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Tech Savvy The Social Network, Are You Connected?

by Keysha J. Hall Pg –7 Diamond of the Month: Pg –12 This month Chef Tracey E. Williams Culinary Flair From the Soul!!! Pg –10

Arts & culture Urban Music “My Magical Night out with Prince”

Obama : “just say no!” by Lena “the art Diva” Pg-20

By Lena Hopkins-Jackson Pg-14 “A Tribute To prince”

Kee Lese Pg-16 Dani the Poet: Dysfunctional Dysmemberment The listening party

Mr. Urban Pg- 18

Spoken Word Artist Keith Horton Pg –18

“Comfortable Pain” Pg-27

Lee Blake, TreZure, & Drastikk GRIP THE MIC RECORDS MAKING a STATEMENT!!!! Pg-21

Art that speaks volumes‌... switzonwigfall

Tech Savvy


ith the technological advances in music that has crushed cd sales and put certain record stores out of business, Facebook has assisted in leveling the playing field for artists seeking to share their music with the masses. Long gone are the times of waiting until you get picked up by a record label. Now you can take your music to the public directly with iTunes, and use social networks to promote it and gain immediate feedback. It also enables you to share music with people from other countries and in different languages. It provides access to fellow f you ever wondered musicians ,producers, directors and your fan base with the stroke of a about the power of social networking, keypad. check out the Oscar winning film, The Social Network, which is based on Facebook has also been the subject of the life of Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The controversy with its easy access to young people by film, which was a fan and techy favorite, didn’ t win pedophiles and older men setting up fake profiles as the Oscar for best film, but brought a tremendous a means to lure young girls and boys to rendezvous. amount of media attention to the ever popular social The local authorities have been using the network to network. In addition to the usual promotional and bring criminals to justice. The founder and many who advertising advantages, it also connected families, use the popular networking site encourage people to assisted in spreading the word on AMBER alerts for exercise causing in posting personal information and missing children, and gave parents a reason to check setting up meetings with people you encounter out something their kids spend so much time on. online. Whether you’ re meeting for business or What started out as a means to stay in touch with pleasure, you should exercise common sense and be friends, has not only made Zuckerberg a billionaire, cautious for your own safety. It’ s also been used by but enabled people from different cultures and coun- teens to cyber bully other teens, which has brought awareness to the growing bullying problem in tries to connect personally and professionally. schools and neighborhoods across the country, We are in the information age where people man- which has recently resulted in an increase in teen age their lives from the palm of their hand via phone, suicides. There have been forums on the issue and pda, or computer. Local and national businesses friends and families of those affected have used the have Facebook pages to offer discounts and connect site to share opinions and strategies for combating with customers. Regardless of what type of business what has become a pandemic in the nation. Whether you’ re an emerging artist or seasoned vetyou’ re in, the fastest, easiest, and most cost e ffective way to reach your customers and take your eran in your field, using Facebook and social networks is critical to establishing the online presence business global is through the use of social networks. Employers check Facebook accounts of necessary to reach various markets and take your its employees and people have been fired for posting business to the next level. As a person looking to network, a book club with a group page, a poet, derants and/or negative information about the signer, author, or an artist (singer, musician, visual or company. culinary artist) with a fan page, thousands of potenProspective employers and recruiters also inquire tial customers are just a click away. So get with the about involvement in social networks. Relationships times and join asap!

The Social Network…Are you connected? By Keysha J Hall


have been damaged when it was discovered spouses had multiple pages and sent photos and sexually explicit comments to other men and/or women when they were married, some while holding public office. Some blame the social network for ruining marriages, but it’ s people putting their dirt on display for the world to see that’ s wrecking homes and tearing apart families.

Good Eats….

