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Urban TYMES: The Emergence Issue

Contents: Emergence...Featuring the best of the QC,! pg-6

TreZure, from GRIP THE MIC RECORDS UpRight and on Time!!!! Pg-19

Author Spotlight “I John Henry Speak” pg-21 Artist Spotlight ~

Ray Billingsley pg-22 Spoken Word

Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn Justice Umbiya pg-24

This is PRYD Clothing pg 18

Art that speaks volumes‌... switzonwigfall

Dana Sidberry of Motivation Mktg & Carey Digsby of Urban Tymes Media having fun with the group…...

Emergence This month we feature those individuals that are making serious moves here in the q.c. Not only are they setting trends, they have another side to them that many do not know…… Artists, poets, djays, MCs, business women and more! Photographed by Toreka of

Soul Art Photography in

the smooth, relaxed setting of RED@28th Check them out inside, and see why they are “emerging” to be the best of charlotte!!!

This Is……..

Dee Dray

Drumma SC

Charming Jerk




Zee (Mr.Coffee)

The Artist

The Athlete

Ken Abner, from Cleveland, Ohio CEO of L.A.H. Entertainment, LLC, Skilz Athletics, LLC, and O.W.C.S.,LLC. Semi-Pro Bowler Active member of Silver Set Masonic Lodge #327 Charlotte, NC

Jay Nino

Who are you? - Jay Henderson. Where are you from? I- Charlotte NC, Born and raised. (West side) What do you do in your spare time? -Spend time with my children, Read, Write Music, Work out Education? B.S. Information Systems (JCSU) MBA-Management (Strayer Univ) Community Involvement? Active Member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Fraternity Inc. Active member of Zechariah Alexander Sr. Masonic Lodge #833, Charlotte, NC. Prince Hall Affiliated.


DANI ms .homemaker

A prolific spoken word artist here in the Q.C. She can be direct, in your face and tell you like it is. Then she can speak and form images and scenes that her audience can be all too familiar with. When talking to her, she will tell you, at first she was a bit shy and hesitant about the road she travels now. But listen further and you hear joys and pains, love gained and love lost. A voice that does not sound meek and hesitant, but a voice of a strong sister tempered with a beauty that energizes you. What else can be said about this diamond? Come to an event she’s at and find out. Her CD is fiyah! She’s a writer, a mother, a poet, and as real as can be. Simply put, she is Dani.

The DJ

The Businessman

DJ Krazy T was born in Buffalo, New York, and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Krazy T is like no other—bringing more energy, style, and flava to each and every gig, show, party, event, or performance!

DIKTATOR was born on January 8, 1986 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the only child of a single parent household. DIKTATOR graduated from West Charlotte High School on June 10, 2004. DIKTATOR’s love for music began at the early age of six (6), by emulating known top artists/moguls at the time---Master P, Snoop Dog, Jay Z, P Diddy, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and others. He has the uncanny ability to capture clear, simple, pungent, and heartfelt truisms about life--- friendship, love, and even death, in his writings. In 2000, DIKTATOR and three friends formed a rap group called “NU WORLD”. In April of 2002, “NU WORLD” was the opening act for Lil’ Romeo and the No Limit Allstars Tour. Through learning experiences and changes DIKTATOR started focusing on his solo career which really began to intensify his popularity with the help of several spins from Hot 92.7 --Charlotte’s FM Hip-Hop/R&B radio station. On August 20, 2003, DIKTATOR was the opening act for the renowned rap artist TI. In April of 2004, DIKTATOR was featured on the World Wide Flava TV show along with other artists such as Memphis Bleek and Anthony Hamilton. In 2004, with constant writing and recording, he completed his first album “SHUT IT DOWN”. In 2005, while the first release “SHUT IT DOWN” was gaining street credibility DIKTATOR recorded a remix to one of the featured songs on the album with “KRAZY” (from the 504 BOYZ) titled “START A FIGHT”. This business move certified him as one of the next promising artists from the south. In 2006, DIKTATOR linked up with Master P and Guttarmusic in Los Angeles, California to record an album song titled “CAKBOY” which Master P actually mentioned working with him in the “SOURCE MAGAZINE”(rebirth of a hustler February 2006). Master P also featured DIKTATOR on his first movie release “REPOS”-Soundtrack, July 4th 2006 from his company called Hood Cinema.

