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Urban Survival Science “Real World” By Avery Mitchell Urban Survival Scientist The above picture shows the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

I have personally made the psychology of violence and the psychology of the criminal mind a lifelong study based on the fact that I grew up with and around violence and crime and criminals. From a very young age I always asked WHY and was educated on the why's of who was chosen for crime, why they were chosen for crime, what prompted the attack and what triggers made the event become extremely violent. That early education prompted me to major in Sociology/Criminal Justice when going to college to really understand society, crime and the mind of those perpetrating crime (PREDATORS). In my study as a martial arts and combatives instructor I always studied Reality, what really works and from interviewing muggers, robbers, rapists, kidnappers and even murders I understand there mindset of attack and what causes that level of aggression.

I formulated Urban Survival Sciences and the concept of “The Urban Survival Scientist” (which was a name given to me by a fellow combative instructor) from years of observing, studying and yes personally being involved in violent confrontations all around the world. From an Executive Protection (bodyguard) standpoint my background in understanding the psychology of violence and the mind of a Predator no matter what the crime gives me a unique view of life on not only protecting the client, but being able to reverse that and think how would I attack the client since I understand the mind of the would be attacker. People often ask me how did I survive in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, Brazil or in Nigeria, Mexico, Ethiopia and the answer is I have met some of the most violent gang leaders that America has ever produced.

I have been in all of them-I have lived it, I have studied it and it has made me a better instructor and operator all around the world- “REAL WORLD.”

The above picture shows the slums of Soweto.

I understand the depths of violence they have committed and have personally sat down with them and had them explain to me in depth why, how, what prompted, what escalated some of the most violent crimes this country has ever seen, many of these people have spent half their lives in penitentiaries but I wanted to know how they think.

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The above picture is shows dilapidated building in inner city Newark.

If anyone thinks that Compton in the 90's was not like a Middle Eastern hotbed with people walking around on the streets at night with AK's & AR's they are sadly mistaken, if people don’t understand that places like Newark, Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, Little Rock, East St. Louis, Gary, Indiana were not “War Zones” they really don’t understand.

urban Survival Scientist  

Avery Mitchell-The Urban Survival Scientist describing his experiences.

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