Chef Tracey E. Williams

Tracey E.

her best seller among family friends and colleagues. She has done several special events and Williams started her has had the honor of meeting TV personalities, culinary career in Authors and Professional athletes. Tracey the US Army at the continued with catering for many communities in tender age of Atlanta, Georgia and is currently entertaining the twenty. Actually, her thought of doing a cookbook, which should come mother, Evelyn, into fruition in the very near future. may she rest in peace, always had Although Tracey E Williams is self-trained, and her in the kitchen hasn’t had any “formal” training as a “Chef”, she cooking, despite the brings to the table the Southern tastes and fact that Evelyn delectables that even your Grandmother would never had anything smile upon. “left” for her to finish, like the mixing bowls or something scrumptious as that. Tracey started her military basic training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey, where she was born and raised. Then she began training as a Food Service Specialist at the same location. Eventually, the Army sent her to Bamberg, Germany as her 1st duty station. There, she prepared thousands of meals for the Commanders, Colonels, and soldiers. Upon re-enlisting she joined the 25th Support and Transportation Battalion in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. In Hawaii, she frequented many different types of restaurants to check out their cuisines; mainly James Beard Award winner Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurant, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. Tracey dabbled in different ingredients and was amazed at how all had meshed together and developed her own recipe system that was kept in a binder for many years, but true to her heart. Exiting the military, Tracey wanted to take her culinary skills further by indulging in the life of catering. She is proudly the owner of Blessed & Highly Flavored Catering and DJ Services and Tracey’s Smack Ya Momma Desserts, and have just begun her Event Planning business preciously named Virtuous Woman Events Planning, Party Planning & Catering. In 2008, she created a cake masterpiece called Tracey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Caramel Chocolate Cake which has become

For more about her desserts and to order them,: Phone: 1 678.831.0819 Email:


Directions for chocolate sauce Melt peanut butter cups in a saucepan along with the milk Stir vigorously until you get a smooth texture-set aside

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Baking time- 35 minutes Pan- 9 inch pan

Caramel Sauce (to be poured over cake) 1 Cup of Caramel pieces 3 TBSP whole milk

The Cake 2 cups All Purpose flour or Cake Flour 2 cups Sugar 1 tsp Baking soda ¼ tsp Salt 1 cup Butter 1/3 cup Unsweetened cocoa powder 3 large eggs ½ cup Whole Milk 1 ½ tsp Vanilla 6 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (for assembly of cake)

Directions for caramel sauce Melt peanut butter cups in a saucepan along with the milk Stir vigorously until you get a smooth texture-set aside Assembling the Cake Frost the 2-3 layer cake with the Peanut Butter Frosting Cut the 6 peanut butter cups into small pieces Place pieces on top of the cake-covering the cake completely Pour the prepared chocolate sauce over the cake allowing the sauce to run down the sides of the cake Pour the caramel sauce over the cake allowing the sauce to run down the sides of the cake making an alternate design-SEE PHOTO Decorate the bottom of the cake with chocolate frosting for design factor

Directions for Cake 1. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking soda, and salt; set aside. 2. In a medium saucepan combine butter, cocoa, and water. 3. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring constantly. Place cake in the freezer for about a half hour for 4. Remove from heat. “setting” 5. With an electric mixer, on medium speed, beat chocolate mixture into the dry mixture until thoroughly ENJOY!!!! blended. 6. Add eggs, milk, and vanilla. 7. Beat for 1 minute, pour batter into the prepared pans. 8. Place chocolate cake in oven to bake for suggested time or until toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean. Peanut Butter Frosting 1 cup butter (softened to room temperature) 1 cup creamy peanut butter 4 cups powdered sugar 1/4 cup milk 2 teaspoons vanilla Directions for Frosting 1. Cream butter and peanut butter together. 2. Add half the powdered sugar and blend. 3. Blend in milk and vanilla. 4. Add remaining powdered sugar. 5. Stir until smooth and well blended. Chocolate Sauce (to be poured over cake) 6 Peanut Butter Cups 3 TBSP whole milk

Diamond of the Month:


Who is she…? A strong beautiful sista, Loving Mother. With an incredible talent of educating her sistas on natural hair care!. To get that natural look, and learn more: Contact “Naturally Niya’s” (704) 576-5562 email:

For more information, contact or call 404.518.5110

The Stuff Of Legends”: My Magical Night-out with


By Lena J. Hopkins-Jackson

Well, the actual festivities began for me @ 5:45

(ahead of the 7:30 ‘shed-yule’) while still waiting in line to get into the “Time Warner Cable” arena. My efore you attend a concert of ANY rock-star around dear, friend graciously bought both of our tickets the long enough to live up to the term ‘legend’; you MUST day they came out wanted to get there early because realize a few things:1# They are NOT going to do every she was convinced other Prince-fans would be practisong in their music catalog, so-get-over-it and enjoy! cally sleeping outside the joint and lined-up for miles. I 2#. Their fans probably resemble every, breathing assured her that this was Charlotte, not Manhattan or thing walking the earth; as ubiquitous as water and as LA, and this city is a walk-up market so folks would be unique as finger-prints so the crowd itself is part of the buying tickets the day of and mosey-ing-on in leisurelyexperience!3#...and finally, whether it’s your 1st time like.( one lady scrambled into her seat 15 minutes or 100th time seeing said performer, ‘NothingAFTER Prince opened…nachos & beer in tow because Compares-To-A-LIVE-show”…especially with an artist that’s what REALLY matters after buying $100 and-up who KNOWS how to give the fans their money’s tickets, riiiiight?) So after chatting-it up with everyone worth ! With that said, I had an abso-freaking-lutely, in our line within a three foot radius and snapping endgreat time at the Prince concert on Thursday March less photos like European tourists; we hurried to our 24, 2011 in Charlotte, NC….and I recommend ALL seats to wait for Charlotte’s own Anthony Hamilton to fans , especially those who have never seen “Hisopen the show! Royal-Badness” in concert to see him now while he’s still in the prime of his twilight years as a performer. he man did NOT disappoint either: clad in a dark blazer, crisp, white shirt with tie and blue-jeans (as well as his band) Anthony and his background singers resembled a sepia-version of Billy Joel mixed with some ‘Southern-Funk & Soul’. He performed with REAL musicians and his own trademark, church-choir, REAL singing pipes, an anomaly now-a-days it seems.


Here’s why….


After a mercifully quick, break & switch-up in sets the

moment we were all waiting for…”His-Royal-Badness” took to the stage! We heard Prince before we saw him as he greeted us with a “Hello-ooo Charlotte!” and the unmistakable guitar rift from “When Doves Cry”! The audience responded with near-deafening applause, screams of ‘IiiiiOoooo-WAaahhh” and other yelps of pleasure! Dressed in signature purple and black (the 1st of about four, dazzling costume changes including a bling-tastic gold suit) Prince turned every one in the crowd over 30 into seventeen year olds again before even reaching center stage. Blazing through his 1st set of 70s-80s medleys, “HRB” gently told his admirers this disclaimer: “If I perform every song I created that was a hit, we’ll be here all night!” Loosely translated: “Don’t-be-mad-if-I-don’t-play-YOUR-favorite-tonight,there’s-always-the-CD-or-“Pandora Radio Station”-for that!” From snippets of “Alphabet Street” to “Darlin-Nikki” the fans new and old were certain within the 1st five minutes of a two–hour show-stoppa’ that tonight would be legendary! Indeed it was, Prince and his band took the theme of what the opening act started with and amplified it times a thousand: REAL MUSIC IN A LIVE SHOW!!!

then recognized Anthony Hamilton as continuing the legacy of REAL music and let the lime-light shine on various members of the “NPG” ( New Power Generation for newbies). ..and this MUST be mentioned: Prince had not only an almost all-female presence accompanying him on stage BUT I admire him even more for using mature, fullfigured, back-up singers who brought an energy and felinefunkiness of their own! As a sign-o-the changing times, Prince’s new band is a complete departure of the old “NPG” or “The Revolution” where most of the ladies-in-waiting on stage were below a size 8, café-au-lait or lighter, long hair and not older than 25. These women were big, bad (bald even) and FIERCE in an un-Hollywood kinda’ way and I LOVED it!

