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VOL. XIX, NO. 16.

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STUDENT SUGGESTS'~~~~A~~~~~~~~:; . REPRESENTATION 21 IN ANEW FO,RM Hill Fat· the last two years we have been

of "as if anybo dy cared ," vVe l1 ave .h,.,ard so much of inter - fr aternity org n that it doesn't bake long for ·u s to get bored to death . Here is just a little food fo1· tho u g ht \ Vhy doesn't our Biological, E lectrical Engineering, Civil, Chemi cal a n d Mechanica! J!Jngineering, and the Econo-




IN FLASHY GAME Sllars and Gathers Points; Zeta Pi Alpha Wins Scholarship; Local Defense Impenetrable; "Rhody" Scores 11 out of Sigma Kap,p.a Wins New Sor14 Foul Tries; Pinto Plays ority Schoiarship; Phi Kap"Re1d'' Haire Drops Many Bas•· Wonderful Game; Nadel pa Phi Announces New kets; Good Team Work DisFlashes for St. Lawrence Members; Prof. Hastplayed on the Floor ings of Brown UniRhode Island's snappy 'Varsity basTh e Freshmen showed a revival of versity Speaks

A Plea for Action on Campus Problems; Student Council Thought Inadequate hearing a ll about inter - frater n ity this or - that. Just as soon as anyone mentions this everybody a ssumes an easy and comfortable position p repar atory ·to 'railing asleep or raising· the old cry



TECH 54..20

ketball tosser s added the scalp of t h e St. Lawrence Un iv. of Canton, N. Y., by the score of 37-23, disp laying bet ter form than ever before on the·home court. St. Lawrence came down with a

good f orm after t heir unexpected beat ing at the han ds of Dut·fee High, Fall Assembly, Feb. 18, was opened by River, in taking Te c h High of P ro vi - the orch estra under the direc tion den c e into camp. of Mr. Brown, pl::lying several pieces. 'rhe game opened u p with T ech put- Dr. Ma;~' then introduce d the main f 'V ' Il ' ' rep uta tion as a strong team, hav- ting in a baske t a nd a foul. "Red" spea 1'er, p ro .. ' 1 ram G . I"' . cas t mgs v.f ing defeated the U. of Maine 41-22 at Haire th en went on a rampa.g·e and I B ro wn University. P rof. Hastings was ·~anton, N. Y. The ev en ing previous shot t h ree b askets .. Spekin committed j bro~tght here by Phi I~appa Phi t o acto t he New Yorkei·s' ·dow11fall "Rhody" one foul aftet· another and when he quamt the students w rt h the value of 1 trounced Ma ine, 36- 25, having recov - was removed from the game because 18tuc1ving a nd, if possible, to e ncouragP. m·ecl fro·m. Yale's setback. I of four personal fo uls, the Freshmen 's ' scholarship in this college. Brale.y . and Pinto wer e strategically rl e fe n. · ·~.,...._..'B.os~n seemed .He said, in part : " I have come here withheld by the basketba ll mentor ! o h e. '' :e game ro bestow rec ognition on those who from starting t he fray. Rhode I sland b ut _ , made ll1ave b€·en good scholars. It is only





mists societies co-operate on matters li~ed up as J'o llows: Hasla. m, c.; .Ash - u p for his fail ure to" 15'" ,;-- . p oints. right that a go. od ~cho.lar s~ould be r e.of general student interest and activ - er, r . f ., Jensen, r. g·.; Rabnowrtz, I. H e f ed the fall t o Red H arre con- w arded for the smcer e effort he has ity? All of thel"e societies have been g. ~'he Saints. used their regular line - tinually, wh o pu t in thirteen baskets. put in his studies as it encourages bet-


found ed to promote g oo d fellowship, up with. Ol~ipuroni, I. g .; Feinberg, r . . In the t hird qua rter the ye~ rling·s t e.r scholarship· uncle.,• g. ra. du~,tes. (Continued on page 3) g .; Lubrt, c.; Nadel, 1. f., w h o w as put in .b a.·sket after basket t rll the \Vhe.n cups are given t.o t hos.e sue , PICked by Tom Thorw as a li- E;aster n score as 44 to 16. eeed, hi~h scholarship. becomes more " FROSH' ' NUMBER OF forward; and Green berg, r. f. · coach -Keaney made many substi - ' uke ; g~ n;-e, in -this--\va'y--stiri;-h1g u!) 'aBEACON TO BE OUT The game started off fast . Many tutions and the "s UJbs" as well as the Keen sense of competition. ON MARCH 5th ro ugh s pills were t aken by t h e flashy first team p layed gvod baske t ball. The "It is a)1 a ; t to know how to study. players. Roy Ho ward proved · to be fi nal score was 54 to 20. 'l'he object af such so ~ie ties as Phi I. Buckley Elected Editor-in- a strict "ref." A fa st pass, RaiJJno\'V'itz For the Freshmen Haire, Rosen and (Continued on page 3) Chief for the "Frosh" Num- · to Hill to Haslam, netted the first bas- Jo hnson played well; \Vh ile Osterlu n d f ber; New Features Planned ket. A fo ul as called on Haslam, Chip-~ was the s tar for Tech. R. I. RIFLE TEAM by Year lings urom mrs sed the try. Feinbet'g gar The lineup : INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION nerecl the b all of the boarcl and dro p- Freshmen Techni cal The "green" e dition of the ' Beacon ped it in. Nadel, midget forward, Haire, If ...... ...... If , Osterlund (Capt.) "Pete" Grant Sho0rts First Place w ill be out March 5. Great interest is scored a point on a fou l. Rhode Is- I<;ratzert, rf ............ rf, Lacro sse in Individual Championship being given to this copy, as many nFow land's hasket w as bombard ed b y s h ots Rosen (Capt ,), c .................... c, Bardon Match ; Is Awarded Medal; features are being p lanne d . The ~us - tl1a t f ar·1eel. •'Rh ody" gain e d speed. Adams , rg ................................ lg, Jus t'm Rad . nson ·T'ae : · c liff e an d J o h tom of having each class edit a Beacon v·rs r·tors ran 1oca1s back fast, but were 1 Spekin, lg ............ ................... rg, B owers f or Secon d PIace; Swn-




