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LET’S KEEP IT REAL Data Show Black Students Have Been New Jim Crowed By: Author/Writer

“More than 70 per-

cent of students arrested or referred to law enforcement for school related incidents were Black or Hispanic – an approximate match to the ethnic composition of the nation’s prisons.” Newly-released data on the nation’s public schools document what every Black school kid already knows: African American students are far more likely to be suspended or expelled than whites. Most striking, is how closely school discipline data tracks with racial incarceration numbers. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection statistics for the 200910 school year, more than 70 percent of students arrested or referred to law enforcement for school related incidents were Black or Hispanic – an approximate match to the ethnic composition of the nation’s prisons. The school-to-prison pipeline is a much talked about phenomenon, although volume should never be mistaken for clarity. The apparent “tracking” of Blacks and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics, from classrooms to cellblocks, is the direct result of the behaviors of teachers and administrators who perceive and treat Black kids as if they are already criminals – just as cops act on the assumption that Black pedestrians and drivers are probably guilty of… something. The Department of Education figures have only


recently become available, and have yet to be thoroughly sliced and diced. But the raw stats are damning. A Black student is three and a half times more likely to be kicked out of school than her white peer. Students with disabilities, who are disproportionately kids of color, make up only

12 percent of enrollment, but comprise 70 percent of those disciplined by being strapped down or otherwise subjected to physical restraints. “A Black student is three and a half times more likely to be kicked out of school than her white peer.” The data show that schools that maintain “zero-tolerance” policies are actually less racist in meting out punishment than more freewheeling systems. That’s because the more rigid disciplinary school regimes

give teachers and administrators less discretion for lenience to white kids that misbehave. For teachers and school disciplinarians, just as with street cops and prosecutors, race is the most important factor in who is charged with an offense, and how severe the penalty is. There would be

much more federal information on public schools to study, if the racial data collection had not been halted by the Bush administration in 2006. At the time, Ward Connerly and other Republicans were busy trying to ban governments from keeping information on race, on the theory that racism would disappear as a point of controversy if there were no reliable data to discuss. White privilege would also be relegated to anecdote. An earlier study of fed-

eral data by the Southern Poverty Law Center, published in 2010, showed that suspension rates in U.S. public schools nearly doubled – from 3.7 percent to 6.9 percent – from the early 1970s through 2006. This is also the period when modern mass Black incarceration makes

its entrance, following the Black Freedom Movement of the Sixties. On both the streets and school campuses, whites responded to the end of strict apartheid with increased official repression. The New Jim Crow was taking shape. As reported by educator and BAR contributor Sikivu Hutchinson, in August of last year, a study of Texas schools by the Council of State Governments concluded that Black and Latino students

“were disciplined far more harshly than white students who had committed similar offenses” – just as in the adult criminal justice system, where Blacks face harsher penalties at every stage of the process, from arrest through final charges through length and conditions of incarceration

White students were much more likely to get counseling or on-site suspension or detention, rather than kicked out of the building – just as so-called “diversion” programs to keep offenders out of prison are disproportionately awarded to whites. “The disparate discipline was rooted in negative teacher perceptions about Black and Latino students, rather than the actual behavior of the students.” Black students were more

likely to be kicked out of class for making too much noise, showing teachers disrespect, for loitering, or appearing to present a “threat,” according to June, 2000, Indiana University study titled “The Color of Discipline.” The Southern Poverty Law Center study concluding that “race and gender disparities in suspension were due not to differences in administrative disposition but to differences in the rate of initial referral of black and white students.” The fault, said the Texas report, lay with teachers and administrators who piled charges on the Black and Latino kids. The disparate discipline was rooted in negative teacher perceptions about Black and Latino students, rather than the actual behavior of the students. In Los Angeles, such racebased perceptions were shared by white, Black and brown faculty, alike, according to a study of the school district. Sikivu Hutchinson reported that “South L.A. schools with significant or majority black faculty and administrators are just as culpable” as their non-white cross town colleagues in disproportionately suspending Blacks – an internalized version of white racism that is reflected on the streets and in the cellblocks where Black cops and prison guards are just as brutal as their white coworkers. When Black life is cheap, everybody behaves accordingly, includ-

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Black America...

