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Community Primary School

Dear Parents This prospectus will give you an introduction to life at Brimrod Community Primary School. We hope it will help you to gain a clearer understanding of a typical school day and some of the situations and experiences that your child will encounter. We will do our best to make each child’s school life as successful, happy and purposeful as we can. We want the highest standards of achievement and behaviour for the children. This means we are all responsible for making this happen. Childhood is a precious time in its own right as well as a preparation for the future. We want your child’s stay at Brimrod to be a valuable learning experience, socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. We want your child to learn how to learn and to make the most of their abilities and the opportunities presented to them. We shall do our best to achieve this with your help. If after reading this booklet you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a happy and caring environment within which each child can be motivated and inspired to develop to their full potential and feel valued academically, creatively, socially and personally. The whole school community aims to respect and cater for the individuality of all children.


Ofsted Says “Brimrod is an outstanding school where the quality of care, guidance and support is exceptional.”

About Brimrod Primary School Brimrod School, which was built in 1902, has undergone a number of changes, both physical and in its purpose since it was first opened. Over the years it has catered for the local children of this area as a school for 5-14 years (1902) as an infant school (1966) then as an infant and junior primary school (1970). In 1990 the Rochdale Education Authority reorganised the Middle Schools and Brimrod regained a fourth year Junior class and then catered for children from 4-11 years. Most recently in September 2001 the school amalgamated with Brimrod Nursery School giving us a Foundation Stage Unit and we now cater for children from 3-11 years. Various alterations have been made to the building over the years, placing the children in a school which offers spacious classrooms mainly opening on to a large hall, and a large Foundation Stage Unit which caters for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children. These rooms offer facilities for the use of modern technological teaching aids e.g. computers, audio equipment and interactive whiteboards. The school has a modern ICT suite and portable laptops for the use of whole classes. We have a well stocked junior library and a separate early years library on the Foundation Stage site. Physical Education and Games are catered for in the Main Hall as well as in the playground and playing fields to the rear of the school. The school has three outside play areas which include large play equipment and small outdoor resources.

Aims of the School To be knowledgeable about individual children’s needs, compatibilities and interests during their time at Brimrod.

To provide a range of extra curricular activities that extends and inspires new interests.

To create a curriculum for 21st century children.

To raise aspirations and expectations.

To give the children opportunities and encouragement to develop self-discipline, an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation both at work and at play.

To provide a warm, welcoming environment that stimulates and informs the whole school community and is conducive to effective and pleasurable learning. Maintain close links with outside agencies and the community in order to widen the curriculum.

Ofsted Says “Excellent teaching, learning and an outstanding curriculum leads to pupils making outstanding progress.”


We believe that all aspects We believe of school life and learning that children should be enjoyable. learn best through We believe active involvement that the best in challenging learning takes activities. place in an attractive, We believe We believe stimulating, structured that the best that all children and secure form of discipline have a right environment. is self discipline. to experience success in learning. We believe that children We believe We have a right to that we will do believe that the make mistakes better tomorrow encouragement of and learn from than we did today learning is a shared them. and we find ways of activity between ensuring that this children, staff and happens parents.

We Believe… We believe that children and their overall development are central to all we do, and that all aspects of our school must reflect this.

We believe that children’s achievements and successes should be celebrated.


Religious Education

At Brimrod, most areas of the curriculum are taught separately but will include the cross-curricular skills of problem solving, communication skills, application of mathematics, information technology, improving own learning and working with others.

In line with Rochdale’s agreed syllabus Religious Education at Brimrod comprises of two main strands, learning about Religions and learning from Religions.

Children are taught in classes of up to 30 with a very good adult : pupil ratio. Children do not all learn at the same speed. They arrive at school with a multitude of capabilities and abilities. We start from where the child is and, working with individuals and groups, build and extend. Teachers assess pupils’ work rigorously throughout the school year. Your child’s progress will be discussed during our parents’ evenings throughout the year and in your child’s annual report. If anything is puzzling you, worrying you or you wish to discuss something don’t wait, get in touch. We will do the same.

Curriculum The core subjects of the National Curriculum are English, Mathematics, Science, ICT, Modern Languages and RE. These subjects will be taught to, and experienced by, all the children in the school from the Nursery Class through to Year 6. Alongside this Core are the other foundation subjects, History, Geography, Design Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education and PSHCE. We aim to give each child a broad and balanced curriculum which is clearly differentiated in order to meet the individual needs of each child.


To reflect the nature of our school Christianity and Islam are studied in all year groups. In addition to this, Judaism is studied in Years 2, 3 and 4 and Buddhism in years 5 and 6. Our pupils will develop a knowledge of the main characteristics of these faiths and will explore their understanding of some of the religions and moral issues raised. In order to enrich the RE curriculum we take the children to visit places of worship as well as invite religious leaders in the community into school.

I.C.T. School achieves good standards in ICT and has good handware and associated software. Children are encouraged to use the internet to research and explore with a high emphasis on safety. Computers and associated resources are now part of every child’s everyday experiences.

