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Nazir Alston and the search for sickle cell support by Maurice Henderson Nazir Alston is a young filmmaker trying to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment business.

7 ways to save more time Everyone has 24 hours in a day, only. How fast you can reach your goals in life really depends on how well you can manage these precious 24 hours. But truth be told, do we really have twenty four hours to begin with?


The Walkin’ Mannequin by Candace Cordelia Smith According to her biography, Philly native Lex Chappelle, Founder and Blogger behind the celebrity entertainment website, “The Walkin Mannequin”, “wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, short emails, and where Chipotle burritos replace salads.”

4 Philadelphia

Publisher’s Opinion

What is community?

How do we achieve a greater sense of community? Can we respect diversity and differences of opinion? What can we learn from one another?

What is community?

One of the best answer is, a community acts in concert to move together for greater good. In obtaining the greater good you’ll achieve all the possibilities associated with economic, personal and spiritual harmony by developing a positive culture of shared goals. We simply want to wish to be a safe, productive and respectful environment. How do achieve a greater sense of community? We achieve this by engaging neighbors, children and business owners since we all basically want the same things for our community. We still have a lot of growing do to on this as a society. We can do better. What can we learn? We can learn to be more collaborative as we are missing out on opportunities to learn from one another. We missed out because people rarely meet and talk with one another before conflict. So take the time to listen and learn from one another, you might be surprised how much you have in common. Philadelphia 5

6 Philadelphia

Janette Smith is an Emmy, Telly and Aurora award-winning journalist with 22 years experience in the broadcast industry, reporting and anchoring at WCPO-TV Cincinnati, WFAA-TV Dallas, and WAGA-Atlanta.

Candace Smith is a native Philadelphian and graduate of Syracuse University (BA) and City University of London (MA). After spending a few years living in London, Candace returned to Philadelphia and continues to forge a career as a freelance journalist, writer, blogger, actress, and host. Besides interviewing intriguing personalities for Urban/Suburban Magazine, she is also currently contributing her knowledge and skills to various artistic movements, publications, websites, and podcasts such as REP Radio, AFFRM, Tinsel and Tine, and Hipolitics.

Jennifer S. Matthews is a noted author, motivational speaker, and is trained as a financial coach. She is the author of the award-winning book “12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job”.

Denise James is a seasoned journalist whose passion is telling stories that reflect people’s truths in empowering ways. Denise began her career at WGPR TV & Radio in Detroit. WGPR was America’s first black owned television station. There she hosted a live morning talk show, reported for the evening news and produced special segments focused on people and issues shaping the times. morning talk show, reported for the evening news and produced special segments focused on people and issues shaping the times.

Kyle Leishear has been a Tech & Gadget enthusiast his whole life.  Even as a child when he would break something he would try to fix it.  That led him to a life of always trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest technologies and seeing how they work.

Matt Schmidt works as the Graphic Design Team Lead for Urban Suburban Magazine. Since he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010, he has been designing various material, from logos to brochures, for clients within the Philadelphia area.

Margarita McKissick has 15+ years of professional experience as a writer and public relations professional. She is currently working on her Ph.D in Philosophy (focusing on today’s youth), she earned her Master’s degree with high distinction in Public Communications at American University, and her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a focus on radio and television broadcast from Cheyney University.

April Perry McKellar of The After 5 Lifestyle was established by myself, April. I call Philadelphia home and have a passion food and sharing it with others. I am not a chef, nor do I claim to be. I’m just a regular gal working a Nine to Five that loves to eat and enjoy food with friends and family. Philadelphia 7

Look no further. Below you will find the top 10 frequently asked questions about car donations. 1. What kinds of vehicles can I donate? We accept car, truck, SUV, van, boat, RV, trailer, pop-up camper, Jet Ski, motorcycle, and airplane donations. Want to donate a vehicle you don’t see on the list? Give us a call we accept almost every vehicle you can think of.

5. Is my car donation tax deductible? Yes, your car donation can be tax deductible. However, in order to qualify for the tax deduction, you must itemize deductions on your taxes.

6. What paperwork do I need in order to donate my vehicle?

2. Can I still donate my vehicle even if it hasn’t run in years?

You need the title of the vehicle. The title of the vehicle must be clear and in your name in order to donate.

Yes! Even if you vehicle stopped running years ago, we will still accept it! We accept vehicles in all conditions.

7. What happens to my vehicle after I donate?

3. Can you briefly explain the vehicle donation process? Sure. The vehicle donation process is super quick and simple. You get in contact with us and we ask you a couple questions. These questions include information like your contact information, the make and model of the vehicle to be donated, and where the car is located. We do all the rest, from arranging a towing company to pick up our car to delivering you the paperwork used for tax benefit purposes.

4. How do I get my vehicle to you? You have two options. If the car is in good running order, you may drive it to our location. If you would prefer not to drive the vehicle to us, we will arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by a towing company at your convenience, with no cost to you. The pick-up will occur anytime from 24-72 hours after you have contacted us to donate your vehicle. 10 Philadelphia

The vehicles are brought on location and scheduled to be sold at auction. After the auction occurs, the money generated from the sale of the vehicle is used to further Goodwill’s mission.

8. Why do you ask for a social security number? It is required by the IRS for tax purposes to legitimize that you indeed donated the vehicle to the specific charity involved.

9. I won’t be able to be there when my car is scheduled to get picked up by the towing company. What should I do about the title and the keys? No worries. Just let us know ahead of time if you won’t be able to be there when your car is towed and make sure that you leave the title and the car keys in the vehicle.

10. I want to donate! Where can I get more information?

“Every book is an endless source for imagination. Through the pages, you’ll find a lifetime of adventures.” - Marty Bordwell

Passionwalk: Don’t Let Your Blessing Slip Away by S. L. Plummer

Insatiable but inexperienced, Saundra is at a crossroads. Devastated by her last relationship, she’s torn by the impulses of her own body. A voluptuous, bisexual, black Christian beauty, she has quit praying for her soul mate to find her. Like Saundra, Nehemiah’s battered heart, betrayed by his ex-wife, has abandoned hope that the woman his great-aunt prophesied will find him. If he can trust God to deliver her, can she be the dream he had left in his childhood? Their first date is one of discovery. Despite their Christian vows, they share a strong sexual appetite. “Forgive us, God,” they pray as foreplay gets heated. Eventually forsaking celibacy, they learn to trust the connection that leads to a passionate journey. Together, they face cultural tensions that break open moral contradictions in their sexual playground. Nehemiah admits to his past infidelity but is shaken by Saundra’s silence about her own history. Can they trust each other, or will history repeat itself? 14 Philadelphia

Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present Reprint Edition by Harriet A. Washington From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. This groundbreaking study documents that the infamous Tuskegee experiments, in which black syphilitic men were studied but not treated, was simply the most publicized in a long, and continuing, history of the American medical establishment using African-Americans as unwitting or unwilling human guinea pigs. Washington, a journalist and bioethicist who has worked at Harvard Medical School and Tuskegee University, has accumulated a wealth of documentation, beginning with Thomas Jefferson exposing hundreds of slaves to an untried smallpox vaccine before using it on whites, to the 1990s, when the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University ran drug experiments on African-American and black Dominican boys to determine a genetic predisposition for “disruptive behavior.” Washington is a great storyteller, and in addition to giving us an abundance of information on “scientific racism,” the book, even at its most distressing, is compulsively readable. It covers a wide range of topics—the history of hospitals not charging black patients so that, after death, their bodies could be used for anatomy classes; the exhaustive research done on black prisoners throughout the 20th century—and paints a powerful and disturbing portrait of medicine, race, sex and the abuse of power. (Dec. 26) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

One Crazy Summer (Ala Notable Children’s Books. Middle Readers Book 1) by Rita Williams-Garcia In this Newbery Honor novel, New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams-Garcia tells the story of three sisters who travel to Oakland, California, in 1968 to meet the mother who abandoned them. Eleven-year-old Delphine is like a mother to her two younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern. She’s had to be, ever since their mother, Cecile, left them seven years ago for a radical new life in California. When they arrive from Brooklyn to spend the summer with her, Cecile is nothing like they imagined. While the girls hope to go to Disneyland and meet Tinker Bell, their mother sends them to a day camp run by the Black Panthers. Unexpectedly, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern learn much about their family, their country, and themselves during one truly crazy summer. This moving, funny novel won the Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction and the Coretta Scott King Award and was a National Book Award Finalist. Readers who enjoy Christopher Paul Curtis’s The Watsons Go to Birmingham will find much to love in One Crazy Summer. Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern’s story continues in P.S. Be Eleven.

