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Rifle Team Is Glee Club Travels Rhode Island Upsets Conn. Aggies in Battling·Game By a 33~24 Score · · Defeated By To Westerly Conn. Gunmen Com~~ Thr~~gh;

Attractive Program Arranged "Rhody' s;' Fighting· Five •• Game Exciting for March 5th ·. Throug·hout, Marred by Unnecessary Roughness of Visitors ·.

On ce more the Gle.e Cl.ub venture s ·c forth from Kingston to give a . l)ub)l conceJ?t for, on Friday, March 5, t h is o r g anization travels to · the Town H a ll .at Westerly. The club h .as bee n fortuna te in th a t few members have been forced to I eave college by fa ilur e to pass· examinations. Numerous reheax·sals have developed the singing of t he chorus to such an extent - that the citizens of Westerly are a ssured a musica l tr eat. . ·Don R. , Kinzie, manager, has tentatively outlined the IJrogTam as follows: ... ~ 1. "Borde r Ballad" and " T he Clock" By the Chorus 2. A s e lection by the quartet whose members a re: E. R . Osbourne, G. E. Spargo, E. P. Christopher .and D. R. Kinzie. 3. An impersonation 'by R . C. H olt and H . N. Armbrust 4. Tenor Solo by E. R. ' Osbourne. 5. Reading by G. E . Spargo.



8. :

In a h ard foug h t, exciting game, the "new" Varsity basketb~l team defeated the crack Co nn ecticut five , 33 -27. The game was ·the last . of the three matches played on the local court, Saturday, Feb. 27, which e n ded very favorably for "Rho dy .:' Our boys completely outclassed their riva ls in every, department of t h e gam~ and' during tbe second half were playing ring s around their opponents. Connecticut r eso rted to ro u g h t actics and were caught time and time a g a in by th e offic ials. Th e lo cals obtained an early l ead due to the fine s hooting of "Red" Hair e. It s eem ed as if "Red" could no,t miss ' the~. He was all over the floor and was continually troubling the Connectic ut g uards. Jensen .and B osworth a ls o contributed some spec: tacular shots during this half a nd Rbocly's score swelled to 22, ·while Co nnect~cut's score was held to 9. This was due to the excellent g ua,rding of Bar ber a nd Mulcahy.

The lin e up and summary:

.R . I. State

9. 10. A selection ,b y the . qpartet. 1 1. "The

B ells


7 3

F 0 1

3 0 0 0 0

1 0 0

--~~:~~:~~~~-~~t 13




Haire, ·i:.f. -------- --- --Jense n . Lt. -------·---Boswortb , c. : ........ Barber, r.g. -,-·-------------- -1\:lul caby, Lg .. -·---- ----Negus, l.g . ---------------- -------I-fammett, !.g. ------------ --------


I:i~;~u:~l~l~~0 n:~:e~:z~~; R~- A~~ haf;s~M~~~-:~~,--~~~ 8-e_~-~f o~irt~~:-r"\1;:~-~

Peterson, banj o -uke , and D. B. Brown, uk e. Baritone solo, E. P. Christopher. "The Jolly· Blacksmith" fi nd "Doan Yo Cry, MaHoney" by the chorus Bass Solo by D. R .. Kinzie.

I · '

In attempting to sta ge a comeback, Connecticut employed many unfair tactics and wer e co ntinually b e ing penalized by th e officials. • For Co nn ecti cut, Makofski, Scho· field and Allard starr ed, w hile Haire's shooting ability was an outstanding featt~re. Ho wever, evet·yo ne on the team deserves sp e cial cr edit for per fo~ming in s uch a manner as they did. M a rch 6 Hhocle Isl a nd will journey to Co nn ecticu t w h en th e respective teams will clash again .



game on account of four personal 1 G fo uls a nd Negus was substituted for Eddy, r.f. ------------------ ------ 0 him . lVlakofski, the Conne cticut cap- Scbofielcl, l.f. ---------·---------- 2 tain, starred for tbe during i Makofsld, . c. __ ___ ________: _____ 4 this half. . · I..Bitgood, r .g, ---------- --------- 0 ·At the beginning of the secon d half .Allard , .l. g . .. --·-----·-----------·- 2

F 2 4 3


Co nnec ticut showed a reversal of form I Watson, I. f. -,----·-------------,, 0 St .. M ary's" ' and and displa yed a better brand of bas- \Villia ms, c .). g. -----------·-·-- 0

co ilege sopgs by tb e


Maine Lo·ses' 't' .. Varsity ClUb, 3~-33

=~~b~~;1 ofi:~cle a:~o~1~~n:u::cli:-al~;f~~~

'l'he Rhode Islat<cl State Colleg e Rifie team was defeated Saturda.y by the Connecticut Rifle T eam in tbteir annual m atch a t the rifle rang~ in East Hall. Tbe shooting was extremely close throughout, a'nd it was only in the last few stages of th e m a tch that Connecticut began t o forge ahead. The outcorhe of the meet was unc erta in until the last m an had shot, when it was found tbat Connecticut had won th e shooting tournament by the c lose m argin of 34 points, the tinal score being Co nnecticut 1722, Rhode Island State 1688. P Lynch of Conne-cticut was ~1igh man 14 of the match, getting .first p'i ace with 7 the score of 360 out of a possible 40() . 9 p oints. E. K. Johns o n, captain of the 2 R. I. Club, came second with b,ut 3 1 11Joints difference, getti~g a tota( of 0 1 357 in his four positions. The final 0 1 results in the sl;looting were a s foll ows: E . K . Joh ns on, 357; Marchan d


~:~:t~:~~~so~~ 2 ~~arrington

328, and


P Both colleg·es were reprise-nted by 2 five-man teams. '£he 'shooting w as in 8 c harge 'of Captains H a mmond and 11 Carte r , assisted by Sergeants Friel 0' a1~. ~1 ::l"rime.