Finally after inviting two, lucky fans on stage during a

cover of ‘Play That Funk y Music White Boy” ( one of which had on a feathery sort of outfit, labeled humorously by Prince as “Sesame Street”) then doing extended performances of various number 1#s such as “Controversy”, “ Nothing Compares To You” ( the beautiful, bald-headed back-up singer replaced Rosie Gaines and rocked it!) “Cream”, You Need Another Lover”, “The Beautiful Ones” he crowd showed mad-love, especially his fans but to be and ending the set with “Purple Rain”, which as exhonest I knew that as much as some of us enjoyed Mr. pected….brought the house down as well as purple confetti Hamilton’s set, there were still others who clapped the and ‘contraband’ camera-phones twinkled into the air for a loudest AFTER he left the stage. Don’t-get-it-twisted: he was perfect, near-climactic finale`. great but the die-hards were there to see “The legend”, who cares who opens? ow the funny but sad thing towards the end was Still, Anthony did his city proud; kudos and props to him! watching a few newbies leave the stadium thinking the show was over…SUCKAS! Any, self-respecting fan of a living t 52 years old, “The Artist” still plays guitar, piano, sings legend musician KNOWS this: -Just because the performer and dances like a man half his age! From our excellent says “Goodnight” d lower-level seats we could see not only every, funky, oesn’t really mean its’ the end-! Presumably Prince was “James-Brown-School-Of-Dance” move he did BUT the ran- freshening up and relaxing below the stage while the audidom, bemused facial expressions he had on his ence gave HIM back what he deserved at this point in his beautiful, well preserved face ( good genes, y’all! I saw NO over 30 year career : Screams and thunderous applause for traces of “House-Of-Wax” Botox injections in that an encore and in some cases….abject adoration! gorgeous visage!) After a twenty minute wait, he ascended back onto the This is a man who LOVES his job and his fans; he was stage from the hidden platform and rocked two final songs, clearly having fun too and basking in it all! One of the ending with “Baby, I’m A Star” before telling us ‘Goodnight’ show’s highlights came early on when he performed what for real this time and like another long-gone legend: Prince was hands-down one of the night’s most memorable mohad left the ments: a quick tribute to the “King-Of-Pop”, Michael Jackbuilding. son! Mixing in parts of “Shake-Your-Body-Down-To-TheTwenty minutes later people were still waiting in hopes that Ground” with “COOL” ( co-written & produced by Prince he was jiving us and would come back out to do any of the under alias “Jamie Strarr” and ones we didn’t hear that night..NOT! performed by his ‘royal-band-in-waiting’, “The Time”) Prince My friend and I finally stumbled with our sore-feet and even told the crowd “ This is my joint!”…and “I am kind of scared more sore voices out of the arena; blissfully floating to sing this song!” so he let US and his background singers amongst a sea of purple wearing fans who were also utsing Michael’s lyrics to HIM. For all those old-head fans who terly satisfied and exhausted from standing, dancing, remember the ‘Prince-versus-Michael Jackson’ beef that House-Quake-hopping all night as well.( albeit willing to started in the 80’s, do note that it has been ground-up and stay for another hour with Prince if permitted, I’d bet!.) It finished as one legend paid homage to another who is was a magical night and like the man sadly no longer with us. himself……legendary. Naturally, the audience lost it, and the generosity and greatness My final words: see-the-show-if-you-can….as anybody who kept-on-a- coming! was there that night would tell you “Nothing Compares To Him”. rince not only shouted-out local R&B station 92.7 FM twice but he shouted-out the WHOLE city of Charlotte for its southern-hospitality. He even sang a quick little ditty to us with simply “North Carolina” as the lyrics; proving that some artists can sing ANYTHING and people will love it! He






In the good spirits of Prince's performance to night, I was a lil motivated to write something! Hope you guys enjoy ;O)

