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Teens might consider doing calming activities, such as taking a bath, doing yoga or walking the dog. * Prevent acne with a daily routine. To maintain clear skin, stick Coping with acne: to a daily acne-fighting skin care routine. One popular treatment is the Proactiv 3-Step System. Use the ReA teen's guide to clear skin newing Cleanser with prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide to cleanse skin. Then use the Revitalizing Toner to hydrate and remove dead skin cells. Finally, use the Repairing Treatment to help heal existing blemishes and kill bacteria that can cause new blemishes. * Remove makeup before physical activity. Many teens participate in afterschool sports, meaning they likely will work their bodies and break a sweat. For females, combining sweat and makeup can be the ultimate poreclogger. It’s wise to remove makeup prior to physical activities with a quick face wash or cleansing wipes that can easily be stowed in a backpack. *Always wear sunscreen. The sun dries out skin, causing it to produce more oil and dead skin cells, the ideal combination for breakouts. Furthermore, sun damage to skin can happen at any age, and even though the effects may not be apparent for many years, it’s wise for teens to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen each day now. Smart teens will avoid excess sun exposure and wear at least SPF 30 sunscreen every day, even when it's cloudy. * Treat body breakouts. Acne doesn’t just affect the face – it can appear anywhere on the body, and many teens experience breakouts on their chest or back. A medicated cleansing bar is perfect for in the bath or shower to help prevent body breakouts. For example, the Proactiv Medicated Cleansing Bar is a convenient, (ARA) – Teenagers across the country experi- soap-free bar that lathers with 1 percent salicylic acid ence excitement, anxiety and stress as they get ready to to gently wash away dirt, impurities, excess oil and layhead back to the classroom. This mix of emotions can ers of dead skin. * Eat the right foods. Do french fries shift teens’ hormones into overdrive, aggravat- and chocolate cause breakouts? While indulging in ing the symptoms that cause acne. A breakout is the these foods from time to time does not cause pimples, last thing any teen wants to deal with on the first day of eating an unbalanced diet may trigger acne flare-ups. school. Teens look forward to greeting classmates for Keep in mind there is some evidence that teenagers the first time after summer break, but it also comes who eat more vegetables have fewer breakouts. In genwith some pressure as they want to look and feel their eral, choose fresh, unprocessed foods from all four best. While 90 percent of teenagers develop acne at food groups and drink eight glasses of water a day.* some point, a breakout can lower self confidence, par- Rest up each night A good nights rest has many health ticularly during special times like the start of school. benefits. Besides helping teens concentrate better in the No teen should have to feel like he or she needs to classroom, sleeping seven to eight hours each night hide. Here are some acne treatment tips to help avoid will boost the immune system, helping to fight infecbreakouts so skin can look its best today and in the fu- tion and clear acne so skin can look its best.* Spot treat ture:* Reduce stress. Even though going back to school when neededWhen a pimple does occur, spot treating is stressful, it’s important to relax. Remember, the issue can help resolve it quickly. The Proactiv Adacne starts inside hair follicles, where glands produce vanced Blemish Treatment provides an emergency the protective oil that keeps skin soft and supple. dose of concentrated benzoyl peroxide (6 percent) to Stress affects the hormones that control these glands. help kill the blemish fast. Additional ingredients help 6absorb excess oil, sooth irritation, and moisturize skin.

Minnesota study found a significant positive correlation between the amount of sleep per night and GPA. Additionally, as the average number of days per week a student got less than five hours of sleep increased, GPA decreased. Once a pattern of bad sleep has developed, is it possible for teens and college students to "reset" their internal clocks? Researchers at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine say it is. Suggest that your students try following these tips, a little bit at a time, over several weeks: * Try your best to avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, heavy exercise and heavy snacking (pizza included) at least three hours before bedtime. * Don't pull all-nighters or cram for exams late at night. Specifically schedule studying for when you're most alert so your performance won't be affected. * Be as consistent as possible with your sleep habits, ideally aiming to go to bed at the same time each evening and get at least eight hours of sleep per night. * Wake up at the same time every morning and head outside. Sunlight helps reset circadian rhythms, the body's internal biological process that rotates around a 24-hour schedule.

Sleep Smarts: Sleep is an important part of back-to-school preparation

* Turn off your cell phone and laptop at night. Besides being a distraction, exposure to light can suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that aids sleep.