in the color of the class is a new id ea in th is college and it has proved so popula r that it will probably develop into a c lass c u stom . Th e Freshm an Bea'c on will be printed in green in!<, as the Freshmen are supposed to be "green. " At a n1eeting of the 1nanag ing board of this is sue Monday, Feb. 15, at 7:00 P. M., difl'erent a ss ig·nments wer e given out, and new ideas ·w er e discussed. Those present at the meet ing were F . J . Buckley, editor-in-chief; E. Warde, b u s iness mannger ; M. Callis, m a naging editor; Miss Bland ing, Miss Gra mels bach , :Miss Carde, M iss Sims, B. F'ine, M . H . Conn, R. T eed, A, Miller and J. Johnson. T he members on the hoar d th at were absent were R . Allenson , D. Randall and S. Gee . The S ophomores have already p ublished their issue, in red ink, before Christmas. Between the Sophomore and Freshman c lass is a contest to see who edits and p u b li shes the mos t satisfact ory Beac~n issue. Several special fea tures were prominent in the Soph i s sue, b ut the class ·of '28 are keeping something secret a n d w e expect to see them b lossom forth with a quantity of new and original s u b j ect m a tter.

st'Opped b y the fi ve -man d efense. The . N"e<w Yorkers lost a b asket w h en Lubit missed an easy shot. The game was getting rough and speedy . St. Lawrenee called time out. H ill scored nvice fro m the fo ul line, Chipuroni droppe d in an easy shot. I-lill scored a.gain fro m t he foul line . R. I team '"ark weakened. Visitors raised the score on easy shots. A l on g p ass, Robnowitz to H ill, brough t two points. T he I'Con tin ued o n page 3)

' RHODY" DEFEATS U. OF MAINE 36-25 Braley and H:iiJ Tied for Hi,gb Score Honors; Pinto Plays Well ; Maine Gets 11 Points on Fouls


mary of Meets and Forecast

Goals from the fioor-Haire 13, Hammett 2, Adams, Rosen, Spekm, Johnson 4, Rardon 2, Oste dund 3, Justin, Boers 2. Goals from fouls- Haire 3, Adams 2, Joh nson, Hammett, Ro sen 3, Lacrosse, Bo"Vve r s 3. Substitutions -Hanley f or Bo ~.vers, Bo·wers .. fo r L a cro sse, Hanley f or Justin, Demarjian for Bowers, J oh,nson f ot· Kratzert, B la k e f or Adams, Murphy 1'or Blake, Hammett for S pekin, Adams fo r Ham mett .

- - --No rman B. Grant of Dedham, Mass .•. nas been declared the winner of the inci1vidual riAe match at Rhode Island State, and avYarded t h e first prizl~. a gold medal. The shoot, which ended Sat urday, was fo r the purpose of de·termining th e beRt marksrnen among the team m e mb !! rs a nd all others of the R h ode Is land J~. 0 . T . C. u nit who cared to compete. Grant has been a high - score man o.n


the State College Rifle Team f0r o;ev-


Iera! years in shoots agai nst e>thm· col -

leges. His b es t score was . B eta Phi frater m ty h eld a banner I ·mrtmtwn .. · . · S h H S t ger H. E. Radcli.ffe and E. b anque t m out a 11 a t t · th It "b both of Providenc e, tie.. d ur cl ay mg11 , . e 21 s . was a a nner banquet" from the standpoint of place, with a score of 3•33. · n umber presen t , en th usrasm s h own, I awarded the final cbcislon



The B lue a nd White 'Varsity quintet h a d no little difficulty in defea tin g the University of Maine, 36 - 25, at Lippitt gymnasium, Feb'. 20. Maine sent five snappy players, who f orced our boys to do their limit. Braley and Hill t opped the list with 'e ight points each . Of the visitors Banscom led w i t h nine.



K. Johnson , for second. . 'l'he j u dges to Radcliffe, •

a n d--quite inwortan t-the food served. 1w ho won t he silver medal for havmg Much credit is· due Mis.s Hazen for I the high es t score in the s tan .-!ing posithe u nique way in w h ich everything tion. Radcliffe's standi n g s core was was handled. The table decor ations-and l92, while that of John.'3on was 87. Johnthe food combinatrons wer e in the fra - , son was awarded th rrd plaee and re -


ternity colors, red _and grey, through- lcelved the b ronze . meda l. out. The State College Rifhl '.ream has

B et,a Phi bar1ners adorn ed the room resumed s h ooting · the regular s chedule and with paper cups· and favors gave or matches this week. Th·~ t eam has T he issues edited by t he Junior and Rhody started t h e battle when Asher a festive air. Over one hundred men a r e cord of eight matches- won and Senior classes will appear in a few made a clean shot on a t>ass from were p resent and with "Gob" Edwards Jthree lost. Rhode Island h a s d efeated w eeks' time. (Continued on Page 2) (Continued on page 2) (Contim.ued on page 3!




