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Open Letter To Obama: Black Unemployment Must Be Addressed 5

BLACK PERSPECTIVE The Black Dilemma of 2010

HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS They Are Still Our Slaves REAL TALK African American Men Are A Huge Disappointment


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The most dangerous place for the Black baby:


The “Strong Independent Black Woman”

OUR LEGACY BEFORE SLAVERY Christopher Columbus vs Belgium King Leopold II

BLACK CONSCIENCE Black Men Dating/Marrying Other Races


EDUCATION Educators:Black Boys Set Up to Fail

DEAR MS.BOE, Advice, Relationships & Marriage Tips



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Has My Depression Treatment


Stopped Working?

BOOK REVIEW Getting To Happy



Accuser: Bishop Long Was ‘Monster’, But ‘I Loved Him’

HOT GHETTO MESS What Is Dayton Classic?


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Why Reggie Shouldn’t Have Returned His Heisman Trophy


t’s a rare occasion Darren allows the phone to ring more than three times without answering. As I listened to the fourth ring, I had a feeling something was wrong on his end. He simply sighed, “Hello.” I asked what was wrong. After a deep breath, Darren begins to elaborate on the reason for his current mood. “I’m just …so pissed off.” He admitted. “At who?” I asked. His reply: “At black people.” It was in this moment I knew pen and paper would be necessary. “Meladi, look around. Black people hardly own any business, and the ones they do own are bootleg. Black club owners refuse to get a liquor license, but will buy Suburban. Why is it that we don’t trust ourselves as a people to have and maintain respectable, community building businesses? It’s like we don’t realize that all the white businesses have left. All that’s left are businesses run by foreigners. I don’t have an issue with someone coming to our country and making a living, but why can’t our people do the same?” It’s easy to understand why Darren is feeling so much agitation in regards to the way the urban community has chosen to conduct business, or lack thereof. As I start to offer possible explanations for such behavior, each attempt is shot down with logical replies from Mr. Boykin. “Why are we always so focused on the black community instead of wondering why everyone can’t pitch in and help less fortunate communities, Darren? Why can’t we see this spectrum without color and just see people as equal?” “That right there,” he begins, “Is the same attitude keeping our people from advancing. We’re still stuck on trying to prove we forgive slavery and that we are all equal that we refuse to press forward. We’re afraid our pressing forward may be viewed as revenge or retaliation. But don’t we have the same right to better ourselves as anyone else?” “But isn’t integration the way to go?” “No.” As every second goes by, my curiosity grows more intense. How can an educated, fair, and intelligent man of any color say that integration isn’t the best way for humanity? As if he senses my need for clarification, Darren continues. “What I mean by that is once we integrated, we lost hope for progression. Only in segregation was the black man ready, proud and willing to fight for a better tomorrow. Once we thought we seen the horizon of that better day, we slipped back into the sun of the plantation.” As if a light bulb has been turned on in my head, I now understand Darren’s position. Although I still believe integration is the only way for humanity to progress as one, I believe the black community has some more work to do as far as uniting within itself. Remaining optimistic, with each article I write, I continue to take small steps toward that better tomorrow. There is an urgent need for black awareness in the black society. It is ignorance of our ways and true identities that has landed us in this painful state. Sadly though, every time one speaks about black consciousness, one is perceived to be political-minded; and, in the black society, that is the passport to be ignored or even hated. We need to realise that black consciousness is an awareness of the true nature of the black (wo) man and not a political stance. Without true knowledge of ourselves (past and present), we will remain in this despicable condition. It is, therefore, an individual responsibility of each one of us to pursue knowledge of self and help others to do the same. Unless we make it a personal cause to revolutionise the black minds, we will remain sheep and our offspring’s, like us, will be black zombies and subjects of the system.


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“So many things are said so often [of/to] us, about us and for us but very seldom by us” - Steve Biko


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FEATURED STORY BLACK COMMUNITY Are You Pissed Yet? By: Clarissa R. Douthit

This is an article for those living

in the Black Community and feeling as though they are powerless to do anything about the dire circumstances plaguing their community. People are pissed at the timing of Glenn Beck’s event at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. However, who’s pissed about Blacks not fulfilling Dr. Martin Luther King’s “dream”? Who’s pissed about the many Black children inability to read, write, or do basic math? Who’s pissed about the Black male prison population? Who’s pissed because many Blacks have not lived the “dream” that Dr. King died for? Now, that’s something to be PISS OFF ABOUT!

expect our children to treat us and others with respect. As a Black community, we have failed our children miserably. We need to raise our children to respect education. They should be raised to NOT have the option of NOT going to school. They should know that going to school is the ONLY option. In America, education is free. Yet, the Black community has the worst academic record. Dr. King would be turning in his grave if he knew how we have squandered our educational opportunities. Don’t blame the city, state, or federal government. And, please stop blaming White America. The Black community has (or had) schools in our neighborhoods; but we have al-

daughters’ role models should not be New York, Li’l Kim, or Nicki Minaj. Role models should start at home. Our sons should be taught to dress appropriately, too. Sagging pants are not honorable. They must know that it is a statement for being in prison; and that is not what we want our young men to aspire to. Our young Black men must know what a tie is and how to tie one. They must know how to dress for a job interview and that wearing braids, jeans and oversized t-shirts will not cut it. Our young Black men need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions as well. Our Black men must teach our Black sons that Black women (ALL WOMEN) are

in their community and that they can write positive messages. Our Black youth must know that it takes more talent and creativity to write positive lyrics without derogatory words. The Black community has failed in protecting our children. Our children cannot be allowed to wonder the streets at all hours of the night. They must be taught to be respon-

“The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing Black-onBlack crime. The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing our schools to fail and be closed. “ The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing our daughters to be pimped by grown men. The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing our neighborhoods to become overrun by drug dealers. The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing our Black men to run from family responsibilities. The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing our families to live off welfare for generations. The Black community should be pissed at itself for allowing television, the latest fashion, the Internet, and hardcore rap and hip-hop to raise our children. ARE YOU PISSED OFF YET? If not, here’s more POISON FOR YOUR POT.

When are we going to take responsibility for our fate? My great-grandmother, Lillie Mae Jackson said it best. She said, “You need to clean your own house before you tell someone else their house is dirty.” How can we get angry with Glenn Beck about his event being held on the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” when we have not lived the DREAM? So, we need to pick of that “BROOM” and begin to clean our own houses. We need to raise our children to respect authority, which begins with their parents showing respect for others. We can have a differing opinion; but we cannot degrade, cuss out, and spew cruel words about others, especially to our children, and 4

lowed them to either close or have our children bussed for hours to attend a school more than an hour away. What’s wrong with us? We need to raise our daughters to respect themselves and that begins with how they dress. Appropriate dress must be modeled by their mothers and other female caregivers. If the women in their lives dress like hoochies; then, how can we expect our daughters to dress differently? If we are to have young men respect us, then we must first respect ourselves. Our Black women and daughters must know that the words that come out of their mouths define their character and virtue. Foul language just isn’t becoming of a lady. Our

to be respected. Their role models should not be the likes of Li’l Wayne, Snoop Dogg, or Kanye West. They should be taught that they cannot

call women “w-----, b------, and other awful words. Black men must teach our sons that hip-hop and rap do not respect them or the women

sible citizens. Adults should be the guardians and protectors of our children. The Black community is responsible for what happens to our youth. Our children need and want boundaries. We were children and we tried our parents, too. So, we have no excuse for not knowing how to stand firm and love our children through protection and correction. Teen parenthood should not be rewarded as if it is a badge of honor. The Black community should teach our children about sex. It should start at home; but if a parent is uncomfortable teaching their child about sex, then reach out and ask for help. We need to stop being so proud that we

