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VOL. XX. NO. 29.




3, 1926

Price Five Centa

Instructive Forest LaChappelle Twirls No-Hit-No~Run Constructive Films Presented to Game; Rhody Defeating Wesleyan, 12-0 Criticism Lauded Large Audience At BeacQQ.". :B~pquet Locals Trounce Wesleyan for the First Time in Three Years; Blue and White Pounds Three Pitchers Hard

Wide-Awake Aggie Club Secures Ernest LaChappelle, lo cal speed Five ReelsOn Woodland WonRHODE ISLAND ders · merchan t , ascended the steps of the The score: "Hall of Fam e" when he twirled a Motion picture films on Forestry ab r h po a e masterfu l no-hi t no-run game B lake If __ ______ ___ _ 5 1 1 2 0 0 ·were shown last Thursday evening, Draghetti cf _____ _ 5 2 3 ~ 0 o .May 27, under the supervision -~of the against Wesleyan at Midd letown May Grigo 1 b -------------- 5 0 1 14 0 0 25 . Rhode· I sland State won easily , Aggie C lub. Five reels, treating wit!1 Stevens ss ____ _____ _ 3 2 l. 1 4 1 various f orest conservation ·matter:;, 12-0. MaeKenzie c _____ _ 3 1 1 5 0 0 The portsid er, p itching the best LaChappelle p ___ _ 5 3 3 0 4 0 •greatly interested the large audience spurt E ric kson 3b ________ 5 1 1 3 0 who attended the exhibit at Li ppitt ball of late , culminated his o 1 0 with th is r are performance. 'It hasn ' t Asher 2b ------------ 2 l Hall. Lamont rf 3 l 1 l 0 0 shown w ere en been surp assed, nor even equalled, in 'l'he first p ictures ·ti tled the "Trees· of T omorrow," and co lleg iate baseball for years. His Totals 36 12 12 27 14 1 curves were possessed of such dewas an Eastern fil'm, . dealing with WESLEY AN 'hardwoods and white pine. This was ception and speed that the opposing ab r . batsmen we"c baffled comp letely h po a e .a real "h uman Interest" story, reach. ' - · . · . · S mi t h 2b • 4 0 0 ~ 3 .0 Only five reached f irst base in ' a n F unk 3b _-_-_-_-_-_·_-_-_-.--.- 3 o o o 5 0 ing its climax in a roaring forest fire. The need for protection;... ;trom fire unearned fashion, one of . w)1om g ot Guthrie If ____________ 3 o o J o 1 was thus vividly emphasize d, and a as far as third bas e,, b Lt to no avail. Ditter cf ------------ 4 0 0 0 0 0 . A powerfl'tl" ~ttac l~, launched in Silliway rf -·------ 4 0 0 0 0 0 plea for better protection 'hf forest Rupprecht 1b ____ 3· 0 0 16 0 1 'lands """-" made . •.. the· fourt h canto , netted four r u ns . Willa,rd ss __ ______ 0 0 0 4 6 1 -~ St · · ., d d M K · M · 1 c __ __________ 2. · · · " :[:·/ ·, th III h evfns was pass e an ac enz1e . anue o o 0 o . The secon d fi lm, I· ILL ng · e - g. I · . · I '"h 1 0 0 0 4 0 . sacrificed him, LaQhappelle tallied J.· omas . -.. Spots,". depwt ed a camp•mg scene 1'1 ' Nichols .p 1 0 0 0 1 1 . . . . Stevens w ith a d oub le, he soon scor- • · ---------.the White Mountams. It showed the i --·Kennedy __ -------- 0 0 0 0 0 0 . . , ing on Erickson's bingle. Ash er was '1'" · 0 0 0 1 0 0 .sceniC wo nd ers .o f the NatJ.ona.l ..For- , . . . . .. . ._ . ,.avis P -----------·ests of New Hampshire. ~-~ .. '!:his,' s:6e ne passed, but he was Im mediately was followed - by-. a reel sh~~ i ;,g - h~~; ~--traprred, Funk - t'6 - Srriifn: -- La'nfont Totals -2 5- 0 0 -2 7 1 9 4 doub led a n d Draghetti duplicated to *Kennedy batted for G uth r ie in 9th . -w inter logging· in the W hite Moun. _ ·[ .tain s is carri ed on, giving pictures of score two more. Nichols entered th e I Score by inni ngs: .the lumb erjac l;:s at ·worl;: in their scene in time to fan Grigo. _ Rhode Island 0 1 1 4 0 0 0 5 1-12 -Gamps. Five m ar kers in the eighth forced Wes leyan 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o 0- o (Continued on Page 3 ) the vVes leyan f olks to h ang out the The summary :



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Speakers Praise Past Work; Associate Board Receives Tokens of Merit 'l'he Fo u rth A nnual Beacon Banquet, held Thursday, May 27th In Davis Hall , proved a big .s uccess. This banq u et was given under th e a~spices of· the Sophomore Home E co nomic students, and they certainly deserve praise for the fine way in which they manag ed the al'fair. Dona ld K in zie , former editor of the Beacon, was toastmaster, a nd int r o· duced Dr. Edwards as -first speaker of the· evenJ·n,-. Dr. Edwai·ds emphasi'zed ~

t h e important pap e r plays in of t h e college. that critic ism

part that a . college formulating the policy He s t resse d the point is always v•elcome, .f 1 " it is constructive, but destructive crit1'ci'sm Is har·mf'ul a d · n serves no p u r pose whatev·er.



Helen E. Peck, fac ulty advisor of the Beacon ,. s u ggeste d a number of practical ways In .· which the papet· cou ld be improved. " 'v'iTe s hould strive


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crepe in mark of certa in def eat.

.'Beac-on Board Has • ImpOrtant MeetIng


'l'he Beacon Board held an import:ant meeting last lvron day even in F.(, lVIay 24th, when discussions on the new constitution were broug·ht up. Miss .Helen E . Pee l;;:, faculty advisor .of tl! e Beacon, attended the meetin g


Juniors Discuss R.O.T.C.Band Commencement Ball Takes Part in Memori·al Exe· rci·ses

and exp la inec1 to the Inemb ers what -c'hanges were deemed n ecessary in ! No Definite Report of Financial



yo ungs ter, Travis, was inj ected to bas e hit-MacKenzie. Sacrifice hitshalt the march of hits. Lamont, Manu e l, MacKenzie ( 2), The l eading batsmen for Rhode Ke nnedy. Double p'!ays-Tho masIsland were Drag·hetti and LaChap - Willard-Rupprecht; Willard - Smith R u pprecht. Struck out-By LaChappelle, the iatter bagging a hom er in pelle 5, by 'l'homas 2 . Base on ballsadd ition to his sin g· Je and double. Off LaChappelle 3, off Thomas 3. ·willard , d iminutive Wes ley a n s hort- H it b'y p itcher-By . LaChappelle, stopper, p layed exce ptiona lly well, ~illard ; by' Thom~s. Stevens; by N1ch o ls, Asher. Ump1res- Corlnns of as d id F unic Hartford and Peterson of Meriden. --------- - - - - - - ------ - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - - - ,

DiSCUSSiOn Upon Changes in Constitution; B. Fine . to Be Campus Editor

-d rawing up the new constit ution. Af_ter a n extended discussion, the newt c onstitution was adopted a 11110s unan im o usly a nd , a ccordin g· to the rules of t he Board, must . n ow go to -the s tu de nt body for final acceptance. 'l'his matter will be brought for stu ;dent action at the next Assembly. 'The proposecl changes in the new "constitution h ave already been pub·lished in an earli er issue of the Ba-con. Ow ing to the w ithdrawal o~ George 'Glin es f ro m co llege, a vacancy_ of the •C ampus Editor position resulted. Ben ~jamln Fine was taken fro mlhe news :staff to fill th T f Campus ',-,,Q.t'to r·. e post ton ..,. I;'la.ns for the banqu et were discussed a t this meeting, the commi t tee reporting that it was to be h e ld 'i n Davis Hall. The memb ers of th e ·B oard voted to accep t the plans o.f the com111ittee. It is u nder stoo d that t he Sophomore co:eds are to -be in thar ge of the supper·, thus assuring -an i,' enjoyable evening.


for a bigger a nd better co llege paper," M iss Peck co ntinued . Prof. Churchill, honorary member of the Beacon Board, gave a sketch (Continued on page


Military Notes The R. 0. T . C. annual inspection went off very prettily last Wednesday. Assembly so unded at nine in the morning, with a battalion review as a : starte~. The· Army i nspectors, from VVashi ngton, see111ed very well pleased [ with the snappy appearan ce of the men. The Band came in for its share of the compliments, as the Colon el stated th at this was one of th e best


bands he had met on his tour of in spection throughout the country.