Strictly Business

From the inspirational experience with Master P, DIKTATOR then came back to Charlotte, NC and started a new movement with his record label K.O.C. Records while leading by example showing that you do not have to portray something that you are not to get where you are going. In 2009, DIKTATOR released a ground breaking project along

Websites kocdiktator kocrecords1 kocdiktator http://

with an R&B artist named “TRARIUS” mixing Carolinas Hip hop & R&B at its finest, titled “BRIDGING THE GAP”. This project includes creative concepts and an all-around innovative approach to music. One of the singles from this project titled “FEEN” was re-created as the official intro for Charlotte’s own WPEG Power98 FM’s Morning Madd House. A song titled “GOING DOWN” from this project was requested by director Robert Siegel (screenwriter of The Wrestler) to be featured in his latest movie “BIG FAN” starring Patton Oswald.


project “BRIDGING THE GAP” is currently on ITUNES and is an introduction of what’s to come from K.O.C Records. DIKTATOR is dedicated to perfecting his art and with K.O.C Records bring change to the industry. STAY TUNED… ITZ MORE THAN MUSIC ITZ A MOVEMENT!

Serious Swagger

Chef Jay Culinary artist …….And DJ!

“Chef Jay” Jones , an man of many talents. Executive Chef, Culinary Artist, Caterer, former DJ that can tell you music history, and man about town. He is known for creating dishes from fresh ingredients and teaching others the love of food, via his famous Culinary Tours, introducing restaurants, markets and so much more to his fans…… To learn more about him, and to have your event catered by him, visit:

The DJ DJ Jazzy Yazzy (WPEG Power 98) Having a love of music as long as she can remember Storm use to make mixtapes of her favorite songs on her cassette deck and tried to deejay on a Fischer Price toy turntable. But it was when Storm was a freshman at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida, that she was able turn her love of music and people into a career.

The Librarian was invited to join the team at the now defunct WVHT, as a weekend on-air personality. Very active in the community and the station, Storm was quickly promoted to nights, then middays. In 2001, Storm took a break from radio to pursue a Master’s Degree at New York University and sharpen her marketing and media skills. But with radio in her blood, Storm couldn’t stay away for long!

Storm began in radio at FAMU’s college station, WAMF, now WANM, in 1997. While at Check her out : the college station, Storm learned the fundamentals of radio and deejaying, while Contact: 704.910.9185 (Booking) building a relationship with the (Web) nity. After developing a love and passion for radio, Storm was itching to move forward from college to commercial radio. And in 1999 her opportunity arose when she



Carey Digsby, aka “Mr. Urban.� originally from Long Island NY, moved to the QC and attended Garinger High. Holds degrees in Business Management and Marketing. After a 15 year stint in the wine industry and consulting various businesses, he is currently CCO of Urban Tymes Media , bringing the best of the QC and surrounding areas to the public. Proud father and husband, he

For more information, contact or call 404.518.5110

Fashion & Swagger ~ PRYD (Power, Respect You Determine) Clothing Line…….By KJ Hall

Pride doesn’t have the same meaning it once did.

