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Health & Beauty Tips To Treat Chapped Lips During The Fall And Winter By: Steven Stern

During the fall and winter season, lips are subjected to dryness which can lead to chapping and peeling. Although uncomfortable, it really is an easy fix. People experience chapped lips more in the wintertime than in the summertime. The cold zaps moisture and accelerates lip damage. The natural tendency to alleviate the discomfort is to lick the lips, but that's the worst Also avoid these formulas in lip products because they thing to do. This habit aggravates the problem causing irritate dry lips even more, such as: more peeling and chapping. · Alcohol Cracked lips in cooler weather may be caused by envi· Capascin (made from chili peppers) ronmental conditions including: · Menthol · Cold temperatures ·

The flu or cold that forces someone to breathe out of their mouths


Indoor heating systems and car heater





Some of the above products are used to plump up lips, but on the flipside, they may dehydrate them instead. Like always, consult with a skin care professional on what is best.

Mild dehydration causes dry lips, so even though it's Other great lip restoring ingredients are: chilly outside do still drink plenty of water throughout · Aloe Vera the day. Those treating chapped lips need to scale back on their coffee and tea intake because caffeine · Anti-Ozonate dehydrates the body. · Coconut Oil Topical lip balms and conditioners are a great choice · Shea butter for treatment. Typically, it takes about a week to treat chapped lips. It's important to point out that although the winter During this timeframe, abstain from eating salty and skies may be overcast, it's always a good idea to find a spicy foods because this can aggravate the problem. lip balm with a sun protection factor. Ultraviolet rays Also, while indoor heating may be cranking in the still penetrate cloudy skies and damage skin. home, think about investing in a humidifier. Having it And if winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are in the bedroom will help moisten dry lips while getting on the seasonal calendar, these activities can also worssome shuteye. If dry lips persist for more than a couple en lip issues. So wear lip balm, a ski mask or scarf of weeks or if they begin to bleed, it's recommended to regularly. seek the help of a health care professional If there's time for research, log on to the Skin Cancer About the Author Foundation website. There, one will find a list of Steven Stern, chief esthetics officer of Skin Care Heaven based in Carlsproducts that are recommended by this organization bad, California, has immersed himself in providing an array of sterling skincare and mineral makeup products at his online shop for his clientele. which will have a SPF formula. For years, people turned to petroleum to treat dry lips but it's been discovered that the more it was applied, the more chapped their lips became.

Along with his staff of skin care professionals, Steven continually stays on top of the industry through continual education. Providing skincare advice and tips fuels his passion in helping others. Steven can be reached at or by visiting . Skin Care Heaven offers quick free delivery 7and a rewards program that gives 10 percent back.


College News

How To Save Money In College - The Struggle As A Student By:

not be practical for a foreign student or if you live far from campus, but even then you can try to rough it out with a roomy in a smaller apartment that doesn't cost too much.

Craig Ferdinands

Consider this a guide. How to save money in college. College can be a very tough time. You've got to do well with your academics, and at the same time you've got to balance the fun and social life too. Finances are a whole other concern and it's not like money grows on trees and everything is cheap. This article will give you 3 "how to save money in college" tips that will make things a whole lot easier.

Tip 3: Student discounts. How can you talk about how to save money in college without thinking of student discounts. Student discounts are everywhere. Food outlets, party places, automobile stores, and clothes shops. Being a student you get almost everything for a little cheaper than the rest of the population. Be sure to take advantage of this. It may only be a dollar or 2 sometimes, but those dollars can sure add up over the course of a semester.

Tip 1: The books that you need to buy at the beginning of each semester come to hundreds of dollars. You can save so much by purchasing used books at a used book store, from a student who already did the course, or online. In addition you can try Amazon's affiliate program to sell books to other students in your batch and earn a commission. Don't forget, at the end of the semester you can sell the books and get all your money back. If anybody asked me what my Number 1 how to save money in college tip was. It would be this.