Result of Prom; Class to Elect Local Musicians Perform Credit- After the companies demonstrated Student Council Member Soon ably ; to Play at Commence- c lose order drill, ten-pitc hing, and ___ ment calisthenics, they went out in thil woo d s for a real fie ld problem. The No report of the finan cial outcome The Rhode I s la nd State Coll ege R . big g uns c o ul d be heard booming of the .Junior Prom cou ld be made at 0. T. C. Band participated in thl'l away in the woods very realistically, the .Junior Class meeting helc1 .June Memorial Day exercises of the Amer - being operated. b y the advance coi'ps 24 in the Chern Lecture Room , be- lean Legion at Wakefield , last Mon- m en. All in all, our unit showed u p cause many of the companies from clay morning, May 31. The Band, l ed exceptionally well , reflecting h igh ly which supplies were bought h ave not b y drum -m ajor N evins , gave a verv on th e work of the Military departyet sent in bills. favo rable account of itself, and re- ment, -and the local college shoul•i Raymo1~d Perron, president of the ce ived muc.h complimentary com- rate: "Distinguished Co llege" this cla ss a nd c hairman of the meeting, ment. Besides the Band, the parade year. congrat ulated the J u nior Prom Com - contain ed. a fife a nd drum corps and After the day's inspection was over, mittee, of ·w hich Bill Ford was c hair- a Boy Scout drum section. The - fol- the Officers'·, Club held its first banman , on running w h at was universally l owing memb e rs of the Rhode Island quet in East Ha·u . The inspecti~g ofacela im ed a. successful and enjoyable State Co llege Student b d d .· . dance. . o Y P 1aye : fi cers were g u ests of' the Club, 'a n d H. Knowles, bass horn ; Foster, Man- Major Shaw, c lass of 1925, acted as 'l'h e Commencement Ball, g iven an- sallilo, trombones ; Lloyd , saxaphone; toastmaster. This banquet was 'voted by the Ju~ior C lass, and to Epstein, Swift, Burnett, Malcolm, cor- a great success, and talks were g iVen whi c h acTm ission is free to co llege stu- nets and trumpets ; Bunce, Fine, clar - by Captains Hammond and Carter, dents a nd alum11i, will take place in inet; Conn, Miller, Chase, alto s; Stev- student officers, Marcaccio, Bolston, Lippitt Hall on .June 21. The com- ens, Oatley, bariton es; Fine, p ic cal 0; and. Bragg. The Officers' Club, forme d .mittee is headed by W. H . Ford. Spekin, cymbals; McKenzie, bass this year, has become an important .James Donald has charge of music drum; Sergt. Li nd sey, ·snare drum; organization oh the campus, and a nd patronesses and Lionel Warde Shaw, bass horn ; Brown. saxaphone; p romises to have a successful ·existw ill supervise the programs. Nevins, _drum major. ~nee.

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Stud.ent Publicity

judg e th e m fairly. More seriously and _ _ _ sp ec ificially we refer to the collJJge It pays to advertise- if the ad- journalis m w]1ic h finds v en t.s in . freaJ' vertising l:)e true; l:)ut misrepresenta - p .e riodicals or "once -in-a.- while" istion is poor propaganda and poor sues, <t,Ss.u m.ed to b e h -u morous .. or Published weekly by the students .· · R I . S:tate College

"Damne d souIs"


it represent opinion, a. s sucl., , r,· or merely the personal opinions of ed.itorial boa rds? '!'here have bee 11 qum-J ero us inst~nce. s of ~ontlict in .regard to \ thJs questiOn, so rnvolved rn purely l ocal issues that no outsider could·

lows? A l.ittle courage. , a. little anliRe,s,S, a little determmatlon, Will get •' us above the rut, and turn mooki!}g into praise, jeers Into respect. 1 B. F , rn.

official publlcatton or

ot salesmanship .

A.nd Others Th ese

---g odless young

c o llegiates!

These wild and thoug htless young· :men! "It wasn 't like this w h en I was• in coll ege, " says Uncle Char ley sole mnly. (Uncle Charley's c la ssmates indulg ed in g r·ave and scholastic r e-

Ultra-"collegia te" vVhat would be thought of a busin ess hous e which. I allowed its a p prentic es to use the name of the ]Jouse, its g o od will, or its tolera nce in publications which are

ll earches on the proper meth ods of in-traducing a live donkey i nto the chapel tow er, or .. ·· the psyc h ologTcat benefits of, say, Arena. Ji)artie s .) And, " Yes, you 'r e right. It's jullt aVitfU'l. · What is th}13 world c · t ?' ' scandalous of its own hugh purpose'! < . . . omm.~· ·o. · To conclud e . Th-e publi c and col- ' echoes Aunt Mabel. leg·e Ji)atrons i.n gen e~· al are paying an ·' America is densely popul a.ted wit11

College publicity is a thing. of th e times. Never l:).ef ove were colleges so much in th e public ey e a s n o w . As a result the co lleg e s must acce pt unk d bl ' as e pu J C opinion; it most share everything it has w ith t he public; it must live, move and h a ve its being

