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Ducati Mobile Game The ultimate challenge of one of the world’s famous motorsport brand in the palm of your hand! • • • • • • •

Full 3D game Incredible speed sensation on the tracks Realistic but not licensed circuits Arcade vs. Simulation Handling Advanced AI behaviors that challenges the player until the finish line (5 opponents) Accelerometer controls, lean your device to lean the bike (iPhone only) IPod Library support: listen to your own music while you play (iPhone only)

Ducati Mobile Game The Player can choose between 2 different game modes which involve different game experiences: Championship and Quick Race.

CHAMPIONSHIP The championship is the foremost game mode. Starting a new championship the player will create its own profile choosing rider name, one of the different available suites and the difficulty level (easy, medium, hard). The player will run a sequence of 10 circuits riding the different models of Ducati bikes: Hypermotard, Monster, Multistrada, Sportclassic, Streetfighter, Superbike.

Ducati Mobile Game QUICK RACE

In this game mode the Player can select both circuits and bike to run a single race. Some circuits and bikes will be locked at start and by winning races in Championship mode will make them available.

If the player finishes a championship the Trophies section in the main menu is updated.

Ducati Mobile Game EXTRAS

Winning races will allow player to unlock extra items such as: images, achievement, etc...


In Ducati Challenge the player will run in 12 different locations (circuits). Each circuit will be used for a challenge in 2 different way: clockwise and anticlockwise with all the six bikes available. All the locations are not a real city or geographic area but they take inspiration from real world to recreate a fantastic background.


At least four different kind of locations (decreasing in terms of visibility): 1. 2. 3. 4.

Start/End of the Race; Check Points; Special Events on the tracks (bridges, towers, industrial plants etc.) Lateral Walls;


Future platforms to be confirmed : 1. 2. 3.

Android; Windows 7 mobile; X-360 Live

For the above platforms, if the customer is interested, we allow a pre-booking contract fixing the price at 45% of the fee paid for the iPhone/iPod/PSP. Of course payment for pre-booking will be made only if the game will be published on these 3 extra platforms.

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