Being a student can be tough and sometimes money is hard to come by. You might not want to bother your parents for cash or apply for another loan. Just learning to save a little bit more can go a long way. The 3 tips in this article are simple to follow. Best of luck with college experience and hope you now know a little bit more about how to save money in college.

Tip 2: Accommodation. This is probably the biggest money-saver of all the how to save money in college tips. If your home isn't too far away from college, try not to get on-campus accommodation. Stay at home instead. Get 3 home-cooked meals, a roof above your head, and most chores you would normally have to do for yourself like laundry and so on, done for you at the phenomenal price of NOTHING. This might

Craig Ferdinands (University Graduate/Affiliate)

About the Author

Read about the method I used to Make Money In College and get my FREE COURSE on internet marketing Visit my website to learn how to save money in college Article Source - how to save money in college Printed From 3907074.html


Top of the class and talk of the party: At college with Tablets

but also keep today's student at the top of their game in the classroom and around campus. According to Forrester, tablet purchases are on the rise, with a predicted 82 million tablets reaching U.S. consumers by 2015. Considering this trend, here are a few ways the tablet is a musthave for your student at school this fall:: * Keep in touch. Tablets are packed with quick and fun apps to connect with family and friends back home. Instant messaging apps like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for the BlackBerry PlayBook keep Mom and Dad up to speed on college life in real time, from any location.

Whether studying abroad, taking a quick study break in the library or filling everyone in on the homecoming festivities, keeping in touch with family is fast and easy, and won't empty the bank ac(ARA) - Whether it is in the count. Looking for a face-toclassroom or dorm room, col- face conversation with a siblege students strive to be ling? Video chat apps let stuahead of the curve. dents and families easily With laptops, books, smartengage with each other phones and portable music while catching up. To make players weighing students sure they're in-the-know down as they trek across with the high school crew campus, tablets lighten the back home, Facebook is optiload and do it all. Super porta- mized for tablets, so that the ble, but incredibly powerful, college scholars will never tablets are not only a great miss a beat. way to stay connected 10

and limited storage, every* Take it everywhere. Students get more done and can thing in college is on a smaller be productive while running scale. Tablets with a 7 inch display are large enough for from class to class. Tablets are significantly smaller and comfortable viewing and sensibly fit into the miniaturized lighter than laptops and dorm lifestyle. heavy books making them the ultra-portable notebook, ideal for note-taking and car- * Amplify the fun. Tablets take the college social experience rying around campus. With to the big screen. Easily hook their e-book stores, tablets up tablets like the BlackBerry simplify the backpack (and save the back), allowing stu- PlayBook to an HDTV using an HDMI cable to make your dents to combine all those heavy books into a sleek one movies, photos, games, presentations and music that pound device. Got some down time between classes? much more magnified. With applications like Slacker RaBring the tablet from roomdio and Need for Speed, your to-room to share the latest tablet can serve as a personal YouTube sensation with your floor mates, play games, DJ, video player and gaming unit whether you're hosting a watch movies and listen to party, making a class presenmusic when the studying is tation more powerful with over. video, or just having a few * Fit the "mini" mold. With tiny dorm rooms, mini fridges 11friends over for movie night.

Interview Pitfalls to Avoid

(ARA) - In a world where the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 9.1 percent unemployment rate in August, one might think that every job candidate would display proper interview etiquette. After all, competition for employment is at an all-time high. However, many people arrive for an interview unprepared to fulfill professional expectations of the process. For those fortunate enough to land an interview, there are a few rules you can follow to help avoid common interview pitfalls.

Here, she outlines a few simple rules to help ensure you make the most of every interview opportunity.

Arrive on time Arriving late for an interview does not bode well for your claims of responsibility. In fact, Holliday recommends making a dry run from your home to the job site at the same time of day you are to be there. "This allows you to gauge traffic flow and parking Micki Holliday, director of career services at Brown Mackie College - Kansas City, works daily availability. You'll find out if you should give yourself extra time on the day of the interview," Hollito provide students and alumni with career and day says. employment assistance, and to expand the college's network of professional externship sites. Wear appropriate business attire She often speaks with recruiters and human re"What you wear to an interview factors in to the sources experts to initiate business affiliations and request feedback on interview performance. impression you make," says Holliday. "It is imporThis professional interaction offers insight into ex- tant to dress business appropriate." pectations of interview behavior. 12

Holliday sees this as less than professional and appealing to the employer. "If you usually wear five earrings, just wear one on each ear for an interview," she advises.