6 00



Totals --------·. - -------- 8

Conn. Aggie Shooters Wi-ll by a 34~Point Lead



.,reshmen Defeat :~• A.-• ~-_:29~ 43-24



lard featured C~nnecti~ut's sport clur- '· R efere·e:.' Cody, ... Bosto n; L!mpire, Yearlings Defeat Beginners in a ing this h alf , Hov.:ever ,_'t he lead which [Ball , M .. .A.· C ..; .Timer .: .1'ooten;. Sco rer, Runaway Game; Herwitz's the locals had piled uP _,was too largel ·vvhelan. . Time_.__,Two .20-rninute perShots Thrill Crowd ·J f<H' o ur r ivals to ov'1rco_me. · . 1ods. . ., .. . --~-.-- · Fo~ Third Cori;~c'u.Uve ''Th~e in !-:-.-.-:-.-.-~·-:-.:-. -:---:----:---:-------~--.,.---:-:-;~-:----:--:--~-'The State College ..Freshmen deci.. · Th Y · ~n · I H "' .- bl 1 sively defeated the Connecticut Agri• ree ears n.. • . urn . es · E'"'·'·'· · · ·· c ultu.r-al College year·lt'n.·gs, ·.· by.·.a· 43-24 . Pine Tree Staters iii W~ll u • , . ~ , . .· "o




,. ,.


c· o:nn c-0 ·eds·,·G.,.0.. .

'Ne·w · -c.· .s'o·. .· c·I•·e·.ty. Down in a 32-19 Is Fo;nn~d Q-y '; ::~~~l:·~~~e=e~~::e:f:::. t::~7n b::~ . r·.. t" B ' .. • . . L .I De. .ea .. . y ·.oc~ s .R·. ·.~ . I •.Stud_e;n-t's. .

' In one of the fastest ga)lleS seen _in Lippitt · I-L'l.ll- this ·y·ear, Rhode . J;e-. . land was a ble . to continue h er· strjng , Rhody Co-eds Weak in Team . ()f. . victories when . ·tile .basketball : team Work; · "Gin" Broome and . sent the University of Maine's quintet Olive Allebaugh High Scorers home with a · 38·33 · defeat h anging for Our Girls. over their ·heads. Th e .. game ·-was a . battle from start to fi nish. The KingsLippitt H al] on Saturday afternoon, ton five · t ook the lead at the start, Feb. 2 7, was the scene of one of the but at no .time during the game could annual battles between Connecticut they get more than six points ahead, -Aggie girls and R. I. Co-Eds for .s u· which fact kept the rooters on the pre ri1acy on the basketball court. The edges of their chairs and at the orange and black uniform~:' W01"1 by tops of their lungs from the first the -visitors made a pleasing combinwhistle to the last. ati<'>n with the plain black and white Rhode I.sland :put ·up a • fine de- · of our git·ls. The Connecticut team fense, but Maine brought along some of this year is, without doubt, sulong-shot artists who rrianaged to tie perior to their teams of previous t h e score more than once. Barber years . '£hey p layed an excellent game and Mulcahy, the two gtiards who m and had a slight advantage in havCoach ·Keaney has developed, showed ing participa t ed in sevet·al interco l a lot of improvement, Mulcah y drop- legiate co n test s previously. The game ping two baskets. Bosworth did most was very intet·esting thruout and of t he scoring, proving v ery accurate though the visitors scored the first on under-the-basket sho ts and Jens en basket, the lo cal girls kept the lead showed fine floorwork, repeatedly tore and finally attained a score of 32-19 . up the floor t o drop a p retty basket. I ' The team-work of the Connecticut Haire played his usual airtight game. gil·ls was fi ne; the two guards doing (Continued on Page 3) . (Co ntinued on page 4)


Lippitt Hall ;courts.. .., . The g-ame St(lXtecl slowly, ho.tb: teams

---All-1 t . ··t : d . • {.eelin:g <ither. out. On'il minute · · n eres e . . Cl u b · ·0 pen t o · 1es, E S p · d 't 0IUf .of play elapsed when D.ahl, fol. Agg C o·; P3;rgot. resi en - --~·dropped in a foul. Elloritch followed ' ew rganiza IOn ' .t up with neat basket from the ftoor .


L <:st Thursday 13vening, :Feb', 25th, Hurwitz star!jed the local scoring with the members of the Val·ious Civil En- a long 'l'oni. He added a foul a nd g ineering . Classes united in .. forming tied' .the score with thre e .minutes to what ls ' t~ be ·kno;vn as · the "Civil. g·o in th e first quarter, the better part Engineering Society of R. I. State of the time was . used in defensive College." This is _a step wor.thy of play by both tea ms. Rhode ;rsland attention b'e cause . its purpose is to finally - shook off t he jinx, Trumbull foster inte rest among students in sub- ariel Hurwitz shot in two baskets, 'suejects concerning Civil Engineering- ce ecl ecl by Epstein's shot on a technot only for those taking this s ubject, riical befor e the quarter ended. 1 but among all students of every cour,s e. 'I In the seco nd q uarter t he locals The doors of this club are a lways started on a rampage, led by Hurwitz open, and its membership is extended whose shots from beyond th e doubl e to all students who are interested in lines thrilled the gallery. The game this line of work. was waxing ·fast and it seemed as Professor Webster of t he Civil En- though the Connecticut boys spent g.ineeri ng Department is advisor for most of their time r unl!ing back on the Society, and promises some inter- defense. Tor ling replaced Schildgen estfng programs in the form of lee- fo r Connecticut, w,ho sprained his tures in the near f uture. At the a nkle. Connelly replaced M agoun a t opening meeting of the cl u b the fol-~ center for the locals.· The game was lowing officers were elected : played at a breakneck pace. At the (Continued on page 3) (Continued on Page 4)


_ THE BEACON, THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 1926 ·------+~·