(ARA) - Does your list of school supplies include sleep? Studies say it should, especially for teens. Only 8 percent of American teenagers are getting the required nine or more hours of sleep needed, according to the National Sleep Foundation. In fact, a recent study published in the "Journal of Adolescent Health" found that more than 60 percent of high school students get less than seven hours of sleep per night. The situation does not improve in college, either. A 2010 study conducted at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota revealed, not surprisingly, that 70 percent of college students get less than the 8 recommended hours of sleep. While most people have, at times, battled sleep issues, poor sleep habits plague college campuses. Let's face it - most college kids do not place a premium on a good night's rest. In addition to sleep falling low on the priority list, most students are sleeping on cheap dorm mattresses and worn out pillows which can affect sleep quality. Perhaps reminding your student that there is a proven relationship between healthy sleep habits and academic success might help encourage healthier habits. In 2010, a University of

* Make sure your bedroom is set up for sleep. If you are a light sleeper or your dorm is noisy, try wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Keep the room cool and dark. Make your bed as comfortable as possible. Consider investing in a foam mattress pad and a quality pillow. For example, for around $100, you can purchase a mattress topper and a waterbase pillow, both of which greatly improve head, neck and back support while you sleep. "While you most likely cannot control the amount of sleep your teens or college-aged kids receive, at least you can make sure that once they are in bed, the sleep they do get is of the best quality," explains Maurice Bard, founder and CEO of Mediflow Inc., a company that makes waterbase bed pillows. "One simple way to accomplish this is to make sure your teens are sleeping on the right pillow - one that adjusts to properly support their head and neck throughout the night."

Countless studies have shown that people who get the right amount of sleep are physically and emotionally healthier - which is of course is something we all want for our children. Getting better grades is just the icing 7on the cake.

College News

port at The Art Institute of Washington, a branch of The Art Institute of Atlanta, offer habits to help you make the most out of your college experience and lay the foundation for an academically successful future.

Set Yourself up for Academic Success: Smart Habits for College Freshmen (ARA) - Got your extra-long sheets? Check. Flip-flops for the shower? Check. What about your school-branded hoodie, hat and T-shirt? You may think you've thought of everything for your first year of college, but without a plan to achieve success you are still unprepared. Sara Rathburn, associate dean of Student Affairs at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Maximillian Matthews, student engagement advocate and coordinator of Academic Sup-

1. Get involved "Freshmen who feel connected to campus through student organizations and campus events tend to strive for success," says Matthews. Getting involved will not only enrich your college experience, but it will also pay dividends once you graduate. According to Rathburn, "Your college degree will one day show that you have knowledge in a field. Your


College News out-of-class experiences will demonstrate that Both Rathburn and Matthews recommend communicating with your professors. "Freshyou have a skill base to go along with that men should get in the habit of letting their proknowledge." fessors know when they will be late, absent or have questions about class material," says 2. Get out of your comfort zone Don't be afraid of new experiences. "College Matthews. Rathburn adds, "Speak up and make yourself known. Building connections is a time to test yourself - make mistakes, grow your strengths," says Rathburn. She rec- can lead to greater opportunities today, tomorommends trying something completely new, row and in the years to come." such as joining a club dealing with a topic that 7. Personal organization is foreign to you. "Develop a system that works for you," says Rathburn. She recommends starting a filing 3. Manage your time "Make the most of every minute," says Rath- system that is simple and can be built upon. burn. "Every hour of every day presents a choice - decide early on in your college experi- 8. Learn about resources ence that you will make the most of your time." Whether you need a tutor, help with a resume, or have questions about financial aid, camMatthews agrees. "Freshmen should get in the habit of prioritizing and planning ahead to puses offer a variety of resources designed to balance their workload and increase produc- help guide you through every aspect of your college career. Matthews recommends attendtivity," he says. ing campus events, especially orientation. "Freshmen need to know who to go to when 4. Manage your money College not only helps you prepare to pursue they need help, not only in academics but in financial aid and career counseling. This is a successful career, but can also teach you the skills that are necessary for financial suc- why freshman orientation events are essencess in the future. Rathburn suggests making tial." meals instead of eating out, taking advantage of free local events, and making sure what you 9. Remember your goals want is really what you need. "Don't sacrifice a "Stay focused," says Rathburn. "You are startfinancially secure future for fleeting fun now," ing college for a reason - remember that reason. Let that reason motivate you when you she says. are bogged down with homework or struggling with an assignment." 5. Go to class Even on days when you feel like sleeping in, Rathburn recommends making it a habit to go 10. Be an active learner "Active learning means concentrating on the to class. She encourages students to make the most out of their time and financial invest- current task, taking notes and asking questions," says Matthews. He says that if freshments. men practice active learning from the 6. Overcome fear of seeking help - talk to beginning, "it will be natural for the remainder of their time in school." faculty and staff


What Girls Think! The “Voice” of a Generation

and her community to understand the real needs of today’s youth. Writing for two magazines, her journalistic panache fed her need to give voice to her generation. Unlike most high school students, she spent her time preparing a format for a talk show, pitching it and co-producing What

Girls Think! She hopes What Girls Think! will have a positive impact by helping teens and young women stand firm on what they believe in, and always fight for their dreams. “I want every young person in this world to know that reaching your dreams is not easy. It is hard work and it takes time. You just have to be patient and work your hardest even when you’re not yet seeing results. Trust me ... they are there!” she remarked. Tryneal also wants to remind everyone, "Smile because you can, because you have the right, and because you worth it!”

