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Editor’sNotes I welcome the arrival of the month of November, a month of thanks for many of us. As I reflect back on the things that we’ve accomplished, with the magazine and within our own personal lives, I must give thanks to those that have contributed to the success of this as well. It takes a lot of incredible talent, dedication, and creativity to put together a media tool that informs the people. It is important to elevate and encourage those individuals, as well, because what they do is a beautiful gift to be shared with all! Thank you First shot Photography. Tawanda Blake, Tangi Watts of I’merge, Key Hall, and countless others that have contributed to the mag….. And most of all, thank you our loyal readers. The best is yet to come,,,,,,,

Carey W. Digsby Editor in Chief


FINANCIAL Tymes Flip This House Seminar—A 2 Part Series: “How to Dramatically Improve, and Mechanize your Business Through Real Estate Investment”.

different departments that you will work on, and in time, this system will work for you.

Marketing campaigns: They will process the REO’s(Real Estate Owned). The direct mail system: This will bring consistent leads each month. Acquisition Division: This will decide how you Recently, Urban Tymes sat in on one of the most analyze, and evaluate the deals (Due Diligence on popular tutorials held in Charlotte this year, The the property once the property is near to closing Fortune Builders, Flip this House Seminar. You under contract. heard it on the radio, and watched the hit tv show. Lender, and Financing: Having access to We listened to the widespread matter throughout money and credit is good in order to grow your the city about the heavily anticipated colloquium. business. This event was free to the public, and anyone including the staff at Urban Tymes could Loss Mitigations Division: Dictates how you get participate. The normal reaction to the word the properties sold. seminar sends the average persons stomach into Sales Division: This will encompass a listing immediate nausea, their temples pulsate from the agent, and a real estate agent that will negotiate throbbing headache, triggered by frustration from feeling manipulated into an affair that was far from short sales with the customers. Construction Division: This group will perform free. Already burnt by this pattern before, people property rehab. believe that this is just a gimmick to manipulate Property management System: They will make participants into investing their money into an sure your properties are always rented. even bigger scheme than what was originally Business Management Division: This team proposed. Well, if you thought that this occasion specifically set’s projects up to make your money. was just another publicity stunt, then you are Business Development Business: This is when partially right. However, we at Urban Tymes were you are developing and working on your business. not sleeping on the job, and instead of investing It will take time to get over the fear of buying the $175.00 to participate into another occurrence; properties. At some point you will realize, or we intercepted enough golden nuggets for our gather enough knowledge to get you over that Urban Community to thrive on. alarm. You will make that first deal and more thereafter. “You will be the McDonalds of the real The first phase of becoming a Real Estate estate business, and instead of flipping burgers, Investor. you’ll be flipping properties.” You’ll be strategically building a stronghold, investing into real estate Creating and shaping your business will depend properties, and rental properties. This will be a on you, the market, your finance, and it will be tax-free or tax deferred environment because you dependent on what you want your business to will have an IRA established to make the deals. look like. Your markets will vary, and your exit You need to document business systems and strategy will vary. The plight of what a lot of processes: Documentation is everything, if you investors experience is entrepreneurs, and real use 200 hours on a rehab property, and want to estate investors who are struggling; these drop down to 20 then 10 very quickly. You must Individuals are trying to reinvent the wheel by use your time breaking down what you did, come doing it themselves. Your goal should be to make up with processes, and figure out how you are six figures, while not being tied to the business. wasting time. This is your method, and check- list. The ideal makeup of a real estate business is Map it out; there is software called “Mindjet composed of specific entities; you must Mindmanager,” that you can purchase and use for compartmentalize your business. Divide it up into


Educate yourself on what others are doing, and in the process, you must develop a strategic team. They help your business, but you do not employ this team. You must assemble a powerful offensive line by finding the top performers in your area that include realtors, investors, lenders, mortgage brokers, attorneys, title companies, title agents, private moneylenders, hard moneylenders, insurance agents, good contractors, and accountants. Find the best of the best to develop your strategic Real Estate relationship with; this will be your negotiations group. You will also need to find mentors in Legal, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Pre-foreclosure Advisors, Real Estate niche mentor, Business Management mentor, as • well as a Tax mentor. This comprised list will make you a great businessperson; they will teach you different strategies, as well as different tactics to bargain in each field. •

