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Celebrity Dame: celebrity blogger, lifestyle conveyor and journalist . A name synonymous with Hip Hop knowledge!

Mia Love’s intent:


To ask those in the music world why and to share her love of music with others. Her story and passion is evident!


contents 10 Did You Know:

National Association Independent Artists


Musiek International UK SOUL Sarah Bird


BuzzWorthy Artists STEIS lyrical genius who will I mpress you with his straight up in your face rhyming skills!

Writers: Nayomi Charnelle Teka Rose #Cwspeaks

Photographer: J aka Julio Photo contribution: Steis, You Tube, Sarah Bird


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Did You Know‌‌.

Begun in 1995, the National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) is a membersh ip-based 501c6 nonprofit trade organization that serves to enhance the economic well-being of people who exhibit their artwork at quality outdoor and indoor art and/or fine craft shows, encourage creative expression and artistic excellence, and expand public awareness, appreciation and acquisition of fine art and fine craft. Further, the organization serves as an advocate for artists. It is committed, by positive and cooperative means, to promote improvement throughout the industry. The NAIA has become the artists’ collective and most effective voice as it continues to grow and gain recognition. The organization is led by a dedicated volunteer board of directors, volunteers and advocates. The NAIA actively works to be a valuable resource for not only artists, but also the organizers and directors of art shows. What does the NAIA Do? The NAIA provides a forum for artists to communicate with one another and other people in the arts community. We support existing community-based shows to make/keep them a viable market for selling art and crafts. In addition, we work with select communities to establish high quality new shows. We work toward developing educational programs for artists as well as

alternative markets for members providing support for artists in whatever stage of their career. Who is the NAIA? The NAIA is YOU! The NAIA is primarily a volunteer-based organization of artists just like yourself. The board directs the efforts through input from the membership while many other volunteers assist in providing the people power to accomplish those goals. Mission The mission of the National Association of Independent Artists is to strengthen, improve and promote the artistic, professional and economic success of artists who exhibit in art shows. We are committed to integrity, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence and we advocate for the highest ideals and practices within all aspects of the art show environment. 10-15 Year Vision Statement The National Association of Independent Artists is THE resource for all things related to artists who show at art shows. It is the nationally respected organization with professional staff that represents and is governed by artists and networks with show directors and communities that support art show events.



A Genre on the Verge of Extinction 12


Photography by: J AKA Julio 14



Meeting Mia Love at the trendy 7th District Restaurant led to more than good food and friends. An introduction to this sister resulted in finding a kindred spirit when it comes to loving music. As she talked to others at the event, one could tell that she easily flows and engages her audience with charm and knowledge….

Fast forward several weeks at BluNotes and the Rare Soul event held every 4th Saturday by Eliah…we chatted again about events, her vision, and her passion to share with the world that universal medium we call music.

musicians. So I set out to find the answers and find out the album that influenced their decision to make a career out of music. One of my guests actually thanked me for getting the background to different musicians and sharing it; because it's something that A LOT of people want to know about and never really find out about. Knowing a musicians "why" is kind of inspiring within itself. you receive a phone call. Publicist states they have a well known artist that want to interview with Mia. Who is that artist Mia?

Check out her melody……. -Oooooooooo! This is tricky! I wanna talk to a lot of artists and musicians Mia….let’s share. What prompted you specifically about what album influences to create such a them. I'm gonna say that the artist would platform…..Background Music? be Jill Scott. I LOVE that woman. I've seen her live and actually had the I created the podcast, "BackGround chance to meet her backstage after the Music", because the people wanna concert. I've been a fan of her since my know! I have a great and passionate Dad introduced me to her when I was in love for music and I know that a lot of the 5th grade lol and I think that she is a times, I wonder what music or artist or PURE GENIUS. From her music, to her album inspires musicians, singers, shows, to her poetry, ALL of it. I NEED rappers. etc, to do what they do. Not only do what they do, but to put down all to sit down with this woman one day and find out what album fueled that genius of their other talents and decide that and made her decide to "do music" over MUSIC is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Come to find out, there anything else. Yea, It'd be Jilly from Philly on the line! lol. I have to are a lot of other people who want to know the same thing. In fact, there are a figure out one of these days what lot of musicians who want to know what influenced her. inspires and influences OTHER 15

Finish this statement……music is…… Music"is my heart and soul' more precious than gold"! That's actually a line from Marvin Gaye's song 'I've Got My Music/Turn on Some Music" and I think it's the most accurate way to describe what music is. The heart, the soul and gold, are all very important lol and to compare music to all three just kind of lets you see how important it is and just how much it means. Music is absolutely MY heart and soul; positively more precious than gold.


