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July, 2009- Issue 1


. Diamond of the Month: CC Mitchell

7. Passion Fashion 09 Comes to Charlotte

Inside 4. Money Tymes 5.Inspirational Tymes 7. Fashion & Swagger 8.Good Eats 9.Entertainment: Maxwell- the return of R&B! Remembering Michael Jackson 13. Spoken Word

Urban Tymes | 2

Money Tymes Being Rich Does Not Always Mean You Are Wealthy By: Eugene Chan To be truly wealthy is to have money that lasts forever. This may be a blunt statement, but suddenly coming across a large sum of money does not necessarily mean you have become a wealthy person. To be wealthy is a state of mind. A person with a wealthy mindset may not necessarily be financially rich just yet but will be soon enough. On the other hand, a rich person without a wealthy mindset will squander the money very quickly. This could not be more true than those who win the lottery. After a few years, these lottery winners no longer possess the millions they came across so suddenly. An amount of money that should have lasted for at least a generation has been fleeted away. Case in point is UK lottery winner Michael Carroll who won ÂŁ10 million in 2002 at the age of 19. It is reported that he had lost all his winnings 18 months later on things such as holiday homes, luxury cars, drugs, parties, jewelry and famously, a rural mansion used none other than as a dodgem car racetrack for his new friends. What is even sadder are cases of other lottery winners that end up with greater financial debt after their windfalls dry up than they had to begin. Some have even declared bankruptcy to be back where they had started - with nothing. From this, it is fair to say that being rich does not necessarily mean you are wealthy. A truly wealthy person would still possess the majority of the millions of dollars (if not more) because a wealthy person understands the fundamentals of how to manage their money. It can even be said that a wealthy person has a good relationship with money. Money sticks with them rather than repel away from them. It is through this understanding of how to manage money that dictates how long you will remain rich, or how soon you will become rich. A wealthy person knows to save their money. With the money that is saved, they firstly spend on things that earn them an income such as quality businesses, real estate and shares. In other words, the money a wealthy person retains is used to further create more money. The money they earn from their investments is then used to fund a rich lifestyle. On the contrary, for a (temporarily) rich person that does not have a wealthy mindset, they would have chosen to firstly spend on material things and eventually have no money left. However, nobody is born with a wealthy mindset and it certainly cannot be won. Importantly, a wealthy mindset is learnt. If Michael Carroll had a wealthy mindset when he won the lottery, he would likely still be living very nicely with most of his winnings intact. If a wealthy individual were to lose all their money today, it is likely that within a number of years, they would be back to a relatively comfortable financial position. Individuals such as Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Sir Richard Branson have faced financial setbacks in their lives but were able to rebuild their financial positions because each has a wealthy mindset. These individuals firstly focused on redeveloping their businesses rather than wasting their remaining fortunes on frivolous items and lifestyle decisions. Today, they enjoy life's luxuries because of their wealthy mindset. Michael Carroll clearly demonstrates that being rich does not always mean you are wealthy. On the other hand, having a wealthy mindset certainly gives you a greater chance at being rich because you understand how to manage and appreciate money. Each of us can learn to be wealthy. By developing this wealthy mindset, you will ultimately attract more money to you than repel it. Only then can you be rich and truly wealthy. Author Bio Eugene Chan is the founder of which provides practical ideas to save money every day.

Urban Tymes | 3

Inspirational Tymes Innocent as a child

~ By Pervis D. Nash ~ Innocence is almost lost in the day and time which we live. It is easy to understand because homes are usually broken. (Not downing anybody because mine was broken). In some cases both parents were there but the intimacy was missing. A few homes had both parents, yet no structure. Others had the privilege to have both parents in the home and had structure and intimacy-- A true blessing! Then there were the single parent homes which is the majority of this day and time, sadly speaking. This is not for everyone, because in whatever the situation is or was, some found and still find happiness. But I am speaking to someone even if it's just me! With that said; some of us couldn't grow in stages as a child because of adult problems. As a child we had to become wise. Oftentimes some of us made ourselves forget we were young, because we figured that we had to help out in the house in some way of another. In childhood there is innocence and vulnerability. Therefore having to go through that, produced in some the attitude, "I cannot afford to be vulnerable anymore." But the bible says; "The kingdom of God is to the childlike." Mark 10:14