Section 3-(Election to Membership fectively


'in the Associate Department). At the beginning of the fiscal year the Edit~ orlal Department together with the ' Associate Department df the previous yea r shall elect not mo 1•e tha n six members to constitute the Asso1 ciate Depat·tmetiL : 1 . ' ARTICLE IX Rules Governing Election to Boarll of Managers


functio ning





Keaney h as resurrected .- a . team [1-l'llheatable in its a ttitu d e. Not a team of sta1·s, all playing ind ividually to the grandstand, but an aggrega~idn of American youths drained 0 ( its s.e d .i ment ,fighting,,. thr'U ·,<;l qse obs~rva.nee of training rules, for f air play and l<'rank "American " Kean ey . · L M. W. ___ ________ __


Co lnmbia University students are, i'he. most radical in the United States, a;ceor din g to Professor H . T. Moore-of Dartmouth, who conducted a na1 tion -wide s u rvey of student views OTh: socia l and ceonornic questions. ~The 'I'rip ocl

AN "IF" FOR "EDS" Published w eekly by th e students of Section 2--<Fhe Associate DepartR. 1. Stat e College ment shall be members of the Junior ---~-~--------~----- . or Sophomore class, preferably the C\V"ith apologies to a few) S ubsc ript ion >· I J uni01' class, who Shall have previ · - I f , at Satur<'[ay •)light d~j,nces, o· f · • T -'·r•ms ~ One . y~ar in <aq:y;ance ....................... $2.00 ously served at· least one year in the Eds on the campus s hould a ct Slngl'e copie si ·:, ,..........................h...... ..06 Office Department. 'They Shall ; be real co llege men, rather t han ill)i~a· Slgpe.d :statelllentB printe d w en space . M t tion collegiates, Jlerm):t.s, .•· Respol1slbility ! or same not elected by the Busmess anager oassumed by the paper. gether with the Associate l)epartment · ~u, when greeted po litely b;' a Subscribers who do not receive their of the previous year . Co-Ed, they should give some form paper regul arly are requested t o notiof response, rather t h H.n re maini n g Section 4-Vacancies in any of these fy the Business Manager. offices shall be filled by special elec- mutetions held by . the Business Manager.~-If' they shou.ld ever allow a Co. -E. c1 Not ice of Entry ARTICI,E XI precedence in obtaining jitneys S unAcceptance !or mailing at spectal IJ;xecutive Gontmittee clay n ight, rather than comfortably rate post<tge provided fo r !n Section 1103, Act of Octooe r 3, 1917, Author Section 2-(Election of Faculty Ad- accommodating themselves firstIzed Janu~ry 13, 1919. ~If they sho uld stop maldng a •m b er of the Eastern ... l . nt•rcoll•giate visor.) '.rhis member of the comM~ ~ ~ Co-E el feel rather un nec essar y whljln ~ewspapcr Assoc iation mittee shall be elected eachyear, cluring the first week in Marcl;, by a in a classroom co mp osed allnost en-

Most e ve('.:\[ f~llow carri es, or ,sh oulill carry a" little b~ok with ll.ll t h e girls' n a mes an.d addresses of whpJn he· · ·t B u ·t on.e, fi "" k '!l<i>~S . I f~, 1, . , n d. -s 1·t ~~\; h aru. t o c lassi:f;y them, doesn't om;? We.. have pre'pare(\ a set of curves wh icbc gives you all the information at a ,,gJa,nee. One .course pertains tg . brun-· ettes, ,the other .to ploncles. The· first curve 01~ the c t has.. ages p lotted a.s abscissa! and p er cut congeniality per dollar per degree F' as ordinates. I-lence all you have to.. clo is to rementber the girl's age,. then looks at the corresponding p oint on. the curve and r e ad ol'f per cent con -.. geniality per dollar per deg ree F. The other curve on the c ha rt has

plurality vote of the Board of Edit- tirely of men'-the same ordinates but as a bscissa! it. - I f they shoul d, in other words , ors together with the Board of Manhas degr.e e of necking per h ir;·hbalL agers. acquire even a cl egTee of sophistica- per chicken salad.

Editor-in-chief Donald H. Kinzie, '26

Managing Editor


t ion, then this college would, in o n e T he idea is that no matte r 'what sense of the word, b ecome a univer m ood you are in and you .w ant a s ity-advancing a step in t he scale ,elate, you can find the r igl;tt g irl with Section 1-This constitution may be of evolution. -L. 13. th e least amount of time expen diture. amended or revised by a two-thirds I n c id e ntally, the above cu r V\)S are vote of the student body at a suitable based on years of experience.-JGx. [Lssembly exercise when the said

Albert L . Hiller. '2 7

Business Manager


Hussel A . Eckloff, '27

Contributing Editor ·willis J. Snow, '25

NEWS STAFF Walter Suita, '27-Athletics Bernic e E. Grieves, ' 2 7 I nter co ll egiate George H. A l exander, '27-Featur e WaltH S. Gratton , ' 2 6-Campus Mar tha 0. Sayles, '26-C o -e d

A Letter

amendment or revision has been pre$ented by a member of the executive Dear Algernon: committee, the alteration having been Topping weather, what?