The Beacon

k ingdom could not purchase one of If one doesn't wear the right kind of them. .>hoes, hat, or suit, or if one insists in Some m-:m say that time is money, ".m1bing his hair straight back instead




'J'hat is a wretched burlesqu·o. It of the most approved side part, the The outside world is , 1, 0 rry1Eg"-- ac •. wou ld be as tru thful to say that light anvil chorus pounds around. The whole cordmg to newspaper reports- ·abou t . is money, that air is money, that. sle3p is money. Time is thought; time is knowledge: time is character; time is power; time is the threshold of eternity. T here are many hou rs in every m an's life in which the tick of a watch is mo r e thrilling than the roll of thunder. There will c om e in the lives of

s~ch a small college I cheir income tax. Let us of the colle. gewe b ecome too critical. If some chap on the hill be thankful that we have o u t f or an athletic team doesn't come no such worries. up to expectations, then he is immedT he average collegians' incomelately branded as "wet." Remembe-r wouldn't rouse a tramp in 2cotlancl. he is just as human a s you are, and human nature i": full of shortcomings., Yesterday I tried to borrow two--bits. \\Then rushing season is over and the , ii'ive of my prospects fumbled h r ound 1 fraternity men stop to recall certain, in their pocket until they I <>lt a. C<'rtain features of that sea.son, every other 0oin. Each one presented an ancien t house but their own "gets the mit" be- looking c-opper. "Sore;'; that's all I cause their p;edges aren't "so hot." have," they lied , \V'hen a student flunks he is either a "du m b Olgg" or a "b•ologney." On the One kind Sopohomore, wh o:,;e hear t o ther hand if he makes honors, he is overflowed with sympathy, hid a poor

I trou1ble IS that in


·Published weekly by the students of R. I. State College all of us moments in which the beat of a pulse will be more awful th<m the roar 0 ~ Niaga.ra. Terms of Subscri p tion One year in advance .................... $2.00 Even in life's common routine, when S ingle copief• .................................... .05 Signed statements printed when s pace Nir sensibilities are not li fted into JJerroits. Hesponsibility fo r same not tremendons excitement, a serious view assumed by the .paper. S ub scr ib ers who do n0t receive their of life will put weight into our reckpaper regularly are requested to noti- oning of time. A younf' man soon unsociable. or a grind. \Vhat can be ,;ense of feeling and drew out what hu fy the Business Manager. shows the world what he is good for done to satisfy the rnajority? claimed was his last dime. Upon re Notice of Entry Acceptance fo r mailing at special rate postage p rovide d for in Sectio n 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, Author Ized J anuary 13, 1919. Me mb er of the Ea s t ern Intercoll e giate N'ewspa per Association ·------·--~

__ - - - - -

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Willis J . S now , '25 MANAGING EDITOR Donald R. Kinzie, '26 BUSINESS MANAGER W illiam F. Lucker, ' 25

by his thrifty ecenomy of h ours .

H e cently one college professor made a speech in Lippitt I-Iall. He divided students into two classes: the real will esteem it a little thing to be able student and the false student. The real to regulate wisely his habits of constudecnt, according< to his definition, versation. '!'he chief element in power was a grind. The false student was ! . th t 1S e po\\.~er to gOVl)l'n ones ·ongue. a "tea hound." '!'he maJority of colHow utterly fr ivolous is the speech lege men don't want to be either. It of the college man, a collection of trite is ow" aim to get a general and· broad Pxpressions, that fail to illustrate his education, through the media of both t r ue view a nd often cause ambiguity! books and social experience. Is no t the hum of a bee hive often a lf you have had patienee to read rebuke to men who talk idly? through thus far, you might say,

minding him that he owed me five l>er n es, he s.aid that he pays his lar;i'est. debtors first. So I hacl to vvart another week.

No man who looks at life soberly

CONTRIBUTING EDI TOR S F. R aymond Witham, ' 23 L eonard H. Be nnett, '24 'Grace R Harri.bine, '24 Gladys J. Peckham, '24 H elen C . Drew, '24

A certain Junior, who P <lSoed John D .'s home last summer pleaded that he hadn't a cent to his name. L ater th e· fellow >vith the same name was hnying his co-ed lolly-pors. He p roba.? Jy mdn't have a cent; he had all IJicklu;, dimes and halves.