You must cultivate an internal team as you grow your commerce; this will progress, and mature because everyone on your external team is in place where they should be. You will need to know the” E-myth” principle of building a business. You will produce your own income, and your business will work for you. The terminology for this is “Passive Income”. Would there be money sitting in your bank account ,deposited after being away from the business during a 3-month vacation? If the answer is no, your business is not Automated. •

You will need to move from being a technician to becoming a manager. You will then assume the position of being manager over the technician, this means that you are managing the process; after that, you will become the entrepreneur. In order to make 30 thousand dollars without working the hours, you will need to remove yourself from the business. Cut down on analysis, cut down the follow- up time on real estate deals. You track things better by using a database for an effective follow -up and management system. In time, you will be able to hire an assistant that will manage those day-to-day activities that does not produce the incomes. A real estate investor hires someone else to do the work.

The technician will start the business processing to weed through leads for the most profitable opportunity. For example, the technician will use target direct mail campaigns method for compiling list. This list includes, pre foreclosure properties; free and clear property owners with no mortgage owed on the properties but also has a tremendous amount of equity; probate properties, properties of the deceased that is passed on to the beneficiaries. This is a time consuming course, and will take 40 plus hours to complete the tracking. As an automated company, you will hire a direct mail fulfillment company and they are the ones that send you the compiled list as the manager, and not the technician. The Office manager is the one that executes the direct mail campaigns, they are the ones who manage, and make sure that you are getting the proper leads as the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur in turn will enjoy his life, allowing you to have time and freedom. The business is all about delegations, and using time effectively so your company will labor for you.

Stay tuned next month, as we dwell deeper into this subject , keeping you in the know!!

The race is not given to the swift ……………………… ““Most people get chocolates, flowers or even a different assortment of candies for valentines. I was 46- years young, and instead of getting those heartfelt gifts”. Mary jokes while laughing about her age before pausing. “I got a diagnosis of breast cancer on Valentine’s day.” Says Mary Dewalt, now more somberly. “It was January of 1992, and I was doing a self-exam; I found a lump that was the size of a pea. It was shocking, because I had just gone and had my mammogram done November of 1991, and it came back negative. The day that I was informed about the cancer, it was the same day that my neighbor who lived two doors down from me was buried, she died from breast cancer.” Mary rehashes the grave particulars that surrounded her alarming bout with breast cancer.

Q: How did the diagnosis affect you, and your family? A: The chemo was very hard, I remember that I would come home and lay on the sofa. Wesley would ask, “Momma are you going to be okay?” I would tell him yes, “Because I prayed to God that he allow me to see you get grown”.

Mary Dewalt, born in Roxboro NC, and now a current resident of Charlotte NC, was an ambitious wife to Walter Dewalt, and an amazing mother to her two children Wesley, and Marcie Dewalt. She is a Registered nurse of 41 years, graduating from Central Piedmont Community College with an Associate’s Degree in nursing in 1975, and a graduate of Wingate University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1989. Mary has received awards of recognition from the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) of Charlotte for “Breast Health education” in community events, churches, health fairs, and speaking engagements. She also received the Kellogg’s Award from the Zeta Tau Alpha, “You Can Make A Difference in Breast Cancer”. Q: Since the initial diagnosis, how has your life changed? She is also on the Susan G. Komen survivor committee; Carolinas Breast Friend; Making Strides for Breast Cancer, and is a proud member of the American Cancer Society, React to Recover. A courageous survivor of breast cancer, and a phenomenal community servant, brining awareness to this silent killer at whatever doorstep her journey leads her……..

…………….....but the one that endures to the end.

