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Marksmen Set "Chalkalogue" at /Baseball Sea!o!l to Be'; Ushered in New Record Assembly Unusual . By Bridgewa~t:r Normal Saturday ·Girl Trade Secrets Expos·ed by : In Last Match Inspiring Artist

____ "They don' t call them flappers ::now, they a r e now ca lled Easter Eggs, becau se they are painte d on the outside and hard-boiled insid'e ," ' one of the remar ks which l\Ir . ..:perry, director of •.rechnical a n d Yoc ational Education in Rhod e Is -

1Vith two weeks of outdoor training : behind them the men of the baseball 'squad are lo forward with confidence to the op ening ga me of the season with Bridgewater No rma l on April 10 on the lo cal diamo nd. Coach Keaney has a nucleus of h is last year's varsity squad a nd has h ad some valuable additions from last year's freshman t eam, among whom are Drag -

.l;:tnd, used in the patter which ac <3ompanied his "C h a lka log ue ," given Assem bly Monday, March 22 . He opened his act by sketching w ith crayon on a large paper 011 an easel an exceedingly inviting· "Easte r .Egg,'' and later President Coo lidge. .His- l ast drawing- was th at of his e When Sh ·grandmother was a .. d em ur e but naturally very pretty

maiden . . Mr. Perrv then sliiJ!)ed b ehind a J --curta in and emerged in t he costume ..a nd whiskered co u ntenance of a Ci\;il vVar ve teran, all of •v.hi c h served as an eft'ecti ve ba ckgro und for his drf)..matic recital of Jam es ·whitcomb

t,ainly plenty of good m aterial for fhe battery. . l' In the infield, fir st bas e will be the Capt. Johnson Shoots 395 Out of 4nk nown , · LaChappelle and Draghetti Possible 400, for an R. I. Rec~lternating between third and the box. ord, Gets Kneeling Possible; i};rickson and Ash er are like ly prosMarchand andllarrington Alpects f or seco nd , w hil e Ziochowski, SO Make Possible :Blake and Hickey are battling for -----the hot co rner. Stevens of last year's The R hode Island State College '''Frosh" t eam is a candidate for s hort Rifle T eam has c·omp l eted its shootin g sched ule this wee k. The best hetti, w ho w ill do a share of th e a11d is· h andling the mean ball s w ith m atch of the yem· was against Creigh pitching; B lake, who has a good ease. Th e outfield is being covered t on University of Nebrasl{.a. Rhode chance at t hird ; Stevens, who wi ll by some s n appy fielders, among w hom Island easi ly defeated this institution probably covert around the keystone a_,re Suita, Marchand, Brown a nd sack, and Ziochouski , w ho may do Qrig-o. Th ese boys are a ll sho wing b y over 400 poi nts, the final score . . . b ein ~ Rhode Isl and 3816 · Creighton some of the work at th ird . up well, so that plenty of comp et1- ~ . "' . ' ' Coach Keaney believes he h as at tion is to be expected . Umversity, 3412. The s hooting of the . . . . . . . I Rhode Island m e n was the best ever 1 present the malongs of a w mmng 1 As the baseball dmmond I S rapidly t eam a nd . from the snappy wo rk that : bei n g- shaped up , it o u ght to be in witnessed at the local 1"an ge, and a . . . ·I · · . . . . -~record for the year has . been set up the boys have b een clomg durmg the I good condition tor the opemng- game . · . . . . . ' past few weeks, there is no doubt on April lOth. that of gettmg a high total of 3816 . . . ,. . I out of 4 000 shots . This record has that the Kmgston mne Will play some'1 R. I . State Varsity Base ball Schedule • nev er been equ alled at R hod e Islan d. • • good ball t h1s· season. 1 B No rmal-Apnl 10 at . Among the twirlers who a re show- K ingston . , E. K. J o_hnson, shooting his la~t 1 i ng up well are' L aChappell e, Bro wn 1 Northeastern University- Apr il 17 ', match fo r h1 s team , o u t-scored a ll h1s and Lamont of last year's varsity , a t Boston. ! fine previous worlc by setting up the


I .


