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Phi Delta Forms Connecticut Agg"ies Down Rhody in the · ·: Return Encounter at Storrs By 43 to 39 Plans for Junior a7 -22 Game in Game at Storrs; Rhody Has a Relapse Week Play, May 14 Fray at Storrs Many R. I. Students inView Her Winning Streak

.R. I. Co-eds Win.a

Both Teams Have Their Spurts At Piling Up Points; Game is Hard-fought and at Times Becomes Spectacular.

New Members Initiat~d; a One~ Act Comedy to be Presented At Assembly Soon.

Connectic ut Aggies, our ancient en - tire game, as Coach Keaney did not emies, evene d up matters by defeat- put in any substitutions. The first ten minutes of the play ing Rhode Island State in a hotly co ntested basketball game at the Aggie was· an even match, the two teams court in Storrs, Cop.n. The game was shooting basket for basl{et. Scoffield , The second of the co-ed varsity played o n Saturday, March 6, and the one of t he most promising athletes ·basket ball games was played Sa tur- fin a l score stood 43 to 29 in favor of on the Aggie Roster, was a ll over the ·day, March 6, with the Connecticut Connect icut. This gives each school floor and some of his long sho ts were _girls at Storrs at 3:30 P. M. The a victory apiece. It is the fii·st game pretty to watch. "Red" Haire, Rhode Rhode Island girls anticipated the that' the Aggies have taken this year Island's sharpshooter, dropped in a resu lt, although at the same time t hey 1 f r om Hhode Island, the football game few of his own b rand fo 1· the State realized that it would be a we ll - : being no-score all , while the state co- team. The passwork of both squads fought g-ame. eds have copped their two g-ames and was sweet and snappy, although the Accompanied by lusty cheerin g the Kingston yearlin'g s pinned a defeat Kingstonites were playing on a larg-er from the spectators~ our rivals fin- on the Co nnecticut Freshmen. co urt than their own. · The score at ished the first quarter with a s c ore Altho u g h the score is a little top- the end of the first half was Conn. ·of 7-4 in their favor. This fo r m id - hea vy in favor of the Nutmeggers, the Aggies 22, R. I. State Hi . Mulcahey :able score, however, gave the visitors b attle was one of the best and most played a .g ood game at guard during little fear, for they were fairly con- exciting· games playe d this year on this period. :fident that once they got "warmed the Storrs court. Up u ntil the last The second half proved to be the up" ever ything w_ould be o. K. I n q u art er the resu lt of the game was a downfall of the visitors, a ltho ugh the t his spirit they began the seco nd to ss-up , but the Rhode Island defense Rhode Island quintet gave · a good ac·quart e r , and soon their anticipati ons fin a lly loosened up and th e Aggies wo n [ count of thems e lves. The Nutmeg boys . . One , thing . was .•.evident in 1 kept .drawing .. . · , . were realized, for Virginia Bro ome t.he.. bet. ~. away from the State proved to be th e star, and made sue - ! t h ls ,arne, ho" ever, the affmr was a . ' cl eanly foug-ht battle with a ll the cess1ve baskets until. at tl:HL half , t he I .. _ ~, r o ughness so apparent 111 the first .score w a s 2 6-9 in _ .· our favor. T he: : game being cut out. (C o ntinued o n page 4) , . 1 The game ~ot under way w ith the ! "' . ·, ; same two teams oppos ing each other as in the previous class, exc ept t h at . ' . . . • • I VVilliams of Connecticut had been

.Bro·wn Defeats R I

ln Fast Encounter

_ _ _ _ Th e Phi Delta Dramatics Society h as inaugurated plans for its annual play to be offered during Juni or Week. At the meeting held Wednesday evening, March 3, other important busi ness was transacted. Wills B. Gifford, president, ,was in charge. There was an elec tion for various vacant offices. Thomas Mulcahy was elected to succeed Clyde Howard as treasurer, s ince Mr. Howard has secured the necessary units for g raduation. Miss Bernice G rieves was named property manager. Raymond Perron was e lected btlsiness manager, w ith 'William Ford h is assistant. Several students were then initiated into membei"ship: The Misses Ruth Coombs , Ida l<'lemming- , Barbara s nu'th anc,' E l Iza ' b e th l\~-~ uns t er, an d AI -

' athletes, Scoff ield and Williams r un(Contmued on page 4) . , , . , ·d · . · - .. ·· ~ - · -+-~---· -~- -~-~.,.---,.-~~~~ -n1ng· '""- 1·c, an-c, · ropp1ng rn sorne I< ear; . 1 · shots. Rhode Isla nd fought to the I · 1 • end, but the odds were agamst them · 1 ..!.. t. and Aggws tool{ the game . _ _

p ro f Davi•dson Js


Five Rhode Island men made their l etters in this g-ame, they being Capt.



T0 Lec•ure O.the Ch. emical . sOCiety . Ill

sh ift ed t~ center f rom forward While 'Jensen, Haire, Bosworth, Mulcahey, ---. ·. fiery captain, and Barber. 'l'hi s is Hair e and l\1ul-l1 Brown· Professor to Speak --~,1 Mak ofslo , the Ag·de ~ · · · . Here · Drop ·FI·r·st Basket Bal·l' t ook 'Williams' position. Rhode Island On March 16·, Topic to be of . ocals L cahey's Hrst letter, a lso the first R. I. [ t B . ·w· f. th s t arted her new varsity team w·ith General Interest·, Everyone Is Game '. Me· . ro ll Ol" e B a r b er and Mulcahy guards, Bosworth that Barber and M ul cahey have made First Time Since _l9,1.8; Haire ce ntel', and Jensen and H aire for- in basket bali. Jensen makes his Invited to Attend. Features. wards. These five boys played the en(Continued on page ±J -------'l'he Ch e mical Society of Rhode Bowing down to the Brown quin, I s lar>cl Sta t e C o ll ege has been very I



tet Rhode Island State's basketball :squad last 'l'hursday had its first de·feat in a long string of five g·ames. The s c ore ·_was 46-29. Going on the ,fJoor s orely handicapped by the a b ·sence of Mulcahy, l e ft guard, which -caused Jensen to go to guard, the Kingston tea m battled to the finish lb ut were never in the running. Bosworth -anQ. .Jensen were not up to their usual form, and could not fipd the basket effectively, and the Brown :five, <~:!though lac king team worj{, w:ere -all lightning, individual play·e:;_s, time and ag-ain making a whirl wind dri.bble up the floor for a pretty 'b;:L_sket. 'T heir speed was coupled wit,h m ost accurate fou l shooti ngt he seen i n L i ppitt Hall this year. Out of 19 tri es they made 17 . Haire played a ,_stellar gam e for Rhode Island a nd was high scorer of the battle with nine bas k ets and four fo uls to his credit. In t h e f irst quarter Brown too k the lead when Hunt, right guard and high sc orer for his team , raced up the floor for a pretty basket. E a r ly in the game B r own got a lead of ten p oints a n d succeeded in kee p ing it to t he 1end . Coach K ean ey had a hard tim e trying to fill Mulcah y's s hoes at, le f t .guar'd , trying successiveiy Blake , {Continued on page 4)

