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Rhythms of Growth 365 Meditations to Nurture the Soul Linda Douty Find spiritual nourishment for every season. Linda Douty uses the seasons of the year to illustrate natural trends in our spiritual lives. For winter, she writes about themes of rootedness, fallow times, reflection; for spring, awakening, planting, new growth, storms; for summer, bearing fruit, abundance, blossoming, weeding, and pests; for fall, letting go, sifting, harvesting. Douty’s conversational style and ability to bring together the everyday and the holy make this the perfect selection for anyone who wants a devotional book that applies to everyday life.

devotion to God PRAYER

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What daily practices allow you to put God first in your devotion?

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My prayer life began with saying and praying the words of others. But eventually I reached an inevitable crossroad: I learned to focus on what God could do in and through me instead of what I could do for God. My spiritual practices these days center on being present to the Presence. Meditation and contemplation have provided a sense of understanding—the more I listen, the more I sense God speaking to me. I’m able to witness the Spirit planting seeds of awareness in me, assuring me of God’s love and acceptance in spite of my inadequacies, and guiding me to respond to what God is doing in my life. I spend time each day in silence (the language of God!) where I take a leap of radical faith, trusting that the Spirit can shape and form me from the inside out. I don’t evaluate the experience; I trust it, allowing thoughts to pass by so I can return to God’s breath moving in and out of my lungs. —Linda Douty

Upper Room Books Women of God catalog  
Upper Room Books Women of God catalog  

This catalog was created with the spiritual needs of women in mind. Whether you’re interested in spiritual growth, struggles, relationships,...