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Attractive Offers & Discounts Refer a Friend Construction Updates Did You Know ! Events Hello again and greetings to all! Every issue of our Newsletter brings different information, about the current status of our prestigious projects. News and Views to you! UT Team believes in serving their best to their customer and we strive to make our customers happy for their belief they had in us and they have chosen UT to build their dream home, It is a matter of great satisfaction that the publication of the Newsletter of Urban Tree is being sent month after month. On behalf of the Company, I take this opportunity to convey our heart full greetings and wishes to all valued customers who are behind our enormous success and expect the same to continue for long years. It is a pleasure to say that one of our prestigious projects “Oakwood” at Karappakam will be ready by this June End for our valuable customers to dwell in their dream home with happiness and prosperity. We would love your reviews and suggestions on this. You can send in the same to us at, which we think is a stepping stone for better things to come!


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Attractive Offers & Discounts


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Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Referrals are good – Good referrals are great!

` 25,000/-

Customer service is one of our major strengths. Trust is one of the key factors of UT’S development. We believe in providing our valuable customers with good quality of construction and Timely services, No doubt they will surely recommend by referring a word-of-mouth telling about UT’s Projects. In one of our successful promotion this “Referral programme” as you are already aware about! Referrals helped us to build a positive image of our company and encourage potential clients to trust us. In this referral promotion we are giving away a flat sum of ` 25000/- as a credit note. When u refer and bring your buddies and you give them an oppor tunity to feel the experience you had with us, You will receive a credit note on the date of the UDS registration by your friend and the same can be adjusted in the subsequent construction demand we make and also you receive the eternal gratitude of your friends and a discount. Simply refer your friends and tell a good word about us! Why lose this oppor tunity? Many customers are referred to us by another satisfied client. Recommendations have allowed us to build a business family unique in terms of character, responsibility, and awareness.a bigger house now, you won’t be able to do so after 5 years either. Proper ty rates are doubling every two years whereas the salary is not. And once you get settled in a house, it is almost impossible to shift”


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Construction Updates

Project Highlights CMDA Approved Date of Possession: 30 June 2012 Reticulated Piped Gas Supply Children Play Area Area: 600 - 1063 Sq. Ft.

Centrally Located between OMR, ECR, Near Prominent IT Parks and Educational Institutions 1BHK, 1BHK with Study room, 2BHK & 2BHK with Private Terrace

Inverter lining Provision

Works Completed by May 2012* Kitchen platform – A, B & C Blocks

Door Fixing Work - D & E Blocks

LMR Block work& Plastering work Completed

Toilet Water Proofing

Kitchen platform – A, B & C Blocks

Flat Floor Tiles Completed

Schedule for June 2012* Sanitary & CP fittings Lobby area tiling Toilet floor tiles

Staircase hand rail Main door vanish work Painting work Lift Erection

Terrace Press tile Work – D & E Blocks Common Work -

A, B, C, D & E Blocks

Elevation Pergola work

Septic Tank Work / Paver Blocks to be laid / Common Area Lighting / Common plumbing Work / All Snag Works


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Current Stage of Construction Photos


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Project Highlights CMDA Approved

1BHK, 2BHK, 2BHK + Study room, & Pent House

Date of Possession: AUG 2012 Security Intercom

600 Mtrs off OMR

Area: 652 - 1174 Sq.Ft.

North East Extended Plot gives added Vaastu Advantage

Surrounded by Prominent IT Parks, Educational Instns, Hospital & Super Market

Works Completed by May 2012* Block Work – H, I, L, M& N Blocks Tiles Work – D, E, F, K & M Blocks

Carpentry Work – L, M, & N Blocks Painting work – I & J Blocks

Club House - Raft Work

Underground Raft & STP Work

First Lift RC Wall for STP Under ground wall

Schedule for June 2012* Block Work - H & L Block Vermiculate & Press Tiles Laying - H, I,J Blocks RCC Flooring - H, I, J & K Blocks Outer Texture Finish - H & I Blocks Inside Plastering - H & I Blocks OHT Water proofing – C, D, E & F Blocks Bore Packing - J & L Blocks LMR & HR - BW & PLAST - I, J, K, L, M & N Blocks Painting work - 2nd Coat Putty & Scrapping Work – H, I, N & L Joinery work - Shuttering fixing, Lock Fixing, Ventilator Beading – J & K Blocks


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Current Stage of Construction Photos


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Project Highlights CMDA Approved ( B/SPL-BLDG/207,A-D/2011 ) Date of Possession: December 2012 1.6 Kms off OMR Area: 976 to 1288 Sq. Ft. 24 Hours Security Services, WiFi, Intercom, Stand alone Color Video Door Phone and Access Control Entry

Centrally Located between OMR, ECR, Near Prominent IT Parks and Educational Institutions 2BHK, 2BHK with Study, 2BHK with Study + Pooja, 2BHK with Study + Pent House, 3BHK, 3BHK with Pooja, 3BHK with Pent House