Term~ of Subscr iption One yea r in advance .. _.. ___ .. _... , .... ---$2.-0.0 Single copies ........ -......... ,................. .IHi 81gne,d s t;). tem e ritfl. printed when space permU,s. Resp onsibi.Jit.y for sam.ll not IU!IIIumed by the pare·1' · • . Bub-scnbers ·who clo not rec.e tve their regu' arl y n•·.e r (>q.nes,te.d t .o not! - in th e mob. enormous pric e for maintenance nf Aunt Mabels and Uncle Cha r leys; !f' ty the Business ., It is said that without the gr e at c oll eges. Our PresW·e nt is m a king you c,a n b e Ueve w hat y ou rea d in the · . . . . · . publi c it wo uld b e ·imp ossi·ble to h ave b.e r c ulea n efforts t0 get more money I newsp a pers. Tl)ey possess t he type· Nptice. o.f Entry ' j stadium s and run. tnings on s uch a for increasing c oats, and to persuade I o f mind· that B a l' t)et-t cattH's t o wit h Accep ta nce ror . !Jil.a iling ?'t . speclalj magnificent scale. But migbt there the public that the results are worth his wealt:tl o·f prE;·eJ<:pr.e sse.d t s. r a t .. po ot n .,., prov id e (! -ror HI ; S~ctlon l' not b e s ome c om]) e n satlon ·a b o t 1· t tne pric e paid. · Ther e are many indi- -Bartlett of the admira b le Dici.lorl;a ry ·· ]1 03 , APt nr Oct ooer· 3 , 1917, Autboru . us . . b,.d .Janw n- 13 191 H. , such a lleg e d disa dvanta ges? catiOns of a finer social conscienc e in of Quotations which the Cider Press. 1 t II . t ' Th e r e ar e many factoxs in coll eae j the student body as to its part in this fUppa.ntly terms the " B romld e Gar. t 0 · • ] M em b er o f th e E 33 ern 1n erco eg•• e ! Newspa,p,cr Ass.ociat i.o rt I p ubli c ity which are not controlled in ptbgram of adv anc e . But the tro-ubLe- a ge." They think in cliches , theytbe faculty meeting-s. They cannot some fa ct rema ins tha t the major par t I b·ustingly and unthinkingly bel ieve a ll a nd should not b e so directed. But of stud e nt publicity a s t o student they r ead, a.nd their horritied rea c-Editor-in-chief t h e r egulation c an com e f~·om an ir _ quality a nd Ji)Urpose is s'ttn b e ing tions. to some fla;m'Qoya nt bit of a d-Albert L. H iller, '2 7 . crea.sed responsibility u]i)on the pa: t stag ed b y a. s m all a nd irr esponsib-l-e o).e sce ne in a nimity'ect m ost unManaging Editor of the student body. Much a.dverse I minority. Does this marg ina l group ]illeasa ntly th e grea t majorit y of our· Walter · T. Siuta, '27. underg radua te Cl:itic.ism is . preval ent I ~naow the significant . part it i~ play- norma l co llege population. Business Manager upon c ollege affairs In g eneral; many l rn,, and IS th e . c oll ege t.o c ontnll,l_e t o . And wha t is all this " Damn e d Souls. Russel A. Ecklott, ' 27 c olle.g e offic ials recognize the w _o rth Ji).ay for such unli-ce l~S~d r?· eprese nt<h Club" furor e ab out? Simp!)' ' that a . few co llege stud e nts, in th e disillu~of such comments and are doina ~ twn a.s honest a dver .t .1s1ng . NEWS STAFF Cl)arl es T . Miller, '2.8 -Athletics , their .) Jest to turn such criticism t~ H. E . & '2 7 E X. · sioning process of th e ir ed ucation, B ernice Griev e s, ' 27- Intercollegia.te c onstructive ends. ---- - - - ..-- I have i) anded toge ther a nd p roudly· Eenja.min Fine, '28-Gamnus Qep rg.e H , Alexander, '27-Fea t).l;-e Tl).ere are faults of the c urricudecla imed, "vVe a re atheis ts. " Y\Tell,. Mildred L. Thompson, '27-Co-ed lum, of the lecture and of th.e ex what of it ? The very fact th a t theyNEWS BOARD amination system, the crime of comStudents at the Be aver e for procla im their a t h e ism betrays th ei.r Ijlt)1el D. Hay, ' 27 pulsory cha]i)el a..n d desirabil~ty of Women, near P hilad.e lphia, are Ji)ro- e ssential conformity. Y ou c a nnot d e.M a urice Conn, '28 l!nlimited cuts, all of which purely hibited from a.~tend~ng 'st:~>,dent. j fy. a God if you real!~ disbelieve in, J.-an M. Walker , '28 Lillian Bla nding, '2.8. academic prol:)lems are now before da n ces a t the Umve rsrty o f Penn- ~ H1m ,- f <?r then there rs n eed of deL ou is J. Spekin, '28 t he student mind for ca ustic O F· crit- sylva nia, accordhlg to a 1·e.cent e di.ct fianc e. 'l'he true atheist h a s proD a vid Fine, '2.9. .. . of the p resid.e nt of the. f o rmer insti-.- , gresse.d b ey ond the need of suc h · b o l-· vV\ IIiam M okra y, ' 2 9 1c a 1 co mm e n t. It might be w e ll for ·•· Mildred \Vine , •2 9 t he St udent Counc il to g ive friendly j tution. sterin g as "Chibs" . Art h ur: Z. Smi t h, '29 1 ,' A ~1d the t rtle 1s fa r too o oo!·o us of· Al fr e d A n der.o;;o n , '2 9 a t t ent io n to c ertai n ph ase$ of stuv rh ' ellt' old ·v . en_ a,ny o.n e .sta rts th e Ch a r.· l e s- J " The T e rrible Three" or " T he Av e ngRo b e rt M c Kay, '29 c1 ent publicity ab o ut th e C, BUSINE , EPARTM.E . ·.'. NT ton . m th.e a_u.drtormm of th. e In. d! I ing· '.Pen·or" and a ll th e oth er "gang"· u t , Ad t' . c o ll ege th r oug h a v e nu es whic h they st a t e u m versrty, on e warmng 1s g rv- t itles tha t small b.oy·s ador~ . "The.A. · A. · ..,a e, 28 ··. v er· ' more directly control. I sugg·est th e I ~ S. A. Eng·c1.a hl, '2 8-Ch.·.c tr_ · on. . en , which , if n.ot h ee ded, results in :Damn e d S o uls ·. ·c lu bs"-per fec t!' No. fo llovd ng a g enda: th e lights being turn e d off .- E x . I· c hildis h mind but mu s t thr ill to it .. J o seph C . A y re '28-Subsc ription. l. The publicity staged s pec tacle s -----,--'-· I · 'h "s· y t S ' U . 't , h ' '~ The D amn e d So uls'' , b e ing· of our· A . Haskins '2 9. 'I e a ssocia ted with student hazing proun e ·en n1V ers1 y as 1 gram s . Ofte n have we h a d expresseq b een opened in Moscow for th e edu- , well k n own coll egiate intell egentsia , H. N. Armburst ' 2 9. · I w oul<;l of c o urse r esent the imputatio n A. D . H unte r '29. tp us the O]i)inion of h a zing tradition cation of Chinese. The stud ents will I . . . · · i of thetr b emg m any sens e childish a s b o rn and perp etuated in the spirit chiefly study " the .th e ory a nd p r ac - 1 -but . e lae can OH e. term this . would ~ A LIT'l'L~ CON~J.I;>ERATION of th e bully, f-o-r e ign t o any e nUght - tic e of revolu t ion. " -Ex. be -arresting gest u r e for a t t e.n tion? e necl so ciety. During r ecent years It has o ften b een sta ted that a Ji)erThe. m a nag ing e (\itor anq t4.e No, Unol e Charley h a s. no need 1t 0· t h is c ollege has s u.c ceed e.P. in this reson with c ourag e c a n conquer the chair man of the Y a l.e D a ilY N. e.'. "'.·.s l.w orry a bout tho.s e. w.ho .a.d:v..e .thei r · spect by th e stu,d ents' o bs.e rvance of world; which m eans, a fter the hy ]i)erwer e recentlY summoned to Was h - so u l state. B omba st, U ncle· C harley,. our co llege c ontra ct and by the stubole has been r e duced , that he can be ing ton to appear before the Senate harmless b o mbast, and a n excellent · f d e nts' individual responsibility in th e !llJCcessful. And t his is true enough. investigating c ommittee to give evi - ' s a ety -valv e for yea sty yo ung mind'l,. matter . Student sentiment on hazing · The . pepple o f this age seem to la ck den c e of the liquol' situati-on at Yale, whose ferm entin g ideas -finally result is very comrne.n. d a ble. · · t · · the c urage of t heir own c onvict,lpns. - .- , -- ._ In an rn oxwatwn of s]ileec h , after



Co-llege ClippingS ,


,SS P.



