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Election day falls on Tuesday of this week, November 6, and the University has called for classes to be canceled and offices to be closed. Therefore, the LGBTQ center will be closed on Tuesday. We at the LGBTQ Center encourage all citizens to go out and VOTE on Tuesday!



Changes in schedule this week

In addition, we have chosen to run our Center in accordance with the University’s decision to hold Tuesday classes on Wednesday. Therefore, all Wednesday groups are cancelled this week and we will be running on Tuesday’s schedule on that day instead. Unfortunately, this means that Panorama, which meets weekly at 6pm on Wednesdays has been cancelled this week. On Thursday we will resume our normal operating schedule, with GenderSpeak, Spirit, and Conversation group meeting as they usually would. Volume 1, Issue 3

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Want to volunteer?

This Week: Come in, Come Out Changes


LGBTQ Center Group Updates


Student Spotlight


Queer Library Meets!


We have an incredible amount of volunteering opportunities at the center for students interested in helping out. If you wish to be a volunteer at the LGBTQ Center, let one of the staff members know and you will be required to submit an application.

From the desk of annie Russell... The LGBTQ Center will be hosting a new and improved Come In, Come Out in the lounge of the Center in Adams Hall, room 111. The purpose of this group is to provide support to students who are in the process of coming out as lesbian, gay,

bisexual, transgender, queer, or may be questioning their sexual or gender identity. It is also an excellent forum for students already beginning their coming out process to discuss how far they’ve come. Come in to come out on Mondays at 7pm!

Emily Goupil, graduate assistant

The Queer Library’s first meeting

Student Spotlight! This week we are putting the Spotlight on the Center’s wonderful Graduate Assistant, Emily Goupil! Emily is currently working on her Master’s degree in College Student Personnel here at the University of Rhode Island. She is a New Hampshire native and graduated from the University of New Hampshire during the summer of 2011 with a Bachelor’s in Recreation Management and Policy and minors in Psychology and Youth Development. After graduation, Emily participated in the Americorps program “City Year”, where she worked in a 5th grade classroom mentoring and tutoring the children in her class. In her spare time, Emily enjoys singing, playing guitar, playing rugby and being active. It is Emily’s first year in the LGBTQ Center and she is extremely excited to help promote inclusion on the URI campus!

The Queer Library is the LGBTQ Center’s book club in which members will read and then discuss books themed around LGBTQ issues and/or identities. The group normally meets once monthly in the LGBTQ Center’s main lounge. We have had to push the first meeting back one week due to the Hurricane. The group’s first meeting is this week, on Monday, November 5, at 8pm. During the first meeting, members of the book club will be able to first meet each other and then select the first book that the group will be reading together. There will be free coffee offered to those who attend this group. The chosen book will be provided to group members at no cost. The next meeting of The Queer Library is on Monday, November 26th at 8pm, where the chosen book will be discussed.

LGBTQ Center group updates

Adams Hall Room 111 50 Lower College Rd.

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Come in, Come Out Come In, Come Out is a coming out support group where we discuss the delicate issues of coming out for the first time as well as the lifelong process of coming out. This group’s next meeting will be on Monday, November 5 at 7pm in the LGBTQ Center Lounge. This week’s topic is “The Cycles of Coming Out”. We will explore what people go through when you come out to them.

meets at 6pm, but this week we are watching the film “Crash” in the LGBTQ Center Lounge from 5-7pm.

SHADES SHADES (Students Honoring Advocating and Delivering Ethnic Self Worth) is a discussion group that focuses on the unique intersection of race and sexuality. It’s next meeting will be on Monday, November 5, at 5pm. The group normally

SPIRIT The next meeting is on Thursday, November 8, from 6-7pm. Spirit is a support group designed to discuss issues concerning spirituality and religion. This week’s topic will be meaning of life. What do you think the meaning of life is?

Genderspeak The next meeting is on Thursday, November 8 from 4-5pm. Genderspeak is a support group designed to discuss gender in its many forms in an intentional discussion based environment. This week’s topic is “Transitioning”.

Newsletter Issue 3  
Newsletter Issue 3  

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