shirts were created on March 7, 2002. The logo is comprised of a group of lions, which symbolizes unity. Like any new venture, there was a learning curve to be experienced, which is necessary for growth and development. After relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2004, the struggle continued to gain a following in a new market. James took the inheritance received after his father’s death in 2007 to do research and parlay his dream into a reality. In 2008 he visited his college roommate in Los Angeles, CA. Realizing he couldn’t do things alone, he began assembling a team and asked his friend if he wanted to be a part of his vision. He agreed; they created shirts that were sold in LA and the dream was realized. At the end of 2009 James consulted his wife and wondered how the line would flourish if he was able to devote 100% of his time to it. He quit his day job, hustled harder to expand the brand and was amazed at the results. Not only were people excited about the line, but through effective marketing and solid business relationships, sales I improved and they were reaping the benefits of years of hard work. 2010 saw PRYD developing their brand by focusing on the logo and the infamous “Dream Hustle Parlay” shirt, which is a crowd pleaser and best seller. James shares how the concept for the shirt came into existence. He states, “The Dream Hustle Parlay shirt came into play while up one night in the creative zone. I felt we needed a lifestyle to attach to the clothes so people can attach themselves to the product brand. I came up with Dream, Hustle Play, meaning if you dream and hustle hard, then you can play to the fullest. I talked to my partner in LA and shared the vision. He said what about parlay? I thought about it and liked the concept, which is to dream big and hustle hard so you can parlay to the fullest. That was well rounded and spoke to everyone that we wanted to reach, so it made sense.”The brand has expanded from t-shirts to hoodies, caps, jackets, patches, and stickers. With more items in development for the summer, it’s going to be a great year for PRYD.

In fact, last year many articles were written about the growing “Culture of Disrespect.” In a time when people are losing their lives for parking spaces and the elderly are targets of muggings instead of being revered for their wisdom, you know there’s a problem in society. How can you have pride in and respect for others, if you don’t have it within yourself? It’s evident in the way you speak, the way you conduct yourself and what you wear. One man who remembers the pride, respect and unity of the African American community and society as a whole, decided to create a clothing line that speaks to what’s needed. Connect with PRYD on Facebook So as you open the closet to grab your clothing of choice for the day, think about what your clothes say about you. Do you have PRYD? James Lumsden, is the founder of PRYD (Power, Respect You Determine), a clothing line that was birthed in 1999 in Toledo, Ohio. The concept was developed from 1999-2002, and the first batch of

Urban Music ~ TreZure

By KJ Hall Grip The Mic recording artist TreZure is breathing new life into hip hop. She’s a force to be reckoned with who is not only a dope lyricist and performer, but an artist who cares about her fans as well. She has a powerful testimony from her life journey as a woman who spent years learning to love and embrace the person she is instead who everyone wanted her to be. After a five year hiatus, she has returned bolder, stronger and with renewed vigor as an emcee. Her new album My Emancipation is a testament to the power of faith and the freedom that comes from loving yourself and living a life of purpose. I’m excited about the masterpiece TreZure has created in “My Emancipation”. With tracks like ‘Me Against the World’ featuring Grip The Mic Founder Lee Blake, ‘Widow’s Back’, ‘I’m Here’ and ‘Let’s Go’, you’re reminded that hip hop isn’t dead, but alive and well in artists who stay true to themselves and take pride in their artistry. These tracks are a sampling of an album that is diverse and has something for everyone. As you listen, you can relate to the topics and feel the passion of the words about life, love and the journey of self-discovery.

TreZure is working diligently to set herself apart from the pack and cause those in the industry to step their game up. When asked what makes her different from the rest of the artists out today she says, “Delivery, lyrical content, maturity on the mic, and passion. I’m creating message music. I’m TreZure, but I also have an alter ego called The Black Widow; she’s a bit more hostile with different lyrics. I run the gambit of subject matter.” As an emcee, songwriter, and multi-talented performer, she knows how to rock the mic and move the crowd. Her musical influences, which include MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Nas, Jay Z, Remy Ma, J Cole, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Joe Budden, Rakim and Marvin Gaye, are diverse and demonstrate her commitment to touch people as opposed to doing cookie cutter music just to get on the radio. Her latest effort, entitled My Emancipation, is about her journey to embracing the feeling of freedom that she’s finally able to enjoy. She adds, “Emancipation is about what I’m going through now. It’s about me coming out of the fog, things looking better and brighter and starting to feel free. It’s the theme of being free and doing what you need to do to be happy. I’ve had to learn that there will be bumps and bruises, but if you can take it it’s so much brighter on the other side, especially when you can find yourself within that. That’s what happened with me. In the process of writing the album, I found myself. The album is filled with messages reflecting my creativity.” As an avid music lover who has seen the music industry go through a myriad of changes through the years, TreZure emphatically believes hip hop is not dead and R&B isn’t dying. She says, “You feel inside of yourself that we’re losing it, but I don’t think we are. Hip Hop has gained sub genres, so it’s become broader. But what’s happening is media (radio & tv) are only presenting a certain type of hip hop, when there is so much more.