Are We To blame For The Slaying Of Our Young Men? By: Author/Writer


n 1961 a psychologist named Walt Beltin began what he noted as the “visualization study” which consisted of describing an object (usually a lemon) in complete detail causing the subject (the person being treated) mouth to water from the acidious taste of the lemon, now of course the lemon wasn’t real, I mean it wasn’t tangible but just the thought of the sour juice caused the patients to react (oftentimes violently) so in the midst of Black America fervent outcry for justice against 17 year old Trayvon Martin’s killer (George Zimmerman) I hate to sound like the antagonist and march in opposite direction, but I really have to ask the question; did the perpetual image and stereotype of the “bad boy” or “thuggish black male” contribute to the slaying of an innocent kid? See you have to understand something Black America, whenever “WE” talk... “THEY” (the rest of America including Half-white & Mexican men) listen. When “WE” verbalize that lighter skin is more appealing, straighter

hair is more acceptable and our black youth are not only unteachable, unreachable but lost and violent “THEY” hear us loud and clear and what we fail to realize is that we’ve now created that same acidious taste as the lemon. Let me give you an example; I approached about 20 different African Americans ranging in age from 15-65 and I asked them to define what a “thug” looked like and every last single one of them described the way a “black m a l e dressed” or his behavior “loud and unruly” when I refuted their claim by saying that even my own 17 year old son wore baggy jeans, wife beaters, doo-rags and hoodies (in which they described only thugs wore) and please believe me when I say that my son has about as much “street knowledge” as a grape, but just the thought that something as minute’ as clothing can result in the death of my child scares the

shit out of me and

of an ‘improper black male” onto white America then scream

style that “they” disapprove of is as guilty of murder as Zimmerman. “WE” grandize the “welldressed” black men call them “the good men” he could beat the holy hell out of a woman but because his shirt is tucked in and his pants fall on his navel then he’s far from a thug... right?.. Someone. ANYBODY please tell me what is a thug...what defines it?

please understand in no way am I saying that Trayvon was murdered solely due to his attire, although I have to ask would Zimmerman thought that the teenager looked “suspicious’ if he was wearing khakis with a tucked in polo and loafers and briskly walked to the store for candy and a soda... yeah...I highly doubt it.... because “WE” stigmatize “thugs” by someone slomberly dressed, we have forcefed our ideology

“racism” when they react. Let me tell you something Black America if George Zimmerman and anyone like him kills out of “selfdefense” it’s because of what “WE” have embedded in them and how “WE” portray ourselves as blacks. All 20 of those African Americans that identify “thug mannerism” by a shirt...A FUCKIN PIECE OF COTTON worn in a

Is it someone that’s been in jail? because if that’s the case then Charles Dutton served 1 8 years in prison but yet he’s one of Hollywoods top actors. When I posted the question on my fb wall someone answered with what has to be the stupidest response in history of fb questioning... “Tina, a thug wears a uniform it’s the style of dress” look people I always tell my children that ignorance is a deadly disease that I’m allergic to so if you have that sickness

please stay the hell away from me. Well, police officers wear “uniforms” so are they thugs?’re just legal criminals that protect, serve and oh....I almost forgot rape innocent black women then scream selfdefense when she fights back...ooops my bad...that was so last month. look all I’m saying is this when Black America distribute our “ideal image” of whatever or whomever then everyone else takes note as though we’re giving them a warning of what to look for. Trayvon could have been my 17 year old son or your 5 year old son the point is we really need to be careful of what we tell America about us, our children and our families. The clothes in which we wear, our hairstyle or the hue of our skin does not define our character, our son’s should be able to walk down any street without being “suspect” especially to someone who only watched the damn neighborhood.



Data Show Black Students Have Been New Jim Crowed






Black America...Are We to blame for the Slaying of our Young Men?

The Black Community As The Black Titanic


Dear Barack, It’s Ok To Be A BLACK MAN For Your 4 Second Term In Office.

Business - Driven Economic Is The Only Way To 6 Uplift


The Media Perception Management Of Black People


OUR PERSPECTIVE Giving Away The Store


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Dear Barack,

It’s OK To Be A BLACK MAN For Your Second Term In Office. By: This Your Conscience


hen Barack Obama won the 2008 election to become the First AfricanAmerican president in the history of the United States, it was a huge symbolic victory for Black people nationwide – but not an actual victory in terms of gaining someone in the highest office in the free world to take a specialized look on the issues affecting his (and our) community everyday. So on one hand we had all the reason in the world to rejoice because we got to see “one of our own” reach a level we never thought ANY of us would ever be able to, which opened a lot of THEORETICAL doors for us. But on the other hand, the man that we elected into office really NEVER took an exclusive interest in solving Black problems – but hopefully that changes after he wins in 2012. Let’s be clear, I am NOT saying that Barack goes out on a limb to spite or hold down Black people – all I’m saying is that he believes it’s his job to NOT make racial distinctions in how he focuses his policy, therefore he feels that it’s important to look at an issue for its all encompassing reach rather than viewing

the micro effect on one individual community. And during his first term, I more than understood and agreed with that. See, it’s cool for