We a re turned back

b.e cause of the

jeers or l l}10Ckin~s of our a ssocia teS,. I!ow often we hea r the remark,, "Are ;vou goin g t p church this rpornin&", ;vpu gooqy -gpody angel?" Or perha ns, "Well, m y lady' s man •. how was the religious forum tonight?" N o w, is there any reason for apol .i~izin. g fo r our good a ctions? If we s~y, in a crpwcl of students, 'Tm go · · d y ,'' a sa.rcasti~: chorus mg \!.l? and stu_ f ht . p · 1a ug · er rs t h e re]i) 1y, as mq.ny of k, now., If, wh~l. · e the ei~hteenth us ~m.en<:J.ment iE) tl:).e S)lbject pf co n ver:slJ.t!on, we snould rem ark, " I. believe that the Prohibition law is a · g ood thin g ," we are imm ediately downed by loud, d-erisive abuse. Why? Because there are, not enough stud ents with · coura ge to back Up thel·1• own · t·ron~. s evera 1· years l).go , th· c on VIC · lS f'OJlep-e hap. a Y. :M. C. A . Noth.i:ng wrqng in that, but still, the sentiment agains,t those wh o belonged, the f·ear of 1::>!')ing c ajled " saintly, godly , s w eet hqlier -th.f!.n·thou" caused this orga nization tq• f a ll a]ilart. This f ea r of heilig Iav.ghed at has caused many faill1~~s in life. Why not develop and live up to our own standards, and . not he dismayed by t h e sarcasm of our feF

2 • The aqtivitielil of s t udent re]i)orters f o r tp.e daH~ nre,Ss in sending out thou . .gh.t less. or:. in.t.·ima.te comment of <y.oung, f!WUUY• xnemJ;~~.vs ll<Pout matte,.rs. P,o...litical. or religiou. s, or the h a lf-b a ked c onclusions.· about matters scientific of researc h students. It m a y be hopeless to expect a res trlJ,.i nt <m the pa.rt of . lltudent col urp.nists wl)ich. is unkn own t o thei 1·


" Y\Talter Camp was an outstanding figure in American life. H e was not a!oRe a great foot-b.all Pla-Yer- an<l coa.oh. He· si;ooP. fpr all tl).aJ ill finest iUl fl< be.s t. i~ Gle an ::Jl:)p.J;tmlJ.ll!lJ:!.~~ · He was a hero to every boy who ever pl~eli. ·or saw a f.oPthall game. H is · d e ep a f;f.e_c tion o n name wa.& 118 ld · - 111 eveJ;Y Go]lege camPl.!~ , It is for that.· p,o p_ularit~ se.el} instructor,s , :&ut re.a sou. tl?-at aU. Alll.JJJ'IJ; " _an colleg,e.s w.e. c a n a;t Ie.a.s t point o11t tP.e OJil · l),q;v:.e iJ;l_i>i~t!ld upo.n. t)1.eir righf to P:o,rtunity. sJ:Iare with. Y:11-~e \». the. p riy jleg:e. Qf 3· If student grou,pf> paying suitable honor to th.e me:rnory Jilersis,t in bool!in g and r;:ti::;il).g o:( hJs name. Cai;n gen .e r·ll<HY, the sto;r>y, pf tb,!!j:a: eUmi n a tion from. the college comComing Out Even m-unit y sholll;d b.e given ·at leaJlt . . ..,, ·tn th t f t" Sa,ndy;~"B:o.w is. it,, ~QQk, tn<~,t, ye equa l ' pu bl~en.,~ WI ' ' · · a o · ••e - es·' ·' c a·]ilade which landed· t·h .e··m a ·n d t'?.e 1'11,l'J.)~. e s~Q a .n en~irJ:110U. s P+o.f tt off yer '' n a me of tlte.\.r coUe g.e. in h .elJ,vy eyp.e to po,J;l) wlwn ?¥·e each freend " g'ie fl.. specl <J.). .p,x;J!Je

on the :thwnt pa,g:e. 4. 'Jlb.ere may- be democ1.1atic virtue in dil'ty cor.Cl!uvoy amd soiled flannel, and ''collegia-te" negligee in general\ if it be expl oited in p u rely oollegia;lle c ircles or on t he cam]i)us, but It not so appea r when t hese go. d"Qwn t h e line among conven tiona l amp. highlY, . cr-itica.l · 5. T h e Student P ill:Hication : Sh.<mld


which, the inte llectu a l " m orninga fter ," and a m easure of s ob er lltability. If y ou m u st worry a bo ut our "])'laming Youth ," Aunt Mab el, remember that " sti ll waters run]i),'' a n d l ook to the solitary tho ughtful s t u d ent. If you must worry , y ou understan · d . I t really r'sn't nec essar·y at all. AP.d rememoer- publicity is alwa ys

,., s,_prt,J~:veq, " T P.e Dfj.m_J;I_e d Souls Cluh" ,, ,. r~se · If w:Pen. it c a m e o u t int p. ' ,r.. 11 e,.. th..e . 1·!IJ;I.Illlg)1.t · ; ll<:P.4 the ll).emb~rs a r e A.o.(}.l]l.EHk-to ref>pec tao.I e com(.e J:!.tionality mQre's.. tP..e Jility. They w ill gra<j.uate, and sta rt in business, a nd m arry, . ~l'lll. ow11 n ,e.a t Itt tle holl).e .s ip. n eat litHe "i HbVXP~l. 11-Pm..e do j;!ilely &t ni&"})t tp. Wll..ter n¢;;~J li.ttJ,e. · g~rden:s,. a,n .d. go. to t n .e movies a nd Join. the

""!"'~ G' t. ,.,Q ." rv en !lll · Y,efl.rS, t.""' da,rp!llle:st o f D a mned Souls will be j u s t-lQ 9' Jock~"Well, I tak a half crow n off, c ent A m u ;n·iQfl..P.! p1e v,r~ce l:)er::~J.US!'J ]te's a frf}en q o'Ij:;\lne; EX. t'b!lP. I tak ten pound~ o ff ,the hun4,et\i,W!'li,gbt, l:)epi).use I ' m a f reen d •)f R:tl.P d9: InJ;:ul!'l '.!J;raffig C op;-=Ste_p, his." ~Jo:p.g :IJJ. epe~t:l:t.!l speJJjj.; is , miJes. alil l; oo~ 'bP:Ilr. :QP.illJt. b~.Qc)( t:raffi~ J E.a;nd: Sailor~Look ret thfl.t float! Sjgh~l!eeh.!g J.v.J,qt.qr~s~Jii<V.~ h,o,w can, F il' po-SuFe, wb:y n ot- lsn.• t it ' a 1. st~ in RJJoqe li!!:!l~:nd MJ;d d? at that rate? log book?· ;,-;< .- ,


THE BEACON, KINGSTON, R.I., THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1926 J"avelin~First, Ca rpente r, D ean.; Heco n d , Pa.rt r idge , H.. I.; third , B u rnett, R. I. Distance 1<!2 fe et 8 inch es. Broa d jUmp-Firs t , c ·or ideo, Dean; second , Co ok , R. I. ; t nird , R y der, Dean. Dis t a nce 1 8 f ee t 1 0 inches. Hig h j ump-Firs t , P ay n e, R . 1.; Yearlings Strong in Running secon d , Co o k, R . I., a nd Camer on , Events; Visitors Capture D ean, ti e d . Height 5 f e et 2 in ch es. Most of Field Events Discu s- I•'i rst , Ob e r, Dean; s econ\1, - - Crocl e 1:. , Dea n; third , Od e n , R. I. Dts In their last outs ide dual meet, the tan ce 9 8 fe et 7 inches . " F ro s h " track s qu a d c leaned u p Dea n Aca d e my b y a score of 85 - 52. The m e et was hel d a t the Kingston Oval on 'l'h ursday, May 27 , and provided some thrills to the spectators, espe His tory repeats its elf- the Past is c ially in the running events, but the A ca d e my athle tes w ere c l early out- a mirror. If w e loolt b a ck ove r c lassed by the year li n g s as th e sc ore countless ages , we s ee a vision of ar m i es , a nd potent~te s a nd fleets a n d Indicates .

