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Not many people known who was and is Suzanne Belperron (1900-1983), well to answer this question in one simple phrase she is part of the “Pantheon of Master Jewelers”. She not only was a smart and elegant woman, she was an artist that was recognize for her delicacy and organic shapes, for leaves behind the Art-Deco structure of the time and adventurous herself in new forms, giving a new life to the jewellery world. That’s why the Bibliothèque des Arts in Paris wants show to the world more of one of the best Jewellery’s Designer of the XX Century, in the book writing by Sylvie Raulet and Olivier Baroin named Suzanne Belperron. Definitely you have to read the book and there is no doubt that you will feel inspired by a woman who said a particular and unique phrase: “Mon style est ma signature” “My style is my signature” Urban Runway

Suzanne Belperron