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Presentation Commonly referred as the “URCA”, the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is a multidisciplinary university which offers a range of training courses in all fields : • Arts, Literature, Languages • Humanities and Social Sciences • Law, Economics, Management • Science, Technology, Health • Physical and Sports Sciences Located in the 5 departments of the Champagne-Ardenne region, the URCA currently attracts more than 22,000 students who can build an optimised university programme, owing to the continuous improvement of its suite of courses offered. As the first French university to offer masters degrees targetted to both professional and research careers without distinction, it offers students an education that is more visible and relevant to the prospective employers internationally. This guide offers you a brief overview of all the diplomas offered by a University striving for excellence.


According to the harmonisation process of the European area in higher education, the URCA has set accredited courses since 2004. Each semester is composed of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits and each validated semester is worth 30 pedagogical credits. This unit of measurement allows each student to validate the courses taken in France or abroad. Thus, each degree corresponds to a certain number of validated credits.

• Diplomas Professional integration possible


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r ste dit ars ye cre me Se TS C E



Master’s degree

Engineer Senior executive

10 9 8

Professional Undergraduate Degree

General Undergraduate Degree

Middle executive






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5 *DUT = University Technological Degree









Professor-Researcher Researcher Senior Executive


Degrees Baccalauréat standard

Undergraduate degree Master’s degree



entrance examination for hospital work


4 Number of years


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examination 1



Baccalauréat standard ECN : Examen National Classant Physiotherapy : Diplome not issued by the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

1 2

FIELD OF ARTS, LITERATURE, LANGUAGES Contrary to the commonly accepted idea, Arts, Literature and Language studies develop open-mindedness which can lead to many job opportunities. Not only do the courses provide a broad general knowledge, they also aim at mastering languages. Each student wishing to enrol in this field has to be attracted by literature, languages and the study of civilisation.

Professional undergraduate degree Careers in the publishing business

Undergraduate degrees

Major in Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) Specialisation in German / Spanish Specialisation in English / German Specialisation in English / Spanish Major in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Civilizations (LLCE) Specialisation in German Main teaching : French-German programme in Y1 / French as a foreign language programme in Y3 Specialisation in English Main teaching : French as a foreign language programme in Y3 Specialisation in Spanish Dominant teaching : French as a foreign language programme in Y3 Major in Literature Specialisation in Classical literature Specialisation in Modern literature 5 main teachings in Y3 : Competitive examinations and research / Primary education / French as a foreign language / Cultural and heritage institutions / Comparative literature Major in Music Major in Philosophy

Master’s degree

Major in Literatures, Languages and Foreign Cultures Specialisation in Languages and foreign cultures Main teaching : English-speaking world / German-speaking world / Spanish-speaking world / Foreign culture for the business world Specialisation in Literature Main teaching : Transmission of the literary and artistic models / Speech, writing and reading practices / Protection, survey and development of the written and textual heritage Specialisation in Linguistics and Philosophy Main teaching : Text semantics and language didactics / Philosophical texts and languages / Multilingual information management Specialisation in French-German intercultural studies Main teaching : French and German cultures / Romanic languages literature / Linguistics and communication

FIELD OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES By developing the analytical and critical mind, the field of Humanities and Social Sciences stresses on openmindedness and fosters observation and curiosity. Studies in this field open the way to very diversified careers in heritage, culture, arts and town planning, among others.