I s tl;is v iew extreme? Yes, but it is 'Here's a 'Joe Siltz' that is hollering J.f money were Fords, some people tbe extreme of a t ru th, and we, col- ab·out razzing and he hands out a snre do squeak. Ons Irish Freshman. lege men a nd wom en, see and recognize nasty line himself." If that is your 1 offered to take me down the line fo r truth in its extremes, t o enable us to comment, then I have failed. This has cwo-bits (which I mhnagerl to g8t by d o ju stice to it in even balance. 'I'here, been written as a friendly criticism to cne end of the weelz). l'vieanw,'lile a NEWS STAFF are men who specia.lly need this to bring about a means of destroying this ,,ertaiE girl friend also wi~hed to be Assoc i ate Boa rei' cm·rect the enormous overgrowth of one characteristic of H. I. S. C. l'viay transpm·ted, upon which it vYa.s decided W alter ~iu~a. '27, Athletics their h abi t s. They malze a pet of we soon see its "grand finale!" t hat she would sic on my lap. W h en Hope M. Dyer, '26 , Intercollegiate William H. Ford, ' 27 , Feature Their conversation -------\1\T k fi ld h 1 I l 1 f l,I.'• OlOllS speecl1 . '. ' . . As nearly as can be reealled, there I " e 1e was reac ec' W<ts ca :n Y Albert L . HilleT, '27, Campu s IS made up of mere n oth mgs. They · /as ked for half ::1 buck . Martha 0 . Sayles, 26, Co-E d . . ' has been one or maybe two Student make a stndy . of )ests and are amb:-' . . . --H,nv come?" f><cYS I. NE WS BOARD Council Meetmgs this year. Freshmen · K~~~~lf~e pc[~;k:2~ tious in a laugh. \Vel!, there a:·e worse I are getting away with murder? \V'hy ·'Ol'll b~ havin' 110 argyments fro1n Byron Cook, ' 26 I things in the wor ld than a laugh but I shouldn'' t they? There might just as ,, says .. Pat, n,lling up his sl8eveu. Mildred L. Thompson, '27 ·no earnest man ca.n maize a business well be 110 Sophomore Class or Coun- "Ye dinna say that it wasn't worth Ethel D. Hay, .' 27 of i t. the differen 'e?" Charles Wilcox, '27 cil for all thB punishment that has · " ' Bernice E. Grieves, '27 It is 8• s u blime t h ing t o work for been handed out. I doUibt if there is ---Dwight W. Randall, '28 one's living. To d o we.Jl the thing one Freshman in college who hasn't I'm convince d that if 'Uncle Samuel Milton W. Callis , '28 . t d f · 1 c1· tri.ecl to levy an income tax on s 0me Francis J. Buckley, '28 lnan IS crea e or IS a sp en :c1 broken the "down-the-line" rule since · t ' i 1 fo ol once said students, he would need expect a few I BUSINESS DEPARTMENT ac'l:ev~n~en · -"- r_c~_ . ' September. Yet no one has been senI remember the c ollar buttons ancl Jet it g·o at that. G . P ar k er L awton , '26, Advert ising to a !'' ISin g la"•yer "· · tenced on this charge. N'est-ce pas? Arthur W. Grover, '26, Subscription time when you had to black my fathThe coal pile is so laroge that Russell A. Eckloft', '27 M. W c. Romeo A. De Bucci, '27 er's boots, sir." " D id I not clo them has ahnost got beyond the control I well?" was the reply and it spoke the boiler-room workers. Freshmen BETA PHI BANQUET inborn great ness. are committing offences left an d right .




1 I



Trades anc1 professions and recream u st be n1ade worthy of time Earnestness in life has fo r its most s pent upon them. L et a n'lan once obvious element a conscientio u s esti -1 get !thoroughly wrought into and m ate of the worth of 'time. _L if e is through his whole b eing t he fact th•at no_t a day too long; no man ever has this world is his op]iortunity to achieve a day to lose. Fragments of time a r e if he works for ,a chievement intellilike geains of gold. Go into the Unit- gently. He will meditate on it, ·he ed States l\1int ancl you will fin d t he will study it, he will inform himself gold room constru c te d wlt1h ;c1ouble about it, and if it is great enough he floors . The u pper one acts like a w ill suffer for it. S u ch an active life sieve, ~·and the lo·wer one <:atches and '\Vill produce h}s highest ideal-being


retains the infinitesimal particles of a man. No matter who or what he gold which are sifted through. In a is, no mwtter how poor, how ignorsthinlig8le year the value of the gold d ust ant, how small in t he world's esteem, saved was thirty thousand dol- such a life will make him a great Jars, Every human life needs some man H he is earnest and do es such c ontrivance for the economy of procrastinate. fragments of time. -------~ He is more than an unwise man co~~M. t th e VIr · t ue o f _ w h o •c1 oes no t cu It Iva·e punctuality. L ord Nelson once said : "I have always been fifteen minutes One of the 'Prominent and disbefore time and it has made a man of me." Napoleon once said to the g-usting features intimately conn ected with the student life at this college, pupils of a military school : "R0mem- !.s the general razzing that goes on 24 ber that every lost moment is a chance I hom·s a day. Friendly criticism is helpof future misfortune ." Sir Walter ful and advant ageous. It is just the Scott when inquired of what was his sort of thing everybody needs, but if secret of the marvelous fertility of you name what we .hear all the time his pen, replied: "I have always mad·2 "criti.cism", t hen it 's ab~ut time to re-


I Conclusion:

}j'reshn1en should spend a few hours with a shovel. '!'he Student Council should be the real student or:ganizration live wire. Sorry t o say, it has been dormant for two years. Let's inject a lot of pep into it and see if a ,few good,. deska;b!e results can't be obtained. It is high time something should be clone, and there is no time like the present to begin.