sacrifice of our children. If teenage parenthood does happen, there must be resources to help them get back on track. We must no longer allow the teen-aged girl shoulder the burden alone. She did not make the baby by herself. We must hold the father equally accountable. The parents of the children should be responsible and accountable for working together to get these kids back on track after the birth of the baby. However, if the baby-daddy happens to be an adult, he needs to be prosecuted and put in JAIL!!! The Black community can no longer afford to be a refuge for pedophiles. We must call a spade a spade. If a teenage girl gets pregnant and the baby daddy is a legal adult, HE IS A PEDOPHILE!!!!!! So, Black woman, this one is for you. Tell your sons to keep it in their pants. If they MUST have sex, instruct them to have safe sex with someone their own age or they will be prosecuted and become a registered SEX OFFENDER! Being pissed at the timing of Glenn Beck’s event at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is a distraction from what is really going on within the Black community. We want to blame everyone else except ourselves. It’s a painful notion, but it is real. We have to stop the blame game and start owning up to our failures as a people. To do this, we must step away from the so-called “Black Leaders”. They are just media pimps and the Black community is their money-making whore. They make millions off the miseries of the Black community. They perpetuate the “slave mentality”. They tell us it isn’t our fault for all the bad things that are going on within our communities. They live in their mansions and only visit the “hood” when a sensational media opportunity arises. They drive their fancy cars while many in the Black community cannot get the local government to provide adequate bus transportation so we can get to work. They send their children to private schools while many schools in the Black community fail or are closed. They travel in private jets or first class when many in the Black community cannot afford bus fare. These so-called “Black Leaders” have sold their souls to live off the blood, sweat, and tears of Blacks like Dr. King and Malcolm X who died because they wanted the Black community to be totally independent and self-sufficient. These socalled “Black Leaders” love the fact that many in the Black com-

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POLITICS Open Letter to Obama:

Black Unemployment Must Be Addressed By: Boyce Watkins

Dear Mr. President, I write this letter with all due respect to yourself, as well as the office of the presidency. Your historic rise up the political ladder has been nothing short of inspirational, and your extraordinary vision has positioned you as one of the most celebrated leaders in the history of the United States. As a fellow scholar and African American male, I applaud your achievements. I am especially excited about how you, Michelle and your beautiful daughters present such a magnificent image of the African American family. While the black community remains inspired by your achievements and overwhelmingly sympathetic to your challenges from conservatives, there are concerns that the economic plight of black Americans has not been a priority for the Obama Administration. To be sure, opinions on this matter are far from unanimous. But the numbers tell a story that needs to be heard.

As of last month, black unemployment rose to an astonishing 16.3 percent. This was .7 percent higher than the previous month, with the increase being 700 percent higher than the rise in unemployment for white Americans. Additionally, black teen unemployment is now over 45 percent, compared to just 23 percent for white teens. In addition to massive unemployment, wealth inequality in America remains a persistent problem, causing African Americans to bear the brunt of this economic crisis in ways that are unimaginable to other Americans. Our homes are facing foreclosure more often and we are less able to rely on a source of background wealth to help us get through the toughest times. Yet, while we are the least prepared for the recession, we are being hit with a downturn that is twice as forceful as that being experienced by

the rest of America. In fact, even after the recession is over, our unemployment rate will probably be as high or higher than the rate that white Americans are agonizing over right now. The United Nations has investigated this issue as a human rights violation, because it appears that we live in a nation that accepts a black underclass as a default way of life.



The Black Dilemma of 2010

He must literally be perfect daily to be considered simply competent By: Devona Walker

We enter the first half of the 21st century worst off than we were in the last half of the 20th century. I hate to bring this bad news, but Black leaders and politicians will not acknowledge this fact. They cannot, and will not, because to do so would mean that they, themselves, have failed their commitment to the Black masses. The main pitfall of the Black Liberation movement is a lack of comprehensive purpose. The most devastating aspect of the 20th century was the failure of the integrationist movement lead by the Civil Rights leaders. This movement’s leadership was sucked up into mainstream America through money and power, while the masses of Black people were suffering from poverty, racism, and political as

well as legal injustices. The historical strength of the Black churches was silenced through governmental grants and poverty programs. Black elected officials became victims of political redistricting within majority African American areas. Many Black leaders found it hard to say “no” as corporate lobbies paraded dayin-and-day out of governmental councils waving brown moneylaced envelops. It was stated once by a corporate boss, that he could hire half of the working class to kill off the other half. This reality is not too far from the principles of capitalism and corporate America. They has definitely “purchased” many Blacks to contain and control the masses of

our people. However, not even the ever-powerful Black mass, the working class, is immune to criticism. The

most powerful force within the Black community has not used it political of economical power in terms of its own liberation, or freedom. The Black mass

spends billions of dollars of feel good consumer items. In essence, making every nationality on the face of the globe economically independent,

but themselves. The Black masses shop, invest, and spend as thrill seekers. It is as if spending money with others is a form of pseudopsychotherapy. However,

even as I am being critical, I do realize that the totality of our freedom lies in the political education of our people. It is when the masses of Black people withdraw their economic buying power, or call for a general work stoppage; it is then, and only then, that our children will get a decent education, our youth will attend colleges instead of prisons, and our neighborhoods will be safe and prosperous. We must also call into account WHAT type of spirituality that the Black preachers are feeding the people. A spiritual message must transform reality. A spiritual message must have as its foundation a revolutionary vision, a vision that pushes society into the future, not into the graveyard. And to my friends, the

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HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS? They Are Still Our Slaves By: Staff Writer

scintilla of interest in solving your Rubik’sCube type problems. In fact, let’s examine your dreams and murder them with a gang of facts.

To Black Leaders of the Concrete: Through print and pressconferences, radio and television mediums alike, you have provided us startling evidence that we have absolutely nothing to worry about. You remain prisoners of your own folly, psychological weaknesses, lack of vision and commitment. More importantly, we have not one 6

You people dream of political power. However, the Republican and Democratic parties are wings of the same bird, and cauldrons for legalized racketeering. Consequently, the election process is a sneak preview of stolen merchandise, after which, you get the best politicians that money can buy. Yet, you people continue as the chief apologists for the Democratic Party. Nikolai Lenin once said: “People always have been and they always will be ...’useful fools’... and stupid victims of deceit and self-deception in politics.” He was right. Now, consider for a moment the

legislative process. You head for the polls and are handed a ballot upon which a number of measures are printed. (You may in no way consider a most brilliant amendment of which you may conceive.) While generally unaware of the full scope, complexities, and consequences of most referendums on the ballot— you are asked to vote—yes or no. But truthfully speaking, we have to commit violence against the English language to call our political system, a true legislative process. You people say education is the key, and we agree. In fact, children are the most curious beings on earth. Yet, go into a classroom and observe the mindless looks on the faces of your children—are their eyes flushed with enthusiasm? No! Most of them are either irritable, listless, or bored out of their minds. Where has their sense of curiosity or wonderment gone? Who wrestled it away from them? Who’s emasculating the genius in your children? How do your children develop a fear of subjects like math and science? How does any credible educator or institute of learning, fail

to arouse in your children: a love of business, economics, literature, history, etc.? Here’s a hint. Everyday those marvelous little souls are herded into classrooms like sheep. Once inside of our psychological torture chambers, their zeal to discover and learn are summarily cremated. You may thank our hand-picked behavioral psychiatrists, social engineers and change-agents, for infecting your children with degrees of intellectual inferiority, anxiety, and acute mental sterility. Meanwhile, you people are as exercised about this matter as a mummy in a mausoleum. More importantly, we have successfully turned college campuses into incubators and centers for cognitive dissonance and thoughtcontrol. Translation? You people are not educated, but indoctrinated, and thus you shall remain in our opinion, convincingly so. Perhaps in the case of you people it’s true: that until one exhaust ignorance and habit,

intelligence dare not appear. You people dream of economic power and we understand your quest. In fact, your ancestors were formidable business merchants and extraordinary commodity traders. But now all you people trade are mostly stories on sports, entertainment, racism, and gossip. Saving money and investing are signs of a highly intelligent and industrious people. But since you save and invest little or nothing, you own little or nothing. Consumer debt and bankruptcy filings amongst you people are at or near record highs. Still, you beg us to issue you credit and take you into bondage—again! Witness the dilapidated buildings, run down schools, and tattered homes (with bars) where you frequent. Indeed, the disintegration of your neighborhoods and cities are squarely before everyone’s eyes. And no one with a choice dares to live amongst you. Ever mindful of

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REAL TALK I’m Going To Be Honest...