Interview Pitfalls to Avoid cont. It may not be appropriate to wear a suit and tie for every interview, as some positions do not require this formality. However, if wearing a tie to an interview, career website recommends choosing one that is darker than your suit.

No cell phone calls "Answering a cell phone call during an interview will not make you seem important. Chances are it will lower your chances of being hired," Holliday says. A survey indicates this as one Rule No. 1 for the ladies? No revealing blouses. of the six most common interview mistakes. Holli"Don't show one little bit of cleavage," Holiday day recommends turning off your cell phone besays. "Some companies may refuse to proceed fore an interview or just don't take it in an with an interview. They want to steer clear of any interview. What do you do if you forget and it happossibility of a sexual harassment lawsuit." pens to ring? "Silence the phone at once and apologize for the interruption," she says. Shoes are every bit as important as clothes. "Recruiters look at shoes. If they're dirty, scuffed, and unpolished, it's a sign that the candidate is not Focus on specific competencies attentive to his or her own professionalism," Holli- Many interviewers begin with a general question day says. just to break the ice. When an interviewer says, Don't smell like smoke "Many different employers have told me that smokers do not get top priority," Holliday says. Workers who take smoke breaks are less productive than their counterparts are, and in general, smokers cost employers more in health care. A study by the American Lung Association quantifies the cost of lost productivity and health care expenditures, in addition to costs related to premature deaths. Total cost to the U.S. economy each year? More than $3 billion. "As more and more businesses prohibit smoking both inside and outside of the building, smoking is a growing issue in the workplace," she adds. concurs with this advice, adding that the smell of smoke connotes irresponsibility.

"Tell me something about yourself," Holliday recommends relating your answer to an aspect of th job rather than talking about your hobbies. "This is a good opportunity to talk about a specific strength or accomplishment that qualifies you for the position," she says. A 2011 survey found that a common mistake many candidates make is to not answer the specific question asked. "Listen carefully to the question and keep answers brief. Don't speak for longer than 90 seconds," says Holliday.

Some interviews end with, "Is there anything you want to add concerning your appropriateness for the job?" Again, the answer should focus on the position you are there to secure. A word of caution here: Holliday doesn't recommend respondLimit jewelry ing with a statement like, "I'm the best person you Too much jewelry can be a distraction. Some peo- could hire." ple fiddle with jewelry during the interview, which is often interpreted as nervousness. Holliday rec- "This display of ego generally kills any chance ommends limiting jewelry to three pieces. While it you may have had to work there," she says. is common today to see young people on the street with facial piercings, and even tongue piercings,


More or Less Credits by Nikolai De Vera Styling by Victor Gonzales Grooming by Imane Model(s) Gus Drake @ Root Mgmt Photography



Fashion News Caption 1: ActiveLayer long sleeve v-neck and legging

* Bring your old sweaters back to life. Remove wrinkles and that stale storage smell with these simple tips. Follow the laundering directions for each sweater to make sure it retains its shape and size. Some sweaters can be gently machine washed, while others require handwashing or dry cleaning. When drying, lay your sweaters flat on a towel or clean sheet to prevent the material from stretching.

* Winter warmth doesn't have to mean uncomfortable bulky clothes. Layers are a great option and can keep you snug and active all season long. Cuddl Duds' Softwear with Stretch is designed with the wicking power of Dri-Release and has spandex for fitted stretch. It is so comfortable and lightweight it can be worn outside, in the office or out in the elements.

* Take a look at your hats, mittens and jackets. Are there any rips or tears? When you live in colder climates, chemicals often create a tough, corrosive white film on your outerwear. Replace worn items so you can keep your hands, ears and face warm while outdoors.

