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Latise Howie

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Contributing Writers: Shakeema Bouyer Kisha Green GVS Michael Snell #cwspeaks


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Keema &Dana


Let’s Talk PR is a monthly segment on This Needs to be Said Radio. I am very excited to be able to share the interviews with the readers of Urban Tymes Magazine. This month I spoke with Dana Sidberry, founder of Motivation Marketing Firm. Dana and her team specialize in Entertainment, Beauty and Business Marketing and Public Relations. This is not just an interview, this is a conversation with my PR sister. Dana was one of the first PR professionals that I met via social media when I was starting out a little over four years ago. We have formed an amazing relationship and I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects with our clients. This month we’re talking marketing and how to make sure that you are taking the right steps to create awareness for your brand.

helped you transition successfully into small business? D: Honestly, I was tired. When you do party promotions and nightlife it wears you down. I would still do parties but I would do networking events … basically a different type of party. When I was in that nightlife world, I was the mother to a young son and a wife. I knew that I couldn’t continue to get home 3, 4, 5 o’clock in the morning and deal with that male dominated industry. I knew that I needed to make a change and I did. I’ve always loved working with small businesses. I come from a family of entrepreneurs so the change came natural to me. I kept a lot of those contacts and a lot of those people that I worked with to build my business and that’s how it works. K: I definitely can attest to that because you are everywhere and knows everybody! This comes up quite frequently when people talk about marketing, branding and traditional PR. PR and Marketing go hand in hand but they are not traditional. What do you think are the key differences in the two?

D: I think the difference between marketing and PR is that … PR is the actual story. It’s the background information that people want to know. I’m one that I love to know why people do what they do and what made them take the steps that they’ve taken. That’s what people want to know. That’s where you get into the interviews, the radio stuff … media days as we call them. The marketing side is what piques the interest to take the step to learn more K: We’re, of course, both publicists and I know that a large part of your business is about it. marketing and promotions. When me we, I PR piques the interest. Marketing is what drives the interest and then comes the remember you telling me that you had sale. A lot of people think that marketing is transitioned from party promotions into what creates the sale … marketing is small business marketing. How did you actually what causes the person to think make that transition and what elements about the purchase.

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K: So just to clarify … PR is wanting people to like you. Marketing is getting people to like. I know that you do a great job of providing all of those elements to your clients – PR, Marketing and even social media … what are some things that you do to determine the needs of your clients? D: I just talk to them. I love to hear people’s story – where they come from, what made them start they business and what drives them .. all of that takes account into where you are going. We have a conversation and I learn more about what they do – every business is different - I take all of those elements and create the strategy or the plan to present the client. K: For the business owner, when you’re reaching out to a publicist, you want to be able to make a connection with whoever is going to be representing your brand. So, Dana, for someone seeking you or I, what are some things that you think are key that a business owner should look for when they are looking to have some handle their PR, Marketing or social media?

anything from you … you haven’t done your due diligence if you will. K: This question always come up quite frequently. Not asking what you charge, but for someone such as yourself who has all of the elements – public relations, marketing and social media – how much do you think someone should budget to be able to have these services and be able to execute their vision they way that they want it to be seen. D: You need to start with at least $1000 and go up. Really and honestly, $1000 is not even enough. When you do your research, and find out what the firms are charging and the industry standard. You’ll learn that it’s more upwards $12-1500 just for consultations walking in the door. When you connect with someone such as myself or Keema, you will get more of a customized plan and more one on one help with a smaller firm. And that’s what you want for your business someone who is going to be more hands on and someone that’s going to take time with your business. When you hire a larger firm you’re going to be a number.