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell “Black people are not dark-skinned white people,” says advertising visionary Tom Burrell. In fact, they are a lot more. They are survivors of the Middle Passage and centuries of humiliation and deprivation, who have excelled against the odds, constantly making a way out of “no way!” At this point in history, the idea of black inferiority should have had a “Going-Out-of-Business Sale.” After all, Barack Obama has reached the Promised Land. Yet, as Brainwashed: Erasing the Myth of Black Inferiority testifies, too much of black America is still wandering in the wilderness. In this powerful examination of “the greatest propaganda campaign of all time”—the masterful marketing of black inferiority—Burrell poses 10 provocative questions that will make black people look in the mirror and ask why, nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, so many blacks still think like slaves. Philadelphia 15

NKA Creations LLC is a brand new film and media production company, operating out of Philadelphia, Pa. NKA Creations (NKAC), is a company that is run by the ambitious 16 year old, Nazir K. Alston. Nazir Alston is the chief executive officer of the business and his father Robert “Hershey” Alston is the chief operating officer. NKA Creations is the film company that will make people listen and not just hear, the story. The Alston duo has recently revealed that they are preparing to put together a documentary film about Sickle Cell Anemia. They have said that the official title of film will be called “Incomplete Cell” Nazir Alston, was inspired to commence this project because he was born and lives with Sickle Cell Anemia. Nazir believes that’s there is a significant ignorance, regarding the awareness of Sickle Cell Anemia, especially in the black community. With this Nazir K. Alston and Robert “Hershey” Alston, will show that NKA Creations LLC is the brand with sight and vision. 16 Philadelphia

were… “Never forget that I Bang EveryTHANG”, and from that one statement, History was in the making... Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine, a Woman, Black and Veteran owned business, was birthed by two sisters (Kelly & Jorrae Beard) with a passion for food, a vision for success, and a winning product that is surely taking the culinary world by storm. What started out as a social gathering where friends would meet to sample some culinary ideas of one young woman named Jorrae, turned out to be the Launchpad of an amazing product line of culinary delights that have people lining up for more. From that one evening, Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine was birthed and continues to this day to be an award winning restaurant and catering company that specializes in gourmet sauces, specialty dishes, and unique recipes such as Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauce, Seafood Fried Rice, and our award winning, Lulu Bang Wangs (wings) that have people driving for hundreds of miles to enjoy.

Soon to be on the shelves of the largest retail company in the WORLD, Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauce was selected as one of only 5 of five new condiment items to grace the shelves of WALMART. Our product will be available on the shelves of over 500 Walmart stores coming in February 2016. In the meantime, you can try anyone of our four flavors and you too will be convinced that Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine has a wonderful taste that is like none other. Visit us on our website at

The name “Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine” was chosen as a memorial for the mother of the owners, Kelly Beard and Jorrae Beard. At that time, no one had any idea that not only would this dynamic duo create culinary masterpieces, but that they would perfect an amazing sauce that would be labelled by all who taste as “one of the best sauces they have ever tasted”. Our award winning, Lulu Bang Wangs was given the name in memorial of the sisters’ eldest brother, Michael “Lulu” Beard and originated by taking a simple family recipe of their mother (Joyce Amanda Beard) by frying chicken wings in a simplistic fashion with limited seasonings, but then fusing the wings with Joyce’s Lulu Bang Sauces. One only has to taste it once before reciting the famous line “Oh taste and see…” Because our sauce is not merely a BBQ sauce, we had to develop a name consistent with the numerous ways in which the sauces are used. On one occasion, a customer came into the restaurant and ordered fish. Unlike with chicken that automatically received a side of Bang Sauce, we failed to put the sauce in with his order. He immediately returned to the restaurant and demanded that we give him bang sauce, which we willingly obliged. His parting words Philadelphia 17


Why Register a Trademark?

rademark is important for the identification of a product or a service in order to distinguish it from other products and services of a competing business. Using the trademark can enhance the credibility of the company, which contributes to the consolidation of the company’s position on the market.

Before launching an advertising campaign. When you launch an advertising campaign through AdWords, billboards, PR articles or in other media, you will attract new customer base. New customers should remember your company and your offering through a single phrase or logo. Once the brand or logo is remembered in the minds of your customers, you should protect it from use by competition, which wants to attract your clients. Before filing the trademark registration, it is important to search whether your brand or logo has been registered by someone else earlier. Departure of the partners from the company. A common situation when the owners of the brand decide to register a trademark is a dispute in the company. In this situation one of the partners leaves the company and the remaining partners register a trademark to prevent the former partner from competing with their company by using the same brand. Franchising. Owners of a well-run business often want to

share their experience with younger or starting entrepreneurs and help them by lending them their brand or logo. This brand or logo 20 Philadelphia

by Matus Navrat

already has an established reputation among customers, either through repeated ads or recurrent good experience with their products or services. This concept is called franchising. When the former owner of brand or logo intends to lend it to somebody, it is necessary to have this brand or logo registered as a trademark. After you lend your label or logo, you can come into disagreement with the borrower about the quality of the products or services provided under the brand or logo, or you can disagree about the extent of permissible competition. In such situation, you, as the owner of the brand or logo, need to be exclusive owner of the brand or logo.

Tax reasons. If a trademark is owned by foreign entities, the domestic entities have to pay royalties for use of the trademark. Such royalty payments are tax expense. However, it is important that these tax expenditures, which reduce the tax base and thereby the amount of tax, are not subject to a withholding tax, and, therefore, they do not abate tax. Withholding tax can be avoided by the payment of royalties to mother companies incorporated in other EU state, because the EU Directives command for elimination of barriers in the single European market. Mr. Navrat received his law degree from New York University School of Law. Mr. Navrat is currently advising mainly on complex corporate, tax, and intellectual property matters.

Teaching Math is a great process, since it is oriented towards applications and practical thinking. The versatility of a teacher with innumerable innovative ideas on hand paves way for success in teaching Math. Or else, the classes become boring and the teacher could not get across his or her ideas successfully. Tackling your kid’s Math anxieties is the hardest job on earth but it can be made easy, if you resort to help and guidance from valuable sources. When in-person tutoring has gone out of focus, one on one tutoring through online medium is the best fit for your kid. How to find the best fit for your kid in Math tutoring? Here are 5 tips: Find out a person who is devoted to Math: There are many online tutors in the field who advertise their skills in handling Math topics. Along with, they are interested in handling other subjects also. It would be good if you can choose one who is strictly committed to Math and is specialized in Math areas. Such a tutor can throw away any challenge provided to him in tough and complicated Math problems. Pick out the right tutoring service that provides screened tutors: Reliable online tutoring services provide tutors who are handpicked and screened in their specific domains of knowledge. Such tutors prove great with their certifications and credentials and can handle any intricate Math equation within no time.