squad. as we ll as Clegg , who, with . Clark University-April 2 7 at King- I rmn~rkable s~ore of 395 out . ~f a 1 po ssible . 4 0 0 m the four po sitions . Dra.e·hetti, 'Vere th e mainstays of last s_ton. . Riley's "Old Jim ." ... ' I · 1 ___ . P -resid-ent- _ EdWaftls -·-ttnl'H>U·R~<l·d y-_~1:_) . F'X:.<?§hma!l- __ ':~1': ·:_ Th~::..,~~-'2SU~>f- it Cpl]?Y Co~~~ge:-April29 _ at ~!'2gS\0'2: .F n ~-~~ng-n}g~ u~. th is _ re~~ rd , J ob,nson of these la ds s hould be taken care · Maine Univ ersity -April 30 at 1 seu m ·.,d tw o poss ibl es (a-per feCt ·that at a f aculty rneetmg 1t was de1. ' I ) . . . . : . of in ~ ood style by Ca p t ain MacKen- ' Kingston . ! score. , one HI the prone and one 111 cicled that, effective n ex t year, the " ' ' 1 k · . .. · · zie, who seems to be in for a b anner I 1Vorcester Polytec hnic-May 4 at , t he . neelmg POSitiOn. Th1s I S the ..students who take two years of a . I I fi t ·t · th'd · year. \ ;l'ith such men the re is cer- 1Worcester. 11rs 1me lS year, an a 1so 1n a f.oreign language must compl ete that I B oston University-May 6 at K ings-, numb e r of prev io us years, that a ny ·. two years before they are Seniors. i to n. man on t he rifl e team has made a The orchestra opened the AssemNort h eastern U niversity- May 7 at I "possible" in the d ifficult knee ling bly w ith " ~imp l e Aveu " and " N orumj pos ition. King-ston. bega." I mmediately after Assemb ly 12 at I All the other members of the team Co n;, ecticut Agg ies-May th e co - eds instituted a grand rush,. so [ were a lso at their best in this match. . ~-----w Storrs . 1 . intent were some of them on getCo-eds Decorate Well Old Lippitt j Clark Univers ity-May 17 at War- M archand and Harrington were tied (Continued on page 3) for secon d place w ith 39 0 each. Both for Gala Occasion; Music by cester. (Continued on pag-e 41 R. I. Collegians Brown Un iversity-May 19 at Prov1idence. March 27 th was a gala day for the Tufts College-May 20 at Kingston. State Co ll ege Co-eds, foi· th en they Wesleyan University-May 25 at assumed the all-importlmt male re - M iddletown. sponsibilities that are a part of run'l'rinity College--May 26 at Hart for d ning a s uccessful dance. The Pan· Co nnecticut Agg ies-June 3 at .Johnny' Walker, Editor-in-Chief; Hellenic Dance prov ed to be one o.f Kingston. and enjoyab1e I Tony Matarese, Managing Ed- the most s u ccessful Songsters Under Able Leaderfuncti ons of t he year. '.rhe dance was itor ship Preparing for Local PresheW in Lip pitt Hall and those wh n entation; New Selection and Th is year, as usua l, there will be were present, th e co-eds and their Greater Enthusiasm Will ·.one issue of t h e Beaco n pr od u ced by g·uests, agree that the a ff a ir was b eMake Hits each c lass. Th e election of board of. fle ers for the Sophomore Class issue yo n d adverse cr iticism. P lans have been formu lated for the was held on .Tan. 25th, and the So ph The decorations in the hall were Director of Local Experiment i ssue will be published next week, ac - quite unique and e laborate . As one Station Made R. I. Delegate Annual Gl ee Club Concer t and dance. · cording to prese nt p lans. The Soph- elltered t h e hail, th e first impressio n It w ill be held at' Lippitt Hall, Frito Soil Science Conference omores plan to h ave many specia l was that of a n imm ense living-room , ---day even ing , April 23. There is no f eatu res in their Issue· and the mem- bea u t ifully fu rnish ed and decorated. B urt L . Hartwe ll, director of the doubt 't h at this affair w ill b e well ·· ber s of the boar d are already hard A large sectio n b eneath the balcony Experiment Station of the R hod e s u pported b y the students. Th e co n' a t work on t h em. They h ave q uite was fitted up to r epresent a co"y Island State Coll ege, h as accepte d the cert w ill consist of various vocal a task ahead of them and th e co-op_- parlor, s u ch as might be seen in any appo intment as the Rhode Island selections by th e entire club, quart e ts · eratlon of the entir e c lass is requested . comfortable' living ro om. Th is s.ection repr esentative on the Am erican or- and individuals. Dancing will fo lIf anyone has s uitable materia l f'o r was reserved for the chapero nes a .n ll ganizing committee of th e first in- low until the early hours of the · the So ph issue h and it to one of the patron esses present, w ho greeted ter n ationa l co nfere nce of soil science, morning·. ·board. t he g u ests as they · entered. The or- wh.ich is t o be held in Wash ing ton , The G l ee Club is faithfully workThe following · were elected board chestra occ upi e d the stage, w hic h Juue, 19 2 7. ing under the d ir ection of Pr of. A. · members: Edito r -in-chief, J . Walker; was tastefully fitted up to represe n t Word was a lso received by Dr. J. Anthony . R ehearsals are held ev. managing editor, A. Matarese; busi- a Flor ida palm gard en ; la rge f e rns Hartwell dur ing t he w eek that he ery \ Vednesday evening at Lippitt Hall. ness e ditor, Asdekian; intercollegiate and flowers were so arrange d about has been appointe d by the American Su.ccessful conc ~rt s !have been ·a J. editor, E. Grame)sbach; co-ed, H. the platform to a lmost co mplete ly Soc iety of Agronomy as one of their r eady at s uch places as Wakefield a nd ;Eastwoo{l; a thletics, Gignac; feat.t!res, h id e. t h e -musicians. '£he opposite end repres~ntativ es in the council of the Weste-rly . Other points are no w b e. C . Miller; campus, B. ·Fi.n e. the floor was separated by .a c ur- American Association for the Ad- ing booked . Other members of the news board tain which added to the effect. At vancement of Science. He was a lso At the meeting of March 24, tb.e ' are: each corner of the fl oor were cozy ap pointed by t h e American Society qf boys _made a start on a fascinating A. Anderson, M . Conn, S-pekin, Hea- diva·ns a1td c ouches w hic h found Agronomy as a member of the com- sel ection, "John Peel," old English · ton, · Barney, B)anding, Conroy, Clegg, many oecupants t h a t even-ing. Th tl mittee on b.otanical sci-ences for the Hunting Song. It will certainly prove : Engdahl, Ayre, W. Adam.s and Sims. (Co ntinued .on page 3) year 1926 . a pig- hit .at this co ming concert. 1

