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Designer Special : Cindy Bapst

Cindy Bapst Clothing Designer Cindy Bapst is Changing Haitian Women’s Futures

have to endure, which is why they built Kay Anj D’ayiti (Angel House Orphanage). It homes 42 children and young adults and provides them with excellent education so that they are empowered to be the next generation of capable and compassionate Haitian leaders. What is so compelling about “Helping Haitian Angels” to Bapst is the charitiy’s purpose. The goal is not to take the children out of Haiti but to create better futures for these children through education so that they can become productive citizens of their country. Bapst has decided to create a sewing program for the young women in this charity. In which these young women will observe, learn from and work with sewing tutors and will sew unique dresses that will be included in the Union of Angels collection in which all profits will go to the charity for each dress sold. These uniquely designed dresses will have a tag attached that says “Thank you for Changing my Future”. Said Bapst, “I have heard awful stories about what happens to many of these children in Haiti because they are not given proper guidance, support and education. I am so honored to be able to work with this charity and help provide these young women the ability to learn to develop a skill. It is wonderful to donate money to a charity but to really make a difference by helping these young adults develop skills which will increase their self esteem is much greater in my eyes.” Within the next ten years, Helping Haitian Angels is hoping to have created 80 orphanages in Haiti. The dresses that are made in Haiti will be sold in Bapst’s stores in Aspen, CO and West Palm Beach, FL. in which all profits will go to “Helping Haitian

Cindy Bapst, clothing designer and owner of the line Union of Angels has partnered with the charity “Helping Haitian Angels”. After learning the charity’s goals and mission, Bapst has always been so drawn to work with this charity since she has heard about the charity’s mission that she created a program for the young Haitian women that “Helping Haitian Angels” benefits. “Helping Haitian Angels” is a growing 501 (c) (3) non -profit started by Bill and Debbie Harvey. After spending time in Haiti, the Harveys witnessed first hand the awful living conditions that people in Haiti 26

Angels” for each dress sold. Bapst is planning a trip to Haiti in the next few months to be able to meet the children living in the Angel House Orphanage.

She has produced several fashion shows and has styled the "who's who" of major cities from the nation’s capitol to South Beach—where she was a candidate for Designer of the Year, 2012 but, it isn’t just the runways that beckon her talent. Cindy is also in the midst of creating a fashion related television series, through her production company, Hunt Country Productions. Cindy has recently opened two Union of Angels stores in West Palm Beach, FL and Aspen, CO and spends time in Nashville, TN working with record labels and upcoming and established artists of the country music scene who will be sporting Union of Angels styles this season. The Union of Angels Collection is currently sold in upscale boutiques throughout the U.S. and also in the chic island of St. Barth. Visit:

Cindy Bapst, founder and creative talent behind Union of Angels, is an international clothing designer, entrepreneur and celebrity stylist who draws from more than ten years of broad business experience. Changing her life at midstream, she conceptualized and developed the Union of Angels line utilizing a combination of hip Bohemian chic and influences from her love of the equestrian lifestyle so prevaOld Gringo and City of Angels Photo Shoot lent in the sprawling Virginia Video countryside in which she now resides. She is hands-on in the designing and ayer_embedded&v=fk4ZJTPSE70Video manufacturing of her clothing line creating a look that is as much a part of her keen eye for fashion as it is unique to the individual wearing it. Cindy's designs have been seen in numerous publications, on international runways, and on screen as featured wardrobe. 27

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