Hip Hop is not dead; it’s growing. As for R&B, if we could get a little bit more creativity, things would be great. Remember when R&B wasn’t just about love music, and the topics ranged from any to everything? That diversity and the soul of it are missing. Back in the day you had a greater variety and diversity of artists with their own voice. That’s why it feels like it’s dying because creativity is lost and people are trying to be someone else instead of themselves. Stop copying everybody! Be yourself, find your own lane and get in where you fit in. If there is no lane, then make one. I don’t mind being something different because I have to stay true to myself and my music as I create my legacy. It’s about the creativity, artistry and music; it’s not about me.” The life of an artist in the new millennium is a tough one. To become successful, you must diversify and do more than just sing, rap or play an instrument. It’s all about developing yourself as an artist to not only grow musically, but to establish your signature brand as well. As an artist who has an EP and countless live performances with great artists to her credit, TreZure provides sound advice on what artists have to do to be relevant and successful. She states, “Artists doing well commercially & financially need to be doing more than their craft. You have to brand yourself. When you put your name on things you have to stand behind it and make sure it’s quality. Everything you do is about your brand. You have to respect your craft and yourself. You have to go viral, but at the same time you have to have talent, a message and originality because that piques industry executives and fans interest. You have to plan. You can’t roll out the bed and say I want to be a rapper today. It’s all about knowing who you are, staying in that lane and building from there. People know quality when they hear it. They want something different, so they’re making music choices outside of radio. If you stay true to yourself, then you realize you don’t have to compromise yourself as an artist because if you’re good people will find you. You can get in where you fit in when you’re talented enough. Nobody is entitled to anything; you have to work! If you come in and you’re not humble from the gate, then you’ll be eaten alive. It’s not overnight success; it takes so much work to make it.”

the country appears to be bouncing back from the recession that has had many people pinching pennies, it’s still rough on the music industry. CD sales have fallen drastically forcing the closure of popular record stores across the country. People have become extremely vocal about what they like and dislike musically, and are using online retailers to purchase songs they like, instead of whole albums. Artists and venues have also taken a beating with the drop in ticket sales resulting in some events being cancelled. As an avid music lover, I enjoy attending concerts, but I can say without remorse I’ve become very selective about which ones I choose to attend. There are some artists who make great music, but aren’t good performers. According to TreZure, “As an artist you need to know it’s not about you, but about the people who paid to see you! I remember The Fresh Fest with Whodini and Dougie Fresh because they had great songs that people loved. When they performed, you could tell they loved them as well. It’s your passion for your own music, the message and how that is translated on the stage that brings a performance to life. When I perform, I lay it on the line as an artist because I’m giving my all and show the crowd that I believe in my own music. You have to be engaging as an artist. I’m giving 100% every single time because I believe in myself and my brand.”

To purchase your copy of My Emancipation For bookings and interviews Lee Blake 347-338-0142 Follow TreZure on these social networks

write poetry based on different things without being known for one thing. You can be known as more than the erotic poet. Slow down life and enjoy the conversation with each other. We do a whole lot of talking, but do very little communicating with each other; that’s why our relationships don’t work. I’m hoping my work will bring dialogue among the sexes. “

BY KJ Hall Deep Thinker is a man known for his love of social causes and his passionate prose of love and happiness. The poet has gained a following by using social media and appearances at open mics to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the spoken word community. He considers himself a “throwback poet” who just needs a mic and a platform to share what’s in his heart. With support of family, friends and loyal followers in domestic and international markets, he offers food for thought in his highly anticipated debut book, I, JOHN HENRY SPEAK: AN EXPLORATORY OFFERING FROM A POETIC SOUL. The book is a kaleidoscope of work that’s diverse, culturally sound and lyrically relevant. The title is based on the fable of John Henry, a man who worked on the railroad because of his physical strength, without a thought to his mental capacity. According to Deep, “The title is a take off of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. It’s always nice to hear what others have to say, but rarely do people ask a Black man what he has to say; what’s on his mind & heart. Typically we’re judged by superficial material things such as the car we drive, the clothes we wear, and what we do for a living.” He wants people to look past the external to get a glimpse inside his heart and mind through his work. As a new author, Deep is very clear about what he hopes to accomplish with this work. It’s not just about putting out a book for the sake of doing it, but doing so as a means to help the art form grow and inspire others to share their God given talent. He adds, “There are three things I want the reader to take away from reading my book: It’s ok to want to understand what’s on a black man’s mind because we want to have the conversation.