. .



Pan-Hellenic Dance A Great Success

Sophomore ·Beacon To Break Eggshell In the Next Issue

i !

Annual Concert By Glee Club to Be Given April 23rd

Hartwell Honored By Science Bodies

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THE BEACON official publlcatlon of





T he Freshmen g irls ! A h ! -th e g ir ls . God bless 'em, dress 'em, an d-er- well-we' ll caress 'em. If this last class of fa ir d amsels has n't twice the pep , wim a nd w igor, of the maiP "Frosh," I'm th e p r in ce of prevaricators. O h , I l'n ow-fiapperish, · frivolous, fick l e, w ith a high-schoo l " lin e" that's Published weekly by the students ot pathetically puerile- but und er it all, R. r. State College for the mo s t part, Vibranuy ·vivacious , de lic iousl y d ivertin g, a nd delightfully Terms· of S.ubscr iption de mocra tic. And no two a lil{e. They One year in advance ...................... $2.00 a re pec ulia rly devoid of the delusions Single copies .............................,...... .()5 Signed statemente pr in ted when space of grandeur ·which afflict so many of permits. Responsibility tor same not th e ir eld er sisters on the Campus. ILBBUmed by the paper. No ne , as ·yet, h a ve perched th~m­ Sub-scri'bers who do not receive their paper regul arly are requested to notl- selves up on the pedes tal of the high r.,. the Business Manager. priestess of pomposity, who wo uld lik e a ll "Eels" to seek her favor as serfs, vass a ls and salaaming s laves-

Notice of Entry

.Acceptance t o r mailing at special a nd wonders why she's as popula r as rate postage p r ovided tor in Section Dr, .Potter's pink pills. And, t oo , they 1103. Act o! Octo-oer 3, 1917, . .Authorl~ed Janu:~.ry 13 , 1919 _ do worry the wom e n's stud e·nt ·counMember of the Eastern lntercoltegi•te c il by suffering occasional l a pses of Newspaper Association memory w hen it comes to observing the arch a ic co-ed restrictions-and more po wer to their ab ility to forger, Editor-in-chief and get away with it. ·fiQni{Jd ~·tKinzle , '26 All in a ll, girls, my hat is off t o Managing Editor yo u, as a c lass. (I know we don't A lbert L. Hiller, ' 27 wear hats clown here -but the sp irit Business Manager . of the thing is there.) . Russel A , Ecklot't, '27 Keep right in the path you've Contributing Editor started-never mind t he beat e n trails Willis. J. Snow, '2 .5 of y our predecessors-inject a little NEWS STAFF much -n eeded " pep " into the co -e.d Walter Sulta, '27~Athletlcs Bernice E. Grieves, •·2 7 Intercollegiate body-and, ab ove a ll , don't forget George H. Alexander, '27-Feature w hEm .I ask you for a "date" some Waltf>r S . Gratton, '26-Campus clark nig ht , that I onc.e said a ll these. Martha 0 . Sayles, '26-Co-ed nice things ab out you. NEWS BOARD THE CRITIC K atherine V. Clark, ' 2 6 Mildred I;. Tho mps on , ' 27 Ethel D. Ha.y, '27 C'harles F . Wilcox, '27 George H . Glitles, '27 Maurice Conn , '28 S pring is here! Signs of it ,. can Benjamin Fine, ' 28 be seen a ll a round us--o n the ca mtm1, Lillian, '28 Charles T . Miller, '28 in the classr oom, In the evening or .Louis J. Spekin, '28 w h erever we may care to look. But/ BUSINESS DEPARTMENT we don 't n eed an.y of Nature' s warnRussell A; l<Jckoff, '27, Advertising in gs to l et us know that spring is Kennetll Earle, '28-Subscription h e re. Of co urse, we may see t]:le Robert M . Asdlkia n , '28-Girculatlon Samuel Engdahl , '28 · bluebird or the pussywillow, or the Josep)) Ayre. · z~ b aseball, a nd exc la im : "Oh, spring is coming!" There is no ne ed fo r going out of our way, h o wever . Going to classes we see sleepy -eyed youths, languishly plodding along, showing everything but ambition. In the classroo m we see stretching and yawn ing (With Apologies to Those Who a nd othe1· manifestations of mental Deserve It) ine rtia. Yes, th e " bug" h as started Us deadly work an d already has No doubt the "real collegians" c la imed many as its v ictims. would not h av e "the reasons" for But, brac e up , c lass mates! Don' t dancing w ith certa in co-eds that slip and lose out this late in the "teal collegians' " imitators seek and game. \Ve all lik e to sit under the requir e. No d oubt the "real collegians" trees wh en the s un is hot , but it would r ealize th at a ·co -ed does not takes d etermination a nd will power appreciate ecstatic to go out a nd w ork. vVe m ay feel tr:ansports of joy t hat it is easier and more . pleasant but pl-efer s a polite, courteous reply. to walk in the clouds than to a ctuNo doubt th e " real collegians" ally sit down and b e nd o ver a book; would appreciate the difference bew e may, Indeed ,. e nj oy . in counting the tween th e college dignity tha t co-eds stars or watching the moon g o by, acquire when on the campus and r ather than trying to master the thethe chattering, h e re -l-am-l ook-at-me ory of acceleration. But-it needs appearance of th e coo's that the must be done. Every years t h e re are "imitation collegiates" natura lly pre- a numb er of our r ank that g et lost