Professional undergraduate degrees Graphic arts and publishing Land and rural areas management Careers in human resources and social work

Undergraduate degrees

Major in Geography 4 dominant teachings starting in Y2 : Planning / Environment / Political geography / Preparation for CAPES in History-Geography (CAPES: competitive examination for the recruitment of French Secondary school teachers) Major in History 4 dominant teachings in Y3 : Art and heritage / Education and research / Art history, heritage and archaeology / Political science and journalism Major in Psychology

Master’s degree

Major in Places and Societies Specialisation in Geography and archaeology Main teaching : Dynamics and development of natural and man-made environments / Archaeology, populating areas and systems / Archaeological knowledge and expertise Specialisation in town planning Major in European and international studies Specialisation in Analysis and use of information systems Main teaching : Analysis of contemporary information systems / European journalism / Communication, Public relations and Sports in Europe (COREPUS) Specialisation in Geopolitics Specialisation in Community integration and European Neighbourhood Policy Major in History and Art history Specialisation in History Main teaching : Mediterranean societies from Antiquity to the present day / Non-European worlds / Powers, religious faiths, social practices Specialisation in Art and Culture history Main teaching : Art and Music history / Protection and promotion of cultural and environmental heritage Major in Psychology Specialisation in Cognition, language and emotions Specialisation in Social psychology and professional integration Specialisation in Child and Adult cognitive disorders Main teaching : Child and adolescent psychology / Adult psychopathology


Besides offering prospects in legal careers (lawyer, solicitor), a Law degree develops rigour and judicial methodology and also opens the door to careers in marketing, bank and management. Human resources, teaching, marketing, finance, logistics… The field of Economics-Management leads to many professions. This training makes students understand and analyse political and economic interests and enhances their knowledge of the contemporary world.

University Technological Degree (DUT) Social Careers (CS) Administrative and Commercial Management (GACO) Business and Administration Management (GEA) Logistical Management and Transportation (GLT) Marketing techniques (TC)

Professional Undergraduate Degrees

Purchasing and marketing industrial products internationally Administration and management of associations Project assistance and management Marketing of financial products and services Notary law Social and labour union law Management of employment and payroll Logistics management Industrial Production Management Management of organizations

Undergraduate degrees

Major in Economic and Social Administration (AES) 4 dominant teachings in Y3 : Business administration and management / General and regional administration / Human resources management / Preparation for competitive examinations for teaching Major in Public Administration (Y3 only) Major in Law Major in Economics / Management 5 dominant teachings in Y3 : Economic analysis and policies / Accounting-control-audit / Business economics / Management / Preparation for teaching careers Major in Health and social sciences 3 dominant teachings in Y3 : Social development / Preparation for teaching careers / Public health

Master’s degrees

Major in Economic and social administration Specialisation in Administration and socio-economic expertise Main teaching : Organization and administration engineering / Training in social science research (Option : Training in social science research / Training in social science research for healthcare professionals) Specialisation in Education of Educators (Erasmus Mundus) Specialisation in Health and social interventions Main teaching : Administration of health and social establishments and services / Social development / Supervision of care units Major in Public law Specialisation in « Private and public administrator in Africa » Specialisation in Local authorities and cultural institutions law Specialisation in Business law in local development, Public-Private partnership

Specialisation in Public law Major in Private law Specialisation in Litigation Main teaching : Judicial careers Specialisation in Civil and Commercial law Specialisation in Work Contract law Main teaching : Business Private law Specialisation in Notary law Specialisation in Criminal law and sciences Main teaching : Judicial careers Major in Applied economics Specialisation in Public, private and associative entrepreneurship Main teaching : Social economy entrepreneurship / Sports economy entrepreneurship Specialisation in Assessment, economic forecasting and sustainable development Main teaching : Assessment, economic and social forecasting ( Statistics for assessment and economic forecasting / Heritage, environment and sustainable development) Major in Management Specialisation in Business administration Specialisation in Accounting, control, audit Specialisation in Finance Main teaching : Bank finance / Management control and steering / Finance-control research Specialisation in Strategic management of organisations Main teaching : Logistics and flow management/ Management of small and medium-sized companies / Strategic management of human resources and quality / Management of social economy companies / Management research Specialisation in Additional skills in information technology

FIELD OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGIES AND HEALTH Besides leading to careers in teaching and research and according to the chosen specialisation, the student who has followed a curriculum in science and technologies will have the possibility to work in various industrial sectors such as food-processing, information technology, environment and sustainable development‌ Both practical and theoretical knowledge enable a particularly practical knowledge and very often, the student will have to put into practice his theoretical knowledge on concrete cases or projects. Education in health allows to specialise in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology and Midwifery. Besides offering many prospects in the public and private sectors, these programmes also give access to research and teaching careers.