K: That is true. And if you’ve been following the conversations that number D: The business owner that is seeking has been consistent. Just as a publicist representation needs to be honest with themselves, first and foremost. Everybody knows their worth, as a business owner you should know what you’re worth, what that is in business or does business doesn’t really do business. You have to be your brands is worth and how much it is going to take to execute your vision. It’s honest with yourself and know where you are in business. There is more to business just a big circle of understanding what you than just getting your license, logo, website need and having the right people to be apart of your team. – it’s a lot more where branding is conShifting the conversation a little, when I am cerned. You have to know what products doing a consultation, I always ask if they you are going to offer and your target are involved with a nonprofit or are looking office. After you figure out all of that then to do things in the community. How do you figure out your marketing. A lot of emphasis this to your client to help them times people want to go from logo and website to getting a sale and that’s not how maximize their visibility and credibility with involvement in the community? it goes. If you don’t market your business or start the public relations part of it then D: That is another conversation that we no one will know who you are or that you have. And to be honest, I do have clients exist therefore they can’t purchase

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that don’t see the value in it. They really don’t understand why you do the things that you do as far as the community goes. I explain the community relations portion of it – why it’s good to give back, how it pulls on your heart strings and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and not to mention a lot of people to see that you as a business owner are not just taking – they want to see that you have a heart and care for the people that you serve or service. I emphasize the importance of giving back and things coming full circle. I don’t usually talk business and religion but I will say “to whom much is given much is required” K: Some people think social media isn’t important. Some people think social media is the only thing. What do you think is the most common mistake that you’ve seen that can impact a brand or business when it comes to handling their social media? D: The most common mistake people mistake when it comes to social media and their business is that social media will make them rich, will pack their event or make them all kinds of sales. Social media is only a portion of the mix that marketing has. It’s a tool that should be used in your marketing strategy but it’s not the only thing that should be used. It’s not the end all be all and that’s what people forget. K: There are so many different platforms. You have to know what to post. When to post. Where to post. Times of day. Days of

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the week. People don’t do enough research on understanding how social media can impact you as a business either positively or negatively. Also, from a business standpoint, you need to understands which platforms work best for your industry As we bring this to a close, what advice would you give someone interested in entering into our wonderful industry. D: I would advise you to build your brand your first. 1. People want to know that you know what you’re talking about 2. People want to know you and 3. They want to know that you have the contacts to get things done. A lot of the things that we get done are because of the contacts that we have… that is the name of our game … relationships. If you don’t have those relations or contacts then it’s going to be hard and you’re not going to be able to get your clients from point A to point B if you don’t have those relationships in place. You will have to build them – and sometimes it takes time to build a reputable relationship, not just on your part but on their part as well. Build your brand. Build your business. Build your contacts. [Potential clients] want to know that people know you and they want to trust you to build their brand as well. Connect with Dana W: IG: @motivationmktg FB: Motivation Marketing Firm

Keema Bouyer is the founder of The Queen's English PR ( ). The Charlotte, NC based agency specializes in branding and public relations for Beauty and Lifestyle Brands &Non-Profit Organizations. Let’s Talk PR airs every 2nd Wednesday at 230pm EST on This Needs to Be Said ( tobesaid) Follow Keema Bouyer on Social Media Instagram, Twitter & Periscope: @queensenglishpr

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Your Life, Your Health & You! Holiday Safe Shopping Holiday shopping season is in full swing. The holidays are a busy time for shoppers and credit card information thieves. Below are some tips to keep your card information secure: ● Avoid deals that are too good to be true. ● Schemers may ask you for personal information or credit card details to give you a“better deal.” Avoid clicking on any web links that request this information.

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● Choose the best form of payment. ● Cash is still the safest option. Credit cards offer more protection over debit cards against fraudulent purchases. You can ask that your debit card be run as credit. ● Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). ● Block your PIN from view at ATMs and store checkouts. Change your PIN regularly.

● When shopping online, only purchase from secure sites when purchasing on the internet. Look for a padlock icon next to the webpage’s URL as a sign that it’s secure. ● Avoid giving your credit or debit card number over the phone. ● Closely monitor your credit card and bank statements for fraudulent charges.


