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Issue 13: Summer 2012

Included within: News from GCU ‘ReBuild changed my life’ ‘A privilege and joy to be working with young people’

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Adventurous FAITH Jesus doesn’t invite His followers to ‘play it safe’. He calls us into a radical, risk-embracing, world-changing, danger-accepting, servant-hearted adventure. So we wholeheartedly throw ourselves into the Father’s embrace, the Son’s mission, and the Spirit’s power. Genuine FRIENDSHIP Who wants to do stuff alone? Not us! We’re following Jesus with friends because we recognise we need each other. Life in all its FULLNESS God wants us to be fully alive. So we embrace a life of learning and growing in order to realise our Godgiven potential through a healthy rhythm of rest, play and work.

Front cover photo from Spree in the Borders, June 2012. 2

Welcome How adventurous is your faith? Jo Slater Supporters Manager There was no going back. Even though I had made the (very brave) decision to go, I was feeling mildly terrified and had no idea if things were about to get a whole lot worse. Faster and faster I travelled, completely out of control before I landed with a huge splash at the bottom of the ‘enormous’ slide!

sharing life with, and longing for them to go deeper with Jesus. They all have adventurous faith that their small part can make a huge difference. Let’s keep praying that God will challenge each one of us to show adventurous faith and trust Him for big things. And let’s pray He continues to use us to help young people be challenged to discover that adventurous faith for themselves.

My family and I had come to Center Parcs for the weekend and, although I’m not usually a fan of water slides, sometimes you just have to join in. I forced myself to let go and disappeared into the gloom of the tunnel. As I swooshed round the corners, I realised I was almost beginning to enjoy myself, and the thought that was running through my head was, ‘This is like adventurous faith’.

Jo Slater Supporters Manager

You can’t exercise adventurous faith if you are clinging tight hold of the edge, and you can’t experience the sense that throwing yourself out of your comfort zone can sometimes be okay, or even fun! As I am challenged to be more adventurous in various areas of my walk with God, I think back to how it felt hurtling down that slide, and remind myself that I was glad I did it. A few weeks after Center Parcs, I attended the Youthwork Summit Conference with almost 1,000 other youth leaders. I looked around at all the individual youthworkers there, each representing a bunch of young people in whom they were investing,

My daughter being adventurous at Center Parcs and trying canoeing for the first time.


Welcome The curse of the blank page Matt Summerfield Chief Executive God stories until one day – soon - he fully turns to the One who loves him the most.

Don’t you just hate it when you want to write something inspirational, challenging, moving, or captivating - and you’re not quite sure where to start? I can almost hear the motors in my brain whirring as I scour the memory banks of my mind searching for a story that will remind you of the importance of working with young people. And yet here I am, snatching some time on a train headed from Haywards Heath to Luton, finding myself in that awful situation that communicators hate….

Or should I let you know about Dan, who is a fantastic funny 16 year old but who is no longer sure whether God really exists. He’s my youngest son and I’m still, and always will be, his proud father. I’m trusting that the blank pages of his life will tell the story of a God who lovingly pursues those who wander off. Maybe the blank page is not a curse at all? But a challenge! We each have blank pages to be filled in our lives and we each have a responsibility to make a positive mark on the blank pages of others.

The curse of the blank page.

Perhaps I should tell you about Georgie who tearfully made a response to God at our Urban Saints Hitchin meeting about six weeks ago. “It suddenly all made sense,” she told me and you could really tell that for the first time a light had come on in her life. And yet I know that the pressure on Georgie to stick with her new found faith will be enormous. What is yet to be written on the blank pages of her life is a matter for your prayers and our commitment as a local team.

My prayer for me, for you, and for this precious rising generation is that the pages will be full of God stories, God promises and God realities…and let’s start today. Matt Summerfield Chief Executive

Or maybe I should tell you about Fin who doesn’t believe in God but told me the other day that his foot had been healed after I prayed for it. I’m praying that the blank pages of his life will be filled up with more 4

Westbrook Swimming Pool Update from Westbrook

Westbrook are thrilled to announce the successful completion of their swimming pool enclosure. The outside swimming pool has been a feature of Westbrook since the late 1980s and has been enjoyed by many visitors during the summer months, but the smart new enclosure means that it can now be used all year round.