Ofsted Says “Management of the Early Years Foundation stage is outstanding.”

Our Homework Policy Homework is given to: consolidate work covered in lessons to improve basic skills and encourage the use of books to reinforce routines and working habits involved in completing the set exercises.

The rough guidelines for the amount of homework for primary school children are: Years 1 and 2: 1 hour per week Years 3 and 4: 1 hour per week Years 5 and 6: 30 minutes per day but the emphasis is on how homework helps your child to learn, rather than on whether it takes a certain amount of time.


(Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) In PSHCE your child will study such issues as diet, exercise, smoking, dental care and how the body works. Sex education or life skills will be included; these will not be taught as subjects in isolation but will be introduced in a sensitive manner through relevant topics. PSHCE lessons will also include aspects of road safety, circle time, playing safely in the home and at school and on dealing with approaches from unknown adults. Reinforcement of these issues at home is essential. School follow the SEALS programme which is also delivered in Secondary Schools.

Special Educational Needs / Behaviour Improvement Children who have special educational needs e.g. physical, emotional, social, behavioural and/or intellectual, generally require extra attention, and in some cases extra resources. These are provided wherever possible by the school. Advice is also requested from Rochdale Additional Needs Service, who have a recognised expertise in these areas, as well as the Educational Psychologist. Parents of children with special needs would need to work closely with the teacher on a regular basis. If the school considers that your child has special needs we will always inform you of our worries, discuss any issues with you. For some children a statement of special educational needs will be required. This would be applied for after on-going consultation with parents and the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Outdoor Pursuits At Brimrod we have built up quite an expertise in the delivery of adventurous pursuits. We are very lucky to have a number of staff who are trained kayaking and climbing instructors as well as a large majority of staff who are very committed to outdoor learning and adventurous activities. We passionately believe that children should have access to high quality learning alongside a wide range of memorable and exciting experiences that they may not have access to out of school due to the pressures of family, work, etc.. We promote the Learning Outside the Classroom Agenda. Outdoor learning and adventurous pursuits enhances well being, gives access to and appreciation of the natural environment, gives children an opportunity for team building, problem solving and confidence building and allows them to exercise and build up stamina and strength in a highly enjoyable way.

Ofsted Says “PE and in particular Outdoor Pursuits is a key strength of the curriculum.�


School Governors

Forest School

The school governors are legally responsible for the general conduct of the school.

Children from Nursery to Year 3 have the opportunity to take part in Forest School sessions.

The Governing Body is made up of:

Each week a small group of children go into the local woodland to explore the natural environment. They learn team building skills, how to risk-take in a safe setting and how to take care of the environment.

parents who are appointed through a ballot of all parents of pupils at Brimrod Primary School staff, elected by the staff of the school nominees, representing Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council community members the Headteacher The Governing Body meets once a term to discuss items relevant to the life of the school. Discussions cover items raised by the Local Education Authority which are of interest to all Rochdale schools and items raised by the Headteacher and governors which are of particular interest to Brimrod School.

Community Cohesion School Council The School Council is made up of 2 elected representatives from each class who meet regularly to discuss issues and pass on the views of the children to the teachers. The School Councillors represent the school at outside events and when visitors come to school.

Parent Groups There are activities throughout the school year that parents wish to get involved with. Activities may include coffee mornings, adult classes and workshops for various activities. Further information can be obtained from the school office.

Entering and Leaving School The main entrance to the Nursery is on Finsbury Street through the school and up the steps. The main entrance to the school is on Finsbury Street. Please can parents use the pedestrian gates and not walk through the staff car parks. We ask parents using vehicles to park on Holborn Street and rather than use Finsbury Street. There should be no parking on the zig zags on Finsbury Street and the needs and safety of our children and the local residents should be considered at all times.



Admission Policy Children can be admitted into Nursery in the term after they are three and are admitted into school in the September of the school year in which their fifth birthday falls. You can register your child’s name at the school before your child is due to begin Nursery, Application packs are available from the school for children due to start Reception class. If the number of applications for a community school is greater than the number of places available, the school is oversubscribed. This means that the number of places has to be limited and the LEA will use the admission criteria when offering places. The admission criteria can be found in the application pack or at the school office and is also on the local authority website

Charging Policy There may be activities organised throughout the year during the school day that requires the school to ask for a financial contribution from parents or carers e.g. educational visits or visiting theatre companies. In order for these activities to go ahead we will require a significant number of parents to make these voluntary contributions. In addition the school organises a number of extra curricular activities at a cost to parents, for example, a residential visits. Other charges that are made by the school are listed in the school’s Charging Policy. Copies are available from the school office.

Complaints Procedure If you have any concerns about matters involving your child and the school please raise these issues with the class teacher first and then the headteacher. If you are unhappy with the outcome of these discussions please contact the Chair of Governors, who will go over your concerns in detail with you and take appropriate action.

“Teachers and support staff work together very effectively to make sure that learning is fun and exciting.”

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