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New for 2010: The Bike Lane T-Shirt

Wherever you ride, you’ll be riding in a Bike Lane! !

Ever wonder why the Harbord Bike Lane disappears between Borden and Spadina? It’s because we at the HARBORD BAKERY had IT STOPPED. We’re sorry, but you cyclists are just not as valuable as our customers who drive.

Please accept this FREE COOKIE in consolation.

Two for One Bike Boxes If we EVER decide to install them you ONE SIZE FITS ALL

BIKE PLAN COMPLETION FUNDING ANNOUNCEMENT The City of Toronto and United Parcel Service (UPS) formally announced a public private partnership in January 2010 to fund the completion of the Bike Plan. This new funding will go a long way to complete the over 380 kilometres of bike lanes yet to be installed. “We greatly welcome this opportunity to assist the City of Toronto in its effort to complete the bike plan. Bike lanes make our job so much easier.”

can get one FREE. Too scared to ride in winter? Suffer from nightmares about pot-holes and icy, snow covered bike lanes?

Just call your City Councillor. They will pick you up on their bike & double you where you need to go. Present this coupon and the ride is FREE.

DOORED? HIT FROM BEHIND? This coupon entitles you to one FREE AMBULANCE TRANSPORT trip to the nearest hospital. ONE COUPON PER CYCLIST

Tadd Lazy, UPS Spokesperson


New Initiatives for 2010 The City of Toronto is set to introduce the first Cycling Expressway (CE) in North America by completing a new world-class separated bike lane on the Gardiner.

Bike lane trading. The Bike Lane Infrastructure Swap System (BLISS) permits Toronto to buy credits from bike-friendly cities like Montreal & New York and count them against Toronto’s bike plan.

A Message From City Staff “The Toronto bike scam, I mean bike plan, is gonna prove that nobody is better at bike lanes. NOOOOBODY! You won’t believe all the bike stuff we’ll have in 10 years! (Hey, that oughta shut ‘em up for awhile.)” Mel Lastman - Former Mayor, 2001 Inaugural Speech "Well, we were well on our way to finishing up the lanes for this year, and then, you know, winter came and, you know, it started snowing... oh well there's always next year." Darn Again Backpedalling Infra-structure

Another exciting new initiative will feature railings with foot rests along major bike routes throughout the city. These support railings will also include an official thank you message for being a cyclist in Toronto.


Separated Bike Lane in Copenhagen

Bike Lane not connected? Paint in the blanks. Adopt a Bike Lane Program. Stencils and paint provided by the City of Toronto. Contact: for more information.

"I don't get what all the fuss is, I mean, I keep falling off whenever i get on one of those bike things. I'm sick of falling off the damn thing. The city should encourage all drivers to install a rack on their roof though, 'cos let’s face it, cycling is great recreation!" Scary Welts Generally Managing 

"It's time to release the parking break and really put the pedal to the metal on the bike plan. This time, we're going full throttle so buckle up and get ready for a turbo-charged ride! There are no more pit-stops or roadblocks and biking in T.O. will be driven home real soon." Dreamin' Heaps Cycling Advisory Committee




Toronto Bike Plan Update 2010  

All the news you need about your bike plan in 2010. Fall edition. Free coupons.