YALE UNIV 26 RHOD·EJ·SLAND 13 -----~---




Locals Off Form in Major Encounters; Rabnowitz Displays

Real Fight; Pinto Gets T wo Long"SI . 'tots

(Conlinu;d ~ron~ Page 1 ) from Pitts·bur:g and several of his part ners, things went fast. After things were cleared away and the cigars had been passed arou n d, J.ack Cruickshank acting as toastmas·ter, introduced "Ed" 'J'illey, '24, who gave a few words 'of welcome. Mr. Webster, '13, spoke on "Our Alumn i Support" and the faculty member, Prof. Barlow, spoke on "The College and Beta Phi." Some important business was transacted and then after the fraternity song and the Alma Mater, the banquet broke up with chee•rs for 'Miss Hazen. 'I'he following were the initiates; Everett P. Christopher, '26, Newpo r t, R. I.; G'eorge H .. Alexander, '27, Paw tucket, R. I. ; Frederick W. Brown, '28,

Pawtucket, R. I.; Henry M. Barney, '38, P rovidence, R. I.; P aul S. Bugbee, Disp.Jaying a very poor brand of '28, Providence, R. I.; Raymon d L. '28, Middleboro, Mass.; basketball, the Rhode Island S·tat.e Col- Dragetti, lege quintet went down to defeat .in Charles E. Heaton, '28, Providence, R . the hands of the Yale basketball team, I.; William H . Murphy, ' 28, Newport,

T uesday evening, Feb. 17, in New Hav- R. I. en, by a 13-26 score. Censored The Blue and White 'Varsity seemed She was a f r ivolous co-ed, to have lost ~ts usual ''pep," and from And he a collegian bold:the start of the game Yale managed A few naughty winks, to take and hold the lead, it a rule never to be doing nothing." vise the whole English vocabulary to Then a few little drinksCarmody of Yale started the s'corEvery life •·is made of moments; a make broader differentiations . Bu t the rest of it cannot be told. (Con:tiuued on Page 4)





. . I Ol~son ' '

a few minut es of pluy. Pmto started . R . I. State attacl: With . ,ne a foul ''hot, . .. shot outting "Rhody" in th e. lea-d. Htll >ver hi~ shoulder , landing a prettv

a cU P was given to the soror ity with


·Ash er s<:or e d on a f011l.

who admirably rin ge d f two Solong tries ' while the ea g le eye .o f 1 i 'ierber. ~g· was a valuable asset 111 ou

I shoot mg.


. With ten minutes to p lay , tnne was b · 25 15 "al. ed by Maine, the score emg - • Play res-u med , H ill feceive d a thirty-