Spring Fodder

A Co-ed's Reply To "Maybe"

fer. No doub t the "real collegians" would have o u tgrown t h e stage they where fo und it necessary to "mutter'' v.rhile in a class· room. (By th e way, blue garters were out of date some time ago. More effective if l ess evident means are used.) No doubt the ''real collegians" by their ability to differentiate between "crabbed youth" and the "culture which is acq uir ed by s ophisticati-on" would be able to realize that au the men in the world are not on one campus, and that no one has yet been .even "inj ured in the rush" for

Seniors, Attention! \Band Practice At Lippitt Hal{

Why, Yes.

in the fina l shuffle. Let's profit from experience. ' It's not hot; yo u only think it ts ; - B. F. a ny of the eels . The "sour grapes" attitude may be merely a matter of the co-eds' preference for th e higher type found elsewhere; while the coo's are satisfied with the erstwhile popularity and "all that it mea ns," a nd which they are honored by r e ceiving from the gallant knights of our courtly campus.


A nati on . a l recr eation school w ill open its doors to co ll ege graduates next autu mn. It will be lo cated in New Y or k Cfty. This training center, which t he Pl aygr ound and Rec r eatio n Assoc ia ti on of America will co ndu ct, has come into being b ecaus.e of a demand for professional tra ining ·in- ·· ~ec r eation leaders hip throughout the United States. Mor e thai1 · -70 0 c ities

have orga niz e d community r ecre " ation prog r a ms invo lv ing a thletics , playgroun ds, swimmin g p oo ls, co mmunity centers municip al go lf


- -- - Every Wedn esday a fterno on. at Lippitt Hall, we have band prac tice. The ban d is made u p of a bout thirty1instru ments and thr ee or four musi I cians. 'Ne thus can see that the instruments outnumb er the musicia ns. It ofte n so u nds tha t way. :wor the... b e nefit of those w h o do not know h ow a r ehearsal .is .. conducted, w e will· pr oce ed to explain .. The reh earsal is ca ll e d at on e p. m,._ About 1:20 t he b oys are throughpracticing b asketball, so th ey t a ketheir seats and pro cee d to tun e up-·



co urses, comm unity dramatics, music and num e rous other activities . The their instrum e nts . This tuning process· supply of trained leaders to direct is an art b y itsel.f, r equiring years of these leisu re time pr:ograms is i.nad - c ultivation and experience. Th e purpose of tuning up Is to manufact ure equate. Upstand in g men of c harac - so unds and wails th at had hitherto ter, reso urcefulness , leaders h ip and been unknown to the ins trume nt. Fi training are needed. The open ing n a lly, out of t he chaos o"f scre echings .. class will b e limited to 50 persons. and groanings, the voi ce of th e bandTh . "t c1 method of th schoo~ \~~:rlbe a )"l non- academic. In~ master j s h ear d to sa y , "All right· now , ·w e ' re going to p la y March 27." structors select ed from th e a blest .The wailing · ceases , exc ept for a n .. recreation l eaders o.f the country will occa sional squawk and the lea der· be of th e sti mulating a nd inspiring wave5 his hands to indicate the time~ type that m a kes work w ith them a F in a lly th e b a ndmaste r g ives the sig- . pleasure, not a chore. Disc ussion, nal to play. 'rhree of the corn ets are· demonstrati o n, practice, ac tion- 100 yard d ash men · and beat th e sigt h ese are the heart of the school's n a l by one seco nd , so tha t th ey a re '-!m ethod . Direct contact of t h e school trifle ahea d of the rest of th e b a nd __ with the P layground a nd Recr ea- This requir es a new start, and this ti on Asso c ia tion of Amer ica , with its tim e. everyone begins at th e same·· 20 years' experien ce and a bunda nce tim e , except for the base drummer , of fielc1 reports, assures th e practical w ho persists in play ing after b eats. quality of the instr uction. Am ong ------- · -the students, mo re over, will be recre "0' FOR CRVIN' OUT LOUD''" atio n executives from w hom much (G. H. A.) m ay be learned. T pe sala ries of recreation superintendents range "Your father gave you a n ickel, my· lad! from $2000 to $6500. Those who begin wo rk as assista nts or as directors \Ve l!, we ll , yo u ou g ht to be pr.o ud. o f activ iti es receive less. • '1'hce .p uursl) is cov ered in three session s from September through June . The school is .non-c ommercial. F:or tbe first year tuition w ill be waived. "For details write to T. E. Rivers of th e Playgro und and Recreati o n Association of America, 315 Fourth Avenue, New York City. - - -- -

