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Soph Hop to Be !Basketb~ll Curtai~=Riser Ends In . IInterfra!ernity i R.I. Win Over New Bedford, 49-26! Councd.Shows A Snappy Party From All Reports '"Rhody" Easily Overcomes Opposition; Interest Lags in One-Sided I . Marked ProgreSS Contest; Haire, Playing First Varsity Game, Is High Scorer Jn eve.Iopment. -s m . _N ____ew' F rat erm·t·y ~'Pep" Borden In Charge Qf Affair; Big Time Expected By

An ·


basket - .Iter a n d H . aire t oo k


.r ight f orward



Minutes .Qf . th e s.~ond meeting oi committee eleet.ed by the temporary form of the Interfratern it y ! Council. i The second me.eting of this committee was called to o rder by chair man. R ev . M r . Beardsley, Wednesd ay, Nov. 18 , 1925, at 4:.30 p . m. in the Board Hoom. The first bJJs in ess of this ·meeting was th e r eport by eacl:t d e legate on t~e att1tu ~e tak e11 . (m cer ta1~ ques tl ons by his respectiVe fratermty. [ The · motion was made and secondI ed t h at the name of t h is new or -




t e r the boys got their eyes on th e G o als from fo u ls : Asher 2. H ill 1, I ganization be left "Polygon." This hoop an d proc e eded to drop the b.all Haslam 2, H a ire 2, Jensen, Spec k en . motion was carried . in ft·eque~tly . Haslam co ntributed Hamm et, Carlo s 2. Hawthor n e ,. ?<I ul·The m otion was made and sec ond his share in this quaJ;ter, unt il h e Ia rkey , Sc hofiel d . !' eel t h at the business of the Polygon wrenc hed his knee and h ad to be car Time: Fom· 10-minute perio d s. , be non-secretive . Motion carried. ried off the floor , Sp.ecke n going. in 1 . Hefet·ee: -Ho "·ard . Timekeeper- ~ Th e motion was made and seco nd ed rigl1t' d. A:Sller- shifte d to c erh1 Lang'\\•(5-i"tfi ~-:-· ·¥ co:rei- =\V h"Elia:rr-- --• tflat c...' a :..::- o!lst-it.uti01"lal -c~mn:rittee _o f -----_--------- - ---- - - - -·-·--·----.- -- ------ -- -- -··-- I t hree be e le c ted. Motio n canied.

Mr. Bo rden a s chairman of th e committee w ill have the following assistants to carry out in person the v a rious deta ils of th e danc e : Music-Lo u is J . Spekin. Coat. Rooms~owe11 H .. Conway~-' , l~avors a nd Programs~Elsie B. Gamelsbach . Refreshments-Antoin ette H ay.

Bl·g lmprov·ement .· "Rhody·_" Wr·enches

Ifl 0 fC hestra I8 I. ts second v·Jctory Due to · p ractice • Fron1. c . oast Guard.·8


Decorations-Geral d A . Cleary. Lighting- James H . Allenson. F'loo rs-H oJancl ·A. Gignac.


Mr . Presby, Mr . Gratto n and Mr. Perron.

____ _

The moti.o n was made and s ec ond ( Conti nu ed o n page 4)

Gold Keys Are to Be Given to Locals Trounce Cadets, 35-29; Active Members Visitors Show Unexpected Opposition; Blue and White De, 'l'he H. I. State Orchestra, under fense Weakens in Second Half the direction of Prof. ·B l"ow n , is ho ld-

fo llows : Dr. and Mrs . Edwards Miss Alic.e E dwards Mr. a nd Mrs . C. "\Veldon Mr. a nd M r s. F. Keaney Mr, and Mrs. W . vVhelan Mrs: L. Peppard M r. C. Sweetin,g .

i t'lg weel, ly r eh ear sals in Lippitt Hall ever y 'l'hursday . As a resu lt of fa it h f ul pr·actke. the orc h estra h as improved to a great extent, as can be evi denced by the efficient playing of selections e very week at as s emb ly .

Assembly Again Hears a Lecturer From Yale Univ. Provost Henry S. Graves Talks On "Forests and Forestry in America"; Or.c hestra Continues Its Pleasing Music '

assembly was held in Lippitt Hall o n , fi_ftee~ inu~icia· n· s. ·. :.~e . ~n~trum ~nta this d a y and a n unusually interesting , tion I S as follows. S1x vw lms, p Ja n o, progra m was carrie d out. 'cello, base v iol, banjo , co r net, clar-iThe assembly was opened w ith the net, flute , trombone a nd drums. This ~olleg e orch estr a playing a lively cer tai nly . forms the nuc leus o-f a go od march , "Mexican Incorrigibles." This ' orchestra a nd Prof. Brown intends to ~as fo ll owed by a specially prepa r ed : d evel op · several soloists before the

"Industry Evolution And Primitive Art" Lecture Is Given

- - ·---R hode Islan d Sta te d efeated the U . S . Coast G u ard Aca demy o f New L ondo n in th e f a stest ancl best game p layed on th e Li p !)itt floor this year . The final sco r e of the b attle was H. I. State 35, Coast G u ar d Cadets 29. The