Meet Tryneal Addison

A well-rounded student, disciplined to allot time segments to priorities, she carved out the time to create the innovative content for the show. BalTryneal Addison is the “Voice” of today’s ancing the busy life of a high school student, a youth. Outspoken and confident, she shares ideas, journalist and an entrepreneur, she became the example of dreaming big, then executing the opinions and fun in her new talk show What steps to win big. Tryneal is a powerful force unGirls Think! Without apology, she delves into leashed through What Girls Think! subjects relevant to young people, parents, and mentors, slicing through to “the real”. Well researched and direct, Tryneal is a force to be reck- Tryneal is destined for greatness. oned with. She brings the power of the talk show to Thinking about the world, Tryneal emphasizes the value of freedom we have in America. a new level for a new generation. Tryneal says, “We are free to do, say, and live Tryneal currently lives in West St. Paul, Minnesota, the way we please. I wish that which she describes as being “suburban and city- America would get a grip and understand that freedom cannot be taken for granted. We like at the same time”. Raised in a section of St. Paul, Minnesota known have to be thankful that we have all the opportunities to create a better life for ourselves. You as Frogtown. How fitting is it that her career has can’t just sit down, feel pity for yourself, and wonalready leaped into high gear! Still a high school der if your dreams will come true. I say try, try, student, Tryneal is the host/moderator of What Girls Think! She also helped put the show together. try, and don't give up.” Being a talk show host, journalist, entrepreneur, author and high school student, Tryneal is positioned to be the new “Oprah” for her generation. From the age of five, she has moved with purpose, knowing that she had the power to mold the future as a talk show host. Never wavering in her commitment, she drew on the strong beliefs of her mother10


Money-saving, laptop-buying tips for back-to-school Shoppers (ARA) - Remember when back-to-school shopping meant different needs for different age groups? Elementary school kids needed pencils and notebooks, middle schoolers picked up protractors and compasses, and high school and college students headed back to school with high-powered calculators. These days, students of virtually every age have one need in common: a laptop. While many toddlers are using computers to play educational games, once kids reach school, the computer becomes an essential learning tool. If you'll be looking for a student laptop, the online shopping experts at FatWallet.com offer these tips to help you meet your budget: * Stick with a laptop, rather than a tablet. While tablets have their uses, when it comes to the efficiency and versatility needed for school work, they can't replace a laptop. Often, students can use a tablet in tandem with a laptop (or desktop) if your budget allows for both. Many elementary, middle and high schools do not allow tablets. Also, it may be difficult to find tablet versions of textbooks. * Choose the right size and weight for your student. Your student's laptop should be light and easy to carry in a backpack, but still large enough for a variety of uses. Models that are 15.6 inches or 17.3 inches provide big enough screens for work and study, while still weighing in the very portable 5- to 7-pound range. * Any laptop with 250GB hard drive and 4GB DDR Ram is standard on today's models and more than adequate for school use. Choose a hard drive with 7,200 RPM to increase performance cost effectively. If your student finds out that he or she needs additional memory, adding it is an easy, cost-effective, do-it-yourself upgrade. *Today's student will use their laptop for many graphic-intensive applications, like high-definition video streaming and light 2D gaming.

Almost all newer laptops, even models with integrated graphics, have plenty of power for both. Unless gaming is the goal, you can save between $100 to $200 by opting out of the dedicated graphics card. * Be confident of battery power. Most dual and quad-core laptops provide ample battery power for students' daily activities without the need to lug a power cord along. And since students tend to use iPods or smartphones for email, listening to music and other simple functions, they'll use less of their laptop's battery power. Four to sixcell lithium-ion batteries are standard and very efficient. * Don't fall for upsells. You can save money on the initial purchase by opting out of bundled anti-virus protection, extended warranties or Word/Office Suite. You can find free, high-quality anti-virus and office productivity software online. And you may get a longer warranty if you buy directly from the brand versus a box store. Most defects will show up before the original warranty expires, so an extended warranty isn't necessary. * Be a diligent discount hunter. Your student's school ID could score you extra savings from many of the major computer makers and software brands, like Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Adobe and Sony. You should also look for timely bargains, cash-back rewards and exclusive online coupons from tech deal sites like FatWallet.com. The website works with most major sellers like HP, Dell, Best Buy and Newegg to help increase back-to-school savings. Ebates is another easy-to-use website that offers cash back discounts on a wide variety of back-to-school supplies. * Buy with a credit card. Using a credit card for your laptop purchase offers you all the consumer protections associated with credit card use, plus some card companies, like Visa or American Express, will automatically extend your warranty an extra year. A laptop is a back-to-school essential, but with a little planning and research you can purchase one for your student with as much confidence as you buy pens, pencils and notebooks, and save money by following these smart tips.