African American Men Are A Huge Disappointment By: Von


let me state my disclaimer: This is not to bash nor belittle black men. It will be an honest post just like my others. The only reason I’m writing this paragraph is because I’ve noticed many of my readers

tend to get their panties in a bunch whenever I criticize black men, but don’t have a damn thing to say when I criticize black women. Everyone needs to take a step back, think about the things I state in this post and ask yourselves is there any truth in the things I write. If you’re an African American woman you need to be honest with yourself on whether or not you have had these same thoughts. If you’re an African

American man you need to be honest with yourself on whether or not I’m talking about you or someone you know. Read this at your own discretion. I don’t hate African American men. I have a lot of love for African American men. However, I am extremely disappointed with this group of individuals. As a 24-yearold African American woman I can honestly say I’m

physically attracted to African American men, but mentally most of them do nothing for me. If I were single and the only individuals I had to choose from were the African American men I’ve run across (yes, I’ve been all over this country...but note I’m not talking about ALL African American men...just the ones I’ve come in contact with since I was old enough to date) I would probably choose to be ALONE. No matter how physically attractive I find an individual there is no way in hell I would ignore their mental hang ups. There is nothing that turns me off more than an individual who suffers from a permanent “brain fart.” It’s not just the low class African American men who suffer from a permanent “brain fart.” When I was in college I knew three African American men who came from middle class families yet they were selling drugs. Those who were not engrossed in their studies

(and there were many who were not) took pleasure in fucking everything that walked, talked, and happened to be female. When I was in high school the African American men were always cutting the damn fool, dropping out of school, and doing the dumb shit…while on the other hand the African American women (though some became teenage parents) went to school, did the damn thing, and managed to graduate. Anyone who attended my high school graduation who didn’t see the huge gender gap in our class needs to have their eyes checked. It was so noticeable and so bad that my father asked me, “What happened to all the males? They didn’t graduate?” I work in an office full of Jews. There are several Caucasians. There are several African American women. There is ONLY one African American man present in the whole company.

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THE BLACK HOLOCAUST The most dangerous place for the Black baby: In The Womb Of The Black Woman By: Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

profoundly than Al Perm’s split ends. These socalled progressive blacks have A f r i c a n Americans believing t h a t


is one of those topics that “progressive” blacks like Al Perm and Jesse Jackass don’t want us to talk about. Why? Because if we compared the data of black babies who are killed off by abortion to that of black men who are killed off by a member of law enforcement the truth would stick out more

everything wrong with black folks in this country can be explained away by racism, oppression, and history. Personal accountability is most often thrown out the window and replaced by the infamous “race card.” For “progressive” blacks it’s better to focus on the damage done onto us by others (the victim mentality) than to focus on the damage

that we do to our community and ourselves. Though I believe racism and prejudice are a major problem I see the writing on wall and I don’t believe in sugarcoating the truth. What’s the truth? African Americans are their own worst enemy. I’ve come to see that so many of us are in denial about the FACTS. For the next few weeks I’m going to show those “progressive” blacks, who are living in denial, exactly why I believe African Americans are their own worst enemy. I’m going to begin with Abortion. Here are the facts about African Americans and abortion (note some numbers may be smaller or greater than these... depending on the source and year): •Since 1973 abortion has reduced the black population

by over 25%. Abortion has been the LEADING cause of death in the black community since 1973. It happens 1452 times a day in the black community. •For every two African American women that gets pregnant one will choose to

abort. •Black women are more than 3 times as likely as white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2 1/2 times as likely. •Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history (or so we’re being told).

•The CDC reports that of the approximately 4000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1452 of them are performed on African American women and their pre-born children. This means that although African Americans represent only 12% (this is from 2005) of the population of the United States, they account for 35% of the abortions performed in this country. The Idea of A Woman’s Right To Choose Equals BULLCRAP! I trust the decisions of women because it is a human right that Roe vs. Wade decided on. This is not about abortion, this is about human rights, this is about human dignity, this is about women having their sayso over their own body and

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OUR PERSPECTIVE The “Strong Independent Black Woman” SHOULD THE SLOGAN GO? By: Staff Writer

For the longest time now I’ve been

trying to understand why black women have embraced the slogan, “I’m a strong black woman.” When this slogan first hit the streets I didn’t think anything of it. Back then I only heard the slogan from successful black women who had their shit together (at least in my social circle). When I say they had their shit together I mean these women were married, had kids, were taking care of their home, and were taking care of business all at the same time. With them the term “independent” meant their ability to help bring in the money and therefore not be totally dependent upon their husbands financially. It was basically a slogan for TRUE renaissance women (those who could do it all). However, everything changed when the hoodrats, single mothers, and unsociable college educated black women got their hooks on the slogan. Now it seems ridiculous to hear a black woman say she’s a “strong independent black woman” because MOST of those who are using the slogan should NOT be using it! Don’t believe me…take a look at the video. Be warned it’s not a pretty sight. In fact, it’s downright disgusting. I partly blame our culture for this nonsense. Rappers, entertainers, and the media have told black women that it’s okay to be a “strong” independent figure, who can handle business while not having a stable relationship/marriage. Little emphasis is placed on African American

women being wives and mothers with a husband in the home. No…black women are supposed to be someone’s baby mama and we’re supposed to be strong/independent whether the father of said children is in the picture or not. The most upsetting thing about all this is the fact that African American women have embraced this ideology (including those with college degrees). This way of thinking is accepted/glamorized, but only where black women are concern. Why isn’t it glamorized and supported by other races? It’s probably because other races respect the word FAMILY and the positions of HUSBAND/WIFE. Here is a dose of reality: Women are not supposed to be “strong” and we’re not supposed to be “independent” of men. It is not natural and it is not normal. In most cases productive (those who play their position) men and women compliment each other. Women are typically “soft” and men typically hold all the “strength.” Softness is a characteristic associated with femininity. It is one of those things that society has told us separates men from women. In all honesty, I’m beginning to think it’s what’s missing with African American women. Black women have grown to embrace, respect, and represent all the negative stereotypes we use to stray away from. Back in the day black women went out of their way to maintain “softest” despite the image of the domineering “strong” mammy character hanging over

their heads. Clearly those days are over. Not only have black women embraced “strength” but also it seems to me black men have embraced “softness” though many of them may not be aware of it. The black men in my generation bitch, whine, and complain (all of which are characteristics commonly associated with femininity) more than any other group of men I’ve ever come in contact with. I don’t see that masculine strength in the black men of my generation. Instead I see a group of simps. Did black

I don’t know, but one thing is for sure: Relations between black men and black women is not going to get better until the problem is fixed. I guess this best describes the role reversal in the black community. As far as the term “independent” goes I often ask myself if so many black women are claiming to be independent why do they complain about black men and the deadbeat fathers of their children? If you’re going to be independent then be that way. Don’t be independent when it’s convenient for you. Be independent 24/7 and stop all the complaining about your current state. Independence is a state of mind for SOME black women and not the reality f o r

women strip black men of their strength or is the membership into “simphood” courtesy of being raised by black single mothers?