Some swimming toys are available for the use of swimmers, and inflatables can be used at the discretion of the lifeguard. The pool itself is 18.3m x 7.5m, with a depth ranging from 0.9m to 1.83m. The cost of this upgrade is expected to reach approximately £130,000. It has been financed with the aid of income from the sale of some property by Southampton Crusaders. Although costly, the ‘new’ indoor pool is already proving to be a huge success with groups staying at Westbrook, and it is a welcome addition to the other facilities available here. Tony Roberts Westbrook Manager The next ‘Friends of Westbrook’ Weekend is Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th October 2012. Do contact Tony to book and for more information. Tel: 01983 811118 or

The design of the new building incorporates a telescopic roof to enable the pool to be uncovered in good weather. At other times the enclosure is kept shut and heated to maintain a temperature of up to 30 degrees. Together with the water temperature being kept at 28 degrees, the overall experience of swimming at Westbrook has definitely been enhanced! Incorporated into the new facilities are changing rooms and a toilet. The final work is now being completed with benches being included. Surrounding the pool is a new rubber-coated non-slip surface. 5

Girl Crusaders’ Union News Chain of Grace appeared in the Christian Press and the caller had phoned with a related question. The question was answered quickly; the conversation continued for almost an hour! To the amazement of the staff member who had answered the phone, the caller identified himself as the son of one of the five founder leaders of GCU. Now elderly and retired, he had long and fascinating memories of his mother talking of her involvement in the inauguration of the work in 1915 and in the next thirty or more years as it continued to grow.

On a summer afternoon in 2010, the telephone rang in GCU’s office, 31 Catherine Place, London. Notification of Thanksgiving Services throughout the UK, to mark the completion of the 95 year ministry of The Girl Crusaders’ Union, had recently

The first link in what could be described as a ‘Chain of Grace’, was forged in London on 27 September, 1915, during the trauma of war. The Crusaders’ Union had begun nine years earlier, as readers will know, and the need and opportunity for a similar work among schoolgirls quickly became apparent. Urged on by their Crusader husbands, five ladies with hearts for mission met at 26 Bishopsgate EC2, responded to the need and call of God, and The Girl Crusaders’ Union was born. GCU Classes sprang up, first in England, then in 1924 in Northern Ireland, in 1927 in Eire, in 1929 in Scotland and in 1932 in Wales. The first of hundreds of Camps in the history of the work, were greeted with enthusiasm in 1922, and in 1941 ‘Lone Crusaders’ - Bible Study by post - was launched in the days of the Second World War. A strong emphasis on Mission was activated as early as 1919 6

present and future of both Societies to the Lord in prayer together.

when the first of well over 800 former Girl Crusaders over the years, left the UK to serve the Lord overseas.

Paramount in the final responsibilities of GCU’s Trustees was the passing on of God-given assets, and considerable time was given to prayer, consultation and discussion before decisions were taken. There was unanimous agreement that (i) a significant gift be made towards the building of a new residential site in the Midlands for the evangelisation, Bible teaching and training of young people; (ii) recognition be made of those with whom GCU had had links since the early years of the work, and (iii) gifts be given for the support of newer Bible-based youth work in the 21st Century.

Older members of Crusaders/Urban Saints will recall that through the early decades of the 20th Century there were opportunities of outreach in many parts of the UK as CU and GCU Leaders prayed and worked together to organise evangelistic events for young people. Saturday evening ‘Squashes’ were one such. Teenagers heard and responded to the Gospel and for many it was the beginning of a life-long path of discipleship. 18th February 1945 was a landmark day as GCU’s newly acquired Headquarters’ House - just five minutes from Buckingham Palace - was officially opened. What an asset the house proved from then until 2010; how many leaders and girls passed through the green door!

The Trust was glad to make a gift of £60,000 to Urban Saints in 2011, sent with the prayer that God would bless and use its members to the extension of his Kingdom and glory of his Name for many years to come.

It was to that door that Matt Summerfield came soon after being appointed Director of Crusaders in 2000. Members of GCU’s UK Council and Staff team met with him occasionally in the ensuing years and were glad to share something of the challenges being faced by youth work in the UK.

Margaret E Norgate Former Acting Executive Director GCU

Though not immediately involved in the joint activities of the early days of Crusaders and GCU, or in the sadness of division in later years, Matt, and the GCU members with whom he met, were able to bring the past, 7

Stories of Today “Being a part of a ReBuild team in Mexico has honestly changed my life.” that our God is greater than anything else. Whilst building parts of the house, starting with the foundations, and then the walls and roof, I felt my own personal faith being built up stronger and stronger as I spent the week learning more about God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and experiencing His work in my own and other people’s lives as a testament to this. ReBuild has taught me that we are called to a life of service, and the serving heart that I developed in Mexico is something that I know will stay with me spurring me on alongside the Spirit for the rest of my life. Thank you, Urban Saints!”