Q: What helped you during your healing process? Was it spiritual, mental, or both? A: The best method. Gene studies confirm that if your mother had a breast cancer diagnosis, then your monitoring should start ten years before her age at diagnosis. This means if she was 41 when diagnosed, then you need to have your cancer screening at 31-years of age. A: You appreciate life more. If you have Breast cancer affects both men and children, you value life more. During my women. One in every four hundred men treatment, I would pray to the Lord to not will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and let me die. I knew that I wasn’t going to let one in every five women will be detected anyone else raise my children. At the time with breast cancer. of my cancer, my children needed me; UT: Breast Cancer is a taciturn killer Marcie was 11 and Wesley was 9 years old. I could not imagine their life without within our community. We spare more me. I would reassure Wesley that the lives with early detection, education, and Lord did not bring me this far to leave me. responsiveness. This is a serious illness, and we are losing our loved ones each time that the hand on the clock moves. I prayed for strength to climb this Case study shows that a woman whose mountain. My family, friend’s, clients, co- age is 45 and up is more than likely to be worker and other Breast Cancer survivors affected with this disease. However, canlocally and nationally were very cer is not prejudice; it does not care about supportive in my recovery. We all are on whom it chooses or whom it may kill. some type of journey as we go on our However, we at Urban Tymes care for daily living. With my gratitude for life I was you deeply. Please do not be afraid bedetermined to walk forward and live, as cause there are resources available. well as bring others along. Since the ini- Make the appointment to have the tial diagnosis, my faith has become appropriate screening done, and rememstronger and I have met other women that ber that the clock is ticking. I would not have met, and we strengthen each other. For more information, or to schedule a speaking engagement with Mary Dewalt, I take time to smell the roses, and please contact her:, or visit sometimes put myself first; but, not in a selfish way.

Precautionary Measures to Keep YOur Children Safe On October 24, 2012, Urban Tymes attended a Parent University for West Mecklenburg High School; held by Sonya Thomas, MSW, and Sara Dogget, Dean of Students Freshman Academy at the Harvest Church on 7429 Tuckasegee Rd, in Charlotte, NC . The West Mecklenburg step team entertained parents with a series of buoyant performances; the church provided a gourmet meal to all the parents and teachers that attended the workshop. Mark T. Carr, CEO/ Director of Prep Masters Learning Solutions, lead the faculty, and parents in an hour long lecture about warning signs and, preventive tools to help protect your family. “The only way that a child is going to be successful is with the help of the parents, you must remember that it takes a village to raise a child.” Mr. Carr speaks convincingly to the room filled with staff members from West Mecklenburg High school, and concerned parents. Mr. Carr has provided a list below of warning signs, and prevention tips in an amazing attempt to phase out Gang initiation, and violence. There are four types of gangs: Traditional gangs Business/Profit gangs White hate gangs Copy- cat gangs Delinquent Social Gangs


Aware Lack of respect for authority figures such as parents, teachers, law enforcement officer. Family members who are or were gang members.

Helpful tips for parents. Be a positive role model Do everything possible to involve your children in supervised, positive group activities. Praise your children for doing well and encourage them Several conditions allow Gangs to Grow: to do their very best. Socializing agents are ineffective Get to know your children’s friends and their parents. Abundance of free unstructured time Limited exposure and access to good jobs and careers Ask questions and be aware of your children’s environments. A place to congregate, a well-defined neighborhood. Set limits for your children, and enforce them. Do not allow your children to dress in gang style Triggered risk factors for Gangs clothing, practice gang hand signs, or write gang graffiti Living in an area with a high level of gang activity, alco- on any surface including their body. hol/drug use, available firearms, Know where your children are at all times, and Lack of positive support system at home. schedule activities to occupy their free time. Violence against family members. Get involved in your children’s education, and Exposure to TV shows, movies, and/ or music that glo- encourage them to stay in school. rifies violence. Be active in the PTA and Parent Education Programs. Lack of alternative activities such as community youth Teach your children to set positive goals at a high programs. standard, Lack of positive role models. Low self- esteem and/ or sense of hopelessness about the future. Poor decision-making and communication skills. Too much unsupervised free time. Poor school achievement. Problematic child- parent relationship.


Using hand signs. Creating special words or languages. Gang Graffiti on folders, desk, walls and buildings. However, some graffiti is tagger graffiti (Art). Developing a bad attitude towards family school, and authorities. Staying out later than usual. Carrying weapons. Withdrawing from family activities. Changing friends; spending time with undesirable people. Having money or possessions.

