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Prayer Interludes for Women Patricia Wilson Life is constantly full and busy. Despite the chaos of juggling multiple roles, deadlines, and commitments, the intimate relationship with God you’ve yearned for is well within your grasp. Patricia Wilson asks you to find a few minutes to calm your mind and listen to God. Even a few stray minutes can become a blessed opportunity for a focused encounter with God. Each prayer interlude featured in this book has 5 parts: Calming a passage from the Psalms to calm the mind Centering a practice to focus on God Praying a prayer for a particular situation or occasion Listening a Gospel passage with the words of Jesus Returning a practice to anchor the prayer experience


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Who influenced your prayer life?


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I never thought a lot about personal prayer until I met June. Before that, I thought prayer was something you did in church, before bed, or before a meal. I believed prayer should be formal and suspected that prayers written by someone else were more acceptable than my own hesitant whisperings. Then June came into my life. A minister’s wife, she had a big, bold laugh that matched her big, bold personality. She loved her Savior and spoke of that love at every opportunity. She prayed anytime, anywhere, often out loud and always as if she were talking to a dear friend. If she saw a bush in bloom, she thanked God for its beauty. If she saw a child crying, she prayed for healing. If she was running late, she asked for the gift of time. June taught me that prayer can be a daily, continuous, ongoing conversation that forms the framework of my life. My prayer life today is so much deeper because of June’s wonderful example. — Patricia Wilson

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