As a new, self-published author, Deep learned through trial and error how to navigate through the publishing world. It proved to be a time consuming process, which forced him to stretch himself, and be better prepared to release his next project. When asked what advice he would give a new author, he offers the following sage advice: “Get feedback from a third party who doesn’t know you because if you only get feedback from friends & relatives, you’re not going to get a true assessment. Take your time! Just like wine isn’t created in a week, don’t try to put a book together in two days. Put pieces in there that will make the reader want to read the next page or piece. It shouldn’t be the same. You need a level of diversity in your work. You should never become typecast in your work. I’m against being a one dimensional poet. The world isn’t one dimensional, so why should a poet be that way? You have to keep the reader engaged and show why what they’re reading will fascinate them to the point they’ll want to share it with people and become your cheerleader.” For the fans that have read his poems on social media, heard him perform on BlogTalkRadio shows and at open mics, Deep says emphatically, “Thank you for believing in my work, inspiring me to keep writing, allowing me to speak from my mind & heart. It means a lot to me. I hope people will share the message that my book is out there. I also hope people will contact me about the book and support it so I can continue to do the work I love and express myself as a man and a poet.” To purchase the book visit To stay current on what’s happening with Deep Thinker, connect with him on these social networks

Artist Spotlight ~ R ay Billingsley By KJ H all As an avid comic book reader, I marvel ( pun intended) at the popularity they have gained over the years. Not only have they been made into maj or motion pictures, but they’ ve gained a newgeneration of fans in domestic and international markets due to internet exposure. I recall the days as a kid w hen I w as excited to see the daily paper to read my favorite comic strips filled w ith newadventures experienced by the characters. One of my all-time favorite strips is entitled Curtis by Ray Billingsley. I grewup reading this strip and w as so happy to see an African American family w ith experiences similar to mine. Since my family subscribed to Ebony magazine, I used to read hich he also crethe Strictly for L aughs page, w ated from 1 7 9 -2 009 . Although the latter strips e wre adult based, I used to read them w hile my parents w ere at w ork and I laughed for hours. Ray took an unconventional path to becoming an artist. Raised by Southern parents ( father from Alabama and mother from North Carolina) , Ray w as encouraged to stay productive to avoid repercussions from his very strict parents. Follow ing in his brother’ s footsteps, he started draw ing and gained recognition at the tender age of eight years old. His th grade Art probig break came w hile o wrking on a 7 j ect. According to Ray, “ I w asn’ t interested in the assignment, so I slipped off to the side to draw . A w oman sawme and asked if she could keep the draw ing. I said ok. She asked for my name and telephone number. I t turns out she w as an Editor for K ids Magazine, w hich w as a national magazine for children. She asked me to come to the office to do a draw ing for a story someone submitted. T hen I w as hired as a tw elve year old staff w riter. During the w eek instead of playing w ith friends ( couldn’ t risk inj ury) , a car w as sent to the school for me and I w ent to w ork. By the time I turned eighteen years old, I w as promoted to Associate Editor. I never had the chance to do it as a hobby because it became a profession early.” As an artist w ho has been in the business for over thirty years, R ay offers practical advice for artists w ho w ant to get into the business. H e states, “ T he first thing is to think about h wat is it

that you have to say. I t’ s not about the draw ing so much, but howstrong the characters are, how strong the situation is and howw ell you are a w riter. You have to be a good w riter if you w ant to be remembered. For today’ s audience you have to give them more substance. Keep w riting. Don’ t hold onto every story. I f it’ s not w orking, then don’ t be afraid to let it go. h Ten start draw ing samples. For syndicates, you have to submit a feww eeks’ w orth of samples so they can see howw ell you w rite.”