Your Life, Your Health & You!

dia e M l a i Soc

While at Wo W

hile many of us utilize and enjoy the perks of social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc) we must be mindful that they are simply tools that allow greater interaction and communication amongst the masses. Unfortunately, many do have the tendency to abuse these tools, and sometimes we must remind ourselves that there are consequences to their misuse. Social media is an extension of the real world you live in every day.

Do: • Create boundaries • Check your privacy settings

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• View social media as a public • Assume that your actions on social media are private, use space common sense. • Be positive in your social media interactions • Take a deep breath before you post something fueled by emotion • Engage with stories from your place of employment that you’re proud of.

Don’t: • Use social media as an outlet for venting about your work, customers, or colleagues • Discuss your customers on social media • Let your time on social media interfere with your work duties

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Fo r

Hi m!

Holiday Gift Ideas! Fitbit Blaze Fitbit Blaze syncs automatically and wirelessly to 200+ leading iOS, Android and Windows devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Syncing to computers requires Internet connection and USB port. Syncing to mobile devices requires Bluetooth and Internet connection. Syncing range: 20 feet Water Resistance: Fitbit Blaze is sweat, rain and

splash proof, but is not swim proof. We recommend taking it off before showering, as it’s best for your skin if the band stays dry and clean. Battery life: lasts up to 5 days. Radio transceiver: Bluetooth 4.0 Warning: Do not use if you have a pacemaker or other internal, or implanted medical device. Not intended for use by children under 13. Always consult your physician. Slippery when wet

We recommend charging your device every few days to ensure you are always tracking. Charge time: One to two hours Syncs with Windows Vista and later, Mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android and Windows devices

Price: $199.99

Echo Dot

Price: $49.99

Price: $49.99

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The Echo Dot is smaller and more compact than the original Amazon Echo. The device can control lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more with compatible connected devices. Connects to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable to play music. It also hears you from across the room with 7 far-field microphones for hands-free control, even in noisy environments or while playing music

SEGA Classic Game Console The reintroduction of a pastime game favorite! The unit comes with two user friendly wireless controllers, and the console is compatible with Sega Genesis cartridges. It also includes 80 16 bit games, the Sega Genesis Greatest Hits. Talk about nostalgia, remember the Sonic the Hedgehog Series? Or even the Virtua Fighter 2 and Streets of Rage 1-3 Please note: Some cartridges are not compatible due to cartridge conditions or original specifications of games and cartridge hardware.

H For


UP2 Jawbone Fitness Tracker Jawbone’s UP2 is a solid option. It will let help her track her activities and sleep, offer personalized guidance and even silently wake her up in the morning. Fashionable in various colors and sleek in design! Price: $39.99 to $69.99

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Bovanti Luxury Gloss

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The flow of Shotgun Grizzly (formally known as Joe Grizzly) throws me back to that time where rappers came out with an air of certainty and strength about them dying for someone to step up to take the crown. When I started listening to the previous works of Grizzly….The Age of Joe Grizzly, that German Chocolate was beyond creative…and the southern drawl he adds to the process leaps and bounds above what we hear today. So many artists out today are into the crunk and flow music, but with Grizzly, his lyrics run rampant on tracks that are reminiscent of ATL Dungeon Family works…..a mixed blend of old and new to create an identity unique to them.

24/ Urban Tymes Magazine

To do him the dishonor of labeling him a “rapper” is well… is an accusation at best. Shotgun Grizzly is an element all his own, who is nothing short of a lyrical aficionado that knows what he wants and holds no punches to have his voice heard. A humble intellectual fueled by past pains, with a powerful passion for words and a lyrical delivery that encompass everything in its path- the name Shotgun Grizzly is the only packaging that can envelope such a product. So we jumped at the opportunity to speak with Grizzly, and pick his brain about his place in music, the state of music, and more.