Urban Tymes | 4

Think of a typical child, in everyday life they awake and immediately thinks of ways to enjoy that day. They don't worry about food or clothes; they have houses and don't take one thought about what if it is being taken away. Everything parents have they assume it to be theirs as well, and have total trust in the parent(s) and dependency on them for their needs. The bible in Mathew 18:4 says; whoever humbles himself as a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." When we look to Christ we will experience an abundance of joy and peace in everyday life. Sadly most of us can't come in this way because we've been hurt by life. We have not been protected or provided for in some way or another so we grew up and stop trusting. We come to Jesus as adults who are fully committed to providing for ourselves and protecting ourselves. To know the abundant life that God has offered us in Christ, we have to let go of control. We must stop protecting ourselves (Christ is our defense) and (God is The Ultimate Provider). The path back to trust is hard but not impossible. The first step is to let down the guards and allow God to provide our needs. He provides our daily needs- grace, mercy, protection, shelter, jobs, careers, For His word says; "My God shall supply All of your need according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus." All of our needs are broken down to one need that's why the bible says "need" and not needs, that need is Grace, and all else will follow. Once I let down the guards my life has been completely changed. With trials along the way, He has and still does, "Work all things together for my good" This is not for everybody but my prayer is that it touches somebody as it has touched me! God Bless you all-- Much love to you all as well!

Jul 2009 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him." John 3:16-17

Urban Tymes’ Diamond of the Month…………….

Introducing: Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Cicely C. Mitchell always had the capacity to communicate and communicate effectively with anyone about anything. Growing up around parents who were educators and orators, Cicely knew from an early age, she wanted her voice to be heard. Cicely graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor of arts in English. Later, Cicely decided to take advantage of higher education and then entered The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She graduated with her Master of Liberal Studies degree, with specific concentrations in journalism and creative writing.

C .C . M it c h e ll

Currently, Cicely works a as a part-time radio personality for WBAV, V101.9, in Charlotte, North Carolina. “C.C.” Mitchell can be heard on your radio dial during the weekends. Cicely also works as a free-lance voice over artist. Her client list includes, but isn’t limited to: Concord Mills Mall, Audio Works Sound Studio, Author, Chermean Taylor Gregory, Symbeo Health Communications, Instant Voiceovers, and more recently, WSOC/WAXN-TV, Charlotte. As Cicely’s client list grows, she takes tremendous joy in the versatility and creativity each project brings; Cicely has narrated a novel, medical pod casts, commercials for television and radio, nationally and internationally, and promotional videos and audio information manuals. Friends still get a kick out of hearing Cicely’s voice within Concord Mills Mall; Cicely “welcomes” patrons to the mall, each time the doors open. Cicely is an avid and devoted water aerobics enthusiast. She also enjoys reading books about the Law of Attraction and self-development. When Cicely is not in the pool working out, behind the microphone, or in a book about “summoning your power”, Cicely enjoys evenings out with wonderful friends!


Shirts – Men’s & Women’s Business Shirts By Val Parks When it comes to your business life, you have to make sure to dress the part. Not only do you have to follow the office dress code, but you also have to look professional and confident. You can accomplish all of this with the right shirts. Because you have to work every day, you need to make sure you have a wide variety of business shirts in your wardrobe. You want to make sure you buy shirts in which you feel comfortable. The best way to get comfort out of shirts is by buying in quality. Typically, the higher the quality of fabric that is used, the more comfortable the shirt will be. Because you want a quality made shirt, it is important to shop in the right places. Some retailers may offer unbelievable pricing, but they are not match in the quality department. This is why it pays for business men and women to shop at higher end stores for their business shirts. You will pay more now but you will get

Avoid Fashion Faux Pas Here are some of the best ways to avoid being a fashion victim and step up your game. 1. Be Yourself If the look is perfect on the runway, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for you as a complete copy. While you should use designer’s best trends to guide your look and give it some style, mix-and-match your basics. Use your favorites from seasons before for a more affordable style that’s completely on-trend. 2. Look at the Design, Not the Brand Don’t be a slave to flashy branding. Your clothes can have more defined style without necessarily having a logo on them, and when your pieces are subtly stylish,

Urban Tymes | 5

more wear out of the shirt because it will not fade or fall apart. Quality is not the only thing that goes into buying great dress shirts. The next thing you will want to look for when you are buying your business shirts is fit. Regardless of how well made the shirt is or how sleek it looks, it instantly will be ruined if it does not fit properly. For example, a shirt that is too big will look just as sloppy as a shirt that is too tight. You want people to view you as confident and intelligent. If you do not know how to find a shirt that fits, how are they to expect you will do a great business deal? Even if you do not think you are into fashion, you still know you pay attention to people’s looks. If you have trouble finding a business shirt that fits you the way you like, you always have the option of getting a custom made shirt. With this option, you always know you will be getting the shirt you want. Buying men’s or women’s business shirts does not have to be a hassle when you know what you should look for in a shirt. Having a great shirt really will elevate your professional stature within a company.

