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Ampera The Ampera range sets a new benchmark in LED lighting with performing and flexible solutions that lead to the shortest payback time. With its long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements, the Ampera range enables you to maximise your return on investment. Available in three sizes, with a lumen package scalable up to 35,200lm, and with numerous lighting distributions, the Ampera range can meet all your road and urban lighting needs. This range is the perfect solution for replacing luminaires fitted with mercury vapour, high-pressure sodium, metal halide and other HID lamps.

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The Ampera Mini is a strategic alternative to fittings with 70W traditional light sources while the Ampera Midi and the Ampera Maxi provide significant energy savings for replacing luminaires with 150W and 250WÂ lamps.

Teceo This very successful luminaire already enables thousands of towns and cities to improve lighting levels, generate energy savings and reduce their ecological footprint. With the new S version particularly suited for low-height applications, the Teceo range offers more than ever optimised photometrical performance with a minimum total cost of ownership. Thanks to its broad range of lumen packages, its impressive scope of light distributions and its various control options, Teceo provides a tailor-made solution for numerous applications; from bike paths, squares and car parks to residential streets, urban roads, large avenues and motorways.

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Designed for a versatile mounting with the same universal piece, allowing both side-entry and post-top fixation on a spigot, Teceo is easy to combine with standard poles, refined brackets or wall brackets.

Ymera The Ymera features a refined design and state-of-theart LED technology, providing an energy-efficient lighting solution that enhances city streets. Suited to both roads, public squares and other urban outdoor areas, the Ymera enables high-quality lighting and a lower carbon footprint for towns and cities creating a safe and attractive environment. Scandinavian inspired, the Ymera brings elegance to cities through four distinctive versions including an illuminated dome and a decorative skirt. The Ymera benefits from highly efficient light distributions that are compliant with stringent standards for glare control. This refined luminaire has been specifically developed to reduce disability glare and improve the quality of light.


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