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Clockwork Natura Wings UT3817

The Clockwork Natura Gown A creative collaboration with steampunk seamstresses KMKDesigns created this one-of-a-kind gown to showcase the Clockwork Natura Series. The designs and the gown were created together to complement each other and to demonstrate what machine embroidery can bring to handmade fashion.

Clockwork Natura Pack UTP1073

This project, along with many others. is part of our ongoing series The UT Lab, an initiative designed to push innovation and collaboration to see just what we can do with embroidery. See more projects on our blog!

Clockwork Natura Bird Skull Cascade UT3807

Clockwork Natura Feathers Cascade UT3807

Clockwork Natura Tree UT3807

It’s Your Life Craft it the way you want it, with all kinds of embroidery designs to suit your hobbies. We’ve got all your renegade crafts covered, with an attitude to match.

Runs with Scissors UT1118

Sugar Skull Pincushion UTZ1105

Keep Calm and Sew Stuff UT1827

items marked with a star are customer creations! See the back for more info.

Learn to make this awesome knitting

Skullies I & II Pack UTP1035 & UTP1037


Skullies for All Skully Knitting UT1924

Craft or Die Pack UTP1044

Celebrate any and all hobbies in alternative fashion with our collection of skullies. We’ve got crossbones for crafters, doctors, ninjas, writers, sports fans, gardeners, and more.

Designs for All Ages Think you’re the wrong age for UT designs? Think again! Age ain’t nothing but a number, baby. Urban Threadsters are from all walks of life, and range from young to young at heart! So just in case you were wondering if you were the only one in your age group who secretly loves skulls, trust us, you’re not alone.


It’s About Attidude UT4591

42 65

2 64 63

27 43 1



Puppy Love As part of the Pay it Forward Campaign, dozens of bandanas and goods were stitched and donated by customers around the world to local animal shelters using the Rescue Paw embroidery design.

Rescue Paw UT3541

Designs for All Animal Lovers





Sew your pup a stylin’ hoodie with a quick and easy tutorial.

Cthulhu Loves You UT1154

Come to the Dark Side At Urban Threads, it’s always Halloween. We’ve got Day of the Dead, glamorously gothic, and downright spooky embroidery (not to mention oodles of skulls) you won’t find anywhere else. Grab them anytime, because it’s never a bad time to celebrate your darker side.

Dia de los Muertos UT1392

Primitive Macabre Pack UTP1018

Steampunk Choker (Lace) UT2465

Cameo Mori UT1487 Learn how to make this cool candle!

Witch Hat (Lace) UTZ1221

‘Til Death UT2317

Reach for the Sky... Make your embroidery out of this world with the stunning and light-stitching Ecliptic Constellations collection. As well as beautiful stylized designs, this pack includes a variety of tiny stars to let you create and enchance your own constellations. Capricorn UT5633

Sagittarius UT5630

and Sleep Under the Stars UT artist Caitlin took on her first UT Lab project and created this stunning Celestial Quilt using the constellation embroidery she designed. Take a peek at all the gorgeous stitched details and hear how she put it together over on the blog.

Ecliptic Constellations Pack UTP1145

Evenfall Lace Pack UTP1132

Click here to watch the Evenfall lace video, and see how machine embroidery magic comes to life...

Make Something Magical...

Machine embroidery is magic with the new Evenfall Lace Collection from Urban Threads. Download, stitch, and customize your own line of beautiful lace jewelry straight from your embroidery machine. Easily stitch and wear elegant masks, chokers, cuffs, and more, and even combine your lace in new ways to make stunning couture creations.

Evenfall Lace Choker UTZ1418

The Evenfall series doesn’t have to just be making the pieces as they come. You can use them to make totally

one-of-a-kind couture creations, like this pair of lace wings, or a pair of gorgeous lace covered shoes (right) that look like they came straight off a runway. The possibilities are endless!

Evenfall Lace Feather UT5263

Evenfall Lace Butterfly UT5298

Evenfall Lace Mask UTZ1421 Evenfall Lace Cuff UTZ1419

Evenfall Lace Pack UTP1132

Apothecary Pack UTP1039

Vintage Love Take your embroidery back to its roots with rustic apothecary designs that suggest days of old. In-the-hoop bags, tags, and sachets round out a gorgeous collection of apothecary labels.

