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Kazu Inspired by the Kaza hat worn by the samurai, the Kazu is an excellent example of adaptability, anticipation and flexibility. The Kazu minimal and modern look is designed around the compactness of the LED engine, blending into landscapes while providing sustainable lighting solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption and improve visual comfort for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Reliable, efficient, discreet and robust, the Kazu luminaire is supplied pre-wired for an easy installation. The curved cooling fins optimise heat extraction and prevent dirt from entering the luminaire. With virtually no maintenance required, the Kazu guarantees long-lasting performance and massive savings. It is available with flat (standard version) or dome-shaped (comfort version) protector to guarantee the perfect fit in any landscape.



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Kio The clean and fluid lines of the Kio LED luminaire adapt to various urban landscapes such as parks, squares, gardens and residential areas. The Kio LED combines the energy efficiency of LED technology with the photometric performance of the LensoFlex®2 concept developed by Schréder. This luminaire offers photometric efficiency with visual comfort for the creation of ambiance. It provides multiple light distributions characterised by excellent photometric performance. The materials used are of excellent quality; the base and cover are in high-pressure die-cast aluminium, the protector is composed of polycarbonate. The design of the Kio LED luminaire guarantees an IP 66 tightness level.

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Pilzeo The post-top luminaire, Pilzeo, transforms the classic ‘mushroom’ lantern into a contemporary design. Based on the proven LensoFlex®2 LED engine, the Pilzeo ensures photometric performance to provide safety and well-being in the public space. The name Pilzeo refers directly to the `Pilzleuchte’ literally `mushroom luminaire’ - a very popular type of lantern in German-speaking countries. This classical form has been refreshed to provide an aesthetic continuity while generating massive energy savings. The Pilzeo luminaire is adapted to various urban landscapes such as residential areas, parks, squares, bicycle paths and historical urban centres. The base section and body of the luminaire are made of highpressure die-cast aluminium while the protector and the top cover are composed of polycarbonate. The design of the Pilzeo luminaire guarantees an IP 66 tightness level to maintain performance over time.


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