* Time to break out the boots. Check over the

Winterize your wardrobe without the bulk

soles to make sure the traction is still reliable. If you see worn spots, they could cause you to slip on wet and frozen surfaces. Also check zippers to make sure they haven't started to separate at the seams. This could make it difficult for the boot to close around your leg.

(ARA) - It's getting cold out again. Time to store Don't fear the cold. It's fun to mix, match and layaway your summer frocks and bring out your favorite scarves, boots and layers. Women want to er your favorite cozy items as the season starts to change. Cuddl Duds' warm layers include stay fashionable in the cooler seasons but they body-hugging tops that move with you, leggings don't want to sacrifice their comfort. And why that fit comfortably under your jeans and extrashould they? Whether they're headed to work, soft fleece tops that can be worn alone or with a watching a football game or enjoying a weekend outdoors, it's important to look great and feel fabu- heavier coat. For more ideas on how to layer your look, visit lous. Here are a few tips to help women dress warm while looking cool all season long. 16

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As in past seasons of late, layering is another fashion must - as long as you're wearing the right layers. Try a sheer shirt with wide-legged pants for indoor wear, paired with a thin knit sweater for warmth and a coat for outside excursions. Of course, boots are a must and cute winter hats provide that extra sense of fashion flare. A final accessory-must for that complete trendy look is a pair of fashion frames - whether they're prescription eyeglasses or simple eyeglass frames fitted with a placebo lens. The colors of the season allow for fashionistas to really let loose and enjoy choosing fun and bold designs and colors from the wide range available online. What's more, online eyeglasses shopping is so affordable that you may even be able to really accessorize by buying a few pairs in different colors, to complete your every look, every day of the next two seasons. About the Author

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Hillary Glaser is a social networking specialist and expert in cross-media promotion, currently working on promoting prescription eyeglasses. She is the Director of Marketing and Special Projects for - the easiest way to buy glasses online, which now offers free shipping on all US orders with the code FreeShip10.


Available At JCPenneys Photo courtesy

20 Photography by Liam MF Warwick•Styling by Magda Bryk•Hair & Makeup •Stylist Assisted by Alexandra B•Courtesy of

by Joey Choy using MAC•Model(s) Toby Bin


nge @ Elite & Liam Nolan @ Select •Photographer Assisted by Rokas Rach

Andrea says her audience has been predominately teen girls but her music is for everyone. Some of her musical influences are Rihanna, Leona Lewis and Beyonce just to name a few. What makes Andrea different from other female artist is she doesn’t try to imitate anyone, when she goes into the studio, Andrea says “ I just let the music happen from within.

Andrea Godin

Andrea has worked with a number of independent producers and hasn’t done any collaborations yet. In the future Andrea would like to work with producer Toby Gad, who has worked with such artist as Beyonce, Fergie, and Alicia Keys.

She has recently released her single titled “Bullet” on iTunes anadian born artist Andrea and says she came up with the Godin is a 20 year old title Bullet because she wanted pop/dance/R&B songwriter dancer a title that would everyone's atand performer. tention.


Andrea knew after her very first performance at the age of 11 year old, when she says “I couldn’t wait to get back on stage”. She was hooked.

From performing at venues like The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and The Grand ‘Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee to The Opera House in Toronto, Canada, Andrea


Andrea Cont.

projects, especially one that is close to her heart, called Sick Kids Foundation. Andrea is currently working on her new single and video as well as performing new shows with backup dancers. If you’d like to contact Andrea Godin or check out some more of her songs just follow the links below: twitter link: facebook link:!/page s/Andrea-Godin/244961435529922?sk=wall myspace link: ic

confesses that in her spare time she enjoys hanging out but spends most of her time creating music. Andrea would like her fans to know that she really enjoys what she does and likes working really hard at it, and that her fans are what keep her motivated. She has been involved in numerous community and charity 23