you can wear them more often. This is essential for those of us who tend to hang onto our favorite pair of jeans. 3. Keep Yourself Balanced Not everything you have has to be trendy. A good collection of basics will help you highlight major fashion finds, and can give your trendy pieces more polished style. Make it a rule to stock up on plain colored t-shirts before every season. 4. Don’t Over accessorize If you love fashion, that doesn’t mean you need to layer on the accessories. Choose a simple pair of shades, a man bag and a great pair of shoes to round out your wardrobe. There’s no need for a watch, bracelets and necklaces worn all together. You can wear your favorite pieces over the course of the week, but don’t use them at once!

Men's cologne

When choosing a men’s cologne, personal preference is not the only rule to go by. Certainly, you should choose a scent that pleases you - and your special someone but there are a few other things you want to take into consideration before you plunk down your credit card. Especially with the cost of men’s fragrances reaching an alltime high. The rise in price, though, reflects the evergrowing popularity of men’s colognes. Everyone from Calvin Klein to Armani to Kenneth Cole to Ralph Lauren has gotten strongly into the fragrance business in the last few years. This is good news because it gives men a wider selection of scents to choose from than ever. You’re no longer stuck with a choice between English Leather and Old Spice. The bad news is the huge range makes deciding which scent to purchase harder than ever. As mentioned earlier, personal preference should always take the lead. But it’s good to experiment. What smells good on your best friend or your brother may not smell good on you. That’s because the chemicals in fragrances interact with your own body’s scent to create something a bit different. It’s also possible that you’ll have an allergy to some chemical in the cologne. So it’s always smart to try out a fragrance before you buy it. Fine department stores and men’s specialty boutiques usually have testers for colognes so you can try them out and see if you like them first. A note of caution, don’t, as many men are prone to do, put one test fragrance on one wrist and a different one on the other one. The scents can mingle to create something wonderful - or awful. Either way, it won’t give you a true scent to judge. So be sure to try one scent at a time

Urban Tymes | 6

to be certain you get the full benefit of the test. Colognes that men generally gravitate toward are ones that have a woodsy, outdoor scent. These often contain a sandalwood or cedar wood base with a combination of other ingredients and are refreshing and invigorating. Other scents that men like contain musk and are considered sexy. Sophisticated colognes tend to be those that are light and crisp, with perhaps a citrus base that is clean and pleasant, without being overpowering. Men generally stay away from anything "flowery" that have what they consider a more feminine scent than a masculine one. The cardinal rule of wearing men’s cologne is this: Don’t drench yourself. You may love, love, love the fragrance you’ve chosen and want to share it with the world, but the world may not have the same enthusiasm for it. Actually, the world may prefer (and usually does prefer) you enter and leave a room, leaving just a hint of fragrance in the air. And because some cologne tend to become stronger over a period of time, this can be hard to do with some colognes. So it’s a good idea to use small amounts of a fragrance at first and work up to a level of scent that’s appropriate. This is especially important in the business world. Remember that a scent that’s right for a night out with your significant other may not be appropriate for the boardroom. Which may not be a bad thing, really, since it gives you an excuse to buy several fragrances to have on hand for different occasions. While there are really no hard-and-fast rules about applying cologne, it’s most common to apply them on the neck area, just behind the ears, as well as on the inner parts of the wrists and elbows. A quick trick that many young men are using these days is to spray the cologne into the air and walk through the mist, letting it settle on their hair and shoulders. This works well and helps distribute the fragrance more evenly and subtlety - and subtlety, after all, is the name of the game when it comes to wearing men’s cologne.

VIP ticket rates of $90 are available until July 20th; VIP includes front row seating, a $20 Visa Gift Card, a special meet and greet after the show, an autographed photo of the collection showcased on Project Runway, an opportunity to purchase garments from the fashion show, and a complimentary gift bag. Regular tickets are available at the rate of $40. Tickets can be purchase by visiting or for event details call toll free at (877) 298-2220. YOU can contact Felisha- The IT Factor for exclusive limited VIP tickets.