"Frosh" End Track Season "'ith Win Over Dean Academy


A nd many times th e fate of a n empir e of a n emp eror, h a s b een lo d ged in t h e hand o f one man,.and tbe pow er to elevate or to destr oy , Tha t n.ight! I can never forget it. F a te had pla yed strange p ranks with me. For I , too, had a king In my ha nd . I sat t h ere a nd pondered. How strange :B'ortune was .! From the shadows of insignificance where I had star ted , I had finally risen to Power .a nd all that Power m .e ans. And now F a te h a d l aughed at me at last. I sat there and pondered. For I , too , h ad a K ing in my hand-while an ace or a nine of spa des wo uld have g iven

FOREST FILMS (Con tinue.d from Page 1) The fin al film, e n titled "Wood Wlsdom " showed .the structure of v a rious kinds of w ood ; the different qualities 'of "ha rdwood" a nd "softwood.': s cen es o r ce11 b u lldi n g i n grow 1ng t rees were shown and a lso the develo pment of decay through the growth of fung i in the pores of the wood. These films were shown primarily in connection with the work o.f tha cla ss in B otan y , but contained much of gen eral interest that wail very instructive to a ll w h o saw the films.

me a straig ht flush.

Question (?)

An orchestra m ade up of students of Penn State College will play o n the S. S. Berengaria this summer.

Prof. Churchill (discussing lltev4· dynasti es . And th ey all tytJHy Po wer . B u t m a n y times Power is concentrat- '\Nill you sUI! be stand in g with nw, ture) : A magazin e writer t ells us tbat ed in a s in g le hand- and many times On seventh Heaven's judgment day? a dog fll1s an empty space in a man~s life. tha t h a nd does not belong to a rulinq Or will you h a v e- - rejected me • Epstein (sotto voice) : Sure, a hot mona r c h. Many times a singl e p l ebian To live your separate way? d'o g. I. M . W. tak in g MaClean , h is running mate, to has been the Powe1' b e hind a T hrone . get first plac e. F itts took third for a c l eanu p in t his event. The 880 was a lso all R h ody 's, as Kinney, Lind and McCarville finished in that order. Th e time was 2:11. 'l'he mile f u rnished sorn:e excitement in the final lap. Dave Fine held the lead until the fina l t ime around, when J ohnson, also of Rhode Island , managed · to nip him a t the tape. In spite of poor weather co nditions, the mile was run in 4 : 54,. The 2-mile was ea sy for the "Frosh" tracksters as a ll three places w ere copped. Bob Miner clearly outcla ssed the field in this vent, taking first in 10 : 46 . Morally beat out Anderson for second by a beautiful sprin t. The fiel d eve nts bro u g ht o ut the Academites' real strength.· Dea n took all three places In :.the shot put, . first and third in the javelin and broad jump , and first tw o places in the disc us. Ca nfield of Rhode ·Island took first in t he hammer throw, while Payne jumped 5 feet 2 inches for fir st in the high jump. Cook had no competition in the pole vault, so took first pla ce. In the h urdles Magoon landed first Where two s t~am locomotives Jormerly puffed and strained: to pull a: · 3 6 0 · ton freight train. up the pla ce in the highs and a secon d In steep slope of Maltrata incline, t wo electric locomotives haUl a 660 -ton train with power to spare. the lows . Joe :Reed was high scor er with two firsts. He just missed t a k ing the broad jump, as he fouled a 21fo o t jump by an inc h . The resu lt of the yearli ngs' showing in this meet indicates that the sophomores will have to do some fast step ping 'in order to t a k e t he meet next In Mexico, romantic land of pretty senoritas Thursday. T he s ummary of the Dean and languorous minstrelsy, practical American Academy meet: engineers have harnessed streams so that moun100-yard dash - First, R e ed,. :R. I.; second, fo_ustin , D ean ; third, Corideo, tains may be leveled. · · Dean. Time lls. 220 -y(Lrd dash-First, Reid, R . I.; The winding thirty-mile Maltrata incline on the second, Austin, Dean; third , Corideo, road from Vera Cruz to Mexico City is now elecDean. Time 24 1 -10 s. · trified. Ten electric locotilotives replace twenty440 -yard dash-First, Limric, :R. I. ; three steam engines. The;electrics haul twice the second, M cClean, R. I.; third, McCarville, R . I. Time 56 3-10 s . tonnage of the steam locbmotives-and in half 880-yard dash-First, K inney, R.I.; the time; with obvious benefits to traveler, rail~ second, Lind , R. I. ; third, Fitts, :R. I. roader, and shipper. Time 2 m. 11 s . The General El ectric ComMile-First, Johnson, R. I.; secon d, pany required b ut eighteen Yet Maltrata is but an! example of electrical F ine, R. I. ; third, Hacket, Dean. m onths to electrify Malt rata ip.cline-locomotives, Time 4 m . 54 s. progress. For electricity i$ conquering the grades power plant, t ransmission 2 -mile-First, Miner, R. I. ; secon d, of railroads and of industry alike, the world over. equi pment complete. En' f . Mora lly, R. I.; third, Anderson, :R. I . gineering skill, backed by Time 10 m. 46 s . vast manufacturi ng facilImpressive, no doubt, but still modest .when ities, h as enabled G-E to High hurdles- First, Magoon, R .. I.; compared with the possibilities of electricity 'in serve humanity in many second , Newm an, Dean; third, ;Munways. years to come. And it remains for collegeroe, R . I. Time 19 6-10 s. A s eries of G-E advertiseLow hurdle13-First, Newman, trai!!ed m~ri, with trained; capacity for initiative ments showing what elecDean; second , Magoon, R. I. ; thiril , arid leadership, to becom¢ ambassadors for furtricity is doirig in many Munroe, R. I. Time 29 7-1 0 s. fields w ill be sent on request. ther electrical conquests in foreign lands. Ask for booklet GEK-1. Shot put-First, Ober, D ean; sec! ond, Car m ichae l , Dean; third, Car·penter, Dean. Distance 39 feet 7 inches. Hammer-Firs t , Caulfiel d , R. L; second, · Ober, :R. I.; t h ird, Webber, R. I. Distance 98 feet 10 inches, OBNBRAI. ELE. CTRIC COMPANY, SCHENECTADY, NEW YOl(tfo. Jo e Heed mun e through as u s u a l in the dashes, taking both in f a st tim e . The 440 was a pr etty r ace, as Limric of. Rhode Island , who was behind u ntil the last sprint, s u ccee d ed in over-

Electricity levels the Mountains


.~nne .~'l ,:...'· .~~ ·~.~ .... '~vQl(,l' ;.':. . '. \




Senior Exams

L--:.,~.:.__·o:...:.:lu_.m_n..:.;_·_;_of:..;_V_;_.· _er_s_e_..Jl

Trinity Bows to Local Clan, 5-3

JUNE , 9-A. M . 9:00-V.O<'ational Edtwatimi IV Botany vtn S :'OO· •to Oivil Engineering X 10 :00 8:00 to 11 :00-Electrical Enginee~·l ng V __ 8:00 to

(G. H. A.) a re a ll that I think you are, (And h ow .tJotild you be les•s!) > I.tvoulet -a p.'{Yt'E!ciate knowing Your home a dtlress .

·Ir ..y o u

1 :00 to

Oh , how I e nvy that knight s o bold ., 'wiio swe pt his la dy fair Fr~m · ·out .the midst or a dancing throng: J;_,;pft; h er , s utto t s g·apillg there.