Parisian Love Letter Pack UTP1097

Parisian Love Can’t get enough of that vintage look? Try the Parisian Love Letter series, featuring a unique and light stitching painterly effect you’ll only find at Urban Threads. Use it to bring a romantic look to any room or decor.

Find out how make your own romantic parisian postcard pillow

Parisian Roses UT4519

Parisian Butterflies UT4489

Clockwork Romance UT2591

Airship Captain UT2103

Clockwork Magic - Pocket Watch UT2345

Steampunk Embroidery Get your gears going with the hottest new trend, steampunk. Victorian and clockwork-inspired embroidery designs get an edgy twist with gears and more. You won’t find designs like these anywhere else.

Clockwork Magic - Keys Border UT2342

Around the Globe UT3370

Steampunk Rayguns UT3276

Learn to decorate your lace mask to steampunk perfection!

Steampunk Mask (Lace) UT3519

You need more than ordinary designs...

to make extraordinary projects. Like this Steamwork Doll costume from Urban Threads stitcher Kei Hoffmann, who embroidered an amazing 38 designs to make her doll costume come to life.

Clockwork Magic Cogs Corner UT2349

Cogs in the Machine UT1851 Steam Motifs - Butterfly UT2356

Clockwork Magic - Cogs Border UT2339

Dark Fairytales Pack UTP1067

Once Upon a Time... From the dark to the fantastical, we have your embroidery needs covered. Our Dark Fairytales pack is perfect for anyone looking to take their happily ever afters with a twist, and we’ve got plenty of dragons, masks, fairies, and all the rest for any occasion you feel needs a little magic.

Raven Mask (Lace) UTZ1257

Fae Flight UTZ1085

Rose Dragon UT3201

Once Upon a Rhyme. For the young ones or just the young at heart, the Misfit Nursery Rhyme collection offers a unique twist on everyone’s favorite classic rhymes. Quirky characters come to life with just a hint of mischevious nature true to the old rhymes dark roots. Add some fun to a bib or onesie, or decorate a whole nursery with this fantasticaly themed collection.

Three Blind Mice UT4848

Plush it! Want to bring your favorite designs to life in a whole new way? We created three custom cut-and-sew plush dolls available through our Spoonflower store that make the perfect companion to your favorite designs. Find out just how easy they are to make here. Misfit Nursery Rhymes Pack UTP1104

Make It Merry Whimsical embroidery, like this retro Woodland Wonderland series, is perfect for adding a unique touch to the holidays.

Woodland Wonderland Pack UTP1079

Vintage Christmas Bunny UT3926

Cookie Men - Bitten & Whole UTZ1062 & UTZ1061

Sewing Snowflake UT4058

Peace Dove Tattoo UT2852

Primitive Christmas Pack UTP1016

Make It Yours Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to stick with the usual trappings of the season. Celebrate in your own style with quirky primitive characters, festive robots, steampunk Christmas, even Zombie Santa. It’s all up to you.

Clockwork Reindeer UT2806

Bah Humbug Sampler UT2875

Robot Christmas Pack UTP1075

Zombie Santa UT2802

Naughty... Jolly jingle bells cramping your punk rock style during the holidays? Keep your alternative tastes alive through all seasons with the Tattoo Christmas collection. Hardcore attitude in a Santa hat. What’s not to love?

Tattoo Christmas Pack UTP1140

See how to make your new kawaii ornaments!

or Nice? Classic Christmas decor not cute ENOUGH for you? Amp up the adorable with the Kawaii Christmas pack. These Japanese-inspired holiday characters can be used as simple applique or as hanging ornaments for that neon pink Christmas tree you always wanted.

Kawaii Christmas Pack UTP1143

Yuletide Revelry Pack UTP1134

Christmas Chic Craft up a big bunch of Yuletide Revelry with these festive designs! Sheer washes of color and scribblestitched details create a vintage feel that’s at once elegant and chic. Stitch some uniquely gorgeous holiday decor and make this season magical.

Yuletide RevelryReindeer UT5416

Learn to stitch a beautiful satin drawstring bag!

Yuletide RevelryWreath UT5416

Chakra Symbols Pack UTP1116

Be Delicate The Mendhika collection is just perfect for when you’re looking for something elegant and light. Graceful swirls inspired by henna designs make a big impact without getting too heavy on your fabric, which makes them perfect for apparel and lighter projects.