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trying to determine the worse human rights violator over the past 500 years, two candidates far and away exceed all others. Adolph Hitler was not even close because he is only credited with killing six million people and his reign of terror only lasted about six years. Over a period of 25 years, Belgium King Leopold II was able to reduce the population of the Congo from 20 million to 10 million. Twenty five years 8

after Christopher Columbus entered Haiti, the Arawak population was reduced to zero, that is, total annihilation or genocide. In describing the exploits of Columbus, Dominican priest Bartolome de Las Casas wrote: “My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature that I tremble as I write.” Famous American author Joseph Conrad called Leopold’s Congo: “The vilest scramble for loot that ever disfigured the history of human conscience.” Despite a death toll of holocaust dimensions, these men are not even mentioned in the standard litany of human horrors. Our children are given history books that describe Columbus as a heroic adventurer and an outstanding seaman. This heroic image is further perpetuated by Columbus Day celebrations and

the fact that streets, schools, cities, and even countries have been named after him. King Leopold II enjoys an equally positive reputation. Belgium history describes him as a “philanthropic monarch who was much admired throughout Europe.” He is praised for investing a large portion of his personal fortune in pubic works projects to benefit both Europe and Africa. The current image of these two men could not be further from the truth! Both left behind a heritage of racism, greed, hunger, exploitation, and genocide. Leopold matched Columbus so closely in atrocities that one has to wonder whether they represent the same man reincarnated. Both Columbus and Leopold were great salesmen and great liars. To help finance his second voyage, Columbus told the Spanish Monarch

that “there are many wide rivers of which the majority contain gold… there are many spices, and great mines of gold and other metals.” Columbus was so convincing the Queen Isabella provided him with 17 ships and 1,200 men for his second voyage and promised him 10% of all the gold and precious metals he brought back. Leopold’s opportunity for salesmanship and lying came at the Berlin Conference (November 1884 - February 1885) where European countries met to decide how they would divide up Africa. Leopold begged for the Congo Basin and guaranteed the well being of the Congo’s native population. Leopold told the American delegation that “Belgium deserves the opportunity to prove to the world that it also was an imperial people, capable of

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Black Men Dating/Marrying Other Races

Ten Reasons Why Black Women Have Grown or Are Growing Not To Care By: Von

I will never understand why there is such an outrage

when a white person assaults or kills a black person when black people assault/kill each other everyday. Where the hell is that outrage when a black man takes the life of another black man? I’m just saying…some of the race card carriers seem a bit hypocritical when it comes to the issue of crime. It’s perfectly okay for black folks to kill each other, but let a white man take a black person’s life. Oh shit…it’s time to march on Washington! I’m going to be completely honest...I’m more afraid of being robbed, killed, raped, and assaulted by my own black people than I am whites. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way. I have lived in the Deep South all my life and no racist redneck strikes fear in me the same way that a violent black person does. A white person has never tried to break into my car and jack my sound system, but a black person has. A white person has never murdered a member of my family, but a black person has. A white police office has never tried to harass me while walking down the street, but black people do it everyday. So-called progressive blacks don’t want us to talk about this subject because it shows how the bigger problem is right here in our own community and proves my theory that African Americans are their own worst enemy correct. Here are some facts about black on black crime... • In 2008 a total of 40 homicides were committed in Little Rock, 54% of which were committed by blacks against blacks. • Nationally homicide is the leading cause of death for black young men ages 10-24, and the second leading

cause of death for black women ages 15-24. • While African Americans comprise 13.5% of the U.S. population, 43% of all murder victims in 2007 were African American, 93.1% of whom were killed by African Americans. • Victimization of African Americans from violent crime which include the following: Rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated and simple assault 24.3% in 2007, with the highest percentages of victimization

with the age ranges of 15-24 totaling a percentage greater than 38%. When I turned twenty-one years old and moved into my own apartment (free of college roommates) my father handed me a pistol. I looked at him a little surprised. “What’s this for?” I asked. “It’s to keep you safe. Keep it in one of the dresser drawers beside your bed.” As I’m writing this blog it’s locked and loaded in the same position today. My father didn’t give me that

gun because he thought the police or some other white person would try to run up on me. No, he gave me the gun in order that I may pop a cap in a black person’s butt if they should get out of line. I don’t live in the hood nor have I ever lived in the hood. However, that doesn’t stop me from being conscious of the fact that there are some people who would like nothing better than to take what I worked hard to get. I don’t give a damn what any African American (especially those from the suburbs) tells you. When it comes to this subject most are lying in order to be politically correct and avoid the backlash they are sure to face from members of the black community. They (like me) are more afraid of their own people than they are of white folks when it comes to crime. This is why they (like me) do everything they can to avoid the hood. If that means moving to a lily white suburb then so be it. If that means paying a few hundred thousand dollars on a house (mortgage) then so be it. As long as we feel safe and feel our children can safely play in the front yard it’s worth every dime. It seems to me instead of focusing on the occasional white on black crime idiots in the black community need to focus on the domestic terrorism happening right at home. I can’t turn on my television without hearing about some senseless crime committed by a black person. So-called progressive blacks can try to put the blame on oppression, racism, poverty, but how about some personal accountability. No one is telling black people to shoot, kill, rape, and steal from each other. It amazes me how some of us can overcome oppression.



ometimes I miss my male friends. No, I don’t mean guys I dated, and I don’t think they were guys who wanted anything romantic from me. They were just friends of the opposite sex. We could call each other at God-awful times of the morning to bout insomnia. We went to movies together and pimped one another for valuable relationship advice. They were fellas available to help move heavy loads and change the oil in the car. That was before she came along. I don’t mean to hate on my male friends’ S.O.s. Most of them are lovely ladies who’ve made my

friends’ lives better, but when your male BFF gets tied down, it changes things. You can’t call him at 3 a.m. The two of you can no longer chill on the couch and watch a movie. My oil changes are now done by strangers at the Jiffy Lube. Friendships change and evolve. That’s part of life. When my girlfriends married, that required some adjustment, too. They had to check hubby’s calendar before committing to specific dates, and they were a little more reserved on our infrequent nights out. So, it shouldn’t be a big deal or much of a surprise that my relationships with my guy friends also change when they marry.

However, it feels a little different. Maybe that’s because when you’re both single, it doesn’t matter whether outsiders think there might be something romantic going on between you and your platonic male friend, but once he’s committed to that special someone, it most certainly does. Now, part of your friendship includes making sure his girl is comfortable with your relationship. You make sure you don’t hug him too long or too tight. You make a point to add her name to all invitations. You find someone else to take you to the airport, and when you have insomnia, you don’t bother dialing his number. 9



Black Boys Set Up to Fail By: Staff Writer


coalition of African-Americans educators say the nation’s public school system is giving up on black male students and setting them up to fail. This alarming quandary is being described as a national education crisis - and that’s not overstating the problem. According to “Yes We Can: The 2010 Schott 50 State Report on Black Males in Public Education,” the overall 20072008 graduation rate for black males in the U.S. was only 47 percent, and half of the states have graduation rates for black male students below the national

average. The report highlights concerns that New York’s graduation rate for its Regents diploma is only 25 percent for black male students. New York City, the district with the nation’s highest enrollment of black students, only graduates 28 percent of its black males with Regents diplomas on time. Overall, each year, more than 100,000 black male students in New York City do not graduate from high school. That’s an incomprehensible number, yet apparently true. “Without targeted investments to provide the core, research-proven resources to help black male students succeed in public education,” the report concludes, “they are being set up to fail.” The fourth report released by the Schott Foundation for Public Education provides

state-by-state data that shows which U.S. school districts and states are failing to provide the resources black male students need for the opportunity to learn. “Taken together, the numbers in the Schott Foundation for Public Education’s report form a nightmarish picture ― one that is all the more frightening for being both true and long-standing,” Geoffrey Canada, president and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, said in a statement. “These boys are failing, but I believe that it is the responsibility of the adults around them to turn these trajectories around,” Canada said. “All of us must ensure that we level the playing field for the hundreds of thousands of children who are at risk of continuing the cycle of generational poverty. The key to success is education.” Some civil rights activists, like comedian Bill Cosby, have publicly blamed black parents for not

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Dear Ms. Boe, Advice, Relationships & Marriage Tips A PROBLEM WITH HONESTY? By: Bonita Saunders