Madailein, a young person who took part in this Easter’s Mexico mission trip, has come to realise God’s Kingdom reaches way beyond her youth group or even her church. “Being a part of a ReBuild team in Mexico has honestly changed my life. Going out to Mexico, I had nerves and was not sure what to expect, and I have come home fearless, knowing that God has a plan for me and knowing that I have been a part of helping to build His kingdom outside of the walls of my own home church. The ReBuild experience made me reassess the way that I live my life, and I believe that I gained just as much from the family as they gained from the house that we built. Spending  time with them, they shared in our triumph as the foundation slab was finished, the walls went up and the roof was nailed on; and even in our times of slight frustration, it was their smiles and optimism that really kept me going. “The children we met were so happy, and their happiness was real and not based on material things like mine can often be. Seeing their happiness reminded me personally that Jesus is the root of all joy, and 8

The Holy Spirit at work during SPREE! Grimsby. From talking to him previously, the young people he cared so much about were not interested in following Jesus.

The annual SPREE weekends are a great opportunity for kids and young people to take that first step of faith that their leaders have been praying for. But, as Rich Townend (North East Regional Director) explains, some testimonies are far less expected than others...

But as Paul spoke, it brought it home to me why I love SPREE. Not only did those very same young people respond to Christ, they also joined Paul at the front to share their testimony in front of hundreds of other young people.”

“I handed the microphone to Paul unsure what was coming next. He had asked me if he might share a few words at the final gathering of SPREE North 2011. What I knew of Paul was that he headed up a youth group attached to Urban Saints in a tough area of

My prayer is simple - that we see many more stories of young lives changed as a result of SPREE 2012!

Youthwork Summit - 19th May 2012 We went along, full of expectation that God be moving in this room full of leaders. I didn’t want guidance on a particular subject rather I wanted to soak up what other people were offering. The range of subjects was massive spanning from the future of television, to teenage psychology, to communicating the Bible using Manga! For me, the summit was a breather in my working life and I found that it was definitely an investment. I came away from the conference excited about the various different responsibilities a youth ministry has when it walks alongside the life of a young person! We are truly in a privileged position.

Urban Saints are one of three partners involved in hosting the Youthwork Summit, a conference which draws over 900 youthleaders together from all across the country. We asked John Good, the new Youth Director at Stopsley Baptist Church in Luton, to tell us what he thought of the day. The Summit is designed to give youthworkers a chance to get together, to be inspired and to come away with new ideas. It is based on the ‘TED-talks’ model in America. Each speaker only gets 5-10 minutes to communicate an interesting, creative or even ground-breaking idea, allowing a series of good ideas to be presented with more impact. 9

Supporters Team Changes, changes… Mim Good “So now my big passion is youth work and I have ended up working alongside all the lovely people at the Urban Saints Support Centre! I love that God has brought me back here; it’s really interesting to see the inner workings of the organisation having grown up just seeing the finished product! It’s a new and different role for me but I can already see it will be an interesting and fun position that I know will use my relational and people skills. I’m so happy to be playing a small part in helping the movement move forward.”

We’ve had a few changes in the Supporters Team lately which I thought you might like to know about. Vicky Shepherd, who has done a brilliant job with us for the last couple of years, is going on maternity leave and we look forward to a new little arrival in August. (Vicky is married to Dan who does a lot of our filming and photography – they met on a Crusader Holiday at Westbrook in 2004…) Stepping into Vicky’s shoes is Mim Good. Here’s some of her story “I grew up going along to Southampton Shirley Crusaders from the age of 5 all the way to around 17 and every summer absolutely loved going on a Crusader camp. I had a group of friends that met up on camp so, as booking time came along each year, we’d phone around and choose which camp to head to. “I guess I haven’t thought about it for a while, but writing this article has reminded me what an effect Crusaders has had in my life. It gave me a real solid and grounded foundation to begin my Christian walk through life and it has equipped me with a deep and clear knowledge and understanding of the Bible that has helped me through some tougher times. The leaders throughout my time with Crusaders had a lasting effect on me and gave me strong Christian role models to look up to. I didn’t realize it at the time but I think this is what inspired me to go into youth work myself.

Mim Good


Anita Darashah-Borman Also joining the team is Anita DarashahBorman who is picking up some of the work that Matt Summerfield has been doing in recent times. While keeping his role as Chief Executive for three days a week, Matt is now spending two days a week as Senior Pastor of Hitchin Christian Centre. Matt used to visit quite a few of our major donors and encourage them with news of how their donations were being spent, and what was being enabled through their gifts.

“I am really excited to be back with the ministry, and even more excited to be in a role which enables me to spend time building stronger relationships between supporters and Urban Saints. I recognise and appreciate that it is through our supporters that so much ministry work is enabled both nationally and across the globe. What a privilege to spend time meeting with folk who love the work of Urban Saints, and have a heart for the ministry to grow and develop.”

Anita is now visiting many of these people with whom Matt used to keep in contact, plus a good number more. If you’d like her to come and visit you, do let her know! Here’s some of her story:

I am really privileged to be working with Anita and Mim in the Supporters Team and I thank God for bringing them to serve Urban Saints at this time. Jo Slater.