Mendhika Medallion UT5047

Mendhika Border UT5050

Mendhika Pack UTP1113

Be Bold Of course, just because a design CAN be delicate doesn’t mean it has to be. We went big and bold in this UT Lab experiment by elarging the Mendhika designs and stitching them in a special thick thread to make a bold statement on this upholstered chair. Read all about our experiment about going big in embroidery on the blog.

Get Cooking Yummy occasions call for tasty embroidery. The kitchen is a great place to liven up with stitches. Use designs on everything from aprons to potholders, and make them extra delicious with fun snarky designs and elegant and edgy embroidery.

Kitchen Engravings Pack UTP1064

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen UT1446

Let Them Eat Cake UT3465

Om Nom Nom UT2000

French Toast UT3435

DIY this soft and fuzzy tag blanket, complete with adorable monster

Furry Monster (Applique) UTZ1229

Playtime! Whether it’s for a young one or just the young at heart, we have fun and funky embroidery designs for the lighter side of life.

Cirque Noir Pack UTP1002

Daring Duckies Pack UTP1006

In Training Pack UTP1012

Thumb Wars: Ninja UTZ1110

Thumb Wars: Pirate UTZ1109

The Bunny Army For this UT Lab project, we asked YOU to participate in our largest collaborative project ever, the Giving Bunny Project. A free bunny design is yours to stitch and then leave in public places with a tag inviting total strangers to take their new bunny friend home. The Bunny Project exploded! You guys went crazy creating an army of tiny plush bunny friends, and within months of the project’s release, we had bunnies on every continent on the planet. The bunny project is forever ongoing, with new bunnies popping up on the map every day and delighted strangers around the world discovering the joy of random acts of crafty kindness. Want to help take over the world with tiny bunnies? Click here to get all the details and make a bunny of your own!

A collaborative Google map of the locations of Giving Bunnies around the world. The tag has since been translated into 6 languages, and one bunny even made it to Antarctica!

Monster Factory Pack UTP1085







see what adorable creations the UT team made with this pack

Make a Monster! Fun or freaky, the creation is up to you! Grab the Monster Factory pack filled with eyes, mouths, and all kinds of fun accessories and play Frankenstein to create any critter you can dream up.


King of the Monsters! To celebrate the Monster Factory collection, we held a contest to see who could create the King of the Monsters using the Monster Factory designs. After a heated contest voted on by customers, this awesome stalk-eyed dude was crowned king! Want to see all the other monstrous entries? Check out the ten amazing finalists.

Geek Out At Urban Threads, geek is the new black. Celebrate your inner (or outer) nerd or geek with designs that feature robots, science, match, fantasy, sci-fi and more. Nerd glasses are hip and geeks are taking over the world, it’s time to stitch to celebrate it.

Digomatic 2000 UTZ1394 Geek in Greek UT1173

Pieces of Pi UTZ3125

Don’t Panic (Embossed) UT4589

The “Don’t Panic” design is in honor of celebrated author Douglas Adams! Geek 4 Life UT4457

Learn to make this geektastic keyboard cat for your desk!

Let’s Do Science (Patch) UTZ1391

Steampunk Rayguns UT3276

Get in Gear UT1322

Embroidery that Rocks for Men Western Steampunk Raven UT4955

We know stitching for guys can be a pain sometimes. It’s hard to convince him that you won’t cover his favorite shirt in bunnies if that’s all he’s ever seen of embroidery. Well, live in fear no more, fellas. We have plenty of fierce designs totally free of fluffy bunnies.

Ruler of All I Survey UT2836

Real Men that Rock Embroidery Embroidery is not just for girls. On the contrary, in addition to cool guy-friendly designs, more and more guys are taking up their own creations in thread. We thought we’d hear what it’s like as male embroiderer in today’s contemporary world by interviewing the kingpin of embroidery himself, Mr X Stitch.

Celtic Majesty Lion UT4328

Celtic Majesty Pack UTP1091

For the feature, Mr X rocked a handmade piece from Alt Kilt that was custom embroidered by us to show that manly things can look even more awesome with the addition of some well-chosen stitches.