( Co ntin u ed from Page 1) 1 the highest s tan ding. M iss Helen Burinteres t in their respec tive courses and alck accepted the cup from D r. May in c1roni out on four fouls. Ree der playJag left guard. The B lue and vVh it.3 t O'c\t pass from P into and sent t h e last , but most important of a ll, co - op - behalf of Sigma Kappa. eration with t h e college an d fac ulty, t~everal n ew m e mbe rs wer e taken )ass ing ec:lip se d the New Yorl,ers, and ba ll tu its destinat ion, bu t it followed made ihem ap pear standing still. J<\•in- the ring fom· times aro und before Durm g the last week there has been In t o P h i K appa P hi. The fa::ulty memberg scored fr •)m the fo ul line, the Lrst droping back to the court. Later Hill any arr::ount •of. discussion a~out S~1.t- ~ bel'S th at wer~ admitted wer e· Profes,Joint that S t. Lawr ence scored ! n the iJl·o ke the jinx by dri bbling the le ngth urday dnll . I'h1s IS somethm., that m - .;or :Mar shal Tyler and Profesi'or Helen seco nd h a lf. l\'ad e l follows t hrough o i the, Ilo nr with a n cwp onent a t his t.ere,sts the entire studen t body. Th e ~ - Pec1~. . The u ndergraduates adrnit ,. . N'ith a b asket. Hasla.m scor· 2s a foul. .u·m an d made good hi s try . Th e game right t o do a great many things m ay ted -..vere \Villiam F. Lucker, '25 , w h o ['he lo0a ls s lowed up. Asher r e pl aced eiidecl 36 _25. not have been granted by our charters u as averaged 90% in his s t u dies for d ashm. H i! ode Is la nd , a fter a Je t - up , The sum.mary : a nd by-J aws, but couldn't we len d our the past y ear; M iss S t ella Coh en, '25, ,J il ed up the ~core. Pinto and·•)r R. I. Sta te strength in supp ort of a mov ement of who h a s av eraged 89% in h er sen ior " cor~ two fou ls. Hill bro ught the <Towel Goals Fouls Points such im por tance? 'J'he fac ulty wants year; and Mil ton H. Bidwell, ,'25, who to it>< f eet w ith a pre t ty basket. B r a ley ; \ shee, rf 7 3 1 to know our opinions about a great n as averaged 88% in his senior y ea r. J Ut - jumped Myers, who had replaced Br:tley c .............. .. 4 8 _{) tnany things. Dr. Edwards is a lways A ssembly was conclu de d by s in ging Fein berg, under th e basket a ud . Hill Hill, If 8 4 0 glad to be in tervi ewed by a stu d ent Alma ?\l ater. Jh ot the b a ll th ru the hoop. Ra bno- H aslam, c 3 1 1 co mmittee. ,,Titz substituted for J"ensen. Th e game ! .rensen, r g 6 0 3 The Stu dent Cou ncil has tried someR. t RIFLE TEAM ,;T ew fast er. Ralmowitz scored a Ileld Habnoitz, !g ......... . 2 0 1 thing of th is kin d b ut it la cl<s organi INDIVIDUAL CHAMPION ,;oal. Asher passed to Hill, who sco red [ ' in to, !g 2 1 0 zation. and the results have b e e n com c..""asily. R h o ne lsland missed a b:nwh plete fail ures all a r ou nd . I :m' t it feas (Continued f•r -om Page 1) nt easy shots. I-Ti)l Bl1oots ove·i' his , rrotals ...... ........... . 2 36 17 ible to have a comm ittee composed of t.l1e Un iversity of Vermont, N•ow York nea d for a i1erfect scor e . A l o ng _pas.~. I U . of Maine one m ember from each of the stndent ·un iv ersity, Cornell Un iversity , Ivi khi- rJ into to Bill, netted two mor e points. Goa ls Fou ls l'oints 0 ,·ganizati ons that I have men tioned ·gan Ag ricu ltural Colleg e, :--ini'th ;;Ye-~;t<~rn ·J'h e whiBtle ended a Ilne H.. I . rally. 1 O lsson , lg 4 0 2 before? L e t th ere b e a meetin g of University, S yracuse College, r" iver·o The locals g ati1Pred 11 fouls out of Bunten, lg 0 0 these men each month. mor e often if sity of Nevada and South 'Da·;zotrt State 2 i. 4 tries, while the Rt. Lawrence !Joys J ohn son, rg .......... 2 0 necessary, t o t hrash o ut student probCollege. Rhod e Island IHtS lo st to the dropped 7 in out of th e same num ber u·:yan t, rg " ......... .. (} 0 0 le ms a nd trou b les. Th e results obmined U niv ersity of Pittsb urgh, llnh· P.r sity of ' f a ttempts. 8 Nedel s hot five out of Suderb erg, c ......... . 1 6 co uld b e presented to Dr. II:dwards b y Maine and Boston "l'n iv ers[ty . tlv e tries. 9 3 3 Everett, If ....... -- .. another committee appointe d by these ;::;ix matches are on the schedule this '!'he sun11na ry: 2 0 _Han scom, rf ...... .. 1 men. fro m their own number. w e ek. N orth Carolin a State C ollege j,, 0 0 Rhocle lslahd State, r f ................. . 0 The question of Satu rday drill was 'be in g shot on mark<ld tat·get~. 'l'he Goals Fouls spoken of above. It is a f oregone con - other five teams on the li st are Jow'l. J:Jill lf 8 25 11 Totals 7 ,,5 1 clusion that if this inter -so ciety organ - Agricu ltural College, Tlf i,; E'i8~\Jll li A:;: i- A.sher rf Haslam c, rf 1 f ization presen ted the views of a ll the eultural ·C o llege, Okla hom<t College, Braley c ..... .. 0 college men t o the c ollege p resid ent in U niver sity of Iow a and t he Fdversity J en sen lg ................... .. () l l 2 a n organized f ashion, Dr. Edwards of Minneso ta. lJinto rg ...... ····- ---- -- ----- would reali ze t hat t he concensus of H es\J its of r ifle match for in d ividual op inion of t h e men lay bef ore h im. champoin sbip: The followin:; were th6 Hememher that in organ ization there ,;co res fired by the Rho de Islan d State is strength. We h a ve a ccomplish ed College R. 0 . T .. C. rifl e team in their n othing of value by om~ d i sor ganized m a tch f or th e 385t h I n fan try me dals: m ethod s. Why n ot giv e a plan of thi s nature a chance t o w ork? It ca.n not ·,~ g·et us less, a nd it is almost ce1·taln to




accomplish more.

ZETA PI WINS . BUCHARD CUP ! Continued fron·· Page 1) :i(;;:ppa Ph i is to try to instil into the student a passion for study. It is some . d d f pupils' ambition t o get a 1)!m , ca and dum b professm· so th::~~t they will



o': N. B. Grant H. K R adcliffe--·· E. IZ . J ohnson ---C. P. Kach iclo or ian D. Geffner A. H . L eigh B . F ine E . L. S andberg .!1.. lD. M archand . J . J. Gal!eslaw

97 95 92


90 97





iJ., 93





90 94

91 84









80 - -31's ,:;2-- -:J4"








·)5-· :)~l




63-31 0


Presid ent 'iVilson in 1908, when he sai d tnat a college student should show his knowledge by intellectual P l'Offeiency.

(Cmuinued. fro m Page 1)

"Another motive for high s ch.l)larshi p ga me grew ro ugh er.

Hill dro p ped in

is success in business. The tnMl who two fouls and followed with . a pretty makes millions in business is . the one J.;·hot. Rhode l s k:md let up ll1 s peed. who really studied in college. F itness I Braley and P into wer~ rushed in f ~r an d self-discipline a re oth er ben efi ts l B as lam and Rabnow1tz. The score from studying. A t rained intelligence w a s 10-7 in favor of S t. L awrence. is always a be1teiJt as it can b e tra.ine<l Rhode Island calle d time out. 011 .a nything that may h a ppen. · A , •a ss. Braley to H ill, SC.()l' ed.


S t . Lawrence Goals Chipuroni lg 2 ,'{eeder Jg .... 0

F einberg rg 1VJyers rg

Ltlbit c Nadel If Greenberg rf ................