Since any amount of oppositioe toFancy, I

printed in '.rhe Beacon at least two got a l etter f rom t h e j olly coach NEWS BOARD weeks previous t o the time of voting. bawling me o ut-and I o n ly c u t P. 'L Katherine V. Clark, '26 AHTICI ,E XIX fifty-one times. Heally ! Mildred L. Thompson, ' 27 G ratis Suhseription Yesterday I went in to see the. clear Ethel· D . Hay , '27 Charl es F . W ilcox, ' 27 The members of the executive com- old chap but he was b u sy traini n g George H. Glines, '27 mittee shall be g·iven upon their re- our champ ionship hock ey and swimMau rice Conn, '28 tirement period of five years' S1Jb.- rnin g teams. In1agine! So I went Benjam in Fi n e, '28 . Lillian B lanMng, '28 scription to The Beacon. into his office, put my feet on h is Charles T. MH!er, '28 <:~esk, a n d lit up one of his p et stogies. Lou is J. Spe ~iJl, '28 A TRIBUTE TO THE COACH Pretty soon the coach ca.m e in. Nice BUSINESS DEPARTMENT old bird, really. But I fe lt tl:\.at I Those who the .three, defeats :Russeli A. i<Jckoft, '27, Advertising I1anc1ec1 to the Connecticut quintets m ust nip his impud ence right !~ the Kenneth Earle, '2 8-Subscriptlon , Robert M . Asdikian, '28 --Circulfi~.Uo n recently, will never qu ite forget the bud. I t t . h t 1 • Samuel Engdah l, ' 2 8 · f pu on my oug .· es expree\lSIOn. n\mar'kable co - operation displayed " , . .. · 1 ' ; · \J(> s~p J'l'-,i~.t; e. ' 2~ 1 . . I Well ? I asked, m·ost v ocrl'ery u sly, among the players ln completely v~n- " ?" · i · we 11 . • quishing our old time rivals. ... ,, . . .. .. /, . · Jones, er~er-M1st er · J ones,, the out the entire three contests, the .1 . ., , . . . · coach stuttered, stanclrng first oljl one ' . 011 February 24th the executive Ke~ney~coached •.. quint~ts . played .a foot and then on f h e oth·er, 'F¥ister , .. . . ... : .. , type of basketball which was most Jones~r-Won't you-'-er~attencl a committ!)~ o·t ''The Beaqon h eld ..a spect acular and unexpected. Amid P. T . c'l ass-et -'-no\V an-d then, j-bst :as meeting with the . purpose of, . revis ing 1 cheers a n d ·applause · know. · · ·· ·" . · · they S\ver)t vali- a matter of .for·m, don ' t you the pre_sent con~btuhon. The reas<'m antly di1 to victor y: neally, I pitied t he old boy the



:~:t ~:~: c;:;~::t~;,as,;::o~::e~a~~



Harvard Unj';ersit;- has cleciclecl te>· ' appoint a director- of athletics . This. is to bB done in o/cler to giv e Har-

vard '~the dignity and im p or·tq,pce· which belongs to their g·ener al eclu -· cation . system ." The directo r will be· a member of the facu lty of t h e De-· : partment o f Arts and, Scienc e a nd. . . · . . will be charrm an of ,the com m ittee· • ' • • on athletw sports at the Umvers1ty .. 1 ,.,......;r)!t,¢ Text __..__ .. _.. ·'· ~.Thjl , 1Vn,\V"\1fSit;v . 0 ~ J<?:j;Y,a. send s a de -batine: team a b. road ·in 19 2 7. 'l'his ~



, .,. "'

~fill(m ,b;iJ,s p~~P:,. _s!)le9t~~ 'Fl:Y .~~R- Insti-

timer blew ~is hom and stood there, in tb.e d oorway, p~lling; tut~, of,, . I!,!terpat,io~al, ,,Jii,g tfl(atlon to t,ne alfr ay , was ended, tliere followed his hair 0 !bsequiously-but [ must,' 1Je 1 r ePresept. , t}1E'f,:,P9-~1~!J,\l,1 , ~tates i n Lorthat 6 t o"' · k s, finn. . .there. had been. msuffm1ent . ' 111:0~"~ a' t u~~ .. u It11ous mom-.n s h ne ens1co. All exPE')n!';.es oJ;, th!3 t eam are 1ngs m this constitution regarcl mg t htl h" t l ~ 'nd 'h" ..,, 0 """ c.. to be paid by th~ i.nstit't;,ti~ri. . . . . . . ; w IS eo a ur ra,, .,_ ... ,o·w e nsu e c1 a · "Get out," I shouted.


. . ., ,, " I

";he~ th~

compulsory chapel fails to m o ve the University of Dubuque author ities, the· editor of The· Blue and \V'h ite p leads. for this " one concession. , He suggests that the roll be taken Cit the· beginning of the period so t h at the stu dents might assume the right t o . walk out during particularly obnoxi~ ous speeches.-The New Student .