At a rece nt meeting of th e orchestra, local q uinte t m et some stiff compe it was voted t o a war d · special go l d tition .in the Cadet b a ll tossers and keys to ti1e activ,e membe r s. These h ~ d to do some snappy playing to k eys w ill be g ive n · at the c lose of the annex the victo r y. year, a nd in .order to b e e lig ib le to 'I'h e game s tarted off wit h .A;sher r eceive a k ey, the candid a tes must be a nd H iP as f o r wards. Haslam center , pyesent a t mos.e of the: ·rehearsals a n d and Jense!l a n d Ha;ire gua~·ds for assemb li es. Any s t udent who· is ab - Rhode Jslan.d . T.he rangy Coast sent from three rehearsals or three Guards d r ew f i r st blood wl:ten F~·e nch ass e mblies will not be elig ibl e to re- ,1 i';ecured th e ball through som.e snap ceive the award. . . PY pass work a n d shot a baskeot. Thi s T h e orch.estra_ is stead~ly incre asing ~ put the C ollegians o n their m ettl e i n size, thet·e bemg now mclud ed over a nd t hey began t o p lay the g-am,e as

j i t is.

The sec reta ry was ins trvcted to one ballot for each of the following nom inees, who w ill constitute t he above comm i ttee :

I cast


The patr ons of the dance will be as

On Monday, Nov. su: classes re sumed imm ediate~y after the Thanks giving holid ays . T .h e r egular weekly

Governing Body P~ovide Th~t

It .Be a Non-Secretive Organl·

I t he



Comm ittee--Virginia


d ay, Dec. 2, w ith a victory over th e The last half ''"as pretty much a New Bedford Textile Schoo l five at repetition of t he first , except that Carlo·we of Textile c a ged a n umber Lippitt Hall. The final score was 49 of baskets whic h c u t do\v n the home to 26 . The home team l ed a l\ the team 's lead a bit . The substitutes way with a good margin, the New got the ir c hanc e in the la s t quarter. Bedfo rd boys never hav ing a look in. The summa ry; H ill a nd Haire wer e the stars for Rh<>de Island :>lew Bedford Testile R hode Is1and , while Hawthorn e a nd Asher If .... ·---·-· ··-·· .. If Huth a·way Carlo we d id th e best work for the Hill rf -·· ·-·· ·-------·--- --r f Carl os Bay Staters. Haslam c -· ----·-- -· ·-- ·- ··- c Hawthor n e In th e first quarter, Rh o d e Isl.a nd Hair·e lg : _, .. ··-·---·------·· lg Mullar k e y was continua lly in th e oppone nt's t e r - J ensen rg .---··'-------···-- __ i·g Schofield ritor y, but had difficulty in finding Goals from t h e floor: AsheP 4, Hill the basket, although they did collect 4, Hathaway 4 , Carlos 4, Haire 5, Haseno.ugh to m ake the game one-sided lam 3, Jensen Bruce 2. Schofield, from th e s t a rt. In th e second q u a~- Def o nso .

"Wait! Wait! I saw the s ig n in 'Aggie.' I'm going t o t liat d ance.'·' "WeH, yo u 've got to step lively. 'l'his Soph . Hop is g oing to b e o n e of the fastest d a nces tha tever excee ded the sp eed la ws of merry Lippitt, for 'P rp ' Bo rden a nd his peppy ass ist ants will tra n sform Lippitt H a ll into a most c h a rming ball ro o m in w hic h gay collegians m ay spe n d an eve ning of p leasure. Th e hall wil l be at tractive ly decora ted a nd lig h ted according to the s n appy id eas of a committee whg hopes t o m ake the affair none other than a of su ccess."·

_Hecep tio n Bro ome.

Hhode I s land opened

ba ll season a u spiciously o n Wednes- bert h.

Prof. McCurdy of Yale Gives Illustrated Lecture; Assembly Speaker States That Advance• ment in Art and Industry Was Very Slow Th e · last assembly before t he T hanksgiving h olid ays was h eld in L ippitt Hall on Mo nday, Novem ber 22 . This proved to b e one of t h e most interesting assemblies· held t his YE!ftr, with an excep tiona lly fine ·lee-

t ure as the feature . Th.e as.s,embly ope ned with th.e vsual exce lle n t p lay i ng of the college orchestra, . the "P hil o -Senate" march by Cnac h Kea . ney . Bas!{et 11'ollo wed .bas ket and the R. I. score ·, bega n to r.ise. Capt. Hill m ade t he first b asket for the State team, and . t h is was foUowecl by._.Je n:se n shootin g t wo in a row. Some h eady team work was display~ d a nd the ball was

, being the number rendered . . Th..e o.r~ chestra fo llowe d up this se).ect.iolJ. . w ith an e n, " J.iove's Longing/ ' by ; J{l!Jm, w hic h r eceived mucll applause : fro;n th e a udie n ce. · · . . . · : ~ Following this, Prof. ~artwell mad~ i a few rem arks and r ead · some notic·e·s .