Written by Teka Rose #cwspeaks 25/ Urban Tymes Magazine

You have a substantial fan base already Grizzly; but for those just meeting you we must ask the obligatory question…how did you get your start rapping? SG: “I started back in college at North Carolina Central University, where I met some guys who rapped there and was basically in the background at first. Then I began freestyling with them… that turned into me writing on my own and eventually began recording.” Your bio talks about an evolution to where and who you are now, can you elaborate on the “evolution?” SG: “Yeah, in the beginning, it was all about

We talk about identity in cities where music is big, does the QC have that? SG: “No. QC doesn’t have an identity of its own. Too many artists try to aspire to sounding like the ATL, or whatever city they’d like to be compared to, and that’s why Charlotte doesn’t have a sound of its own. I love my city and I rep it hard, but I sound like myself, that’s it. People who came out of NC did so, by being themselves, with their own style…that’s how they were successful. Artists don’t need to recite cookie cutter lyrics, versions of other people or each other. Individuality is key, being an original version of yourself.” How important is the lyrical content for you? Yours is strong, so what’s your process? What fuels you to drop bars like you do? SG: “Lyrical content is extremely important, hip hop is about the lines (being delivered) and it should be substantial. That’s my approach, to be substantial, not ostentatious. What fuels me is my life…the pain, the losses, everything.” What’s in store for Shotgun Grizzly now? SG: “I’m looking to dominate. Doing things the right way, and so far, that has been working in my favor.”

drinking, smoking, girls (paraphrased) and rapping” There was no business aspect to any of it, and things fell through. We were content with what was happening, with the fan base, where we were and became content and complacent. We didn’t build on the seed we sowed. The evolution began once the business aspect was put in effect. I started taking the proper steps to build on the brand I had created and continue to do so, thanks in part to the people I work with.” The Shotgun Grizzly brand has definitely benefited and reflects the effort.

26/ Urban Tymes Magazine

Shotgun Grizzly, has put in the work lyrically and physically and has represented Queen City Hip Hop and beyond immaculately. His stage presence is as dominate as his rhymes and every bit as grizzly as his alias. His new hit single “Star” breaks boundaries between the underground and radio and supersedes every expectation your mind ever formulated of the talent Mr. Grizzly. It was a pleasure and honor getting the chance to speak with him and I look forward to hearing so much more from Shotgun Grizzly sooner than later.

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I had the opportunity to listen to this artist some time ago at the RareSoul monthly event hosted by R&B artist Eliah. He (Eliah) had already prepared me for that evening’s affair, stating there was a sister that was coming to perform that as he put it “will blow you away with her voice.” As she came to the stage, she was positive, prepared and passionate (yes the three P’s fam) simply because I was not prepared for the music that she shared with all of us that evening.

the one. Let Love defines how one should enjoy the feeling of love and all it encompasses. Blanche J is no stranger to that thing called music, her family are vocalists and musicians out of Wildwood, FL, and at a young age she learned to play several brass instruments. Blanche started to sing with her family choir at age of 3, and gravitated to lead singer of the family choir, as well as her church choir. From Florida A&M University as a member of the Concert Choir and Gospel Choir to singing alongside or accompanying artists such as Kim Burrell, Kelly Price, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Blanche McAllister-Dykes. By taking each genre she’s immersed into over the years, the result is a uniquely blended sound and feeling that is well, Blanche J!

Learn more about this multi-talented sister, and Her song You are the One featuring Tice tells a follow her at: story of this beautiful sister eagerly anticipating and meeting that special man, declaring that he is

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URBANITY Literature



Are a Business by Kisha Green

am destined to be a star. This is what I told myself as I would sing my favorite Janet Jackson tune into my hairbrush while looking at myself in the mirror. This dream was a short-lived because reality set in. I was indeed going to be a star, but not for singing and dancing. I had another passion – reading. I owe that to my mother who was an avid reader and instilled the same in me. I loved mystery and suspense novels by authors like Mary Higgins Clark and VC Andrews. I also loved reading about the rich and famous. As such, I turned to such authors as Jackie Collins and for my romance fix, Danielle Steele. After many - and I do mean many - years of reading and journaling, I finally decided to try my hand at writing. After getting feedback from my friends and family I penned my first novel, And Even If I Did, in 2006. This novel was a story about three Jersey girls looking for love. This accomplishment sealed my fate. I had officially been bitten by the writing bug. I went on to release four more titles, all while operating an online radio show, Writer's Life Chats and an online literary magazine, Literary Jewels.