Charlotte, NC (July 3, 2009) – It’s often said that an extraordinary talent is a rarity, one that only comes along once in a lifetime. Well, the time has arrived in the form of fashion designer and stylist Korto Momolu, the finalist from Bravo’s Project Runway and featured designer on BET’s Rip The Runway. Korto Momolu, a native of Liberia, West Africa, is heavily influenced by her African roots and expertly infuses tribal details into her eclectic designs. Inspired by the rich fabrics and textures that have become her signature, Korto asserts that her designs are intended for “real and sophisticated” women of all shapes and sizes. This style veteran stands out easily from the rest and has captured the attention of many VIP’s in the fashion industry. According to her fans, who already view her as a remarkable designer, Korto Momolu is more than ready to establish herself as a fashion icon and industry staple. This forever “fan favorite” is making her way to the “Queen City” of Charlotte, NC for this year’s signature fashion event. “Passion Fashion 09”, produced by Visionary Minds, is serving to gradually integrate the nation’s second largest financial center into a new business, the fashion industry. Ms. Momolu will be showcasing her fall 2009 collection at this special affair and a sneak peek of what’s to come for 2010. The two other designers joining Ms. Momolu at "Passion Fashion 09", will be Cate Lyon, the Head Designer of Cate Lyon Studio, located in Savannah Georgia and Charlotte's own Tara Davis, the owner of Flow by Tara Davis. “I’ve always been an ardent lover of fashion, and I wanted to create a one-of-a-kind event in my city that celebrates this industry. What better way to kick-off the 1st Annual Passion Fashion than with a designer who is not only fierce with her craft, but has the personality and character to match her talents as well,” states Narria Rice, President and CEO of Visionary Minds.

For media interviews with Korto Momolu, please contact El’Jay DeShield at

Good Eats

Urban Tymes’ monthly picks: Mert's Heart & Soul- College Street Sadie's- Milton Rd & Sharon Amity The Melting Pot- University and Kings Drive locations USDA prime-aged steak is just part of the Morton's story. Behind each of the 79 worldwide locations is a thriving team of people whose commitment, passion and loyalty create the foundation for success.

Texas Land & CattleUniversity

The Best Product… Genuine Hospitality… an Experience to Remember.

Pewter Rose- South Blvd

Wild Wings- Epicenter

Mac's- South Blvd For more than 30 years, we have served only the finest quality foods, featuring USDA prime-aged beef, fresh fish and seafood, hand-picked produce, delicious appetizers and elegant desserts. Our servers strive to provide unparalleled hospitality to each and every guest. We're not happy until your filet is perfect, your lobster succulent and your vegetables are steaming. Rich mahogany, crisp linens and superior service combined with the superior product and the dedicated people at Morton's create an experience you won't soon forget. Visit : for the closest restaurant to you

Urban Tymes | 8

Urban Interviews: Maxwell

Along with fellow founders D'Angelo and Erykah Badu, Maxwell was enormously important in defining and shaping the neo-soul movement that rose to prominence over the latter half of the '90s. Drawing his greatest inspiration from the concept of the R&B auteur (looking to artists like Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, etc.), Maxwell recorded some of the most ambitious R&B of his time, becoming wildly popular and often earning critical raves in the process. What was more, his recurring theme of romantic monogamy set him apart from the vast majority of his bump'n'grind lover-man contemporaries. Maxwell was born May 23, 1973, in Brooklyn, NY; he adopted his middle name as his stage moniker, keeping his real identity a closely guarded secret out of concern for his family's privacy. Born of Puerto Rican and black Caribbean stock, Maxwell suffered the loss of his father (in a plane crash) when he was just three years old. The experience

Urban Tymes | 9


made him a deeply religious child, and he first began singing in his Baptist church. Still, he didn't really get serious about music until age 17, when he began writing his own songs using a cheap Casio keyboard given to him by a friend. Initially influenced by early-'80s urban R&B, he progressed rapidly, and by 1991 he was performing on the New York club scene, despite ridicule from classmates who couldn't imagine the shy, awkward teenager doing anything of the sort. After making a name for himself, he signed a recording contract with Columbia in 1994. Maxwell recorded his debut album that year, working extensively with several collaborators: songwriter Leon Ware (who'd co-written much of the material on Marvin Gaye's I Want You album in 1976), guitarist Wah Wah Watson (who'd also worked with Gaye), and multi-instrumentalist Stuart Matthewman (a longtime cohort of Sade). Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite was a romantic concept album in the vein of Gaye's greatest '70s work, with a more modern flavor courtesy of Prince's influence; inspired by a brief but intense affair, the record's giddy celebration of committed monogamy could have come off as old-fashioned as its classic influences, given the marketplace dominance of hip-hop soul at the time. Partly for those fears, it wasn't released right away, although a series of shakeups in Columbia's management played a bigger role in the delay. It wasn't until the spring of 1996 that Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite finally appeared. Sales were slow to take off at first, even though Maxwell scored some airplay with