W h a t did h e g ive yo u a ll that for?' ~ ~ -- '0 for cryin' out loud.' "


"How did? yo u gain such great ren own ·' The fair actr ess smiled a nd b owed. And her answer to my query was:-- ' 0 for cryin' out loud .' "

How is th e food a t East? Oh, it seems to pass. Dubovic h says that he h as been loosing fl esh sinc·e h e b o ught h is new safety razor. Ken : I went out with a hot wo man last night. Keach: Did you get Fresh ? Ken : W e just oat necks to each


babies adm itted:-the t heatresign r.ead . I a sked, 'Why a ren't b a bies a llowed? '· And the man in the tic ket office replied:- '0 for c r y i n' out loud .', ·

I J.

I'm going t o be hung to morrow. Already they 've mad e me a shro ud . I k ille d the la st man who said t o me:: - ' 0 for cryin ' out loud.' "

He nry w a s teaching Ida h o w to· roller skate. other. Ida: Does skating requi re a ny par-· B uck: D id yo u r ead Kellogg 's "Wild Oats?" t ic u lar application? Cap: Yeh, that's his best cereal. He nry: No, littl e one , arnica or Peggy said the other day tha t she's Sloa n's liniment-one's a s good as the-

supposed to represent a wash gir lother . c lothes, pins, and hea vy line . So ph (After house party ,I: I sure, I hear your brother is a good had a full h ouse last nig h t . swimmer. F r osh: Yea h? How mu ch did. you: He ought to be. H e knows th e best win by it. di~es in Providence. So ph Co-ed: "Look out J ohnny, ' 27-Will yo u take a spin w ith me-I'm going to scare you (Kisse s h im) tonight? No w, Johnny scare m e . '29-Won ' t anything do else,.. Frosh: ·Boo! Johnny. '27--Then I guess we wo n't go. WISE-CRACKS OF ROOM s~x A stitch In time saves embarras-. Reba!, Joe Arthur, took a shower sing moments. with his glasses on, a nd couldn't see "Wh ere will we go t on ig ht?" a ny cold water c o me throUgh the ·" Let's go up the belfry.'' shower. I notice new door-knobs on the "Nothing do.i ng. I wa~ there once· roo m ' s doors-first renovation in with a fell ow and the bell tolled on three years-at tha t rate a new door us ." would be built in less than 550 years. Frank: P eggy Hanl ey . . . . MissContestants are practicing for an , egg-eating carnival downstairs and L u cy Han ley . . . are yo ur -sisters. Fresh "Frosh": No , twins. a re in rare for.m ..

- ---


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"CHALKALOGUE" AT "Frosh" Trounce ASSEMBLY UNUSUAL Bryant-Stratton In Last Game

floor and walls of t he hall made it mo re rea listic . From th e ce nter o f t he ceiling hun g an in1n1 ense eirc ular (Continned from Page 1 ) I lig ht whic h threw lig ht ov e r the ting p ossess ion of the portr aits heads of th e. danc i ng c oup l es. w hic h Mr . Perry had le f t on th e· The musi c was furni shed by the stage f l oor. origina l R h ode I s lan d Colkgia ns. This "chalkalogu e" w a s something [ There was a large crowd present an·J diff e r ent fro m the other assembly every one seemed to be enj oy in g h im·· exerci ses, a nd round afte r round of self , as th e co-e els mad e the nw :st or. a pp lause greeted th e ins pirati o n a l their leap-year p rivileges. speaker fro m t he lu sty t h roats of the 'l'he P a n-Hell e nic dance h a s he-

Final Score Is 64-34; Locals Stage Brilliant Scoring Exhibition; Hurwitz Scores 10 Baskets

I SHALL REMEMBER (G. H. A. \ ;\'he n yo 11 h ave forgo tte n Thr1 t eve t· I was, I sball remetnbet· No e count all i n v a i n! For .tho ' all thin g s chill In Life ' s drear Dece mher, :Shall no t a memo ry Of June's \\~ann t h rernain? ·wm there not co me Into hours re min iscent, Dr eams of you by m y side once .a gain? And will I not rea d In yo ur eyes soft est g l eaming A ll the o ld sadness, the gladnessa nd pain ·?