eh~I· b·


~~~~~,' ... ·:a:•.·q··.scra· .'l:nb. . ..· . , . h.·. n.•,g, .•;an . .. cl.

to ship Ill.. the,• ' ·,, onal aIllty. n d business departments. ,




Pnor to t h iS revaswn th e cortstitu. tion has been in.e ffective in• ca. p,ing with unusual circumstai1ces. Therefore, this change has take n place with the object of eliminating such clift'iculties. The following are articles of the constitution which have und e r gone this change: AR'l'ICLE V Hules Governing Eligibility ' ble to mem S ection 4.-To be ·elie:I ~ cl ep ~. •··.ent, bershl·p ·I·n the eclr'tor·I·,ol '" ~ tl1e C =nnc1I'c1ates shall be rnemb ers of,

.str~ ~



in. •. J.· o. stlin g of :. s,· lr.··. •.'· ''Yes.··' .. Viei(i . ··.t.Jli ···· 'e·. ' ·.· .•.·•gdQ· ·' I sir·.· ' . and tators t o congratulate t he p layers. coach d'ou btless went as I clirecuecl. Th h c1 d . i . ere were -Inerry an c·1asps, an VIp-" I never •saw ,ap,yo.n e so \ ,pJ.~;t., out• ·:tr :lent shakings. It· had all been too all my life. ' FancY that! , wonderful! · A remade varsity team Hoping. you are .the s ame, I am,. ,. etei' coming thru so honorably . and in J oswald Jones. such a commendable manner-some--·------

. :,A-tter a PP\)1'\-l'e,cl YD: : t h e earn -· ,pus:, o+ ' the.,, :Univ,E')rsit,;v,; Qdloraclo. w~th. 30-inqi;I. ::oxf<;>rcl .)?f!,gs,;: , a stu-


o.r. '·

dent ~here., .w as fpun.<'l l 1s);l-q,rPy after,w;:wcls,. ill: ll,n u n consciouE> co ndition,. and, -his "bag!3" were 1>\!.e n. [lecora.ting a nearby tree bra nch.


thing unpreceden ted. CHI O TEA . -The Connect.ic.u..,·t· C.a n.lpus Yes, it was truly an excellent eli. on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 23, the Love is misery, sweet\)ned, w ith immax. But, after the last play was · · members .o f Lambda Beta. ..of Chi. agination, salted with. tears, si)iced completed and "Keaney's Dogs" were , I omega were hostesses at a tea given . with doubt, fiavorecl wi~h po ~elty and hiking to the shower s, someone p roin honor of Miss Helen :m. peek, our swallowed with your eyes s nut . Love pitiously remarked at my elbow, acting clean of women, The chapter is. like appendicitis· . ·. .you ., ,_ never , , k n~ w "Keaney's made them what they a r e." "'hen nor how It IS g·o111~ t o stri ke rooms were a delightful background ! " . . ·. . " ..'.. It's true! Thete is no delusion c on- for the merry tea. drin kers. who gat h- .. yo~-t h·. e on1Y differ en_c.e· that,.

the Junior or Sophomore Cla ss, pre- cerning the fact. There came a pic ferably the Junior class, and shall ture to my mind of the coach's club previousiy have served at least twen- in action. Of "Dick" Barber and Tommy Multy-seven weeks on the Associatio n Department. cahy fighting against odds; " Pickles" ARTICLE VI Hammett, with his characteristic pep, ~Iet~ods of Election to Board of clashing here and there undaun ted; Editors "Reel" Haire, a towering mass, caging Section 2.-(Election to member s h ip basket after basket with inclefatigin th e News Department). At t he be- able sureness; "Chet" Jensen, with g inning of each semester a. co mp eti- incredible swiftness and calmness, tion of at least seven weeks' duration passing the ball up and clown the for membership in the New& D epart- 1. floor;· and of "Kip pie" Bosworth, with ment shall be held open to t h e entire 1 his seven league strides, as j u mping stu d ent body. * "' "' ' ' center. :B'rom a delinquent and de-


erecl there before the fire. Miss Taylor poured at a tea table, charmingly decorated flowers · which were appropriate ·for. the occasio n . Among the guests present were Mrs. Peck, the w o men faculty and the patronesses of the chapter. Virginia T. Broome, '28, was chairman of the committee in charge of the affair . Madman says: "Lots of people would commit suicide by jumpin g in the river but they are afraid of catching cold."


after one attack of appendicitis yourcuriosit y is perfectly llatisfied . 1 I True love is nothing but f rien dship, I ~ ighly int~nsifiecl , ?avored •:Vith sen-· t1ment, s p iced with passio n and sprinkl ed with the steuclust of r omance. Falling in love consists m erely in uncor king the imagination a n d battling the conscious sense. Love is woman 's eter nal sp ring a n d m a n 's eternal fall. It is, a game at which men must play against stacked cards, and without the slightest in k lin g of the trump.



'North-~a~t~r~ First . II ·v·.··c·'t··J·m·· .·.•·n·.. S'e'r····es of' I B ., ' ..· ,k.·. .r tJ_b " }J' w ··-~ . . . .as .e .· .a • . IDS' 1



. ·. ,



Aggie OJiub Meeting Wednesday, Feb. 24, the Aggie c h]'J) Makes Splendid Come• held the first meeting it has held (iri b~ck;· · Battling Fin-e, Ear.ns I a long time . President Smith calle d Well-Deserved and Apprecia-rthe meeting to order at 7:30 P. ll!C

· · . 'Varsity

-~-~~-·-·-· ··

" .,. ·



t·i· v·e Ap . pl.a_use . ... ---'f!.ho d e Island State evened up mat~-~ ter s w~th N ortheastern University 'tiy .fl.ef ea t b1g t h em in an exciting game. T h e. gam e was played in Lippitt Ball o n T u esd ay, Feb. 23. '.rhe final score was R. I. St ate 43; Northeastern Uni:v ersit y 31. Nortbea ster·n came clown to Kings t on w ith t h e idea of copping b~th gi:mies of the series. But Coach Keaney's r econstr!Jct_e(l: squad has b een pla~ ing se n sational hall lately · d th B ll;n e oston team found some unex p ect ed co m p etition, as the score indicat es.

