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ART & PHOTO URBSCHAT – THE COMPANY 50 years ago Horst Urbschat founded „Art & Photo Urbschat“ on Kurfürstendamm 170 Berlin, a studio for portrait photography, that turned out to be one of the most successful in europe. Today it is still located there, on the famous shopping street of West Berlin, now grown into an elegantly laid-out venue of more than 1000 squaremetres, with tree VIP-photo studios, two trend-photo studios, a make-up artists school and a teaching facility for modern photography of all fields, the „Photoacademy“, all of which aiming to meet the highest standards.

– STAR-PHOTOGR APHERS WITH INTERNATIONAL REPUTATION For ten years now Daniela and Nicole Urbschat have been the managing directors of „Art & Photo Urbschat“, since they inherited the company from their father. The two sisters turned the small family business into a studio of international acclaim, a number-one adress for sophisticated portrait- and celebrity photogaphy. Many awards bear witness of the artistic and photographic achievements of Daniela and Nicole: In the 90ies they even created a new photographic art form: the so called „Imphotism“, a blend of photographic styles with elements of collage and painting. Exhibitions in Berlin, Vienna and New York were crowned with several prestigious awards: the „Photo-Oscar“, the AGFA- and KODAK-Award among them.

THE FEMALE IMAGE Special professional attention is guaranteed when star-photographers Daniela and Nicole Urbschat are about to portrait one of their many female customers. Womens portait-photogaphy by „Art & Photo Urbschat“ is a known trade mark for women with the highest standards. Especially women of power, business-leaders or politicians, appreciate these unique portrait-series, that will prompt them immediate public recognition. Working from a psycological angle, these portraits enhance the personality, putting competence, creativity or a talent for leadership in the right light.

When Daniela and Nicole Urbschat call, celebrities from all around the globe follow the invitation to step in front of the lens of the two successful peoples-photographers: Pope Paul II., Donald Trump, Queen Nur of Jordan, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Robert Kennedy Jr., Duchess Sarah Ferguson, The Backstreet-Boys, Barbara Becker, Princess Birgitta of Sweden, Eartha Kit, dancer Vladimir Malakhov . . . to name but a few of the more than 1000 „heads“ from politics, show-biz, arts, sports or business-life. Daniela and Nicole make these people relax, become themselfes, and then capture the essence of their personality in striking pictures.

When the photo-shoot is for an entirely private purpose, maximum discretion is a natural ambition with the Urbschats and their team.. Women from all around the world travel to Berlin or invite the two sisters into the privacy of their homes to have pictures taken, that allow them to unveil themselves completely: mentally and physically. The key factor in these sessions is the female point of view: The complete process, starting with styling, hair and make-up, the lighting, the shooting, even the development of the pictures is handled by women. Techniques from aroma- and light-therapy make for a relaxed atmosphere. Daniela and Nicole Urbschat look through the camera lense with the eyes of a lover: Minor imperfections of the body will be made invisible by the right choice of light and angle, the appealing features naturally enhanced. The skilful use of the camera brings out the unique beauty of each woman. This mix of technical know-how, artistic inspiration and woman-to-woman empathy makes the Urbschat photo-shoot a sensual once-in-a-life-time experience that results in images of class and timeless aesthetics. All of this, of course, preserved in a series of high quality prints with a luxury finish, ready to be framed and given as a gift – a gift of the woman to herself or to someone dear to her heart.

Mallorca! Island of light! It has inspired such painters as Joan Miro or architect Antonio Gaudi. No wonder the two photographers of ART & Photo Urbschat are given here the ideal environment for their work: For their success-series „Diva Mallorca“ Daniela and Nicole Urbschat have found the perfect locations for the creation of intriguing images in the southwest of the island. Here the sun flatters the skin and raises the spirits: The soul is enchanted and lifted up by the soft transparent light, the mediteranian atmosphere. Every woman immediately feels more radiant and younger. A „Diva Mallorca“ photoshoot is a most memorable gift: perfect for a wedding-anniversary or in a time of life, when one feels the need to give ones selfconfidence a little extra boost. Many female customers have become „regulars“: From all over Europe they return again and again to the pictoresque „Finca“ to be photographed in a place that has become so familiar. Allow yourself to be transformed by this unique photographic experience. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!

For many it is the most important day of their lives: the day when they say: „I do!“ Indeed! There is nothing like a wedding day. An event, worthy to be recorded and remembered in a striking series of images: The smiles of joy, the tears of happiness, the shared laughter, the touching moments. „Art & Photo Urbschat“ captures all these emotions for you, either with a well prepared studio-shooting, or with a „whole-day-coverage“: Our trained photographers follow you through this special event with imagination, charm and creativity and make sure, your memories of this unforgettable day can be revisited in a succession of high-gloss images, as a picture-series or a photo-book of the highest standards.