thor and product promotion services were conceived. Through my research, I learned that the greatest challenge for authors was getting their work in the hands of readers. I used popular social networking sites to expose my clients to new readers. Given the success of my author clients, I made the decision to expand my services to other professionals who needed help with exposure. Today I operate my own publishing company, DivaBooksInc, which is the umbrella company for my services which range from interviews, literary consulting and book/product marketing and promotion. Although I do not have a degree in journalism or marketing, my motto is "Failure is not an option." With that attitude I am destined for greatness. For every “no”, I create my own “yes.” Everything I have learned has come as a result of extensive research and determination.

What started as a hobby is now a thriving business that brings me great satisfaction. I am my own boss which makes me a proud entrepreneur. At one time I only saw myself as a healthcare worker. While that title was fulfilling, it was not as I had a passion for anything literary. After fulfilling as helping others turn their vilosing my full-time job as a Medical Assis- sions into reality. I take great satisfaction tant in 2009, I realized I had to make my in knowing I help others make a living Every day I think of new and unique passion for books work for me. During ways to expand my brand while leaving a this time, I saw that social media was legacy for my four children. growing. I studied the various mediums to determine how I could expand my brand AND make money; hence, my au31/ Urban Tymes Magazine

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These are some buzz

worthy books! Each month I will feature 5 books (1 will always be a nonfiction plus one children's book) so it will be a total of 6 books monthly. 1. Affiliated by Peter Mack 2. New York Shorties by Aaron Bebo 3. Around The Way Girls 10 by Michel Moore, Racquel Williams & Marlon White 4. Green Smoothies for Life by JJ Smith 5. Secret Lives of Cheating Wives by Curtis Bunn Children's Pick: All About Animals & The Alphabet by Rashonda Jones Aiken

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& White

By #cwspeaks Photography by:: Silvio Suarez 35/ Urban Tymes Magazine


substance to it. And so for me, I didn’t want to put anything out, well I’m not going to say I didn’t want to put anything out, I just think that God understood, that you haven’t lived enough, and what I have for you is going to be a lot more to positively impact onto people than just writing something for somebody to read for entertainment. So with the Chronicles Trilogy it came about through a journey of celibacy…honestly. I was celibate for almost five years, and I had been in a situation where I’d been in relationships that were difficult ones, they were, quite, I won’t say tumultuous. I will say this, if it had not been for those two relationships there would not be a Chronicles Trilogy, and I say that all the time. And what happened for me in those relationships was every single time; God reminded me that at the end of the So allow me to share with you some of our interview. And you would like to day you have to listen to Me. You have to allow Me to guide you, and I hear more, visit Urban Tymes promise you, I know the desires of YouTube page for the interview live your heart, and I’ve got you! and unscripted! o sit and talk with at with awa winning author Latise M. Howie, you learn so much more about this multitalented sister. The creative mind behind The Chronicles: Elevator Silence, The Chronicles: Sidetracked and, The Chronicles: Highways, Intersections and Exits is also a mother of three amazing children, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. To even say that her works are spiritually lead and engaging would be an understatement: for they allow the reader to truly look within, relate and emerge with a newfound understanding and connection to their lives. Our interview was simply more than just that, as it evolved into deeper discussions about relationships and the paths that one walk in today’s society.

Latise, how are you?