men, wh il e .the g irls on ly s mil e d j n co me s u c h a n important socia l ev(~ nt "conf u s ion" as m a n y of t heir pet at the co ll ege that it is ru mor ed •.h a 1. tricks of the trade were a lmost ex- it may in future years be ·o n e of t11e majo r form a l dances. Such a step pos ed. wo uld place the P a n-Hell enic in the - -- - - - - 1 same c lass as the ·M il itary Ball a nd th e Providenc Armory. Th e game PAN-HELLENIC DANCE w a.s· played on Marc h 27th a nd the A GREAT SUCCESS Junior Prom. The a ffair was c haper·oned by Acting Dean o f Wo men, Annette: That youth talks like a ·Kin gston boy s wa ll,ecl off w ith a (Continued from Page 1) Helen E. Peck, Miss Lu cy Tuck er, bir d-a canary. 64- 32 w i n Th e lma.: Howzat? Coach Keaney started the fray with windows were decorated with dra- Mrs. Hope Miner, Miss W i n ifred peries, giving the effect of an old Hazen. · '.rh e committee i n c harge: Ann : C heap , cheap . hi s origin a l five, mad e up of Capt. sty le co·lont·a l 1 · 1·v 1·ng room. Around Miss Caro lina Forbes, '27, M iss Hope Epstein and Trumb ull , forwards , th e h a ll were placed dimly-lig hte d Perry, '27 , Miss Olive AU ebaugh, '27, Yes:-vVhat didya h ave last night? Magoun, center. a nd Fleming a .n d lamps o f var jous hu es, w hic h gave the M iss Constance B. Kno belsdor f, '26, N-o:-vVine. H urwi tz, g u ards . 'l' he boys were slow· h all a soft, homelik e appearance . A Miss Florence Straight, ' 26, Miss Yes:-Italian R :e ·d? in getting · star t e d , as th e flo or was color e d spo tlight playing upon th e K.atherine C lark , ' 26. N o:-No, M ildred. much wider than the loca l co urt, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - which n ecessitated a change i n the style of defense. Consequ e ntly t h e Bryan t and S t ratto n q·uintet got away to a flying start a nd built up a lead o·n the College bo ys . The sw i ng ing ba S' s . which a-re .i n us !') , . a t the Providence gym , gave ·the Freshm e n some troub le. By dint of some luc ky shots a n d weak defe n se on th e part of the K i ngsto n ites, the scor e at t he e11d of t h e f irst h a lf was 25-19 in f a vor of t h e Kingsto n athletes . Duri ng t h is half Hurwitz , flas h y guard for R hode Islan d, star red w it h four basket s and tw o f ree shots for a total o f ten p oints. E pstein and T r umbull also pl a.y e d a sn appy game during t his perio d . For the Commer c ia l boys Allar d and· D u val- scored most of t he p oints. The Rhode Islhn d State ·F reshman Fiv e brought to a v ictori o u s finish a m o s t su ccessfu l season by defea ting t h e str o ng Bryant and Stratton F ive of P r ov.i dence , playing- at



The second half of the affair was a wal k- a way fo t· the C hecker lads from Old R.hody . By t hi s t ime the '" I•'ro s h" squad had becom e accustomed to t he fl oor and the Providence team's style o f playing, so proceeded to wip e u p th e B. an d S. b oys . Trumbull s a n k in s ix neat s h ots 'from th e f loo r w h il e H u rw itz co n tinu ed his shooting spree, dro p p ing them in from all a n gles for a total of f ive shots. Ma. goun dropped in six bask ets during t h is h a lf. C oach Keaney g ave a ll of his reserve s qu a d a 'chance in t his g ame, Pyk osz, Conn elly and Szulik showi ng up well . On th e who l e, the g ame was an easy o ne for the Fresh men and showed t hat Coach K eaney will have s om e good varsity material

The Ox Woman On an East Indian fann, where the crop is tea, a wooden plow turns up the rich black soil. A woman drives, another woman pulls-and a black ox pulls beside her.

for next year . I n taking this game the "F'rosh" squad kept their rec ord c lea n by Winn i ng all Of their 1 4 scheduled g ames played this year.

Six hours under a tropical sun, a bowl of cold rice -and six hours more. Then the woman goes to her bed of rushes, and the beasf to his mud stall. Tomorrow will be the same.

'.rhe lin e up: R hode Island

Bryant & Stratton

Epstei n rf ·--- ----· ···········---·-···rf Lawton Trumbull I L .............. __________ l f Murray Magoun c ____ ____ ____ ___________________c Frazer Fleming rg ----- ----~---------------------rg Duval Hurwitz lg ............ c.. ______ _____ __ Jg Allard Scor e-R. L 64, Bryant a nd Stratto n 32. Goals- Hurwitz 10, Trumbu ll 7, Magoun S, Epstein 4, Hindl ey, Py k osz, Connelly, F leming 2, Duva l 6, A llard 4, · Lawton, Murray, S ass, Fraze r 2. F'oul points- lllpstein, Trum bull 3 , Magoun, Hurwitz 2, Lawtop, F r a zer, Duval 2, Allard 2. R.eferee--Clark. Timers-Huster and Hic !{ey. Time-Two 20 m in. halves. Z eta Pi A l pha f raternit y wishes to announce t hat L~wrence F. Dunn, '29, Donal d A. Bunce, '29, both from ProvWence, R.. L, a n d! R.obe.r t H. Min e r , '28, of Lakeville, Conn., have r ecently been p l e d ged.

