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On the Cover • Glassio • • The William Vale, Brooklyn • • September 2, 2017 •

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Main Artist • Glassio • 11-16

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• The Cellar at BK Bazaar, Brooklyn • September 7, 2017 •

Infinity Girl •Brooklyn, New York • • Nolan Eley • Sebastian Modak • Mitchell Stewart • Kyle Oppenheimer •


Infinity Girl’s sound in 3 words: Mediocre Overwrought Shoegaze

Favorite song to perform live:


“But I’m Slow”

Favorite food and/or drink: Chips and Salsa

/ihateinfinitygirl 3

Favorite spot in NYC: Double Down Saloon

• Nolan Eley •

• Sebastian Modak •

• Kyle Oppenheimer •

• Mitchell Stewart •


• Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, New York City • September 9, 2017 •

The Novel Ideas • Boston, Massachusetts • • Danny Hoshino • Daniel Radin • Sarah Grella • James Parkington •

@thenovelideas @thenovelideas /thenovelideas 5

• Daniel Radin •

• Sarah Grella •

• Danny Hoshino •

• James Parkington •


• Central Park Summerstage, New York City • September 13, 2017 •

Joywave • Rochester, New York • • Joseph Morinelli • Daniel Armbruster • Paul Brenner • Benjamin Bailey •

@joywavemusic @joywavemusic /joywave 7

• Daniel Armbruster •

• Benjamin Bailey •

• Jeremiah Crespo •

• Joseph Morinelli •

• Paul Brenner •


• The Theater at MSG, New York City • September 14, 2017 •

Kelly Clarkson • Fort Worth, Texas •

@kelly_clarkson @kellyclarkson /kellyclarkson 9


• Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, New York City • September 5, 2017 • @glassiomusic @glassiomusic

Main Artist • Glassio •


A songwriting assignment at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music ignited the spark of what is now Glassio. Glassio, formed and based in New York City, links the musical talents of producer-songwriters Sam Rad and Charlie Pinel. They self-released their first single, “Try Much Harder,” on September 9, 2015, followed by their exuberant debut EP, Poptimism, on February 15, 2016. Since then, they have also put out various singles, including “Morning House (feat. Charles Fauna)”, and their latest, “Papaya.” Frequently sharing their amazing sound all over New York City, they have shared the stage with musical artists like Yelle, CAFUNÉ, and The Midnight Hollow, in addition to performing at the monthly Communion Residency. They recently played a few shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn at venues including Music Hall of Williamsburg on September 2, 2017 and Mercury Lounge on September 15, 2017. Just before their show at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Sam and Charlie, along with their live musicians Nick Guinan and Charlie Mischer, kindly shared some time to pose for some portraits, alongside discussing the process behind creating “Papaya,” recommending some restaurants to check out in NYC, 11 and designing the “Glassio” pizza.

What’s the story behind the formation of Glassio? CHARLIE: Sam and I met our freshman year of college, studying Music Production and Business. We lived in the same dorm, so we kind of knew of each other. We were working one night, and shared some ideas, which basically turned into my homework assignment. From there, we started making more together. SAM: We became friends and wrote for many years, so this project is a newer development over the past two years. It’s still relatively new, even though we’ve written together for six years in different bands.

What was the first instrument (musical or non-musical) you started making music with? SAM: I used to sing pretty much all the time as a kid. I would take pots and pans from the kitchen and hit them, and sing “I’ve Working on the Railroad” and Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy.” So that was my first instrument. CHARLIE: I remember signing myself up because I thought it would be cool to know about music theory. I signed myself up at some Municipal music school in Paris in my neighborhood. They would teach you music theory with xylophones.

You released your latest single, “Papaya,” on July 28, 2017. What was the process of writing, recording, and producing those two songs? CHARLIE MISCHER: I’ve been fortunate enough to meet these guys through mutual friends at NYU. That was the second song we had done together after “Morning House.” We found we had this weird, natural spastic chemistry that when harnessed properly, went a long way. Our process was slow in figuring out what we wanted to do with the sounds, and in the midst of all that planning, “Papaya” naturally came about. We wanted it to be soulful and dancey, but real and personal. That’s always the crux of all the songs; trying to find something to say for people to latch onto in an emotional way. We liked the idea of it sounding different, in terms of the music, but also in terms of the name itself. We thought the idea of naming it a fruit was kind of quirky, weird, and original, something you’d hear see and immediately sing whatever it was. I remember holding up in Sam’s apartment for a good long time, throwing ideas against the wall, and what we ended up getting was this kaleidoscope of viewpoints and experiences.