University Technological Degree (DUT)

Civil Engineering (GC) Packaging Engineering (GCE) Electrical Engineering and industrial information technology (GEII) Industrial Engineering and maintenance (GIM) Mechanical and Production engineering (GMP) Information Technology (INFO) Physical Measurements (MP) Networks and Telecommunications (RT) Communication Services and Networks (SRC)

Professional Undergraduate degrees

Agro-resources and environment Applied biotechnologies in health Sensors-instrumentation-metrology International marketing of agro-resources products Packaging design Design and maintenance of intranet/internet services Integrated design and production of materials Climate engineering and equipment for buildings Construction companies and public works management Internet and independent multimedia engineering Production and maintenance engineering Quality engineering Pollution and industrial waste treatment engineering Voice-data integration systems Electrical energy control and quality Mechatronics Digital media associated with image and sound techniques Advanced methods and designs Safety and prevention of professional risks Supervision and tracking Advanced maintenance techniques Information and communication technologies for business Transformation of metals Management and textile production Agro-resources transformation and development

Undergraduate Degrees

Major in Biology, Biochemistry, Earth and Environment (BBTE) Main teaching : Biochemistry / Cellular biology and physiology / General biology and Earth and Universe sciences / Environment and sustainable development / Oenology Major in Mathematics and Information Technology (MI) Main teaching : Information Technology / Applied mathematics / Fundamental mathematics and information technology / Fundamental mathematics Mention Physics and Chemistry (PC) Main teaching : Chemistry / Physics / Physical science Major in Exact and Natural Sciences (SEN) : Y3 only Major in Engineering Science (SPI) Main teaching : Mechanics / EEA (Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automation) / Materials and new technologies / Thermal science and energy

Master’s degrees

Major in Agro-Resources and Environment (ARE) Specialisation in Production of agro-resources Main teaching : Plant production and environmental impact / Improvement and production of agroresources Specialisation in Development of agro-resources Specialisation in Wines and Champagne Specialisation in Composite agromaterials engineering Specialisation in Additional skills in Information Technology Major in Biology, Chemistry and Health (BCS) Specialisation in Bioscience, Health Main teaching : Physiopathologies of cell-environment interactions / Health biotechnologies : engineering and therapeutic strategies / Scientific instrumentation and bio-imaging / Quality in bio-industry Specialisation in : Chemistry, natural substances and medication Main teaching : Molecular chemistry / Industrial production and development of natural substances / Medication quality and control Specialisation in : Instrumentation and quality in bio-industry Main teaching : Physiopathologies of cell-environment interactions / Health biotechnologies : engineering and therapeutic strategies / Scientific instrumentation and bio-imaging / Quality in bio-industry Specialisation in Surface treatments and coatings Specialisation in Health and environment Specialisation in Safety, quality, hygiene, environment and waste management Specialisation in Additional skills in Information Technology Major in Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automation, Mathematics and Information Technology (EEAMI) Specialisation in Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automation Main teaching : Industrial information technology and control of embedded systems / Automation and supervision / Signal, information and digital communications / Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automation / Electrical engineering and industrial information technology for agribusiness

Specialisation in Mathematics Main teaching : Applied mathematics / Fundamental mathematics and information technology / Fundamental mathematics Specialisation in Information technology Specialisation in Additional skills in information technology Main teaching : Sciences / IT methods for organizations Major in Engineering Physics and Science (PSPI) Specialisation in Physics Main teaching : Physics / Scientific instrumentation and bio-imaging Specialisation in Mechanics and thermal science Main teaching : Thermal science and energy / Mechanics and thermal science / Civil Engineering Specialisation in Materials sciences and new technologies Main teaching : Plastics manufacturing / Metallurgical processes and simulations / Computer-aided production and engineering Specialisation in Human biomechanics, sports and health Main teaching : Human biomechanics and functional rehabilitation / Physical activity and health engineering and ergonomics Specialisation in Additional skills in information technology