’ve been seeing my man for a little over a year and he has a problem with honesty. When we first got together, he lied about his interactions with his ex. He told me he was not talking to her, but yet they were conversing quite often. Then I went through his phone (only once) and saw that he was corresponding with 10

another female. When I confronted him about it, he told me that she was an old friend and “it was nothing”. He told me he was not going to talk to her anymore, but come to find out, he was still communicating with her. So I’ve continued in this relationship and come to realize that deep down, I do not trust him. I understand that he may have female friends, but why be secretive about it and withhold this information from me? He tells me the reason why he does not tell me he talks to other women is because “it’s nothing”. Well, if it’s nothing, then why can’t we talk about it? My issue is the fact that he secretly talks to other women, doesn’t tell me about it and then when I ask him, he lies about it or downplays it as though it’s nothing. So now that the trust is gone, every time we hang up, I think that he’s calling another woman, laughing and

sharing stories that he is supposed to share with me. Lastly, when we first got together, I reevaluated our relationship and started to shut myself off from him. I tried to explain to him that I just needed a little time to think about some things. However, he decided that since I was not going to talk to him, he would contact a female friend and talk to her all night long. My trust issues are causing problems in our relationship because I truly believe that he is still communicating with other women behind my back. Even though I’ve told him how that makes me feel, he still continues to do it and I’m tired of it. What should I do? -Lakisha The red flags were popping up and slapping you in the face from the very beginning. When someone tells you one thing and then goes behind your back and does another, then they cannot be trusted. You have trust issues because you have allowed someone into your life who is a liar. If you knew from the start that he was being dishonest, and honesty is obviously a requirement for you, then why did you continue to remain in the relationship? Even though you have

told him that it bothers you that he is in contact with his ex and with other women, he can see that it must not bother you enough to walk away. He is going to continue doing what he wants, because there is no real repercussion. When you set a boundary and your partner crosses it, then they are telling you that they don’t respect you. When you choose to stay in the relationship in spite of this behavior you are telling him that it’s okay to treat you this way. Your man let you know from the start that he is going to have relationships with his ex and other women, so if it really bothers you then move on and set your sights on finding someone who believes that honesty and respect are key values to the health of a relationship.




in life we stumble on to something that is laid in our path, we pick it up not knowing if it will lead us to the corner or a trip around the world.

sometimes this works out for the best, but 90% of the time this trip is short lived. as we grow and learn from our misguided trips we begin to understand that in order to have a victorious journey we must have a planned direction to good health there’s no exception. the best way to start is to visit a doctor and get a complete physical. your doctor can give you important information on such things as blood pressure, body types (ectomorphy, mesomorphy, endomorphy). some nutritional information. thyroid efficiency, etc. etc . . . . after these things have been established and

you are cleared for take off. the next step is to find a place to workout. .whether you’re at home or at the nearby gym, the place you pick should be a place where you feel comfortable and not a chore to get to. if you do decide to use the local gym, here are some tips to help you pick a good one. pick a place within your budget. you don’t have to give away your first born to get into a gym. if you do pick an expensive place. make sure it’s worth the money, but remember the bottom line is results. if you feel pressure from the moment you walk in the door this may not be the place for you. a good workout environment is crucial to long term happiness; it should be well equipped with a variety of nautilus, cardio, and free weights with a friendly knowledgeable staff. if you are new its very important that the staff is willing to help with your needs .first impressions can sometime be right in line. while visiting some gyms,

here are a few questions to ask??? 1. cost- like i said earlier don’t give up your first born 2. assistance - if you decide to join will someone be there to help you learn the equipment 3. hours of operation- what are they 4. classes- are the aerobic classes included in your membership or will there be an additional cost for them (some gyms will try to charge you to breath beware) 5. personal trainers - are they available, are they experienced and knowledgeable, and do they look the part (now days everybody wants to be a trainer but not everyone is a good trainer. the best way to find a good one is by references ask someone you know) also the good ones have been around for a while and their names ring loud in the fitness community. in a nut shell; cost, hidden charges, hours of operation, classes, and the personal touch. these things should get you into a workable situation, once your in and have a good trainer he/she or a good nutritionist should be able to recommend a healthy eating program. i cannot express how important this is to a successful

journey. we all have seen it over and over in the gym .guy’s and girls come to the gym faithfully 3 even 4 times a week and throw down with a great workout. but they just don’t look any different. ask them if they know how many grams of protein they take in a day or how many carbs do they get and when do they consume their carbs and a strange look comes across their face ,like what’s food got to do with it! ok i’m going to go out on a limb here but i dare to say food consumption is 80% of any good workout program. as we say here at dk&jpump become a student of the game .learn your food groups and how they affect your body. remember i said your

body. everyone has a different body chemistry. and what works for you may not work for someone else. when you are at the store buying your weekly groceries .every item you pick up the first thing you should do is to read your nutritional label. watch out for tricky labels, such as low fat or no fat, most of the time this means they are loading it up with to much sugar or the sodium content is very high. if it sounds too good to be true there’s probably an underlying suspect. once you have mastered how your body reacts to different kinds of nutrients and using this knowledge in the proper context you are well on your way to living a long healthy life style.

MEDICAL TALK Has My Depression Treatment STOPPED WORKING? Sponsored By: Dr. Brown’s Medical Office

Q: Dear Dr, My doctor recently prescribed more medication on top of what I’m already taking for my depression. Why isn’t the basic medication I’ve already been taking enough? Should I be worried? Has my current medication suddenly stopped working? A: In my experience, I’ve seen many situations where patients may require a little more than one or two medications to address depression, especially severe depression. Any practitioner worth their salt will tell you that they treat the symptoms of a disorder and not just the disorder. I know some of you are going “huh?” right now, but let me explain...


xperts admit that treating mental illness can be a very challenging issue; even after an initially successful response, your body can sometimes, and quite suddenly, change the way it reacts to medication for any number of physical, or even biological, reasons. This can potentially put you at serious risk for recurring symptoms -- or even an increase in newer, more dangerous ones.

Although there are medications specifically developed for certain disorders, it is important for a provider to be very clear on what your particular symptoms are so that appropriate treatment is administered and because not everybody with depression has the same symptoms of the illness. For example, in some persons with depression, a loss of appetite is one of their symptoms, but in others an increase of appetite is their symptom.

There are some antidepressants that stimulate appetite and others that dampen it; hence, again it is always very important to be very clear and specific about your symptoms when talking to your provider. However, it sounds like some of your symptoms are not significantly responding to the standard medications and your provider probably wants to add additional medications for this reason. For instance, I have worked with patients who experienced hallucinations or delusional thought processes related to their depression and the usual medications used them did not adequately target these symptoms. Often in these cases, a psychiatrist or other qualified health professional added medications to an already established regimen to specifically target these other symptoms and, possibly, other non-responsive symptoms; this practice is commonly referred to as adjunctive therapy. There could be several biological, physical, or other reasons why you are not receiving maximum benefit from your original medication. Your medical provider may be able to shed some light on these reasons for you.

Although depression is a serious illness, it is one of the most treatable disorders. Just because you may require adjunctive therapy to effectively manage your depression does not mean that you are crazy or any other negative assumption that may be on your mind. What it does mean is that you fortunately have a provider who is on top of his/her game and is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and skill to help you live a healthy lifestyle!


1(888) 466-0850


THE URBAN SOURCE BOOK REVIEW ‘Getting To Happy’ By Terry McMillan By: Terry McMillan

With revelation that her husband has been

visiting porn sites like a religious experience triggers a 50-something-year-old to file for divorce. Well, there were other reasons, too. Another well-heeled sister discovers that marital vows are inviolate when she learns that she married a polygamist. Shopping becomes a substitute relationship for another woman whose only dream is to walk down the aisle in diaphanous wedding gown. And another sister discovers that happiness should never be taken for granted. No, these are not characters from a delicious Sunday afternoon movie on Lifetime Movie Network; they are members of the fabulous four from ‘Waiting to Exhale,’ albeit 15 years later. Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine and Robin are older, wiser and clearly have reached intersections in their lives. And their stories are just as juicy as the first time we met them. In ‘Getting to Happy,’ the sequel to the bestselling novel, ‘Waiting to Exhale,’ Terry McMillan emits the same humor and verve that won the hearts and minds of readers of her groundbreaking masterpiece. She leans heavily on snappy dialogue, strong character development and colorful settings in Phoenix, Ariz. But the four-some don’t feel so invincible

anymore. The door is permanently closed on 40 and they are entrenched in their 50s as they set about rediscovering themselves as black women with grandchildren, mortgages, failed marriages and collapsed business ventures. Savannah, who had not married at 40 in ‘Waiting to Exhale,’ is married in the sequel to Isaac, a carpenter, who builds decks, gazebos, fences and pergolas. He also loves pornography so much so that she files for divorce. Besides, he is Republican. “I felt like I was married to a Nazi or something.” If that’s not bad enough, Bernadine, who had just gotten divorced and met an amazing man, is now a failed business owner. But all that glitters isn’t gold. She learns in a phone call from another woman that her husband is married to another woman — the caller herself. Now, she spends her days in a haze of prescription drug self-medication, trying to