“Music is absolutely MY heart and soul�






SARAH Bird Sarah Bird (Birdie) hails from the mighty metropolis that is Leicester, UK. The daughter of a Tina Turner tribute artist, high energy showmanship and strong vocals were instilled into her at a young age. Drawing inspiration from some of her favorite artists; Alicia Keys, Nikka Costa & Allen Stone (to mention but a few); she has embarked upon writing an album's worth of catchy pop & soul lil ditties.

Sarah's previous experience includes fronting the band "Sugabeat". De Montfort University's newspaper The Demon, described "Sugabeat" as "a band not to be undermined, with a strong on stage presence which loaded the air with a lively dose of pop with the lead singer's effortless voice piercing the atmosphere. To say that her voice is incredible would be an understatement".

Donning hair that young children have described as 'orange' hasn't even stopped her establishing herself as one of the best vocal talents currently on the music scene in Leicester.

Sarah has recently released an EP of her own material, entitled 'Tattoo' for (hopefully) your listening pleasure! Email:









Steis (pronounced Steeze) is a lyrical genius who will impress you with his straight up in your face rhyming skills.

Steis: I’m from Boston MA. My family is from Trinidad and Tobago my mom and my dad are but I was born here in Boston

He is an independent artist who thrives off the love and admiration of his fans. He gets thousands of views on YouTube every day and he is currently working on his first full length album titled “Lost for Words” that will be released in Jan 2017 and I have no doubt this will be epic.

Nayomi: Who were some of your musical influences growing up? Steis: My path in music was a little different since I grew up in a West Indian household. I was heavy into the Reggae music for a long time. I would say it was around the 90’s when Dr. Dre and Snoop came out was when I became pretty much into hip hop, I was listening to Nas, Mase, Biggie and Tupac.

He has several hit singles you can currently catch on YouTube such as “Like Those” (featuring Pooch Hall) “One Way” and “Who Would I Be “(featuring Terminology and Erin Daneele). You can also catch his latest masterpiece “Lost for Words” The song provides comfort and hope when dealing with the struggles of suddenly losing someone you love. Once again proving his rhyming skills and versatility as something every Hip Hop fan will want to get to know and love. “Who Would I Be” combines R&B with exceptional rhyming skills with some major key players involved. The soulful hook is performed by a natural beauty queen named Erin Daneele. Erin has a powerful voice with a style all his own. A rapper named “Terminology “added his explosive lyrics that explain why he chose an honest life. Although he has a style all his own, you can’t help but feel as though you’ve traveled back in time, to a place where Hip Hop was truly real. He takes you back to a time where Hip Hop encompassed soul, technique and originality and I want to personally thank him for the trip. I had the pleasure of interviewing the super talented hip hop artist who is steady changing the game as we know and love it. With musical influences such as Tupac, Biggie, Snoop and NAS, he has provided us with that nostalgic style of rap. Here how it all went down:

Nayomi: Those are definitely some legends, so what was it about that drew you to Hip Hop more so than Reggae? Steis: When I was listening to a lot of Reggae it wasn’t like Hip Hop wasn’t going on. There was KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, It just seemed like the words were moving more, In hip hop. It was a slower tempo but with reggae it was faster. Rap evolved to where the tempo picked up. Artist started using more words such as NAS and JayZ. Lyrically they would kind of compare to Reggae artist. Reggae is pretty much like Rap but just with an accent you can’t understand what they are saying if you aren’t into the culture its real similar to rap so that’s probably why I was drawn into those hip hop when those artists came out. I felt that Hip Hop evolved at that time. Nayomi: Let’s talk about your name. Is Steis your real name or did you make that name up? Where did the name come from? Steis: No, my real name is Sterling and a lot of people don’t get it so I have to say like Sterling Silver. Then they say “Oh I got it.” When I was in college I met this dude and he started calling me Steis. Method Man had it (the name Steis) on his album so every time the guy saw me he would “say you know my Steis” and people never pronounce it right. I have always said that maybe one day if I become famous, people will pronounce it right.