Barack to treat Black folk much like you would treat your alcoholic father at a Parent-Teacher day, because as much love as you have for that person, sometimes you need to put some distance between you and them so they don’t totally drag you down. If Barack walked into

the Oval office and gave even the faintest scent of Black Panther-ness, he wouldn’t even be a LOCK for winning this second term against

a weak crop of imbecilic Republican nominees. So Barack did what he does best: centrism. Barack is a centrist on almost ALL political and social issues, but he is MUCH more of a centrist on RACIAL issues than many of you

Data Show Black Students Have Been New Jim Crowed ing Blacks. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he hopes the report will be an “eye-opener.” Racism, of course, is able to hide in plain sight because – well, because the racists are the ones in charge. We cannot expect Mr. Duncan to see the light, to propose a radical national pro-


gram of community control of schools and school budgets, or to call off the Obama administration’s massive school charter privatization campaign. He will, therefore, continue to systematically degrade the public schools so that charters

appear to be the only alternative. Duncan and his corporate masters are able to pull off the destruction of American public education by placing the dynamite in the inner cities, where Black children are already stigmatized – New Jim Crowed! – as criminals.

might know. Barack’s words to the Black community in regards to our issues boils down to his comments he said to the Congressional

Black Caucus in September when he stated: “Shake it off. Stop complaining. Stop grumblin’. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”” And even though I agree to a point with his words, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) better articulates

the LARGER PROBLEM I have with Barack Obama: The fact is, the Black community DOES still need assistance regardless of whatever post-race BULLSH*T world that we are told we are living in. We do still live in a country with systemic racism; Where Blacks are the first to be put in jail and the last to be put in a job; And a country where we as a community don’t need any HAND-OUTS but do need a helping HAND to be pulled out of the mess that we were inherently FORCED into. It’s actually FUNNY that Bill Clinton saw a need to assist the Black community’s unique needs along with other minority group’s needs, moreso than Barack ever has to this point. But the point is, this appeal is meant to tell Barack that it’s cool to address issues affecting the Black community in your next term as President because you can only have two terms, and working to be reelected won’t be an issue. And while no one is asking you to STOP focusing on the rest of the country to help us, we think it’s fair to ask that we get the same consideration as every other minority group, and not just a simple “man up.”

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BLACK MAN, BLACK WOMAN The Black Community As The Black Titanic (For Those Who Can’t See It) By: Von


his is to help put into perspective the situation within the black community for those who can’t see it. I get plenty of hate mail and after a while it becomes annoying. It never ceases to amaze me how many black people are in DENIAL about the OBVIOUS dysfunctions around us. Today it is not the white man… it’s us! We are our own worst enemy. I hope this helps… Setting: The Black Titanic Ship Starring: All members of the black community (rich, poor, Democrat, Republican, conservative, progressive etc). A list of black leaders and politicians: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, and all others. Time: Past & Present day The Black Titanic has been sailing the Atlantic since the end of the American Civil War. The ship has seen a number of captains beginning with Frederick Douglass. First starting out the ship was STRONG. Many were amazed by its massive size and strength. Black men and black women were marrying and starting families in large numbers. A community began to form. Black businesses were popping up all over the ship. There were banks, newspapers, a black woman with a hair care product, and insurance companies. Some outsiders resented the newfound freedom of the former black slaves. They started a terrorist organization called the Klu Klux Klan. White pirates would come aboard the ship in the middle of the night in order to cause chaos. This was the first major iceberg to hit the black titanic— RACISM. Lynchings, rape, and beatings took place. Some black businesses were destroyed. Still

the ship kept sailing. A few new captains came along during this time. First there was W.E.B. DuBois, Booker T. Washington and Marcus Garvey. Malcolm X entered the picture along with a black progressive, who would eventfully change the Black Titanic forever, Martin Luther King Jr. By this time some black people aboard the black titanic became restless/resentful of their place in society, and sought equality outside of the black titanic. These

were allowed to come aboard the black titanic. Interracial marriages began to pop up more than ever before. Still the black titanic kept sailing with those black people, who vowed to stick around. A number of black industries prospered during this time. Soul Train was on the air. Berry Gordy and Motown were going strong. Black athletes and entertainers came into their own. Then it happened! The third iceberg hit—the captain of the ship, Martin Luther

and many of its inhabitants began to worry not only about the welfare of the ship, but the direction of the ship because along the way Jesse Jackson picked up a co-captain—Al Sharpton, a race baiter more blunt and vigorous than any before him. Under captain Jesse Jackson black fathers were sent to the bottom of the ship and black mothers were given welfare if needed. The black family began to look more and more like a matriarchy. Black women gained the right to kill off their offspring.