Dr. Gallagher, Prov. Westerly Tell:ders I 'c. o.liege, SP..e. aker R_. I. Glee Club . _b.:_l.y Go_ o_d_. R.ece_ption At A.~'.s'e.-m

fort un ate in obtaining one of the best ·chemists in New England as the

lecturel' for their next meeting. Professor Davidson of Brown University

will speak before the chemists and all those int erest e d in chemistry next Monday even ing, March 15, 19 26, in Season's Second Concert Proves the Chern lecture room. Prqfess:o r a SucceS!;J. Davidson has given this talk 7.5 tim~~ ---and in demand at all ;tb·e: p_jgb-e r ; The Rhode Island State College institutions. T} should be signifi~ Glee C lu b gave their second co ncert c~mt of the interest w hich the spea_k of the season on March 5 w hen they_ trave led to the 'l'own r-Ial! at "'Test- er arouses . The lecture is related to er ly under the auspices of t he Am- e_very d ay life a nd industry and will el'ican Legion of that c ity . A large prove interesting· to any one; even crowd was present and the Rhode though they have no knowledge of Island b oys put over their program in chen;istry_. Professor Davidson has fine style. They showe.d the result of many spectac'ular experiments to pernumerous reh earsals of late. After form which will be both educational the ' regular program dancing was en - and amusing. This will be a rare joyed by the gath ~ring, the music treat and one worthy of seeing. 'l'o being provided by the Rhode Island those int.el'~stecl ill. chemistr y this lee_

. "Re1a t•Ion of R e1Igmn • • DIscusses to Government." The s p eaker at asse:.;nbly this we e k w a s Dr. Gallagher, clean of Providence College. In intr oducing the Si)ea ker, Dl'. Edwards spoke of his p lai1 ·for pro moting a friendly feeling between the three Rhode Island colleg·es . The best way to a€comp lish this, he thought, was by having repr esentatives of these colleges speak at asse mbly. " Before beginning his main sp e ech , D r . Gallagher said that he hoped for a 'triarig~ lar rivalry, both athl etic and scholastic, between Brown, Rhode Island and Providence Co llege. I-Ie said that education is fast growing in t h is c ountry-in fact, it is becoming a n a tional religion. It shou ld mak e c ultured' gentlemen and good citizens. " 'l'he relation of religi on to that f orm of government -vve have," was t h e to pic on which he spoke. Some s ort of stable support is sadly needed t o overc ome the unrest and discon(Continued on page 3)




Colleg~ans. The follo~ing men made the tnp and 1t was a nnounced that they are the permanent members of the Glee Club: Johnson, Holt, Smolensky, Ericson, Brown , Conklin, Ravanelle, \Virk etis, Armburst, Dow, Spargo, Intas, Fegan, Warde, Peterson, Anderson, Christopher , Grover, Adams, Dunn, Bruce, Presbz, Kinzie, Brown and Pierce. The following program was given : "Border Ballad:' and "The Clock," (Continued on page 4)

ture is an opportunity. It will give an idea ,Of how chemistry is taught in other institutions ; it will show some applications of chemistry to industry; it will show th e relative importance of chemistry to the outside world. The lecture is to be given under the auspices of the Chemical Society. Every one is invited whether or not they belong to the society. The topic of ' Pr~fessor Davidson's talk will be "The Use of the Lecture Table."


Pa9e Two


. _ ___________ _ __ _

THE B_E _A _ C_O_N _ _-:-:~fo:a~;l~u-s-m-en-.i-ns·t-ea-d-of--· in- fa-:mo- us ~--Frat ·L~;;i~e N~t~~ ---;ntercollegiate oft'icial publication of