Some Gangs use unique hand signs, or have tattoos on their bodies in the shape of symbols to identify their gang. The youth is a highly impressionable group; they will join a Gang for various reasons. Fun, and excitement Identity, and sense of belonging Peer pressure Financial gain/ drugs Protection and prepare for a positive future. A family tradition Explain to your children that only a very small A failure to understand the seriousness of percentage of youth join gangs. what being in a gang means. Help your children to understand the natural Recruits generally range in between the ages consequences of being involved in a gang. of 12 to 24 years old. The more connected a child is with family Most Gang members are male, but 10 percent school, community, and positive activities the of all gang members are female. All ethnic less likely he or she will be attracted to gangs. groups and income levels represented, and gangs are in all parts of the country. Here are some Gang recourses to help assist Certain risk factor increases the likelihood of you. gang involvement. National Youth Gang Website OJJDP Summary: Youth Gang Programs and Strategies( Howell, 2000) For more information, please contact Mr. Mark Addressing Community Gang Problems: A T. Carr at, practical guide (BJA, 1998, 800-307-6510, G.R.E.AT Programs. 704-277-8585. National Crime Prevention Council: Teens, Prep Masters Learning Solutions Crime, and the community. Mark T. Carr CEO/ Executive Director National Youth Gang Center. Academic Enrichment Coach Latin American Youth Center. PO Box 217122 Charlotte, NC 28221 National Youth Violence Prevention Resources Center.


These are possible indicators of your child’s Gang involvement. You should not ignore these ciphers. Purchasing or desire to buy or wear clothing of all one color or style. Changing appearance with special haircuts, eyebrow markings, and tattoos.

Fashion & Swagger… It’s a Blank Canvas Situation. On October 20, 2012, we popped into the Blank Canvas Boutique’s Grand Opening, “Cloak, and Dagger Style”. We stood quietly for the first half hour of our arrival, admiring the live jazz performance. The outdoor feature was just the jaunty effect that set the tone on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Mecca and spoken word artist 20 recited t he i r most reflective, and powerful pieces of poetry. The band, “Tragik sounds” astounded the spectators with their old and new contemporary jazz selections. Jonathan Jc Moore was the vibrant host for the evening; he welcomed everyone on stage with his alluring and humbling personality. The ambiance was dreamy on this luminous day, and whether it was just a bite to eat at each of the food trucks parked outside, or if you actually came to shop, the sunlit hours were perfect for this occasion. Entering into the picturesque building, there were displays and vignettes set up in each area of the space. If you’ve seen the movie, “The Sandlot”, you should remember the “all magnificent” pair of “PF Flyers” that the young boy wore jumping fences, picnic tables, and even hurdling bike riders in an attempt to escape the deadlock jaws of the “beast.” Well, Blank Canvas has the original black pair of “PF Flyers” and an assortment of other colors in stock. This isn’t just any sneaker, but the famous shoe that was out before converse hit the stores in 1917. Blank Canvas is the only one to carry this brand in North Carolina. Speaking with the joint owners, interior designer, Nicole Blackmon; and interior architect Harold Jordan, we learned of their true intent behind teaming up, and creating one of the most timeless and eclectic boutiques in Charlotte. “We wanted to create something unique where style has no bound-

ary for men and women; we offer versatility”, Nicole verbalizes fervently. “We have designers and stylist on sight, and we also host events”, speaks Harold energetically. “Yes, we have seminars that teach them how to tie bowties, and we train them with all sorts of “how to” workshops. We have seven private –label brands and three of them that are local”, Nicole finishes the statement while giving us a tour. It was a joy to see two visionaries working alongside one another towards the same universal goal and with the same passion, allowing them to end each other’s sentence without missing a proverbial beat. The boutique was equipped with the designers on site for the event. We walked around and marveled at the vintage singer sewing machines and oversized stitched moniker that hung on the wall adorned with the re-purposed colored shirts from Goodwill, “Be The Cool.” It read. Nicole, and Harold, the young inventors, did the architectural and interior design for Blank Canvas. To no surprise, they each offer their own niche in an effort to provide quality and custom -fit wear for each patron. Their brand embodies a self-expression attitude. "You be the cool, don't let others define what is cool to you", Nicole says". "We pride ourselves on stocking one-of-a kind, exclusive pieces for the fashion forward individual." "At Blank Canvas, we strive to provide a unique experience for our clientele." For more information, or if you would like to visit the Blank Canvas, please call: 980-833-1135, or stop by the boutique at: 1800 Camden RD. Suite 105 Charlotte, NC 28203