24 Philadelphia

Ask for references from the tutor you choose: To understand the strength and authenticity of the tutor, ask for references which prove his success stories. They showcase how far he suits your requirements and what good he can do for your kid. These success stories boost your confidence in the tutor and enable you to get your work done with success. Attend the first tutoring session: Sit for demos with the tutor. Initial demos and tutoring session of the tutor should be attended by you along with the kid. This helps you in deciding the teaching style of the tutor and makes you understand how far he will come in tune with your needs and your kid’s learning aptitude. If you don’t find him alright, you can very well cancel the deal. Availability of flexible schedules: The main purpose of seeking one on one tutoring is to help out your kid in her crucial learning moments. If the tutor is not available on the time expected, there is no meaning in hiring a tutor. So, a Math tutor online with flexible schedules that go in line with your timings is the best bet for you. Jim Marshall is an author and write mostly on online education. Jim currently researching on Tutor Pace, which is an online tutoring service provider that can help you to achieve all the features that you want. There are online Math tutoring services which prove the best for student purposes in Math struggles. Especially, when you chat with a live Math tutor online Health Fitness Articles, you know his merits and capabilities well and choose your favorite one as per your needs.

Real Estate

How to Handle Roofing Troubles Roofing is an important structure of your property. If you notice trouble with your roofs and underlying structures, immediately call in the professionals. Unforeseen or apparent, roofing troubles are always painful. They put the security of your loved ones at stake. Nobody would like to live under a roof which is damaged and can fall upon you anytime. Therefore, to make your home a secure place to live in, it is extremely essential for you to ensure if the roof of your house is in tip top condition. You spend a good fortune of money to install a roof of your choice. The purpose of the roof is just not limited to, protecting you from the adverse climatic conditions, but also complete the look of your house. Repairing or replacing a roof is an expensive as it will require a good portion of money to do so. While it is in your hands to keep your roofs in the tip top condition, therefore it makes sense to take up a roof maintenance program to upkeep your roofs in the good condition. If you get to search over the web, you may get amazed to find a number of companies claiming to provide quality meticulous services. Matthew Lamz is one such roofing contractor, based in Austin, who has been delivering quality roofing services to the residents of Austin from last many years. He, along with his professionals

always stays ready to deliver impeccable roofing services, fitting well in your financial plan. Heavy weight of snow can cause structural damage leading to catastrophic collapse. This can be a serious concern as older buildings whose framing is different from that of modern building are more prone to getting severely exposed to collapsing as they are not able to bear the tension put by the snow on the various roofing structures. Falling from roofs can cause serious injuries and sometimes even result in death, if you happen to fall from a roof while clearing snow or inspecting the condition of your roofs. High temperatures can affect the shingles and flashings of your roof. To avoid all these episodes to take place, it is advisable to pay adequate attention towards the health of your roofs on a regular basis. This way, you cannot only avoid making expensive repairs or replacements, but also enhance the life span of your roofs. It becomes your prime responsibility as a homeowner to pay attention and care towards the important aspects of your home to reap its long term effects. If you notice any trouble signs, make no delays and immediately call the professionals to fix the problem. This is an important steps, which you need to take on the behalf of the security of your house. Matthew Lamz has been offering meticulous roofing services to the professionals for last many years. He has a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced roofing professionals. Philadelphia 27

WITH THE COMPANY THAT HELPS YOU LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE. At Independence Blue Cross, we’re committed to keeping you in good health. That’s why we make it easy to plan and track your health goals through personal health profiles and personal health records. Because we believe that working toward a healthier life leads to a happier life. Learn more at

Various researches have revealed that in this 21st century, one in four people are opting to buy medicines online. Do you know why? The reasons behind this is nothing rather than safety and convenience. Today purchasing medicines online has made life so easy that people do not want to waste their precious time visiting a general store and buying them. In simple words, you can say that purchasing medicines online has helped people in saving both time as well as energy. Owing to this, a large number of online pharmacies have come up, but among them finding the reliable one is a tough task. But by considering some of the most important points you can make your shopping easier.

You should be aware of the fake drugs. In this internet era, various online pharmacies have entered into the globe. Some of them are reliable whereas some of them are fake. These fake online stores sell medicines which often create a lot of health problems. Thus, while purchasing medicines’ from an online store, you need to have proper attention in order to check the reliability of the store.

Always try to know the source from where the pharmacy is purchasing medicines.

No doubt there are various benefits of purchasing drugs from an online pharmacy, but one needs to be careful about the source from where the pharmacy is purchasing medicines. The best thing that can be done here is to check the credentials of the store. Even you can go to their site thoroughly and can collect detailed information about the store.

they consult their pharmacists and sell the medicines’. They offer you the medicines’ and can let you know about the side effects of the medicines’ (if any).And also check the price charged for the products. So before choosing any online store for medicines do not forget to check all these points.

Pay proper attention to the other facilities of the store.

While purchasing medicines, make sure to consider some of the facilities like discount offered by them, good payment options, delivery of the product in time, etc. There are many pharmacies that have a good quality assurance process that is Philadelphia 29

Simple physical indoor and outdoor games have been a Zeus of all physical activity since the beginning of time. Back in the day, a simple backyard activity would bring tons of fun; the tire swing, the tree house and a simple hide and seek game were enough to provide the needed recreation. Back in the day, a simple backyard activity would bring tons of fun; the tire swing, the tree house and a simple hide and seek game were enough to provide the needed recreation. Today, 30 Philadelphia

however, we have deprived our children of the simple pleasures that can be garnered through simple backyard activities. Our hectic lifestyles have made us overlook the most important thing in life—our children’s health. I’ll admit, delivering kids into the arms of technology is pretty convenient. As a parent, I understand how messy kids can be, and what a relief it is to have a few hours of silence while your kid engages with his video game. However, is it really a responsible thing to do? Nobody said, raising kids would be easy; we cannot simply jeopardize our children’s health for our convenience. Below, I have gathered a list of simple backyard activities that will not only help you spend some quality time with your kids, but also help you find a physical activity that will hopefully get your kids to say au revoir to their sedentary lifestyle.

1WhoSoccer Goal doesn’t love soccer? If you have soccer aficionados

at home, then building a soccer goal could be a great idea for a summer backyard activity. You can easily assemble a soccer goal within a few hours. All you need is a couple of PVC pipes and netting (deer netting would work great). PVC pipes are lightweight and are easy to move about. Get your kids out and turn your background into a soccer field.

2Here’sPipe Ball Lawn Game another fun yet challenging game that can get

the blood rushing in your children. Pipe ball lawn game requires simple PVC pipes of varying sizes and a tennis ball. If you have had a little practice with nerf hoops then this could be actually a great activity to test your skills. The varying sizes of the pipes make it tricky for the kids to win every round.

3NoneMiniature Golf Course of us have enough time to drive ourselves along

with a gang of squabbling children to the golf course. Why not bring the golf course to your backyard? All you have to do is dig a few holes in the backyard and place a bunch of obstacles in the way of those holes to make the game more challenging. A great thing about mini backyard golf course is that the whole family can play it!