selecti.o n , "So uthern Japanese Melo dy ; year is over. ' han dled by H . I. most of t he t im e. in A,'' wl"lioh was well received by the ' The orchestra is at present special- : Hill a n d Jen sen got four b ask ets audience.. ! izi ng on concert and olil el;atic numc : apiece in t his half, while "Red! " H a ire ' I ' Dr. Edwards then opened the . .a s- · bers at the rehearsals, and the musi - , a nd '•'Firpo " Asher each s h ot ·one. sembly exercis es w ith a short address : cian s h ave received m a ny comfilenda - ' For the Coa:st Guards Frenoh did !:1-n.d this .was follo;yed by (hlvotio n al tio n s '' fr.onr experienced· pla yers, who ; most o f the sco r -ing t his half. The ii~~vices. Dr. Edwards ·n.ext introduced 'I h·~ve h ea):d· . the· . o r c nestra . per fo rm . . New Londoners co uld not get t heir (Conti nued o: 1 page 4) (Continued on page ·3')" ·· 1 (Contl·nued on page 3)

the fir·st n otice co ncerned the Phi D elta · society, th e college dramatic club. All stud ents Who desire to. try_ out for Phi Delta were requested secure instru ctions a t the college li~ brary: The next notice annou.n ced ' the beginning of the Varsity D e bating (Continued on Page 3 j




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which offset the bat·eness of the h a ll

olficial publlcatlon of

o n . the court. Th.ey made a fin e impression as they were warming up in pr ep aration for the gam e . A greater c heer, however, went u p when R. I. made its appearance . The s uits worn by the home tea m , c o n cealed under much the blue sweaters, aro used . 'tY m . th e au d lence. ' Published weekly by· the students of c unosl R. I . ·S tate College When t he first blast of the w histle was hea rd , our players threw off their i sweaters, ex posing to v iew the pure Terms of Subscription On e year in advance ---- .. ----- ··-- ....... $2.00 wh ite suits, the e d ges of w hich w .e l·e Single copies _____ __ _.. _.. _________________ ___ _.. .0<5 trimmed w ith' national blue. A t .this Signed sta tements printed when space a murmur of appro bation s pread permits. Responsibility for same not through the audien ce. T h e p la yers assumed by the paper. Subscri1bers who do not receive their quicl{ly assum e d their posit ions and paper regu larly are requested fo notiat the. second s h rill of the r efer ee 's fy t~t; ~psiness Manager. wh istle the game was on . The varsity s u rely outclassed their Notice of E'ntry Acceptance for mailing at special visitot·s in playing a s well as in ap v iv id . rate postage provided for in Section _p ear a n ce, the contrast being 1103, Act' of Octo·b er 3, 1917, Author- May they be a s successful in t he Ized Janu:try 13, 1919.

games to co me.

Member of the Eastern Intercollegiate Newspaper As•s ociation

What's Wrong?

Editor• in -chief D ona IIi R. Kinzie, '2 6

Th e tea cher who l ead s the student greater knowled ge is essentially familiar with his field of e n d e a vor; of


Managing Editor A lb ert L. Hiller, '27

Business Manager

e qual ability is he of the rarer mental disposition t h a t m akes him sympath ize \"it h the mental att itudes of h is Contributing Editor .• students and that these seeker s Willis J. Snow, '25 knowledge with a realization of th e NEWS STAFF broader a spect s o f life . He is n ot Walter Suita, '27-Athletics tlernice E. Grieves, '27 Intercollegiate provincial i n h is ow n t h inking as r e George H. Alexander, '27~Feature lated to the o ther cou r s es of study Waltf;r S. Gratton, '26-Campus but un derstan d s t h a t th e whole is Martha 0. Sayles, '26-Co-ed a sum of the parts, t h at h is course is NEWS BOARD but one of many w hich a re to b e cor Katherine V. Clark, '26 related as a whole in th e educatio n Mildred L . Thompson, '27 Ethel D. Hay, '27 of t h e individual. He is not a hyp Charles F. Wilcox, '27 ocrite, he a spir es to be unselfish and George H. Glines, '27 Maurice Conn, '28 - men tally active. He m a k es knowledge Benjamin Fine, ' 28 as t he part of the s t u de n ts a sub Lillian Blanding, '28 jective desire--not a n objective in Charles T . Miller, '28 Louis J. Speldn, '28 c lination. He radiates sympa thy fo r humanity; s ets aside any inclination BUSINESS DEPARTMENT to la ziness. S uch is the ideal teacher. Russell A. :mckoff, '27, Advertising T he driver is a fai l ure . H e at Kenneth Earle, '28-Subscription Robert M. Asdikian, '28-Circulation tempts t o accomplis h his purp ose. in Samuel Engdahl, '28 t eac hing b y in tellectual b u llyin g opin J oseph Ayre, '28 ionated a ssertions a nd a general re turn to the mediaeval attitude of the Russel A. Eckloff, ' 27


Observations ·

·------------.:.....----"-' A t Dav id son College I ntra-Mural a thl etics p tay a large p a.rt. Among the· n ewest games 'indulged in by t h e studen ts ar e servers' ball, a magnified' vo ll ey ball contest, speed ball and p u sh ball.

asking for.