forget what was and hoping for what will be. “He’s the scam artist, honey, not me,” McMillan writes. “I just accidentally found his other wallet under the front seat of the car when I took it to the car wash, and there was the name James Wheeler and all kinds of credit cards. So, I realized this son-of-abitch has been playing me, too. How much has he hit you up for and how long have y’all been married?” And bad girl, Robin, who was about to become a single mom after suffering through a string of failed relationships when readers last checked in on her, is still chasing her dream of getting married. She discovers online dating and is typing her way to love. “There,” McMillan writes. “I slide away from the computer and try to figure out what I can do to fill up the rest of the night or to make the time pass until I hear the computer letting me know I’ve got mail. I decide on laundry. I do

three loads, including drying them and folding them…” Gloria, who had given up all hope of falling in love, hit the jackpot. Now, she manages her own beauty salon and learns that happiness is much like empty calories; you have to monitor it. One afternoon, she spends time at a casino without making any bets and says to a fellow gambler: “I just didn’t feel like betting on anything when the odds aren’t in my favor.” Though she writes in the prologue that she never intended to write a sequel, McMillan became excited thinking about what could have happened to these women. “And that’s when I realized I had the perfect candidates for this story,” she writes. ” ‘Getting to Happy’ is the result. In this novel, these women learn how to heal past hurts, how to start doing things that stop them from feeling ‘navy blue’ instead of ‘lemon yellow.’ We all know that happiness isn’t a permanent place you arrive at, but these women learn it’s the choices you make along the way that contribute to how often you feel it.” In her winning sequel, the Detroit area native (also responsible for ‘Disappearing Acts’ and ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Backj,’ weaves a captivating yarn about four women who captivated a generation of women and writers.

MELADIMUSIC MCNAIR REPORT REVIEW Accuser: Bishop Long was ‘monster’ but ‘I loved him’ By: Meladi McNair

I ATLANTA (AP) -- One of the young men

accusing megachurch Bishop Eddie Long of coercing him into a sexual relationship told a TV interviewer that he loved the pastor and considered him a father figure, but still called him a “predator” and a “monster.” “I loved him and I’m always going to have love for the things he taught us, but how he left us hurt worse than anything I ever felt in my life,” Jamal Parris told Atlanta’s Fox TV affiliate WAGA in an interview broadcast Tuesday. “This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. That’s not a father, that’s a predator.” Parris, 23, is one of four men suing the TV preacher in state court, claiming that he abused his “spiritual authority” and gave them cars, clothes, cash and trips to lure them into


sexual relationships while they were teen members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta. Parris described an ongoing emotional struggle. “I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head and I cannot forget the smell of his cologne and I cannot forget the way he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home,” Parris said. “I’m not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off my body.” A spokesman for Long referred calls to an attorney, who was not immediately available Tuesday night. When a reporter approached Parris outside a convenience store in Colorado, he at first was reluctant to speak. Then he told WAGA that Long exploited his dreams for a father figure in exchange for sexual favors. During services at his church Sunday, Long turned to biblical terms to portray himself as an underdog but didn’t outright deny the allegations. “I feel like David against Goliath. But I got five rocks, and I haven’t thrown one yet,” said Long, who added that while he doesn’t claim

to be perfect, “I am not the man that’s being portrayed on the television.” In the Fox interview, a vehement Parris said Long “manipulated us from childhood” under the guise of providing a fatherly influence. Parris was referring to himself and the other accusers, Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg and Spencer LeGrande. They are in their 20s now but were 17 and 18 when they had sexual relationships with Long, the lawsuits say. Long does not face criminal charges. “This was our father and we loved him,” Parris said. Parris’ attorney declined comment. Speaking to Fox, Parris said Long is not being truthful to his followers. They include athletes, politicians and entertainers in the 25,000-member Lithonia, Georgia, church that

comment to Long, he said, “you are not a man you are a monster.” Also Tuesday, a county prosecutor said Long asked for charges to be dropped against Maurice Robinson in August, about two months after authorities say he and Anthony Boyd broke into the megachurch. The district attorney’s office declined Long’s request to drop the charges and is still investigating the case.

International Boutique & Gallery

133 E. Third Street, Dayton, OH 45402 937-461-2665 has a $50 million, 10,000-seat cathedral and more than 40 ministries. Long, who has been New Birth pastor since 1987, has spoken out loudly against gay marriage. “That man cannot look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain,” he said. Addressing a




istas and tattoos- where do I start? Much like 10 inch nails and purple hair- tattoos are the newest thing sistas have decided to overdo. I swear we as a people are like peacocks- we like to be seen. We are flashy and don’t get me wrong this can sometimes be a good thing. However when overdone we often end up looking like fools and such is the case with sistas and their multiple tattoos. I remember back in the day when all women had the same tattoo- a delicate little rose on the ankle. That was back when ladies wanted to be a little edgy, a little sexy, but still feminine. Well the times sure are a changin’- but for sista’s mostly. Black women can now be seen sportin’ tattoos on their breasts, thighs, arms, and even their necks. What kind of woman gets a tattoo on her neck?

Sad to say, but sistas are slowly losing the feminine battle. Between the tattoos, outrageous hair, loud dispositions and 10 inch nails, we seem less like women and more like cartoon characters.

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A Special Tribute To Sisters With BReast Cancer.

I am sure this is all for attention sake and that is the sad part. How sad is it that as women so many of us feel the only way we can get attention is to have outrageous markings all over our bodies and in areas we shouldn’t be showing off in the first place.

We Are With You!

SPORTS Why Reggie Bush shouldn’t have returned his Heisman By: Chris Murray


ow that Reggie Bush has voluntarily returned his 2005 Heisman Trophy, the winds of honor, integrity and character are about to return to college athletics like manna from heaven and the Morgan State University Choir singing, “Ode to Joy.”

talent. Considering that schools like USC and the NCAA are raking in millions of bucks for unpaid labor, I guess Bush just wanted a piece of the action, too. And on one level, I’m not mad at him for that because everybody else connected to college sports is filling their pockets along the way.

profit from what you do on the field by selling your jersey or market your image to a video game company. You definitely hear the NCAA and its member institutions marketing the athletic prowess of its players in the commercials

While non-athletes on college campuses are allowed to market their resumes, talk to prospective employers or even work for them on a part-time basis while they are still in school, athletes aren’t allowed to use their reputation as outstanding players to market themselves.

Well, we’re waiting. Any day now, integrity in college sports is about to walk through that door now. Still waiting…waiting. Not! Bush’s return of the Heisman Trophy has nothing to do with him caring about ethics or trying to restore the good name of the Heisman Trophy or USC, but as I wrote in my last column on this subject, this is nothing but a public relations move on the part of Bush perhaps to keep his endorsements and for all the media scrutiny to die down so he can go on with his life as a millionaire in the NFL . For all it’s worth, Bush should have just kept an award that he won on the field while USC officials profited off his talents while overlooking the rules in the course of winning national championships and Rose Bowls. It’s the only true thing he actually earned on the field because of his athletic

is nothing but a multi-million dollar professional sports league. To expect its players to live under this veneer of so-called amateurism amounts to nothing more than slavery and is hypocritical when you think about how much money the NCAA and its member institutions bring in from its revenue sports.