In the center of the earth, I'll write journals in the gold we pass by Never Ending Love Letter As we come out the other end of the earth we'll sign together the best I want to write for you seller I wrote to honor our love About Sail with my desires to pen every sunrise and nightfall I'll write poems from ink drained from the stars Going places with you and my pen I'll write splendid rhymes and majestic verses as we I'll write parables from the blood of lovers past I'll write narratives from the account of kings who are revered by the world’s reading eyes wished they could My pen will be our badge, and crest of honor of writ- have loved their queens forever I'll write about the love I have with you with no plot, ten chronicles in royal museums and no scheme and I only conspire to live another day to write for you I'll write our story to be I'll compose a beautiful storybook of a first class pas- I'll write volumes of novellas of poems of our love into sage through life a historical literary masterpiece with thee Our journey of life, I will publish in hardcovers and The title: My Never Ending Love Letter to You and Me Signed, your author of love magazine subscriptions I'll write scripts of non-fictions of our love going to Š 2010 - Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn secret places Making love in dangerous places that's in chapters Author, spoken word artist, musician and video producer one through infinity I'll protect you by writing poems so hard, and so wickedly on point, will run for cover in libraries Alexander-Horn/1069203273 I'll write tour guides to get lost in the most legendry romantic places I'll write poems of what we see, and feel, and what we know I'll write fables of adventures of lost lovers disappearing but we are known to be alive I'll pen sagas of the great moments in time that we made love on private islands and in air balloons, and castles, and in outer space, and in dreams we are yet to have I'll write our diary in the sand, but 20,000 Leagues under the Sea And I'll writes poems on the bottom of your feet and on your backside, and on the dark side of the moon Let us dig the earth and bury our tales alongside Adam and Eve

Deciduous Poem Called Life

I'm just saying.... Dang, Slim....

I wrote something with you in mind, but you will likely never read it.

I was just trying to introduce intravenously true love, but you steady suckin on my life like this is True Blood and I've been fed up with heartbreaks since 808s and

Lately you have been distant and cold.

you are steady on some new ish

The winter that you brought, spilled over the lines of that season lost in the wood ish and confused Mother Nature, like you were her first born and she but still lost in the woods ish... lacked a support system. You possess an on and off again kind of love, that has me believ- What in the world happened to you??? ing that you are deciduous by nature Who had you thinking that love was this perfect thing? when I've been feigning for a cactus kind of love. That’s the woman that I see in your eyes, but your GEM IN EYE keeps you blind to you... and who you could BE... Who I AM... Our Present. Our Future has been written, but you just won't stick to the script. Steady keepin a girl power type of woman in your eye, spittin that pro-woman ish so tough that you really start believing that it is permanent, when woman and man were designed to couple from the rib. Now ya'll are just two friends going on long walks together, indulging in late night conversations when clearly, it’s cake baking hours and you should be wrapped up in your man's love, while he is rapping in your ear, sweet nothings, unwrapping your gifts down to nothing or maybe just lying in the bed... Chillin... playing chess... Watching TV 1 or something,

I can't even talk to you about marriage because you are always telling me that you are way too young, when Adam and Eve had been together since damn near day one. Now I understand that the biggest mistake was made back in their day, but at least they met the consequence of their actions in tandem. What I am saying is, I am trying to earn the right to be your man. People are always asking for a little more time because life is so fast, but everything transpires in the blink of an eye in God's time.... Ain't no rewinds in this poem called LIFE I want to build the type of love that can freeze time right... I would love to see, what should be our Future come to pass... BECAUSE I DREAMT IT... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL... I SAW YOU DRAW AWE... IN... A GARDEN FULL OF YOURSELF... THAT IS WHY I CALL YOU EDEN... What exists in you is every reason that I AM... Protect (HER) Provide (HER) and Love (HER) -Justice Umbiya For bookings & media inquiries:

‐Enjoy Enjoy--


This issue’s Alter-Ego shots created by….. Founder/CCO Carey W. Digsby Strategic Planning Steph...

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