The Outing Club a t W e 11 es1ey C o 1-iege ~lans to include in itR winter· activities sleighing parties, treasurehunts, snow sh oeing hikes. Inter-class. team s are to be organized for ice· hockey, a nd . it is hoped that t here ntay be an Ice, with fancy skating and a n Ice M a squ e Ball. As• the importa nt event of th e seaso n, a \Vinter carnival will be held. Ho use· parties to the mounta ins where winter s ports may b e enjoyed are also· plann ed . In the future it is hoped t hat a log cabin may be built Which cou l d be used by the Ou ting Club for· week-end trips·.

This s ituation is not preva lent in all c ourses but t h ere a re two wh ich come un der m y a ttention: Engineer ing and Business A dm in ist r a tion in the J unior year. In t he case o f b oth cou rses the two {oregoing year s a re confined to elem e ntary wor k. The FJ·esh m an year is a Iner e repetition of the Senior year a t High School. T h e Sophomore year is slightly more di ff ic u lt . But the Juni or year ar r ives and for th e firs t time in t he student' s car eer he learns what real work is. During the first two y e ars many are d is m issed , unable to k eep up -..vith the work. O nly t hose who are capable to co n t in ue r e main . I suggest that the requirem ents of th e fi rst two ye ars be mad e more r igid if the present system of a ssi gn ments is to con tinue, t he n, and t hen only will the s tud ent be able to cope with a reas onable degree of ease with his m o re di'ffi'cult subJ'ects ·

-A. L. H . - -- - -- --

A Song Needed



- Exchange .


As a r esult of wid-;:-spread interes t i n c ollege theatricals the fi rst n atio nal_ . c onference o n the Amer ican Theater I is to be h el d a.t the Carnegie Institute . I of Techno 1ogy 1n P 'tt b h 1 s urg . ~ E h xc ange. _ _ __ 1 1

Dr. L ittle, former head of the Uniof Ma ine, was . installed as 1 s ixth preside nt of the Un iversity of


IM ic higan


on Monday , Nov. 2. - Exchange.

Por some h a s been f elt ! Io w a . Univers1ty Is trying out a fo r a basketball song. \Ve can do I syst e m whereby stu d e n t s will be· ou r b est s ingin g wh il e c losely assem - I d t d . th f our gra ua e m 1ess an years: bled un der a good r oo f and p r otect e d without carry ing extra. work. Spec ial from the winds of the plai ns. Our classes are provided for those stucheer song is f ootball from__ start _t~ dents who show unusual _ability. fini sh and is th erefore no t used ad -Exchange. visedly . Rhode . Isla nd Bor n and the R u be Son g do very we ll , but w e real Malco lm Stev enso n , managing e d ly n eed m ore than two s o ngs d urin g College ito r of the Tripod, Trinity the h al f. T h e s on g w hich has been paper , h as b een suspended fo r a sung by s m a ll gr o up s at the last t wo m o n th fo r criticising a chapel a d g a mes ap peared in t he B eacon sev- dress of Dean Edward T . Troxnell. eral yea rs ago a n d w a s agai n br ought T he Dean was qu'o t e d a s say in g, "It to light by o n e very much i n t eres t ed is our duty in co llege to disregard in our singin g at R . I. Let's all leal·n the indivi dual a n d tu r n o u t a Trinity it and give it a fair t ria l. The t une is type ."


S tevenson's treason lay in the fo le n tir ·e submission to external author! - well kno wn and h as a cert a in swin g ty. well adap ted to gro up singing- lowing remarks :

H u r rah , Hurrah, w e're playi ng s u re and strong. Show to whom the laurel wreath of victory bel ong, While we are fighting Connecticut. The name of a ny team may b e sub-

gathere d s o quickly and their actions This is not written in haste, but dur ing t he gam e. rather after deliberation and with shortly


rever e a n .d· ad m ire to 0. ur utmost. Ca-~ pac ities. Oth ers s eem to be incapab le o f c onsiderin g our situation. More thought an d co-operation In th e arrangeme nt of a ssignmen ts, in the light o f what we c a n learn and not what the professor can do is what we are

vVe students of Rhode Island State "CM:arching through Georgia. " This is Station R- I -S-C, K ingsto n , College feel . . . . . are we right? . . . . The words go like th is: Rh ode Island , . broadcasting. Brin g the goo d o ld basketball, P l ease t h at because our parents are taxpay stand b y for a moment. \Ve' ll play another game; ers and t h is is a Sta t e instit utio n t h a t P la y it with a s p irit Hell o, every body. You p r obab ly we are entitl e d to d e liver our opi nT hat d eser ves o u r college name, know t hat la st \:Vednes day, Dec. 2, io ns. P la y it as we've alw ays played it, R hod e Islan d op ened a new sea son in Sp ec ifi cally, this article is fo r the Play it just t h e s ame , college a thletics, namely b asket bal l. purpose of creatin g a t h ought by the Whil e we are fighting C onn ecticut . Now that t h e football seaso11 h a s faculty on w hat is a fail;. amount Of Chorus (repeated) c om e to an en d , great enthusiasm is studying. We admit t hat many of Hurrah , Hu rrah, we'll r oll the ball being centered around b -a sketball . ! the polic ies of t he institution are a l o ng , This was evident by the crowd that a dmirable .