“I was thrilled to come back to Urban Saints in February. The movement has held a special place in my heart for almost 10 years, as I was a leader in Whitstable, Kent from 2002 and then had the privilege of working at the Support Centre as Events and Residential Manager between 2006 and 2008. Those three years were challenging and also fun, and gave me a taste for working at a national level and led me to my next role as Youth Ministries Project Manager with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). “My heart’s desire is for young people to know Jesus. I am stirred by the Urban Saints vision to encourage young people to be radical in their faith, to be disciples of Jesus, and to take the gospel message to every generation.

Anita Darashah-Borman


Inspiring Lives Dave Colebrook We were thrilled to be sent an article taken from the Pompey Chimes, the Portsmouth diocesan newspaper, about Dave Colebrook. We reproduce part of it below. Dave represents hundreds, if not thousands, of people faithfully continuing to work with children and young people, despite not being as young as they once were…! He has worked with children all his life. And at 83, Dave Colebrook still leads Sunday School every week.

Photo from the Pompey Chimes, the Portsmouth diocesan newspaper

“St Peter’s already had a Sunday School group when I joined, but four different mums took turns to lead it. I offered to be the ‘continuity man’, so that there would be something the same each week, and I’ve continued ever since. Young people seem to like me and I’ve got no plans to stop at the moment!”

As a boy, Dave had been a member of Crusaders in Worthing, and committed his life to Christ when he was 11. He became an assistant Crusader leader and later moved to Guildford and helped lead Crusaders there. He has been a Crusader leader for 40 years and has seen different generations of the same family pass through his Crusader groups, and has also worked in the cookhouse on Crusader camps.

Encouragement from Associate Couple “My husband who is almost 92 years old and now blind still wears his Crusader badge. We get many visitors at church and on most summer Sundays we get someone who recognises the badge and says that they or their children were helped on life’s journey through attending Crusaders. Kenneth founded both the Truro and Redruth/ Cornwall classes and was dedicated to serving the Lord in the work of Crusaders for 35 years. There is still a work for Jesus ‘ready at your hand’.”

“I love outdoor activities, so camping and hill walks with the Crusaders were great,” he said. “It also creates a bond between the leaders and the young people when you share activities and get to know people. And it’s the Bible teaching that really helps people, so I’m keen to get it across, as the young people of today are the church of tomorrow.” Since he retired and moved at the age of 70, he has taught at St Peter’s Church in Hayling Island.

Kenneth and Pauline Jackson Cocking.


Reluctant Leaders! Exciting Times The evening started with the young people serving the congregation hot drinks and cakes. During the contemporary worship event that followed, they each took different roles using the varied gifts that God has given them; playing guitar or clarinet, singing or reading the Bible. Two of the young people delivered a short “talk” and another prepared the PowerPoint and operated the projector. As one of the young people commented afterwards, “God’s presence was overwhelming”. Several of the congregation made similar comments.

It is always a privilege to hear the stories of how God is working in the lives of young people. We were thrilled to hear about the group in Walton who connected to us last January. Rev Robert Gooding, main leader, tells his story: “In January last year my wife Carole and I agreed, with much hesitation, to take over as the main leaders of the 14-18 age group. I say “with much hesitation”, as this was an age group with which neither of us had ever worked before, other than helping our own two children through their teenage years. However Carole and I both sensed quite independently from each other, that God was calling us to this new role.

“We may have started this role “with much hesitation”, but now we consider it a real privilege and a joy to be working, alongside our fellow leaders, with such an amazing group of young people, and seeing God at work so powerfully in their lives!”

“In the last 16 months we have seen the group grow from 2 or 3 to a core group of around 8 regular members meeting at our home each week during term time on a Friday evening at 7.30pm. The group has grown partly because of new members coming up from the younger group but also because existing members have invited their friends.

Robert Gooding, Leader of Walton Group

“They are a group who are increasingly outward looking. They hosted one of our recent church Lent lunches, preparing and serving a selection of homemade soups to members of the All Saints’ congregation. Many of them wore hoodies to demonstrate that young people who wear hoodies can be kind and considerate to others. “Also on Sunday 1st April they led a “Palm Sunday Youth Praise”. Young people having fun at Walton 13

Group News We praise God that we are now serving 1,005 groups! From 1st Nov 2011 to 31st May 2012 we had the privilege of seeing 118 new groups connect with us. Please pray that these groups will quickly come to see the benefits and resources on offer through being connected to Urban Saints. Aberdare Aberaman Amersham Kings Auckland Urban Vineyard Ballyloughan Bath Hayhill Bexhill Beulah Bexhill Sidley Bilton Evangelical Birmingham Salvation Army 2 Bournemouth Cornerstone Bournemouth Methodist Bracknell Warfield Bradford On Avon Bradford St Christophers Bristol Oldland Bristol Westbury Broadstairs Oasis Burgess Hill the Point Burnley Wheatley Lane Bury CF Cardiff Bethel Carlisle Castle Sowerby Cheam St Pauls Cockermouth Kings Colwyn Bay Princes Drive Coventry Heartbeat Crawley Baptist Crewe New Life Darlington Kings Devizes St James Doha Fellowship