Don ' t blame all the hot-air on the Beta N u upheld its positions as weather man. The hea t from the lamp oJ education should be the ba- cellar champs by lo sing their · seventh sis of hot air . Mastery of . a subject · straight game to the :Non-Frat C lub clispells exam-time fear. If yo u are by a 19 to 5 score.· The Winners w ere right inside you can stand anything a ltog-ethei' too good for the losers, ·~il ­ put up a ha.rcl from the outside. Promises are val- though the latter ueless unless backed by collateral. struggle. Perrotta was the star of the NonN. S. P. Frat Club, while Barasch played a Published weekly by the students of stella1· role for Beta Nu. ___ . _r_ . ...:_s_ta_t_e_c_o_u_e_ge____ The summary: - _ _ _ _R I N F t Beta Nu . t'1on <ra . f Terms of Subscr•p p'·on- tt r.f. Barasch One year In advance . ...................... $2.00 An "Ed" Replies to the Article erro a, r. ·- -------.......... 05 "An Sandore, l.f. . ..... .. !.f., B loom .. .. sp;ce 1 in Last Week's ·Beacon, Cah ill, c ..... ...... ............ ...... .... ... c ., Conn permi ts. Responsiblllty tor same not 'If for Eds'" Hammill , r.g . .. ,., ..... ····· r.g., Millman a.eeumed by the paper. G 1g I<'ri edman ----'rigo, 1.g. ----- ----------.. · ·• S ubscribers who do not receive their t d t •• not! I 't th 1 no t· qu1 Scor·e· paper regul:u· yare reques e ' I must adm1· · a t I co . ' te · · Non- Fmt' 19, Beta Nu 5· ty the .Business Manager. com]Jr·ehend all '.•our statements_. 1 goals from floor: Pe.rrotta 4, Grigo ·' do not understand what you mean b Y 2 • Cahill, Sandore, Barasch , Conn ; _ Notice of Entry . imitation collegiate. The coliegia t e ·g·oal~ ft·om fouls: Perrotta 2, Sandore, Carroll fo1· 1 u t'IOns: Acceptance !or ma1·1·mg 111 ~ t special type depicted in current m agazines Blo om; su b s t't rate postage p1·ovided !or Section . · ~ . . • HamJnill, Scott for Carroll; refet·ee: 1103, Act or Octo-oer 3, 1917, Author- 1s solely pleasure bent, a cay, lrt e lzed Janu:'tr)' 13, 1919. sponsible, uneducated and pro c ras- Asher. Member of the Eastern Intercollegiate , tinating reprobate. If we are poor Beta Phi received its first defeat Newspaper Association inLitntors of these qualiti es we must of I he yea.r at the hands of P. I. K. , b e qu ite ideal. Editor-in-chief Monday, Mar. 1 , by the score of 2 5Ne.ither are we suekling babes, as Donald H. Kinzie. '26 14. 'l'he game was very well pla yed r ega rds sophistication. To h ear some Managing Editor and action was abundant. W hitaker of u ·s talk you'd think we Albert L. Hiller, ' 27 and "Stickey" Blake w e re the shinin g Business Manager g ibl e for that master's degr ee in that lights for the winners, while Laycock Russel A. Eckloff, '27 schoo l of scandal. But for your rea starred for Beta Phi. Contributing Editor soning on the facts that by acquiring With Beta Phi's loss, the league ':VIllis J. Snow, '25 "a d egree of sophisticatiOn this col now s tan ds with Beta Phi, P. I. K. NEWS STAFF lege w ould 111 one sense of t he word Walter Suita, '27-Athletics b ecome- a university . adv<tncing · a and Delta Sigma Epsilon tied for Bernice E. Grieves, '27 Intercollegiate ste p in the scale of evo l ution," if first plac e. The summa r y : George H. Alexander, '2·7-Feature f Waltf;r s. Gratton, '26-Campus f a r b eyond my feeble PO'' et·s o P. 1. IC Beta Phi Martha 0. Sayles. '26-Co-ed mig·h t , I must admit that my mind \~'h i t aker, r.f. r.f., B owers



::~~~ ~~iti;~e~-~·P·~-~~t~d ;h~~




NEWS BOARD Katherine v. Clark, '26 Mildre d L . Thompson, '2 7 27 Ethel D. Hay, ' Charles F . Wilcox, '27 George H. G li nes, '27 Maurice Conn, '28 Benjamin Fine, '28 Lillian Blanding, '2 'll ·


BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Russell A. :I<Jckofr, '27, Advertising Kenneth Earle, ' 2 8-Subscrlptlon Robert M. Asdlklan, '28-Circulatlon Samuel Engdahl, '28 J oseph Ayre, · z ~

r e sembles a London fog, for I h a ve missed your point e n tirely. P l ease exp lai n . And while we are speaking of evolution----do ou wish us to ape

make, l.f. . ..... l.f., Lachapell e Mulcahy, c. . ............... c., H a ll \ii'arde, r.g. ... .. r .g., Draghet ti Be.rber . 1..~·. Lg., Laycock '·' other institutions? Score: P. I. K . 25, Beta P hi 1 4; 1 5 \\Th't I , I thinl' t hat you will find that the goals f r om floor: Bla 'e . 1 a 'er " ed.s" are as much embarrassed at 4, Mulcahy 1 , \\Tarde 1 , L aycock the c o-eds' presence in a class room Bowers 1, Hall 1, D raghetti 1; goals Y.




L___________________.til New Engla nd's colleges boast a to-tal of 50,000 students this year. Theexact figures s ho w that there are 46,660 eager (m ore or less) pursuers. of the flask of wisdo m . Amherst, 69 0 ; Bates, 622; Boston• College, Boston University, 110 9 ; ; ; Bowdoin, 53 Brown, 1388; . 4812 4 Clark, ; Colby, 44; Dartmouth, . 6 350 2,145; Harvard , 7,6 61: Holy Cross, . 1,089; Lowell -Tech. , 815; Mass. Tech.;.. 2813 ; Middlebury, 595; Mt. H olyoke,. 1,024; Northeastern, 1,452; .Norwich,. ; Radcliffe, ; R . state, 517; 944 1 29 1 Simm ons, 1,33 1 ; Trin ity, 285; U. of:· Maine, 1,307; U. of New Hampshire, _ ; U . of Vermont, 1,181; Welles-, 1 305 Wh t n ley,, 1,599; Wesleyan, 609; ea o ,. ; '\:Villiams, 76 6; Worcester p o 1y ., . 44 6 534 ; Ya 1-The e, 4 •866Springfield · Stundent.

By defeating Fordham and Oklahoma the Boston University debating_ team registered its twentieth succes-sive. vict o ry on t h e ro str um. -The Heights. " Pomona College, seeking to com-· bine the advant age of the small college with the more attractive feat-ures of the large universities, is-about to try th e Oxfonl system. The· institution will be known as the Clare-mont ·colleges. A college r 01- women.. is the first ste p in the developm ent o:f.· the projec t. "-Ex.

---The stu dents of the College of the · City of New Yorl' have recently requested the f aculty, by a four to on&· vote, tha t compulsory military train--· th ing be disp ensed w i . -O range and .Blue.


as a re those of the fair e r sex. In a ll I have a ttend e d where the question was prevalent I h ave f a iled to observe any discourtesy on the part of the male students · t o ward c o-eds. I think that the fr'a nkness of the young person has a tendency to overco1ne any discom-

I the classes that

Flunks _____ We hear of a lot of failures at mid-

fiture unless the yo'ung woman has a "super-sensitive min d complex."

from fouls: Blake 2, Mulcahy 1 , Bowers 2, LaChapelle 1 , L aycock 1; .s u bSt itutions: Lamont· for Hall; referee: Spekin. Delta Sigma and the Campus Club played a hard game with the Deses, coming out the victory after 2 over. time periods, by a 12-11 sco r e. At the end of the game the score was a ll. After th· e first overtime per10