Celtic Majesty Ravens UT4316

Seven Seas Koi Tattoo UT5268

Sail the Seven Seas Inspired by vintage tattoo designs, often influenced by Japanese culture, these light-stitching designs bring a slightly more elegant look to the modern tattoo theme. learn to make these fierce & fashionable lace-up socks

Seven Seas Beauty & Truth UT5292 Seven Seas Ship Tattoo UT5277

Seven Seas Pack UTP1129

Seven Seas Tattoo Fabric

Seven Seas Vintage Fabric

Dive into Fabric Take your Urban Threads designs to the next level when you match them with coordinating fabrics! Printed fabrics featuring selected Urban Threads designs are now available through Spoonflower, the internet’s favorite print-on-demand fabric provider. When you order fabric, it’ll ship from the lovely folks at Spoonflower straight to you.

French Script 1 UT4522

Fiercly Fashionable Embroidery and fashion have always gone hand in hand. Grab your favorite designs to dress up tees, tanks, jackets, sweaters, dresses, jeans and more. They even make fabulous accents on bracelets and headbands. Urban Threads has lots of tutorials and ideas for DIYing all kinds of fabulous fashions you would never find in a store.

Learn to stitch on leather to create these stylish and simple cuffs

Avian UT3657

Elven Court Pack UTP1164

Fashionably Unique Blackthorn Pack UTP1147

Unique embroidery specifically designed with shapes and light stitches to work beautifully on apparel. From the fantastical to the dark and elegant, there’s always a crafty new way to make your clothes uniquley yours.

Find out how to patch designs onto leather to transform a plain jacket

Upcycle Your Life Everything old is new again when you reinvent it with some crafty updates and chic embroidery. Before you toss out everything in your closet, pull out those old sweaters, oversized tees, ripped up jeans and bulky blazers. They might just have a little more life in them yet! You can even go big and bold by layering designs like these biker-inspired pieces from the Lucky 7 collection. Combine and mirror your favorites to make a custom statment on a chic thift store find.

Lucky 7 Pack UTP1160

Make these upcycled boots out of an old sweater and some cheap flats.

Stitch together two tees and some wing embroidery for a flattering drape cardigan.

Save those old pair of jeans from oblivion with this trendy lace shorts upcycle.

Turn a too-large tee into this super cute halter with dangling charm embroidery to match.

Transform an old sweater into a comfy and classy sweater skirt with a splash of embroidery.

Give an ill-fitting b lazer new life with some quick tailoring and bold stitched accents.

Get around the pain of hooping socks for embroidery with this creative lace up solution.

Let an old tee take flight with a floating back panel and some magical wing designs.

Transform some old tees into a chic ruffled bag with some simple sewing & embroidery.

Try these easy upcycling tutorials

The Baroque Punk Blazer

For another UT Lab project, we wanted to really focus on what machine embroidery does best: stitch dimension. The Baroque Punk series is created entirely from fill and satin stitches, designed to juxtapose the ornate sculptural qualities of Baroque art with the alternative stylings of traditional tattoos. We teamed up with celebrated fashion designer Laura Fulk to bring this elegantly raw jacket to life as the perfect tapestry for these dimensional designs. Check it all out on the blog.

Baroque Punk Pack UTP1082

Hand Crafted. Don’t have an embroidery machine? Just take it old school. All of our designs are also available as hand embroidery patterns, so stitchers in any discipline can take part in the fun. It’s an affordable and fun way to jump into alternative embroidery even without the machine. Never tried it before? Don’t worry, we have tutorials to help you get started.

Turn your embroidered pieces into a cool set of cork-backed coasters with an easy-to-follow tutorial

Featured Artist Meg Adamson I Made This for You UT3966

Special Thanks To our talented customers, photographers, models and stylists who shared their creativity and talent with us in this lookbook. Customer Creations: Calicodaisy Handmade -pillow Susie -bunnies shefightslikeagirl -bunnies ppipa -bunnies Veronica Bailey -steampunk bag Storied Threads Kei Hoffmann -steamwork doll The Sky Dogs Claudia Schaible -western shirt Custom Wears by Claudia Photo/Video: Fairshadow Mike Ross Karrah Kobus Stephen Hertenberger Patrick Kelley Emma Bckett Burt Edwards Stylist: Sara Capers Modeling: Lucie Mulligan Kristi Jane Danielle Pebbles Niamh O’Connor Want to see your own creations in here? Email your photos to

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Urban Threads Lookbook  

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