individuals strongly believed that the only way to equality was if we (the black passengers aboard the ship) got off and joined the rest of the world in every sector of society (including interracial marriage). They jumped ship and abandoned a number of prosperous black businesses aboard the black titanic. This was the second iceberg to hit the black titanic— INTREGRATION. Unity among black people on the black titanic began to break down. Black people began to separate themselves by class, education, and ideology. Non-blacks

King Jr. was gunned down (years before his co-captain, Malcolm X, was also gunned down). This left the ship badly damaged.

Planned Parenthood clinics began to pop up all over the ship (along with liquor stores and crack houses). An estimated sixteen million black babies were killed off due to abortion. Tookie Williams and friends became pirates to the ship and gang violence erupted. Drugs invaded the ship with the gangs. Through all this nonsense the captains of the ship assured the passenger that everything was fine. “If anything pops off just use your race care to gain sympathy, respect, and a competitive advantage. Don’t ever forget white America owes every way that matters,” they said.

A new captain of the ship stepped forward—Jesse Jackson. Under his leadership came a series of damaging icebergs— WELFARE, ROE V. WADE, GANGS, VOLIENCE, SINGLE MOTHERS, THE SELLING OF BLACK BUSINESSES TO WHITES, AND CRACK COCAINE/DRUGS. With this series of icebergs the black titanic become permanently crippled

Those who began to question the direction of the ship also began planning for what was sure to come. Productive blacks began investing their money, buying land and homes in the suburbs (islands), planning for their children’s education outside the black titanic, securing their preservation by purchasing lifeboats, and separating themselves from the masses aboard the ship. They also openly questioned the leadership of the ship’s captains only to be hit with a harsh backlash from the masses, “You act white. You’re not black enough. You’re a sellout.” So, they decided to keep quiet and wait for the day to come… That day those productive blacks saw coming is now…present day. The Black Titanic is sinking. The last series of icebergs to hit the ship were—AIDS/STDS, OBESITY, HIP-HOP/RAP MUSIC, A GENDER WAR BETWEEN THE SEXES, AND INDIFFERENCE FROM THOSE OUTSIDE THE BLACK TITANITC TO THE WELFARE OF AFRICAN AMERICANS. I’m in my lifeboat with friends and family. As we’re paddling away from the black titanic we’re looking back in anger and fascination. Anger because we saw this coming and fascination because it is one hell of a sight to see. I’m paddling as hard as I can to try to get away. There are black folks all around us begging for help. A Drowning Man: “Von… please…please…let me climb aboard your boat.” Me: “Hell no…If I let you climb aboard every drowning mofo out here is going to want to climb aboard and then you idiots will turn the boat over.” A Drowning Man: “Please.” He attempts to grab the side of my boat…rocking it with his weight.

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COMMENTARY Business-Driven Economic Growth Is the Only True Way to Uplift A Once Downtrodden People

By: Robert N. Taylor


he latest employment figures show the Black economic condition in America worsening. I say it is time to turn to China for economic lessons. When it comes to China, the numbers are truly astounding. The Asian giant has the fastest growing economy in the world – averaging roughly 10 percent growth per year for the past 25 years. If we in the United States grow annually by just three or four percent, our economists consider that good economic news. Not only is China growing, but the speed of growth is astounding. For example, the city of New York recently announced that it is going to take seven years to complete a twomile leg of the long-awaited Second Avenue subway line. During that same seven-year period, the city of Wuhan, China plans to complete an entire 140mile subway system.

In fact, China is growing so rapidly that it expects to build a city roughly the size of New York every year for the next twenty years. As a result, the U.S.-based research company Freedonia Group currently estimates that one-half of all cement purchased in the world is going to China. Meanwhile, in a 2009 report, the World Bank praised China for lifting more than 600 million people out of poverty over the past quarter century. For example, the report found that in 1981, 53 percent of all Chinese lived in poverty. By 2001, the poverty rate had fallen to just 8 percent. Finally, if you have been wondering where a nearly bankrupt America gets the money to finance wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, pakinstan and Libya, the answer is China. Before this nation’s current economic crisis is over, the U.S. will easily owe the communist rulers of China well over $1 trillion. China is among the world’s