They are an artistic, as well as a logistic challenge, that Daniela and Nicole Urbschat would not want to miss: Family portraits! The fabric of family relations is never the same, presenting the photographer with unique patterns of attachements and dependencies, calling for his or her full attention and understanding: Values and viewpoints change from generation to generation, personalities may clash, yet it is the life under one roof, the combination of traditions and modern ambitions that keeps everything together. To capture all this in one image is what Daniela and Nicole enjoy most, giving the task their full craftsmanship and creativity. As it is, they are able to work here from their own long-standing family tradition: Five generations of Urbschats are living in close relation, three generations working together at „Art & Photo Urbschat“ currently.

THERE‘S NO SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! Underestimated by some, for others a clear „must“ in business-life: A perfect portrait! Competence, a talent for leadership, enthusiasm or creativity: Whatever you wish to project, our experts make your personality shine, using the latest in psychology and technology. Portaits and application-shots by Art & Photo Urbschat are photos with that special something! You are a person of public interest and used to the highest standards? So are we! If you‘re a politician, business-executive, or simply a celebrity: Our portraits guarantee a perfect public appearance.

IMPHOTISM IS A COMBINATION OF MULTILAYERING PHOTOGRAPHY AND IMPRESSIONISTIC PAINTING TECHNIQUES, aiming to not just capture a persons image as a matter of light and shadow, but to reveal the inner life as well. In a blend of overlapping images and colour-structures, a persons story is being told, his personality his individuality. In each work of Imphotism up to 150 different colourings and images are being used, painting techniques combined with computer-generated multilayering and the old „cut and paste“.

The tradition, that Horst Urbschat, working as a news -photographer has started, lives on: Today His daughters Daniela and Nicole are in high demand for TV or the print-media: Either as photographers, experts, or as the V.I P.‘s on the scene: The Urbschats are competent partners for journalists. Over 400 TV- appearances and news-articles in the national and international press bear witness of the creative ideas from Art & Photo Urbschat! SELECTED BITS FROM RADIO AND TV-COVERAGE RBB Liebe, Lust und Leidenschaft | RBB Berliner Abenschau | RBB Zipp | RBB Was | VT 4 Belgien | Puls TV Tabu | MDR Kultur | MDR Kripo Life | MDR Jump MDR Indiskret | MDR Die Windrose | MDR Donnerwetter-Made in Germany | ARD Brisant | ARD Mittags-magazin | ZDF Hallo Deutschland | ZDF Praxis WDR Portrait | RTL Explosiv | RTL Exclusiv | RTL Punkt 12 | RTL Extra | RTL Moneytrend | RTL Soap Mitten im Leben | RTL 2 Die Reportage | RTL 2 Peep RTL 2 Hotzpotz | TV 5 Combien ca toute | B1 Teleticket | ORB Seitenblicke | ORB Tierisch gut drauf | SFB Ein Tag am Kurfürstendamm | 1A Kinder, Kinder | Euronews | SAT 1 Allestester | SAT 1 Edel & Stark | SAT 1 Blitz | SAT 1 Deutschland heute morgen | SAT 1 Akte | PRO 7 Sam | PRO 7 Taff | PRO 7 Liebe Sünde | PRO 7 Arabella | PRO 7 Hautnah | PRO 7 Die Reporter | ORB Magazin | TVB Nachrichtenmagazin TVB ›so beautiful‹ | TVB ›Grosse Freizeit‹ | FAB Hallo Berlin | VOX Fit for fun | VOX Wahre Liebe | Deutsche Welle [weltweit] Die Geschwister Urbschat [Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch] | Radio 88,8 | Radio Paradiso | BB Radio | Insel Radio Mallorca 95,8 | and many more magazines . . . SELECTED ARTICLES FROM NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES Berliner Morgenpost | Die Bunte | Die Welt | Welt am Sonntag | Berliner Zeitung | Berliner Kurier | Tagesspiegel | Berliner Wirtschaft | Berlin Boxx Berlin Maximal | Fotowirtschaft | Fotopresse | BZ | Diplomatisches Magazin | Tipp | Capital | Geschäftswelt | Profi | Inpho

THE SECRET OF SUCCESS FOR DANIELA AND NICOLE URBSCHAT The recipe is a simple one: it is based on hard work, professionalism and creativity, but also on the fun to be had while you keep your mind open for new things, rediscover old things, dare to make fast, uncommon decisions and look for routes off the beaten path. Their inspirations they often get on their travels to the hot-spots in europe or the rest of the world, always on the lookout for new developments and techniques. They are proffessional photographers by heart, always aiming to find the soul in their subject and to capture it in a unique picture. They are „noble-hearted and different“. MEET THEM AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!

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