Art Art& & Culture

The Golden Touch1

We remember the tale vividly about King Midas the wealthy ruler that had acquired the very unique ability to turn everything that he touches into gold. This is how I feel about Alvondo Vinson’s superb pictures and his aptitude to alter each of them into ingenious portraits of art. When engaged in his fine works, you find yourself lost in the dynamics of each piece; from the dexterity to the augmented colors, and poise that his model of choice displays.

“You have to love what you do.” Alvondo expresses to us jovially about his appetite for photography. His persona is down to earth, but his passion for what he does is admirable. Alvondo’s selections are as creative as Gyslain Yarhi’s images, and are as captivating as Richard Warren’s bold depictions. There are not any limits to where Alvondo’s innovative eye eludes. His ability to capture still life in the rarest form is an enigma. Alvondo is an epoch photographer that needs no introduction, his superlative prints, speaks for themselves.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years with respect to your models and calendar? A: I already have a published calendar. I would like to see my work in Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, or Vogue in the next five years; I’d definitely love to see that. Q: What celebrity would you want to work with?

A: I would like to work with Imani. But, I would love to work with Grace Jones. Her style is what I admire the most. Halle berry is beautiful; I like her size, complexQ: What started you on this journey of artistic expres- ion, and her canvas. Her face would be great to make sion? over, and do something exotic with it. I would also like to work with Garcelle Beauvais, (Fancy from the JaA: It gave me peace during the last 3 years that I was mie Fox Show). I shoot males, but I am partial to females because they have more designs to work with, in the U.S Army after being deployed to Europe. I continued even after I came back home, and I studied hairstyles, and more options than males. the craft. I never went to school for it. I’m an “experience will always be your best teacher” kind of Q: Give us a brief description of what your firm offers? person. A: I give my clients the opportunity to do what they Q: Do you ever miss Charlotte as a North Carolina want to do, and see them the way that they want. It’s Native, or do you think that the QC could provide you my passion, so, I want to be open minded and let a base of operations? them be free. It’s no pressure, and no sense of being nervous. If I don’t like the pose, or its not working for A: I started in Charlotte, and it was great for business, you, as a professional, I will tell you. There are many I just didn’t want to live there anymore. I would rather different packages, all that I ask is come as you are, do business than to live there. It’s not a bad thing; I and dedicate an hour of your time to do what you want to do. I offer hair, makeup, wardrobe, and locajust need my space in the country to be free. tion with the most expensive package. Just be professional at this profession. Q: Now that you are in Atlanta, does your clientele Q: Do you have any guidance or words of wisdom consist of celebrities? that you can offer aspiring models, and photograA: No. Before I moved to Atlanta, I shot more celebs phers? before I arrived here. I try to shoot everyone as a celebrity; it’s not a money thing. You could be a million- A: For the models, I would say that the best models aire and I would still charge what I charge. Honestly, have no high self-esteem about them. They have an I’m not star struck. open mind about long hair, short hair, stretch marks, and will understand that none of these things matter. Q: What is your muse when you decide that this is The best models let the photographer do what he going to be that creative shot, what inspires you? does. Photographers need to keep it professional. Study your own craft as well as the industry. Stay on A: I’ve always been creative. I don’t conform to every- top of everything, but stay professional. one’s idea of what I should be. I just need someone to *As a photographer, the way that a person can go there with me, and if they are willing to be my spot a true photographer is that a photographer muse then we are good. does not need Photoshop. You can use it, but you Q: How do your talents set you aside from other do not need it as a crutch. Photoshop depreciates the name of a photographer, and you don’t need photographers? that!* A: I’m the only one that can see through my eyes and my lens. I don’t try to imitate, and I just do me. I For more information and bookings, please contact: cannot be compared to photographers because I see 678-661-1021 or, http://facebook Alvondo Vinson, @ what I see, and just do what I do. AlvondoVinson on Twitter, and Model Mayhem, Alvondo Vinson.

