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ANDREW FRAZER Monsters on a variety of mediums.


CONCEPT FOR 140ART Tess’ work on the Ali Baba shopfront will see her signature Asian forms and colours – her palette will be limited to red, white and black – given a modern twist.

He’s been featured in publications like Oyster and Monster Children and has exhibited around the world, but designer/ illustrator Ian Mutch still finds inspiration at home in WA. Girls, animals and monsters star in his pieces, created using acrylic paints, watercolours, ink and spraypaints on just about every medium imaginable: paper bags, wood, canvas, metal.

CONCEPT FOR 140ART Iku Sushi restaurant will be transformed into a vibrant aquarium under Leslie’s deft touch, featuring a mythical Japanese sea-dragon, fish, crabs and an octopus created using printed vinyl.

Photo courtesy Nic Montagu

4. Hand lettering and interesting narratives. An illustrator, hand letterer, designer and artist with a love for interesting narratives, Bunbury-based Andrew Frazer tells intriguing stories with his projects – everything from menu boards to custom wedding invitations, editorial and installations. Regardless of the medium, Frazer’s work shows an impeccable eye for detail, with imagination and whimsy at every turn.




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Pippa McManus Colour drenched, human emotions. Having briefly studied fashion design, Perth illustrator and artist Sara Winfield turned to painting, uniting a whirlwind of colours, concepts and images in pieces that are often inspired by the female form, dreams, imagination and nature. Winfield’s highly evocative works regularly examine human emotions such as desire, optimism and aloofness.

CONCEPT FOR 140ART Phibs returns to his graffiti roots for 140ART, creating a large scale, full colour mural to transform a laneway space. Expect eye-popping patterns, vivid hues and his signature birds.



MICHELLE LESLIE Patterns and forms with oriental elements. She may be the youngest artist involved in the 140ART project, but Perth local Tess Bury is already proving that her talent for illustration is second-to-none. Bury’s abstract, surrealist pieces nod to the Orient, with patterns and flourishes often overlayed with colourful forms. Her gig posters for local bands are dramatic and eye-catching.

CONCEPT FOR 140ART Mutch’s work will take its inspiration from the Nandos restaurant shopfront that he is decorating – think, the iconic Barcelos rooster in red, orange and green, delivered with an element of fun.



Distinct animals in a kaleidoscope of colours. Sydney-based painter and illustrator Anya Brock began her career in fashion before honing her artistic talents, creating paintings and murals showcased in urban locations around her home-town, Perth, as well as internationally. Focused on animals and the female form, Brock’s work is a striking fusion of bold, expressive black lines overlayed with a kaleidoscopic colour palette.

Photo courtesy Lauren Trickett



CONCEPT FOR 140ART Andrew’s work will take over the shopfront of Tartine café, where he will use acrylic paints to bring to life decorative, hand drawn lettering and illustrative elements.

Photo courtesy Tim Phibs, Nicole Parker

3. Fashion-forward creations. If Melbourne-based Rebecca Wetzler’s work looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it on the pages of Vogue Australia, in Renault billboard ads or on limited-edition Santa Vittoria labels. From large-scale murals to captivating magazine illustrations, Wetzler’s fashion-forward creations combine sketching and ink in a way that is at once playful yet edgy.

Photo courtesy Daniel Craig


Photo courtesy Drea Frazer Photography

Wetzler takes her experience in the fashion industry to new heights with her piece on Perth Central Dental Centre that will unite bright colours, tropical flowers and abstract patterns in acrylic.

CONCEPT FOR 140ART Based on his 2012 work You’re Off Your Head, Quilty’s work will feature on the shopfront of iworkshop on William St.

7. Cult cartoons, interactive online spaces. Perth-based designer, illustrator and web guru Michelle Leslie combines her love of cult cartoons with an interest in Japanese and Scandinavian art to create clean, colourful vector-based pieces. An early adopter, Leslie also has a talent for developing fun, interactive spaces using the web, animation and social media.


12. Underwater photography, screen prints, sea creatures. Self-taught artist and designer Amok Island spent a decade painting walls in Amsterdam before moving to Perth, where he combines his passion for underwater photography with large-scale public murals. Amok’s colourful canvases and handmade screen prints also reference sea creatures – think, mackerel and herring, often with a side of pickles – and aerial coastal views.

Q. Favourite Perth restaurant? I love Iku Sushi in the 140 precinct, actually. Q. What’s it like to be part of 140Art? I had my studio in the precinct for the last year and it was such an inspiring place to be. When the team asked me to be involved I jumped at the chance. It seemed like a great way to extend my relationship with the area. Q. What’s the process behind creating this piece? I’ll use a range of mediums to create the work, including acrylic and spray paints, plus metallics for a “dirty” look. Months ago I began developing a concept, which involved sketches and then digitally added colour.

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9. CONCEPT FOR 140ART Winfield’s piece will see the creation of a large, decorative and fantastical face on the entrance to the commercial office towers at one40william (William St). With dripping hues and saturated colour, it’s designed to stop all traffic. Well-known street and graffiti artist. One of Australia’s most applauded graffiti and street artists, Phibs’ work appears everywhere from restaurant exteriors in Sydney and Melbourne to walls in Berlin and New York. Part of Melbourne’s Everfresh Studio collective of street artists, Sydney-born Phibs produces works across a variety of mediums, bringing in elements of symbolism, multiculturalism, mythology and signature characters.