However, according to NCAA rules an athlete is not eligible for a sport they have “accepted money, transportation or other benefits from an agent or agreed to have an agent market your athletic ability or reputation in that sport.” But it’s okay for a university or the NCAA to earn a huge

leading up to the broadcasts of college football games: “See Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush and the USC Trojans taking on Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl!” Let’s face it, the NCAA, like the NFL, the NBA and every other sports league,

To me, the whole Bush returning the Heisman Trophy means that the NCAA needs to do one of two things. First, the head of the NCAA needs to sit down with the commissioners of both the NFL, the NBA and its players unions and come up with some guidelines that would decertify any agent who is caught approaching a collegiate athlete and endangering their eligibility. An even better solution would be to simply pay these athletes for their efforts and allow them to meet with agents during the course of their senior year or final year of eligibility. It’s no different when universities

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Black Community Are You Pissed Yet? continued..... munity are intellectually poor because if the Black community educated itself, we would see right through these pimps and kick them to the curb! These so-called “Black Leaders” are afraid for us to step back, look around, and assess what they have NOT done to help improve our lives. Let’s open our eyes and see them for what they are. If we did, the Black community would be PISSED OFF and REVOLT! We don’t need to blame the Glenn Becks, Sarah Palins, George Bushes, or the Dick Chaneys of the world. All we have to do is look at the so-called “Black Leaders” and accept the fact that they have failed miserably. Most of all, we have failed ourselves miserably. Just look in the mirror each day and see

who is really responsible for the failure of our community. Until we do, we will continue to be like the Old Testament Hebrews - wandering blindly in the desert of ignorance, poverty, and self-destruction. When Dr. King marched, he did not ask for a lift nor did he wait for someone to initiate freedom. He put on his shoes, tied his tie, buttoned his coat, kissed his wife and kids, and stuck out on his journey toward freedom. Dr. King made life happen. He did not wait for life to happen to him. So, Black community, please stop blaming others for our ills. Let’s put on our shoes, tie our ties, button our coats, and kiss our families as we walk out the door toward reclaiming our children, our neighborhoods, and our freedom.

The Most Dangerous Thing For A Black Baby continued..... over how they will decide to proceed with their life, and if America is to be America, we must protect women’s right to choose for themselves. -Rev. Al Perm. I will never understand the idea of a woman having the right to choose abortion whenever it’s convenient for her. The liberals in this country say something along the lines of, “It is her body. She has a right to choose whether or not she wants to have the child.” Well, didn’t she (in most cases not involving rape) choose to lay her ass down and by consequence choose to get impregnated in the first place? Seems to me her choice was made the minute she had sex. Most of us with good sense know the possibility of procreation when having sex. Some of us take precaution such as using birth control and condoms while others play stupid and wonder later on how they ended up with child. A man can’t (in most cases) choose not to support his child if the baby should be born. The mother can take him to court and FORCE him to financially support his child. If men can’t choose when to support a child why is it that women can choose when to have a child? It doesn’t seem right to me. The laws and the courts in this country are truly on the side of the women. Don’t get me wrong…I believe a man should take full responsibility for his actions, but I also see a double standard in how we handle the matter of childbirth and abortion. It’s perfectly okay for women to choose whether or not to kill the child off but it’s not okay for the men to decide when or if to support the child. Then there is the issue of human dignity as discussed above by AL PERM. What is dignified about a woman spreading her legs in order to kill off her offspring? Why is the unborn child denied that same dignity that his/her mother is offered by the laws in this country? Is dignity exclusive to those giving birth? My Honest Take On Abortion In The Black Community Up until a few months ago I was strongly against abortion. Now I’m honestly on

the fence about the issue. On one hand I don’t believe abortion is the answer. I believe if you lie down and have sex you should take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. Too many black women are using abortion as a form of birth control. They don’t have any respect for their unborn children nor do they have any respect for their bodies. Instead of holding themselves to a higher standard in the men they choose to sleep with many of them are spreading their legs wide open for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. It’s their IRRESPONSIBLE behavior that puts them in the position of being single mothers. The men can’t be blamed for the women’s failure to protect their bodies from disease and unwanted pregnancies. On the other hand I don’t know if forcing black women to have children is the answer either. Yes, most of them get knocked as a result of their own actions, but what would become of the children if these women were forced to bring them into this world? Would the children be forced to live in poverty? Would they grow up to resent their mothers and society for the condition of their lives? In all honesty I don’t want to see any more screwed up black people being put off on society and black community. If mom and dad are unable to raise good, responsible, caring children I think they need to go ahead and get rid of them. Otherwise we’re going to have more individuals terrorizing our neighborhoods and blaming the “system” for all their problems. It is my belief that irresponsible parents raise irresponsible children. If these individuals can’t be expected to look out for their best interest how can we expect them to look out for the well being of another human being? Would I personally ever exercise my “right” to an abortion? NO, I believe in taking responsibility for my actions. Questions: Why isn’t the issue of “black” abortion ever talked about? Do you believe it’s a woman’s right to choose? What’s your take on abortion in the black community?

The Black Delimma Of 2010 continued..... Black radicals, shame on you. To stoop so low as to believe that sending intellectual e-mails to a few selected radicals will transform society. As if a progressive web-site can replace strikes, boycotts, and revolutionary theory. Shame on you. And to all the bigots, who will e-mail me asking what do I propose as a solution to our crisis. Well, my answer is a simple one. Get involved with the transformation of the lives of Black people. It’s simple, do something that will advance our condition as a people. 14

Columbus vs Leopold continued..... dominating and enlightening others.” Since Leopold knew that the Belgium parliament and Belgium people had no interest in Africa, he essentially was arguing for a land mass 80 times the size of Belgium, which he would own personally. Columbus and Leopold saw the profits from their new lands as virtually limitless if enough free labor were available. Both men immediately proceeded to institute slavery among the native population and set quotas for individual production. The favorite method of punishment by Columbus and Leopold for not meeting quotas was to cut off the hands. Columbus ordered all persons 14 years old and older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months. When they brought it, they were given copper tokens to hang around their necks. Arawaks found without copper tokens to hang around their necks had their hands cut off and bled to death. Leopold chose to set quotas for ivory and rubber for each village. When a village fell short of its quota, his soldiers brutally raided the village and cut off the victims’ right hands. Sean Kelly wrote: “Hands became a sort of currency in that soldiers were paid their bonuses on the basis of how many right hands they collected.” Columbus and Leopold were exceptionally cruel to women and children. Both men allowed their soldiers to kidnap women as sex slaves, and they also held women and children as hostages to insure that the native men would not run away. Female hostages were usually poorly fed and large numbers died of starvation. Newborns also had a very high mortality rate because the mothers were too famished to provide nursing milk. The Arawaks and Africans both fought back but were no match for the armor and swords of Columbus nor the guns and artillery of Leopold’s soldiers. Rebelling natives were treated exceedingly cruel by both oppressors. Although both men used hanging, Columbus preferred burning victims alive if possible or feeding them to the attack dogs. Leopold’s soldiers enjoyed summary executions followed by chopping off the victims’ heads and placing the heads on poles around their gardens. Guillaume Van Kerckhoven, a Leopold officer, cheerfully bragged to a

missionary that he paid his Black soldiers five brass rods per human head they brought him during the course of any military operation he conducted. He said it was to stimulate their prowess in the face of the enemy. A single man in both cases dedicated his life to exposing the atrocities of Columbus and Leopold to the world. Bartolome de Las Casas, a Dominican priest, was initially a friend of Columbus and helped transcribe his journals. However, he soon became a vehement critic of Spanish cruelty and published a two-volume book detailing Spanish torture. He estimates that three million Arawaks died between 1495 and 1508. Edmund Dene Morel, a trusted employee of the Liverpool shipping line, dedicated his life to exposing the atrocities of King Leopold. He single-handedly put this subject on the world’s front pages for more than a decade, which resulted in worldwide protest rallies. Morel mobilized everyone from Booker T. Washington to the Archbishop of Canterbury to join his cause. He even went to the White House insisting to President Theodore Roosevelt that the United States had a special responsibility to do something about the Congo since the U.S. helped Leopold at the Berlin Conference. Morel’s unrelenting efforts resulted in Western powers forcing King Leopold to sell the Congo to Belgium in 1908. Despite responsibility for death tolls of holocaust dimensions, neither Christopher Columbus nor King Leopold II was convicted or imprisoned for any crimes. Both men lived a full life and died exceptionally rich. Columbus spent his last years living in a mansion in Valladolid with an annual income of $60,000 from his Hispaniola sugar plantations (a fortune in the 1500s). Leopold died in 1909 with a personal fortune (produced by the Congo’s ivory and rubber) of well over a billion dollars in today’s currency. In order to prevent the human atrocities of Columbus and Leopold from ever reoccurring, it might be prudent to adopt the current philosophy regarding Adolph Hitler; that is, constant reminders of the holocausts in newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, and even holocaust museums followed by the statement: “Never Again.”