The Carolina Music Lab Presents, Boppers September 28, 2012 Urban Tymes attended an exhilarating night of fabulous music, wonderful poetry and vigorous performances. The line-up for Jeff Gardner’s esteemed event was the songstress, Amanda Pollard; R&B singer, Tameka Travon; Contemporary Jazz, and R&B artist, Charles (Mac) McCain, and the very talented spoken word sensation, Nuff Ced. Boppers nightspot, is not your typical club, and with the title as well as recitalist, we expected nothing short of Vegas Entertainment from this fine group of people. Amanda Pollard was the first act to hit the stage. Her snazzy dance moves, and wide range vocals loosened up the flock of viewers. The audience rocked from side to side with the beat of the music, trying to keep up with the rhythm of Amanda’s dancers. The dancers’ ensembles signified glitz and glam, the upbeat dancers possessed the stage like they were performing at a live Beyonce concert for their moment. Amanda and her team of artiste did an incredible show. Next up was Nuff Ced, his performance of “Say Somethin Sweet”, and “Three Times Three”, warmed up the room. His words were searing to the core, arousing every spectator in the small span. He delivered two elite freestyle poems called “Stretch marks”, and “lace fronts”; his comical behavior shook up the room with laughter. There were brief I

intermissions between each set; this allowed DJ Phassad to play some old and new tunes, adding versatility throughout the evening. Tameka Travon was up next, singing her smash hit “Angel”, “Last Time,” and she also introduced to us her new house music entitled “Rule It”. Tameka was born to be on center stage, and will entice any crowd with her pungent voice. Charles Mac McCain, a diamond in the rough, spoke to us briefly before his performance. He explained to us passionately about the lyrics that he sings and writes. “Fellas need to pay attention to what’s going on with a woman’s body; these are my lessons to the fellas.” Charles verbalizes earnestly. “It’s true, men don’t know everything. So, I try to inspire, talk about relationships, and life experiences.” he says with a smile before walking away. Charles Mac McCain sang with zeal, and liveliness; sounding much like his icon “Will Downing,” with his own essence to boot finishing the evening splendidly. Each participant of the event poured his or her hearts into each presentation; Urban Tymes felt honored to be a part of such a jamboree, and welcomes more events from Jeff Gardner and his marvelous Carolina Music Lab in the near future. For more information on Jeff Gardner’s events with the Carolina Music Lab, or if you would like to be a participant in one of his shows, please visit:

Music The Evolution of Allen Anthony By Keysha J. Hall When you hear the name Allen Anthony, you think of a man with mass sex appeal who is the personification of cool. The former member of Roc-A-Fella Records R&B group Christión had chart topping hits ‘Full of Smoke’, ‘Bring Back Your Love’ and the unforgettable cover of Rose Royce’s ‘I Wanna Get Next to You’ from the classic album “Ghetto Cyrano”. As a solo artist, his hits include “Alright” and the infectious club banger “You”, just to name a few. Not one to be pigeonholed into one genre, he’s enjoyed success with his heavy metal group “A Band Called Pain”,

which has not only toured extensively (the live shows are legendary), but also had their song “Holy” featured on the Saw II Soundtrack. Allen has experienced a rebirth as he’s worked tirelessly to solidify his vision without compromising his art. While the music industry has rapidly changed, and artists are trying to fit the mold, Allen stands out as a man who stays true to his music by creating songs that not only tell a story, but forge a bond with the listener as well. He’s created a unique sound he calls “Urban Pop”, which is a fusion of music from different genres that he enjoys. The sound reflects the rollercoaster of emotions associated with the human condition and urban life.