So it was very important for me to just Doing wonderful! Thank you so much disconnect from that physical aspect of relationships, because I think that for having me. I’m excited about it! especially for women, we are emotionWell we definitely appreciate it al creatures. We intake literally, and because we hear so much about that person believe it or not, becomes what you do and all the accolades. part of your spiritual being. You need And it’s truly a blessing to hear to be very, very careful about who we such. One of the things we wanted enter into those types of relationships to ask, it seems like you are with. And each of the characters go redefining relationships through through their own type of celibacy, your writing. Share with us how our whether it is by choice or by force. readers can gain that as well. What One of my couples is married lady was your process? going through a divorce, going through a really rough patch in her The process for me, seriously, I had marriage, so she was into a forced written a book twenty years ago when type of celibacy. But during that time I was fresh out of college, in my span they were able to reconnect with twenties basically. It was about seven the spirit of God and figure out what it college students and how they is that they are supposed to be doing. interacted with each other and it was good reading, but it didn’t have life 36/ Urban Tymes Magazine

“….I just wanted to be the vessel. Because I believe that some way we are all broken, and so I refer to myself as a “broken vessel” all the time..’

allowed me to write it in such a way like I had experienced it, and so when people come to me and say “how did you know I was going through this particular thing?” First of all, I’m always very, very humbled; I usually tear up a lot of the Absolutely time because I know that this is such a GOD thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with Latise What do get from that, what do you take from that, being that you are the author that except that I was the vessel He chose to utilize to get the word out. I like when readers say to has in a sense orchestrated this? me “your stuff is so real, how you know about From the beginning, I just wanted to be the this particular thing?” or: “You talked to somevessel. Because I believe that some way we are body that knew me!” I just want the work to help all broken, and so I refer to myself as a “broken you navigate through real life situations. vessel” all the time. And sometime I will say There’s a chapter in Proverbs 4:23 and it is “God, are you sure? I’ve got some stuff going “guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” on!” “Why would you want to use me in this Before I started writing, I had no idea of Provway?” But when I was able to write this because a lot of this stuff Carey I wrote about, I erbs 4:23, didn’t know it was in the Bible, okay? can tell you I’ve never been a drug addict. One I started writing this particular chapter about one of my characters is addicted to pain medication. of my characters Mari, she has a sex addiction, that’s her issue. She’s also a Baptist PK Never been a drug addict, but I’ve been (Preacher’s Kid) her father is this Baptist addicted to a man before, so I can kinda relate preacher so she is entangled between the in that way. But God gave me this stuff and When readers come and talk to you about what they’ve found within the pages of your writings, there’s a lot of joy, there’s a lot of acceptance, a lot of self-realization.

37/ Urban Tymes Magazine

struggles with her spirituality, in her case…her religion, and her flesh. Until she really gets in tuned with her spirituality, she starts to understand how to break those particular chains. So Mari was not guarding her heart in any way, for anything. She was going to fetish houses she was involved in all these different things, but she thought as long as he was not engaging, she could still walk away and say “oh I’m celibate” “I didn’t participate, so I’m still ok.” But what she didn’t understand she was not guarding her heart, and if your heart is the wellspring of life, if that’s what God sees when He sees you, then guess what…everything that you are bringing into you through that mechanism is pumping throughout your entire being! As a man, reading it (your books) what can I take away from it? You can learn a whole lot about how we (women) actually think, especially in the first book. Because the first book is the introduction to the characters, the three main characters: Mari, Twyla and Fab. At first, when men read the book, they’re like “Oh you beat us up, you got us!” But I’m like “no,….” You have to understand that these women have these interactions, and you have to be introduced to them to understand how they begin to develop and grow. So in the second book, you’re able to really see the interactions with the male characters. You’ll even see that in the covers. Because on the second book cover, male characters are very present, right there, right along with the women. You get to see those men and how they interact with each other. That research was fabulous! Being able to call some of my male friends and say “ok, would you really say it like this?” “Tell me how you would actually think.” Being in the barbershop when I would have to take my son to get a haircut, they never really toned down their behavior in the barbershop, even if I was present. So I was able to depict the whole barbershop back and forth with the male

