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Canada Water

London, England

CONTEXT Canada Water area is located on the Rotherhithe peninsula in south east London. Historically, the area was home to the Surrey Docks, which was closed by 1969 and filled for redevelopment in 1980s. At the centre of the area is Canada Water – a fresh water lake and wildlife refuge converted from former Canada Dock. Canada Water tube, Overground and bus station lies immediately to the north of the lake a long with Canada water Library and Deal Porter Square. The surrounding area includes a shopping centre on the south of the lake built in 1988 following the fill of the Docks.


INFRASTRUCTURE LED BOOMING The extension of the Jubilee Line in 1999 and London Overground service in 2010 gave the area rapid connection to the rest of London. Since 1999, area around Canada water has been a focus for development. The recently development – Maple Quays is a key regeneration project following the Canada Water Station. Located adjacent to the station and the lake, the project delivers 900 mixed-tenure apartments, 28,500 sq.ft of retail and community facilities and £9.5m of community and public realm benefits. FOCUS ON HIGH QUALITY PUBLIC REALM Deal Port Square is part of Maple Quays development. It creates a central focal space for residents, incorporating a striking new public library overhanging the lake. The development also delivers a new children’s playground, new cycle routes and establishes new connections in an area that was characterized by dead ends; opening up the area along with a series of linked waterways creating a new canal-side community. Communal roof terraces and courtyards with water features act as a tranquil focal point for residents to enjoy. THE FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS The future developments will be guided by the Canada Water area action plan (AAP). Looking forward to 2026, the plan sets out a vision which transforms Canada Water into a town centre. It looks at strengthening Canada Water’s role as a shopping destination, expanding the amount of retail space and providing a much more diverse range of shops than at present, including a new department store and independent shops. In addition to new shops, complementary uses including higher education facilities, offices suitable for a range of occupiers, cafes, restaurants and leisure facilities will help broaden the appeal of the town centre, diversify and strengthen the local economy




Citizens' guide to mixed use  

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Citizens' guide to mixed use  

View-only. To obtain a downloadable version, contact Urban Strategies to agree to our copyright terms.