4If theSandbox commercial playground equipment has failed to

get your kids away from their gaming consoles, then try something different. Sandbox is like a little beach of your own in the backyard. Get ready to have hours of unlimited fun in a small box. Sandbox is a great tool for unstructured play; get your kids in there and let them work their imagination to build something extravagantly creative. Kids might find it hard to wrap their head around the concept of playing with raw sand, but give it a week; your kids will soon figure out what to do. Philadelphia 31

32 Philadelphia

by Maurice Henderson


azir Alston is a young filmmaker trying to climb the ladder of success in the entertainment business. He hopes his next project will elevate him to a stature most often unreachable for someone his age. At 16 years old and a student at String Theory High School, Nazir is now focusing on something more touching and personally relative to his life experiences. He is reaching out for support and sponsorship of a film documentary that will chronicle that challenges that he and other teens face and encounter while living with Sickle Cell. This disease has not diminished his talent, skills and abilities, academically or creatively. For years he has attended the annual Sickle Cell summer camp to learn and overcome the battles that those like him have to endure. He knows that there will be difficult times ahead but he keeps pushing forward with gut and grit. Most recently Nazir was offered mentorship from a Producer and Talk Show Host at the Black Heritage Network Television Station. He was also seen filming contestants from the Miss Black America pageant that once again made a triumphant return to Philadelphia. Rather he is requested to visually capture events at Temple University or the University of Pennsylvania, Nazir is always ready to stake his claim as young pioneering filmmaker. He was honored with the Young Genius Award by the National Black Arts Spoken Word Tour at ceremonies held at the Rotunda Theater in University City and continues to attract attention and residuals from his work featured on Youtube. Currently being guided and nurtured by his father and former Temple University student Robert, this young Alston boy has also filmed events featuring DJPoet, Malcolm Gladwell and Christian Rudder. He has so impressed the faculty at his school that he was invited to be one of the youngest panelist at the NAMEL Conference.

that there are better days ahead. He says about his homestead of Philly that “It can be a tough city to grow up in, but I have to make the best out of what I have. I don’t come from the most privileged circumstances, but i wasn’t poor either. I graduated from to a mediocre elementary, with kids who appeared lethargic with a grey future. I always had this exuberant ambition to succeed in life, and prove to everyone that I would do so. The cookie cutter American was something that I didn’t want to be. My family noticed this and helped make achieve my goal” There is something special and positive about this young African-American male and you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He seeks to change the world in a very fantastic way. He needs alot of support and deserve it. If any reader knows of an individual or company that can help him reach his goals, especially his film venture surrounding Sickle Cell, please reach out to him by calling 267231-0830 or

Nazir has really got no time to fool around and continues to upgrade his craft of filmmaking and photography while running his own company NKA Creations, LLC. He refuses to look at his health condition with anger or spite and knows Philadelphia 33

A story out of Africa From the deep roots of a royal African legacy, comes an authentic new experience from The House of Mandela Collection of wines. We, as the House of Mandela, have captured the essence of our lineage, culture, heritage, roots, family, values and all that we hold dear. As you consume these wines with your loved ones, celebrate your own rich past. To order, email: Contact No: 1.888.360.9463

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, only. How fast you can reach your goals in life really depends on how well you can manage these precious 24 hours. But truth be told, do we really have twenty four hours to begin with? For the average men in a twenty-four day, 8 hours are already spent in their sleep. When you consider the 2 hour for meal time and another 2 for traveling time, half of twenty-four hours are already spent without any work done. Now let’s take into account the time spent on recreation and hobbies, with friends and miscellaneous activities such as exercising and Facebook-ing. That would bring the 12 hours to a 15. In other words, the average men have 9 hours per day for doing productive work, the rest are spent on work-unrelated activities. Take note, the hours spent on jobs are not factored in yet. Some people understand the importance of this, that’s why there are people who reduce their sleeping, eating and recreational time; and people who start trying polyphasic sleep (an alternate sleeping pattern to the conventional monophasic sleep), photo reading (a more effective variant of speed reading), audio learning tool for en route and expensive instant fixes to make the most out of each second and save more time in their life. Here are 7 ways to save more time in your life:

1. Cut back on television and the Internet

With the increasing popularity of catching shows on video sharing sites, online videos must be taken into account too. The fastest way to start saving time is to cut down on the hours spent on watching shows. Not that I am putting the billion dollar industry down, but most likely, they are not the top priority for now.

2. Create routine 36 Philadelphia

It is common sense that if you practice something every day, you’re bound to be good in it. Create routines for your

daily life. Once you have adapted to the routine, it is much easier to get things done with minimal distractions. Secondly, by familiarizing with a daily routine, it is much easier to find out smarter and faster ways of doing things. To start: Identify recurring activities that you have to perform, it can be work-related or domestic chores. Connect them together to form a flowing sequence of steps. Now, maintain the new routine until it becomes your second nature.

3. Find alternatives

Once a routine has been set and maintained for some time, it becomes possible to start noticing some repetitive patterns, redundant steps or time-saving shortcuts. Trim whatever is unnecessary and test out the shortcuts, it will save you time. To start: Think back on those times when your gut feelings tell you that you are putting in more time and effort than the result you are getting. If the routines can be further improved upon, test them out. Time is precious.

4. Organize and categorize

Still remember the 9 hours we have left for real work? More often than not, trying to locate anything in a mess takes some time. This can seriously cost you a bomb, in terms of both lost opportunity costs and distraction from the clutter which will take up your time again. A logical system of categorization will save you time by allowing to get what you need the instant you need it. If you have to frequently refer to archives or retrieve goods from a logistics nightmare, keeping the archives and inventories organized will definitely save time. To start: If you have ever faced similar problems, the best thing to do is to reserve a date to organize and tackle the mess.

problem lies with distractions which draw us away from our tasks and cause everyone to take long and unnecessary detours instead of a straight path. You have to plan ahead of these distractions to avoid them. To start: For physical distractions such as noise, interruption and clutter, you can either remove them or avoid them. For mental distractions such as, temptations, or self-sabotaging thoughts like irrational fear (will be covered below), you may want to try processes like the ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ (EFT).

5. Multi-task

7. Deal with self-sabotage

This is rather subjective. Some actions should never be multi-tasked, such as reading the news while having dinner; or messaging your friends on the cellphone while driving. It is public consensus that they pose certain risk to our health or others’ safety. Otherwise, it is possible to multi-task in order to save time. I know of a friend who is no stranger to multitasking. He lifts weights while reading, trains his mind while sleeping (he uses a brainwave entrainment audio program) and easily alternates between his workloads. He had proven to me that he can perform them with ease, but it comes with practice. To start: It is not necessary to become an eight-legged octopus like my friend. For a start, it is better to get accustomed to the aforementioned routine first. Multitasking will follow naturally. If you like to get hands on now, consider scanning your computer for spyware as you read this.

6. Plan ahead of distractions

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. It applies to anyone and their tasks at hand. The

A lot of precious time is wasted on negative thoughts and thoughts that do not bear result. You may have met someone who spent days crying over spilled milk or absolutely refuse to move an inch due to irrational fear. Morally speaking, they have the right to mourn for their losses or worry about their ‘safety’. Logically speaking, if their emotions are pulling them back to that extent, they have to start learning to deal with their emotions. It is taking up too much of their precious time. To start: If you feel that your emotions are dragging your productivity down the drain, try to find out what is causing that emotion exactly. Be honest and avoid excuses, once you have pinpoint it, overcome it with ‘EFT’ or ‘Sedona’. Run through the 7 ways again and remember this: “Time may be a man-made concept, but it cannot be created. Hold this truth close to your heart and bear it in your mind.” Shafi’e is the Webmaster of StraTeachgic Success, where you can discover secret life-long learning success techniques and 2 amazing FREE reports that reveal how you can wipe out all your limiting beliefs, radically alter your life, boost your intelligence, expand your creativity, improve your personal effectiveness, achieve all your goals and your inherent unlimited potential for wealth, success & happiness fast! Philadelphia 37

Indian food is generally associated with being hot and spicy. Indian food includes a wide variety of cuisines, each state has its unique specialty food and traditions and customs associated with it. The overall food culture is influenced by various cultures.