His new project, “The Evolution of Allen Anthony”, showcases his vocal range, songwriting ability and production skills. His diverse musical tastes and vocal prowess are on display like never before. Standout tracks are “One”, a lush ballad with lyrics that tug at your heartstrings over a haunting melody that will have you yearning to be with your beloved, and “Last Night”, a dance track that will have you on the floor displaying your fancy footwork. What I love about “Last Night” is the fact that you can step, ballroom, or do some of the latest hip hop and dance moves while listening to it. My favorite track, “Close My Eyes”, is an edgy rocking tune that will have you playing the air guitar to mimic the killer bass line. The lyrics are powerful with a universal theme that you’ll be able to relate to regardless of your age, gender, profession or socioeconomic status. The project was a collaboration between Allen and DJ Conscience, an avid supporter of independent artists, and a great producer in his own right who has worked with many local and national artists. On working with DJ Conscience, Allen says, “He's a cool brotha. It's cool to work with someone that already knows your background.” Together they created an album where each track stands alone, but fits together as a cohesive body of work. Whether you like Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Metal, etc., there’s something on this album for you to enjoy. New and old fans alike will be pleased with the quality of each track, and the diversity represented.

AA: My sound is years of music that I love listening to all bunched up together to make what I like to call "Urban Pop". UT: How has your sound evolved over time? AA: Just by growing up and listening to music as it changes. You try new things to see if it works for you. The key is to not lose yourself in the process. UT: Who are some of your musical influences? AA: Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is a big inspiration because of the way he writes and sings. He is my favorite. UT: Who are some of the artists you listen to and would like to collaborate with on a project? AA: Frank Ocean, Nas, Foo Fighters, Wu Tang, Pantera, and Wiz Khalifa. UT: What was the inspiration for the new project? AA: I wanted to prove to myself that my words had some kind of relevance in this world. Sometimes I think people don't see the world as I do and I tend to feel alone because of it. Music is a way to express what I feel. I'm better at writing what I feel rather than just saying it.

UT: How will this project be different from others you have done? AA: This is my last. I put everything into this last project. This album was three years in the making. I just wanna prove to myself that I can put an album out that will Urban Tymes caught up with Allen to dis- stand the test of time. cuss his latest endeavor, the state of the UT: What other projects do you have in music industry and what inspires him. UT: Describe yourself. development? AA: I describe myself as moody, modest, AA: I like Techno, so I'm doing some quiet, [and] helpful. I treat people like I projects in that realm. wish to be treated. I think there is always room for improvement. UT: What sets you apart from other artists? UT: How would you describe your sound? AA: I don't like comparisons. Everyone

is individual in a general sense. I just try to ences to yield great art. He’s a man who do me. comes alive on stage because he’s not only living his dream on his own terms, but UT: What do you think is missing from the crafting a legacy that is sure to make his family proud. He’s a multi-talented musimusic scene today? AA: A sense of self, meaning music from cian who is sure to have a long, successful the heart and life experience. Things peo- career making hits that will not only stand ple can relate to. It's all cookie cutter now. the test of time, but will remain in the hearts of fans forever. The good stuff went underground. We need more Frank Ocean’s on the radio. To purchase The Evolution of Allen Anthony UT: With the music scene rapidly changing, what are you doing to stay relevant? AA: I keep writing and listening to what’s To connect with Allen good out there. I surround myself around younger people who have a great sense of what’s hot and what’s not in the industry, my son included. For bookings and press inquiries UT: What advice would you give aspiring artists? AA: As cliché as it sounds, never give up. UT: Do you believe R&B is dead? AA: R&B died after the 80's. Yes it is dead. Neo Soul is the replacement. UT: How do you feel social media helps/hurts artists? AA: It's a double edged sword in the sense that everything is fair game. It's great to be able to reach countless fans through it, but it's also over congested with a lot of crap. To connect with DJ Conscience UT: What would you like to say to your supporters? AA: Thanks for holding on to hope that I might just come out with something soon. The wait will soon be over. I hope I have inspired love and hope to everyone that listens [to my album]. Allen sings songs that demonstrate he’s navigated life’s rocky waters and come out victorious. He gives our private pain a public voice, while allowing his experi-

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