“1999” @ the local garage. I bump into my premonition of a “Strange Relationship”. “Joint to Joint” hip to hip, We could “Get Off”.... 22 positions. Smoothly transitioning. In 1 nite, dayum bay Here I am. bay. I wanted to say: “Lets Go Crazy” B/c I “Adore” you. A “Kiss” On the “Raspberry Beret” that holds my “Diamonds and Pearls” for display to the world is forever indebted to you. I repeat, I “Adore” YOU. “If I Was Your Girlfriend” I would let you dance a naked ballet & I’d stay Only for you to parlay and “Play In The Sunshine”. Yeah, I admit it “You Make My Sun Shine”. When you were “Mine” I had our orgasmic cage of death blessed & bathed in platinum. “For In This Bed I Scream”. “You Mean The World To Me”. But for now, “I Wish You Heaven”. B/c “I Cant Make You Love Me” & though I wish you were “Right Back Here In My Arms” Your gone. But he says: “Love Sexy” So I say: “Supercute” He says: “Sexybytch” I say: You “Sexy motha’…..” wheeeeeew We share the same “Dirty Mind” So its gonna be a “Beautiful Night” My passions purple, So when my “Purple Rains”, Like red blood through your veins it floods down his erect panes leaving lavender love stains Throbbing like “Thunder” Blinding like Wonder. “Emancipation” of anger “The Revolution” of sweet release. & we & we & weeeeeeeee immediately need no immense words to speak we just breathe. We breathe. Breathe freely “Just As Long As Were Together” Cause I know & He know Were “Somebody’s Somebody” Sigh SWEET RELEASE ♥,Me ©2011 Kee Lese'

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Dysfunctional Dysmemberment The Listening Party A few special friends and fans of this incredible lady was allowed on March 12th to listen to her upcoming CD “Dysfunctional Dysmemberment” at Wine Up. Many had the same feelings as I had upon listening to snippets and some of Dani’s favorites in their entirety. This artist placed her heart and soul into this project, as evident in all of the tracks. Especially the one labeled “Blood is Thicker” in which she shared with her audience the trials and pain felt when placing pen to paper and writing it.

To listen to the CD (and believe me I’ve listened to it several times) One can’t help but relate to the topics she speaks on. Both men and women are taken on a journey down paths of love, heartbreak, joys, sorrows, and the occasional putting a brother in his place! With banging tracks by Sean Holyfield, who Dani calls “the most talented musician she’s ever seen, this CD will keep your head bobbin! Sean somehow knew what music went with each poem written, and the blend of melodies and written art flows harmoniously……. Thanks to Bluz for adding his flavor to this project, thanks to Wine Up for providing the place to introduce this to a select few. But most of all, thank you Dani, for stepping out on faith, listening to your heart, and sharing your gift with the world!

‐Enjoy Enjoy--



Welcome to the next evolution!!!

BLAKE is an ACTOR, SINGER, SONGWRITER, PRODUCER, ENTREPRENEUR AND MUCH, MUCH MORE. He is the founder and CEO of BLUE EYED SOUL ENTERTAINMENT (BL.E.S. ENT), SOUL MELLO ENTERTAINMENT, BLIZZY PRODUCTIONS & FOUNDER OF 4X R&B GROUP OF THE YEAR NOMINEES SOUL MELLO. His latest endeavor is the formation of Grip the Mic Records. This has been a long time coming, as he starts it big with two outstanding artists in his stable, TreZure aka Widow, and Drastikk. Both bring the flava to the hip hop game. With TreZure’s smooth drawl over some serious beats in “My Emancipation,” and Drastikk’s energetic, and quick rhyme on “One Love” it’s a bet that not only the Carolinas will feel what’s coming out of this camp, but the rap game in general. Right now, GTM is making moves in Fayetteville, Greensboro, and surrounding areas. Performances have been well received and there’s high anticipation of TreZure’s album April 29th. Hopefully we will be able to see them perform in the QC soon. For more information, email or call (347) 338-0142. Blake CEO/President Grip the Mic Inc. (910) 850-6816 Confessions of a Blue Eyed Soul coming October 2011 Grip the Mic Records Worldwide in 2011!!!

Grip the Mic Records, Featuring Drastikk, TreZure & the mastermind…. Blake

Lena the Art Diva Presents……….. President Obama in,

“Just Say No”

Lena Hopkins--Jackson: cartoonist, fine artist and writer. Visit her @ and

Lay It On Down 6th Year Anniversary

April 2nd, 2011 Rameses Temple

Ain’t No Party Like A Lay It On Down Party!!!


Will return next month with more spice and flava for you to enjoy!!!

Urban Tymes April 2011 Issue  
Urban Tymes April 2011 Issue  

Featuring Grip the Mic Records, Chef Tracey E. Williams, Lay it On Down Bike Club and more!