Dublin Dun Laoghaire East Ham Latimer Exeter Vineyard Exmouth Chapel Youth Eyam Finchley St Barnabas Fordingbridge Alderholt Frinton Free Greenham St Marys Helen’s Bay Hemel Hempstead St Barnabas Hereford CLC Herne Bay United Benefice Youth Group Hertford St Andrews Hillsborough Baptist Hoddesdon Riverside Hoylake Kingsmead Huddesrfield Methodist Circuit Hyde St Georges Ilford High Road Immingham St Andrews Ipswich New Life Isle of Wight YFC Kings Lynn Baptist Kirkcaldy Newcraigs Evangelical Leeds Riverside Leeds St Georges Leicester Reality Leicester Thurnby Leven Baptist 14

Matfield Monmouth Baptist Montgomery In2Mission Musselburgh Lighthouse New Addington Newmarket Community Northwich Davenham Norwich City Norwich South Park Nottingham St Nics Oxford Chinese Paisley St Marks Poynton AOG Radlett Messengers Richmond Rochdale Fire Starters Rossendale Rawtenstall Rowlands Castle St Johns Rugby Team Ministry Salisbury St Pauls Scarborough Ebenezer Scarborough St Laurence Sedgemore Deanery Youth Project Selly Oak Elim Sheffield Rock Shrewsbury Hope Solihull Olton South Shields New Hope Southampton Bursledon Southampton Mercy Southampton Sholing

Southport Lakeside St Johns Wood Oasis Stafford Sandon Road Stockton Norton Stroud Psalms Sunderland Elim Tamworth Coton Green Tavistock St Andrews Telford River Community Tiverton St Georges and St Pauls Trowbridge Kingfisher Uckfield Kings Waddington Churches Rock Solid Wakefield Momentum Wallingford Walthamstow St Marys Welwyn Panshanger Westcliff Earls Hall Weston Christchurch Winchmore Hill Baptist

Windsor Dedworth Green Wolverhampton All Nations Woodbridge Revival Wrexham Rock Salt Yeovil St Michaels Ystrad

Margaret Gillan, Scotland Group Support Administrator, enjoying Spree in the Borders, June 2012.

We also sadly saw 12 groups close who have been connected to us for over 10 years. Barnard Castle – opened 1976 Billingham Crusader Club – opened 1997 Bromley – opened 1914 Comrie Seniors – opened 1989 Harlow St Stephens – opened 1995 Maidstone North – opened 1933 Petersfield – opened 1960

Portrush – opened 1997 Seaford – opened 1996 St Andrews – opened 1994 Tottenham – opened 1994 Waterbeach – opened 1995


Supporting the Ministry

‘Celebrating the 100’

Live Life 1-2-3

The book of Crusader testimonies is selling well. If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, do give us a ring. I’ve had quite a few letters from Associates telling me all the wonderful memories that were prompted as they read it. It’s a real tribute to the grace of God and his huge love in seeing individual lives changed. And it is in these individual stories that we see his love for a whole generation. Let’s pray that we will be able to produce another book in years to come for a new generation! The book costs £7 plus £1 p&p per book.

Coming soon in the Autumn: Matt will be travelling round the UK speaking at churches on the brand new “Don’t make history, change the future” tour. Stay tuned for details and check the website

Any Old Iron? Wallington Missionary Mart and Auctions has supported us ever since it was established in 1964. It sells from its warehouse in Wallington, Surrey (open 6 days a week) all sorts of household effects, furniture, clothes, books etc. It holds auctions during the year when it sells antiques, jewellery, stamps, medals, etc. All items sold are donated. Items can also be left in a donor’s will, and suggested wording drawn up by solicitors can be made available upon request. In all cases the donor can ask for the net sale proceeds to be sent to the charity of the donor’s choice. For more information telephone 020 8669 3495 for the warehouse, and 020 8647 8437 for the auctions. The website is

Invitation from Purley Crusaders - Centenary Celebration. You’re warmly invited to join us to celebrate our 100th Birthday on Sunday 3rd March 2013 at Christ Church Purley at 3pm, and afterwards for a Celebration tea. More information from Richard and Liz Slade on 020-8660-9172 or email


Thank you for Praying


Thank you so much for all your prayers for the ministry at this time. In an email to the staff team in February, Matt wrote:

‘We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord’ Psalm 78:4 It’s looking to be a tough year financially as economic concerns affect charities across the UK and beyond. Urban Saints is not immune to this as general donations are significantly down on where we were at this time last year. However, we are hugely thankful for some notable legacies which have already reached over £55k in the first five months of the year.