5 Reasons to Pack Your Lunch Most schools are trying hard to upgrade their lunch programs and offer the best food they can. But not every school cafeteria provides appealing, healthy lunch choices. Educate yourself when it comes to what your cafeteria has to offer. For example, did you know chicken nuggets have more fat and calories than a plain burger? Even if your school provides healthy options, it can be too easy to give in to temptation and pick a less healthy choice when you're feeling really hungry. How do you take control? Take a packed lunch to school! Here are the top 5 reasons to pack your lunch — and snacks — at least twice a week: 1. Control. Do you ever wait in the lunch line only to find when you get to the front that you don't like what they're serving? So you reach for pizza again. A healthy packed lunch lets you avoid the lunch line (and any temptations). Bringing your own lunch also lets you control exactly what goes into the food you eat. 2. Variety. It doesn't hurt to cave in and enjoy the occasional serving of pizza and hot dogs. But if you're eating these foods all the time, your body probably feels ready for a change. A packed lunch a couple of times a week means you can enjoy some favorites that you might not find at every school — like a piping hot thermos of your mom's chicken soup; hummus and pita bread; or some crisp, farm-stand apples.


3. Energy. If you have a big game or activity after school, plan a lunch and snacks that combine lean proteins with carbohydrates to give you lasting energy and keep you going through the late afternoon. Some ideas: your own "trail" mix of dried fruit and nuts or sunflower seeds, whole-grain pretzels and low-fat cheese, or a bagful of baby carrots and yogurt dip. 4. Cold hard cash. Pack healthy snacks so you don't feel tempted to step off campus for a fast-food lunch, or hit the vending machine or corner store for chocolate and a soda! Put the money you save on such snacks aside. 5. That warm and fuzzy feeling. Remember when your mom or dad used to pack your lunch? Pack yourself a retro lunch featuring healthy versions of your old faves — such as PB&J on whole-wheat bread. Whether you pack or eat in the cafeteria, what’s important is that you make healthy choices. If you're concerned that your cafeteria doesn't offer enough healthy choices, get involved in trying to make changes. Ask a teacher or someone in food service for advice on how to get started. Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD

Entertainment Venture County’s 2011 Vocal Superstar Competition As Sadé Champagne’s career continue to rise, later in November 2009 Sadé became the Executive Producer of her own benefit concerts including the Together We Can Overcome Benefit Concert, Ventura County’s Annual Rising Star Dance Competition which she headlined, and the Lending A Hand Benefit Concert raising several thousand dollars for the Promised Land World Outreach Center’s Zambia Orphanage which to no surprise she is now the Official Spokeswoman for the Promised Land World Outreach Center's Zambia Orphanage! Through Sadé’s devoted community and celebrity support from “Young Hollywood Stars”, she continuously raises thousands of dollars for her charitable events with an overwhelming audience response of more than 750 in attendance at Ventura County’s 1st Annual Rising Star Dance Competition.

Meet Executive Producer, Sade Champagne. A Musician, performer, producer, and inspirational speaker are just a few of the talents that embrace the superstar talent Sadé Champagne."

I had been wanting to have an amateur singing competition in my production company Sade Champagne Presents since last year. This year we were finally able to have the event, and I knew BrittiCares International would be the perfect nonprofit organization to choose to raise money for through this show. This is the very 1st competition of its kind in Ventura County! BrittiCares International is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization committed to finding new and better ways to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Fantastic amateur singers/vocalists from all over Southern California competed for awards and prizes to be crowned Ventura County’s 2011 Vocal Champ! The entire event is centered on inspiring people to follow their dreams/goals, make a positive impact in their community/world, and raising money for children/families affected by cancer. With an amazing turnout for the show's first year! Fans came from as far as 3 hours away to support the celebrity guests and BrittiCares! There were 9 finalists total competing. They each sang 1 song each, and then the judges gave their feedback. The hosts performed during the judges deliberation giving high energy performances!