3 :00

1:00 to 3:00 1 :00 to 4 .: 00

Ash er a nd L a mont produced two ;JUNE 10-P. AI, Ho:me Ecol'lomics 11 Davis Hall runs , Anoth er m a rker w as earned in Bota1ry IV ------------------------ ------ ---------- --- -------- ---------- 53 Scie nce HaU the fourth .

rx: _____________ _______·------------------------

Howev er, it was not u n til the sev----- ------- ________ , ___ 45 Science :ffali enth that t h e Nutmeg State C.ol legians dented the rubber. It was in JUNE ll-P. l\'1. the next canto that their total was Home Economics XXV ---- ----- ------ ----------- U Davis Hall lengthened to three, and Coac h Psychology & Education I ---------- ------------- !!5 Science Hall · Oivil Ell);hYee:rlng XI _______ _______________________ 24 Lippitt Hall Keaney so on ended his worries by Pomology ________________________ -- ----- --------- -------------------- 34 Agricultural derecking Dra ghetti in favor of " NoElectrical Engineering IV - ---- -- ---- -----·------- _______ 7 LilJ).Jitt Hall hit" L a Cha pp e ll e. Tl;le latter set

down th e b a tsm-e n in quick order, JUNE 12-A. :l\'1, Whitak er, T!l·inity•1s staT bioxman, 8:00 to 10:00~Agricultural Economics IV --- ------------------------------18 Agricultural FRESH:l\'IEN, SOPHOl\IORE AND JUNIOR SOHEDULE pitched wonderful ball, being backed by un·erring support. Draghetti ,JUNE 15-A. M . seemed to reco nque r his control an:d Botany III ------------------------ ----- __ ------ ---------------------------- 54 Science Mechanical Engineering XII _________ ________________ 19· I~ippitt Hall he s--ent 12 b a tsmen to the bench via 8:00 Military Science II _____ ___ ___________ .. Ohem, Lecture, AgTiculturai the str'ike-out or d:er. to 10:00 Home Economics XVIIlb ___ --- ------------------ ----------------------11 Davis Lamo·nt h a d a field day at the Transportation -------- --------------------------------------- 53 Science bat, sec uring three hits. Erickson Mechanica.l Engineering XVI ------------------------------------26 Lippitt Ohemistry VIII _________ "________ .. _______ __________________ 28 Science l in led two doubles , while Grig'o clout'8:00 to Horticulture VI -------------------- -----·------------------------- 34 Agricultural ed a ·C!ircuit ·crash . Eberle and Nholn:le 11 :00 Oi'vil Engineering V -----------------------------------------------------24 Lippitt were T·r inity 's s tars. Agronomy IV -------------------------------------------------------- 41 Agricultural The score : RHODE ISLAND JUNE 15-P. M .. ab r h po a ·e Botany I ----------------------------------------- Chern. Lecture, 53 Science EngliSh II -------------------------- ----- __ __________ 21 and 22 Agricultural Blake l.f ------- -------- 5 0 0 0 0 0 1:00 Accounting· (Sophomore) _________________ "·- -- ------------ --------- 53 Science Draghetti p cL ___ _ 4 0 1 0 4 0 to 3:00 Mathematics VIlla -- ------- ------------- ------ ---------------------- ---------- 3 Science Grigo 1 b ____________ __ 4 1 1 10 1 0 Home Economics XII _________ __ ____ ---------------------------------1 Davis Stevens ss _________ _ 3 1 1 0 1 0 Psycholog'y and ]1Jducation III ---------------------------------- 35 Science MacKe. nzie c _______ _ 3 0 1 12 3 0 Mechanical Engineering XI ____________ ___________________________ 26 Lippitt LaChapp elle cf p 4 Q 0 2 2 0 1:00 Mathematics VIIIb __ -- ---------------------------------------------------4 Science Erickson 3b --------- 4 1 2 0 0 0 A-sher 2b ______, ____ _ 3 1 1 2 1 1 to Physics II ------··---'·---·------- ' -------- --- -- · · ---------------------------------45 Science Spraying· and PI·uning ---------------------------- ___________34 Agdcultural Lam ont rf _________ _ '3 1 3 {) 0 0 4:00

(G, H . A ,)

This · b ein ' a w a iter's a heck of a life ! Yeh-I'll g et .y a another knifeWell, 'I didn't make ' the stew, did I? :A second! I dunno I'll tryThis bein' a waiter 's a heck of a life ! This -b ein' a w a iter's a heck of a life ! ya aske d for a :kn ife ! · Yi •said · a "s'p&on -- ,__ ·well, -here's •the

· G~wan - ~ th e deuce


.S-ure .y a or d e red ' em your brain's · : .6' •holes! !J'his b ein' a waiter's a heck of a. life! ·Tnis·bein' ·a -wait-er's a heck of a life! '.Dhere y a a re, damn .ya, there's ya -knife1A •s econd? 'Why didn't ya· say so be<l'ore? God-'s ·sakes ·what . y:a -got tongues for ? This •beiri' a waiter 's a -heck of a life !

1:00 to 3 :00 1:00 tO 4:00

T.otals 33 5 9 217 12 1 JUNE 111-A, M. Ohemistry I & II ________________25, 28, 35 Science; Ohern. Lecture 'l'RINITY ab r h po a e ~echanical Engineedng X ---- --------------------------------------26 Lippitt 2 0 0 1 5 () :l\'1athemat ics VIlla A & D ------------------------------.4 Science :Nholm·e 2 b Physics I ------------------------------ __ ___ ------ ----------------------------- -45 Science Riley ss ----------------- 2 1 '0 1 3 0 Tho:m'[1lfs on, cf __ __ 2 0 0 0 0 0 ,JUNE 16-P, l\1. Eberle 1 b ------------ 4 0 1 11 1 0 Zoology X ---· -------------------------- ______________________ 35, 45 Science Solme 2b ------------ 4 0 1 2 3 0 Eng·lish I _____ ------------------ -------------- - ------------------------21 Agricultural. Burr c _______________ : 4 0 0 5 3 0 Ebersold rf -------- 3 1 0 1 0 0 Mono,:r·de lf _______ _ 1 1 0 3 0 0 ,JUNE 17-A. M. Military Science IV ___ ____________ Chem, l;ab. Agricultural Bldg. vVhitaker P---------- 3 0 1 3 2 0 Animal Husbandry III --------- ---------- -------------------- !!4 Agricultural Business Adm inistration II ______________________ ___________________ 53 Science Totals __ ---------- 2 5 3 3 27 17 0 Mathematics Vi:Ilb (Tyler) ______ ------------------------------------3 Science Score -by innings : Ohemistr:Y XIX ----------- ------- ------------------------------------------28 Science Rhode Is'la nd 0 0 2 1 0 0 1 1 0 -5 Agricultm·al E conomics I _ ___ ------------------ 18 Agricultural Trinity 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0-3 Accounting (Junior) ------------------- ------------------------------ 45 Science T,he summa r y : Botany VI ------------- ___ ___________ ------------------- -----------------58 Science Two bas e hits- L a mont, Erickson Oi vil .E ng·inee ring III ________---------------------------------·--------24 Lippitt (2), Ash e r , Whita ker . Home run1\'Iechanical Eng-ineering IX ------------------------------------26 Lippitt Grig o. Stol'e n b a ses-Solme, Stevens, Solid Geometry ---------------- -- ___ _______ -- ------------------------------.4 Science Bla ke, M acKenzi.e, ~acrifice hitsHome Economics I ______________ ------------------------------------- 26 Davis Riley, Eberle . Struc k out-By Draghetti 1 2, by LaChappelle 2, by J'UNE 17-P, M. Whitaker 6, Base on balls-Off DraHome Economics IV --------------------------------------------------------13 Davis ghetti 8, off L aC happ eUe 0, ol'f WhitMathematics IV ----------- ----------------------------------------------------4 Science aker 2, Umpire- E liot (Hartford) , Horticulture I --------------- ______ ______________ -------------------34 Agricultural Mechanical Engineei·ing V ___________ -------------------------------19 Lippitt

S :M to 10:00

JUNE 18-A. M. Spraying and ----------------------------------------34 Agricultural . Business Law IT -------------- --------------------- ---------------------'-45 Science

8:00 to :OO

T4fs ·-b e in' -a waiter 's a check of a life ! 11 0 - y-e-a, --t hat's r ight, I · brought y a a ' knife~

seconds~how -many 1 :-- o o to want tea'? 3:00 One, two-what'$ the idea-kiddin' me '?'·'• '.Dhis b ein' a waiter's a heclc of a life!