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characters. They learn a lot about being real with themselves and their spirituality, not being afraid to express that. To pray for one another, bring each other to Christ, because to me that’s so important. My male characters attend church, the pray with one another, they pray for each other. Now I have some that are wayward…I have one that is Mari’s counterpart. He’s a terrible sex addict, but he’s also an armor bearer in the church. He has these high positions and everybody respects him, but he didn’t want to get married, and come to find out later he was in a separated situation, so that’s why he could marry her (Mari). He had all these secrets that he was hiding behind the mask of the church. So again, you’re religious, but you’re not spiritual, you haven’t connected to God in a real spiritual way. That’s very intimate, and very different for all of us, you know what I mean? At the end of the day, my male readers will learn that yes we are complex creatures, but we are also really really simple. Consistency is huge for us, and that’s a theme throughout the books. We just want to know and trust and believe what you say, and we want to feel safe with you. And if you are that man, we will go live with you in a cardboard box under a bridge because we trust you in that way. But they (men) also open with being ok to be emotional. Allowing yourself to be ok with being spiritual and connecting with other brothers in that way. You’ll learn that women really do want someone to be the head, we’re ok with that…but we’re not going to follow foolishness. With all that being said, the work that you’ve put into the books, research that you’ve done, the mentorships, could we see you not just a book tour, but more of a tour speaking, reaching out to men and women encouraging and lifting them up spiritually in the next several years?

Absolutely! You know I think that’s where all this is going honestly. Things are just lining up in such a way, and I don’t know if I ever saw that, but I did something called The Livingroom Chronicles this past year where we discussed topics about the books, topics in the books, but we went on further into talking about forgiveness. The third book has a lot of stuff in there that the characters find out that the family members have been keeping secrets. They had to forgive, and it posed a question: do we really forgive? Can we forget what has happened? And how do we navigate in unforgiveness? One of the most powerful things I ever had happened to me, we was in the last Livingroom Chronicles and we were at BluNotes in the Blue Room, and Susan Flowers just happened to come that day. We had people stand up and start talking about the things they had gone through in their lives: molestation, rape…this one guy, his mother had been abducted that week. He was like, “how am I going to forgive this person, who has done this to my mother?” It was mind blowing….we prayed. I mean, we are in a secular environment, and God

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moved, even in that place. That’s how I know that everything that I have written in there…. God can move in a mosque, God can move in a lounge, He can move anywhere! You just got to be open to hearing the still small voice and making sure you stay in tuned with it. Doing The Livingroom Chronicles, it really kinda opened up a door to show me that people listen to me for one, and I think that’s something that I’ve known all my life. I’ve never been afraid to speak or be in front of people, and I also knew that it’s a power you use for good or evil. Latise’s talent and work is held together by a common thread, she is an instrument to His will and He gifts it all. To sit and talk to this dynamic sister of faith and fellow artist, allowed a chance to gain a deeper insight of her literary world. Truly inspirational! Twitter: @liatisehowie Facebook: latisehowie

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Your StyleGame

“L”VATED The House of LeMond

3010 Monroe Rd Charlotte NC 28205

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Tying A Scarf

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The added warmth and protection against the elements are only two of the reasons men should consider investing in a scarf before the winter approaches. However, men can sometimes end up clueless when they’re greeted with a rectangular piece of woven fabric. Yes it’s a scarf, but how does it become one of those fashionable items worn around the neck? There are several ways to tie a scarf and some provide better protection against the cold than others, but here are the best all-rounders for both aesthetics and warmth: The Classic Not AKA THE KNOT The Classic Knot As the name implies, the classic knot is the default option for men who want to keep themselves warm in the cold while still retaining a sense of elegance and charm. It involves folding the scarf in half before wrapping it around a man’s neck, then gently feeding the loose ends through the loop in the middle of the fold. The classic knot is suitable for all conditions and attire, but is usually most suitable for dressing up a casual outfit rather than being the sole choice for a truly formal appearance. College Knots Have Varieties The College Knot