Other national diplomas National Diploma of Oenologist National Diploma in health and paramedical studies Medicine Pharmacy Odontology Midwifery Physiotherapist Engineering Diplomas Engineering Diploma in packaging (ESIEC) Engineering Diploma in industrial techniques (ITII)

FIELD OF physical and sports sciences [STAPS] Very often associated with the expression “Sports Facultyâ€?, the reality is far from this preconceived idea. If the taste for sports does matter, you also have to be interested in Life Science (physiology, anatomy, biomechanics) and in Humanities (psychology, sociology‌) With both technical and theoretical studies, STAPS increase the liking for analysis and reflection and open prospects in teaching, healthcare, well-being, tourism and leisure, public relations or also sports marketing.

Undergraduate Degrees

Major in Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities Specialisation in Education and motor abilities Specialisation in Athletic training Specialisation in Sports management

Professional Undergraduates degrees Social development and mediation through sports


With courses of excellence blending training with research, Doctoral Schools accompany doctoral students in their scientific projects, preparing them for the best possible integration to professional life. Various PhDs are prepared within the two doctoral schools of the URCA: Sciences, Technology and Health Humanities and Social Sciences écoles Doctorales Bâtiment Recherche - Campus Croix-Rouge - 57, rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 REIMS Cedex

TEACHING CAREERS / PREPARATION FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS Whatever the school or the university, teaching courses provide acquisition and mastery of knowledge according to the chosen programme. More than a profession for many, teaching is first and foremost a vocation of passing on knowledge and a passion for pedagogy. COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS Primary school teacher CAPEPS Physical Education CAPES German, English, Documentation, Musical education and choral voice, Spanish, History / Geography, Classical literature, Modern literature, Mathematics, Physics / Chemistry, Life and Earth sciences CAPET Economics and management, option Economics and Business management CAPLP Mechanical engineering option production, Literature-English, Literature-History, Sales, MathematicsPhysical Science CPE (Conseiller Principal d’Education) Equivalents: “Assistant Head Teacher” (UK) or “Assistant Principal” (USA). “Agrégation” : (high level competitive examination for recruiting teachers) German, English, Spanish, Electrical engineering, History, Classical literature, Modern Literature, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physical Science option physics / option applied physics and electricity, Life science-Earth and Universe sciences Institut de Préparation à l’Administration Générale - IPAG (Institute Preparing to General Civil Service) Preparation for administrative competitive examinations Institut d’Etudes Judiciaires - IEJ (Institute of Judicial Studies) Preparation for judicial competitive examinations


Once your registration is accepted at the URCA, you will need to go to the “Guichet Unique” located in students’ welfare office premises, which is intended for foreign students coming for the first time to the University. There, you will be given all the details concerning the issue of your residence permit, your registration at the Sous-Préfecture and your administrative enrolment in the chosen University department as well as accommodation, transport and Student Social Security. For further information, please contact the Student Life and Studies Department (SEVE) by phone (+33 3 26 91 83 69/ 82.64) or email :


The URCA puts forward numerous services, with the students being the focus of all its interests :

The Student Life and Studies Department [SEVE]

The SEVE is a representative of the Ministry of Education and is dedicated to welcoming students and to giving them some information about the curricula linked to courses. It ensures excellent living and studying conditions by cooperating with the University departments in the management of enrolments, validation of studies, transfer requests, the refund and exemption of the tuition fees and the coordination of cross-departmental teaching units. In collaboration with Campus France, it also offers foreign students a privileged reception.