biggest buyers of U.S. Treasury Bonds – the instruments we use to finance much of our debt. In sharp contrast to an advancing China stands Black America. According to the Census Bureau (2007 figures), African Americans have the lowest median household incomes in the nation. Even native Alaskans (the people we often refer to as Eskimos) have a higher median household income than we do. The reason for the income gap is the historical lack of business ownership among the country’s African American population. The lesson China appears to be teaching Blacks and the rest of the economically underdeveloped world is electing progressive politicians is great and achieving ever-increasing levels of education is fantastic but if politics and education are not employed to produce rapid economic group growth they will largely be for naught. But according to the Small Business Administration, Blacks have the lowest “business density” (number of businesses owned

per 1,000 persons) in the nation. This means African Americans can only grow economically when some other racial group engages in profit-making enterprise and then decides to hire us. Put more simply, Blacks are economic slaves to the entrepreneurship of others. China is the global economic power it is today because roughly 30 years ago, a short, chain-smoking, resilient revolutionary named Deng Xiaoping battled his way to leadership of the Communist Party and declared it was time to break with the old ways of doing things. He told a country where wealth was viewed as an evil that “To be rich is good.” Black America needs its Deng Xiaoping. This is the challenge facing Black America. As a people, we have entered a post-Civil Rights era. We have elected the first African American president. But we continue to linger at the bottom of American society economically. Our lower classes are too

dependent on welfare and government social programs. Our middle classes are too dependent on “good” government jobs and our rich are little more than over paid entertainers and athletes who have shown absolutely no ability to provide the leadership needed for building group wealth. A 2006 paper by economist Robert Fairlie appears to confirm this position. He points out that only 3.8 percent of Blacks own their own businesses. This business ownership rate contrasts with a 6 percent rate for Hispanics and an 11.6 percent rate for whites and Asian Americans. Fairlie advocates a rapid increase in Black business ownership as the way out of disproportionate group poverty. Meanwhile, in a 2004 working paper Y. Lowrey (writing for the Office of Advocacy of the Small Business

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HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS? The Media Perception Management Of Black People By: Author/Writer

Prior to the 2003 Iraq War, a large

majority of Americans, including many leaders, believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The surprise came after the war when WMDs were not found. A public opinion poll found that 27% of Americans believed, incorrectly, that WMDs had been found. At one point, 22% even believed that Iraq used WMDs against US forces during the 2003 invasion. Such misperceptions are not accidental, but result from perception management techniques that are used to shape and mold public opinion. Perception management is a real science. According the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Perception Management are actions that convey and/or deny selected information and indicators to targeted audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective


experts is that: “if we can alter a person’s or group’s perception of supposed facts and information, we can shape or influence the opinions that result from those perceptions.” Perception management it is neither magical nor mystical, but a manipulating process that affects the unconscious mind by using deception. It involves mental and psychological manipulation, which intentionally blurs the distinction between opinion, perception and reality to adversely affect targeted/ recipient group in terms of their behavior. Like any weapon, the weapons of mass perception can be profoundly detrimental. It is a science that is often prone to producing intended, usually adverse, consequences. Many of us are familiar with the results when perception management techniques were used by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels who The military refers to this advance method of warfare as Psychological Op- titudes and behaviors favorable to the used it in Germany to socially engineer a consensual national setting for the Jewerations (PSYOPS): Activities designed originator’s objectives. to convey selected information and in- The motto of the Perception management ish holocaust. In that scenario perception reasoning, ultimately resulting in change of behaviors and official actions favorable to the originator’s objectives. Perception management is used in public diplomacy, public information programs, political campaigns, propaganda campaigns, or in military information operations and psychological operations. Militaries have used perception management programs for many decades. Because while it can win wars, it cannot win the peace, or sustain the victory for long unless mass manipulation/ perception management techniques are used to suppress dissent, and to convince the people to grant their consent to be governed. Ultimately then, war is a battle to win hearts and minds, a process that expands beyond the traditional notion of warfare.

dicators to specific target audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately their behavior. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce at-

management was used by Germany’s majority population against its minority Jewish population. It is naive to think that such a scheme could never happen again. In fact it already has, and has been ongoing for a many decades. The ability to manipulate mass perceptions has enormous ramifications in the realms of advertising, marketing, political campaigns, public diplomacy, public policy debates, lobbying, propaganda and military affairs. However, this article will reveal how these same proven perception manipulation programs are now being used to maintain white dominance and control over non-white populations. This certainly applies to all non-white populations, but for our purposes, discussion will be limited to information related to Black populations. It’s a fascinating subject that can help Black people understand how their own thoughts, self-perceptions, attitudes and behavior are being deliber-