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The college knot is usually worn in a more formal setting where a man wants to showcase his suit and general attire. It will involve sacrificing some protection against colder conditions as it is not truly a “knot”, but instead is wrapped loosely around the torso and tucked away under the lapels of a jacket. It is usually best when a man is going to be indoors more often than not, but will allow some basic transitions in the cold for very short bursts. Ascot Knots Are Classy The Ascot Knot One of the most well-used knots is the ascot knot as it is a dressier knot that allows men to transition between their workday at the office and the late-night Christmas party. To tie it, men wrap the scarf around their neck and create an even taper across their upper chest. Following this, the front section is lightly tucked underneath the back and adjusted according to the scarf’s overall length. The overall length of the scarf should remain even on both sides. The end result will be a clean, flush piece across the center of the body. It’s usually worn loose over a formal three-piece suit, but can be tucked behind a blazer or V-neck sweater if required.

Looking Like a Million Bucks Without Being a Millionaire! By GvS -Michael Snell Clothier

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There’s no doubt that the fashion industry is one that’s formed on expensive clothing and designer labels. Unfortunately, filling a wardrobe with these sorts of garments is not only unrealistic for many men, it’s also completely unreasonable from a financial standpoint. There is a way around it though. With careful planning and thinking in advance, men can end up looking like a millionaire without actually being one. Read on for several brilliant savings ideas. Coupon Savings While it might seem a bit tacky on the surface, using paper coupons and e-vouchers can be a great way to reduce the cost of high-quality items. Many retailers offer them sporadically, but do tend to offer them at set times of the year. It’s important for men to be aware of these times and budget accordingly since the savings generated from coupons tend to be very high if guys are able to capitalize on them quickly. E-vouchers are another excellent option for saving money and quick Internet web searches can reveal current, active voucher codes that can be added to a cart just before checking out for an immediate discount. Off Season Sales End of season clearance sales are another excellent option when it comes to saving money. By choosing to buy clothes in

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advance for the next season, men can save quite a bit along the way. However, it is important for men to only choose fashion staples that do not adhere to modern trends. Choosing the latest and current trends only leads to fashion disasters the next season when they’re suddenly a faux-pas. However, sticking with a discounted classic three-piece suit or leather jacket will ensure that it remains fashionable for years to come. Avoid Brands Choosing to avoid big designer labels altogether is another great way to help save money. It is very important to explore the quality of lesserknown brands though. Some truly budget items are made of inferior fabrics and poor stitching, which only come apart at the seams within a few washes. These can almost always be identified by their exceptionally cheap price tags against the nearest competition. There is a middle ground out there though, but it is up to guys to find what matches their bodies and typical daily use properly. Men may also find savvy buys by choosing bespoke clothing made by a tailor. While the initial investment tends to be higher than off the rack clothing, the overall longevity and higher quality tends to offset and far outweigh the starting price. Visit: 46/ Urban Tymes Magazine

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Food Wine


Holiday time great food is paired with great drink. These two bubbly brands are great suggestions for food pairings and that toast on New Year’s!


Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label NV Since its founding in 1772, Veuve Clicquot has not only been heralded for its classic Champagnes but also for the courage and creativity of Madame Clicquot who is regarded as being the first businesswoman of the modern era. This French blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay is bright and fresh, with lots of citrus. “A medium-bodied, open-textured Champagne, showing citrus, yeast and mineral flavors in a clean, fresh style.” Wine Spectator

Barefoot Moscato Spumante A deliciously sweet sparkling wine perfect for your next special occasion or just a night in with friends. Apricot and peach flavors with a crisp acidity, finishing off with tasty tangerine. “Keep it sweet with dessert or heat it up with a plate of something spicy. Enjoy with chocolate mousse, spicy tuna, or Kung Pao chicken.” -Barefoot Winery

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UT Dec 2016- featuring Latise M. Howie  

December issue Let's Talk PR, with Keema and Dana. Holiday Tips, the music of Shotgun Grizzly and Blanche J. Michael Snell fashion tips and...

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