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One Day I Wrote Back Interacting with Scripture Through Creative Writing Jane Herring

Do you want to find a more creative way to relate to the Bible? Jane Herring struggled with the contradictions, puzzling stories, and difficult sayings in scripture—until she discovered the power of interacting with them. Herring guides you to talk back to those scripture passages you don’t understand. Ask questions, explore your life, plead, praise, and ponder. She provides simple, practical tools for beginning and experienced writers. This 6-week study includes a Leader’s Guide. A perfect resource for individuals, small groups, and retreats.

creativity PRAYER

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How do you nurture your own creativity?


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When I grant myself the freedom to observe life honestly, my creativity thrives. This observation begins by taking note of the world around me, engaging with how I feel in my body, and defining what emotions I am experiencing. I keep a small journal with me so I can jot down any new observations or ideas. My creativity is also strengthened by friends who share my creative nature, and I make time to connect with kindred spirits on a regular basis for inspiration. Ultimately, the work of creativity occurs in my time alone. I light a candle, make a cup of tea, pray, and write. Though I have found many ways to nurture my own creativity, the act of writing nurtures me most of all. —Jane Herring

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