If you do not have any prior experience tasting Indian cuisine, it important that you are careful about the kind of food you order. Some of the valuable tips you must consider while ordering Indian food: Majority of the Indian food are made of a variety of spices and vegetables marinated in various aromatic herbs. The Indian food is largely influenced by the cultures of Persia, England, Portugal and China. If you are a vegetarian you would have plenty of choices.

Indian food is generally associated with being hot and spicy. Indian food includes a wide variety of cuisines, each state has its unique specialty food and traditions and customs associated with it. The overall food culture is influenced by various cultures. Typically, the food items in India are cooked using a variety of ingredients such as herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of veg restaurants both in India and foreign countries that serve authentic Indian food.

Majority of the Indian appetizers are deep fried in oil and served with delicious chutney that is sweet, sour and spicy. The soups too are a bit spicy and served with salads made of raw vegetables. The Indian food restaurants keep the age old tradition of Indian cuisine and serve the appetizers with accompaniments that aptly balance the spicy flavor. If you are not aware of what to order from the appetizers menu it is best advised to stick to the popular options such as Indian cutlets or patties that are made

38 Philadelphia


by stuffing a mixture of vegetables and spices inside dough and is then deep fried. Certain type patties on the other hand are deep fried as well but they don’t have stuffing inside it.


Indian beverages are usually sweet and they go well with the spicy food. Most veg restaurants would serve all the popular Indian beverages. The drink made of yogurt and sugar is the staple beverage of the Punjabis. The drink is usually served in tall glasses.

Main Course:

The options for main course dishes are aplenty. The popular choice of dishes for main course is Indian flat bread; the Indian

breads are usually round and unleavened. This is followed by rice. Rice can be fried or steamed. Both rice and breads are served with spicy curries that are cooked with vegetables and a variety of spices and masala. Most Indian food restaurants serve curries that are of different spice levels. If you do not have any experience of eating spicy Indian food, it is best advised to order a simple or less spicy food. The spicy food can be really hot and you may not be able to handle it, it would only lead to wastage of food and money. You can order spicy food once you get used to eating the spicy stuff.


Just like main course and appetizers you would have plenty of desert options to choose from. Most Indian deserts are made of milk, ghee and sugar. After having the spicy food, the deserts would greatly calm your taste buds. One of the most popular deserts you can try at Indian food restaurants is pudding made of cardamom, milk, rice and raisins. Philadelphia 39

According to her biography, Philly native Lex Chappelle, Found-

er and Blogger behind the celebrity entertainment website, “The Walkin Mannequin”, “wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, short emails, and where Chipotle burritos replace salads.” It’s not only this candid humor that draws readers to her blog, which is certainly one to watch, but also the fact that she refuses to profit from the negative aspects of celebrity news culture. Her celebrity tea is much more humane than the ones found on a variety of other entertainment blogs. Urban/Suburban Magazine caught up with Chappelle to find out why. Urban Suburban: Thank you so much for doing this interview with Urban/Suburban Magazine! Could you please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background in writing and blogging? Lex Chappelle, of “The Walkin Mannequin”: It sounds so cliché, but I grew up thinking that I was going to be a big star and that I was going to be somebody. I was a bubbly child. You know those parents that say, “Oh you’re too grown!” to a child? That was me! I always enjoyed music. I used to write music and sing. Then I got into fashion- I thought I wanted to be a fashion stylist at one point. But, I always had a passion for writing. In the 8th grade I went to a university seminar for journalism, specifically fashion journalism during this camp. I soon found out that fashion journalism was not quite right for me, but I was lucky. There are some people in their 30s and 40s and begin to realize what they really want out of life. I figured this out at an earlier age, yet I always knew that writing would be the basis of my career. I did the college thing [at Neumann University, then transferred to the Art Institute of Philadelphia] and didn’t finish. But I always wrote. So, with my passion for writing as well as fashion and music, I decided to jump into blogging. I also didn’t want to work for anyone, even though when you have your own business, you’re going to have to answer to someone. But as far as someone watching me work over my back, I didn’t want to deal with that anymore. I left a job, [working at JC Penney as a manager], making the most money that I had ever made in my entire life, but I was so miserable. I felt like the job turned me into a horrible person; I wasn’t my normal self. 40 Philadelphia

I gave my two weeks, but I didn’t have a plan, at all. I took a parttime job as a waitress and wrote during my free time. My lease for my apartment during this time was up and I moved into my cousin’s place for a year, but afterwards made the decision to move to Atlanta. That’s pretty much how “The Walkin Mannequin” got started! Urban Suburban: Ahhhh! So you live in Atlanta now! How long have you lived there for? Chappelle: It’s OK! Being in Philly for 23 years, I came to know all of the hot spots and where to go. Here in Atlanta I’m still getting used to everything. It’s a different city, a different pace. I have to learn everything over again and sometimes that can be hard. But it’s a dope city. There’s always something going on. Urban Suburban: Do you find that Atlanta is the better city for you to further pursue your blogging career? Chappelle: I think that Atlanta is great and thriving for entertainment. It just makes sense. Since I’ve been here I’ve made a lot of connections and have been to a lot of events. I’ve made a lot of business moves that would have been a lot harder for me to make in Philadelphia, unfortunately. I love Philadelphia as a city, but as far as entertainment…it has its own little cliques that I did not want to be a part of. Urban Suburban: “The Walkin Mannequin”….where did this name for your blog originate from? Chappelle: Besides the fact that I am into the fashion, the whole concept comes from knowing that people idolize celebrities like they’re not human. You go and shop, look at mannequins in a store and say to yourself, “I want everything they have.” But you don’t know what it took, from the visual merchandiser to the store manager to put that outfit on the mannequin together. I think that a lot of people look at celebrities in the same way- “I want their life”. But you don’t know the struggle or what goes on behind the scenes to get that finished product, the brand. That’s where “The Walkin Mannequin” came from- celebrities are like mannequins to me, in a sense. They’re so perfect to everyone’s eye, but there’s so much that goes into putting their whole image together to be displayed. I’m trying to tie in celebrities’ issues that tie into greater social issues we can relate to.

Urban Suburban: Having said that, where do you see yourself and your blog fitting into the oversaturated entertainment blog landscape? What do you think about Perez Hilton’s “Kardashian Kleanse” and Necole Bitchie’s declaration to step away from her celebrity-focused blog to write more about issues affecting women and more inspiring, positive news? Chappelle: What makes me stand out, as far as a blogger, is that I want to humanize celebrities; I want to show the stories that they and my readers have in common. It’s funny you mention Perez’s “Kardashian Kleanse” because the two questions that I’m always asked are, “Who is the person that you write about the most?” or “Who are you tired of writing about?”, and I always say “The Kardashians”. [laughter] They are always in the tabloids and it kind of does get tiring. I was just telling someone the other day that I’m not going to go on a Kardashian Kleanse, but I did say that I was going to slow down on [writing about] them. Sometimes, I’m reading over my blog or reviewing its Google Analytics and I think, “Okay, two weeks ago you wrote too many posts about the Kardashians”. So when Perez said that he would go on his “Kardashian Kleanse”, I thought, “Yes, good for you!” They are everywhere and sometimes it gets quite annoying! You don’t want to feel like you’re being negative all the time, in regards to Necole Bitchie’s case, either.