WeU, there'-s -no

'l'his b ein' a w a iter's a heck of a life ! 8:00 to It certa inly is one terrol' of a -life ! '1'0 :00"' Here's ya 'COi'fee-ya ord'e red t ea! · ~ W el l Aw, y a ca n all go straight t~ H-! 'l'his b ein' a . waiter's a heck of a life! · 8:oo A hec k of ·a life! A heck of a life! to 11:00

To Custard Pie

Its softness -s o ·. entra ncing! Its su c ro s ity divine! But littl e - e lse in. life I ' d ask, If custa rds · :a ll · w ere mine!

........... :1 Davis Hall Rhode Isl a nd State forced Trinity ·------- --- --··---------- 35 Science Hall College to bow before its offense M a y I<:ngineei'ing XXVI ___________ ___________ 35 Science Hal~ 26 a t H a rtf or d. When the pastime

JUNE U - A. M.


Its g-us ta tQ·ry KI.Ists Captivate in.e quite, And inspil~es a .gastric ... coniplex, Of a g omm&ndish delig-ht.

2 : OO-..Vocatidn-a!l Home Economics 7ioology 1 ________________ _

8:00 to 1l :00- Sociol og·y

1;d try s _o mesuch stunt now, mysel:f B ut fo.r one thing-no other, :Your faFh e r sits ri.ght at your left, 1 And on y our rig ht, your mother!

For, a s I learne. d to s c ribble, I pra yed, 'er e I should die, To write a ·- .L~tiching ·'bit·-- of verse, About a custa rd pie,

Draghetti Pitches Good Ball Till Seventh Frame; Erickson aml Lamont Hit Well

had ended Rhody was in the van 5-3. J'U:NE lO-A. M. 8:00 to 10 :oo~nome Econon'lics Vlll _______ __ ________ ------ ---- ------ ------ 2 Davis Hall Tl}e locals c omm e nced their ea rly 6:00 to Moohlffiical EngilJCei,' ing XVII -------- --------------- 26 Lippitt II~ attac k in th e third chapter, wh en 11 :.00 Chemistry V ----------------------- -------------- -------- Ohern. Lectm·~ consec utive d o ubles b y :m.tckson ,

Would find y ou all alone, ~f you ' d but g ive me the number Ofj~ o;lfr telephone.

(G, H . A . )

18 Agricultm•al 5 3 Science Ha.1I 24 L ip}Jitt Hall 7 :Lippit t Hap

JUNE 9-P, M. 1:00 to 1 :oo to 3:00

I'IJ promise you no evening

The silver moon's bewitched m fl, Gleaming there on high, The p oetic mo od 's upon me, I must write for custard pie.

3,~1---9_26_ . ~-­




Fir st Roommate: "I say, J im, will y ou kindly lend me your y eilow and 1· ed n ecktie this evening?" Se~ond Roommate: " 'Why, c e rta inly, Ed , but why all th e form a lity?" F . R.: " I c an't find it."

Written petitions will be necessary at St. Lawrence University to obtai n an excuse from atte nding classes aft er April 26 • and this sy ste m will con-~ tinue until the f ac ulty ca n devise a satisfactory cut system.


(Co.ntinu·ed from Page 1) of the life of H0ta ce Greely, Prof. Chur chiH show ed ho w highly intluential a newspaper man may becom.e, as exemplied by the life of Greely, Miss Martha Sayles, fromer Co-eel ed itor, also addressed the Board, and gave ·Sev era:! valua ble ·suggestions taken fr0m her own :experience while working on the B eacon. J-mpr omJ!)tu

The Daily California , student paper sp:e eeihes were g iv en by Albert ·Hiller, vVlllie : " Is marriage a fa ilur e ?" F .r eidma n: "You nev-er ·ca:n t ell till of the Univ ersity of Ca lifornia, has a Walt.e r Siut-a, Russell Eckloff and y ou 've seen the wedding presents." p a id circulation of 8 , 5 00 s ubscribers. Ian W a lk er. T.h·ey a ll ,stressed the fact th at co -op eration will aid in "He's fortunate a t bumJerry: Cleary: "Mary n ·e ver lets ·a nyone maki.n g t he B eacon a better .p aper. What say, this s ounds like madness ? ming rides." As a po e m it"s a flop? but her friends kiss her." At the close of th e banquet Miss Mickie : "He ought :to be, His face 'l'rue p oet s sing of other things'? Clegg: ' 'She doesn' t seem to have Peck awa r,d-e d J3ea con -k eys to the would stop a train.'' any enemies." If you insist-I'll stop, member:s of the Associate Board, But the n, a ll p oet's love songs A certain co~ed, in a l,e ague, a n1st Frosh: "Do you know .Johmny Question-Wha t was all the'l'o th eir )a di es , in phr ases high, n0unced that marriage is a tragedy Walker?" motion about? Dbn't m eAn a d a rn b it more tha n this in one act, but that many scenes fol.2nd Frosh: "Cig-arettes, Soph, or Answ.e r-A .m a tch .got Ut up and Shb\it -v erse to - c ustard pie! 1ow. XXX?'"' lost its head.-'





.. ... .......= ·--· ...... ... .. . .. ...... ~

. .....


-· .

. ·. ·\ . C\G~R"\S

\ ' _,_.




~ ~·




Ill bet yo~ a bag

of gold gutneas~ma.te Jou . nePer t'a.tted the /ilte · . of thi.t cigarette /_ ,. f

·a· i;L·· D: ·· ,•) .)