Which song (released or unreleased) are you most proud of? CHARLIE: I think “Morning House” was surprising because we tapped it to very immediate influences at the time. The newer music influences how we wrote and produced stuff, and I think it was interesting to see that unfold. With other songs, we tapped into reflexes; that’s not to say we don’t bring it in a new place, but I was kind of surprised at the tail end of the process how cohesive it was, while being the result of a spastic writing process. SAM: I think so for me, too. I remember feeling really not confident in the track the week before, really trying to convince them we should not release it. I was like, “This is not going to do well” and felt insecure about it, but I’ve learned that I should just not think about that anymore, and save everyone a little bit of happiness in their lives. It’s kind of a bit depressing because it did so well, and whoever that was in my head, is not the person to listen to.

What happens before you go onstage? Is there a Glassio pre-show ritual? NICK GUINAN: We were thinking yesterday that we were all going to do yoga together before we go onstage, but we haven’t done that yet. Or like a group stretch. We usually have a drink or two. It differs; there isn’t one specific thing we do. We tend to get a little goofy before the shows because our adrenaline is going.

Out of all your songs, my favorite is “Try Much Harder.” Can you touch on the inspiration and creation of that particular one? SAM: That was probably, of this project, the earliest song that came. I remember living in West Village, and I had just bought synthesizers for the first time. I had a MiniBrute Arturia, this new synth that everyone liked in 2015. It was just kind of one of those things, you know, you [Charlie] were sitting with in the room and you were sitting on my bed. I think I was a little upset about something. The song was just written in 10 minutes, and then I finished the production with this beautiful Juno synth that works on and off. I remember the title. There was this guy who was an older, sleazy songwriter who if you needed someone to play dead in your film, he could just do it. He wrote some songs in the 60s that broke a lot of charts in England. He was a friend of my family, and they tried to bring him in to work with us. He was just very rude and condescending, and it was just when we were trying to write songs for other people. He had a song, “Try A Little Harder,” and I thought it would be funny if we had a song called “Try Much Harder.” It’s a kaleidoscope of viewpoints and experiences.


What’s your favorite restaurant and/or food in NYC? Any places back home? CHARLIE: For me, it’s more of the food I used to eat. My mom used to buy blinis and salmon. That is really the food of my home. As of now, one place that I go to a lot is a little burrito place next to where I live in Bed-Stuy called B’KLYN BURRO. It’s very good and fresh. NICK: There’s this new sushi place called Sugarfish in New York. It’s a spot in LA, but it has hands-down, the best sushi in New York right now. I’m a big sushi guy. Charlie M: I lived in DC for awhile, and I’m just going to plug my sister’s restaurant, Sally’s Middle Name. Sam: I’m not a foodie; I don’t appreciate the art of eating food or experiencing meals. The food I like to eat the most is probably above average comfort food. There are two diners; one of which is called Champs, and the other is Jimmy’s. A good place when you are too nervous on your date and you need to talk about good food is 750 Myrtle Diner that’s kind of Japanese-French fusion. It’s really cool; they have small plates and amazing sake. We all usually go to Wei Williamsburg pretty late at night, which is this late-night spot that serves food until 4AM; they have great pork soup dumplings.

If there a pizza with the name “Glassio,” what toppings would it have? NICK: I think mozzarella, basil, and prosciutto. CHARLIE: Goat cheese, honey. SAM: I think honey, goat cheese, basil pesto.

What can listeners expect in terms of upcoming projects and/or releases? SAM: We have a new song coming out, and probably a music video to a song that is a bit more atmospheric than our 3-minute singles. I think we’re all really excited about it, and it will be a great way to end the year. Then, probably a new EP in the new year, and like a single to start it off with. We have a lot of new material.