Undee the picture of Martha Walk-er in the Concord, N . C., Times w:s·

this enlightening legend: "Mart a Walker, co - ed at the University of" vVisconsin, doesn't pet, doesn't smoke, won't bob h er hair, and thoroughly.. approves of chaperones-but she hasbeen voted queen of th e ann ual _Junio r Prom.. th is .year. Her home is' in Peking, China." · -Columbia Spectator. ----Permits for Sunday dancihg are-


years. The reasons at·e laziness, Kingston Hill has a lways b ee n iod had ended the score r·emained un- bein g granted by Ohio's only woman, fear and inability when all the vest- solid for its cosmopolitan "Hello!" changed but with the end of the sec- judge. "Judge not,_ that ye be not ments of a libis are stripped and Of course, there are souls on even one! overtime period the score stood judged!" leave only the naked wishes instead of · reaches the top. He Being hard-boiled is

truth. He who this .campus who under weight of 12 _11 in the Deses' favor . Mrs. Katherine P .. Edson created' works seldom ponder~us business rush from c la ss A llenso n starred for the winners, the Califo rnia minimum wage law · Wh o fears ,fails. to class and in doing so are unob- while Priestley was the outstanding for women. W~. pity_, their. h usbands•· better than be- servant of their fellow students . They p layer on the losing t eam. pockets.

lng half-baked. have to be forgiven. But I d·o not The summary : O ne of the largest department.. It's a fine thing to have <!reams, , think . t'lfiit any one else would in- Delta Sigma Campus Club stores i n Chicago is owned and man-but let those dreams materialize. Vis- t e ntionally "cut" a co-ed salutation, All.e nson, r.f. ...................... r .f., Priestley aged by a woman. The bargain deion sees through things; grit sees unless justified. Again we find a Smit h, !.f. ___________________ , !.f., Cummin gs partment is a feature. them tht·ough. The man who wak~s up and finds himself f amous hasn't been asleep . Imagination is the other parent of Invention, but don't forget its mother. A sens-Ible man doesn't disregard seeming trifles; they may prove imp.ortant if he executes them. To reach the top, go to it. Poor work will make you poor. Difficulties overcome the weak, but strengthen the stro ng . It's easy enough to take a day off, but you can't put it back. The

complexity. Ada'rhs, c . , ........................... c., Rolston For reasons ot economy GermanyYou are entirely justified in the Ernst, r .g . .......... _____ ____ r .g., Mansallilo will dismiss all married women in. ' m a tter of grabb ing a jitney. The Martin, !.g. ___, ____________________ !.g., Harvey the Civil Service. Extravagant wives! game of "grabbing a jitney" resem_Score: Delta Sig 12 , Campus Club Mrs. Katherine Nelson of Jersey· bles a football game tcio much for 11.; goals from floor: · Allenson 3, Mar-~ City, N . J ., is the champion iro n, any eligibility of female contestants. tin 2, Priestley, Cummings, Mu~phy, welder of the country. She ought to1 I rea lize that harmony ·comes from Harvey ; goals fro.m fouls : Martm 2, be arrested a s a forger . doing nobody any harm. Priestley, Rolston, Harvey; .s ubstitu Bobped hair is responsible for· B . s. tions: M u rphy for Mans~llilo, Wales women's hats being made in different 1 for Martin; refree: Spekm. \head size:;;. H a ve you seen the balloon-. Professor Davidson will speak be ·model-filled with hot fore Chemists. Alumni News Miss Marion Folden, aged 20>


trouble with .getting in on the ground 'J'opic-"The Use floor is that often it has a • trap door Table." to the cellar. It takes a pretty big man to say just what he thinks. But he must think, he must control his anxiety, he must master his work and must have courage that is the result of daily fear less preparation of his work. Have co u rage enough to crack the books, instead of your fingers in a gam~ . of 7-11. Have courage enough to· shuffle yo ur notes, instead of the cards. Have courage enough to learn

of the


George Croesus, '64 , h a s the posi- ·years, of Freeport, N. Y., is one of' tion of bouncer in a golf ball factory.~. the few women horseshoers of the-

Date : March 15, 1926, Monday Napoleon Cicero , '47, Is a t r ustee evening. I in the White County Jail. He may Chern Lecture Room, Science Hall. be let out on parole soon. Given under auspices of The H. I. A Freshman went to hades once, Chemical Society. A few more things to learn; Every one welcome. Old Satan sent him back again, Be was too green to burn. There was a young lady from Tech Ex. Who came to Kingston , By Heck, Orr-I hear you're a great needleTo learn how to bake, To cook and make cake, But .all s h e learned was to neck .

man . Oar-Oh, no , just

so-~o .

world. BUt there are plenty of flyshooers. Wind-I found a yesterday.

fifty dollar bill!.

March-Yeah? What did you do· with it? Wind-To re it up-it wasn't paid .. He: "Let'll pet." One of our fair but-: " Certai nly,. but what shall we pet?"

THE BEACON, T~~rRSDAY, MARCH 1-:_:1~,.2 1~9~2.6~·~.:..:..:::~_ ____:__ _ _ _P_a--=:!J:......e_T_ · _hr_e___ DR. GALLAGHER, PROV. COLLEGE, SPEAKER !AT ASSEMBLY (C on tin u e d from page 1) ,tentment w h ich we h ave toqay, if we wish t o paS'l' o n t o f u t u re generations t h ·e liberty w e n ow enjoy. :All g reat th i ngs have been inspired b y religion. Ideals .have s p rung from it. Democrats sin c e the time of Chr ist, believed in m an 's high pla.ce in lif e., T hey had faith in mankind and that is inspired by God. H ope is a pro d u ct of religion.· Love of man is an essential idea.! o nly possible t h ro ugh r eligio n . All great democrats, L in c oln especia.lly, believed that t he destin i es of il'a tions rested wit h God. '.rhey realized that they ne eded help from G o d tc) u p h old the democracy. Those who oppo se democr a cy

College Orchestra T. K. A. Defeats Univ~ of Maine ·Plans Battle of s. Music With Brown Co-.eds Asked to Join Club; Benefit Dance Scheduled Soon.

