E. E ., t o attend th eir l ectu re meeti ngs. It was urged tha t c o -o p erati on b et ween the organ izatio n s b e carri e d on in t h e fut u re. A ft er a brief dis cussion on plans th e m eeting was a d jo u r ned. The organizatio n is p lannin g a n attractive program fo r t he comi ng year. Several' smoker s w ill b e h e ld whic h will add to the s ocial life o f th e s o c iety. A f ew t r ips to l ocal p la n t s a n d also. large ··..pow.Br -- p l an-ts a,re · p 1a nn-e-d-:T h e lecture m eet ings wi ll b e h el d ev ery other week. P r ofessor \Val es w ill continue his l ect u r es on Valve Gears. Followi ng t h ese a ser ies of lectqreE! will be giv e n by m en o f exp er ience in the d ifferent fi e ld s of e n gineering. Every per s on is u rged and i!'! welcome to a tte n d t he!'!e ]ectures. Show your pep a n d attend t h e m r egu larly.



All the brawn of all the workers ofthe world would .f"ail to supply ,t he power peededfor our construction c(md produ·c tion requirements. Moderil is based on Cheap powerrt;)adily applied to tasks of all kinds.

Machinery works: Man thinks

SOPHS BEAT "FROSH" IN FINAL GRID FRAY (Continued from page 1) a Sophomore advanc e in the b ud . Allen ,was h andicapp e d by t h e w i n d when he punted, b ut i n the las t q u ar ter When he kicked With the w ind h e got off a nice 50-ya l'd boot . T w ic e J ohn!'!on, the Freshman b ack , in tercepted Sophomore passes a nd t or e off !'!orne yardage b e f ore being downed. Many times t he ye ar lin g~ broke through the S o p h lin e t o n a il the backs for losses. The odd!'! aga inst t he Fresh men were too g r eat, and the c onstan t h ammering of Vinton a nd D r a gh etti against the lighter lin e was t oo much fo r the first year men . T h e S.ophs' o.f fense was too str o n g, f or th e Fteshies lo st the ball m ore than on ce thr ough the strong d e f e n se work o'f their opponents.

According to college tests, man develops one-eighth horsepower for short periods and one-twentieth in steady work. As a craftsman-a worker who uses brains-he is well worth his daily wage. But as a common laborer, matching brawn against motorized power, he is an expepsive luxury.

I n mo st lonJ?:-established industr ies the General E lectr ic Company has brou ght .a bou t important change s mak ing fo r better p ro d ucts with minimum h uman labor a m:! expense. A n d in many new indus· tries t h e ,G-E .engineers h ave played a prominent part from the very begin· ning.

The biggest individ ual f e atures of the game were a 70-yard k ic k by D raghetti and a 50-yard r u n fo r t ouc h down by Vint on after catchi n g a fo rward pass from Draghetti.


A new &erien of G-E adver· tisements showing what ele ct r icity is doing in many fields will b~ seht on request. Ask for eook· let GEK·l.

First Half I n th e f irst quarter V in ton made a 30-yard run-back o f A ll e n 's kick off. T )le Sophs hit the line for two f irst d owns. Blake complet e d several of Draghetti's forwards. for s hor t gains. Op. a last down p lay Vinton f um b led and was t ackl ed for a 15-y a rd l oss. Next the Freshies had the ]:l,1J1l).

With a fi:fty~horsepower rpotor, for instance, one "' man can do the work of 400 common laborers. He is paid far more for his brtlims than his brawn. The great need of this and future generations is for men who can plan and direct. There is ample motorized machinery for all requirements of productionand constructi.o n. Butmotoriz.e d machinery, no matter how ingenious, can never plan for itself. And that is precisely where the college man comes m. Highly trained brains are needed more and more to think, plan, and direct tasks for the never~ending application of brawn~saving · electricity. 32-2DH


1?. A L

E L E ,C T ~ J C

C 0 M P A N V •

S C .H E N E C T A D Y,

N E, W

'f A

.Jl, ...


'fage Four

The V a rsity h as b ee n prac ticing for some time un d er t he coaching of Captain H ill, b u t Coach Keaney to o k h 'o ld of th e squ ads last Monday a nd t he boys h a ve sho wn a lo t of good basketball · m a t e r ial f or the coming

"l!"'rosh " t ea1n as likely prospects for g u a rds . Hayden, Negus a nd Bro w n , la s t year's subs, have shown lots of fo r m already and at least one s hould m a l<:e the Var~ity this y ear. As usual ab out one-half t he· Freshn1a n · c lass turned out f or first prac tice i n uniforms ranging from underw ear to shirt and pants. Of course, on t h e se cond day o nly about half as many sh owed up, but among thes e t h e r e a re some fine high sch ool pl a y e rs who will probably make up a t ea m a t least approaching the Al F r eshm a n team of last y ear. Defensive basketball is pra cticed by both teams every afternoon to the tune of the coach's cries of ''Down! Down! " a nd "Speed! Speed!" Skill a n d speed are developing hand in ha nd under the critical observation of th e coach. At times the subs .op-

season. Only on e V a rsity mar; graduated last yeat·, so the team is gettin g off with the b est s tart it h a s had in years, last y ear·'s Vat·sity m .e n who have shown u p being AsheP, Captain Hilt and J~nse;~, forwards ; .Hasl4:n> · and Boswo t·th , cent ers, . and Hail~e. Spekin and Jo hnson. of last year's

p ose t he Varsity in scrimmage and a ga in the Varsity and "Frosh" teams bat tl e for baskets. The Varsity. has a long, hard sche dule this y ear, stat·ting with Ya le a nd running through most of la st ye<J,r 's. teams and · some · new · ones. Lip pit t Hall will rattle with some fast g a mes this winter.