Nayomi: Where are you from originally?


Nayomi: You aren’t far from it. I have heard several of your songs and I am blown away. You are bringing that real raw Hip Hop where your skills are definitely appreciated. Steis: Thank you.

play my music when I can just put it on You Tube?

Nayomi: What is your opinion of some of the Hip Hop music being played on the radio currently? Steis: To be honest my opinion is that it’s Nayomi: So how would you describe your just different time. I hear some of the flack style of Hip Hop? the younger generation gets and a lot of it is Steis: I would describe it as very versatile. valid. The younger generation feels that the My flow can go on a lot of different beats or older generation is hating on them. I actually rhythms. Every verse I do is catered to that like some of the music. Even guys like Lil’ beat. My style is relatable to everyone. You have guys talking about how they sold drugs Uzi. I can’t listen to the whole catalog but I and how many people they shot. I try to keep like a few songs. Overall where they are lacking is just in the creativity department my content very relatable. and Its clear. For example, when I came up Nayomi: That is very admirable of you. What in music, there was Beanie Sigel. There couldn’t be another Beanie Sigel it was issues have you faced getting your music impossible. I remember when Shyne came played on the radio? out and people said he sounded like Biggie Steis: This whole movement that I’m trying and he dealt with that it was difficult at first. to do has a lot of the trials and tribulations that I have had as an artist getting songs played on the radio. It wasn’t from the stand That was the ultimate no no.. You couldn’t call yourself an artist and come out sounding point of musical quality. There is a lot of like somebody else. In today’s music, you politics involved with trying to get music played. I have had people promoting me and can sound like anyone; you can sound identical to someone. You can take their style of the feedback was that they couldn’t play my how they dress and take their whole format music because they (the public) wanted to and copy it and its cool, its ok. If you listen to hear “Turn Up” music. Steis doesn’t make songs today it’s absolutely no concept. None that. All it told me was that I needed to get of the lines connect to the next one. It’s Like my music out. It’s just real political. DJ s they can start talking about one thing and want you to pay them to play the music. I then jump on to a totally different topic. know a lot of people will pay to have their I think some of the artists such as Lil Wayne music played. It still goes on today and and Jay Z may be responsible for that. They sometimes the DJ is paid with something else such as drugs and other things. All it told always say they don’t write down anything and now this new generation of rappers me was that I needed to get my music out aren’t writing or creating, they are just going myself. Everybody has their own fan bases in a recording booth just saying whatever. especially the DJ’s so if you don’t fit in that Everybody doesn’t have the talent to “free mold, then your music is not getting played. style” and have it make sense but everyone Does it mean that it’s not good? No. It just does it. Jay Z did it because he is a specially means that their listeners don’t want hear it. The Internet gave me new life. You can go to gifted person. social media; You Tube is that platform for Nayomi: I agree. There is no creativity and new music. No other platform is used more no one wants to be their own person. Let’s that You Tube. People want to press and talk about your music videos. I have watched play what they want to hear. Why should I have to run to a radio station begging them to a few of them and I see where Pooch Hall


Nayomi: What projects are you currently working on now? Steis: Right now I have my project “Lost for Words” which is my first full length album. I’m really excited about. I’m going to release it on Dec 1st or Jan 1st and a lot of my fans have been waiting for this. They are drooling right now waiting for it. I can wait to give it to them because they are going to be really satisfied. I put a lot into the project. Nayomi: I can’t wait to hear it. Going by your previous work, you definitely are serious about your craft. Where can people find you? How can we reach you? Nayomi: Is he into music as well? Steis: My name on all my social media is Steis: He had an album he put together. His pas- www./iamsties and I will be right there. sion was everything and he put his all in everyI want to thank you for having me on here. I don’t thing. He has played football and of course with get blog support so for you to ask me to do the his acting, he is a super talented dude. interview is flattering.

winded up in your music video “Like those” How did that happen? Steis: Me and Pooch used to go to school together I met him in college and we became really good friends. I sat in the front of the class and I kept hearing this person keep asking questions and it sounded like a straight White dude and I’m like I wish this dude would shut up. When class was over he just walked up to me and said “What up my N&*%*” and when I saw he was a Black guy I just busted out laughing. I thought Pooch was going to be a comedian because he is a really funny dude.