'l'he co ll ege orchestra has been reh earsing f aithfully under the direc tio n of P rof. B rown in anticipation of a seri es of musical events to be held i n t he near future. 'l'he o r chestra has made remarkable progress dur ing t h e past few months and has be en the cause of much favorable c r it icism. The value of the orchestra a t eve r y' week ly assembly is quite not~ ceable; judgi,ng from the amount of ap p lause w h ich folio ws each selecpoin t o u t t t)a.t it has f ail ed. Every tion ren d ered. '. rhe o rchestra, besides assisting at f o rm of gover n men t has reached a p e.ak, then fa il e d . But this failure the assemb lies , has conducted a numwas n o t d u e t o d e mo cracy , but to t h e b er of dances at the college. 'l'hese c o rrupti o n o f id e a ls . and that is n ot fu nctions have always proved successd em ocr acy-it is t h e fo rerunner of f u l t o all concerned, so that it is p ro bable that another "orchestra revo l u tio n . . L ib ert y ab o u n d s w h ere there is d a nce" will be held before long.

f reedom; where th ere is freed om there . m u s t be Jaw ; there ca.n be. n o law w it h o ut religio n . It is only w h en religion is rec o g niz ed that the law s will be obeyed. in a n ideal dem.ocracy relig io n m u s t come fi rst. It is the p e o p le's c au s e; it p rovides a refuge in dan ger and a hope for p e ace.

Board Elected For "Frosh" Beacon H. W. Armbrust Chosen Editorin·Chief; Ernst, Managing Editor; Reid, Business Manager; Issue to Jlppear March 17. A t a r ecent c la ss meeting of the Freshmen Mr. A. H ill er, Managing Editor of the Bea c o n, spoke to the class abo u t a n issu e to be publish e d by t he J<~reshmen . The copy is to ap-

Pro f . Brown has received an invitation for the orchestra to give a conce r t at the Village Church. This Will be a n e w venture for the organizatio n , b ut the members are confident of its su c cess. The complete progntm h as not been made out yet, but from p r e se n t plans, there will be several sol os and selections, besides musical n umb ers to be played by the orchest r a. As an additional feature, a noted

mus ician from Boston will speak on The Rhode Island tea m : H enry M . t h e s u bject of "Music Appreciatio n." Barney, ' 23, Mildred E. Negu s, '2 7 , T he date for this concert has not yet and l!lverett P. Christop h e r, 26 , w ith b een d e fi nitely decided upon. George .A. \Vragg, '28, a s a lte rnate. A nother affair which will be held by t he orchestra is a concert given by t h e B rown University Orchestra, in c o n j unct ion with the R. I. State Or· c hestra. 'l'his will certainly prove a nove lty, as the Providence te.m n has never played at the college before and the audience will have an oppGrtunlty to judge the merits of the 1 o rch estras. There will be sev e r al

pear on Marc h 1 7. Last Mo n day, a f ter Assembly, a group p ic ked by t h e P r esid ent of t he Freshman class m et i n the sma.ll Chemistry Lectur e R oo m in Science BuUding to decide on t he various officers fo r th e pape r . The fo llo w i ng people were e l ec;ted : .Editor-in-C h ief, H. W . Armbrust; Business Manager , J' oe


The R. I. C. Debating Society on March 4 defeated t h e University of Maine team by u nani m o us opin ion of the three judges. T h e questio n was, "Resolved: That C o n g r ess s h ould pass uniform Marriage an d Divorc e Laws, Constitutional ity w aive d . Rhody had the negative. Professor J. vV. I n c e , chairma n , opened the debate at eigh t-t hir ty p. m., by stating that . the m ain speech es would be ten, ten, and eigh t minut e s long respectively, and that the rebuttal would be six, six, an d eight re81;ectively. T he D. of M. t eam was: Robert :w. Scott, Garfi el d G . Y oung and Harold L. Ballou. :vra.ine's first speaker remar ked t hat two years ago when thei r team cam e to Kingston a fire interru p t ed t he d ebate, an'd that last year , w h e n th e Rhode Island team wen t to O r o no , a fire broke out the1·e. It was th er efore hoped history would not re p ea t itself. Rhody used brilliantl y c olo r ed charts to help the aud i e n ce Vis u a lize the statisticts given. G. G . y o u n g, of M~line, when he was givi n g sta tis tics, said, '".rhe negative have s h o wn y ou pretty pictures, I will n ow make u se of a slide rule," at which h e produced one and, doing a percentag e problem, announced his a nswer as "correct to five places. " A t t h is , the audience, registering h ilarit y , looked up significantly at Pto f . B iJJ s i.n the gallery.

All of these speakers had a. very delivery

and the m aterial was logieally anangcl. It wa;S no s u r p rise to the audience when, at eleven o'clocl,, the Judges, who wer e ·Supt. Ji:merson L. Adan1s of P r ovi d e n c e,

nev. 'l'homas Bone of N a rra n g a n sett Pier, and Dr. Joseph N. C r and a ll 1lf Vlal,efi.eld all voted for R h o d y .

nove lties at this concert, which will p rove of interest to those who atte nd . After th e concert, which will be held in L ippitt Hall, dancing will b e en j oye d , w it h' a battle of music between the Brown Jazz Babies and t h e State St eppers Seven. The date for this The annual play of Sig ma K a ppa affair has not been set, but Managet· F i ne of the orchestra is arranging the is to be given March 12. M u c h w o rk has been put on the play t o make it Man-- d e tails f or the concert. one of "the best and also a hug e s u e -·

Sigma Kappa Is

To Present the Elopement of Ellen

agi ng Editor, A . F . Ern st; Cam p us, Th e orchestra has been rehearsing cess. The play, a three- act co m e d y, A. F. An d erson; Fea tu r e, Miss Peggy many n u mbers dU1'ing the past m on th bears the title '".rhe E lo p e m ent of O'Connor; Co-Ed, Miss lluth and much time is being spent on op- Ellen." Coombs; Interco llegiat e, Miss Cel est Boss; Athl etics, D a v id F ine; Advertisin g, D . B u nce; Su b scription, M. Bowers; and Circulatio n, G. T. .Johnson. After the e lectio n o f the above named People M r . Hiller, who w as in charge of the meeting, pointed out the work to be done by t hese peopl e .

YOU ( G .. H . A.) I d r eamed a d ream o f ro se· red lips, Of laughing ey es that t hrille d me thru; Of soft warm ch eeks, of sweetest s miles, 'That dream, d e ar little girl, w a s you !