I believe that God wants to stretch our faith to new levels this year - to teach us to ‘get out of the boat and walk on water’ – and stormy water at that! I believe that this could be both our most AMAZING year and most DIFFICULT year yet. Peter walked on water (AMAZING) and yet the storm still raged (DIFFICULT). The BIG CHALLENGE will be this…will we be governed by what our eyes see (i.e. the storm) or by what we believe God is saying and doing (our eyes on Jesus)?

Please do consider including Crusaders / Urban Saints in your will. It is such an effective way of helping the next generation come to know Jesus even after you have passed onto glory.

I believe 2012 is “a year of preparation” where God is laying the next foundation upon which he will build for the coming years. I believe if we pray – if we are faithful – if we dare to walk on stormy waters – then some incredible things will be lined up this year ready for explosive impact and growth in 2013 and beyond.

Give as you Live Every time you shop online, you can support Urban Saints at no cost to you or us. With Give as You Live, thousands of top name brands including Amazon, John Lewis, Sainsburys, Tesco and M & S, have signed up to donate a percentage of every purchase made online. All you have to do is visit www. and download an app onto your computer. Then every time you open the website of a participating store, a pop-up will automatically ask you if you want your purchase to go to Urban Saints. You click ‘yes’ and it’s as simple as that! Urban Saints get up to 6% of your purchase cost.

Please continue to pray we would keep our eyes on Jesus and not be afraid of the storms. Thank you too for praying for the National Day of Prayer and Worship at Wembley on Sat 29th September 2012. As we partner with many other organisations in this, we feel it will be a significant day of God bringing many people together and we wait to see what the Lord will do. The website is


With Christ Brian Hedley Field (1931 to 2012) His first wife, Gladys, died from cancer after 30 years of marriage. Within a year, by strange circumstances, Brian met again Sheila Bourne (leader of a Girls’ Crusader Group in Gloucester), whom he had known during early teaching days, but contact had not been maintained. In 1990 they were married and a new phase of life began.

Brian was a man whose entire life and character were profoundly shaped by his engagement with Crusaders, introduced by school-friends. To come from a broken home in the years leading up to the war was unusual, and support was less forthcoming. It was at his Crusader class in Leeds that he was introduced to the Christian faith, and on his third camp that he asked Jesus into his life. One symbolic action of the new centre of his life was refusing to caddy for his step-father’s Sunday golf, so that he could attend church.

All those who worked with Brian, in whatever sphere, held him in great affection and high regard. His love for the Lord, and his love for God’s word, shone through everything. Those of us who could count him a friend were able to grow in our own faith and commitment, and given fresh opportunities to serve and develop our gifts.

Brian had a talent for sports, and after National Service – in which he became an officer – he trained as a PE teacher, combining this with Religious Education. He made his way in the teaching profession, becoming deputy head at Leeds Grammar School. From there he moved to the County Youth Service and in 1976 to Kent’s Youth Service.

Godfrey Nicholson, Former leader at Shrivenham and Kingham School and Sportsman’s Houseparty.

For many years Brian was ‘Adjy’ at Westbrook camps, and from 1973, leader of the Sportsman’s Houseparty, recruiting a talented team of officers, who were able to offer high quality coaching and competition in a variety of sports.


Howard Govier (1939 to 2011) I met Howard when asked to play the piano at a Birthday service in 1963, and after qualifying as a teacher we married in 1966 where my father, Dick Trew, a Crusader leader and a member of the General Committee, gave me away and many Crusader friends attended.

Howard was born into a Christian home in Exeter, Devon in 1939 and moved to Exmouth a few years later. When training to be a Solicitor he was articled to a firm in Bath (1957-60) where he became an active member of Bath Crusaders where his piano playing was appreciated. He was also involved in various camps, including St. David’s where he and other leaders, in the middle of the night, had to manage tents and a marquee from blowing away in a terrific storm.

Living by the sea, Howard loved sailing so his experience and involvement in several Norfolk Broads and Chichester sailing camps were wonderful opportunities for him to put his skills into practice as well as his faith and leadership qualities. When approached to become a padre he always went well equipped with excellent homemade visual aids.

When he qualified (1962) Howard returned to Exmouth to join his father’s law firm. Howard became one of the leaders for many years of Exmouth Crusaders, already established by Haddon Partridge and Ken Burrow. Howard’s passion for young boys to know Christ led him to obtaining lists of boys from local schools and then he visited their homes and encouraged them to come along. Class camps at Stoke Fleming and other venues were great fun as well as barbeques and wide games on Woodbury Common.