CONCEPT FOR 140ART Brock’s signature style will translate into a whimsical piece for 140ART, brightening the entrance to The Aviary on William St wall with portraits of larger-than-life budgies created using colourful acrylic paints.

Photo courtesy Phoebe Phillips

Q. How long will it take you to create the 140Art piece? The mural I’m creating for 140ART will only take two or three days to finish. The concept takes much longer than the execution – I’ve been planning the piece for months.


11. Intricate fine lines of suburban males. Working in ballpoint pen, spray paint and enamel, Andy Quilty began his career as a commercial surfboard artist before turning his attention to visual arts. Based in Perth, Quilty’s work explores the social, psychological and physical landscape inhabited by the suburban Australian male, using fine lines to create character and splashes of colour for depth.

CONCEPT FOR 140ART Amok’s concept revolves around the life cycle of the coffee plant, featuring a Civet cat whose diet includes coffee beans. Neatly painted green leaves together with representations of the Civet cat will produce a stylised piece with a balanced colour combination that can be viewed from the front or from the side, coming to life with acrylic paint.

ABOUT 140 The multi-million dollar transformation of 140 is underway and expected to be completed in 2014. Food, art and fashion will collide at the new 140, a dynamic destination that will become the city’s most happening urban precinct. Original laneways will link boutiques, cafes, restaurants, take-away shops and bars making 140 one of Perth’s most creative urban destinations.

Twelve of Australia’s top street artists and illustrators are set to reinvent one of Australia’s newest urban precincts with 140ART, a temporary exhibition transforming the walls and windows of 140. Nationally recognised artists including Phibs, Andy Quilty, Anya Brock, Amok and Pip McManus will exhibit alongside emerging local artists, each using a shopfront or wall as a larger-than-life canvas. The twelve artists will each take inspiration from the shopfront or space they’re re-imagining to create a unique piece that will be on display for three months as part of the exhibition. For example, The Aviary will feature Anya Brock’s budgerigar’s, Nando’s windows will be decorated with images of the Barcelos rooster, and Iku Sushi will come alive with a mural inspired by the sea. Styles will range from street and aerosol art to stencilling, hand drawn illustrations and acrylic works. Artists will create their works live on-site and the exhibition will be on between 2 Nov to 31 Jan for all to enjoy.


2 NOV ’13 – 31 JAN ’14 2. 2.






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At 140 you will find: RETAIL Forever New Swarovski


Make sure to visit 140ART while its on and let us know your thoughts by hashtagging #140art. Get involved with the 140Art Instagram competition (see over) – Instagram your favourite artwork to win a signed print courtesy of the artist.

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Pip McManus/ Baird Building Joseph Boin/ Globe Building Rebecca Wetzler/ Perth Central Dental Centre Andrew Frazer/ Tartine Cafe Tess Bury/ Ali Baba Hairdressing Ian Mutch/ Nandos







Michelle Leslie/ Iku Sushi Sara Winfield/ one40william commercial lobby Phibs/ Vacant tenancy

RESTAURANTS & BARS Jamie’s Italian The Aviary

TAKEAWAY & COFFEE Nando’s Iku Sushi Croissant Express The Coffee Club Tartine Café Sub 140

SERVICES iWorkshop Yes Optus Ali Baba Hairdressing Salon Perth Central Dental Centre

Amok Island/ Hoarding adjacent to The Coffee Club /PippaMcManusIllustration Edgy catwalk models, fashion focus. One of the most in-demand fashion illustrators in the country, Pip McManus is known for her highly stylised images of catwalk models – with an edgy twist. Having studied fine art as well as fashion/ textile design, Perth-based McManus today focuses on small watercolour paintings on paper and larger works on canvas using acrylic and spray paints plus charcoal.


CONCEPT FOR 140ART Dressed street-style designer clothing, McManus’ oh-so-cool and slightly grungy models – there are seven in total – will become larger than life when they’re added to the windows of the 140ART Baird Building on Wellington St.


 ractice your Downward Facing Dog during your P lunch break at Yoga Vine, a pop-up studio offering daily classes from Monday through Friday. Refer to for a full class timetable.


Order spaghetti vongole, veal saltimbocca and fritto misto at Jamie’s Italian, the celebrity chef’s homage to fresh, flavourful and extremely reasonably priced Italian fare.


I ku Sushi’s nigiri, gunkan and inari are as healthy as they are tasty. Grab the small bites to go, or order larger set meals and salads for lunch on the run.


Start your day properly with French pastries or a gourmet baguette paired with Five Senses coffee at Tartine Cafe.


Pick up a sparkly gift for that someone special at Swarovski. The cut crystals and gemstones here are transformed into everything from jewellery to home accessories, watches and figurines.

Anya Brock/ The Aviary Andy Quilty/ iWorkshop



Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the area from The Aviary’s breezy rooftop bar, Nest, where cool cocktails can be enjoyed between a round or two of lawn bowls.

Photo courtesy Jarrad Seng





CONCEPT FOR 140ART Boin returns to his street-art roots, using aerosols to produce a traditional 2-D style of lettering with realistic 3-D elements brought in over two windows of the 140ART Globe Building.


2. Street artist turned fine artist. From graffiti to designing, airbrushing to tattooing and illustrations, self-taught street artist Joseph Boin pushes the boundaries of his craft. More recently, the Perth artist changed tracks, tackling traditional brush painting and fine arts. His works are vivid and arresting and always changing; sometimes they’re dark and moody, other times they’re light-hearted with detail.