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OUR PERSPECTIVE Giving Away the Store:

The Black Political Class as Bystanders and Looters. By: Bruce A. Dixon

Dr. King once expressed the be-

lief that we might be “integrating into a burning house.” Even that might not be so bad, one supposes, if we were actually fighting the fire. But is America’s black political class even committed to fighting the fire at all, to alleviating poverty, to standing up for peace and justice? Are they only about prolonging their perks and careers? Are they firefighters? Or looters? Why does the black political class exist any more? There was once a time when many of its leading members believed, or at least pretended to believe they and their careers existed to give voice to the previously voiceless, to press for the urgent needs and demands of downtrodden masses of their people. Both Detroit and Atlanta elected their first black mayors in 1974, and both city halls have been run by African Americans ever since.

In the face of mass black incarceration, much of Georgia’s black political class are opportunistically silent. They denounce Newt Gingrich but not Republican Governor Nathan Deal, who openly declares he is implementing the proposals of Gingrich’s Right On Crime organization to reduce the amount spent on prisoners, and vastly increase the numbers under various forms of community supervision. When the governor’s socalled commission on criminal justice reform proposed to place under additional probationary supervision even those inmates who had completely served their time, there was not a murmur from Georgia’s black leaders.

tral city starve, they reasoned. They didn’t want trains and buses full of black faces to enter their fair cities and towns. Suburban and rural Georgia politicians prohibited the new transit agency from receiving gas tax or other state funds, and since everybody knew black Dekalb, Fulton and Atlanta could not be trusted to manage their own funds, required them to split all revenue 50-50 between operating and capital expenses, both restrictions no other transit agency in the nation is under. Even now, white politicians in outlying counties want transit into Atlanta, but they want it separately from MARTA, as long as Fulton, Dekalb and the city of Atlanta

the state legislature’s minority and majority leaders will appoint most of the seats, with the rest going on a one-county-one-vote basis. The trouble is that several of the white outlying counties have only 100 or 200 thousand people. Any two of them can outvote majority black Fulton county’s 1.1 million, Dekalb’s 700,000 or Atlanta’s half million. The new multicounty agency will take over MARTA’s $6 billion in assets, along with its ability to receive federal transit funds in the future. Those assets will come under the control of politicians and constituencies who refused for a generation to help build them. State control of Atlanta’s transit assets will

Atlanta’s black mayor is on board with giving up black and local control over transit, as are all the visible heads of black Atlanta’s legislative delegation and the legislative black caucus. As far as they’re concerned, it’s a done deal, but not to be talked about much, lest their constituents become aware of the scale of this massive giveaway. So black politicians stand in front of audiences and simply don’t talk about it. Corporate TV and radio stations don’t mention it, except to say that when it comes on the ballot late this summer, it’ll create jobs and relieve traffic congestion. That’s it and that’s all. Evidently, Atlanta’s black political leaders have more important things to worry about than whether their constituents can get to work or school or medical care. They’ve got their own careers to look after. They’ve got campaign funds to raise and contracts to let. And of course, they’ve got a president to re-elect. After all, he’s black. They’re black. And the guys running against him are all white racists, who’d put us clear in the back of that bus again. Can’t have that. This will be their rallying cry to the black masses ---- stand by the president --- and by the way, re-elect all of us too.

In Atlanta, where the black political class promoted their city as “Black Mecca” during the eighties and nineties, the gap between rich and poor is statistically greater than in any of the nation’s twenty largest cities. For the first few years of the 21st century, Atlanta’s percentage of black children in poverty was rivaled only by that of pre-Katrina New Orleans. But this is something you’d never guess from the utterances or the priorities of black Atlanta’s political leaders. The black political class that rules Atlanta are entirely focused on their own careers, and pretty much oblivious of black poverty, joblessness and disenfranchisement. Where once they might have raised their voices against the trillions spent on unjust wars abroad, wars even on the African continent itself, that consume wealth which might otherwise be spent on alleviating poverty, on creating housing, jobs and transit, black leaders have censored themselves and made the overwhelming antiwar sentiments of their constituents irrelevant.

in privatizing schools and government agencies.

