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International Exhibition 21.06. - 15.07.2012 CBK Amststerdam






Urban Art EFX introduction, from urban to contemporary, event description, summary

Participating artists, a comprehensive event, target groups, international publicity

Event goals, organisation description, curator’s note




Exhibition opening, workshops, mural paintings, Living Walls- outdoor expo, family day, expo tours, city art & gallery tours, live canvas painting & art auction, club night, light painting & photo expo

Besok, Binho, Bonzai, Ceet, Graphic Surgery, Hendrik ECB Beykirch, Juice, Kid:GHE, Morcky, Morten Andersen, Mr. Wany, Rosa Menkman, Ruediger Glatz, Toast, Wayne Horse

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URBAN ART EFX Fifteen internationally renowned artists from the Netherlands, various European cities, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong will exhibit at CBK Amsterdam from June 21st to July 15th 2012. Nowadays young contemporary & urban art has achieved worldwide acceptance and it is publicized as an up-and-coming art form. It is recognised as multicultural, open-minded, tolerant and metropolitan type of art.

Urban Art EFX makes this art-form more accessible to a broad range of visitors through a comprehensive, professional and exciting exhibition as well as cultural side-events.

Urban Art EFX includes diverse set of cultural side-events! • Art workshops (Street-art, Graffiti, Illustration) • Open-air expo in the streets of Amsterdam featuring work in poster format of more than 50 international artists • Mural paintings • An event of live canvas painting following an art auction for a social cause • Urban Art city & gallery tours • Club night featuring electronic music, live video art, video installations, photo expo and light-painting workshops • Artist presentation and podium discussion • Family day including guided exhibition tours

FROM URBAN TO CONTEMPORARY The exhibition titled“from urban to contemporary” showcases an eclectic variety of artwork created by key-players of the contemporary Urban Art movement:

The featured artists matured their work into the international art and gallery scene, continuously advancing their artistic expression, techniques, orientation and professionalism.

Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Photography & Video art.

They have evolved beyond their street-art roots, emancipating their picture language from sub-cultural ties of their early years into an own representative and unique style.

Urban Art EFX highlights a snap-shot of their current artistic development as well as the story behind an up-and-coming artist generation, whose roots lay in the Graffiti and Streetart culture.



PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Besok (Netherlands) - Binho (Brazil) - Bonzai (United Kingdom) - Ceet (Hong Kong) - Graphic Surgery (Netherlands) - Hendrik ECB Beykirch (Germany) Juice (Netherlands) - Kid:GHE (Mexico) - Morcky (Netherlands) - Morten Andersen (Denmark) - Mr. Wany (Italy) - Rosa Menkman (Netherlands) Ruediger Glatz (Germany) - Toast (Switzerland) - Wayne Horse (Netherlands)

A COMPREHENSIVE EVENT + More than 2500 visitors in 3 weeks + 15 international artists at the main exhibition + 20 local and national artists at side-events + More than 100 high-class art pieces on display + 9 exciting side-events for diverse audiences + More than 400 sq.m of mural paintings

TARGET GROUPS + Urban Art connoisseurs aged 20 - 45 years from Amsterdam and the Netherlands + Established culture and art society aged 30 - 55 years from Amsterdam and close-by cities + Young, scene oriented crowd aged 15 - 30 years from Amsterdam and the Netherlands + New audience attracted by various side-events and publicity channels

INTERNATIONAL PUBLICITY + Strong media partners at local, national and international level + Classical marketing and publicity mix (flyers, posters, press, blogs, magazines) + International press coverage + Social networks, blogging, editorials and other press articles + Exciting and diverse pre - events to introduce the project



GOALS + Urban Art EFX aims to create an event of international importance that presents high quality artwork; a snapshot as well as the story behind the development of each of the exhibiting artists from urban into contemporary art through a broad variety of styles and media in order to give a comprehensive overview of this art-form. + Urban Art EFX aims to deconstruct barriers to experience art by exhibiting this evolving art form inside as well as outside a gallery space and enable a potential first time experience that is easily accessible to everyone. + Urban Art EFX aims to introduce art as a medium of communication, creativity and self-empowerment through city art & gallery tours, artist presentations, podium discussions, art auctions and guided expo tours. It aims to strengthen self-confidence and self-expression through art workshops for young people.