Fouls 1

A swift Rhode

37 Pts. 5


1 0 0 2

1 0 0 5

0 9




93-376 8 7 92-3G G Refe;~!\:1.1~-Io·~~~([......... . 8 7-366 86 _ 3 G:J Scorer-- Whalen. BZ-%fJ Timer--Coolidge of R I. State.


not have to study, but there a re real benefits to be derived from stud y. T h e rE~al obj ec t of study was uttc1·ed l.y




"RHODY" DEFEATS U. OF MAINE, 36-25 (CO:J tinued from Page 1) Jensen. For the next few minutes Maine juggled the ball cleve rly, but missed several tries·. Jensen recovered t he ball, shot to A s her, got it bacl,, a nd scored a lmost at t he same moment. So·on after, however, Johnson and Everett retaliated with foul tries. Chet Jensen came to the front once more, followed by Braley, hut a neat ringer from mid-Iloor by Ever e tt and several points from the foul line gave M a ine an even b real{, 8-8. At this time Jens en was t a ken out on fo ur personals, but not un til he had

really inte lligent person has a mental Islan d swep t the o pponent s off the added a third double - decker to h is c uriosity. Jf there is some topic that ('Ourt in f ast play. Pass, Pir.t o t o Ashcredit. A single point by Haslam ne doesn't know mu ch about, he will er to Braley garnered two points, p ut- ended the half, 11- 8, in Hhody ' s favor . assimilate a ll the lmowledge he can of ting H . I. i.n tl;J.e lead . Jens en scored If the first session wns f1ashy and it. In s u ch a sear ch for knowledge a a f oul. Nodel d u p li(!ated. C h i p uroni inte resting, the second was even m.ore

co llege education can be u sed to greaL i ro und the local basket f.o~ two point~. so . Our well -known "Fil'po" was here, aavantage. How far does a slacker nraley netted th e b a ll, tiemg the score there, and eve rywhere ; Braley scored get with his motto 'just get by'? Try 116 -1 6, as the h alf ended. . repeatedly, often while in clo-se quarto make a perfect record in your stuH hode Tsl~d ~ffectively stoppe d d~~ ter s; Pinito and) "Rabbi" seemed a {lies, it will give you a real pleasure. 1visitors' scormg m t he secon d half, .t &tonewall to the inv aders; and Hill " The presentation of the cups whieh Jwwing o n e basket by Greenberg, ~n: require-d close guarding by Maine. The ha ye been wo n in the past year was ~by Nadel, who fo u n a t he fo u l !'hootm., best the visitors could show was in the next step in the program. Z '" t·a P '. Idepartmen t· easv b Y gatherin"' " in threP. "Rhody" dupli Alpha fraternity won the Burchar d (rom the 15-foot I me. . COLLEGIATE TUXEDOS cup with a n average scho lastic st;m:l- cated. their score and then some m the ing of 7o.4 T his is tha third successive year that this fraternity has won the


sta.nza. St. Lawrence stopped by five -man c up, th erefore it will remain in tr.etr def_ence. Bra1ey passed to · Ashe r, who replaced Asher after possession. The cup was a C "'e•)t<'d ' - 1 score d . I·Taslam .,

. ·I

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Send for Sample Bottle Mail coupon . todaY for generous trial bottle. :l."'rmany Products Co., 65HMcKinley Av.,Los Angeles, Cal •. Name_ ............... --···--........ --------··-






MAKE PLANS FOR THE JUNIOR PROM Pr·<>m to be Strictly F ormaJ This Year; Conuitittees Are Elected; J. Harvey Elected Class Treasurer _The Junio r cla ss \Vas ca lled to ord er by Pre .s ident Jensen at 7:00 P.l\'L, F<,b. nl, In the small ch emistry iecture room. Tbe minutes of the last meeting were -t·ead by the secretary, 1\IL r. Gifford. John Harney was unanimously elected ueasuret· in the p lace o.f Edwar(l ':..aJ-;:e, wno has left college. The 1,~.1 a 1·11 reason f or tl1e n1e eting· \Yas L

then introduced, na mely,



Pmm. T his is the biggest affair· ol' the year so there was general discusslon as to the time it should be held, so as to be sure that there would be no oth.?.r attraction tha t might draw . f rom

the crowds that m ig-ht a ttend it.. w as decided that · the


Junior Prom


Collowecl up w1th another long shot. 'l'he three b askets by Haslam and Pint o w ere the only ones scored by Hhod y throughout the game. The contest ended with the s-c or e 13-2 G ·in Yal e's f avor. 'rhis is the sinallest score Rhode Island has been h eld to in several years.

R: 1.


Miss Feaxney, chairman. Decora tion Haslam. committee: J . Arnold, chairman; D. Fou1s- .Tones 4, Luma n 2, G'iblin,' -Kinzie and Miss Coughlin. R efresh - Hill 4, Haslam 2, Jensen. Referees-Thorpe and Brennan. ments co;nmittee; V\r. De,vsnap, chair Time-20-minute halves. man. Floor committee : R. Hill, ch air -

and Miss Clat·ke. ObLLEGIATE MODEL TUXEDOS Ji'or h ire and for sale D. R. Kinzie. R. I. S. C. Rep.

Wa ld orf Cloth in g Co. 212 Union St. Provid ence, R. I.


TO CLUB MEMBERS We will remain open until ELEVEN O'CLOCK during the week of examinations.

Try our HOT COFFEE while trying to study.

