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0 1 2 JuneN2012

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 7/2/12 UTSF Youth Outing to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

SAMHSA’s Children’s MH Awareness Day

7/9-7/11 UTSF Youth Camping Trip to Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore 7/13/12 “New Beginnings: Getting Unstuck & Moving On” Wellness & Recovery CBHS Training @ St. Mary’s Cathedral 7/17/12 UTSF Youth Outing to Mission Dolores 7/25/12 Annual Tribal System of Care Grantee Meeting in Orlando, FL

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: UTSF Evaluation Advisory Board


UTSF Outreach


UTSF Equine 2 Therapy Planning UTSF Summer Program


UTSF Parenting Group


Over the past 3 months Rye Purvis, Crystal Marich, and Paloma Flores have worked with a group of UTSF Native youth (Ages 11 to 17) to help them develop their independent critical insight and knowledge around video, art, identity and community issues. The Sound Image Context curriculum focuses on creative and critical reflection through the multidimensional depth of the video medium and community healing

process. Through skill building, community based history classes, shoots in the field, outings, dialogues and focus groups, the youth developed and presented a professional video installation exhibit as part of SAMHSA’s annual Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. The exhibit showcased the artistic skill, strength, and resiliency of our Native & Indigenous youth in San Francisco.

UTSF Youth created above flyer for SAMHSA’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Event

Georgetown University Conference A core group of our UTSF team, including 2 youth and caregivers, will be attending the upcoming annual Tribal System of Care Grantee Meeting and Georgetown University Training Institute in Orlando, Florida at the end of next month.

UTSF staff have been selected to participate with other system of care communities in two separate workshop sessions at the conference on digital storytelling and youth. Our UTSF Social Marketing Coordinator also submitted the

video from our SAMHSA’s Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day event last year, Project P.I.E., (Photography, Identity, Environment) to the Celebrating Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach (ECCO) Awards Recognition Program.



Evaluation Advisory Board UTSF’s Evaluation Advisory Board (EAB) recently met for their quarterly meeting and began to operationalize the logic model components utilizing a list of outcomesmeasures from the National Evaluation and Data Profile Report.

UTSF began administering 12month follow-up National

As we’re moving towards Year 4 of the project, we have significantly increased our meaningful family involvement by designating a UTSF caregiver representative to start

attending EAB meetings on behalf of the Blanket Weavers Family Involvement team and participating in on-going evaluation efforts. Additionally, UTSF family members were recently interviewed for two Peer Intern positions through the CBHS Peer Intern Employment program. One of these designated positions will work with the evaluation team in assisting with data entry and other evaluation-related tasks.

For more information on UTSF Evaluation efforts, please contact Lauren Baehner, UTSF Lead Evaluator, at 415-503-1046, ext. 2072.

Evaluation questionnaires.

UTSF Outreach Efforts “I hear about Urban Trails everywhere I go!” - UTSF Caregiver

Over the past few months the UTSF team has begun to provide introductory outreach presentations for identification and referral purposes to all system access points (SFUSD High School Wellness Centers, Foster Care Mental Health, and AIIM-Higher).

cultural competency training, have been provided at select sites, upon request.

Additionally, more comprehensive follow-up presentations, including

Last, our Social Marketing Coordinator is starting a Stigma Reduction Campaign.

Our UTSF Social Marketing Committee has also begun to distribute promotional materials, including youthcreated UTSF t-shirts, at local community events.

For more information about Cultural & Linguistic Competency, please contact Michele Maas, UTSF Cultural & Linguistic Competence Coordinator, at 415-5031046, ext. 2712. For more information about Social Marketing efforts and/ or the Stigma Reduction Campaign, please contact Tommy Orange, UTSF Social Marketing Coordinator at 510-434-5421.

Planning for Equine Therapy Since the initial planning phases of the UTSF system of care project, families and youth have consistently and persistently requested nativespecific equine therapy services in San Francisco.