days and some girls can’t afford to participate,” said Katie Zimmerman, president of the non-profit. “We encourage all girls who cannot afford to buy a dress to attend one of our events in March. And we promise they’ll walk out with a dress and accessory for free!” Participant Eligibility/Requirements

The Princess Project serves Bay Area and San Diego high school girls who cannot otherwise afford a dress for prom. The Details: · All high school girls who are in financial need of a prom dress; no proof of financial need is required. · Girls must bring a valid high school I.D. (2011-2012 school year) to receive a free dress. · Each girl will be able to shop and choose one accessory and one gown from thousands of gowns of all different colors, sizes, fabrics and designers. · They may bring one female companion to help them shop for a dress.

can feel good about themselves. Since 2002, The Princess Project has made the dreams of more than 18,000 girls real. “Every girl wants to look and feel beautiful and confident on her prom night, but a for- The Princess Project is committed to promal prom dress can easily top $200 these tecting resources and recycling. All of the dresses we collect are given to girls for . prom or donated. To learn more about the Princess Project,visit: www.princessproject.org.


Back To School Fashion strand pearls. These ladies created a signature look that is memorable. Whether you are more of a minimalist or carry a specific style of bag, "people will remember this aspect, and it shows who you are," says Watson. When creating your own Developing your personal brand signature look, Crawley also recommends finding a designer you like. "When you find out what ap(ARA) - Look at Kate Middleton, Johnny Depp or peals to you, find out which retailers sell what Lady GaGa. Whether classic, wacky or sometimes you're looking for and stick with that brand," she just bizarre, their style says volumes about who says. they are, and your style can do the same for you. Personal style is a brand that "communicates who 4. There's no room for clutter you are without saying a word," says Michael Wat- Cleaning out your closet and gathering together son, fashion instructor at The Art Institute of Char- items to be donated to charity can be a daunting task. But, it can also be one that reaps rewards; lotte. Fashion instructors from Art Institutes schools offer tips that will put you well on your way including removing clutter and making space for to cultivating a personal style that is uniquely you. items that better reflect your personal style. Both Watson and Crawley say this is an important step. "Go through your closet and purge - get rid 1. What is your lifestyle? of things that don't fit," says Watson. Crawley agrees saying, "if you don't like it, haven't worn it "Establishing and understanding your lifestyle is the biggest step to developing your own personal in a year, or aren't excited to put it on, don't keep style," says Watson. "The more people understand it." who they are and what they value, will dictate fit, 5. Put your knowledge to work at the mall fabrications and different looks in terms of cut." In Crawley says having a distinct personal style will order to really understand your lifestyle and key values, Watson recommends asking yourself who help make you a more educated and astute you are and what you value; writing down the key shopper. In the current economy, retailers aren't points about who you are; and deciding what you buying as much, and they know which brands are want people to know about you: Are you an inno- going to sell, says Crawley. Consumers are also scaling back, making better decisions and buying vator? Are you creative? Julie Crawley, fashion instructor at The New Eng- less. Watson says when shopping, ask yourself land Institute of Art says, "It extends beyond style. the following questions, "does it fit into my lifeWhat are your hobbies and interests?" She says a style?" and "is it appropriate for my body and skin type?" If the answers are yes, buy it. "Undergood place to start is online. Sites like standing who you are becomes a factor in your polyvore.com, olioboard.com or Pinterest allow decision-making." people to pull images together on mood boards and see what appeals to them. She recommends 6. Don't fall victim to trends taking an inventory of not only your closet, but also Trends are one trap that can derail your style. your home. According to Watson, consumers fear that they

How to cultivate your own personal style:

2. What is your body type and skin tone? Determine your body type and skin tone. "Everybody's different," says Watson. "Everybody's got different levels of red, blue and yellow undertones to their skin." Understanding these will "make sure the personal style is reflected the best on that individual," he says 3. Create a signature piece or look Think Jackie Kennedy's iconic suits and sunglasses or Coco Chanel's understated style with multi-

are missing out on something and there is a "misconception that if it is a trend, you have to adopt it." He says at any time there are seven to 10 strong fashion trends happening, and you don't have to participate all the time. "Understand that you can pick and choose from the trend," he says. "You can just take a piece from the trend, instead of adopting the whole look." A great example would be a bag that incorporates the trend. 15

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Crush Prom Ridley Road Market

Harry saw Leomie for the first time while watching the Channel 4 documentary series The Model Agency. He turned to his mother and declared that Leomie was the girl he wanted to marry. After much estalking, Harry managed to woo Leomie via Twitter. They have been together ever since. Harry’s mum is still in shock.

