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The Hidden Cause of Infertility female obgyn near me. Getting married is a wonderful rite of passage for a woman. Many of us wait to establish our careers, find the right person with the same life goals, and take immense joy in planning our "perfect" day. And the best part is that we can finally stop hearing the dreaded question "So when are you getting married?" Unfortunately, that question is immediately replaced with "So when are you going to have children?" Time and time again I've heard brides recount the fact that they didn't even get out of their wedding reception without someone female obgyn near me, or multiple someone's, asking them when they were going to start a family. And whether they wait to start trying or want to have children right away, getting pregnant is often not as simple as planning a wedding; there can be complications, setbacks and an emotional toll that even the best planner is not prepared to deal with. Female obgyn near me, pregnancy seems like the most natural process in the world.

If you stop using birth control, you'll get pregnant within three months right? Wrong. More and more, women are struggling to get pregnant. And the frustration builds when you are told by your OBGYN that you have to wait a year to formally be diagnosed with an infertility problem before receiving any kind of infertility counseling and/or treatment. What women and some female obgyn near me do not realize is that there are signs that show up way before a woman tries to become pregnant that could signal a problem with their reproductive systems. Some questions to ask yourself if you feel you might have a problem:     

Do you suffer from missed periods? Do you have excess fat around your middle? Do you crave carbs? Do you suffer from depression or have emotional ups and downs? Do you suffer from adult acne or have thinning hair?

Some or all of these symptoms could mean that you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a common problem for women in childbearing years that can severely inhibit their chances of becoming pregnant. PCOS is the cause of an alarming variety of conditions in women today, but its symptoms are among the most widely misdiagnosed. What's worse is that women with OBGYN near me - PCOS often suffer through one ineffective and frustrating infertility treatment after another - and still not get to the root cause of your infertility or get pregnant. The good news is that women with PCOS can improve their health and chances of becoming pregnant just by making a few changes to their daily lives. From adopting a low carb, healthy diet to exercising daily and taking vitamins, women can decrease the symptoms caused by PCOS and increase their chances of becoming pregnant naturally. And there are many support groups out there to help you. For example, many women use Insulate Labs' 5 Element System to help those reverse PCOS