And then like a d r eam, yo u soon were gone ; . Only memories n o w have I got. And tho you h a ve forgotte n yo u r kisses,



.Th e students of t h e c o ll ege were. given a . 1·are mu sical t r ea t recent)y, J;>y t he ,Tu,go -Slova kian troupe ot strin ge d i nst rumentalists. There were five m usicians in the gro u p and t her e wa.~ noth ing they c oul dn't do w ith their qu eer lo oking inst~uments. They p)ayed opera, jazz an d their native so n gs w ith equal alJility. T h e musie was entit· eJy d iffere n t f rom any ever b e f ore heard in Lippitt Hall , but i t m.ade <1 big hit f ro m t he s t art w it h the aud ience,. Several selectio n s fro m · the b est' known operas were playe dl a n d then , j ust t o s h ow that t h ey were truly versatile, the gr o up p!ayeOt an d san g s o me p o pular American s o n gs . They had v oices t hat blended w'ell w it h th e str ange music of t h e ir Ia.mborityus. Scat tere d t hrough t h e p r og!'am wer e severa l Slo vakian fo lk s ongs, and on e of t h e musicians' b rought down t h e ho use w ith a native d ance during o ne of these numb e r s. A n other goo d specialty wae t h e yo d ler. H e was soo d and ther e was no d e n y ing t he f act. T he lead er , p la y in g " M e Again ," a cc o mpan ied by t h e r e st of t h e o rchestra, a lso made a b ig hit.

Isn 't it the Truth? W he n y o u in vite t r oubl e it never s e nds regrets. N ight h awk s are u s u ally o ut for a lark-and a c hicken o r two . A m a n w ho says h e is an atheist is u s u ally , fi rst of a ll , a n ego ist. F o rm erly only one gir l t urn ed a man's h e a d- n o w they a ll d o. M any a. chec k ered career ends. in a. st r ipe d . :;,u it. Ex S o me 'peopl e seem to t ake more in terest in our a ffa ir s t han we d o o urselves. After w i nnin g a w 's hand, a. m a n s o m etimes fi nds himself under · h er thumb . S ome p e o ple can't use their own a d vice b eca use t h ey g ive it a ll t o oth ers. Ex. Ma q y a p erson w ill swallo w the m a x im u m of fla t t e r y and choke at t he m inimum of t r u t h. The p e op l e w h o c o mpla in t h a t they n ever have a s h o w a r e gen erally w aiting for- fr ee passes. Many a m a n has n o peace of min d! b ecau se h is wif e is constantly g iving h im a piece ·of h ers.

n now seem s to b e th e fashio n ~o k ill s o m ebod y a n d then g o crazy. Ex, .An y thing w hic h parents h ave. not lear n e d . fr o m experi enc e, they can n o w learn f rom t h eir children.

e r a tic selectio ns. These include WagT h ose who .t ake p<Lrt "i n the play A ll Jove is &9 4 4-100 per cent p ure: ner 's Loh~ngrin, Goun od's Faust, Do - are as fo llows: Leadi ng lady , M iss pure ima g inatio n ,· p ure folly a nd most nizett i's Lucia de Lammemoor, and Laura Murra y, '27; lea d in g man , of a ll , p u re foolis h ness. Balfe' s Bohemian Girl. The last Miss M ab el Peckham, ' 2 8; Doroth y A man fall s i n love through his nam ed w ill be played at an assembly Marsh, Miss Peggy Ma.cra e, '28; M a x ey es, a w o man t h r o ugh her sheer in t h e n ear future. Light er p ie ces Van Ecy k , Miss Betty Hearn, ' 28; a imag in a tion, and t hen . . .. t h ey both are b e ing rehearsed with much stress wife, M iss D o ris Urquhart , '27 ; t h e s p eak of lt a s, "Un e a ffair'e du co r um .... being laid o n the ton e quality a nd s.olo husband, Miss Martha Hmn e s, '29 ; Love is a furnace i n which the work of t h e instruments. and t h e m inister, Miss Betty R ams- man b uilds t h e fire, and forever a ftT h ere are over fifteen mem.b ers in e rwards exp e cts t h e wo man t o keep bottom, ' 27. t he o rchestra at p r esent, with the inMiss B illy Tho.m.pson;. '27 , is h ead it glowing, b y s u pplyin g all t he fuel. str u m e nta.tion including violins, c or• coach, while Miss Hazel G a ge, ' 27, i s s taUstic"s s h o w us tha t fo ur out ot net s, cello, c larinets, flute, bass v iol, p roper t y man ager; M iss Gene Ro b - every five fires that m ay have bee n banjo, piano , trombone and dru m.s. ertso n , '2 8, is stage dir e ctor, a n d Miss start e d durin g this , t h e twenti eth cen T h e r e h earsals are being held w eekly Kay Clark e, '2 6, is b usine~s man ager . t ury , are now clin kers. and a shes. a t .Davis Hall, the dates being post e d - Exchan g e The proceeds f rom t h i s play are o n the b u lletin ooards. going tow ard the house fu n d. Love is like a cigaret, A n y new members who are in t er After the play the Original R. I. Easy s tarted, quickly d one; est e d i n j oining the orchestra m ay do Co llegians w i.ll furnis h m u s ic f or Tossed away without regret s o l;>y appearing at the rehearsa ls dancing. As you start anot h e r o ne. wit h instruments and a desire to pla y .



This in cludes the co-eds, who are n ot -

Fiv e reasons why J-will leave colS wede : " Who was that la dy I saw ably c onspicuous 1n t h e orchestra by lege this w eek : you with la st n ig h t?" 1-Mary. I , little gir l- ca nno t . t h e ir a bsence. So, if you like a good Stan : "Yes." 2-Ca ro lyne . - - ·-J time, D avis Hall is the place. 3-Betty. A college b oy is one who knows The frats at Dartmouth h ave abol- 1 L t ' t more harmony in th e lshed rushing rul es for open rushing., . e s pu 4-Louise . what s h e wants a nd when she wants -Ex. co llege ! it. 5-Peggy.