Works Completed by May 2012* Shuttering for FF slab - A & B Blocks

Block Work up to SF Slab - A & B Blocks

Column up to Terrace Floor Slab - A & B Blocks Block Work up to FF slab - A Block

FF Slab concreting - A & B Blocks

Plastering Work up to FF Slab – A & B Blocks

Block Work up to FF Slab - C, D, E & F Blocks

Block Work up to TF Slab - F Block

Plastering Work up to SF Slab - E & F Blocks Plastering work up to TF Slab - C, D & E Blocks

Schedule for June 2012* Shuttering for TF Slab - A, B & C Blocks

Terrace slab concreting - A, B & C Blocks

Block Work up to SF Slab - A & B Blocks

Block Work up to TF Slab - A & B Blocks

Plastering Work up to SF Slab – A & B Block Plastering Work up to FF Slab – C, D, E & F Block


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Current Stage of Construction Photos


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Did you know ? This month we would like to Educate and share some of our valuable information with our Customers about the Utilization of Treated Water ( STP ) for Flushing, Car Wash, Gardening, Common Areas Washing Etc.,

What is Sewage Treatment Plant? What is STP and how does it works and what are the technologies involved Sewage Treatment Plant is a facility designed to receive the waste from domestic, commercial and industrial sources and to remove materials that damage water quality and compromise public health and safety when discharged into water receiving systems. Objective - The Principal objective of waste water treatment is generally to allow human and industrial effluents to be disposed of without danger to human health or unacceptable damage to the natural environment.

Sewage Treatment Plant Design Data - The treatment plant is designed for the following basic data



Raw Effluent

Treated Sewage



6.5 - 8.5

6.5 - 8.5



350 mg/l

< 20 mg/l



600 mg/l

< 200 mg/l



100 mg/l

< 20 mg/l


Oil & Grease

10 mg/l

< 05 mg/l

Primary Treatment The Canteen washing effluent and sewage waste effluent collected through the bar screen led in to the collection tank cum equalization tank. here coarse bubble diffusion to provided for homogenous mixing. Equalized effluent is pumped to the Bio aeration tank. Bio-oxidation of the organics takes place in the presence of heterotrophic bacterial culture. The system is designed based on the ‘Activated Sludge Process’. Secondary Treatment These attached growth sludge process involves the production of an activated mass of microorganisms, capable of stabilizing the waste aerobically. A mixture of organic waste and recycled activated sludge is introduced at the head end into the Aeration, where an aerobic bacterial culture is maintained in suspension. The contents of the aeration are referred to as the ‘Mixed Liquor’. The aerobic environment in the aeration is achieved by the use of ‘Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration’, which also serves to maintain the mixed liquor in a completely mixed regime. Air application is uniform throughout the tank length. During the aeration period, the processes of adsorption, flocculation, and oxidation of the organic matter takes place.


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

The conversion of the organics by the bacterial culture follows the steps given below: Oxidation and Synthesis COHNS + O2 + Nutrients – Bacteria --> CO2 + NH3 + C5H7NO2 (Organics) (New Bacterial cells) Endogenous Respiration + Other end products C5H7NO2 + 5 O2 -- Bacteria --> 5 CO2 + 2 H2O + NH3 + Energy To meet the discharge requirements of the suspended solids and BOD associated with the volatile suspended solids in the effluent, it is necessary to separate the mixed liquor solids from the treated effluent in the Secondary Clarifier Tank and to return a portion of it to the aeration Tank. The recycle of the por tion of settled sludge helps to maintain the desired concentration of organisms in the aeration tank, with the excess por tion being wasted. The portion wasted corresponds to the growth of new cell tissue. After completion of the bio – oxidation, the contents of the aeration tank flow by gravity to the Secondary settling Tank for separation of the carry – over biomass from the treated effluent. The resulting overall reaction is given by the following equation: C5H7NO2 + 7 O2 = 5 CO2 + NO3 ion + 3 H2O + H ion Being an eco-friendly disinfection Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) installed at all our projects does not leak out any hazardous gases. These are the important distinguishing properties. To ensure all this we have in fact have a Quality Control (QC) people at site to monitor all this. All these small things go in a big way to dream home a treasured one for years to come. Keeping in view all above factors, we are providing the best to our customers the Consistent Quality & Better Safety. Every construction materials used in UT’S PROJECTS are as per BIS and as per the specification of the customer.


Urban Tree Newsletter june 2012

Events You can find us on Chennai Property Bazaar 2012 organized by, Venue: Express Avenue, Chennai on June 16th & 17th 2012 Property Fair 2012 organized by Real Dream Home, Venue: Valluvarkottam, Chennai on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2012 and avail this “Cool Summer Offer “

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* Kindly note that the item herein under listed are indicated to either start this month or have been continued from the previous months, the time duration required to finish each item may vary from 15-75 days. Editor : R.J. Vinoth Kumar - Chief Designer, UT

Editor : R.J. Vinoth Kumar - Chief Designer, UT

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UT Newsletter - June 2012 Every issue of Newsletter brings different information, about the current status of our prestigious projects.