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Fashion Stylist Michelle Pierre Where Passion meets Fashion!

BIOGRAPHY MICHELLE PIERRE…Where Passion meets Fashion!


ichelle Pierre is an innovative fashion

stylist based in New York City. She has been working as a freelance personal fashion stylist for as long as she can remember. She lives, breathes and bleeds fashion. When it comes to her own style, Michelle’s personal sense of fashion and careful attention to detail has been what constantly draws individuals to her. She is often asked by perfect strangers to become their “personal” stylist. Being a walking billboard of Fashion herself, it was inevitable that this would be the career path for Michelle Pierre. In 2009 , Michelle made the difficult decision to leave her work as a Freight Forwarder and embark on an international tour of the world to pursue her dreams of a freelance career as a fashion stylist. She visited places such as London, Paris, Montreal and Haiti and started to study the cultures, their style and their ways. She continued her journey in the world of Fashion by also taking a national tour of different states such as Miami, Kentucky, Las Vegas, Virginia, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, North Carolina, and Connecticut. In her travels, she came to the realization that fashion not only varies from country to country, but it also varied greatly from state to state. Each state had its own culture, its own style…its own identity. Always a joyful and active collaborator, Michelle Pierre not only fulfills her responsibilities as a stylist, she also inspires and lifts the morale of everyone around her to achieve their greatest creative capabilities. When it comes to results…Michelle Pierre is sure to deliver.

For Michelle, Fashion is as important as breathing. Inspired by her Carribbean & City influences, she always loved to play with many different styles and looks, all forming the essence of who she is today – and why she is such a sought-after stylist.

Michelle's creative vision runs from vintage to modern. Her unique sense of style is as beautiful as it is versatile, and as blunt as it is subtle, Much like her personality. Her ability to Combine street sophistication with vintage accents and finishing it off with a modern flair is what creates her unique brand of elegance.

Her bluntness and honesty translates through her style of clothing. She remains true to the client’s personality while simultaneously creating a bold statement almost effortlessly.

Michelle’s ability to ingeniously find the perfect accessories for your day-to-day and not-so-everyday outfit, allows the client to achieve a simple yet eye-catching look every time.

Michelle’s dynamic personality and positive energy set her apart from the rest. As a result, her gift and personality has opened many doors and opportunities where she has been associated with some of the best in the business. Top row (L to R): Deb Antney, CEO of Mizay Ent; Antoine Peirce New York Giants; Melky Jean The Carma Foundation; (2nd Row) Stephen Hill BET President; Swizz Beats Hip Hop Recording Artist; Emil Wilbekin Editor-in-Chief of Vibe Magazine; (Bottom Row) Melyssa Ford Model/Actress; Maxwell R&B Recording Artist; Jamie Foster-Brown Sister 2 Sister Magazine


Magazine Fashion Shoot New York, NY 2012

Photoshoot with America’s Next Top Model Contestant, Kathleen Dujour New York, NY 2011

HAIR 4 HAITI CHARITY FASHION SHOW (2012) Philadelphia PA.,2012

Michelle continues to carve out her place in the industry of Fashion through runway, print, and theatre work as a fashion stylist and image consultant.

Magazine Photo Shoot with Print Model Ananias Jean Louis Virginia Beach, VA 2012

All Media & Booking Inquiries should be submitted to: Ur Beauty Liaison Attn: Lydia Pierre Brand Manager & PR Professional 646.535.LYDIA (59342)


Where Passion meets Fashion

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