Small wonder. Many are expecting are calling the shots. They have alpatronage contracts and crumbs from ready launched luxury buses under a expanded “re-entry” programs. state agency from Gwinnett and Cobb counties to downtown Atlanta, and Atlanta’s black political class is now denied funding for Clayton County, poised to surrender control of MAR- now majority black, to launch its own TA, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid bus service. Light rail additions are Transit Authority, which operates planned for specific, gentrified parts subway trains and an extensive bus of Atlanta, but to be paid for by the network worth more than $6 billion poorest Atlantans many of whom dollars. The mostly black taxpay- have no bus service at all. ers and voters of Atlanta, and Fulton and Dekalb counties levied a one cent The solution proposed by Georgia’s sales tax on themselves a generation Republican governor, and endorsed ago to pay for MARTA. Outlying by the entire black Democratic leadcounties, all with white majorities at ership, is a ten-county board, where the time, refused to join. Let the cen- the Republican governor, along with

be a prelude, most believe, to outright privatization, something that local Democrats have just about as bad a record on as Republicans.

Harry Belafonte often tells the story of one of his last conversations with the late Dr. Martin Luther King, in which King expressed the fear that blacks had struggled mightily only to integrate themselves into a burning house. Even that might be OK, one supposes, if the black leadership class imagined themselves as firefighters, trying to protect the lives and livelihoods of their people. But Atlanta’s black political class aren’t fighting the fires. They’ve used their privileged access as mayors, legislators and corporate officials to join the privatizers and looters.

It was a black mayor, Bill Campbell, who privatized Atlanta’s water system a few years ago, only to have the deal unravel in spectacular fashion. With bright red mud streaming from the taps in the richest, whitest parts of town, Campbell’s successor Shirley Franklin had to halt her own plans to privatize garbage collection, fleet maintenance, parks and other city functions. But former mayor Franklin now heads a firm which specializes It’s time to disown them.


The Black Community As The Black Titanic Me: “I said no…asshole. You should have taken your money and invested in a boat instead of those 24 inch rims.” I stand up and knock him upside the head with the boat paddle. He falls off the boat. We paddle away. Next a single mother, who is holding her young daughter, approaches us. Single mother: “Please Von save me and my child.” Me: “I told your ass a long time ago NOT to have a child you couldn’t afford, but you didn’t listen. I told you to take your birth control.” Single mother: “I know. I was young and he played me. I thought he loved me…so I let him go in raw.” Me: “Save the sob story for Lucifer, bitch.” I catch sight of the two captains of the ship. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and a flock of black progressives are trying to escape unnoticed. I catch up to them. Me: “Hey…wait a minute! How the hell

are you progressive blacks going to leave the ship you were driving? You’re supposed to go down with the ship.” Jesse Jackson: “Now that’s where you’re wrong. We didn’t land on the black titanic. The black titanic landed on us!” Me: “Yeah it landed on me too, but when those like myself tried to tell you guys that this ship needed to be repaired you either ignored our warning or deflected our issues. If you did acknowledge the issues it was to blame someone else… most commonly white America. The gangs, drugs, violence, single parent homes, piss poor sense of morality and the spreading of STDs could have been prevented if you group of manipulators had taken the time to talk about the problems instead of begging the white man for his table scraps, sympathy, respect and enabling those with these issues. You told the passengers on the ship to use their race whenever possible to get ahead while those like myself

tried to encourage them to think for themselves and be more self-sufficient. Now they have nothing to show for their lives on the black titanic.” Jesse Jackson: “You’re wrong…the white man will be here soon to rescue us all. They wouldn’t dare let the black race die. There would be a backlash around the world.” Me: “Did you not see how large the LAST iceberg was that hit us? It was INDIFFERENCE from the general public about the plight of AfricanAmericans. After years of inciting ‘white guilt’ white America and everyone else has finally said ‘enough of this shit. You Negros are on your own.’” Maxine Waters: “So what are you saying?” Me: “I’m saying your damn race card has expired. No one gives a fuck whether the masses live or die. We tried to tell you it was coming…tried to warn you. Now look at you…leaving the scene of the

crime with your tail between your legs… yet for years I and those who think like me were called sellouts to our race for trying to get black folks to take responsibility and stand on their own two feet.” The boat full of progressive blacks look from one to the other. Al Sharpton: “What do you suggest we do now?” Me: “It’s too damn late to do anything. You have driven the black community to hell. My crew and I are going to take our food/water/money and sail to our home in the suburbs (our island). I’m guessing you and your crew will sail or try to sail back to America. Without your black nation…what do you have left to live for?” They look from one to the other once again. John Lewis: “Barack Obama…we have a black president now. Our hope lies with him.” I shake damn head and paddle away.