Entertainment "...Til the Cops Come Knockin'." The gold-selling second single "Ascension (Never Wonder)" lit the fuse, however, and Urban Hang Suite went platinum before a year had passed, also earning a Grammy nomination. Now elevated to sex-symbol status, Maxwell capitalized on his breakthrough with the MTV Unplugged EP, taken from his live MTV performance. It attracted attention and acclaim outside the R&B community with the left-field cover choices "This Woman's Work" (by art rocker Kate Bush) and "Closer" (the Nine Inch Nails hit). Additionally, the Unplugged version of "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" earned him another Grammy nomination (for Best Male Pop Vocal). Anticipation for his second full-length album was high, and when Embrya was released in 1998, it entered the charts at number three. Reviews were more mixed this time around, with some critics charging that Maxwell's ambition had crossed the line into indulgence; still, the record duplicated its predecessor's platinum sales. In 1999, Maxwell scored his biggest hit to date with the single "Fortunate," an R. Kelly composition he recorded for the soundtrack of the film Life; it was a mammoth success, ranking as the number one R&B hit of the year in Billboard magazine. Later that year, he also cut two songs for the soundtrack of The Best Man. In August 2001, Maxwell returned with his third full-length album, Now, which was touted as a return to the more straightforwardly romantic atmosphere of his debut. It entered the album charts at number one and quickly launched a hit single in "Lifetime." Maxwell didn't resurface until 2008, when he performed Al Green's "Simply Beautiful" as part of the 2008 BET Awards. A handful of intimate performances prefaced his fourth studio album, BLACKsummers'night (the first installment in a promised trilogy of albums), released in July 2009. "Pretty

Urban Tymes | 10

Wings," its lead single, was in the Top 20 of the R&B/Hip-Hop chart within three weeks of its May release. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

Urban Spotlight on……….


Michael Jackson…….Remember the times…… When the world received word on the death of Michael Jackson, it seemed that time stood still. Visions of a man that glided effortlessly across a floor, caused crowds and mass hysteria wherever he went, and the innocence that he exuded when he was interviewed comes to mind. But it seemed that immediately afterwards, speculations about his estate, his children, and other negatives came forth, and as a fan of Michael's I have to ask, what about his true legacy? The legacy I talk about is not the NeverNeverland Ranch, his untold millions that is being haggled over, or his investments. I'm talking about what he as an entertainer brought to the world. We tell our kids about the good old days when music was really music, and I can say that when it came to Michael, that statement was true. I still remember when he performed on various tv shows in the 70's (yes I said 70's!) got to see he and his family immortalized in cartoons, and was in front of the tube when MTV showcased Thriller

Urban Tymes | 11

He set a standard for music videos that many still attain to, brought focus to world conditions and became a humanitarian to those causes, and in spite of negative press and questioning of his actions, he still sought to please his fans. Many now flock to his ranch to pay tribute to him, and if you go into a music store now, you will see not just fans my age grabbing his stuff off the shelf, but a whole new audience buying ! and listening, wanting to see what it is that we feel so passionately about. Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Mario, and yes even Puffy himself, owe quite a bit to this man we called and still acknowledge as the King of Pop. Can anyone even come close to filling his shoes?

Mr. Urban

Spoken Word

Erratic Emotions By Anthony Tillman. a blessive beauty she will be not one I find, only heavenly sent to me Know that the love he has


Urban Tymes | 12

will be sincere His words will come to life His love will appear And that The pain u once carried Will soon disappear Passionate passions, thoughtful thoughts & erratic emotions often go un explain Grudge loving your mind Running you insane Placed his lips on your body tasting your soul now your driving in reverse no damn control


We welcome all poets to share their works here. To submit works or performance dates, email to:

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Urban Nightlife July

Lay It On Down Motorcycle Club Annual Bike Party 2009

For more nightlife pictures, check us out @ Photo-Gallery

Urban Tymes | 14

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Urban Tymes July 2009 Issue  

July issue of Urban Tymes, featuring articles on Charlotte events, places, and our lovely Diamond of the Month CC Mitchell!

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