The student body,

L I Intercollegi·ate I J

the quantity of assigned wor k given.,

t0 a great extent. From t he professors we ask that A great cheer and applause greeted t hey - consider our .potentialities mor e t h e New Bedfor d players, w h o were t horo ]lghly . Some a lways have and a ttired in red a nd gray, a s t}ley came still are very con s id erate; those we



each sente n ce representative of t he supper, began to stream in to Lippitt talk in each student oPganization on Hall gym. By 7:30 o'clock not a n the c amp us. Co ntrary to popular imp r ession , empty seat c ould be found. most of us a r e here really to ac Stud ents were seated on the s t age , complish something; b u t by t his I in front of t he s tage, on t he window d o , n ot mean m erely book knowledge. sills, over the exits, i n the balcony, in Sleep, work a nd p lay are a ll , every the east end of the gym and wherever one of them, essential. However, any else adequate space c ould be foun d . of us who are conscientiously trying It is s a f e t o s ay that f u lly 300 spec - , to do t he work that is a ssigned to tators were present to see "Rhody" · us are going practically without play defeat New Bedfor d Textil e with a : and witho ut n~arly as much sleep sc ore of 4 6 t o 29. 1 all , we require. Every day, all day O f the n u m b er present about one - and week-ends are one steady grind quart er was com posed of co-eds, and it is not righ t. Why do we not which was a m ighty fine indication of their Rhode Island spirit. From t he observer's l ocation in the b a lc o ny man y dazzling co lors were seen, especially in the apparel worn .by the young ladies. It added a gay touch

: , ' :

stituted for "Co nnecticu t ." Why not Jearn t he words to the "medley" so that we can try that some time so on. We've . got a _good team, let's back them t o the limitdo your bit by learning the college songs and c heers a nd then let loose at the right time. Remember the Alma Mater after th e game, win o r lose! E. P. C.

" Better be a .radical with a beard a n d a bomb than a type--a- gooseb r ains stepper- a man w ith01it e n ough or courage e nough t o d e clare h imself ." -Exchan ge .

Notice Tryouts for V arsity Debate. will be held in Room 21 , Agricu ltural Hall, Monday evening, D ec. 14, at 7 o'clock. The subject for the Maine-New Hampshire -Rh od e Island t r iang u lar de bate will be a statement t o the effeet that Congress should pass an amend ment to t he C onstitutio n p ro-

viding for uniform marriage and divorce laws. ·The tryouts will b e held on issues taken frohl that subj e ct. A dual debate will a lso be held with Connee tiout on a subject yet t o be de. cided up on. M a ine and Con necticu t will debate at Kingston s o that the student body will h a ve an opportunity to hear the contests in whi c h wits and o r a torical ability are m a t che d . L a st year we d efeated both New RampProm girl : What do you mean by shire and Connecticut an d los t to k issing me. Maine, 2 to 1. leave then ? . . . . because m ost o f Stag: .I couldn't help myself. us are too p oo r to go to another col P. G.: Y ou did. Walt : T his is h er second c o ming lege. We have more studies to do j out party. than 1-s h umanly possible eve n occu- · Joe: Every kiss intoxlcates me. Can : The first innoculation didn't pying our full time a,nd we, thereJimmy: Yah, you get that from take? fore, respectfully ask consideration . of mixin' drinks.



I"Frosh" Basketeers AND PRIMITIVE ART" LEcTuRE Is GIVEN Romp Out After Call By Coach


. \ "INDu. sTRY E.vo. LuTioN




1 · - - - - - - - - - '1 Rea d 'Em a nd Weep!

(Continued f ro m pa ge l ) C lub a,ctivit ies . Students inter ested in t hi s c l ub wer e as k ed to meet in Don't be the Skunk at t he Lawn Aggie B u ild ing in order to draw up Party! She won't blP,me the po l e - c at issu es. b ut she will blam e yo u ! T h e next feat ure o n t h e progra m Use Goofer's Gargle! w a s the lecture by Prof. George J . For the girl who discriminates nine - McC u rdy of Yale U niversity on " Th e t y-nine a nd forty-five one hundredths Evolu t ion of Pr im itive Art and Inper ce nt pure-Safety Soap ! d ustry.'' T his lect ure was the s ec ond in the series of lectures on !'The Again sh,e ordered-a gin rickey! Civilization of Man ," the first being g iven by Dr. Tull. This speech was D o n ' t be a weakling! P un!{'S Peppy likewise acoom panied by picture Pellets make dying men turn somer -J . · saults in bed. Buy a crate today! s lides. In h is lecture D1· . McCurdy d e Girls! Girls! Girls! scribed the d evelo pmen t of the tools You can't go wrong with one of o u r used by man , from the s imple stone C ompl e te Codes of ConvenUmia l Con - tools to t he mo d ern ·implements of .duct to gu id e yo u. industry. H e e m phasized the fa ct Always Carry One ! that the progress o f i ndustry was a -very s low a n d infi nit e process; that A man went to the doctor wit h a chan c e and acci d enta l discovery very sore tongu e. The doc t or found . .played an imp orta n t part in man 's detile tongue full of splinters. On velopinent in i n dustr y, Th'e pic ture tlo ning the man h e fo u nd that a bot - sli d es, which were a pa rt of the l ee tie of wh1sky. _dropped and bro.k e on t tu re . were ver"0 c olorful an d inspir h fi f h h Wh t t e oor 0 lS o u se. · · a lS one in~ esp ecially t hose which showed to expect at $6 per7 "' . , . . some of Dr . McC l,lrdy s stu dents at (Advertisements vVe Never Read) ( G . H. A.)