The electric light, the elec• tric iron, the vacuum cleaner -the use of electricity on the farm for pumping water, for milking, and for the cream separator-are help· i ng to make life happier. Genera:l Electric . research an d engineering have aided in making these conveniences possible. A new series of G -E advertisements showing what electricity is doing in many fields will be sent on request. Ask for booklet GEK-18.

The American home has many conveniences. But many American women often work as hard as their Oriental sisters. They toil at the washtub, they carry water, they churn by hand--all tasks which electricity can do for them at small cost, in half the time. · . The labor-saving possibilities of electricity are constantly becoming more widely recognized. And. the sbcial significanc~ of the release of the American woman from physical drudgery, through t he increasing use of electricity in and about the home, will appeal instantly to every collee;e man and woman ..



C 0 M PAN Y,






yO R ' .k


Page Six

Idn stepped up to the line to lift a foul shot through the hoop, which put the kibosh on the f1·eshman hopes for capturing the ghme. The final score was 32-29 in favor of the Sophomores. Sununary: Sophmnores F r eshn1 en Haire, rf ------·"---- -···· lg, Hurwitz Johnson (Blake), lf rg, Fleming

Haire and Epstein Star in Game That Went to An Overtime Period; Final Score 32-29

F r eslunan' s Love Lette K'

Shady Lee

points were scored. First Blake dropped a timely basket and then Spe-

Sophs Defeat '29 By 3 Points in Underclass Fray

(G. H. A.)

From ever going back again 'J'o Shady Le e ' Sleeping sickness hit the town A hundred years ago, And e veryone is sleeping yet; Snoring deep and low. , Once a week a train arrives But always starts right back, I 'l'he poor old engine almost falls 'Asleep right on the track. 'l'he town clock never, never strikesA sight to make one weep. Nev~r tells the time at all; 1 , Both hands are sound asleep! , The oldest of inhabitants : Was ninety-two, he said, ! But he'd forget to count, at all, 1 The years that he's been dead. They don't believe we ever went 1 'l'o war with Germany, : They couldn't hear the cannons,

In the m ost ex c itin g battle seen in Lippitt Hall t h is year the Sophomore class clinched its supremacy over the F reshmen by w i n ning the second ganle of the annua l bask etball series, 3 The sophs came through in the last half, after a poo r start, to tie the score and t h en win in a five-minute 9v ertime p eriod The "Frosh" so far have shown u p b ad ly in the_interciass stnJgg·les, h av ing lost the football game and b oth basketball games. L ast Tuesd ay n ight the '29 men went o n the floor heavy favorites, who were expected to w in wi t hout much trouble. The first half was a tough struggle f or the So phomore temn , who could not quite l<eep up t o the Freshmen on the score. It was also an anxious t im e for t h e S opho n10re class as a w hole fo r its flnan c ial standing hung

· Or smell the smoke, you see. ; of these men got "possibles" in the The only constable there was, prone positions . A total of four "pos- ·vVhile walking in a dream, sibles" has been made in this match l~ell o:!'f the bridge and never cam e up, alone , which indicates the high cal-: ]'rom out the old mill stream. ibre and efficiency of the team as' a The postmaster, one fine June day, whole . Dropped dead in the old town squar e.

in the balance . Haire sc ored m ost of the Soph p oints in the first half but the Freshm en kept well a h e a d by reason of Ep stein and 'J'r umb ull , who showed some fine floor w o rk a n d plenty of ability to find the bas k et . The half ended w ith the "Fros h " eight points ahead,

'l'he rifle team has disbanded for 1 And it was two weeli:s later this year, but has high hopes for : Before anyone noticed him there! continuing with an excellent team ' Now Kingston's just about as dead next year. The team will be han- . As any town could be , dicapped by the loss of three of its But Kingston has insomnia best men, E. K. Johnson, Paul John-: Compared with Shady Lee! son and H. Radclil'fe. But it is hoped: And I'd be ashamed, just talze it from that with the experience of this year, ; me,