To address this need, our UTSF Project Director and two UTSF Youth Coordinators attended an Equine Therapy conference in Tucson, Arizona last month to experience and learn firsthand the infrastructure needed to create this service in our area. Since the conference host was

a local tribe’s system of care, they were able to observe and hear the benefits from native youth and staff in implementing such a program. If you have equine therapy contacts or connections in the area, please email Bree Desmond, UTSF Project Director, at


Urban Trails San Francisco Summer Programming Native American Health Center and Friendship House Youth Services programs in San Francisco just came out with their 2nd Annual Summer Programming schedule offered from June 18th-July 11th for youth ages 10-18. Crystal Marich and Paloma Flores, our UTSF Youth Coordinators, are working with Marvin Paddock of Friendship House to provide a comprehensive calendar full of both fun and educational activities including

camping, swimming, traditional arts, and community gardening. Some of the favorites from last year are returning like Giants baseball games and kayaking, while some new events have been scheduled such as a ropes course and trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Upcoming outings include a trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on July 2nd, camping in Del Valle park in Livermore July 911th, and a tour of Mission Dolores on July 17th.

For more information about NAHC-FH’s Summer Program, please contact Crystal Marich at 415-863-1216 or Paloma Flores at 415-863-1478. Applications are still being accepted!!

“I can’t wait for the Youth GONA this year, it’s my

Youth Gathering of Native Americans

favorite thing

Annually Native youth aged 12-17 years old from all around the extended Bay area from Sacramento to Fresno meet in nature for 5 days of sharing, learning, and experiencing through activities planned by local Youth Coordinators working with Native Youth, including Urban Trails San Francisco.

all year!”

This year the Youth GONA has been scheduled for August 6th-9th in the Marin Headlands.

For information about Youth GONA, please contact Oakland’s NAHC Youth Services at 510-434-5330.

and I look forward to it

-UTSF Youth

IFR-IHWC-Mayab Summer Enhancement Instituto Familiar de la Raza’s Indigena Health and Wellness Collaborative’s Asociacion Mayab will be hosting its first summer program for youth ages 10-18 years old from June 10th through midAugust from 3-5 PM on Wednesdays and Fridays. The programming includes “Cosmovision” talleres on the Mayan calendar as well as additional trips throughout the

summer to local museums, art exhibits, and the zoo. Additionally, Mayan language classes will be offered for youth 8-18 y.o. on Tuesdays from 2-5 PM and parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5 PM starting July 10th through end of August.

For more information, please contact Raul Pacheco, UTSF, IFR, IHWC, Mayab’s Intake/ Care Coordinator, at 415-556-9800.

“The Magic Surrealists of Oaxaca, Mexico: Rufina Tamayo’s Legacy: Contemporary Zapotec Atists” Exhibit @ Consulate General of Mexico in SF


Urban Trails San Francisco is a behavioral health system partnership between the Child, Youth and Family System of Care within Community Behavioral Health Services under the San Francisco Depart-

Urban Trails San Francisco 1380 Howard Street 333 Valencia Street 1601 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103

ment of Public Health and the Native American Health Center. Urban Trails San Francisco expands access to culturally and spiritually based behavioral health services for the most needy and vulnerable Native American and Indigenous children, youth and families in San Francisco.

Phone: 415-503-1046 Fax: 415-503-1081

For more information contact UTSF Project


Liaison, Michelle Meier, at 255-3914 or


San Francisco’s indigenous youth and families united

UTSF Positive Parenting Group UTSF started a parenting program this spring based on caregiver feedback and expressed needs. Cindy Blacksmith, UTSF Key Family Contact, and Michelle Meier, CBHS/ UTSF Project Liaison, chose the Nurturing Parenting curriculum, listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices and currently used at the Oakland Native American Health Center site, for the group. Last month Jennifer Hayes, MFT Intern, transitioned in to support Cindy in continued co-facilitation of the group, adding some drama therapy experience, which has brought increased energy and excitement to the group. Additionally, Cindy plans to incorporate elements of the Positive Indian

Parenting (PIP) curriculum developed by the National Indian Child Welfare Association after attending their training in Portland, Oregon last month.

For more information about the UTSF Parenting Group, please contact Cindy Blacksmith at 415-503-1046, ext. 2710.

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UTSF Newsletter  

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