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by Kevin Morosky*Styling by Luke Taylor*Model(s) Leomie Francis Anderson @ Premier & Harry Uzoka @ M&P *courtesy of ones2watch.com


Mossimo Spring 2012 at Target

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Prevention of operation * High lift. This type of training

Easy Exercises Tips for Teens-Fitness and Health By:


If you're a teenager, you may be confused about how to exercise to get stronger, stay healthy or, for some, the loss or weight gain. The good news is, there is no way appropriate for the operation and there is no perfect exercise you should do to be in shape. If it is true, it helps to know how you can work so you can have fun, achieve your goals and avoid getting hurt. Exercising

The great thing about sport for boys is that almost all the activities that make you move work. You should try to do heavy exercise for about an hour a day at least 3 days a week and regular, moderate activity for the rest of the week. Here are the different types of activities each week include: 1. Aerobic exercise strong. These include sports such as football, tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. It also includes brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming or chasing an annoying brother. Always be sure to wear protection to any activities you have chosen and, as already mentioned, try to level of activity at least 3 times a week. 2. Strengthening muscle. This type of training helps you build muscle strength and endurance. This may involve activities that are not organized as the use of playground equipment or climbing trees. It also may include a structured strength training exercises such as squats, bending or sit-ups with weights, machines, or the weight of his body. Always work with adults, coach, trainer or other expert before you start lifting weights to make sure you know the right exercises to do and how to do it right. You can already lift weights if you play sports, but if not, you can add the kind of activity 2 or 3 days a week, with at least one rest day in between. Learn more about strength training for young children. 3. Regular activities. In addition to participating in a sport or other activities such as walking or cycling, you should also include regular activities in your day, which means limiting the time you're sitting at a computer or video games. This may include active games (like Wii or Dance Dance Revolution), a walk, fight with your friends, or throwing a ball in the yard. This is something you can do every day, especially on days you do not harder, the more structured training.


involves lifting an explosion, often focus on how much you can lift at one time. Type of training is not recommended for children because it is difficult to use good form and body can be stressed too abruptly, causing injury. * Exercising too. Exercising too much can also lead to injuries, overtraining, and, for girls, changes in the menstrual cycle, which can lead to bone loss. Sometimes it's hard to know how much is too much, so everyone can tolerate different amounts of exercise. However, the exercise several times a day or a few hours might be too much to anyone. Following the guidelines and exercising about an hour a day is a good starting point. * Expect realistic results. While it is good to have goals to improve your body, you can not always control what we can change. If you want bigger muscles, it is something that happens after puberty, although you can always build strength at any age. If you want to lose weight, exercise and healthy diet is the key, but do not expect a dramatic weight loss last night. Permanent, safe weight loss is a slow process and try to accelerate with a healthy diet or exercising often counterproductive. Tips for getting more exercise

If you are into sports, you may have practices, games and other activities to keep you busy. Otherwise, you may need to be creative in this sport, especially if you have not yet had the opportunity to practice different activities to find what you like and what you are good. Some ideas: * On foot, by bike or skate to and from school, if the option * Ask your parents if you can go to the gym with them or if there is a local community center where you can exercise * Check the network cable to see if you have Exercise TV, a channel offering free training whenever you want * If you hang out at the mall or local shopping center, take a walk rather than staying in one place or not eat at the food court * Create a new routine where you walk, run or inline Arizona Blazer $25 In Stores & Online at jcp.com skate every day, when you come home from school or Shirt $17 before dinner. If you do Arizona not wantDenim to exercise outside In Stores & Online at jcp.com of them, ask your friend Olsenboye or family member to go with Legging $25 you or use a video workout in your bedroom In Stores & Online at jcp.com * Do some task. rake leaves or sweep Jockey Hat $22the street can Stores & Online at jcp.com actually burn calories byInmaking your parents happy Worthington Booties $50 * Take the dog for a walk In Stores & Online at jcp.com

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Accessories Style Staples: Jewelry tials For Every Budget

day, every woman needs something dangly and eye-catching for a night out or to dress Essenup an everyday outfit.