Eductor’s Black Boys Set Up To Fail continued..... preparing their sons to be productive citizens, and they’ve criticized black mothers and fathers for allowing school systems to raise their children. “I don’t know where we lost it or how we lost it, but people are not parenting,” Cosby said last year during a speech in San Jose, California. “These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids - $500 sneakers for what? And won’t spend $200 for ‘Hooked on Phonics.’” Two years ago, President Barack Obama, who was seeking the office at the time, demanded that fathers, especially black men, shoulder the responsibility of healing broken families. Obama condemned absent fathers who have “abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men.” “You and I know how true this is in the African-American community,”

Obama said, outlining statistics showing that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households. Such children are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school, and 20 times more likely to end up in prison, he said. “And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it,” said Obama. Meanwhile, the Schott Foundation report highlights the success of New Jersey’s Abbott plan, which demonstrates that when proper resources are available to all students, “systemic change at the state level can yield significant results.” New Jersey, according to the report, is now the only state with a significant black population with a greater than 65 percent high school graduation rate for black male students.

African American Men Are A Huge Disappointment continued..... Driving to work every morning I pass a group of young black men on the corner while trying to take the long way to work (the interstate is a bitch in the morning). At first I thought maybe they were standing there to catch the school bus. However, when I ride back that way later in the evening after getting off work I see the same group of young men still standing there. Clearly they are not standing there to catch the damn school bus. One of my younger brothers is a mechanic. He has a friend who is old enough to be his father, but you can’t tell. This forty plus year old man acts like a teenager, dresses like a teenager, and has the mentality of a teenager. If you could see this man you would think he was a child. I cannot respect him even though he is my elder. In all honesty I don’t even look at him as a man. When I look at him I feel disgust and anger. Disgust because a forty plus year old man is not suppose to be looking and acting the way that he does and anger because too many older black men I see resemble this individual. They are full grown children who only think and talk about the following: • Money • Cars • Women • Sex • Clothes • Strip Clubs • Hip Hop Music • Madden and other video games They don’t respect women. Instead of being good role models for younger African American men they would rather be their best friends and encourage them to continue the bullshit mentality. They have kids. Some are fathers to their children, but they see nothing wrong with their guidance of their children…. especially their sons. They see nothing wrong with the example they are setting for their children…especially their sons. Then there are those who refuse to take any type of responsibility whatsoever. They don’t accept responsibility for their plight. They don’t accept responsibility for their children. They don’t accept responsibility for their education. They don’t take responsibility for their actions. They don’t take responsibility for shit. It is always someone else’s fault. The one thing in this world women seek is SECURITY. I don’t honestly believe most (not all) African American men can offer this NEED. It’s not entirely their fault. Racism does play a role in their plight but ONLY to an extent. Historically black men have never been able to protect black women and children but WHAT THE

FUCK IS THEIR EXCUSE TODAY??? Some African American men will watch black women (the mother(s) of their children) struggling to make ends meet and won’t do shit about it. African American men haven’t figured out why black women refuse to let go of the “strong independent woman” attitude/mentality. It is because African American men have NEVER made them feel secure. When every black man starting with an African American woman’s father has done nothing but bring disappointment to her life naturally she would adopt an “I don’t need you” attitude. It is a defense mechanism caused by PAIN and ANGER. Some African American men attempt to hold black women down with chauvinistic bullshit ideology (they have no empathy for black women at all in terms of sexism or racism). Most black men will sit in a waiting room while black women stand (as all the chairs are taken) and won’t even attempt to shift their asses. Too many black men resort to bashing African American women with names such as “bitch” whenever African American women have the nerve to turn down their advances. There is NO respect whatsoever from the majority of black men towards black women. It’s rare that I run across an African American man who believes in marriage. It’s rare that I run across an African American man who believes in having all his kids by one woman. It’s rare that I run across an African American man who is pro-black. It’s rare that I run across an African American man who is socially aware. It’s rare that run across an African American man who can adequately stand on his own two feet. The African American Alpha men are few and far. How the hell can someone like me…a young 24-year-old woman respect this kind of shit? It’s not supposed to be this way. I’m not supposed to have more sense than men who are old enough to be my father. I’m not supposed to be turned off by MOST (not all) African American men in my age group. I’m not supposed to look at full-grown men and see them as children. I’m not supposed to feel a greater kinship to my African man than I do African American men. I’m not supposed to view African American men with a mixture of contempt, love and anger. I know I’m not alone.

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They Are Still Our Slaves continued..... these facts, oily politicians demand a myriad of economic inferno programs like aid packages, empowerment zones, employment shams, and credit schemes to pacify you. But isn’t it interesting that while poverty is a multi-billion dollar industry, somehow (wink-wink), you people continue to suffocate in its muck and mire? Africans used to build nations and systems—now, you merely get worked by the system. Your forefathers left you a legacy of intellectual genius, economic prowess, and amazing creativity upon which to build. Accept by choice, you dishonor their memory. In fact, you people are more likely to be criminal defendants. And maybe we shouldn’t say this: but why not make investments in strategic planning, superior management teams, knowledge, technical know-how, and your own private investment banks? After all, you folks brag about spending $500 billion dollars a year. And finally, to strong people who act weak, more amusing than your whining about how we stole your culture, heritage, and legacy: is as intelligent and creative people, you can’t figure out how to steal it back. Seriously, maybe the only thing we actually stole from you people, is your common sense. Until you so-called “Black Leaders” take education and economics, as seriously as you do entertainment and athletics... we’ll see you on the bottom. Because surely, your apathy and disorganization, are certain, to keep you there. Note: As Black Leaders you will fail to analyze this message and take positive action to save your people; which by the way, requires real thinking, vision, and action. Instead, you will express your outrage, call us racists (a sure sign of an exhausted mind) and drown yourselves in fit of anger. After which, you shall lie there panting like dogs on a curb after a car chase. Why? Because it’s the path of least resistance, and far easier than real organization, planning, and action. Please Give Us Your Feedback at:

Strong Independent Black Women continued..... MOST black women. In all reality most black women (and women in general) are very much dependent on men. We depend on black men for sex, emotional support, financial support, and companionship. The main difference between black women and other races of women is that most of us refuse to accept the obvious need of men. I think this is due in main part to black women not being happy with black men as a collective. So, we embrace this slogan as a coping mechanism. It’s easier for black women to tell themselves that they’re strong/independent rather than face the reality that black men despite their failures are needed. Not willing to accept the need for black men

these “strong independent” black women teach their daughters supposedly NOT to be dependent on a black man. Little do they know this mentality will not help their daughters in the future. The cycle continues to repeat and we see little girls like the one in the video being indoctrinated with “strong independent black woman” mentality. SMH! Black women it’s time to let it go. It’s time to let that “S” on your chest go back to meaning “Soft” instead of “Strong.” I know if this slogan annoys me it must also annoy men. Men don’t want women who make them feel as if they are not needed. The sooner some of you understand this the better off you’re going to be.

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BE SURE TO VISIT OUR BLOG SITE AT: Why Reggie Bush Shouldn’t Return Heisman Continued..... allow major corporations and government institutions to come on campus for job fairs to recruit prospective non-athletes. In some cases, non student-athletes even work for their future employers while they’re still in school. In majors like broadcast journalism, students, if they can afford it, will also seek out agents who specialize in marketing their skills to prospective TV stations. When it comes to paying athletes in the revenue producing sports, why not give the players a stipend to go with their scholarships in the same manner you would do for a graduate student who works for an academic department as a teaching assistant or a research assistant. After all, athletics and academic research are revenue-producing entities of a university. A player scores touchdowns, fans buys tickets, university paraphernalia and a booster opens up his check book and

donates money to the athletic department. A research assistant helps his professor with ground-breaking research, the university gets all kinds of grants and government contracts. The bottom line–the university gets paid. An undergraduate student on an academic scholarship gets paid for his efforts when he works for university entities like financial aid, residence life, the sports information office, and dining services. Everybody who works for the college gets paid for their efforts-except so-called student athletes. Instead of buying into illusion that the return of Bush’s voluntary return of his Heisman Trophy is somehow going preserve a sense of integrity in collegiate athletics, those who govern the money-making machine known as collegiate athletics need to be held accountable.

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