The University Information and Guidance Department [SIOU]

Acting as a real reception platform for the students, the University Information and Guidance Department (SIOU) aims to organise students’ reception, information and guidance when they start university and during their degree. It accompanies them during their different steps and proposes real individualised advice. To ease its graduates’ professional integration, the URCA recently launched its Professional Integration Help Office (BAIP) which guides the student on his/her path to professional life. Campus Moulin de la Housse Rue des Crayères - Bâtiment 5 - BP 1039 51687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : +33 3 26 91 85 30 Email :

I.U.T de TROYES 9, rue de Québec - BP 1026 10026 Troyes Cedex Tel : +33 3 25 42 46 39 Email :

Campus Croix-Rouge Rue de Rilly-la-Montagne 51100 Reims Tel : +33 3 26 91 87 55 Email :

Centre Universitaire de Troyes Hôtel Dieu-le-Comte - Place du Préau 10000 Troyes Tel : +33 3 25 43 38 40 Email :

The University Library [BU]

The “BUs» of the URCA give students and University staff members access to a full collection of works, periodicals, reviews, audiovisual and electronic documents. With long opening hours, University libraries offer a wealth of knowledge, an online question and answer service and assistance in document searches. Moreover, the URCA boasts one of the finest University Libraries in France, the Robert de Sorbon University Library... Campus Moulin de la Housse Rue des Crayères 51 687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : +33 3 26 91 32 95

Campus Croix-Rouge Avenue François Mauriac 51 095 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 81 54

Campus Santé 51, rue Cognacq-Jay 51 097 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 39 01

International Relations Department [SRI]

Our university cooperates with universities all around the world and is strongly involved in exchange programmes. By placing highest importance on the quality of students and staff mobility, it focuses its efforts on a privileged reception, integration and follow-up of foreign students and teachers. The URCA is committed to active participation in the European Higher Education Area and encourages its scientific community to get involved in multilateral projects of interuniversity cooperation. With this diversity and support for the internationalisation of its degrees with chosen partners, the URCA has established a resolute openness to the outside world. Villa Douce 9, boulevard de la Paix - 51097 Reims Cedex Tel : + 33 3 26 91 39 54 / Fax : + 33 3 26 91 30 63 Email :

The Student Life Office [BVE]

The Student Life Office accompanies students in their various projects and acts as an interface between the University and students. Coordinating the different fields of student life outside of teaching and pedagogy, the BVE encourages and takes part in the development of community life and manages the Solidarity and Development of Student Initiatives Fund (FSDIE). It also supports the search for partnerships and participates in financing culture, sports, student life and university healthcare… Villa Douce 9, boulevard de la Paix - 51097 Reims Cedex Tel : + 33 3 26 91 83 69 Email :

The University Department of Cultural Affairs [SUAC]

By setting up and programming concerts, exhibitions and conferences in the campuses, the University Department of Cultural Affairs punctuates the URCA’s life with cultural events throughout the year… Moreover, it proposes some teachings within the UET (Cross-Departmental Teaching Units) and practice workshops and takes part in scientific culture development. Villa Douce 9, boulevard de la Paix - 51097 Reims Cedex Tel : + 33 3 26 91 84 15 or + 33 3 26 91 84 76 Email :

The University Department of Physical and Sports Activities [SUAPS]

Thanks to the University Department of Physical and Sports Activities, the University of Reims ChampagneArdenne contributes to its users’ well-being by practising physical or Sports activities. Each year, students and staff can choose from more than 40 traditional or new Sports activities (for beginners or experts), either supervised or not. These Sports activities can be practiced as personal training, in spare time or as competitive sport within the University sports association. Tournaments in partnership with the FFSU (French University Sports Federation) are regularly organised. Campus Moulin de la Housse Chemin des Rouliers - 51100 REIMS

Tél : + 33 3 26 91 34 17 Courriel :

The University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion [SUMPPS]