ques- ~


Indications Point to Good Team; Squad Scrimmages With Varsity Every Day '.rhe Freshman basket ball squad is making fine p!·ogress and Coach K eaney believes he has th e mfLldngs of a good year ling team. The fi rst year men at Rhode I sland h av e a l way s h ad t h e reputation of being a snappy bunch of ball t ossers and this year's crew will be no excepti o n. The first call for basketb a ll prac tic e came r ight ·a fter th e "Frosh"Soph footb a ll gam e, and a sq u a d of a bout 60 men reported. Keaney put the lads through a. few hours of flo or work so that he co u l,d see what material he h ad on .han d . Before the week was over the squ ad h a d reduced itself t o abou t 1 5 men, the pick of the Fresh man class. All of these boys are reporting fa ithfu lly for practice, showin g that a go od t eam w ill repres ent the '29-m's. . The yearlings have a tough s c hed -

The Scotch are not going to wea r j' w ork in t h e evacuati~n . d istrict.s of 11 uie. on. h and for the com . ing ,seaso n, as rubbers a n y niore because they give F'ra n <;e . Most of the ptctu res shown I th ey w ill take on some classy teams too much: were tak en in wha t was formerly ' in t he state and out of the state. k n own a s the " bir thplace of civiliza Assistant M a n age1· Langworth y h as She came h ome to me at Ja~tt i o n ," that is, in France, Germany made out a schedule f or 1925-26, Sh e brought n o t a f utu re, b u t o h a.n d Central Europe . At the conclu- wh ich a lthoug h not comp l ete, prowhat a past! s io n of the add r ess, the assembly v id es some scrappy gan'les for the boys - ·- - shO\ved its appreciation of D r. Me- of '2 9. Anna sez she doesn't pet. B ut An a - Curdy's l e cture by giving him conSome of the Freshmen who are lyze . tinu e d app la.use. Lectu res of this· showing up well in the daily scrimype an d q u ality w ill a lways be enjoye d mages are N ewcom er, Fleming, Hu r -


b y t h e s t u d e nt b o d y .

th e o r chestr a .

Basketball Dope Individual Standings in First j Two Games Goals Fouls T't A s he t: .. ......................... ·---------- 6 2 Hill ................................ _ ___ ______ 9 3 H air e ____ ______ ___ ---------- ----- - 8 3 Haslam ________ __ __ ______ __ ______ 3 2

attend rehearsals, especially co-eds. Jensen -------------·-·------ -------- 6 At present there are only men stu - Specken ---------- -----------·--· 1 dents in the orchestra, so it is up to H ammet ... ____ ____ 0 t he co -eds to s how what t hey can do in the line of music.



T o tal s ----------------- ------ 33

New Lon d on Coas t Guar d Academy in b a sketball , a nd t h e battle was a pleasing surpr ise. The gam e was refereed by Roy Howard of Provid e nce in an efficient lnanner. The line u p and s ummary: R. I. STA'rE Goals 'Fouls Pts, Asher If c 2 0 4 Hill rf 5 2 12 Haslam c o o 0 Spel<in rg 0 2 Jensen lg 2 10 Haire rg If 3 1 7

P ts 14 21 19 8

3 3

15 3





be g iven a chance to sh ow their s p eed P orcell rg at this time. French c Linhol m rf "RHODY" WRENCHES B u rton rf ITS SECOND VICTORY Cowort If

15 Goals




Fouls Pts. 1 1





2 0

3 10 9

5 4 2

1 0 2




0 6

FROM COAST GUARDS T o tals eyes on the basket and l ost the b all time after time by attem p ts a t long


Referee- Howard of Pro vidence. S corer-Whelan . T i m er-Lan gworthy. T in:ie-'.rwenty m inute h alves.

shots. Haslam, who enter ed the game w ith a bad knee, gave w a y t o Ash er who se position was t aken care of b y Haire; Speldn worke d in t h e b a ck She was only a taxidermist's daugh. court. The score at th e end of th e ter, but she k new her stuff, first half was R. I. State 25, Coast Pickar: I wonder why wome n don't Guards 11. In the second stan za the visito rs grow mustaches'? made a f ine com eback and compl et eJakie : D'ja ev er s e e g r ass gr ow on ly outplayed the Kingsto n l ads. Some a r ace track. 1



~~1-\ ,-1



fiv e-man a ffair, e v e ry m an showing good form. In t h e basket shootin_g from the floo r Hill a nd Jensen were the high lig h t s f or R. I. , while F ren c h a nd Lin holm w er e res ponsihie f o r most of t h e Ca d ets' points. The t e a m w or k -of bo th sides . was rea l f la shy and the g a me was c lean throughout. T h is is the first time t h at .Rhod e I s la n d !:las t ackled the