CURATOR / ORGANISATION Urban Stylistix is a multidisciplinary urban culture and arts foundation located and registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. + Fields of activity It pursues a holistic concept to establish diverse activities in the cultural and artistic sector on local as well as European level. These activities include organizing - Contemporary art exhibitions, - Urban art festivals, - Transnational artist exchanges, - Artist in residence work camps, - Educational trainings. + Dedication Urban Stylistix is committed to provide resources to help artists push their work to the next level regarding their creativity and innovation. The foundation creates space and builds tools through events and activities for networking, communication, exchange and inspiration among artists from Amsterdam and various European cities.

+ Focus It champions and transmits cultural exchange, new forms of diverse artistic expression, positive artistic interventions, dynamic European-wide cultural networks and future cultural development across national borders. + European dimension Urban Stylistix believes that culture and art engages and inspires people to transcend their own boundaries. The connecting power of culture is essential for creating open, inclusive and democratic societies, and as such it is of great value for the creation and sustainability of cohesive Europe.





Official opening of the international exhibition. Meet and greet with all artists in a relaxed lounge atmosphere. Acoustic live music played by an Amsterdam Jazz band, food buffet and drinks are available for all visitors. The exhibition opening is accompanied by an art performance and spoken word.



Beforehand of the exhibition, an Urban Art workshop for young people will take place. It aims to arouse their interest in creativity and art. Following the success of our past workshops, young kids are fond of learning art related technics such as: stencils cutting, comics drawings and canvas painting. The results of the workshop will be exhibited at a special workshop wall as part of the main exhibition.



„To imagine a city also means to participate in public places.“ (Pelin Tan) During the exhibition, selected local and international artists will create large-scale mural paintings in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam Oost.



National and international artists will paint canvases during a live-music evening at the city beach (connected to CBK Amsterdam). The wooden canvases will be auctioned during the event and the profit donated to a social institution.



Individuals and families will be invited to the gallery in order experience the exhibition through a guided tour. Participating artists will explain about urban & young contemporary art in general and will give a deeper insight into their artwork and expression. There will be a cake buffet and a coffee corner available.

CLUB NIGHT - PHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSITION - INTERACTIVE LIGHT PAINTING [23.06.2012] A special lounge and party night will be set up in order to create a social space for communication and exchange among artists, visitors and newly involved fans. The event includes an own photography exhibition as well as interactive light-painting workshops and presentations.





City Art Tours offers the possibility to discover cultural treasures of the city. A comprehensive bike tour is lead by a renown Amsterdam Street-artist, introducing urban art forms and unveiling hidden artwork in the streets and galleries. The tour will not only cover urban places, but also leads to the most famous gallery hot spots of the city.

“LIVING WALLS” - OPEN-AIR EXPO [June 2012] More than 50 international street-artists exhibit full colour artwork in a big-size poster format that will be pasted up in the streets of Amsterdam. A special map will be available to discover art and artistic communication in the streets. “LIVING WALLS” will bridge the gap between the origin of urban art forms, who are developed in the streets, and their display in the gallery at CBK Amsterdam.

ARTIST PRESENTATION & PODIUM DISCUSSION [13.07.2012] Graphic Surgery artist collective will give a comprehensive presentation and insight in their current work leading to a Question-and Answer session with the audience. The presentation will lead to a podium discussion involving the artists and various art & culture representatives.



Participating Artists



On display: Paintings on canvas

On display: Paintings on canvas



On display: Paintings on canvas

On display: Paintings on canvas



On display: Paintings on canvas, wall painting, room installation

On display: Paintings on canvas



On display: Room installation, paintings on canvas

On display: Paintings on canvas



On display: Paintings on canvas

On display: Paintings on canvas



On display: Paintings on canvas

On display: Video art


Participating Artists



On display: Photography

On display: Sculptures

WAYNE HORSE (NL) On display: Room installation

Stichting / Foundation URBAN STYLISTIX Overtoom 447 C 1054 KG Amsterdam phone +31 6 39 41 04 99 /// ///

Urban Art EFX 2012 - International exhibition at CBK Amsterdam  

Urban Stylistix presents a three week international exhibition including a series of cultural activities: URBAN ART EFX. Fifteen internation...

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