A. H. Bliss, Steward.

Round Robin


Cross-Word Puzzle No. 6

more fouls. Lackey, Yale's star forward, broke loose for three baskets Capt. Pinto , .

w ciuld be h eld M a y 7, and 'wou ld b& , Hill, If ...... .......................... ... rf, Sussman S'l'fUC'l'LY FORMAL. FJas lam , rf ................ If, Lackey Chester Jensen W'CLS un~.nimouslv Br-aley, c ... .. ............. c, Carmody elected cha irman of th e Junior Prom. J en sen, rg ...... ............... .......... rg, Giblin The. committee on finance w ill b e com - f> into, lg - - - -~--- ------ ·---·-- --------- ---·- Ig, rased of t.he five class officers, con - Asher, rf lf, Jones sisting of C. Jen s en, pres ident; Miss Bos worth, c If, I-IaU. Hop e Dyet', Yice rwesident ; M. I. Gif- Rab in owitz, lg lg, Windsor ford, secre t ary; J. H arvey, treasurer, Negus, rg and Miss Fearney, assistan t treasnrer. Hayden, lg Committee on musi c: M. I. Griff ith Baskets-Lackey 5, Car mody 2, Giban d I. Macint osh . Reception committee lin, Luman, Su ssma n, Jones, Pinto 2,

man, K. Bosw orth . P rogram co mmit · tee: M. I. Gifford, chairman, Hickey

For Chemistry Students

(Continued from page 2) ing by si.nkin g· a one-h a nd shot from the side court. Baskets by Lackey and Lumen and a foul and basket by Haslam set the score at 7-3. Other baskets by Yale and a pair of J'ouls b y Hill then set th e score at 12-5 a t the .' nd of the half. The second half of the game proved· to be as slow as the first and Yale managed to score freq u en tly. Hhode Island missed a lot of easy shots until Capt. Pinto shot one from the center of the c ourt. Hill then · added t wo


HORIZONTAL 1-IndiYisible partic les o--Following· ~-Combination .:>f sym bols 11-A. very rare element (syn,hol) 1;J-T\1e dis coverer of a gar-< la w L'I-\Vhen science started 15-Giycerol esters of fatty acids. 17-Gloomy "9-No ~U-The s uff ix "relating t o" 22-Sig-nal of distress :::;)-·Prefix


Vaughn Co. Established 1847 Manufacturers of

SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, AND BUILDERS' FINISH 1153-1155 Westminster 'S treet




21-Preflx "unfriendly" z5-Mensu res of iro n ore zll-Nothing 28-0b s cun·d 30--A term in business le tters 32-Surrender B3--Neodymium (symbol) J4-End of Greek alphabet ~7-Suffix of past tense 3S- Cannot be decomp osed at ·will ' -iO-Hindu calico ·!! - That whose hydroxide is a base VERTICAL

1--An atm ospher ic g>-cs ~-P erta ining· to

3-l\>Jalicious crowds -±--No chan ce for set ti ng (abh r . De lta. Sigma gpsilon held their annual b anquet in East H aU, February Lh eater) ti--Leather pnnch (uncommon spell21st. ing) It was an occasion of happy reunion o--Ran ·1--A rare Ir.etal (symbol ) between t h e returning a lumni and the c-S tony matter nresen t st11d ent rnembers . Ten ne•.v 10·-Girl's name members were recently given their fi1~-A IIotropi c iorm of carbon nal degree into the order.· J4-A bromine det·ivative 16-City in France Pr esident Howard Edwards wa.s the 18-·To one side "uest of t he fro tern i ty. ::u--Atom wi t h e lectrical charge A, Patterson, t he toastmaster, intro~1-CHrl's n ame ancecl th e following speaker s after an 25--rlues c.7- A single a rticle ab undant meal: J. D. On, R . '1'. Byrne, Dr. Howard Edwards, E. Earle Martin, E . A. Smi t h, Pro f . C. T. Sweeting, and ''Kingston Hill Store" me1nbers of the alumni who were R. NOTIONS GROCERIES H. Birlceclal, E. J. Ernst, A. A. Rondo, ;\IL C. Grossman and J. E. Crimmins. 'l'he committee in cha rge was C. F. \ Vi! cox, chairman; A . L. Hiller, E . E. Peckham an d E. H. Snell.

29-Coi n 31-·A weight for g·old a n d silver ~~-Sugar source 35- J<Jncountered ~6 -Rare stone ~g--Type measure 'l9-Tsef tl l lab. article (ab br .)


Freshm a n, green and yerdant, meets a co-ed on t he way, He just gazes at : he heavend an d dis d ains a Wtlrd t o sa-:r. . For· he knows t;utt d angers threaten, a nd in terror cloe,; he qua ilFor the f ema le of t he :opeeie s is more deadly than the male! B. F.



·STLTDENTS ! ! From now on we shall serve regular meals at moderate prtces.

Light Lu<1ches a Specialty Cigars Cigarettes Candy ICE CREAM

COLLEGIATE CLOTHES Browning King & Co. Providence, R. I.

The College Shop Home Cooking

Good Food


-···········-······-·····-·····--------·····--··-----· ···-·-···--··-- -······-·····---·--···-···--·-·---···-··········-·---HOWARD EDWARDS, President Agriculture, Applied Science, Business Administration, Engineering (Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Home Economcis

Entrance Requirements; Fifteen Units of High School Work Expenses for Year, estimated at $400 For further information, address The Registrar, King&ton, Rhode Island

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