Bowers, M cCrillis, Smolensky, M agoun Totals a nd Deery. The first game is sch ed- COAST GUARD uled .to he- -p-la yed at R hode Isl a.n d- in Y ol.wg.. Ig· a fe w weeks a nd all of t hese b oys w ill Thieh l lg




It woul d b e h a r d t o s a y who played best for R h o d e I s land , a s it was a

witz, Epstein , Pykosz, Suz lik , Justin,

F o llo w ing the address, the entire assem b ly s too d up, a nd under the l ead·ersh·ip of E .· Clwistu pher, A-2 6, sang (C onti nued 'ro·,.,., I' age I ) Mater ." T h e student body T o show th e d iffi cu lt typ e of music "Al m a t hat is played, at the la st reh earsa l t h e t hen marche d out t o m usic played by fo ll owing se l ectio n s were in cl u ded : Bo h e mia n G irl Opera by Balfe; La Trav ia t a b y Gounod; Car men b y Bizet, and Schubert's Serenade. The la tter is being pre p ared as a. cor n et solo with lVI.. Epst ein, '28, as solo ist . T his number will be offered to the stu dent body at a n a ssembly meeting .in the near futur e . The rehearsa ls, a s alr eady noted , a r e held in Lippitt Hall e.very Th u r sday at 7 o 'clock sharp. Any stu den t who p lays an instru ment is invited to

c lever p a ss work was d isp layed by t he C adet s a n d th e s c ore began to r ise in f a vo r of th e v isitors. The Coa st Guard s made s o me sensational long,, sh ots, French m aking o n e of the l o n gest shots ever seen on Lippitt flo or. The s core was 29 · 25 in favor of R. I. whe n S p ek in was again put Kean ey i nto the f r ay . C oach was wea ke n in g h is offen s e by strengthening th e defen s e . A s her was sent to the pivot position a n d h e gave a creditable perfor manc e. Haire was shifte d to the l e f t fo rward position. The who le g am e w a s one scrappy b attle, f o r th e two t e a m s were pretty evenly matched . T h e fi n a l score of· t he g a me w a s R. I. Sta te 35, Coast Guards _


'f/ ~~

~ (c_;) ®


Page Four



'.rhe meeting adjourned at-6:00 p. m. j ASSEMBLY AGAIN· INTERFRATERNITY to m eet again on Dee . 1st a nd 3rd , . HEARS A LE-CTURE COUNCIL SHOWS 19 ~5. I · FROM yALE UNIV. MARKED PROGRESS _ ___

the fo 1·est s it uation in t he U. S . at p r e sent a nd showed how the forestt-y · 1n · erea s·mg year b y y·ear. pro b le m 1s He cl early demonstrat ed the need of more efficient f orest conservation in

~-- ·

Res]3eetfully submitted,

(Continued fro m page 1) R AY MOND '.r._pERRON, I (Coutmued from page lJ ed that this commi ttee or ten go on Committo>f\ Sec retary. 1 th e speaker of the day, P rovost Henry record as fa,vor ing electio n , by rota ________ I S. Graves of Yale University, w h o t ion in the Polygon tha t is , th e ofB ill . li'or<l· Jake just b ougb.t tw o i gave an interesting lec ture o n " F or :lice of presid e nt will be g1ven to the c ig ars !'or 2 5 ce nts. I ests and Forestry in A m e rica." oldest featernity on t h e campus, th at Buclc Yeh, 1 got the 5 -ce nt one. He gave a graph ical desc rrption of of vice p 1·esident t o t h e s eco nd old - .. --- --- ---~-- _

order t o pr·otect t he l umber supply i n A m erica. D r . Graves is w ell qualified to s p eak on the sub j e c t of forestry, as h e was c hi ef fo rest commissio n e r o f t h e U nite d S t at e s f or _ten years. He r esig ned this offic e t o take up a posi-


r~-;;;;;;;;:·:~;;~;~·;;;:··;~·;;~;~~··;;;;~;;:·~;;~;:;;;•••••••••~ j tion ~t Ya le . DO YOU KNOW? · 51dflpartme_nt.

est, etc. Th1 s motion was earned . It was voted that tl11s c omm itt ee draw up a p etiti on to be subm itted to the fa culty co-mmittee on fraterniti es, granting p owe r to t he -Polygon to limit ne w soci eties on t he campus. The a})o ve motion was amend ed t o read that the petition s h all be drawn up and sui)mitted by the c onstitutiona! committee. It ~vas voted that this b ody g·o on r ecor d as favori ng t wo m embers as the indi vidual frater nity d e leg-ation to the Po lygo n.

!_ :

i: :

: •·




'l'he Students' Hand-Book

of Practical Hints on the T ec'b.nique or Effective Study William Allan Brooks hundreds of practical hints a n d short cuts in , to assi'st students in securing MAXlM'UM a t a minimum cost of time, energy, and fa -

: scho o l activities . This w as followe d by· the entire assembly sin ging " Alma

Diet During Athletic Training. How to Study Mode-r n Languages. How t .o Study Science, Litera-~ ture, .e tc. Why Go to College? After Col,l ege, What? Developing ConcentratiGn a-nd Eft'iciency. etc., etc., et.c., etc., etc,, etc., e t c.

