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Urban frontiers: exploring the edges of Paris In the period before the International Symposium “ “Garden Cities, an ideal to be pursued” , Urbego, the IAU île-de-France, and the Syndicat for the development of the Montjean plain, are organizing a 4-day workshop on the theme of garden cities.

Transforming a neighborhood at the city edge The area southeast of the Montjean plain has a strategic location: it is close to the Orly Airport, on the edge of large Silic business park, next to a train station that will also be served by a new tram line in 2014. It is currently occupied by community gardens and a parceling. The landscape is very open, but the area suffers from airplane noise. However, the new facilities, as well as many economic projects will increase the urban pressure on the area. How, in this context, is it possible to maintain a supply of affordable and livable housing? How improve the existing parceling? How to deal with the edge of the open space of the plain? How to integrate public transport and the existing functions in the new development? What housing typologies are suitable in this location, is the model cities gardens still relevant for this context?

Workshop programme The Montjean plain is a fragile site strategically located in the north of the Orly airport. This area is expected to change in future with a specific attention to the quality of the open spaces including the projects of new urban neighborhoods. The workshop will explore different scenarios for the transformation of one of these neighborhoods located at the edge of this area. It will seek different approaches for the transformation, promoting cultural exchanges between young professionals from different countries and fields (architecture, urban planning, geography, landscape). The group of young experts will explore the creative relationship between housing, a strategic and accessible location and an environment constrained by the noise, in search of a balance between the built environment and the open space. The garden cities idea serves as a guideline.


“I think that the outer edges of the city are the less well-known territory of the modern world. You can go to Tibet, the Himalayas or to the Sahara desert, nobody goes to the suburbs. “ (P. Vasset)

The workshop within the Garden Cities Symposium The workshop has a cross-cutting approach in exploring and analyzing the possibilities for a reinterpretation and applicability of the Garden Cities concepts in the 21th century. We would like to focus on these possibilities by concentrating on different aspects: the different responses to the original garden city idea in the history, contemporary examples around the world, the fundamental values which give garden cities idea its topical relevance and the variables/ criteria which have to be considered in a process of application of this idea to new context (adaptability at different scales, appearance of new actors in the urban scene, the priority of climate resilience, participation and the sustainable community building). This theme has also an ideal meaning: a sort of baton changeover in which the young professionals re-discover the lessons of the past and the foundational experience of IFHP and use them in a new way to answer to the current urban challenges.

Objectives of the workshop The objective of this workshop is to define several scenarios of development of the district of La Fraternelle (in the Montjean plain), by testing and confronting different hypotheses about its development. The garden city principle will guide the different scenarios to various forms of urban development, answering some of the following themes: • The ambition of the neighborhood • The neighborhood identity, sense of community • A certain density • The balance among built-up areas • The role and the quality of the public space • The accessibility at different scales • Relationship with nature and landscape, and even local agriculture • Housing design and evolution of life style • The response to noise issue • Functional diversity - the role of public facilities and workplaces •Architectural requirements to provide overall consistency URBEGO 2

URBEGO is a platform of young planning professionals within IFHP. This network is an opportunity to share experiences and ideas among young planners and students, to develop a common direction for the profession, to create synergies and work together on specific development projects. URBEGO means city-metropolis in Esperanto which is an international language created to facilitate communication amongst people from different countries and become a second language common to everyone. This is also what we want to achieve with the platform: develop a new thinking and common horizons.

Why participate The workshop provides a unique opportunity for young professionals to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes for understanding and planning the urban processes of today. It represents an occasion to take part in an international symposium, to widen the professional network and meet international experts. It is also an opportunity to develop projects and ideas on a concrete planning case and to work closely with the local actors .The workshop will acquaint the young professionals with French and international experience in planning through excursions sessions and debates which gives the participants additional energy and motivation. This event is an opportunity to be involved in a new international young platform, to gain space in the planning debate and to enjoy the city via different and entertaining social events. Cost The participants are expected to cover their travel cost to and from Paris as well as any other expenses during their stay. A contribution can be provided by IFHP. Applications Applications should contain a short CV. The application should be sent to: or Deadline for applications is 26 March 2013 Successful applicants will be informed by 28 March 2013 For further information, please contact and


Urban frontiers: exploring the edges of Paris  

Urbego Workshop 22nd-26th of April 2012 Wissous/ Fresno / Rungis (Montjean Plain, south of Paris)

Urban frontiers: exploring the edges of Paris  

Urbego Workshop 22nd-26th of April 2012 Wissous/ Fresno / Rungis (Montjean Plain, south of Paris)