Choose a color that complements most of (ARA) - Every woman knows there areyour existing wardrobe so you can wear some basics that have to be in her closet: them often, such as black onyx with diaa little black dress, a pencil skirt, a great mond accents. And every woman should pair of jeans and a classic purse. With own the a pair of hoop earrings in either sterright building blocks, you can put together ling silver or 14-karat gold. "For a twist on an outfit that's stylish, feminine and timeclassic hoops, choose interchangeable earless, without a lot of fuss. rings that can be customized with long The same idea should apply to your jewelry collection. When you have the essential pieces, you'll be prepared for any occasion, whether you need to be subtle or want to turn some heads. Cristina Ehrlich, celebrity stylist and Pandora Jewelry ambassador, outlines six can't-live-withoutthem pieces that you should have on hand. 1. A statement ring One jewelry trend that has lasted throughout many seasons is a cocktail ring that makes a statement. "Floral motifs and precious gemstones set in gold or sterling silver are classic choices," Ehrlich says. She also points out that you can experiment with different kinds of stones, such bright orange carnelian or freshwater pearls, which are available in every color Decree Pleather Jacket $60 from creamy white to champagne or peaIn Stores & Online at jcp.com Arizona Plaid Flannel Shirt $15 cock blue. For a classic look stick to black dangles or short drop pendants create a In Storesto & Online at jcp.com onyx or spinel, which go with everything. Decree Shawl Collar Sweater different look for every day of the week," $35 Ehrlich adds. 2. Earrings of various lengths In Stores & Online at jcp.com Levi’s Jean Jacket $70

In Stores & Online at jcp.com This is a three-in-one essential: You3. Bangles Levi’s Corduroys $40 should have studs, dangling earrings and In Stores Having a fun set of bangles is the& Online key toat jcp.com hoops. "Studs are flattering on everyone," Arizona Peruvian Hat $15 dressing up any outfit for an evening. EhIn Stores & Online at jcp.com Ehrlich says. "They brighten the face and rlich advises choosing a simple in $45 Converse style Sneakers can easily be worn from day to night." AlIn Stores & Online at jcp.com / sterling silver for a polished look, or banNow though stud earrings can be worn each 26 gles with colorful accents for a bit more playfulness. Layer your bangles with other

Accessories bracelets to create the look you want. "I love to layer silver bangles with black leather bracelets," suggests Ehrlich. 4. Chain necklaces

looks like a bracelet, or if it suits your style, go for a bigger, menswear-inspired watch. Ehrlich points out that some watch designers allow the wearer to switch out watch faces, bezels and bands to create a completely customizable look. No matter which you prefer, choose a classic style that can be worn with any outfit.

"A simple chain in sterling silver, oxidized silver or 14-karat gold is a classic piece that you will be able to reinvent again and 6. A bracelet you love again," Ehrlich says. Choose a long and a Building on an old tradition, contemporary charm bracelets allow the wearer to create a personalized and unique piece of jewelry, tailored to their own preferences and taste.

The Pandora collection includes classic charm bracelets in sterling silver, 14-karat gold or two-tone, as well as more modern options such as the double-braided leather bracelet, all of which can be customized with a selection of hundreds of charms and clips. "You can change the charms on your bracelet to suit your mood or the occasion," Ehrlich points out. "Any event or milestone in your life can be the occasion for adding a charm to your collection." When it comes to buying your essential jewelry pieces, look for those made from genuine, quality materials such as sterling short chain to give you more options. Lay- silver, 14-karat gold, precious and semiprecious stones, which will retain their valer them together for a modern look, or ue and beauty for years. choose to wear one with a beautiful pendant, clip or charm. The key to choosing each piece in your collection is to keep Arizona in mind your 5. A watch Blazer $25wardrobe In Stores & Online jcp.coma and favorite colors so that you willathave jcp Shirt $25 A great watch has been a jewelry staple variety of accessories to wear for any ocIn Stores & Online at jcp.com for some time, but with prominence of cell casion and any outfit. Almost Famous Floral Denim phones, many women have mistakenly $25 In Stores & Online at jcp.com And of course, always choose something tucked their watches away in the jewelry Olsenboye Bow Pumps $35 that celebrates yourInindividual style. box. Opt for a more delicate piece that Stores & Online at jcp.com 27