What’s a question you have wanted to get asked in an interview, and what’s the response to it? SAM: Who do you picture when you’ve written songs? For instance, I picture all of the people who weren’t very nice to me in high school, and I feel like I’m writing a song that’s changing their opinion of me to make them feel like shit for how stupid they made me feel. It’s the best power because they can’t make a song, and they just bring in negativity into the world. I think picturing people is a very strong thing to do; it’s very therapeutic. NICK: For a lot of songs, I imagine my exes. I imagine sitting on a couch together after a very long day, and accidentally hearing one of my songs, and what they would say. I have family all over the place, and I’d imagine what my relatives in La Grange, Texas would think of a song I wrote in Brooklyn, New York. 16

• Mercury Lounge, New York City • September 15, 2017 •

GGOOLLDD • Milwaukee, Wisconsin •

• Nick Ziemann • Mark Stewart • Margaret Butler • William Gardiner • Nick Schubert •


GGOOLLDD’s sound in 3 words: Dungeon Disco Glam

Favorite song to perform live:



Favorite food and/or drink: Soup/Water

/ggoollddband 17

Favorite spot in NYC: Oasis at bar time

• Nick Ziemann •

• Mark Stewart •

• Margaret Butler •

• William Gardiner •

• Nick Schubert •


• Knitting Factory, Brooklyn • September 20, 2017 •

The Midnight Hollow • Brooklyn, New York •

• Spencer Draeger • Andrew Segreti • Matt Leibowitz •

The Midnight Hollow’s sound in 3 words: The Midnight Hollow


@themidnighthollow /themidnighthollow 19

Favorite song to perform live:

Depends on how I’m feeling, right now I really like “That Rabbit Talk.” It’s a chance to really sink into the chemistry of what we have together. Sometimes this 4 min song ends up 11 min long, depending on how we’re feeling. This band is built on the live show, and so songs like these define our sound.

Favorite food and/or drink:

Food - guacamole; Drink - black coffee

Favorite spot in NYC: McGolrick Park

• Spencer Draeger •

• Matt Leibowitz •

• Andrew Segreti •


• Knitting Factory, Brooklyn • September 20, 2017 •

Blame Candy • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • • Aaron Deming • Chris Greatti • Sam Palombo • Ryan Wheeler •

@BlameCandy @blamecandy /blamecandymusic 21

• Aaron Deming •

• Chris Greatti •

• Ryan Wheeler •

• Sam Palombo •


• Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn • September 22, 2017 •

VÉRITÉ • Brooklyn, New York • • Kelsey Byrne •

@Verite @verite /veritemusic 23

• Kelsey Byrne •

• Andrew Marshall •

• Martin Fowler •


• Mercury Lounge, New York City • September 29, 2017 •

Charles Fauna • Los Angeles, California • Brooklyn, New York • • Charlie Mischer •


Charles Fauna’s sound in 3 words: Dark Euphoric Pop

Favorite song to perform live:



Favorite food and/or drink: Anything breakfast-related

/cfauna 25

Favorite spot in NYC:

Transmitter Park in Greenpoint

• Sarah Galdes •

• Dave Colicchio •

• Charlie Mischer •

• Charlie Pinel •


• Mercury Lounge, New York City • September 29, 2017 •

Cape Francis

• Freeport, Maine • Brooklyn, New York • • Kevin Olken Henthorn •


Cape Francis’ sound in 3 words: Upbeat, Honest, Addicting

Favorite song to perform live:


It’s really a toss up between “Love of Mine” and “Delete You After”

Favorite food and/or drink: Vodka and whiskey lol

/CapeFrancis 27

Favorite spot in SF: Zeitgeist

• Jamie DiTringo •

• Sarah Galdes •

• Yoni Wilkenfeld •

• Cody Rowlands •

• Kevin Olken Henthorn •

• Eric Messihi •


• Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, New York City • September 30, 2017 •

Former Belle

• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • • Bruno Catrambone •


Former Belle’ sound in 3 words: Sensitive Alt Folk

Favorite song to perform live: “Old Ghost”


Favorite food and/or drink: Burritos/Wawa coffees

/formerbelle 29

Favorite spot in SF: Pizza Beach

• Josh Miller •

• Bruno Catrambone •



Urban Vinyl Magazine-Issue XV  

The fifteenth issue includes a full interview with Glassio, which is accompanied by live shots of Infinity Girl, The Novel Ideas, Joywave, K...

Urban Vinyl Magazine-Issue XV  

The fifteenth issue includes a full interview with Glassio, which is accompanied by live shots of Infinity Girl, The Novel Ideas, Joywave, K...