20 -12, and the game looked like a s ure thing fo r t h e yearlings. In the sec o n d h alf the Sophs began to Cl'eep up o n t h e ir oppo n ents. '!'he spectators w ent wild . Spekin and · H ammett at the g u ard positions played the best games o f their careers and besides doing s om e spectacular guard work were abl e to tea1' up the Iloor for a basket or two. Murphy at cen;ter also made seve t·al points on foul .shots. With th e yearling-s steadily l osing- gJ~o u n d th e s e cond year men got .their score up to 2 8 to 2 9 for the "Frosh" i n t h e last minute to play. 'Then Murphy w as f ouled for two shots and stepped up to th e line to drop one of them throug h th e hoop, tieing the

score and sending the rooters into a fr enzy of cheerin g. The half ended a

(Connolly) Murphy, c -------- -· c, Magown Spelrin, rg ......... If, 'l'rumbull Hammett (Blake)' lg ........ rf, Epstein Goals from fioor-Hai r e, Epstein 5, Trumbull, Fleming·, Hammett 2, J ohnson, Spekin, Blake. Goals from fouls -Murphy, Spekin, Epstein, Hurwitz 4, Fleming 2, Blake 3, 'J'rumbull. Ref. -Asher. Timer-'l'ootell. !

I 1 1'


( Continued from page


several of the reserves will make good. 'l'he totals fol' the past week are : Name s. 'l'ot. P . s. K. Johnson, E . K. 100 99 100 96 395 Harrington 100 99 98 93 390 Marchand 100 99 98 93 390 Radelil'fe 9 8 99 90 97 J'ohnson P . 98 99 94 90 3 81 Armburst 98 98 97 87 380 Leigh 98 97 97 85 377 Ji'ine 9 9 96 95 85 375 Gould 9 7 98 95 83 373 Creaser 9 6 95 87 93 3 71 'J'r y The se on Your :Piano

- A. J.

Are You Going Into the Bond 7 . B ustness,.


There is a cycle of fashion not only for the hats college men wear but for the . line of work into which they go. But your job h as to fit your head as well as your hat, for it has to fit your state of mind. Like your hat also, you r job needs to fit your purse. Therefore, whynotchoose one that brings not only satisfaction in service but in financial return. Selling life insurance is one of the few modern businesses that does just this.


Intelligence, Zest and Ability It gives: Liberty of action , the philosophic satisfaction of selling future security and present serenity to living people, and a response, immediate and tangible, in monetary as well as men tal reward.

A cigarette salesman driving a car stopped a mile from town and said, "If you don't 'Chesterfield' you'll have to 'Camel.' " Borden: No ldddin'! . n ickname?


It takes:

'l'o ever be found, unless I were dead , In sleepy Shady Lee! ________ _

! !



'What's your

Complete and cont1dentia! in· formation, withoutany obligation on your part, can be obtai ned by writing to the lnqwry Bureau, John Hancock Mut ual Lfe Insurance Compan y , 197 Cla r endon Street, Boston, Massachusetts .

Johnson: \Veil , they call me "Rip" at home. Borden: Ah-ha-a regu lar tear! Scott: Have you seen Easty today? A.mherst: Who't that, the guy that


, 1

~a:E~~ ~~ ':

S'Vveet. Little Nan-Lois vVilcox. vVhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling-Me- goes around with Oxford Bugs? Kenna. Scott: No, he usually goes alone.

I Care for Her, She Cares for Mef ew seconds lat er making an over - Eel ancl Co-ed. time period n ecessary. Sunny-Smolensky. In the overtime period both teams were plai n ly tir ed and only three The opinion some people down here have of themselves: ' 'Nothing matters, MOVIES nothing- counts-! am all." Tbc l'Pl.I\JWing li st of .m ovies 'V dll be shown in Lippitt Hall: Collegiate Tuxedos April l 0 ~--" T he C oose Ilangs lTigh, ' j Constance Ben n ett . to hire a ncl for sale April. 24---" I r ish Luck, " Thomas \Val<lor f Clothing Co. Meighan. 212 Union Street May 1-- "Sta ge Struck," Gloria Prov. R . I . Swanso n . (D. R. Kinzie, May 8--'"roo M any Kisses ," HichR I. S. C. Rep.) arcl Dix. May 15-" T h e ~I an vVho Foun d L. VAUGHN CO. :!Himself," Th o mas Meighan . May 22--" T he L ucky Devil," RichEstabli sh ed 1847 - po.~d Dix. Manuf actu r ers of J·unP 6-"E n chantecl Hill, " J a ck SASH, DOORS., BLINDS, Holt. AND B UILDERS' F INISH Ju nb 1.Z -"Ne w L ives for O ld , 11 53 -1155 Westminste r Street Betty Co mvs on - - - - --- ·---- - --

Nothing· new, Still true. Hoping U R 2.

Shady Lee, Shady Lee, May the Gods save me


George's Lunch for Ladies and Gents



A STRON G CoMP ANY, Over·StxryY:e.u s i.n Business. Liberal Safe and Secu r e in

C Jn tra ct, "\X/ay .

I 1 1

______.....___ __ ~__j



Try Our Specials Everyday



212 Union


Providence, R. I.

CLUB COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Browning King & Co. Providenc~,

------·-······-···-········..··········- ·········-

R. I.



RHODE ISLAND STATE . COLLEGE +------------------------------·--------IIM-HII-III_U_I_ _tllll _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

_ _ _ _, . .

HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work For further infonnation, addreu The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Wand

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400

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