Crusaders has undoubtedly enriched our lives, marriage and family life, for which I continually thank God. Jill Govier, Wife


With Christ John Talbot Hansford (1922 to 2012) work he maintained close links and actively encouraged those pupils still involved. He was also a key founder member of the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT). With the new school complete in Lancashire, he was appointed Head of King Edward’s, Witley, which he transformed both academically and on the sports field. After the Queen Mother opened new boarding accommodation he retired to the Lake District but in August 1985 he received an urgent phone call from Christ’s Hospital begging him to take over immediately as headmaster!

The respected headmaster, John Hansford, had the remarkable distinction of rebuilding, literally and metaphorically, three famous schools – Bury Grammar in Lancashire, King Edward’s, Witley in Surrey, and his alma mater, Christ’s Hospital in Sussex. It was at the latter, where he was sent as a very young boy soon after his father fell downstairs and broke his neck, that he committed his life to Christ - taking in Crusaders and camps along the way - vowing he would henceforth follow wherever God led him. John was a Wallington Crusader and his time there was obviously important to him. He went to St John’s College, Cambridge on a wartime maths scholarship where he met his future wife, Dorothy Owen. However, he was quickly called up by the RAF where, at Metropolitan Vickers, he contributed significantly to solving the early problems of jet propulsion.

The internal crisis, and that of merging the boys and girls school in four weeks time was so severe that most feared his task was impossible – but he did it! Along the way he helped many Crusaders who remain grateful for his encouragement. He is survived by his wife, a son and four daughters, ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

He taught at University College School, London and Salford Grammar School before being appointed Headmaster of Bury Grammar School for Boys where, although now out of frontline Crusader

Peter Worsley


Herbert Conyers Ramsden (1927 to 2011) Herbert was born in Worthing and joined Worthing Crusaders at the age of 9, committing his life to the Lord at a Worthing Crusader meeting when he was 13. From then on he devoted most of his spare time for the rest of his life to the development of Worthing Crusader class.

to develop expeditions to North Africa, Nigeria and Ireland as well as making other continental trips – a format that the Union later adopted. On the Nigeria expedition of 1962 he took his wife Winnie with him, straight from their honeymoon! From that time on she became his greatest support.

From the age of 17, due to most of the leaders being in the Armed Forces, Herbert found himself as one of the leaders of the class with over 100 boys. As time went by his organising and administrative abilities were put to good use in the class, but above all was his zeal for befriending and leading boys to the Lord.

The then fledgling Horsham Crusaders owed much to Herbert in 1963 when he gave great encouragement and time to this emerging class and its leaders despite his demanding life with Worthing Crusaders and in business. His cheerful attitude to life, enthusiasm and drive for young people’s work will be sorely missed and we extend our sincere condolences to Winner and their three children.

Herbert, along with Maurice Richards, ran and developed the Adventure Club, taking boys camping, cycling and sailing, always under canvas. The camp then went on

John Bradley and Bernard Lelliot

Doreen Smith (1913 to 2011) Parish Church. We peaked at about 150 boys and girls. Obviously we had a number of other gifted leaders as number increased. Modern Health and Safety would probably not have allowed so many in a private home today! We are thrilled to meet men and women who are now in full time Christian activity and church life, and who thank us for teaching them the Bible.

Doreen and I started Otford Crusaders together in the late 1960’s in my home. Doreen brought her remarkable gifts with young children and music, and a number of 50-years-olds (former Otford Crusaders) attended the Service of Thanksgiving, including one of our daughters who came specially from France. It was moving to see how much these men and women appreciated and respected Doreen.She continued to lead in this way until we closed the class in the mid 1980’s, the leaders all having got older and an Evangelical having come to the

Helen Cooke, former Leader


With Christ Rev Dr John Talbot (1923 to 2011) interested in palliative medicine and care of the terminally ill. He volunteered at St Christopher’s Hospice, Penge, the world’s first purpose built palliative care centre, where Dame Cecily Saunders, a founder of the hospice movement, was medical director. He became a pioneer of the Hospice movement and was medical director of Priscilla Bacon Lodge in Norwich. In his eight year tenure, the consultant bacteriologist turned curate helped to lead a £400,000 appeal to extend facilities for patients with terminal illness at the hospice which was opened in 1987.

John Michael Talbot was born in 1923 in Thames Ditton. As a young teenager he was standing on the village green watching a group of boys playing podex. To his great joy, one of them asked him to join in. And so began his life-long association with the Thames Ditton Crusader class (later as a leader), many wonderful friendships and, above all, his commitment to Christ and his love for the Bible. Camps were a highlight of his year, first as a camper and later as an officer (where he met Norman Rogers, a very special friend). All this from one boy inviting another to join in a game of podex. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

As a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship, he was also involved in promoting medical missionary work, serving on the council of Interserve and the selection committee of the Church Missionary Society. He became an ordained priest in 1979. Married in 1954 to Rosalyn Carrick, he is survived by her, three children, Mike, Libby and Margie, seven grandchildren, two step-grandchildren and a great grandson.