L. S. Siskind & Sons II li Wakefield Store I I:


George's Lunch for Ladies and Gents Try Our Specials Everyday

"It is safe to say that failur·e to guide &nd direct study i!! th e weak point in the whole educational machine . Prof. G. M. Whippl e, U. o f Michi~an.


fro m t h e hall to music p layed by the orc h estr a .



o"""••••••••••••••••••• ••• ••oa••••• •.• ••••••••••••





A_N D MAlt. . TOI>AY.


GROCERIES NOTIONS [ Light Lunches a Soecialty Cig;;~rettes Candy I Ci!J~I"$ fCE CREAM

I l COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Br.o wning King & Co.


Providence, R. I.



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''Kingston Hill Store"

"The successful men in college do not seem to be ver-y _happy. Most of them, especially the athletes, are overworked." Pro f. H. S . Canby, Y-ale. " Misdirected lab.or, though honest and well intentioned, may .lead to na·ught . Among the most important things for the student .to learn is how to study. Without knowledge of this his labor may be 'largely iu vain ." Prof. G . F. Swain, M. I. T . "To students who have never leq,rned 'How to Study,' work is ve,r}r <llften a chastisement, a flagellation , and an insuperable obstacle ·t o contentment." Prof. A . Inglis, Harvard. "HOW TO S'.rUDY" w in ·s how you how to avoid a ll misdirected effo rt. a g,ool} start and ma:ke this year a highly s uccessful one by sending for t his hand -book and guide NOW .





Why You Need This Guide

e ' 'ening.

I Mater·" under th e direc tion of E . / C hi·istophe r , '26. Th is concluded t h e 1 meetilig; . t h e s tudents theJi mar·che d

Some of the Topics Covered

Quality Since 1888"


Followmg th e add r e ss. D•·· Edwards gave a fe w. -announcenre n ts re<;-a>·ding

f :

By A GUIDE containing the economy of learning SCHOI"ASTIC RESULTS tigue. ESPECIALLY RECOMMENDE:O for overworked stu dents and a thletes engaged in extra c urri.c ulum activitie:s and fo r q,verage a n d honor students who are working for high scholastic achievement . Scientific Shortcuts in Eft'ective Study. Preparing for Erami_n ations. Writing Good E~an;linatioJlS. Brain and Digestion in Relation to · Study. How to Take J.ecture and Reading Notes. Advantages and Disadvantages of C.r amming. 'l'he Athlete and His Studies.

{{Fashionable Clothes Q(



a s head of t he forestry

,·••• , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,,.,, , ,,,,, ,,,.,, ,,, ,, , , , , , . , . , , , , , , , , , ,

American Student Publishers, 22 West 43rd St., New York. Gentl-emen; Ple.a se .send me a copy --o.f ''How-t<;~-·S tudy'-'-for w hi c h I enclose $1.00 cash ; $1. 1 0 cheek.

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~~~m~~+~~~~~ L. VAUGHN CO.

N arne -----------------------------------------------------------------

Established 1847 ·Manufacturers of SASH, DOORS, .BLINDS, AND BU I LDE.RS' FINISH 1153-1155 Westminster Street

i..........................................u.~?.?.~.~:~~··=~-.~-.-:~~~~:::~~~=-~·.:::::::=:==.::==.:~:--....~ For the "Soph Hop'' COLLEGIATE lVlODELS


That in a test r e-c ently r_nade with upper-dass students of both sexes in fourteen represent<!tive colleges, 140 out of 351 said they carried life Insurance policies? It is significant that 40% of able use in connection with


undergradu ates have insur' ance on their lives-a notable advance over what prevailed t wenty, or even ten, years ago. This shows that &ttldents and their parents think life insmance t s of consider-

D. R. KINZIE, '26 R . I. S. C. Re pr esentative

'" Special Rates to R. I. Men


the educational program. Parents believe in it bec;ause they have something invested fo.r the benefit of the ir childr:en. Students re'alixe that their lives have an economic va-l:ue.

Th:e Jr.ihn -Hancock is particularly interested in insur-ing colleg~ men and women and in obtaining college graduates for the personnel of the field staff.

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of U. S.

--·-·_,_,_,_,_,,_. _,,_,_,_,_-.________. _,___,_,_,_,_,____ T

RH-O DE ISLAND .STATE COLLEGE ..,_. .__. __I N-II-·--··--11---·-·-----..-·. .




~<_·,·-~··_•L; ~~- •, .

.Awiculture, Applied Science, Business Administra.tiQrt, -~ngineering ( Ch.ical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home· ~~"nomics


__ En'trah,ce Requirernents: Fifteen Units of High School Work )




For further information, address .:_,~_'' The Registrar, Kingston, Rhocl~ -~~d

-----·++ ·

. - .............. ....


~sxpenses for Year, estimated a($4oo '. . , . I .

.' .......... . ; ...- ,. ... ,


'J . .:...


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