R I. Sta t e str;1xted the game with Hail"e an(l Jensen, for·wards, Bosw orth . center, and Barber and Mul-c ahey, g uard s. As they hqve done in ;most g ames up to elate, the college boys jumped into the lead with a fancy ex h ibit ion of p_a.sses and shot. "Red " Hai re and "Kippy" Bosworth had t heir eyes o pe n on that night and the Stat e sc ore began to rise. Jensen d i cl s o m e .flashy work in his positio n, w h ile B arb er and Mulcahey held down · their men well. It was a smooth-work in g squad that repre·sented R h ode Isla nd. N ort h eastern began to pep up a lit tle 'towards t he end of the half, but at all t im es t h e co llege boys held their 1ead . 'l'h e score at the half \vas R. I. State 2 4, N or t h ea stetn 11. The see on d h alf was a continuation of th e firsfpa~tof the g;~me; - ;,_;-t b'oys held cl own the v isit or s with ease. Renkei·' a nd Simms of Northeastern Sh OWed tJ p' w e n I arld SCOred mOSt Of t hei'r tearti•s poirlts during· this half. B u ftli.e i'ead 'that k· r;· Sta'te had could not b e 6've'rdtn:nE'l Ha"'tne ii-·lime went 11 ' in du'r fa'V'ii r . For'·.Rhdd'e Isli\fftd, Haire ' w a s t he . high v'ointei" -,~Ith six baskets fro m. ,the !l'oiil.'. . While Bo~Worth and Jtf'bi3~h' ' ' ct'ie\\1 '''tHeir' 'share ' of shots '•' '·!'CoAc h Keiufey gltve' hi~ re'serve me~ a chan ce ii-l.'''flng"last half Hammett N~g~s. 1\ii:urf;by,' 'I'>raghetti' 'aitd Blak~ being put in to t he f'ray. ' "Pickles" .. H~iiull'ett '*eht trito the gathe like a 1 . ' Wtlirfwin l:lut fJ:e matl'e to ur person·.· a 1s'in ·a bout a s many minutes s~ was . ·.\< . .- .~J,!:~ ·,.-,,, ,.',·, .. ' ' ' ' OIJ,( 'the battle s oon. .1'h e lineup: R . I: State Northeastern U. Haire rf -------------------"-- ·(·"------ rf Simms Jen se n lf - ------------"----------------- lf Renker Bosworth c ____________ c Korberta


Baskets: H a ire 6, Bosworth 5., Jensen 5, B arbe r , ·Mnlcahey, •·ftenker 4, Rober t a 3, Si~nms 3, Roberts . . Goals fr o m fou ls.: · Haire 2, Jensen ?. . Bosworth , Ren ker, Simms, Koberta. S-ubs:· Hammett, Negus, Murphy, D raghetti , Blak~. Sylvester, Lyman, J ansen. Referee: Coady. Timer Toot ell. Scorer \¥halen. 'rime-20-minu te h a lves.

NEW C. E. SOOIETY IS FORMED rConitnu ed from Page 1) Ed w a rd Spargo-President. Her b ert Taf t-Vice President. Edward Intas-Secretary. Cassius R ogers-Treasurer. A no ther meeti ng will be held soon, at which some man prominent in Civil E.ngineering work will b e the speaker . F u rther info r mation will be announ ce d la ter by P ro f essor vVebster.



scenes en- I MAINE furniture



!Jlh e ·first business hvought up by the




Pa"o 1 1

)'Jresid-ent •was the : :e le.ction•.. •of A'l, perSUI11!Ylaty.: ., i. m anent )'JresidenL Messrs, J\iJ:.cKen• J~. J:. State U. of ~lain~ ~ti~,· 'F\le m ing; ~rumhnll <~nd F. itt's wer-el -.Haire, !.f. - - ----- -- ----- r.g., _ Bryant n om1na:ted; Frtts was elected... ... ;,.,.,,_. Jensen, r.f. ---- l.g·_., .I'Jftnsc orri At this •time• Mr: -Hiller explained Bosworth, c. ______ , _______,__, ______c,.,_,l?f~nscom

Mr . Ge. or~e Mars.h was the speaker. •~_'·t. ·•'that>.'it •h as-been the custom Lor .. each the .e vemng. He gave a very in ter- cJa ss to rpvint an Issue .of --The Beacon. e$ting' talk, "The Hudson Bay Land$ The class, vo.tecl~ unan.iJ;nousl¥• tp, ,foTand the 'Lands of Labtador.'' H e'' low :tbe•eu13l!oin an•d: ..gave th.e .president fold of numerous · experienceS'•· . e n~' pow er •to'>app.oint. •a.committee. -of. 25. countered While travelin'g tlll'O;ugh The d efeated candidates •:for tn+esithese lands. At the conclusion: of d e nt were: - electNi a committeei to this informal taJk, eats ·were " serf,red , p u rch a se;, 1.1\ ' elas'!, qamner. The Jlass whi1e the boys questioned Mr. ·Mar~h . dues wewe made three dollars a ~ear.

Barber, !.g. ------------ - l.g., Kamenkovhz' ·Mulcahy, r.g-. "-"-"·---·-'--·--------- r.f., Lak~ •Snbstitutions: Maine-Bef!-tty.,., for . Bra;Juscom, Olson for Bryant, p ,unneU -for. I-Ianseom; goals from tloor,: Bo:k worth 10, Haire 4, Jensen 2, 1\fulcal)y 2, Lake 4, Kamencovitz 3, Branscom ·2·; Hanscom 4, Bryant, Olso n -Z·; 'goals f rom fo u ls: Bosworth 2, Lake; r.eferee"

'A fter the eats, Mr .. Marsh ~tl'!cl the" T h e president was ·given PoweJ to Cody. 1-· · gang .s moked through numerous top - appoint a banquet committee of )lve: r. M . A~u.t: ,::xes, I a m going to ics of the north. -- - - - - - - ·--- · ddve -a. ta.xi ,q·lis &umJ1'lf_\r.'' He: "What nice hands · you haveU. R. Wrigh,t : Fair (fare) eno~gh . # Freshman Class Meeting very s oft." .. ; Percival: "D~n't you ever wish you 'rhe- I<'reshmen held their sec o.nd A noth er He: "Well, I always -Jr. .;ar· class m!)eting of the year, .\¥ednes- g loves t o _bed at night." day, Feb . 24, at 8 P. M. in L ippitt H e: "Do you wear a hat a lso.?;'

She : "No, do you?"

O n e of the power alnp /ifier

world's .first



of tne


' 'The 'world's Antenna of super-powe.r trari.smit'ter

Loudest Voice ..:op tl-ie , ~oliing ·Plains of S-outh Schenectady,


B a rber r g -----------------·rg Roberts Mulcahey lg -----------"------------ lg Raffone . 'Ii'irtal score : R. I. State 43; Northea stern 31. ·

Til.~! ~sual ~~~otic

. I·· :::a;::~:;.g H a ll.