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and old. After years of artist development and acting classes this talented teen icon has emerged on the scene proving himself to be a triple threat and an eclectic artist with songs ranging from rap to pop to rock. Ziggy has already worked with various music and film superstars and has sparked the interests of Nickelodeon. He is now apart of Soulja Boy's SODMG Record Label building his brand and becoming a household name. Ziggy has made a pretty impressive name for himself in the entertainment world and takes center stage as the Ambassador and Lead Bully Actor in the national touring stage play "Speak Up & Speak Out, Don't Be A Bully" Getting involved with bully program playing the bully because he is 6’2� and tall for his age and he has also been a victim of being bullied. Ziggy is also the founder of R.O.C.O. which stands for "Rock Out Childhood Obesity". R.O.C.O has received national recognition from Atlanta's Mayor Kasim Reed and First Lady Michelle iggy the Rockstar, born Xavier Obama. Ziggy is the CEO of Ziggys Publishing House, and Shelton, from Atlanta, Georgia is an All singer/songwriter for SESAC. He has American actor/recording artist who dis- over 200 live show performances incovered his love for film and music at cluding opening headline act for Unthe tender age of 8. He landed his first derground Atlanta Peach Drop 2011, music gig when he was only 10 years The Scion Summer Bash Car Show, young with his brothers, the Shelton The Radio Disney Summer Block Parboys and stole the hearts of all young ty, The Universoul Circus, and The





Phenomenal, energetic, sensational and amazing are some of the words fans and concert goers have used to describe Ziggy’s live performances as he exit’s the stage. Ziggy carries his fans on a journey through music swagging thru his hip hop set, getting funky with his upbeat pop tracks to jumping in the crowd with his rock-n-roll show bringing out his live band. Ziggy also gives back to the community by visiting locals schools and boys clubs delivering motivational speeches and rocking live performances. “I have so many talents that I wanna share with the world. I love being an inspiration to the youth and a positive role model”. Ziggy can also be seen on the big screen in major films such as The Blind Harlem Globetrotters Game just to name Side, Stomp The Yard, and Lottery a few. Ticket. He has starred in several indie Ziggy describes his music as diverse, films, broadway musicals and music variety, rock, hip hop, pop for everyone. videos. He has enjoyed working alongside actors such as Sandra Bullock, Ziggy believes his main audience and Bow Wow, Mike Epps and many more. fans are teens but he can perform for With hard work, determination and his anyone. unique style teen icon Ziggy The RockSoulja Boy and Bob Marley are just a star will definitely leave a legacy on the few artist that Ziggy looks up to and music and film industry worldwide. feels his style of music is a mixture of Jimmy Hendrix and Tupac! Ziggy says his biggest challenge in the music industry is separating who his real friends are. Because of his height Ziggy likes to play basketball in his spare time. 29

How to choose a winning football helmet

(ARA) - In the game of football, athlete protection should remain top-of-mind among parents, coaches and the public, making a player's helmet selection a crucial step prior to the upcoming season. Ongoing research shows the benefits of helmet innovations and protective enhancements. For example, Virginia Tech recently released the 2012 STAR test results evaluating the protective capacities of varsity football helmets. While such information helps parents and players make smarter helmet choices, they should also consider other key factors during the helmet selection process. Which helmet features should I know about? Football helmets are generally grouped into the varsity or youth category - varsity for players at the high school level and above, youth for players in junior high and below. A typical helmet has a protective outer shell, face guard, chin strap, internal padding and a system for fitting adjustments. Many are also equipped with an inflatable air-fit system for further customization. The outer layer of the helmet is the shell, which works as a system with the internal padding to help manage the force of impacts. Face guards protect your facial area and come in a range of configurations. Some recent models - Riddell Sports' Quick Release face guard, for example - incorporate more advanced features, such as attachment systems that can reduce cageremoval time in half. Another essential part of the helmet is the chin strap. This protective feature helps to keep the helmet securely in place. You should also know that all football helmets are certified to the standards of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), so be sure that your next helmet has the NOCSAE seal on the shell.

How do I determine the right fit? Your new football helmet comes with fitting instructions that help you find the right amount of snugness and comfort. Get started by measuring your head's circumference an inch above your eyebrows, adjusting the size based on your head shape. To properly put your helmet on, place your thumbs over the bottom of the face pads and pull the helmet into position. A sign of good fit is when the skin of your forehead moves when you twist your helmet from side to side. As an ongoing practice, you should conduct frequent helmet inspections, examining the shell and hardware for dents, cracks or other damage. Fit should also be checked periodically, using the above guidelines. How long will my helmet last? The maximum life of your helmet is 10 years, but there is no guarantee that it will last that long. In fact, the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioning Association (NAERA) refuses to recondition or recertify any helmet 10 years of age or older. It's recommended that you recondition and recertify your helmet annually to prolong its useful life. Recognizing the importance of this issue, Riddell became the first manufacturer to affix all helmet shells with an easy-to-read initial season of use label that marks each helmet's age. How do I protect myself from injuries? Football is an exciting sport, but you need to always remember that playing football has its risks - even during practices. Although you may have purchased a new helmet, it's essential that you always play smart. No helmet can prevent you from serious head or neck injuries or concussions. Important guidance for recognizing and responding to such kinds of injuries is available. A player's headache, dizziness and nausea, for example, can be symptoms of a head injury or concussion. This would require immediate removal from the field for a trained medical professional's evaluation and potential clearance. For more resources regarding concussion awareness, players, parents and coaches can participate in the online training courses offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). High Virginia Tech ratings, advanced protective features and NOCSAE certification are hallmarks of a state-of-the-art football helmet. Make an educated helmet purchase, be smart on the field and have a great 2012-2013 football season.