Raised in Orlando, Florida, now residing in California Sadé has taken the entertainment industry by storm with her superior talents that need no embellishment. Since age 4, named after British singer Sade and American singer Evelyn Champagne King, Sadé has been singing her way into people’s heart and has continued to actively pursue performing and visual arts (singing, dancing, acting, etc.) throughout her school years. As an amazingly talented young superstar, Sadé Champagne’s career has always been inspired by some of today’s most revolutionary artists and musical icons like Prince, India Arie, Lauryn Hill, Justin Timberlake, and Outkast to name a few. In March 2009 Sadé filmed her first music video for her first single and hit song “Boy It’s You” which was directed by award winning director and producer Caleb Price. 26

Venture County’s 2011 Vocal Superstar Competition


Celebrity Guest Co-hosts: Leeah D She is a Multiple Threat entertainer, artist, & performer. Leeah has been featured on ICarly, Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO, performed for Michael Jackson 45th B-Day, & MORE! She was featured in Music videos for MINDLESS BEHAVIOR, Willow Smith's “Whip My Hair", & Motion City Soundtrack. Leeah has starred in movies, TV shows, Broadway, Commercials & MORE :) Blake Hightower aka Young BE Blake has performed all over- from L.A. to Japan! He has been in numerous TV shows (including ABC’s The View), movies, commercials & music videos. He has worked w/ Mos Def, Three 6 Mafia, NAS, Lil Romeo, Gym Class Heroes, Damon Wayans, Chris Brown & many others. Blake can be seen on DVD in American Gun, Freedom Writers, Be Kind Rewind & Imagine That! Check him out daily on Everybody Hates Chris.

Red Carpet Official Correspondent Jake McKinney

Celebrity Guest Judges: Chloe J She most recently won the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest in the R&B category for her song "Stutterin'"! Chloe J is a finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition in the Teen Category, the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest, & Malibu Music Awards. She is nominated for the 2011 Hollywood Music in Media Awards! She is the Star Power Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation w/ Corbin Bleu & other Disney Channel stars. She was the Top 24 Myspace Artist of 2009, featured in a K-Mart commercial, Three 6 Mafia/Chamillionaire music video, worked w/ Quincy Jones, & performed live on the Channel 10 San Diego Telethon. Chloe has performed at the Orpheum Theater, House of Blues in Dallas & performs regularly at Middle Schools/High Schools in the Los Angeles Metro Area. Cameron Mitchell He was the Top 6th Finalist on The Glee Project TV Show! But He walked away as the "Fan Favorite" of the competition & was awarded a $10,000 prize :) Cameron's YouTube channel has attracted more than 3.3 million views, his 5-song “Love Can Wait” LP cracked the top 25 on iTunes, & he has almost 200,000 followers on Twitter!

Nesa Kovacs Hollywood’s most sought after multi-talented quadruple threat. She is taking Hollywood by storm by producing, writing, directing, & starring in her own projects not to mention she is among Hollywood’s elite socialite's also known as “Young Hollywood”. She has starred in some of today’s hit Television shows such as NBC Las Vegas, Style Network Split End”, & ABC Family Ruby and the Rockits & she recently created the much anticipated teen reality show called The Real Teens of Hollywood, produced by Dick Clark Productions in 2010. Nesa hosts her own talk show on New Day Talk Radio titled On Air with Nesa & just released her first published book this past summer titled: “Party, Sex & Drugs…A Teenage Survival Guide”. Nesa is the Co-Founder of Shatterbox Entertainment & their company has helped promote and/or launch many famous artists including the Jackie Boyz (multi-platinum Grammy nominated singer-songwriters), Jasmine V (signed to Sony Music & opening act for Justin Bieber), Elijah Harris (signed to The Game’s The Black Wall Street Records) & Tyga (signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money). 27

Venture County’s 2011 Vocal Superstar Competition Photo’s Courtesy of (C)RawkFist Photography

Contestants and Performances Order of Performances:

1. Lynnzee Fraye, 17 years old from Simi Valley, CA. Singing Grenade by Bruno Mars 2. Fred Nichols, 17 years old from Oxnard, CA. Singing Feelin’ Good by Michael Buble 3. Felicia Echiribel, 18 years old from Santa Paula, CA. Singing Hero by Mariah Carey 4. Desiree Mize, 17 years old from Ventura, CA. Singing Someone Like You by Adele 5. Daan Rademaker, 19 years old from Maarssen, the Netherlands. Singing This is the Thing by Fink 6. Amanda Marie Martinez, 17 years old from Santa Paula, CA. Singing Smash Into You by Beyonce 7. Carlo Vehl, 20 years old from Oxnard, CA. Singing Original Song title Love & Melody 8. Alea Grundler, 17 years old from Chicago, Illinois. Singing You & I by Ingrid Michaelson 9. Brian Figz, 15 years old from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga Winners: 1st Place: -Carlo Vehl 2nd Place: -Lynnzee Fraye

Contestant Lynnzee Fraye


Performer Fred Nichols

Venture County’s 2011 Vocal Superstar Competition

e Contestant Brian Figz


y -

Contestant Carlo Vehl

Contestant Felicia Echiribel Performer Desiree Mize

Performer Amanda Marie Martinez

Contestant Alea Grundler Contestant Daan Rademaker


Performer Alea Grundler

4.Check the flyers Most shops send circulars to let you know what items will be on sale, and when. Browse the flyers and you're almost guaranteed to save on holiday shopping… but be careful! Make sure you're checking the flyer to see when the sale begins and ends.

How To Save Money On Holiday Shopping By:


It's that time of the year! I love the Holidays. I also love to save money, and during these times, I think almost everyone wants to save money.You can do it, and without a lot of hassle or coupon-clipping. How, you ask? Keep reading! Here are 10 ways to save on holiday shopping tips, all of which I use every single year!

5.Save and earn some extra money on the side

There is still two whole months until Christmas Eve. Take advantage of the time to save and or earn some extra money for the holidays. Look at what you can afford to set aside every paycheck and stick to it. If things are tight try to look for other ways to earn extra 1.Start Early money on the side. You will be surprised to find what I really like this simple idea, start your shopping early. I you can do. This is the most important tip to follow mean, we all know the holiday season is coming every because it will give you the foundation to utilize all the year and we all pretty much know who we need to shop options available to you this holiday shopping for. With that being said; you can start shopping for season.For Moncler Men's Down Jackets. friends and family way before the holiday season even begins. If you buy a sweater here and a toaster there, 6.Go hand-made next thing you know, you may only have one or two One of the most thoughtful holiday gifts I ever rethings to buy come November and December. ceived was a pair of hand-knit mittens. If you're at all crafty (or if you're a fan of Etsy), go hand-made and 2.Shopping Online save on your holiday shopping! Yes, I did say Etsy… A good way to help reduce the cost of this gift giving and yes, Etsy can get expensive… but if you browse list is by shopping from online discount retailers. On- around, you can find some marvelous deals on one-ofline discount retail stores can save you 20% to 40% or a-kind hand-crafted items! Another way to go handmore off the normal retail selling prices of products. It's made is to bake something for everyone… yum! like visiting an "online factory outlet " center only you never have to leave the comfort of your living room (or 7.Find Wholesalers bedroom or any other comfortable location).Online dis- One great way to really save when doing online holicount retailers can usually offer great deals because (in day shopping is to use wholesale companies. When most cases) they do not have brick and mortar stores. people think of wholesale companies they usually asThis lowers their overhead and the savings are passed sociate them with business's. I started using wholesalon to you, the consumer. You can find great products ers to take care all of my holiday shopping a couple of like clothing, shoes, even authentic canada goose down years ago. When you use wholesalers for your online coats for up to 60% off the MSRP. When was the last holiday shopping you get access to some of the cheaptime you were able to do that at the mall? est goods found anywhere on or off line. It's strange, because as effective as this method for online holiday 3.Make a list shopping is, very few consumers use this strategy.For It's much easier to set yourself up for savings when you online outlet stores. have a shopping list and you are determined to stay committed to it no matter what cool thing might catch Article From: eye. When you have a list of items to buy, your to-save-money-on-holiday-shopping/287.html mind automatically goes to work on that list and starts to zone out all of the other things. And trust me, there About the Author We are an online factory outlet selling down coat jacket,mbts are LOTS of shiny things that can catch your eye and shoes,and chi straightener.Welcome to contact us via break the bank. Printed From 30