Now it seems as though a lot of bloggers are coming out and thinking about how they can get quick fame. Some of these other bloggers might have a bigger following than me, but I did not want to get introduced to the world as not only a horrible blogger, but a horrible person. That’s hard to bounce back from. I even went on an audition for the “Bad Girls Club” [an Oxygen television show] and got to the next round and I thought to myself about that is not how I want to present myself to the world! Urban Suburban: Do you ever feel some sort of pressure to write certain stories to stay on the pulse of current trending topics? Chappelle: I used to feel pressure to be the first one to report something or say something. Now it’s all about creating quality content. Even if I write a story about a popular topic, my readers are still going to come to my site to get my unique take on it. Urban Suburban: Who are your favorite celebrities that you love to blog about? Current favorite TV shows? Movies? Chappelle: Hmmm…I’m not going to knock Kim Kardashian. I like the hustle of that whole family. They are marketing geniuses and I will always stand by that, point blank period. They all won. The celebrities that I like to follow are candid and down-to-earth. I’m really obsessed with Karrueche [Tran, Chris Brown’s famous Philadelphia 41

ex-girlfriend]. She’s an awesome individual and her Snaps [Snapchat] are hilarious. Also, Nicole Richie. She doesn’t have a lot going on, as far as gossip, but I love her. I like to celebrities who are funny and relatable to me! I’m a goofball; I’m just extra and loud. I’d rather laugh all day then hate all day. That’s just me. Urban Suburban: Where do you hope to see The Walkin Mannequin and your career in five years? Chappelle: I would love to have an office here in Atlanta. I want to be tri-coastal, to have a presence in L.A., Philadelphia, and Atlanta. I would love to do TV. In my head I’m a serial entrepreneur. Eventually I would like to dive into the restaurant and makeup businesses as well. I love makeup! A dream of mine would be to do a campaign with MAC [Cosmetics]. Urban Suburban: Have you ever received any backlash from information posted on your blog? If so, what were the steps you took to combat this? Chappelle: All the time! There are the fans who think that because they follow celebrities from the start of their careers that they can just come at me sideways, especially when I post a picture on Instagram! I honestly don’t understand the hardcore fans, because I’ve never been someone that’s starstruck for another person who wouldn’t even give me a dollar or two. These celebrities are human like you and me. Urban Suburban: What are your thoughts on anyone who says that bloggers are not real journalists and should not be taken seriously? Chappelle: I think people that say that are threatened. Some blogger don’t spellcheck, no shade, and just say what they want to say. But I feel that they should be left alone. You have television shows now that are based on bloggers. Bloggers have taken over. It’s like Uber within the taxicab industry. You can what you want to say, but at the end of the day you have to adjust to the advances of technology or you will get left behind. The numbers don’t lie. Blogs are getting more hits than websites created by major publications. Just follow suit- that’s all! Urban Suburban: Do you have any exciting events or news that you are covering for The Walkin Mannequin for the rest of 2015? Chappelle: I basically want to hit the floor running with my blog for the rest of the year. Here 42 Philadelphia

in Atlanta I will be attending the BET Hip Hop Awards [in October] and I will be going to Miami for the Revolt Music Conference [in October] as well I’m just going to continue putting my face out there and making it happen! To follow The Walkin Mannequin for celebrity and entertainment news and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of events, interviews, and more, read www.thewalkinmannequin. com for more information! You can also find The Walkin Mannequin through the following social media links: Facebook: Twitter: @Walknmannequin Periscope: @Walkinmannequin Instagram: @Thewalkinmannequin

We acknowledge the plight of entrepreneurs and new businesses who struggle to raise essential capital and fail to take their brand or business to the next level. We believe, A Robust Online Platform for Startup Investing and Funding passionate entrepreneurs deserve passionate investors. When you start a new business, the first and most common problem arises is to find the resources for funding. Besides having brilliant business ideas, most of the entrepreneurs fail to raise necessary funds and let their ideas sink. Due to the lack of funds, they never able to bring their ideas in to the reality. If you are planning to run a startup and want to raise capital for your business, then you should first check 44 Philadelphia

with the various funding avenues. Once you find different resources for fundraising, you can choose the best one that suits to your needs and you can promote your ideas in a manner convey your worth and bring money to develop your business. These important things can make a huge difference, especially, when you decide to start your own business. Before knowing few brilliant funding options, it is better to know about some other possible options that can help you source your startup capital. If you conduct a profound research of a market, you will come across many options and choices. Research also helps you understand which option is good for

Equity Financing - It is one of the well-

known forms of funding that help you get money for your business in the exchange of a part of your business ownership. Equity financing is usually offered by informal investors and venture capitalists. This is a good option to raise funds for your startups as you pay back your loan in a certain time frame.

Debt Financing - Banks and accredited gov-

your business. The best option to perform a research is the Internet. It provides you with a plethora of information where can get the answer of your question. If starting a small business is your plan, then you will find many helpful online resources that give you precious information about funding resources.

ernment agencies offer loan to startups is called as a debt financing. You owe these agencies in this way of raising capital.

Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding

You can also find information in the newspapers. They are the excellent option to know the latest information about funding for startups. You can find news articles and fundraising ideas written by entrepreneurs to learn how to start a news business and raise funds. Furthermore, you can also get detailed information about resources with whom you can make a connection and achieve your goals.

is a superb option of online fundraising. It brings a community of investors, startups, entrepreneurs and business together and let them meet each other to accomplish their objectives. There are many Crowdfunding websites available on the internet that let you promote your promising ideas and materialize them in a better way.

Now, you should decide on a funding resource that you want to choose for raising capital for your startup. There are few wonderful funding options available in the market that can help you raise funds.

If you really have that entrepreneur’s instinct and a great business idea, then you no need to lose your hope. Above option will surely help you to make your dreams come true. Philadelphia 45


very year parents look forward to this day. For better or worse we cherish this moment. The moment your child wakes up at 7 in the morning, for undoubtedly for the first time in a few months and gets dressed, walks out the door and goes back to school. You as a parent can then do with your time as you wish. No more text messages, begging for rides to the mall, or giving them money to go out and waste it on god knows what, or better yet you get to use the computer uninterrupted and not have to watch Minecraft YouTube videos for hours at a time.

The same worry all parents have when sending their young ones off to school is of course their safety. Both to and from school, and also if the kids are at home and the parents work, we want to make sure the kids are doing the things they should be doing and not getting into any trouble. On top of that I will share with you a couple of sweet education gadgets your young ones should get immediately. So let’s begin with safety shall we? Trackers or wearables are a classification of gadgets that do one thing, track your target. The target is your child and these trackers can use either GPS, GSM signals to achieve their main objective. So let’s look at some wearables for your kids to wear and keep them safe. 48 Philadelphia

FiLip 2 The FiLIP 2 is a wrist watch, GPS locator, and cell phone that works with an accompanying iOS or Android application. Its modern, lightweight, water-resistant design makes it a top choice in the children’s wearables market. The FiLIP 2 features a kid-friendly band. It can be worn open or closed and adjusted with spacers to remain comfortable as your child gets bigger. Also allows for two-way text messaging, no other device allows that. Downside is that it is very expensive at $199.99 plus $10 a month for phone service. One ringtone and only stores 5 numbers.

BeLuvv Guardian For parents who want a lower-cost alternative to GPS, a Bluetooth

kids to check out for school.

Netatmo Welcome Camera The Welcome Camera from Netatmo is a Wi-Fi home-monitoring camera that plugs into a wall outlet and keeps tabs on who’s coming and going. It can also do facial recognition and can learn your family, then you can get notified on your Android or iOS device when the kids get home. It will also let you know whether they’ve brought a friend home with them, as Welcome notifies you when there’s an unknown person in the house. All of this will give you great peace of mind when you aren’t home but your kids are.

