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Saffron Cross

The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk J. Dana Trent A Christian minister and a Hindu monk fall in love and get married. How does this interfaith relationship work?

Saffron Cross is the intriguing memoir of the relationship between Dana, a Baptist minister, and Fred, a devout Hindu and former monk. The two meet on eHarmony and begin a fascinating, sometimes daunting but ultimately inspiring journey of interfaith relationship and marriage. Written with humor and honesty, their story gives a glimpse into the challenges of bringing together two vastly different spiritual paths into one household. A welcome and inspiring story of empathy, love, and understanding.

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Who has been the face of God to you?

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My mother is now 76, and her mind has become a vehicle for reflection. Her stories of her own mother become more vivid each year. On Sundays, in particular, when my mother is awestruck by the rush and irreverence of the 21st century, she tells stories of a different time. “Mother would load us all into the station wagon on Sunday evenings, and we’d go down to the county home and visit the old folks who had no one.” She pauses to remember the rooms of the lonely, sick, and despondent. “She was so thoughtful in that way.” By thoughtful, my mother means Christlike. She glances at the Bible on the couch near us. “She taught us what it meant to do for the ‘least of these.’ ” This sabbath gesture planted a seed within my mother, and she ensured that I was brought up in the same faith—the kind where others can see God’s love in and through me. My grandmother’s simple act of taking five smiling children to a lonely place all those years ago yielded much fruit. Both my mother and I learned from her faithful example. Each day, we are invited to the same opportunity: How will others see God in us today? —J. Dana Trent

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