Nayomi: What artist would you be interested in working with? Steis: Anyone that can help me to reach new fans and new places.

Nayomi: Absolutely! It was my pleasure. Anything else you would like to add? Steis: The album” Lost for Words” is coming soon but you can catch the single on You Tube right now! So everybody get ready!

Nayomi: Is there a name you care to drop? Steis: I would definitely want to do a song with J Instagram: iamsteis Cole. I would want to make great music Facebook: @iamsteis something that would last forever. Something with J Cole would definitely last forever.





Photography by: J AKA Julio 32


The Real Word With


Written by: Teka Rose


If you were ever under the impression that you knew exactly what Celebrity Dame is capable of, you’d still be off by a major margin. The full time celebrity blogger, lifestyle conveyor and journalist has more than enough pounds of sound to hold him down. A product of the Carolinas; before he was introduced to the world as Celebrity Dame, he was Damian Richardson of small town Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Dame’s affinity for hip hop came home honestly and he began his career as an independent hip hop artist. It was there working in the studio, Dame discovered his passion ran a bit deeper for the culture and he became a producer. Navigating effortlessly through his creative capacities; Dame moved from the booth, to the boards and turned his talents behind the camera. He was soon the top videographer in

Eastern North Carolina, coveted by many for his discerning eye. Success did not satisfy Dame’s appetite for what he knew he was destined for. He left it all to chase his dreams and decided to share his passion with the world. It wasn’t long before he began the renowned urban video sharing and news website Pounds of Sound. Teaming up with partner Shannon “Beast” Simmons in 2014, they designed and built the popular site from the ground up. Their online presence took off under the close guidance of its creators and is currently a National brand that has worldwide recognition. Nationwide, artists from multiple genres endeavor to become a part of the Pounds of Sound collective of online submissions. Soon following its launch, Dame’s, opinions, insight and seal of approval also became highly sought after by entertainers nationally. If one received 33

Celebrity Dame’s co-sign that meant you’ve made a name for yourself; as so began the Celebrity Dame brand. A leader of the New School brand of hip hop, Celebrity Dame granted interviews to artists up and down the Eastern seaboard and, now nationally, you can “select-your-state” to see the latest tastemakers in the game on the Pounds of Sound website which also gives viewers up-to-date intel on all things hip hop and celebrity news. Dame’s social media presence is unprecedented; his fans and followers are loyal to a fault, hanging on to every informative word that flows from Dame’s mouth. On Fleet DJ’s Radio, with the founders of the Fleet DJs; Celebrity Dame co-hosts “Pound or Drown” where artists are welcomed to submit music for all to hear and hope for a positive critique from Celebrity Dame. Dame actively collaborates with Def Jam, Future Star DJs and has most recently begun

working with the Fleet DJs brand in August 2016. With numerous artist, entertainer and celebrity interviews under his belt, it would appear that Celebrity Dame’s plate is full. However, he finds time to host shows, events and takes time out to give back to the community by volunteering. A leader in the Independent hip hop industry and fast becoming the face behind it as well. Celebrity Dame has zero filters for the thin skinned and will not mince words for the faint of heart. He holds no punches and his candid approach (which garnered a direct response from The Teacher himself, KRS-One) has only contributed to his popularity amongst artists seeking his approval. Coming up through the trenches, Celebrity Dame has cultivated a creative, journalistic force that has shaped the views of Independent Hip Hop and is running the gambit on the industry, holding it down with Pounds of Sound.











Musiek October 2016 Issue  

Musiek talks to those making it happen in Music!! Celebrity Journalist/Blogger: Celebrity Dame, the artist known as Steis. We also talk to M...

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