HP Pavilion 10x2 Some schools allow you to bring in a laptop or tablet to help with the kids in their classes, so why not bring in both. You can easily transform this hybrid device from laptop to tablet and the price won’t kill you either. Plus for some kids choices are an option of colors like red and purple. For $329 you can’t go wrong with this great device. device like the BeLUvv Guardian is a great option. The device is paired with an iOS/Android application that allows you to track your child within a 20-45 meter radius while at the playground or mall. The application also allows you to invite others to “co-guard” your child. Now this is the most economical choice but it is also the least practical. Sure it uses Bluetooth so battery life is great however the range is minimal. Great if you need to have this on while out at a park or ballgame but tracking is out of the question.

Pocket Finder This device uses GSM and GPS, and is a great choice for those searching for an extremely rugged location device that can be worn on the wrist or dropped in a backpack or pocket. If your child is prone to removing or breaking wearables, the Pocket Finder is about as accident-proof as wearables come. The PocketFinder features a unique “tap alert,” which allows children to send an SOS message by tapping the device three times on hard surface, as well as an accelerometer that alerts parents when a pre-set speed is exceeded. PocketFinder is an excellent choice for those who travel abroad. They offer both a domestic (United States, Canada and Mexico) monthly service plan for $12.95, as well as an international plan for $29.95. If you know you are going on vacation, you can choose to modify your plan for as little as a week at a pro-rated cost. PocketFinder also boasts a battery life of up to four days. Those were some choices when it comes to wearables or tracking devices for your kids. There are a lot more and I implore you to do your research and find the best option that fits what you are looking for. Now we take a look at a few educational gadgets for your

Aspire E Series For those of you with the computer geek in the house who won’t sacrifice both power and performance I bring to you the Aspire E Series. $649 E5-573G-56RG has a Nvidia GeForce 940M graphics card, plus lots of options for memory and storage. It runs the latest Intel Core processor which allows for better gaming and video playback. Available in 14-inch, 15.6-inch of 17.3-inch display. The one down side is if the kids can bring this to school it can be a bit clunky and bulky to carry around but of course you have options for that as well. As I said before these are merely options and there are plenty more out in the interverse. Check for the gadget that best fits what you are looking for and do your research and double check to make sure it will work for you and in your area. Price is always a factor as well as you don’t need to break the bank to get the best quality. Whichever way you go you are going to be in good hands this school year with the knowledge of having your kids safe and helping them with their school work. Philadelphia 49

Online Business

Helpful Tips for Online Marketing Success By Diane Hughes A business is an opportunity which is used to attract customers and develop potential clients to expand your customer base. E-commerce is a trend that is skyrocketing, so growing your customer base online is increasingly becoming more and more important. Mentioned below are a few tips for online marketing success:

Understand Your Customers

Before marketing any product or service online, you need to first understand your target market’s decision chain. This will help you in discovering what is important to them, after which, you can make the right offer. After you do this, you should focus your efforts on educating them about the value they will get from the product or service.

Create and Develop an Online Presence

You then need to establish your online business presence so that customers can easily find you. This is possible with search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing and Google ads. The more outstretched your presence is online, the more easily accessible you will be to customers.

Marketing Materials Should Promote Your Presence Online

Use keyword rich content so that your website can pop up on the first page of searches conducted by customers. With a high search engine ranking, you will experience a growth in the number of visitors that come to your website. This way more and more customers will grow aware of you and your business, enhancing its success with an increase in sales.

You should ensure that your business cards, letterheads and other print media publications promote your online business presence by displaying your website address. You can also promote your website via communication channels such as television commercials and radio. Lastly, the address of your website can also be added to your phone message and in every employee’s email signature. It will not be long before customer prospects start visiting your website.

Use Social Media to Connect With Customers

Power up Your Customer Support Services

Social media is a highly influential platform. Start developing the presence of your business on networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. Create business pages so that you can hold discussions, share updates and promotions, and gradually build stronger connections with your target audience and potential customers. Upon building connections and communicating with your target market, you can gain precious customers’ insight which can be helpful in understanding them better, growing your business presence, and attracting new customers.

When customers receive assistance and support facilities instantly, they start trusting your business to cater to their every need. When this happens, they start becoming more loyal. Customers like getting feedback on a quick basis and when doing so, put in a quick reminder of any discounts or incentives that are being offered by your business. The internet has a vast scope of opportunities for the growth and development of various kinds of businesses. With the help of the marketing tips mentioned above, you can be sure that your business is headed towards the direction of online marketing success. Philadelphia 51

Sunset at Perkins Cove in Maine New England and the Canadian Atlantic make up the most northeast portion of North America, bordered on the north by the Arctic ocean. New England refers to the area

covered by six of the United States of America: Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The Canadian Atlantic consists of the three Maritime provinces – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia – as well as Canada’s easternmost province, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lobster Fishing Boats in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Northeastern Atlantic areas can be great places to experience good-natured entertainment and outdoor fun. Places like Boston, Prince Edward Island, Halifax, and Cape Cod all offer numerous activities, particularly outdoors. One should also consider a visit to the renowned universities of Yale, Harvard and MIT in New England. Hockey is also an extremely popular spectator sport in Canada, which can be fun attending.

Autumn in New England (Maine)

All of these areas long relied on fishing as a primary source of revenue, and the classic culinary scene reflects this. Lobster, clam, cod, potatoes and corn all figure heavily into the classic New England and Canadian Atlantic menu. More adventurous eaters might search out 52 Philadelphia

seal-flipper pie in Canadian Atlantic, specifically Newfoundland and Labrador.

Providence, Rhode Island Skyline

These areas’ location on the coast of the Atlantic, roughly across from much of Europe, meant that they were some of the first in the Americas to be settled and colonized. New England, as the name implies, was one of the first areas to be settled by English colonists sailing on behalf of the crown, and the culture of the area, at least historically, has represented this origin. Politically and culturally the region was the first to push for slavery abolition, a sentiment which continued throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The Canadian Atlantic first played host to early Norse settlers, then a diverse group of Italian, English and French settlements. A popular saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes,” hints towards the climate goings and comings of the regions. Winters in these areas can get extremely cold, and summers very humid. Many tourists travel to New England and the Canadian Atlantic in the fall, when the region’s trees famously display a plethora of classic fall colorings. Alexis Armstrong, Travel Specialist Travel By Design, LLC 267-760-1103 - cell

Do you hear it? That still small voice that beckons you to pursue your greater purpose is calling. Maybe you stopped listening to that voice, but it is far from silenced. That voice of inner wisdom is back — with a reminder that you still have so much more to offer this world. It’s time for you to fully become what you were always meant to be. The distance between your dreams and reality is full of obstacles, but if you know how to work through those challenges the dreams of your past can be the reality of your future. In this guide, I share the stories of dream building from being an Emmy award-winning journalist to entertainment host, mega ministry media director, consultant to gospel icons, and finally Certified Life Strategist and Mindset Coach. I understand the process of repositioning and building dreams and I want to help you uncover your own strengths, define your purpose, and reconnect with that inner wisdom, so you can push past stuck, navigate the path of dream building and become your own success story.