Page Four

PHI~~;~~ :o~R~~NIOR

.r -~



BROW~-t~~iJ11ri~ [R.I. C~;~~SG'I~1N

WEEK PLAY, MAy 14, . an_ I. n~t't·~·-~ .·.. ~o..F.l.Jl D-l.. ·~.J..uTIJ


~ y- jl__.~~

Hicl;:ey, I![!.mm~L~~~d-

(Continued frorri Page 1)





M. Anderson and RiCI1il:r'ti'"'C(Jftl)I_l· :~lfeP':f6~mp~n~? l'\tl11fl qie;:}i~f' The half I~)s well recalled t hat 't''e'frfs!lhl~nl: ~lHk'i\:~.,~~ljh J?li?'Yl,) ; t1~\ rPo~nts ahead. s(:i:o>ved promisi~g WOft>'k(fiJ?tll:e !t~ten"t~f ~- rr1Pro tQi"c.r~~?,Olf,cl, _l.l:~.f~ r rtH~ode Island it~"~i'lil'elll'ltJ.l•."•Glfe!ltL~1!0 ryl'r"'~fc!l. 'W!fslli" ~f.'!!~~e·r\'>t'brJ!fi . ,,9fF.-,w~t),1.,FL bang and ~·f.tetllr~i!H!c~9S1.-;:; orl r rd> i:::Jrrr :• iil i lfir'Z8~fiflail~{g~n',s )e<i!rC1. f• to fo m basrl1l:'h!et'Ef• a!i\l'b"'VW>'i'e sXfl'flhil'I!W.Jr@pci'l'ts' f l~31fl:;vtfPe fyt;}:,oy;id,<jnr:~):eam tightened ~ vlll~~ ..tJ6fiimntEies:' '!M'fsil M;u!..' [l:W9vfV?J}'ever t: \V>?,, ?Nlr teams battled dJOO(!f.Neg'tiS>:Stat~Gtmtt::a .me~'Ct''&<¥rn~ on even ter~lii 1,.111)1hil within five eUl\'fJWiilbtl~' ol'~vl'ld!c!f'otl 'lf!;l';em:oty· iii the'f, r;ciHRr.\'11];&J !M~ornd ·Pf t he game, when n.~ml'l f.uturelmT~~Ufarn'!..;m.fiw wm· j tlqe ~Wf-rn~~1a:qp, ~lffense weakened U!l .B<D< dm .' mflio.u •ilr¢E!i1J rJ.VU§sl~lPUck.nah'dl : ~B?! :Jbltf8~H:Iffi' ,ff:r .score up to 46 - 29 :Misw I:miii'ae rl\lh.muH;# :biei'poitild': S'rimw i ~f&}iJW!ct¥19-n!l;tn tljl,~, ,gam e. lben't!l concerning!.:tireTeC!mingr:ct.iiJbr.plll;j-J 1_ 1;f8:o/'ISifRJ11f.iJ./Ffi>, in May. ·c:o :- ." ern! -~8orl c) ·j ~ ~.1 I. 1 /t~lil:·ter,u : _7 Brown · ·'l'bis annual Phi JMlta.n)j)lawo!tll O.i:>l-e: BJ.:&)f,e rrP';J;ipk(>:Y. 1flamof the biggest eve11ts OR1ro~r<.fcrain'WUB'' ;.cffiti\1'• M;)lryl:l;y) lg rf Reea :l;t, is still fresh in th e m'indJ3 110~ tire: :Barber rg ----·· If Hayes U{)pei' classm en that t h e "'I?Tlre e::J.ive~ il}.RmvWifl.'"Hn ·;-r-.. ___ c Danzell G'hosts," last year's bill, sc ored 'a il)ig;r ~~fHf:3 lifn, t· ~ ;---- · !g Goo d hit. Successful performances were Jensenq \<l'\l;'i'!l·us) lL rg Hunt held not only here, but also in WestGoals ·fro~ floor-Haire 9, J-Iunt ePIY and Wakefield. This spring's play 6, Hayes 4, Danze ll , R eed 3, Bosprbmises to surpass all previous rec- worth. :· Goals. from fou ls-Hunt, ords, · for the ·prospects f or a very ca- Reed . 5, Danzell, H a ire 4 , Hayes 3, pable -cast are very bright, indeed! ;Negus 2, Bosworth. Referee-C:oady.


Umpire-McGi nnis. 'L'ime-•r·wo m inute halves .

CONN.-R. I. GAME ( Con't lnned from Page 1 ) t h ird basketball R. I. this year.

~T ST~RRS · ..

(Continued from Page 1)

team worl~ . was better in this quarter and the Rhode Island girls played up to their standard. ' However, at the commencement of the second half, the leadirig team "let up" in the fight, and although they were now accustomed to the la~·ge floor space of their hosts, they failed to score as well as m the pre~ ceding quarter. ln spite of this fact, j they brought th e hon o r to Rl1'ody in a final score of 3 7-2 2. This is the tenth successive game the R. I. girls h ave won from. Connecticut in the past live years; but never befor e hav e they had such hard and well fought games as those of this year. The lineup: Uhode Island Connecticut lg Kennedy V. Broome rf 0 . Allebaugh If rg Bartle jc Buell K . Clark (capt.) jc D. Urquhart sc s.c Hopkins M .. Negus rg If (capt.) Grant

· ·: :.


When silkworm.s. weave .sill\ .stockings ' To grace milady's legs, And roosters, carrY k:lax:ons And lay o blong, pale-green eggs; W h en all the birds fly upside down With tail -l!ghts o n their beaks, And gra sshoppers go hopping Over highest moimtairi peaks; When gar lic smells li}{e Florient, And potatoes blink their eyes, I may ])elieve the love-light In your eyes, that iies, and lies!