From the ·studio of WGY in. Schenectady, six miles from t he developmental station, there may be e<;mtre>lled a great number of transmitters, one of which is the first super-power tr<J-nsmitter in the world. WGY, together with its associ, ates, KOA Of Denver and KGO of Oakland, is the General Electric Company's assurance to the American public r adio broadcasting shall be maintained upo;n the highest standards.


A new series of G-E advertisements showing what electricity is doing in many fields will be sent on request. Ask for booklet GEK-1.

in . sev;era.l s<;a.ttered buildings, is a. vast laboratory for &tlidyiitg ·r.a.dio broad2~sting,' prol:>Le,ffi~• . (;laJ:hered .hex;e- are mapy.kinds audj s~ies oftr.l;tll~il:litt;~r~~ -from t1Je S.J-io~t-\VaY~. , and low~"'po:wer sets .to the. giant ~uper;;power unit with a 50- to 250-kilo:watt Voice .

Super-power . and simultanem.1s broadcasting on. several w~ve -~~ngtps from the . same . staticn a::~ · am,o:n,g the .; s:ta.rtling later-day developments in radio. And even,with . hundx:eds of ··broadcasting stations daily on the air'throughout the hind; these latest developments stand for stm better servic~ to millions oflisteners. Only five years old~ yet .r adio broadcasting has developed from a. laboratory 'experiment into a mighty industry. And alert, keen young men havej reaped the rewards. · B1,;1t history repeats itself. Other electrical developments. will cor..tinue to appear. And it will be th~ college man, with broad vision and trained mind who will be ready to serve and succeed. '







.:Page Four '





R. I. Breaks the Boston Univ. Jinx

. I

The Track Forecast


. .. .

FRESHMENc~!~~~~ 9 -4~-2 4

(Continued from page i) Rhode Island State is facing the . .(Continued. from Pagel) coming track season with the 'best end o1' the half the scqre was '19 - 6 Locals Trounce Terriers for First excep tionally g 00 q: wor k. Wh ile our .team material in several years . The in the· local favo1·. In the second stanza t he " fr osh" Time in Two Seasons; Take QocEds won th.e game by a good men )lave been kept' in trim all win· b l.y ter by Coach Tootell, Who has h ad rapidly increased the score by _a n ex- · Last Basketball Fray by 41-25. s._ore, th., e t·eant wor k w a s no·t 10ea Score; Re-organized Team weak and the girls .did not p lay· up the squad out on every day the J hibition of basketball passing ' a nd to form . The forwards f or Rhode weather permitted. Consequently· shooting that. w .a s l~eautiful · to watch. Stands the Acid Test Island caged some neat sh ots in sp ite this spring the _s quad is in much bet- Hur w itz featl!red with lo n g s hots 11• The Rhode Island varsity bitsketball of the strenuous opposition furn iSh ed· ter condition than in former years . when the moments of. the g'l-me a p peared to show n o one to p ass to. stea~C~ won E\. .. har d fougl:lt g ame at by the op posing g-,u.ards, . and th e g·ir ls '.rhe "Frosh" class of last year a lso .. tl).e loca l g y mnasi]Jm recently, from In the last qu.a r ter the1ce fl.P P eared from . Storrs seldom got .a chance ·to brought along some valuable material to be a little discrepancy .in ~lie lo t h e D.. U. quintet by a 41-28 sc or e . .shoot fre e owing to the fi ne def ense [ for ·the team: "Speed" Randall in the ca l team. The bo ys fought hard but . ~Our varsity showed a rev ersal in fp rm by our gl!a~·ds. . J quarter and half miles, .Talbo.t in the did not team together, and the N u t and heat the TerT ~er outfit which h ad The lineup and suJ:nmary_: hund . red an'd. the. broad and high meggers. r an up a .score that too k the ,defe:'\ted the R . L te am earlier in : nie Rhode Isl and jump, Benny Fine in the mile and sting out of th e de fe at. .. se.a so n... . . .. . . .. . G 11' • P two miles, Lou Dring- in the mile and The game s tarted off a t a fast pace The s tory : 21 two miles, "Pickles" Hammett in the and before the v isitors realized what v. Broome, r.f. R. I . S, C. , . '2 9 1 1 1 mile, Foster in the low and high 'was taking p lace the ldcals 'h ad 0 · A lleba ugh, Lf. - -·•· ----- 5 p F G ·o 0 hurdles and Richardson in the pole scor€' d four field goals in rap id sue- D. Urquhart , j.c. - -· -----·-- 0 10 Epstein, r.f. ------------------4 K . Clar k (c apt.) s .c. ____ ____ 0 0 0 vault. 0 0 -· cessiv n", mai'nly through the effp rts P ykoz , r.f. ---- -------------------, 0 0 1 M. Negus, r.g ---------·-·------· 0 Bob Strong will probably lead the Trumbull, l.f. ____ .. ___ ____________ 3 1 7 of Bosworth a nd · H aire. T he Terriers 1 0 Benny Szulik, I. f. ___ __ __ ___ _ ____ __ __ __ __ 0 managed to score a few baskets, ' but K. Holley, r.g . ...... .... --·.------ 0 squad in the two-mile with



" Rhody" maintained to keep the lead throughout the first hal f. The score at t he end of the h a lf was 23-16 in favor of the locals. During t he first ha1f, the defensive WQtk of Mulcahy a n d Barb er featured. The second half started off at a fast pace, which the locals set, a n d t he B. U. boys were unab le to stop it. Bosworth and Haire w ent wild on their shooting, each shooting t hree basket s ap iece. Cohen and Hor to n starred for the visitors during this half, each scoring t hree b askets. During the half there were several substitutions made q,n account of personal fo uls. Hammett was substituted for Mulcahy who had played a remarkable game, and for t h e visitor s Lucinsky was substituted f or Captain Leonard. Haire was high scorer of the con tes t, scoring 1 6 points, while Bosworth followed with 1.5 points.. Jensen als o contributed some spectacular shots. Fox: t he v isitors, Co h en and Hor ton were the shining lights. ·A word might b e said a s to the b ehavior of the crowd in r egard to t he ref eree's decision. The officials have <-een " ridden" too o f ten a n d a . de" eided change should be noticeable in the n ear future. Lineup:

R. I . State

Boston U. Haire , r.f. -· -------------·--.... ............. l. g. Cotter .Jensen, I. f . -----------------------· r .g. August Boswo rth , c. ------~- ' -- · · -- - - ____ c, Horton 1\<lulcahy, r .g . ___ _____________ __ , l.f., Leo nard Barber, l.g. _______________ _____ ____ ___ _ r.f. , Co h en

. --- - ·--------------

Fine and Dring close o n his heels, as 32 14 6 Totals they both have done fine work in Connecticut cross-country. Bob may also run i n G F P I the mile. Hammett special iz es in this 1 2 Kenne dy, l.g. 0 ~ event, however, and can be ·depended 2 0 Bartle, r.g. 0 upon to grab first place nearly every 1. 0 time. Fine and Dring W!m also be in Buell, j .c. -------------· ---------- 0 2 0 this event. I;Iopkins, s.c. -------------------- 0 Half-milers are scarce, 8 with only Randall and Clegg in the Grant ( c apt.) , l.f. ----------- 4 0 11 running, although this pair will prob1 M urphy, r ,f. ----- ---- 5 ably get the first two p la .c es in this 19 event and hte quarter-mile aga inst 8 Tota ls ------------ ------------ 1.l Substitu tions: Rhode Island-M. any but the best competition. Orr is Humes for D. Urquhart ; r efer e e : Bai- scheduled to run his stuff i n the next ley of Newton; umpire : Miss H a r vey; event a nd the quarter-mile against timer: E . Ramsbottom. twenty dash . In th e hundred Talbot is a sure-fire man, with the rest of Here today; gone tomorrow. the dash men still to be picked . Eric :





3 1

1 0






6 0 11

.3 0 4 0

3 0

Tota ls -.--------------------- 18 7 Cqnnecticut Aggies, '29 G F White, l.f ------ ------ --·· · 3 2 Anderson, r.f. ------------------ 2 1 Ellovitch, c . ------ --------- - ---- 4 0 T arling, r.g. ---- --- ------- ----- --- 0 0 Dall, l.g.· ---------------------- ----- - 1 1 Callahan, r.f. -------------------- 0 0 Schildgren, r.g . _________ 0 0


0 43

p 8

5 8 0

3 0 0

"I feel lik;-; pi:ano." -

In the weights some good men Totals __ _______ ___ __ ____ ____ 10 24 1 have been dev eloped during the win"Upright?" Taft: Referee: Cody, Boston; timer: Tooter, including Gannon , Bruce and Eric: "No , baby, grand." tell ; scorer : vV' h a len ; time-Four 10'Cleary. A modern miss is good for a mile; This year the State is meeting minute periods. than if the gas holds . out, she o ften Northeastern, Trinity, Connecticut, doesn't. MOVIES and is competing at the InterThe following list of movies that T ap : "I didn't work the old stall collegiates. will be shown in Lippitt Hall: again this vacation." Mar. 6-"i\ncient llighwar." Auto Salesman·: " Could I interest Dan ce: 11 Whazat?' ' ~Jar. 13-"Pony Express." Mar. 20-"Rugged Waters." Tap: "Well, I held my quarter ly you in an auto?" come She: "Perhaps you co uld; ~Jar. 27-"He's a. ·Pl'ince." report until Xmas v acatio n ·and I ' sailed clean for the first week. I put around in one som~time." Apr. 10-''Tlle Goose Hangs High.'' a 'not to be opened until c'hristmas' Apr. 24-"Irish Luck." Millman: "Yes, my face is my foron that and the Dea.n's ·letter." May 1-"Stage St.ruck." tune ." ~lay 8-"Too Many Kisses." Nat: " You're lucky; you don't have Jimmy: "I see there isn't any bank May 15-"The Man W ho Found in Kingston now, is there?" to pay an in'C orne t ax." Hiinself." P u g: "You're wro n g. Lookit' the May 22-''TlHi Lucky Devil." A b all hit S utton on the head and snow banks / , looking surprised he said: " Those ~lay 2~ June· 5-'-"Enchant<..>d. Hill.'' · darn horse flies are bothering alCo-ed : "You may kiss my han d." June i'2_,_:-"New Lives r<n·A)Id.'' ready ." Val : " I like your cheek ."




Score : R.I. State 41; B oston ·u. 28. · L. VAUGHN CO. Goals from ftoor : H a ire 7, Bosworth 7, Jensen 5, Cohen 5, Horton 3; L eo n '~ · Establis'hed 1847 ard 2, August; goals fron'lj· fou.l : H a ire ' Marwfact.urers · of S ASH, DOOBS, BLINDS, 2, Bosworth, Co hen 2, Leo.nar d , .Hor .,b,ND BUILDERS' FINISH ton, August, - Cott~ ; substituti•ms : 1153' 1155 Westm inster Street Hamm'ett for M u lcahy, Lamont fo r Barber, Negu~ for Hammett, Blake fo~· Lamont, Hickey for Blake; referee : , "Kingst~n Hill Store" Coady, Boston; time : 20 ~minute NOTIONS .. ' GROCERIES :· halves. ·" Do you love me?:' ': '"No, t hat's o n ly high blood pres-

Magoun, c . _________ _____. ________ Connelly, c. ___________ _____ ___ _____ I:lindl ey, c . ---- ------ ------- ------Fleming·, r.g. -----------------·-Musserlian, r.g. ___ ___ ____ ____ Hurwitz, .l. g . _____ -----------·-Gould , l.g.






1lUXEDOS 212 Union

Providence, R. I.


Light Lunches a Soecia lty Cigarettes -C andy ICE CREAM


Browning Kmg & Co.




Pro'Yidence, R. I.



HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied SCience, Business Administration, Eng~eering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economics

Entrance Requirements: Fifteen Units of High School Work

For further information, addreu The Registrar, Kingston, Rhode Island

Expenses for Year, estimated at $400

( I

Beacon v20 is18 03041926