Business - Driven Economic Growth Is The Only True Way To Uplift

Administration) estimates that increasing 1 percent of business density escalates personal income, household income and tax revenue by more than 1 percent. Thus, if Black America increases its business ownership by just 10 percent, there will be a more than 10 percent growth in personal and family incomes. In other words, Blacks will start to have an annual economic growth rate possibly superior to that of China and the entire nation will benefit as additional tax revenues flow into government coffers. Again, China teaches that enterprise is the way to the future.

The Media Perception of Black People ately ill-formed and manipulated by white elites through their controlled media sources. The U.S. media’s racially devaluing depictions and distorted portrayal of Black America that amplifies the negative to the point that it distorts reality is a deliberately designed racist ideological perception management program. Presently Black people are victims of a massive covert perception management program of wherein which their self- perceptions are being negatively shaped as a means of maintaining America’s white dominance. Today what are often deemed as being credible news sources are often totally made up stories made to push or meet a governmental agenda or objective. The white controlled media’s deplorable depictions of its Black population, that subjects them to seeing only the fraudulent worst in themselves is deliberately designed to adversely manipulate and shape their minds and collective conscious. Its constant unrelenting daily assault upon the Black psyche is designed to corrupts their sense of racial black unity and cohesion, mold the character of self-hatred, engender selfdoubt, self-loathing, and distrust among their group. It totally detaches African Americans from their sense of power and reality; and intentionally insinuates that Blacks should admire, respect, and trust only Whites. It also drills the message that Blacks are of lesser morals, and intelligence and that they need whites to govern over their lives.

This perception management program assures that African Americans remain the most racially divided, devalued, and most economical exploited group in America. The implementation of this ideological subversion program was the logical choice. It was perfect for the changing times. Because unlike the blatant racist systems used in the past, which Blacks were able to identify easily and therefore unify and form counter strategies, this modern method of racism covertly works-- thus providing the U.S. government a more socially acceptable means of maintaining and defending its White racial hierarchy given that it is not as easily recognized. This perception management’s fraudulent derogatory propaganda about African Americans is disseminated everywhere. It is spread through news releases in magazine articles, radio, television, press releases, documentaries, etc… However, the weapon is not in how the message is carried, but is instead within the messages that it carries and how these messages perpetuate and frame the myth of Whites’ racial, moral, and ethical superiority over its Black population. It also creates a shift of victimization that changes the root problem of racism in America to be due to Black’s behavior rather than White’s proclivity for racism. Therefore creating increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans that are designed to makes the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilizes efforts on their behalf, lessens pressure for social

change on their behalf, and makes any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today. This fosters a national consensual setting of where in which America’s Black population is more easily exploited and mistreated. It all creates a false justification for the legal system’s mistreatment of African Americans wherein they are disproportionately incarcerated, given stiffer sentences, and are more likely than other racial groups to be treated brutally, beaten, and fired upon by police officers while they are unarmed. These injustices now goes ignored because the normal perception has become that the mistreatment is all now justified. This is what mass manipulation experts refer to as “socially engineering consent”. When contempt of Blacks is made to appear to be justifiable, it is the fiercest and most effective type of racism because its witnesses, bystanders, and even world audiences will sit by idly allowing African Americans to be brutally mistreated under the belief that it is justified. This method of racism is hidden in the fabric of society. [Propaganda (in words and images) is the fundamental weapons of mass perception management. They are combined in different ways and disseminated by a variety of techniques to achieve specific objectives. Propaganda is defined by Wikipedia as: a specific type of message presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinions of people, rather than to impartially provide information. It can also be defined as “a specific type of message presentation, aimed at serving

an agenda.” Some propaganda includes deliberate falsehoods. However the message does not have to be untrue to qualify as propaganda, but it may omit so many pertinent truths that it becomes highly misleading. Psychological studies have shown that a group of people looking at two lines of different length can convince an unwitting participant that the shorter line is really longer. At first the subject resists, but over time can be forced to go along with the group’s conclusions until he finally accepts the incorrect perception. Imagine the possibilities when the facts and information are more complex. All African Americans have experienced the burden of this massive perception management /psychological conditioning program. It is experienced every time that an African American read a newspaper, watch the evening news, listen to a radio report, enter a classroom and read its racially biased textbooks. Unfortunately to the detriment of many Black people this perception management program has worked extremely well. This perception management program is at the root of both the profound feelings of internalized self-contempt now afflicting so many Black Americans and is at the heart of internalized feelings of superiority that many whites possess. In fact the Black psyche has been so brutally mortified by this program that it has become literally easier for many to believe that its deplorable depictions of them are accurate rather than being a covert program designed to control them.



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