Proper helmet-fitting and tackling techniques help players score in safety (ARA) - The play is called, the ball is snapped, is your player prepared for what comes next? Three million American children - ages 6 to 14 - play organized tackle football, placing it among the country's most popular youth sports, according to USA Football. And for players, coaches and parents, safety is always in season on the football field. While no helmet can claim to guarantee absolute protection from concussions, it's never too early or too late for players, coaches and parents to understand proper helmet-fitting and tackling techniques.

gineers intended them to be to protect the athlete." To encourage a safer football season, Riddell provides instruction for proper helmet fitting, and USA Football, the sport's national governing body in the United States, promotes fundamentally sound tackling techniques to better protect players at all levels.

Finding the right fit: Putting the helmet on - Measure the circumference of the player's head an inch above his eyebrows, adjusting the helmet size accordingly. Then, with thumbs over the bottom of the face pads and fingers inside of the helmet, the player should pull the helmet into position. Once the helmet is pushed down completely, ensure the front is an inch above each eyebrow. "Football helmets are designed to provide a The chin strap should be centered firmly over number of protective benefits to the player," the chin. Its purpose is to help hold the helsays Thad Ide, senior vice president of remet in place, so the face pads should fit firmly search and development at Riddell Sports, a leading football helmet manufacturer. "A prop- against the face. Checking for proper fit - Twist the helmet from er, secure fit ensures all protective elements of the equipment are positioned where our en 32side to side on your player's head.

Sports cont.

gree forward lean, chin up and above the toes, and his weight on the balls of his feet; spring forward with the snap of the football. The skin of their forehead should move with the While closing in on the ball-carrier, players should front pad. As a test, interlock hands on top of the keep their eyes below the runner's facemask to player's helmet and press down; if the player feels leverage their body's center of gravity. pressure on the crown of the head, instead of the brow, it is a sign of a secure fit. Even if a helmet Buzz - Once within three yards of the ball-carrier, feels too snug, there can still, potentially, be room players should buzz their feet with quick, choppy for the athlete's head to move, which can lead to steps to control their balance while continuing to injury. Make sure it's not too tight or too loose. gain forward ground. Keep the chin up and head Taking off the helmet - First, players should unand shoulders squared at all times, even if the buckle the chin strap on both sides. Then, place ball-carrier is running on an angle. an index finger into each ear hole, press the face pads with their thumbs and lift the helmet up over Hit position - Closing within one yard of the ballthe head. carrier, take a short downhill power step as if into an imaginary hole, keeping a deep bend in both knees, eyes belt buckle-high, head and shoulders square, chin up and hands pulled back just beBreakdown position - With the player's knees bent yond the hips. While keeping a forward lean, the at shoulder-width apart, upper-body at a 45-de player's front foot should be below the outside of his chin, and his back foot directly below his hip. USA Football's tackle progression model:

Rip - On contact, swing both arms in an uppercut motion and grab the back of the ball-carrier's jersey at the top the numbers, while keeping elbows tight against the ball-carrier's side. Shoot - While ripping arms into the ball-carrier, simultaneously snap the hips open and upward toward the front jersey numbers, forcing the head to move up and away from the oncoming runner. To finish, lift the ball-carrier off the ground while continuing to drive legs forward. "USA Football directs youth coaches to incrementally incorporate proper contact into their practices, which lessens the amount of incidental contact that players receive through their helmets," says Dr. Stanley Herring of USA Football's Football and Wellness Committee and the NFL's Head, Neck and Spine Committee. "This is a strong step forward for player safety in youth football that any youth sport should consider emulating." This season, everyone can get involved in protecting players by supporting proper helmet fitting for each practice and game and enforcing smart, safe tackling techniques. To learn more, visit 33

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