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Isla The Isla LED luminaire offers an economical lighting solution based on LED technology. This luminaire is available with numerous different light distributions, all characterised by low energy consumption for high-quality photometric performance. Designed by Michel Tortel, the Isla LED luminaire presents an elegant design that perfectly integrates into many urban and residential environments. The Isla LED luminaire is composed of aluminium and glass.

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Inoa While delivering a high degree of visual comfort, the Inoa LED enables significant energy savings compared to equivalent luminaires, fitted with traditional light sources. The Inoa LED luminaire is available in a wide range of versions. The diffuser bowl can be equipped with an additional clear or striated protector. This second protector surrounds the luminaire with subtle charm. At night, the magic happens; when one approaches it, the drop of light in the protector seems to move under the play of the reflections. These various configurations are combined with two sizes of top canopy: small or large.



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The discreet elegance of the Inoa LED luminaire makes it an ideal choice for enhancing any landscape. It offers several light distributions to meet the requirements for lighting parks and squares as well as urban and residential areas.

Hapi Delivering atmosphere, comfort and energy savings to ideally replace an opal sphere luminaire. Lighting parks, squares and residential areas require a specific approach that is very different from lighting roads. The creation of ambiance plays a prominent role. However, this must not be done at the expense of efficiency. The age of the opal sphere luminaire with high energy consumption and a source of light pollution is gone forever. The HapiLED, an economical, aesthetic, robust and efficient LED solution, is here to replace it.

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