G- · O· ;·L·· D, . . ....



~~~~ . ~~



The New and .Better cigarette THE. 'IRE.A lSUl\.E Of' TH.E,M· ALL



--------~-----~~ -- ---~ ---·= - =--= ·· ···= · =-==~


"Frosh" Whitewash Colt l\'Iemorial

Visti t ors sco re 8 runs in early feames , putting game on ice; Pollicks Locals Hit Visiting· Twirlers staned in the field while Szu lick hit Hard in Second and Fifth Cantos we ll fot· t he locals. D a browski p layed well for \\Testerly. The State College "Frosh" treated 'rhe score: Co lt High School r~ther roughly her e RHODE ISLAND in Kingston May 27: The Bristol ab r h po n e school boys were kalsomined to th e 4 1 0 1 0 o MacClea n rf tune of 14-0. Hur witz 2b p ....·.... 3 3 1 2 5 0 Th e Fresh m e n corntnenced 2 2 0 1 their S. Bulicl<: lL . 4 0 scoring in the second inning and they MacKenzie c ... .. 3 1 1 7 0 0 kept ad <;ling to the ir total, even Po !licks 1 b ....... . 4 0 1 5 0 11 P ykoz cf ........... . 4 1 1 0 0 though new faces wet·e co ntinually Trumbull ss 2 1 0 l 4. 3 l 0 entering the lineup . Connelly 2b .. ... . 0 0 0 0 A terrible bombardment of long Ep.stein 3b ....... . 2 1 0 4 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 hits in th e · fifth inttin"· p t th Mor,an 3b - ·~ u e VonDemboskie 3b 3 0 0 0 0 2 game on ice. Exactly a half dozen Ern~t p 0 0 0 0 0 o runs were manufactured by these -~ 31 10 7 21 8 10 Totals showers of hits. Sousa, the Bristol WESTERLY hurler, was hit unm e rcifully. ab r: h po a e Pollicks and Trumbull, Freshmen 2 2 1 1 4 l D ab rowsk i 2b infielders, led t he assa ult with extra 0 0 1 0 5 l Salimeno 3b base hits. 2 1 1 3 l 4 R. Meikle p .. 0 " Lefty" Scott pulled the leading D e Rocco 1 b ....... 5 0 5 play of t1le afternoon during his P anciera rf -------- 5 2 2 1 1 0 short stay in right fi eld. Playing Turco c -- -- --- .... .. 3 1 1 8 0 0 Rib):ler ss .. ------ . 4 1 0 2 1 2 dee·p at a crucial moment, he made ·.J!.;usaro c f __ ...... .. 1 0 0 0 . 0 0 1 0 1 a per fect throw to MacKenzie , thus Sawyer cf ..... .... .. 3 1 l keeping the r unner f rom scori n g . L arson If ............ .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Remices was Colt 's ·best fielder, nab- D . Meik le If bing many a hard hit drive. Tpt~·tls __ 39 12 8 21 8 5 1 The score : Score by innings: \ Vesterly 8 1. 0 0 2 0 2-1 2 RHODE I SLAND Rh ode Island 1 1 2 4 0 0 2-10 ab r h po a e The summ ary: Hurwitz 2b ________ 3 3 1 0 1 1 Two base hits-Po lli cks, MacKen Zulick lf ------------ 1 2 0 0 0 0 zi e. Three bas e hit-Zu liclc Sacrifice MacKenzie c .. _____ _ 3 1 1 6 0 0 hit MacKenz ie. Stru ck out-By Po llicks 1 b ---------- 4 2 2 6 1 0 H u rwitz 7, by Meikle 6. Base on balls . Pykos cf __ -- ----- 2 2 1 0 0 0 -Off Er n st 3, ot'f Hurtwitz 3. off Trumbull ss ____ _ 3 1 2 4 1 0 Meikle 4. Um pir es-Asher an d Blake. (5), MaeDepari rf ------------ 0 0 0 0 0 0 Stolen bases-Hurwitz 2 0 0 0 0 1 Kenzie, Trumb ull . Epstein ?b Ernst p __ ----·------ 1 1 1 1 0 0 Recent Hurricane Comedies Moran 3b --------- 2 1 1 1 1 Fitzpatrick rf _____ _ 1 0 0 0 0 Scott p rf.. _____ ___ __ 0 0 0 0 1 0 "1'he F'lirt" -- · ·------ ····--···· . Any Soph Kent p ______________ _ 2 1 1 1 1 0 " Vanities o f 1926" Davis Hall "Ar tist s and ·Models" ...... So uth Hall 'l'otals _ 24 14 10 18 6 2 Seniors "Cradle R obbe r.s" COLT HIGH "Sweeth eart Time" ab r h po a e ~\Then "l!~ rosh" Rul es Are Off Momard ss --------· 3 0 0 2 ' 0 1 " 'l'aps " ..... Sat urd ay D an c es a t Lippitt Munro 2b .. ___ ______ __





Remices lf .......... 2 Sousa p .. ______ : __ _ 2 Anbride c ------------ 2 Setcenfe cf ........ 2 Hugiro lrf -- ---~--­ 1 Herzig 1 b ------------ 2 Belmir 3b ........ .. 1 . Perre . rt ------------ 2


1 1 0

1 1

0 2

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0 7 0 0 4


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" So ph" : J.-Io"r cUd th e game e om e out ? "Fr osh ": Ti e sco r e. won'? "Soi)h ": Yea h ?

1 0 0


'l'otals .. __________ 2 0 0 2 15 4 Score b y : Rhode Island o 4 1 0 x-14 Co lt High 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0 The summary:

L. VAUGHN CO . Established 1847 Manufacturers of SASH . DOOR~, BLINDS. AND BUILDERS' FINISH 11 53- 1155 Westminste r Street

( 2 ) . [ _"~~~~~~~;;~~~~~~~;

Thr ee base hits-MacKenzie Pykos, Trumbull.. Three base hitPollicks. Struck out-By Ernst 6, by Sousa 5. Base on balls-Off E rnst 0, off Sousa 3. Umpi:·es-Grigo an d ,.Blake.

t :: .. Clipped . News ·Professor Frank· Mitchell was the Rh od e Island State Colleg·e representative at the inauguration of the n ew Boston U niversity president. The recent military inspection wen t off big and the b'nys are confident of


Conunenceinent Day Plans Formed

8 P . M.- Open air band .concert, under the elms. 9:00 P. M .-Rho d e Lippitt Hall.


N ight.

Sunday, June 20

Exercises Begin June 18th and End Three Day~ Later S(hn o l days O"e now numbeeed, ns is evid enced by th e sorrowful looks on

our Seniors' fa ces.

3:30 P. M .- Baccalaureate address. Lippitt Hall. Add ress by P r esident Edwaeds. 7: 15 P. M. -Musica l peogram. Vil-

Comme ncem e n t )ag·e Chu rch. •

plans h ave b een m a de , a nd all is now in r~adi ness for, the fin a l week. Se nior C lass Day exercises begin Friday, Jun e 1 8th , and c l ose on M onday, June 21st, with com m encement. In betwee r1 will tak e place a baseball game between th e Seniors a nd Fac ulty, and also the time-honor~d bacca la\lre:;tte address by P resident Ed wards.


June 21

11.:00 A. M.-Thlrty-third annual c ommencement exercises. Lippitt Hall. Address by Dr. Francis G. B lair, State Superintendent of Public Instru c tion, State· of Illinois. Address by Dr. E . W. B utterfield , State Commissioner of Education, S t ate of New Hampshire. 8:00 P. M.-Co mmencement BalL

Th e . following is the complete pro- Lippitt Hall. gTam for Senio r \Vee!<:: ------Coach T ootell refuses seconds. Friday, June 18 2:3 0 P . l\1.-Senior Class .Day exe r cises. under the e lms . 4:00 P. M.-Phi Kappa Phi initiation . Agricultural I-lall. 6 : 0 0 P . M.·-Phi Kapra P hi ban q u et. Sout h Ha ll. 9:0 0 P. M. ~Sh alqJ sp ea re' s "Much A!lo abou t Nothing," un der t he el m s. Saturda~· .

;rune 19 .

1.0:00 A . .M.--Fa celty and Alumni vs. Seni ors. Baseb a ll game. Athletic I<'ield .' Alumrti !\{.- Informal 1:00 P. luncheon. E ast Hall. 2:30 P. M.-Annual business meeting of Alumtli , Ass ociatio n . Lippitt Hall. 4:00 P. 1\1.-Receptio n of President and Mrs. H oward l<Jdwards. Lippitt H aJJ. 4:30 P. M.-Cl ass re union s . - - - - - - ---·- ---

MOVIES The following lisL o f movies will be s hown in J,ippitt Hall: Jun<> 6-"Enchanted Hill, " Jack Holt : Jun e 1t ·"New Lives for O ld," Betty Comvson

COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Brownine- King & Co. Providence, 'R. l.


Collegiate Tuxedos ,_ _ . --

to hit·e and for sa le \Vahlorf Clothing Co. 212 U nio n Street Prov. R . I. (D . R. Kinzie, R. I. S. C. Rep.)

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What Is A Life I Jndercwriter?


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AS'Tao~'oCoMPANv. OverSixtyYears

in Busin~ss. Liberal as to Contract, ·safe and Secute in Every Way.


RHODE ISLAND STATE COLLEGE ·--------------11-NM-I·-----·----------------... HOWARD EDWARDS, President

Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical) , ·Home Economics . Entrance Requirements:

Fifteen ~

Units of High School \Vork

For further information, address

·the Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

Expenses for Year,. estimated at


Beacon v20 is29 06031926