Sports Tips on How to Become a Great Football Player By:


Football is a demanding sport which requires speed, strength, and agility. However, these skills alone aren't enough to make you a great football player. You need not only to be in tuned with your body but also with your mind. You need to know how to react to unexpected situations. You need to be able to overcome your physical limits to run faster, block kicks, and break tackles. Here are a few tips on how to become a great football player.

Physical Training This is a given. Every football player is required regular practice and training in order to learn lots of different and difficult skills. He should be trained to have quick and strong hands and feet. Discipline and perseverance is important in physical training. Most drills have very high difficulty and that's why regular workout is required to tone your speed and strength. The training drills should go beyond just running sprints and lifting weights. The more difficult the workout is, the better. Some examples are running sprints while carrying weights, lifting real heavy objects, lifting weights in awkward positions, etc. Set goals and once you achieve them, move on to higher and more difficult ones. Never stop testing yourself. Learn to go beyond your physical limits. Run drills against players who are tougher and more superior.


Sports cont.

against unexpected situations. Aside from being smart, you also need to If you are 13 years old, let a 17 year-old in be mentally tough. high school football run over you again and You should possess the courage, willingagain until you learn how to tackle. Chal- ness, and determination to beat your supelenge is the best motivator. rior opponents. Mental Training This is often overlooked by young football players but is even more essential than physical training. Oftentimes in football, you will be lined up against a tougher athlete or a superior player. He may be better than you in speed and strength but your mental ability will enable you to overcome these kinds of challenges and keep your head in the game. Not only is it important for you to understand your assignments in football, but you also need to think outside the box and be able to react effectively

Find your inner strength and channel that onto the football field. Pride is important in football. Believe in yourself that you're the best and that no one can stop you. That makes you a better player.

About the Author Learn more about football drills here at Football-Defense.com.


New technology gives students an edge as they head back to school (ARA) - As the summer comes to an end and students begin preparing for the new school year, tech gadgets are one of the must-have items on any shopping list. For students running from class-to-class, high tech tools fit easily into a backpack or tote and make everything from class activities to homework easier to manage. Where their parents' generation relied on paper notebooks and folders, today's students need to keep pace with technological developments in the real world - and the classroom. Ultrabooks, one of the newest options for students who want to tackle schoolwork in style, come in a variety of colors and several ultra-thin, ultra-sleek designs. The devices also offer five hours or more of battery life, allowing students to be untethered from a plug for extended periods without having to fight for spots next to an outlet at the library. With the addition of Intel Smart Connect Technology, students will always be in the know on the latest news from their study groups, friends or family as emails and social networks are kept up-to-date by periodically syncing with information stored on the Web. So whether finalizing a paper, digging into research, connecting to social networks or staying in touch with friends and family back home, it's important that students are equipped with the technology to get it all accomplished. With the variety of Ultrabook systems available today, there is something out there for everyone. A few choices to consider are: * Dell XPS 14 Staying connected with loved ones easy, using the Dell XPS 14 and Skype4 video conferencing. This Ultrabook device is one of the first laptops to be certified by Skype and offers pre-installed Skype software. 34

Coupled with the Dell XPS 14's HD Webcam, this Ultrabook device will help first-time college students fight off homesickness and keep families close, no matter how far away they live.* HP ENVY 4 No more panicking about power cords left behind at home - the HP Envy 4 is incredibly compact and boasts up to eight hours of battery life. This device is perfect for heavy-duty study sessions at the library, especially when all the desks near outlets are full. * Samsung Series 5 When taking a much needed study break, this computer offers students the ultimate entertainment experience. Students can watch movies, check out photos, listen to music or play games with lightning speed. And with Intel Wireless Display and a TV adapter, content can be easily streamed wirelessly from the device to a TV screen to share the experience with friends. For more information about the technology that will make this school year easier and more fun, visit www.intel.com/ultrabook. This year’s must-have product for back-to-school is the ultra-sleek and ultra-responsive Intel-inspired Ultrabook device that delivers powerful performance in stylish designs.

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