Available on October 19th 2015

Dream It. Believe It. Do It. Philadelphia 55

From Dream to Reality

Navigating the Path to Your Life Purpose This action-guide is created for those passionate architects who don’t mind building their own dreams. From Dream to Reality helps you understand why your greatest assignment in life is discovering and living out your great purpose, and speaks to the challenges that you face along the way. The book offers tools to put you on the path of unlocking your dreams, building your reality and creating the life you were meant to have. “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within“ *Quote often attributed to Harriet Tubman 56 Philadelphia


There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why. ~ William Barclay I personally believe God gives everyone a dream that if fulfilled, will meet a specific need, and solve problems for others. This is why you may often hear the word ‘calling’ used to define what we’ve been referring to as our ‘life’s dream.’ A calling is your assignment, driven by purpose, revealed to you in a dream. If you believe there’s a power greater than yourself then you must also believe that Power — which I acknowledge as God — sees the big picture down here on earth. He knew we would need doctors, firemen, superb mothers, teachers, poets, musicians, artists and architects. So, when he decided what color your eyes would be, your hair color and height, he also placed an assignment on the inside of you. It’s ‘seed’ — your dream. Consider a real ‘seed.’ An apple seed looks different than a watermelon seed. There are no instructions attached to either seed on what to do, how to grow or even what to be. It is what it is. The instructions, seed’s internal genetics dictate that each seed produce a very specific fruit. What we do know about seeds is that you have to plant it in good soil and nurture it with the necessary resources. Eventually it will grow and produce something very specific. The same is true with that ‘seed’ on the inside of you. And like a real seed, if you don’t get planted, rooted and grounded nor nurtured, the seed dies. Survey your friends and you’ll find that everyone has a unique set of talents, interests and skills. We didn’t pick what we ended up with (or else I would have Beyoncé’s voice.) From the time we began growing and learning we were also discovering or uncovering our dreams. Those desires in our heart grow stronger, and like a magnet the longing pulls us in the direction of our destiny. Sometimes we lose connection with our dream. This happens for various reasons: life’s demands can pull us off track, or we wrongly judge our dream based on damaging misconceptions. Have you shared these thoughts? • Dreams should be logical and realistic. • Dreams unfold on their own. • Divinely inspired or authentic dreams come with step-by-step instructions. • Dreams are a vehicle to meet my personal needs, wants and desires. • Every Dream is attached to stardom. • I’m not qualified to pursue my dream. • It’s too late to follow my dream.

This line of thinking often produces acts of self-sabotage. I call them ‘dream blockers.’ Any one of these beliefs can mislead, overwhelm, or trap you in a web of confusion. As a result, doubt may prevent you from ever beginning the journey from dream to reality. Let’s address these statements so you can be clear. Philadelphia 57

Dreams should be logical and realistic. Not always. Sometimes dreams will stretch the boundaries of what we believe possible for ourselves. That was the case for Keith Harrell. Once a tall, skinny, awkward kid, he overcame his stuttering to become a revered motivational speaker and leadership coach for corporate America. Most every dream will test your level of faith, will be something you can’t achieve in your own strength and will probably have aspects to it that make no logical sense to you, though it makes complete sense in the grand scheme of things. Most people are overwhelmed by the thought of their dream, and would probably call it unrealistic. So, relax—you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Dreams unfold on their own. Though it is a dream, you have to ‘wake up’ to make it come true. Fulfilling it is a process that requires your avid pursuit. Taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, only leaves you ‘standing around looking’ as we used to say. If I’m in Atlanta, Georgia and decide I want to visit my mom in Huntsville, Alabama, I can’t just stare at the route on a map and expect to be magically transported there. I have to make the journey. Divinely inspired or authentic dreams come with step-by-step instructions. Hardly! This one thing I learned first-hand, and from interviewing a variety of celebrities and influential icons of our time. “How” doesn’t start showing up until you fully commit to the dream and embrace it in your heart. Once you begin formulating an action plan and walking it out, the next piece of the puzzle tends to show up. If you think how just falls in your lap - you will never realize your dream. Taylor Swift took the journey from dream to reality. She dreamt of being a country music star, so she learned how to play a twelve string guitar at the age of twelve. She then coaxed her parents into letting her visit Nashville where she passed out demos of her singing karaoke songs to the local record labels. Then, she began performing at a few open mic nights, and started working collaboratively with Nashville songwriters in hopes of meeting the ‘someone’ who held the next piece of her dream puzzle. For Swift, that would be Scott Borchetta, another dreamer who was working to get his newly-formed record label (Big Machine Records) off of the ground. Get it? Don’t wait for how, commit and follow the dream doing what you can with what you have and the rest of the how will come.

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Dreams are a vehicle to meet my personal needs, wants and desires. Your fulfillment will come from living out what you’re most passionate about, but a true dream (calling) is not self-centered, it’s about you being in service to others with a focus on contributing to your community and world by sharing your gift. You’re meeting needs, and solving problems.

Every Dream is attached to stardom. Yes and no. When you are operating fully in your gifts and talents, you will shine. Your stage will be whatever platform you are called to work on in your immediate world. Some people do have a greater purpose that places them on the world’s stage but this does not in any way make that dreamer more special than any another. In truth, many of the people who deserve stars on the Hollywood walk of fame go sorely unnoticed. They are the mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, small business owners, construction workers, volunteers and others who work diligently in the trenches and behind the scenes —where their passion lies.

I’m not qualified to pursue my dream. No one is ever fully ‘qualified’ at the point the dream is revealed. Preparation is what the journey is all about. You can also rest assured, the bigger your dream, the longer your journey. It is designed to create opportunities for you to sharpen your tools and fine-tune your skills along the way. I often dreamt of having positive and powerful influence with people and would see myself speaking in front of crowds. That was my dream and I would not negotiate the possibility of attaining that goal — not even with myself. My vision became ‘to encourage, inspire, entertain and inform people in original ways.’ I refer to this as my E.I.E.I.O philosophy. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how that would manifest in terms of a career. It makes sense now to see how my life unfolded: I spent eighteen years anchoring and reporting the news; another ten years hosting entertainment programs; during it all I was often hired for speaking engagements and motivational coaching sessions. Meanwhile, I became a ‘go to’ person of sorts in a few of the newsrooms I worked in. Since I had a passion to encourage and inspire people, I was never at a loss for people coming around wanting just that. Vision brings focus; which is why it is most important to ‘write your dream down, and define it concisely. The gifts I offer you in this book are tools I’ve used throughout my career, and continue to use with my clients. One is called The Purpose Planner. It allows you to drill into your vision at a deeper level so you can set short and long term goals, determine the major players that do, or can affect your success, and lay out the tasks that become the basis for your action plan. What makes this journey an adventure is the mix of the seen and unseen; the tangible and the intangible. The principals in this book will bring positive results. It’s not because I’m so special, it’s because laws and principles work the same for everyone. For example, the law of gravity works the same for everyone. If you must, test this by jumping off of a chair. It won’t matter who leaps, how they leap or what time of day they leap. Anyone who jumps off of a chair will end up on the floor. The laws and principals proven affective for making dreams a reality can work for you like they’ve worked me and others. Those are the tangible things I can help you with. Still, there are parts of this process that only YOU can do. As we prepare to move into discovering your dream, make the commitment to: • do the exercises and write things down. (You can’t hit a target you can’t see.) • move forward with your action plans, even when it makes you uncomfortable. • cultivate a healthy level of expectation and gratitude. Let’s get to work. Philadelphia 59 Coming Soon

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October 2015 Issue - Urban Suburban Magazine  

Nazir Alston, 7 Ways to Manage Your Time Better, Walkin' Mannequin, Indian Food Tips

October 2015 Issue - Urban Suburban Magazine  

Nazir Alston, 7 Ways to Manage Your Time Better, Walkin' Mannequin, Indian Food Tips