John studied medicine and, after two years as an RAF medic in Singapore, he returned to London and became a consultant bacteriologist at Kingston General Hospital. Later in his career, and influenced by his strong Christian faith, he became increasingly

Michael Pollitt and Ros Talbot, Wife

Geoff Wheatley (1920 to 2012) in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). He served with the Sick Bay staff of troop ships until 1942, after which he served in North Africa and had some memorable front-line experiences in Italy (landing on the beach at Anzio) and later

Geoff’s attendance at Crusaders began at Sutton Class in 1930, and the first really memorable experience was while camping at Tring Farm in 1933 when he committed his heart and life to the Lord Jesus. When WW2 began in 1939, he enlisted 22

Geoff went to be with his Lord on 15th May 2012, after a prolonged illness in Guildford Hospital. He is survived by one brother, his wife Doris, and sons Andrew and Martin. He was 92.

in Palestine until the war ended in 1945. After his marriage to Doris and moving to the Fetcham area, he joined the leadership of Leatherhead class, and shared some happy memories with some of the boys (now involved in public ministry).

John Wheatley, Brother

Stanley Arthur Williams (1919 to 2011) Stanley Arthur Williams was born in Leyton in 1919 and passed away to be with the Lord in December 2011, having been involved with Crusaders as a boy, leader and supporter for most of his 92 years.

was also a member of the South West Essex Crusader Fellowship, meeting at the Buckhurst Hill home of the Sharpe’s and later the Clarke’s in North Chingford.

After moving to South Chingford in the late 1920s, he attended the Chingford Crusader class and subsequently became an assistant leader, prior to his call-up for army service during World War II. Whilst on home leave he would continue to help at his former Crusader class and after the war he returned as a leader alongside Russell Clarke and Ralph Norris.

Apart from regular Sunday afternoon activities, he also arranged an annual seaside trip to West Mersey, Frinton or Stone each summer for the boys and their families. However his organising skills were best seen to their full advantage when, for many years, he was involved in the running of events for the Union Annual Sports Meeting held at the London University Sports Ground at Motspur Park.

On his marriage in 1952, after a brief residence in West London, he moved to Loughton in the following year and joined Charles Webb-Sear in the leadership of the Loughton class. When the class expanded Douglas Parnell and later John Fulton joined as leaders in the late 1950s and early 1960s respectively. During this time the class moved from the local British Legion Headquarters to a more central position at the Methodist Church, where it remained until its closure in the 1970s. For many years, since before the war, he

His desire to bring young people to Christ extended beyond Crusaders to his involvement with Scripture Union as leader of the C.S.S.M. Beach Mission at Southwold during the 1950s and 1960s, as well as service on the committee of the Christian Alliance of Women and Girls which then formed the female counterpart of the Y.M.C.A. Barbara Williams (daughter) 23

All Inclusive? ‘All Inclusive?’ is a new, essential seminar from Urban Saints for all parents, teachers, church leaders, youth and children’s leaders, and anyone who cares about children and young people with special or additional needs. Most children’s and youth workers want to include kids of all abilities and needs in what they do, but many struggle to make this a reality. There are many different kinds of special or additional need, and each one, each child, can present different challenges (and opportunities!) It is hard for children’s and youth workers to navigate the right path through this sometimes difficult and complex area; being caring, inclusive and supportive to each child (and their families), while not losing focus on the needs of the rest of the group.

with children and young people, plus the chance to look at various resources during the interval. All Inclusive? is presented by Mark Arnold, the Chief Operating Officer at Urban Saints. Mark has over 20 years of youth work experience and is the father of James, a boy with Autism. “Wow - the seminar of the night for me. Worth coming for this one alone. I LOVED it. Perfect balance between statistics and personal experience - the guy’s heart for kids being included really shone through :)” – Feedback from Hitchin PHASE Training Evening, October 2011. To get involved in All Inclusive? please visit for more information about the seminar, dates and venues already booked, and feedback from previous seminars.

This is an area that is confusing and challenging to many of us who are responsible for looking after children and young people who have special or additional needs. How can parents, churches and children’s/youth workers not only understand more about the children we are working with, but also change the way we work with them so to be more inclusive? This evening programme includes an opportunity to hear about how Urban Saints can serve churches in its work Photo: © Club Capernaum

Urban Saints is the operating name of The Crusaders’ Union, a company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales, company number 07771037, charity number 1144923. Registration with OSCR is pending. From 1906 to 2006 Urban Saints was known as Crusaders 24

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