You feel anxious about your health? Some doubts as to your life balance? You wonder about your personal relationships? All year long, a socio-medical team is at the disposal of the students in the SUMPPS (University Department of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion). Each student can benefit from advice and free consultations. Campus Moulin de la Housse Rue des Crayères - BP 1039 51687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : + 33 3 26 91 83 20

Campus Croix-Rouge 57 bis, rue Pierre Taittinger 51100 Reims Tel : + 33 3 26 91 38 80

Social service

All year long, social workers are listening to the students to help and support them in their administrative procedures, to have financial help, to know their rights and in their daily needs (accommodation, health, meals…) Campus Moulin de la Housse Tel : + 33 3 26 91 82 42

Campus Croix-Rouge Tel : + 33 3 26 91 38 81

Multi service card

To make our students’ lives simpler, the multi service card offers a full range of services : access to the University Library, lending of works/books, online signing during examinations, payment of the meals to the university refectories, electronic purse (Monéo)…

Virtual Office

The Virtual Office offers to each enrolled student a simple and enjoyable access to a range of online services : personalized updates, academic file, internship and employment offers, timetables and exams results, online courses, storage space, email, etc.


UFR Lettres et Sciences Humaines 57, rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 37 28 Email : UFR Sciences Economiques, Sociales et de Gestion 57, bis rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 83 61 Email : UFR Droit et Science Politique 57, rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 38 50 Email : UFR Sciences Exactes et Naturelles Campus Moulin de la Housse - BP 1039 - 51687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : +33 3 26 91 34 23 Email :

UFR Médecine 51, rue Cognacq-Jay - 51095 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 37 49 Email : UFR Pharmacie 51, rue Cognacq-Jay - 51095 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 35 51 Email : UFR Odontologie 2, rue du Général Koenig - 51100 Reims Tel : +33 3 26 91 34 55 Email : école Sage femme CHU de Reims 45, rue Cognacq-Jay - 51092 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 78 75 01 Email : Institut de formation de Masso-Kinésithérapie CHU Hôpital Robert Debré Rue du Général Koenig - 51092 REIMS Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 78 73 00 école Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Emballage et Conditionnement (ESIEC) Pôle Technologique Henri Farman - 51686 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 85 66 Email : UFR Sciences et Techniques des Activités physiques et sportives (STAPS) Campus Moulin de la housse - Chemin des Rouliers - 51687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : +33 3 26 91 84 00 Email : Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Reims-Châlons-Charleville (IUT) Rue des Crayères - 51687 Reims Cedex 2 Tel : +33 3 26 91 30 71 Email :

Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres (IUFM) 23, rue Clément Ader - 51685 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 50 59 51 Email : (primary education) Email : (secondary education) Service d’Enseignement à Distance (SEAD) U.F.R. Lettres et Sciences Humaines Rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 36 10 Email : écoles Doctorales 57, rue Pierre Taittinger - 51096 Reims Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 91 87 09 Email :


Centre Universitaire de Troyes Hôtel Dieu le Comte - Place du Préau - 10011 Troyes Tel : +33 3 25 80 98 91 Email : Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Troyes (IUT) 9, rue de Québec - 10026 Troyes Cedex Tel : +33 3 25 42 46 04 Email :


Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Reims-Châlons-Charleville (IUT) Chaussé du Port - 51012 Châlons-en-Champagne Cedex Tel : +33 3 26 21 81 83 Email :


Institut Universitaire Technologie de Reims-Châlons-Charleville (IUT) 4, boulevard Jean Delautre - 08000 Charleville-Mézières Tel : +33 3 24 59 75 40 Email : Institut de Formation Technique Supérieur (IFTS) Pôle de haute technologie du Moulin Le Blanc 7, boulevard Jean Delautre - 08000 Charleville-Mézières Tel : +33 3 24 59 64 70 Email :

Offre de formation de l'URCA en Anglais  

L'offre des formations disponibles à l'Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (en anglais)

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