Over the hill to the poorhouse I am wending my weary way, To sell t he inmates so m e bootie~ booze 'Wh ile the care-tak er is away. : A Very, Very F ree Vei'SI'l · Idly d own the busy thoroughfare I

strayed. . of A window', with a w~alth women's lingerie displayed! A sudile•n stop'! . Before my eyesK. Holley lg rf Murphy A host fl~wery, t:il ~y, cli n ging creaSubstitutions: Rhode Island-M. Uons, Humes for D. Urquhart. Refe r eeexailperaUmpire-Miss Mu lti -tinte d , tantalizing, Bailey of Newton. ti ons. Harvey. Timer- 1<'. Tootell. Chiffons, sil ks , sati.ns, c r e pe - de -chines ----~----In every con'ceivable hu.e; WESTERLY TENDERS Beige, ' crushed strawberry, flame, R. I. GLEE CLUB ochl'e. GOOD RECEPTION Maize, cocoa, peach, and powder blue. What's mere man to do!<Continuer! fl'<>m p:q..;e I I ·a d fl I ? by c horus; bariton e so lo, E . P . Chris- Fated to balbriggans an re annes topher; selections by the quartet, I wandered oi1. S pargo, Christopher, Kinzie and The cop at t he corne r· looked amazed Johnson ; an imp ersonation, Arm- vVhen I acco·sted J:lim , saying, " Please,

20 -



'.rh e lin eup of th e game: Conn. r\.g·g·ieS R. I. State Makofski, rf ----------------------- lg, Barber Scoffield, If -------------------- r g, Mulcahey Williams, c ------------------------ c, Bosworth Bitgood, rg· ----------------------------If, Jensen Allard, lg ''---------------------- -------- rf, Haire Score : Conn. Ag·gies 43, R. I. State



in .


In the Senior Home Economics schedule there is an interesting and unique course known as "Horne Ec. XXI," in other words, Horne Management, · under Miss Taylor. The stud t. . • d t 1' . th en s are require o 1ve m e . Home Management House, plan, cook 29 · and E;erve th e meals, invite and en7 Goals from floor: Scoffield • Ed d y tertain guests , keep accounts, and 4, Williams ·4, Mako fs k i, Hair e 5, BosGoa ls keep th e h o u se clean. The work is 2 3 worth • Mulcahey • J e n sen . generally divided and assigned to the from fouls: Mak o f ski 4, Eddy 4, Scbffield 2, Williams, Haire 3, Bosworth following': Manager, cook, assist ant 2,: ·Jensen,_ Mulcahey. Substitutio ns : coo'k, waitress and hous ekeeper, and

burst and Holt; a reading, G. Spargo; '"rhe Jolly_ Blacksmith's Song," and

oh , p l ea's e Tell me w here I may p u r cha se , Some bu rnt-odinge or copen B. V. D.'s"

"Doan Yo Cry, ~,Ia Honey," by the cho rus; instru mental numbers, AsdiConnec ticut: Watson, Eddy, Greer. the positions are held in rotatio n by kian, Peterso n and D. Brown; bass Anfl now .they are holding me without Referee, Ball, Massachusetts. Umpire t he girls during the nine weeks of solo, D. Kinzie: "The Bells of St. ])ail ! '. Mary's," and "College , Songs," by the Coady, Boston. Time, 20-rninute the course . . halves. . Lillian Biltcliffe, Ruth Curr an, Lila chorus. Brightm an Rupvose you \vere 1 Keller, Katherin e Holley and Elizvvorking in a grocer~.. s tore and· a •·' This is a j erk water woman c'il:m~. iJ) ai1d 'asked fo r coffee Drummer: Athletes at the U . of West Virginia abeth Kane were in the house the ax;e given .a lesson iil. t h e Charleston first qmirtei·, and Constanc e Knob les- town, isn't it?" in the be.i m . V/Imt would y ou do ? Swanson: "Yes, even the pump every day to deve lo p t heir p h ysique . dorf, Helen Kirby, Florence Straight Marty-Why, · le t h e r h ave it --- - - a n d Kath e rine Clm'k the last nine fidgets." the bean , of cou r se . MOVIES weeks. .. ' There are many, many ways of The following list of nwvies tbat Man y guests, particularly guests of getting the folks back home to for Mad man suyB: "Vih at most people will · be shown in L ippitt Hall: the department and the various orward q_n extra check now and then, like for iuTich nowadays is-t'hree Ma r ch 13.-"Poney Express," Cqr - ganizations, were entertained for but one B. U. boy tries a gag that' hours." · rnally iind ' lnformally. The c limax of t ez a nd Co1npson. 19 28: " L et me k iss you good-night':" is . absolutely original w h e n he writes, . Mtl-:r~h ;2 o-' ;R~~ged ·:'\yat~r,'; Lo~s the g;r~up's e~tertaining was a fare- " Dear Dad: Please se nd me five :dol-· She: "l;m sa·ving' ·1u y kisses." Wilson· and Warren Baxter. :well d~Jilrler in honor· of Dea n Ed19 28: "Let me adtf'inie to you r col-' Iars at .once. My roommate . i s · :Sick '' i\1:drc'h 2 ' l:::::.h~~·s 'it l~ri~ce," Ray - , wards. and I must send him sorn:e flowers.'' lectlon/' · zri()~d. Owing to crowded conditions in



ai-itrith: . , '

.. . - .

·, .;...·_ p ril 1,·9·-."T.h e G. oose Han gs High:'' tl~e . dorm itorie. s the house will be _ocConstance Benf\ett. cupied . by Seniors and Juniors until · A'pril 24-'-''lrish Luck ," T. Meighan. June, ~ay 1-''Stage Struck," Swan s o n , Did yo u hear of the Scotchman, May 8.-=---'".To.o M a n y K isses," Rich.who , upon his friend's. birthday, gave ard ·:nix: ' _.iY.ray 15-"The Man . Who Fouud him a p_resent of . a '_J;lomi_n g pigeon? Himself,". T. Meighan . . May 22........::"The Lucky Devil," Rich~rd Dix. __ J une 6-"Enoha'nted. Hill," Jack· .Holt•. June 12-"New Lives for O l d,'·' ~.ompson:








. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 _ _ _ _ _. . . . . . . . . . .

·TUXEDOS 212 Union

Pr·ovide'rice, R. I.

.. ... · ,

L. VAUGcHN CO. Established· 1847 Manufacturers of · SASH, DOO~~. BLINDS • AND· BUILDERS' FINISH 1153,1155 Westmi~ater · Street

COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Browning King & Co. J?rovidenee, .R. I.


;;=:::::::;:::;:::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.=..- ·..-N~---·1111--H-•M-IIIIII~~-=-=====:::====:::::~~::::~:::~---·-------r

RHODE: ISLAND STATE COLLEGE +-----------.. . -----,.,:.;._-•,




Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work

For further infonnation, address· The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Wand

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400



Beacon v20 is19 03111926  
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