Basketball In The Limelight The Sportlig·ht Shifts from Football to · Basketball; We Read This Foreword Before the Footlig·hts Are Snapped on the Opening- Number with Yale B a sk etb all Larg·e s qu a ds Varsity h ave uniforms a nd

____ is off with a bang . of both Freshmen an d c li m bed into motley shown up for practice.

L. VAUGHN CO.. Established 1847 Manufact.u.rers of SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, AND BUILDERS' FINISH 1153-1156 Westminster Street

Eton Orchestra's Snappy Music Enables Couples to Make lVIerry; First House Dance of the Year for Zeta Pi


On Saturday e veni ng, Nov. 21, Zeta Pi Alpha held the firs t of its house dances fo r th is year. T he dance was thoroughly e njoyed by the members and their guests . The h ouse was tastefully decorate d in r ed, · white and blue, the frat er ni t y · colors. D:{ncing started at 8 o 'c loc k , and from then until 12 o'cloc k , a t wh ich time the dance ended-there was a c o n tinuous round of gaiety. Snappy m u- [

sic was furnishe d by E ton 's DaJ].ce Orchestra, and was us ed to f u ll a d vantage by those pres ent ; L ight r efreshments were serve d dur ing the intermission. The committee in c harge of the dance consisted of E. R. Os bo u r n , chairman, R. C. Ho lt, F. 0 . .Brown and R. 0. Dignac . Th e p a t ro n s a nd - ----patron esses were Cap t. a nd Mr s. Farmer-Say, College Boy, this will Hammon d, Miss Coy ne a n d L ieut . cost you five dollars for hitting . me Carter. with a golf ball. B t·o ks-But r yelled "Fore! " Seen on Freshman's r egistratio n F armer---,Well, four dolla rs is all card: Name of par e nts ol' g uardians right with me. - " Papa and mama ."

Providence, R. I.

"Fashionable Clothes of Quality Since 1888"

L s s·lsk.ln'd&Sons




Wakefield Store "Kin.gst()n Hill Store" GROCERIES NOTIONS Light Lunches. a Soecialty Cigars Cigarettes Candy ICE. CREAM



...------·-......··--················-··········-·-···..········-·································-···-·····-\1 : ~

George's Lunch for Ladies and Gents

Acc ording to H . L . Men cke n , n o man falls in love afte r he 's ·35 . W e can't at·gue t n e po int, b ut it is our firm convicti on tha t n o n1an e ver o ug ht to fall in love a fter he's 35. H e sh ou ld k now b e tter by t h a t time !

Zeta Pi Alpha ·Has House Dance







_I ·



The Students' Hand-Book

of Practical Hints on the Technique or Effective Study By William Allan Brooks A GUIDE containing hundreds of p ractical hints and short cuts i n t he economy of learning . to assist students in securing MAXIMUM SCHOLASTIC RESUijTS at a minimum cost of time, e n ergy, and f a tigue. ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDED for overworked studen ts and athletes 'engaged in extra curriculum activities ·and for avera ge and honor students who are working for high scho.! astic achievement.

Beg-inning- Next Quarter Regular Meals Will Be Served for Students DINNERS Steaks and Chops Soups and Salads Home Made Pastry BEST SERVICE





Some of the Topics Covered.

Scientific Shortcuts in Effective Study. Preparing for Examinations. Writing Good Examinations. Brain and Digestion in Relation to Study. How to Take Lecture a,nd .R eading Notes. Advantages and Disadvantages or Cramming. The Athlete and His Studies.

For t he "Soph Hop"


Diet During Athletic Training. How to Study Modern Languages. LiteraHow to Study Science, ture, etc. Why Go to College? After College, What? Developing Concentration and Etficfency. etc., etc., etc., etc.,. etc., etc., etc.



Why You Need This Guide · "It is safe to say that failure to guide and direct study is th e weak


point in the whole educational machine. Prof, G. M. Whipp le , U . of Michigan. "The successful men in college do not seem to be very happy. Most of them, especially the athletes, are overworked." Prof. H . S. Canby, Yale. "Misdirected labor, though honest and well intentioned, may lead to naught. Among the most important things for the student to learn is how to study. Without knowledge of this his labor may be largely hi vain. " Prof. G . F. Swain, M. I. T . "To students who have n.e .ver learned 'How to Study.,' work is very often a chastisement, a flagellation, and an insuperable obstacle to contentment." Prof. A. Ingl!s, Harvard. "HOW TO STUDY" wlll .s how you how to avoid all misdirected effort. Get a good start and make this year a highly successful one by sending for this hand-book and guide NOW. ·


FOR SALE D. R. KINZIE, '26 R . I. S. C. Representative

Special Rates toR. I. Men


you .~.~-~~...!.~~.~...!~.~.~.~!~.~~~~..~.~~~.~~.~~~~....................... ........... !' American Student Publishers,


. Men's Formal Weat· - Exclusively


Largel!'t Tuxe do House in the State


• •

22 ·West 43rd St., New York. Gentlemen: Please send me a copy of "How to Study" for Which I enclose $1.00 cash; $1.1 0 check.


Name -·----·--------·--------·-----------·---------------------------·----Address ----~---------------·-·---·-·----------------------------·---------



212 Union Providence, R. I.


60 pages of vital business . facta and ligures. Who, where and how many .your prospects are. 8, 000 lines of business covered. Compiled by the Largest Directory Pn'blishers in the world, thru information obbained by actual door-to-door canva.ltS. Write !or




'! B""nehos In . ,.......................~.,····································································....!!.!..!!..!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllla.. . u _ _ _ _ _ _ _,_,_,_.,_,_.,_,_ _

•• .

• .




HOWARD .EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work For further infonnation, address ~e

Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400


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